"Articles by Sandra Mills"

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As you will discover Sandra Mills is a very gifted Child of God. Through her faith, she has overcome tragedies and difficulties most of us will never encounter.

She is also a gifted speaker with a wonderful uplifting message of hope that all should hear.

Sandra is available to speak to your small group, church or women's group. Please use the form below to contact her.

"Articles by Sandra Mills"

  • To be a Comfort for Others - Tells of Sandy's desire to comfort a woman who lost her eleven year old son.
  • Finding Answers - Just think how much better our lives will be when we stop the madness and say, "O.K. Lord, I'm letting go, it's yours now."
  • When Doubt Comes - Calm your spirit - pray - expect an answer.
  • How to find Jesus' love in the storms of life. - There is no magic pill or potion that makes us happy ALL the time. We have to put our faith in motion...
  • Personal Choices versus Gods Plan - How to find true meaning in life by putting God's plan first, and personal choices second.

  • The Commandments of Jesus

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    Articles by Sandra Mills

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