"Short Daily Scripture"

"Five Keys to Hearing God's Voice"

1. Meet with the Lord regularly in a special place of  prayer.

2. Look for Him to speak to you in dreams and visions.

3. Listen for the Word of the Lord.

4. Keep a journal.

5. Watch and wait for God to bring it to pass, It will surely    come.

My Commitment:

To serve the Living Savior,  because He is my King, and my God. He is my hope, my creator and my future; the One who took my place and died upon the cross because He loved me. I can never repay Him, but perhaps I can show Him my love.

I will honor and obey His Word to the best of my abilities. I will honor Him by attempting to look like Him in my speech and actions, as commanded, and that, because I love Him.

I will listen for the Holy Spirit and do my best to follow His guidance and promptings. My heart is set, I will never turn back. I will not lower my Christian standards or conduct in order to make my stance more acceptable to the world.

I will not straddle the fence concerning difficult Christian decisions. His Word will be my guide. I will attempt to do all in order to win others to Christ, and lead them into the truth,  in the solid food of the Word.

Samuel Mills

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Daily Scripture

Samuel L. Mills

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