"The Cross of Jesus"
An Awesome Expression of Love

Cross of Jesus

The account of the cross of Jesus is the most awesome expression of love known to man.

God ordained the death of Jesus on the cross so that all mankind could receive forgiveness of sin, and everlasting life, as originally intended.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God:.

  • Took upon Himself the sin of all mankind, past, present and future.
  • Suffered death and separation from the Father.
  • Shed His blood and took our sins upon His own body, giving us the gift of Eternal Life.
  • Gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, and Spiritual gifts that would enable us to walk in holiness and righteousness in Him.

At the moment of Jesus' death the disciples did not know that the veil around the Mercy Seat in the Temple had been rent from top to bottom, representing the end of the terrible separation of God and Man that had existed since the days of Adam and Eve. All they saw were the earthquakes, darkness and gloom that were upon all the earth. Their faith and hope were at a very low point.

Then came the discovery of the empty tomb, and when Jesus revealed Himself to them in person they found new excitement and hope. They knew that everything He had told them was to come, was right on schedule. Their faith and lives were transformed. 

And when they personally  witnessed His Ascension into Heaven with their own eyes, their faith reached an even greater pinnacle! They knew with all certainty that He was who He had said He was, and they were changed forever.

A short time later, on the Day of Pentecost, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and given Power to accomplish the things Jesus had commanded them to do.

Nothing, not persecution, imprisonment, or even death itself, would keep them from taking the message of the cross of Jesus to the world.

Even today, the same wonderful power of the  Holy Spirit that was in the disciples, abides in each and every born again Believer.

Nothing in the history of mankind can match the cross. To the Followers of Christ, the cross of Jesus is a demonstration of the unsearchable wisdom, power, and love of God.

Samuel Mills

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The Cross of Jesus

Samuel L Mills

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