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"Abstract Dreams"
Complex and often Inexpressible

Lourdes: Federated States of Micronesia
I was sleeping one night and then I have a dream that i was in church and i was in the  back of then church looking at most of the people going to attend the mass but then suddenly as i was walking on the side of the aisle, i saw a woman in black walking the same direction as i am but heading towards the altar but when i look i was one of my pastors in the middle of the altar looks like waiting to give out the body of christ and holding it up higher than his head then suddenly i started to run in the church but instead of the side of the aisle, i ran in the middle of the aisle and i was running as fast as i can but it was like in the slow motion and boom the pastor drop the communion in slow motion as it was waiting for either of us to get it and i ran up and jump as like i didn't mind or care the consequence of falling or getting hurt to catch the communion which i did and landed in my hand and when i look down there was a lack cloth on the floor. the cloth was so shiny black as the silks but then i looked up saw two angels flying around me but babies and i looked down by me and i saw an angel but was injured but the two angels lifted up the angel who was injured.they were so bright as gold and had crown above there head.then i woke up.what is the meaning of my dream?

Shimy: United States
Last night I had a dream of Holy Mother appeared in the sky, very marvelous, and my niece and sister and some kids in my family also was with me. She disappeared after few seconds even if we tried to take photos nothing captured in our phone. But after some time a beautiful earth image appeared in the same spot and part of it is falling down. Is there any meaning for this dream?

Tracie: United States
Hi I have a question.  I recently had a dream of me driving about to cross a bridge all if a sudden the car stops while on the bridge and the car starts to move backwards. I was upset in the car and pulled into the what looked like a deserted gas station. The dream the shifts to a black coconut surrounded by Brown feathers. I have been experiencing a emotional rollercoaster.  I have a history of being mentally, emotionally, and physically abused which I now know was narcissistic abuse. Having this revelation made relive the childhood abuse. But in the spiritual world it's called the jezebel spirit.  I have a strong belief in God,Jesus and the Holy Ghost and I'm trying to be obedient but I still feel a mental fight and I'm at a stand still. I need to know is it something I'm not doing or doing wrong? I just want to break free finally.

"My Second Chance

I Dreamed of a tidal wave, sharks, the earth jet black and burning, a dove, I woke up and I said Yah (God) is giving us a second chance to clean up our lives

Sylvia: United States
I have been praying so hard for my husband to get back into church. I just recently turned it over to God at the alter. About 3 weeks ago, I started seeing people in my room while I was trying to sleep. One night, I saw 2 ladies looking out of my bedroom bathroom. I could see them plainly. They looked like my sisters. I called to them asking "What are you doing in there? Why are you here?" They slowly just disappeared after a few minutes or less.  Another time I saw someone with a smallflash coming to the side of the bed. Again I could see them plainly but I didn't know her. I asked "who are you? what are you doing in my house?" and wroke my husband up but he saw nothing. I've seen an Angel on the wall beside my bed several nights but that don't bother me. Just last night for the 1st time I heard my passes away son's guitar playing soft angelic-like music. I know in my heart it was him. I sat up to the side of the side of the bed and listened. It brought tears and I asked "God what are you trying to tell me?" What does all of this mean? I am losing a lot of sleep but I know God has His plan! 

Kira: United States
I had a dream of being in foreign country. I was riding a motorcycle with two other people that I believe were married, were also on a motorcycle. We stopped at a gas station and I went to the bathroom and when I walked in the bathroom was pure white and it had a bath tub. There was a leak around the tub but the floor was not wet.
I walked out of the bathroom and (all this was during the day) went back to my motorcycle but remembered that I left my cell phone on the bathroom sink. So I went back to the all white bathroom and grabbed my phone.
As I walked back outside I notice that it was dark and that I was in an alley (maybe the back of the gas station). As I began walking towards the gate I saw people following me and trying to harm me, but I told them to get back. One person was going to hit me with his fist, and I called out his name and punched him right in the face, and that's when all the ones following me disburse.
When I got to the gate I placed my hand on it and turned around toward the people. I could hear electricity coming from the gate, but no one follow me. So I turned around toward the gate I looked up and saw Bob wire and could hear the electricity from the gate. So I opened the gate and walked through.
As I was walking I saw the couple I was with and asked them was they were ready to go. They said, we can't leave because a court we attended took the motorcycles. So we started to walk, (by this time it was day again) and I saw my brother and he told me that the living arrangements in his house hold were that his wife slept in her own room and he slept in a different room. But he said he was living in Germany (but he actually lives in the US).
After that I saw myself in a car on the highway and I saw street signs and street lights, (it was dark again). I guess we went to some store and walked around. I stopped to read I believe it was a sort of comic book or something. Then a sale associate came by and offered me a seat that was there, so I could finish reading...... After that I woke up

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Abstract Dreams

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