"Lord I Need Money"

I didn't know what I was going to do for money. Charles was a good man in every respect but he had neglected the upkeep of our rental houses. All the houses, including ours, needed new roofs and a lot of other renovations.

I had been talking to the Lord about this and the only thing I could think of was borrowing money on the house. I called about this on Thursday and talked to a woman in Nashville. She informed me that I might be able to get a small loan but with my small income there was no way I could borrow $30,000.

On the following Monday I was sitting at the kitchen table having some cereal and I just looked up to God and said, " Lord I need money." "I need lots of money!" Just then the phone rang. It was the lady that I had talked to on the Thursday. She said, "we have reconsidered your loan request and you can have the full amount."

The negative side of this was that it wasn't enough to do all that had to be done and I started getting into serious credit card debt for material, etc. I knew that God was my real supply. I was always confessing that he supplied my needs according to his riches in Glory. (Phil 4:19)

Just out of the blue there came a government settlement that I qualified for. That money certainly helped, but I prayed and told the Lord again, "Lord I need money." "I need lots of money!"

Again there came another large sum of money, totally expected, and more than before This got me out of credit card debt. He redeemed my life from destruction (Psa 103:4) because I was at a point that It was getting harder and harder to pay the high payments.

I am getting closer to completing most of the renovations of the rental property and I can see, by faith, prosperity ahead. "I know the thoughts I have of you, to do you good and not evil all the days of your life, saith the Lord."

It has been ten years now that I have been widowed. With the Lord's help, and of course with the love and support of my children, I have put in two complete new kitchens, replaced four roofs, put in new sewer lines in three of the houses, replaced interior doors throughout; also exterior doors, porches, and lots more to improve and upkeep the property. God is good!

The Lord is not through with me yet. l I expect to be healed and to glorify him through my healing. I am a believer and I receive. I refuse to doubt and do without.

Ruth Byrge

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Lord I Need Money

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