"Short Christian Articles"
By Samuel Mills

Christian Articles

Most of these short Christian articles can be read in less than five minutes. They are all unique, freshly written, and have not been copied from another sermon. I pray they will be a source of joy, hope, and guidance, and that the unsaved will clearly understand what it means to become a Child of God and to receive the gift of eternal life.

God is a good God. If we go astray He is always there to forgive and help us back on the right path. He is our loving and caring Heavenly Father and never gives up on us. If we allow him He will safely lead us through, around, or over the troubles of life, and fill us with the peace that passes all understanding.

"Short Christian Articles"

Finding Hope

"Hope in Difficult Times" 

"Hope Filled Scriptures" 


''Jesus Heals the Sick''

''Healing Scriptures'' 

More about Jesus

"The Cross of Jesus" 

''The Names of Jesus'' 

"Commandments of Jesus"

More about God

"The Trinity of God"  

"The Names of God" 

"The Greatness of God" 

The Holy Spirit

"Led by the Spirit"

''The Holy Spirit - FAQ''

''Power of the Holy Spirit'' 

''Nine Gifts of the Spirit''

The Holy of Holies

''Holy of Holies'' 

''Approach the Holy of Holies'' 

 New Covenant

"The New Covenant''

''The Law and Christianity''

Old Covenant

''The Three Catagories'' 

''The Ten Commandments'' 

The Walk of Faith

"The New Man in Christ"

"Take up Your Cross" 

"Faith and Works"

"Store'Front Christians

"Loyalty and Faithfulness" 

"God's Special Care

"Planted by the Waters" 

"Decision Making Skills"

"Basics in Christian Money Management




Demons and Curses

"Demon Possession

"Generational Curses"

Religious Freedom

"Freedom of Religion"

"Christians in America"

"Who Are the Christians

Studies and Resources

"Day of Worship"

"Creation vs Evolution"

"Levels of Faith"

"Miracles of Jesus"

"The Parables of Jesus" 

Articles for the Seasons

"Message for Christmas"

"Message for Easter?

"Study of Easter"



By Samuel L. Mills


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Christian Articles

Samuel L. Mills

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