"Short Christian Articles"
By Samuel Mills

Christian Articles

These Christian articles  cover some of the very deepest and most difficult to understand questions, Passages, and Godly principles in the Bible.

There are articles on Hope - Healing - Commandments of Jesus - The Trinity of God - Gifts - Old Testament vs New Testament Laws - Faith - Evolution and creation - God's sense of Humor, and many others. 

The opinions of others and denominational views, though loved and respected, are not taken into  consideration. Every effort has been made to present God's Word in a way that reflects the intended message of the original writer.   

These are short Christian articles and most can be read in less than five minutes. I pray they will be a source of joy, hope, and guidance.

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Attempting to build a future based upon anything other than the Word of God, is like building on quicksand. 

Samuel Mills

"Short Christian Articles"

                         Finding Hope:

"Finding Hope in Difficult Times"

When we have hope there is a song in our heart, and a spring in our step. Our God is the God of new beginnings, with Him, even in the worst of circumstances, nothing is impossible.

"Hope Filled Scriptures"
From Genesis to Revelations God reveals His unconditional love and concern for His children. Hope in God is not based upon circumstances, but absolute faith in His Word.


''Jesus Heals the Sick''
Jesus Healing the Sick shows how to receive healing from Jesus. Healing your body is not difficult for God, but requires childlike faith.

''Healing Scriptures''
Healing Scriptures provide real hope, encouragement, and healing for the sick. If the prognosis is dim and the doctors don't have the answers, read these Scriptures

                                 More about Jesus

"The Cross of Jesus"
a Short article about the cross of Jesus and how His disciples responded to the most awesome expression of love. Nothing in the history of mankind can match the cross.

''The Names of Jesus''
Scripture used multiple names of Jesus to help the people understand His purpose and message.

"Commandments of Jesus"
These are commandments Jesus gave? These Commandments of Jesus are from the four gospels.  Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments " (Jn 14:15).

                         More about God

"The Trinity of God"

The Trinity explains the mystery of the Oneness of God - God the Father,  God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

"The Names of God"

This list of the Names of God offer understanding into His true Nature and Character. Names that even the most gifted Hebrew Scholars often disagree on their pronunciation and use.

"The Greatness of God"
To expound on the greatness of God is perhaps a futile attempt to aptly describe the eminence and greatness of God.

                         The Holy Spirit

''The Holy Spirit - FAQ''
This article attempts to answer some frequently asked questions about the Holy Spirit. Who and where is the Holy Spirit, and why do we need Him?

''Power of the Holy Spirit''
This article attempts to answer some frequently asked questions about the Holy Spirit. Who and where is the Holy Spirit, and why do we need Him?

"Led by the Spirit"

Led by the Spirit in both personal and Spiritual matters. Learn how to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

''Nine Gifts of the Spirit"
The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, with a brief description of each.  These gifts, supernaturally given by the Holy Spirit, are available to all Christians.

The Holy of Holies

''Holy of Holies''
Believers can enter into the Holy of Holies, and come boldly before the throne.. nothing unclean is permitted

''How to Approach the Holy of Holies''
Jesus is our great high priest. According to God's Word, it is not possible to approach the Holy of Holies by our own efforts, only through Christ …

                       The New Covenant

"The New Covenant''
The New Covenant and Christian Liberty is a Christian article with guidelines for the Christian; also explains How anyone who believes in Jesus can enter Heaven.

''The Law and Christianity''
Law and Christianity; How  the  Old Testament Law was switched over to  The Law of Grace

                       The Old Covenant

"The Old Testament Law, Three Catagories"
The Old Testament Law focuses on action, but God's promise to Abraham was through faith. There are three categories of the  Old Covenant.; Ceremonial, Civil, Moral.

''The Ten Commandments''
Hundreds of commandments can be found throughout the Old Testament, but the Ten Commandments were written in stone by God.

The Walk of Faith

"The New Man in Christ"
An article on the new man in Christ explains the Christian characteristics of the New Covenant.

"Take up Your Cross"

Take up your cross and follow Jesus. would you, if called upon,  pay the ultimate price? The benefits far out weigh the costs.

"Faith and Works"
What does God expect and what are the rewards? Faith without action is dead.

Store'Front Christians
Store'Front Christians are like the beautiful displays I had seen on Main Street, ...until I opened the door

"Loyalty and Faithfulness"
Loyalty and Faithfulness are emotionally and spiritually healthy qualities. A refreshing, short article on the rewards of being loyal and Faithful , "...True loyalty springs from the heart...

God's Special Care
God’s special care is a short article telling how God supplies the needs of His children.  Jesus said, “Do not worry and be anxious, God knows what you need.”

"Planted by the Waters"
Planted by the Waters: How to receive blessings in every area of your life. In good times, tough times, or in a year of drought Jer 17:7.

Decision Making Skills"
Good Decision Making Skills. Finding Guidance and Spiritual direction for a happy, successful Christian life.

"Basic Christian Money Management"
Short article on basic Christian Money Management - Christian concepts for earning money, household budget, and financial investing.


Angels are Spiritual Beings and Messengers of God. 30 percent of the people have had angel visits, 70 percent believe; also,  List of Scriptures with Angels.

Archangels are Spirit Beings created and directed by God. They live in His presence and possess tremendous powers and responsibilities

Demons and Curses

"Demon Possession
Demons represent the very depths of evil.  Their purpose is to torment and harass.  Possession is not the same as being influenced, or attacked

"Generational Curses"
Do Christians receive generational curses from their forefathers? If Jesus doesn't condemn us for our own sins, would He hold us responsible for those committed by others?

Religious Freedom

"Freedom of Religion"
Christian article on the Freedom of Religion: The vast majority of Americans believe in God. Why condemn our children to an ugly future when it is within our power to prevent it.

"Christians in America"
Christians in America Please Stand Up, is an article on the weakness and deterioration of the values in America, and the Necessary steps to maintain our wonderful, free Christian nation.

Who Are the Christians"
Christians are the Followers of Jesus and have the Holy spirit within. Because of Jesus, they often face persecution and rejection, but in the end will receive eternal life.The first Followers were the 12 Disciples

Studies and Resources

"Day of Worship"
This Christian article answers the question, is our correct day of worship Saturday or Sunday? Our day of worship was changed from Saturday to Sunday perhaps thousands of years ago, but which should it be?

Creation or Evolution"
Creation or evolution. Credible information from the Dead Sea Scrolls, fulfilled prophecy, the Garden of Eden, and more.

"Levels of Faith"
Christian article that explains the types and levels of faith as found in the bible. Strong faith, weak faith, unwavering, and others.

Miracles of Jesus
A complete list of Scriptures containing miracles of Jesus from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

"The Parables of Jesus"
The parables of Jesus were masterful illustrations used to unveil timeless, often hidden meanings, like a skillful artist...

For the Seasons

"Message for Christmas"
The True Message of Christmas  ...The small infant’s hands that were later nailed to a rugged wooden cross  are the hands that so often lovingly reach down and  pick us up...

"Message for Easter?
The true message of Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus - He finished His mission, established the New Covenant, and opened the Kingdom of Heaven to all who would believe.

"Study of Easter"
The Easter Story is an in-depth verse by verse Bible Study of the Easter period, with clear and understandable commentary.



By Samuel L. Mills

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