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"Recent Articles"
From the Trusting in Jesus website

Javier's Dream of Heaven and Dinner with Jesus
Javier's dream of heaven at age six or seven. He saw Heaven, met Jesus, and had dinner. "its an amazing place, someplace I would like to see again."

Steve's Dream - Left Behind at the Rapture
I asked the people if they had seen my wife; they hadn't, yet she was gone.  I have never felt the emotions that I felt at that moment, and never want to experience that again

How I Came to Believe in Jesus Christ
Sue's Christian Testimony: I knew that Jesus died for us but did not realize it was a gift of love.

Thank You God
Even though I had prayed so hard, I was about to make a terrible mistake, and then God sent me a messenger.

I Have Found the True Living God
Seeking Allah...Finding Jesus; my Christian testimony
Saila, was raised as a devout Muslim, when Jesus was mentioned, she would cross it out of her mind... until she met the true living God.

Who Will Roll Away the Stone for Me?
Rick's Christian testimony: "I was wondering, who will roll away the stone for me? Then the Gospel message all came together in a way that I could understand."

Ricky's Rapture Dream came the night before Easter
It was vivid and surreal; I saw souls entering one by one. I hope I am chosen, and that my dream is not a reality.

Safe from the Coronavirus
Remaining Safe from Coronavirus and Other Contagious Diseases. God told us how

My First Memory in This Life
My first memory in this life is when I was three years old. I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a voice that I instinctively knew was God.

I Gave My Life to God from a Hospital Bed
I was only eighteen, graduating high school and enrolling in college. After nearly losing my life in a landslide, I gave my life to God from a hospital bed.

Dabbling in the Occult
I became friends with someone who was dabbling in the occult and had been taken captive by the evil.  I began to follow her and was miserable until I made a plea to Jesus to save me.

My Guardian Angel
When I was four years old, I had a vision; my Guardian Angel had a message for me about my mother.

15 Minutes with Jesus
That time spent with Jesus changed my life, and from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.

God Sent His Angel to Help Me
I was on the street, down on my health, and luck, with nothing to do but commit suicide until God sent His angel to help me.

My Miracle Story
I would like to share my miracle story with others to help inspire them and give them hope; it's a way for me to pay forward.

Questions about Salvation
Our Salvation is not by feelings but by faith. We only need to believe and invite Him to come in.

Pastor Jason Lindsey's Christian Testimony
Throughout my life, the Lord has pulled me out of more situations than most could imagine. The problem was at the time I was too blind to recognize it was Him.

A Choice to Make
My most notable trouble was in learning how to trust. I am working on stepping into the light, and I want to let others into my story,

Healing Belongs to God
Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers and saving your daughter's life. Healing belongs to God His power is unlimited.

Finding Forgiveness and Freedom from Remorse
If we go by feelings in an attempt to find forgiveness for our sins, how do we know when there is sufficient emotion for repentance and spiritual sorrow?

God's Healing Power of Love
This is about a vision from almost twenty-five years ago. God gave me this vision just to let me know He loved me!

Your Friend the Holy Spirit
It was snowing, and mountains were ahead; after praying he said, Yes! I’m going! And was shocked when a voice said, “And I’m going too!” 

Self Condemnation
Neil's journey of salvation, sin, sickness; and, of restoration, self-forgiveness, peace, and joy. Neil says, "it's about what God can do."

Who I Was Before Meeting Jesus - Who I Am Now
“I wanted to set the house on fire and walk away and take a bunch of pills and end my LIFE; then I called out to God for help.” 

I Needed the Love of Jesus - My Dream of Jesus
I had never felt such love and peace. It was like being in Heaven. Jesus is real

Do You Ever Think About Heaven? 
Do you ever think about Heaven? Heaven will be more natural than life on earth.

How Much Does God Know?
Does God know about social issues? Who Is qualified to evaluate His knowledge? Is it anyone's business but His?

Lord, Where are You!
Lord where are you I screamed as I looked at my tiny boy who was lifeless and gray

God Really Loves Me 
Georgia became despondent when her mother passed until her young daughter had a vision of Jesus

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Recent Articles from the Trusting in Jesus Website

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