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"The Wanderings of Sin"

The wanderings of sin illustrate the long, convoluted route before the promised land that we secretly resent God for but is actually the result of our hasty judgments.

The judgment says an eye for an eye, but condemnation against innocence will always rebound to our own hurt when hurled against a righteous God (creating a downward spiral revolving around the truth of God we never truly appreciated). I have followed God (however clumsily) since my confession of Christ in '98.

God led me throughout a rabbit-hole trail with bread crumbs (nuggets of Truth only satisfying when they accumulate over time to discover that the Grace of God was enough and too much!) to mold us (not just as an individual but as a family and society, globally, universally....for all the Kingdom is inevitably God's.

We want "the in the blink of an eye version," for surely God could snap his fingers and make it so now, only to discover that the journey consists of the reprovals, adapting, changing, "evolving," or better said, transforming according to the workings of His Gospel.

We do this without even realizing how obstinate and stiff-necked in rebellion we have been in sin and in the self-righteous, the "I've got it from here" attitude of those claiming salvation and fellowship with God who loved THEM enough to do that for them.

Yet, you STILL run off saying everything is good now and never turn back to see the face of the One who has healed you after hearing your pleas.

All according to the workings according to HIS Word, which we barely know (otherwise, we would have avoided this pitfall and not been surprised at God's constant deliverances in spite of our rebelliousness).

Well said, "not for your righteousness...but for their wickedness do you enter in to possess..." Anyone saved wants to believe that they are closer to the glory and righteousness of God than the rest of this wicked world.

God Found a Way

But in fact, "God found a way" to save us as though "caught unawares" lest we should boast and think to say unto God, "Look what great things I have done...surely desirable in the eye of God...that He might favor me BETTER?

There is no better as there is none Higher than HE!!! For we surely could not work a better end for us than He can!

In fact, we already tried that and splendidly failed (but where sin abounded, Grace did much more abound) so that God in Grace could magnify His glory to show us the splendid salvation in God that only He can offer).

Christ said all the Kingdom is GIVEN into His hand, and His obedience was that He might lose nothing/none (holding everything that comes from God to be a good and perfect gift, no matter how contrary we have behaved.

God may look upon us in a Father's merciful "rose-colored" glasses as to what we might become if only in faith and submission to the Righteousness of God in LOVE through the cross of Christ!

Good News

And THAT is the "good news" indeed, even the best of my life! In fact, that One truth, all-encompassing and sovereign over all others (even as is GOD), is the only thing I ever really needed to know!

And this I have not by right or worth but by the Grace of God who told me throughout His Word, simply because He knew what it would mean to me to have, gain, enjoin, GOD!

For "because He could swear by no greater He swore by Himself" ... giving this Word of promise as a surety to "end all strife" that we may know the peace of God in Him which is and was and ever shall be the Will of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen

As stubbornly as I refuse the restriction of the commandment, implying who is He to tell me what I can or can't do, I am redeemed by whatsoever insurmountable challenge I have put before Him regardless of the apparent impossibility and contradiction of our "request."

Because He can do what we cannot, even after all we have put Him through. He will do it "for His name's sake" simply because He resented the restrictions of our doubts, thinking to tell Him what God can and cannot do!!! In which I am happily reproved and so redeemed!

I did not know that THIS was the glory of which I had rebelled...wherein I repent, desperate for the salvation you alone can provide (because there "is no other God, I know not any!")

The only reason I remain and am left with a sliver of Hope is that God is Grace and can do all things! And that is all you really needed anyway!

Nathaniel: United States

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The Wanderings of Sin

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