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"Spiritual Encounters"

The "Spiritual Encounters" page is a new addition to the Trusting in Jesus website. It is dedicated to the numerous visitors who love to read about others who have had encounters with God, Jesus, angels, and other heavenly experiences - and for those who would like to share their experiences that often transform, and even change the direction of their lives. I believe it will become a very popular page.

You are invited to use the form at the bottom of this page to share your Spiritual encounter with God.

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Janice: United States

The year was 1973. I was working and sharing an apartment with a very dear friend. At the age of 19, many things seemed more important and life-altering than they would today…this was 50 years ago. 

She & I shared a one-bedroom apartment while we started out in life…sharing expenses and experiences. We are still, to this day, the best of friends, and I think this experience has held us together throughout our lives. 

Again, I was 19 and very concerned about things going on around me that I had never had to deal with before. We started talking about 10 pm and talked until at least 2 am. Finally, my friend said: “You know what you have to do.” I said: “Yes.” She said: “Say it.” I said: “I have to leave it in the Hands of God.” 

Well, there were no lights on anywhere in the apartment. The only light was from a small old digital clock on the dresser. But when I said, “I have to leave it in the Hands of God,” the room suddenly lit up with the bright light we so often hear about. 

As I looked toward the bedroom door (that’s where the light appeared to be coming from), there stood Jesus in his robe with his arms reaching out to me. 

It did not last too long, I guess, but when I made the statement, my friend and I were lying on our backs in our separate beds…but, when the light was gone, we were both on our knees, on the floor, holding each other – neither of us remembers moving. 

We have held onto this moment for 50 years. I’ve always wondered why He would appear before me. But, because He did, it has helped me make my way through the most difficult times of my life…knowing He’s there for us all. 

I have shared this experience with many…some, believe me, some don’t. But I know it’s true and I pray more and more start to Believe…souls depend on it. God Bless us all.

Susan: United Kingdom

I was extremely distressed and sobbing while in the bath. I felt like my heart was breaking. The grief came from deep inside my soul. I felt helpless.

My neighbour was keeping two dogs locked in a shed attached to my house. I could sometimes hear the poor animals crying. They sounded so sad. I tried to get help through official charitable avenues without success.

I had my eyes closed, and when my tears stopped and I calmed a little, I opened them and saw an image of Jesus's face. This then transformed into a childlike cherub face. It faded and was gone.

I felt Jesus had heard my soul and was saying he felt my pain. I felt lighter after the experience.

Mary: United States

In 1988 I had to go into surgery for the removal of a large cyst on my uterus. My doctor told me that it could be cancerous, so I was very nervous about the surgery. While waiting in the pre-op area in my bed, a nurse who seemed to be in charge kindly came to me and asked if she could pray for me right there and while I was in surgery. I said yes, she could. 

I ended up having a complete hysterectomy, and nothing turned out to be cancerous. While in surgery, I remember telling Jesus how sorry I was for all the mistakes I had made in my 40 years of life and to please forgive me.          

I was so worried that this was going to be the end for me.  Suddenly I felt a very warm glow come over me, and I saw Jesus' face right in front of me. He had a bright light gold glow around His face, and He said He loved me so much.

 I said I was so sorry for my mistakes, and He smiled softly and said, " Mary, I love you," and a very intense warm feeling filled my body. His look of complete unconditional love was overwhelming. It took me many years before I told of this experience to anyone for fear they would think I was crazy.

 Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves and forget that no matter what, Jesus sincerely loves us and will forgive us if we ask for His forgiveness. We tend to get caught up in dogma and feel we come up short for His love. 

Remember, He loves us so very much and very intently.


I had an encounter with an angel. So, we go into the store to get our stuff, and standing right next to us is a man in a white tuxedo.

He offers to pay for our stuff even though we have money, and as we walk out of the store, my dad says, always treat people right because you never know when you're entertaining an angel; the man drives off, but he never comes out from behind the bush.

Emmanuel: Nigeria

I gave my life to Christ and am a believer who is filled with the holy ghost and prays in tongues. I enjoy the atmosphere whenever I pray for 30 min to 1 hour. So, after praying, I went to my bed and slept as always, then I had a dream: 

I saw myself in the dream almost exactly where I slept in reality, but with a very dirty tongue. In trying to clean up the dirt, I pulled the tongue from my mouth and discovered my mouth was empty. 

I awakened very worried, not knowing the meaning. And from that moment, I found myself praying in a new tongue, not only one but three to four new tongues, and my prayer life upgraded.

M: United States

In 2001, we were blessed with a healthy backyard garden of cucumbers. There were so many that I knew I would be busy all week canning homemade pickles. As I worked in the kitchen, I turned on the TV and watched a famous Evangelical minister. 

As part of his show, he daily offered the opportunity to his viewers to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I was already a strong believer and Bible-reader, but nevertheless, I prayed along when the opportunity to accept Jesus was aired.

There were a lot of cucumbers, so I prayed along with the minister on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...but when Thursday rolled around, something special happened!

I was powerfully filled with the Spirit and pulled away from my work. I turned off the TV, and The Spirit pulled me from room to room, showing me every item in the house that was offensive to God.

Maybe there was a stolen item from long ago, a gift given by an ungodly person, something which seemed like an idol or related to the occult, or something which had a sin attached to it. These were items that I'd given no thought nor consideration of for years, but it was clear that God didn't want them in our house. 

The garbage man had a few extra things to pick up that week. The Spirit instructed me to keep "unclean" items away because God can be offended and will not enter where it is unclean.

M: United States

For me, there seems to be a "window" where God can come through in the early morning...somewhere between sleep and being fully awake.

At a time of problems with others, such experience occurred to give me some advice.

As I lay in bed before awakening, I saw complete darkness. Then, a brilliant golden oval-shaped light came forward from the darkness. The light had golden rays emanating from its center. Next, the rugged, wooden Cross of Jesus emerged from the center of the oval light.

The Cross began to tilt to the right until the top of the Cross was in the 4:00 position, and the bottom of the Cross was in the 10:00 position.

Next, the Cross began to transform into a strong, gleaming sword, and I heard the words, "The Cross is a Sword, which you can use to fight all of your battles."

When I was fully awake, I leaped out of bed and took hold of a Crucifix. Indeed, if you hold the Cross by the top portion and point it upward, it IS a sword.

Praise, Glory & Thanksgiving to God--now and forever!

Dr Lewis

On September 2007. 

I was standing outside my halls of residence, smoking a cigarette. It had rained the night before. 

I looked down at the path which was drying up. The pattern that remained was the face of Jesus. I could see it as clear as any portrait. I remember thinking that I should go back in and get my camera. For some reason that I cannot explain, I choose not too. I finished my cigarette and went back inside. 

I was not raised Christian, yet seven years later, I became one. Since then, I have had two more supernatural experiences. 

The first was when an old lady suddenly walked past me in church and touched my arm. The second was when water suddenly poured out as I moved a suitcase out of a cupboard. Inside the pocket of the suitcase was a trinket with the face of mother Mary. This is my testimony.

Jahmila: United Kingdom

God bless you all. I have had a few miraculous experiences with an angel. 

One time I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and I was sitting on the sofa, crying my eyes out in despair. After 5 minutes, it came into my head that “God said He’s the comforter and will comfort me,” so I got up and went to start making dinner, and I put on some gospel and started praising loudly through my tears.

Then all of a sudden, the kitchen door flew open. My son wasn’t around, so I knew it was a spirit. But to make sure I quickly I ran around my flat to see if anyone was there, as I came back into my open plan front room/kitchen on the God channel the man said: “We all have an angel, most of us don’t realise is there all the time”. I couldn’t believe it and started praising God even more.

Another time in the winter when it gets dark early, my son was at his basketball club around 10 minutes away. It was past the time for him to be home, and I began to get really worried and scared. I got on the floor and started praying with my bible frantically. After about 15 more minutes, he came home, and I cried and told him never to do that again, so he came and hugged me.

As we hugged, we heard a noise coming from around the dinner table, and my son asked, “what was that” and I jokingly said, “oh, that was your angel, telling us not to worry”. Then as my son sat at the table to eat his food, he pulled the plate closer to him, and the plate was literally cracked in half! The food was a cold fajita so it couldn’t have broken the plate. 

It was God saying not to worry. I have had many warnings through dreams starting from the age of around 8 when I had a nightmare about my mum being beaten up at a party. The next day I desperately warned her not to go to the party, but she went, and she was attacked badly. I have quite a few others.

God is faithful and true. He loves us, and Jesus is the only way to heaven!

Nicole: United States

I want to share an encounter I had with Jesus.

I was asked to be a substitute volunteer to sit in the Chappel on February 22, 2020, from 8-9 am. 

I was reading Psalms and had read from Psalm 40-to 50 when I heard a noise. I looked and saw some ladies walking in, so I continue reading. 

Then I looked over my shoulder and saw what appeared to be a tape measure, and when it was pulled in quickly, eyes were looking straight into my eyes. I have never had an experience like that. 

It had a person's appearance, but I only saw a dark blue jacket with yellow stripes and a badge, which gave the impression that it was a police officer's uniform.

He looked at me with love and compassion; his eyes were beautiful, big, and dark brown, and I saw that his arm was black (very dark).

I was not sure what was happening, so I turned and kept reading. When I looked again, it was gone. I kept asking God, is this you, is this real, but I kept it to myself. 

I came home, and the next day I continued reading the Psalms, and when I got to Psalm 63-2 AMP, it read, "So I have gazed upon You in the sanctuary, To see Your power and Your glory." 

Oh my God, that is the answer, I felt blessed, and when I shared with my husband, he listened to me; then I shared with my children and the Messianic Jewish ministry.

God is amazing; I love Him so much.

Tarita: United States

In late 2015 I refused to listen to God and stay put but insisted on relocating. He sent two storms to tell me, no, and I ignored them. 

As I got to my location in North Carolina, my spirit was sick. I knew I had made the wrong choice. The devil ended up coming through my son trying to kill me (3 at the time), and with a knife. 

He had the eeriest cry ever, and his eyes turned black. He ended up falling asleep, and he sat up, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he stopped breathing. When it was over, he went back to sleep, and he had a light/glow around him.

After losing everything in the state, I relocated too: I quit my job, car repossessed, homeless. A Pastor took me into their home, and after getting all my things in and settled, I broke down to the gospel music that was playing.

I had hit rock bottom from not wanting to stake heed the warning signs, and as I sat crying and crying...I saw Jesus come with His arms out, and I felt His hug.

When I saw His white robe I knew everything was going to be alright. Even after ignoring Him and relocated anyways

Mary: United States

The year is 2009.  As I was sleeping, there was a knock on the door.  My spirit opened the door as I slept.  

There before me stood Jesus 6 feet tall with a long white robe. A prominent radiant light was over His head.  I trembled in fear; my bed shook.  

I closed the door and said out loud, "Jesus is knocking."  A voice next to me said, "open the door."  I can't; I am a sinner.  Again, "open the door."  Jesus knocks again.  I opened the door feeling the fear of the Lord.   

"As He walked in looking down, He spoke two words, "key music."  I immediately woke up and ran to my computer to find Jesus is the "key" to our salvation.  Music is the "key" to our soul. 

AmenLauren: United States

This was not a dream but a vision of Jesus: I was deep in despair, praying every night for a couple of years. I was once again crying and praying, and as I opened my eyes there in front of me was Jesus; the very image as I know Him today. The most beautiful, glorious face eyes so loving it took my breath away.

It lasted for about 10 seconds but the most amazing 10 seconds of my entire life. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me, and I will praise You all the days if my life!

Janice: United States

I dream of my encounter with Jesus; he visited me when I was sick from a fall I had after a night of drinking and merrymaking with friends. He said that my life would turn around for the better when I change my life. 

I did change a little bit, but my life began to get worst. I gave my life to him, and I'm asking him to let me see my promise. I'm now fasting and praying for that dream to manifest.

David King: United States

I have prayed that a sight like this could be available all to read.                                   

I have had in my lifetime several spiritual things happen. Beyond Chance is my life. 

I was physically abused in my youth. I got to go to Church once in a while. When in Church, I felt a loving atmosphere that I craved. 

It was customary that children were taught about Jesus and normally Baptized at the age of 8.

I was passed by at 8, yet I continued to pray that one day, I would become baptized. I accepted the Lord as savior, and that he loved us so very much to sacrifice himself for us. 

My prayers were answered at age 11.

The men came and talked about Jesus and taught me the things one should know. Jesus is the savior and the wonderful message of salvation.

The day came for my baptism. I went into the baptismal fount with the minister.

He said with the authority of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. He took me down in the water, and when he pulled me up, I heard the Angels singing praises in Heaven.

With much peace and joy in my heart, I cherished the blessing I had been given. Only the minister and I heard the Angels. 

Our savior Jesus Christ is real, and he will return. 

The promise that comes to mind is (seek, and you will find) One must humble themselves and continually seek the Lords Blessings. He will be there for each of us. 

Thank You!

Alexander: United States

One day I was sitting in a clearing surrounded by bushes and eating a small picnic and looking at a lake. I looked down and then back up, and an ancient looking man in brown robes with a tall staff was standing at the waters edge facing me.

He walked directly towards me, and when he came near, I offered him some food. He seemed pleasant enough, but I assumed he was hiking in a costume because his robes and staff and he looked ancient and I didn't understand why someone would dress like that to go hiking.

He sat with me and ate and we talked about God and the nature of reality for a bit before he told me I was on a good path and wished me well and then told me his name was Melchizedek. I'd never read the bible or heard the name before and just thought he was a pretty strange dude but I liked his general attitude.

I went back the next day and met a different man who was wearing a suit and had a polished cane. His dress and attitude seemed sharp and slick. A polar opposite of the first man in attitude. He offered me drugs and called out to people walking past to come smoke with us. I was paranoid, and he told me to relax because the police never noticed him. I got evil vibes from being near him and excused myself and ran away.

Both experiences happened at a time when I considered myself to be an atheist but looking back now I think I may have met some very powerful spiritual entities, one from the light and one from the shadows.

Jesus Said to Cory, "It's Here if You Want It":
A fantastic dream that applies to everyone. 

Sabrina: United States
Hello, I am the mother of an 11-year-old son. He was in the hospital on 11/11/15 for a broken wrist. The doctors had to put him under anesthesia to do the procedure that would pop his bone back in place. 

My son was recovering and when he woke up the first thing he said was “mommy, I saw Jesus, he has pretty eyes.”  His eyes are pretty, that is all he kept saying. The next morning I asked if he remember what he said about seeing Jesus. He said, “Yes Mommy he had on a white robe, with a purple cloth around his waist, and there was light shining on him.  He stood in front on my bed and smiled, and no one else could see him but me.”  

He said that he seen the doctors and nurses walking around, but they couldn't see Jesus. He said that after Jesus had watched him and smiled, he walked away, and then turned around and smile at him again, and that is when he woke up. 

I cried so much when my son told me this that I look on the internet to see if other kids had seen Jesus. The first story that came up was about a little girl who had seen Jesus, and painted a picture of him. When I had finished doing the research I ask my son, what does Jesus look like, is he white, black, long hair? And he said, no Mommy, he looks mixed and has short hair.

I found one of the paintings the 12-year-old little girl did of Jesus and saved it to my phone. I showed the picture to my son and ask,” is this the person you saw at the foot of your hospital bed?” He said “Yes Mommy that's Jesus.” I was amazed, because this little girl had painted this picture of Jesus years ago. 

Jesus is coming to our children more; we have to spread the word that Jesus is real. Feel free to contact me through this website by the form at the bottom of this page. I just want my son's story to be heard.

Thank you,
Sabrina Clark


Thank you, Sabrina (USA) for sharing your wonderful story. It's so nice to hear good news and read "Good Things" that the media never reports. God is good!!

Robin: United Stat

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