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"Spiritual Encounters"

The "Spiritual Encounters" page is a new addition to the Trusting in Jesus website. It is dedicated to the numerous visitors who love to read about others who have had encounters with God, Jesus, angels, and other heavenly experiences - and for those who would like to share their experiences that often transform, and even change the direction of their lives. I believe it will become a very popular page.

You are invited to use the form at the bottom of this page to share your Spiritual encounter with God.

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Mary: United States

The year is 2009.  As I was sleeping, there was a knock on the door.  My spirit opened the door as I slept.  

There before me stood Jesus 6 feet tall with a long white robe. A prominent radiant light was over His head.  I trembled in fear; my bed shook.  

I closed the door and said out loud, "Jesus is knocking."  A voice next to me said, "open the door."  I can't; I am a sinner.  Again, "open the door."  Jesus knocks again.  I opened the door feeling the fear of the Lord.   

"As He walked in looking down, He spoke two words, "key music."  I immediately woke up and ran to my computer to find Jesus is the "key" to our salvation.  Music is the "key" to our soul. 

AmenLauren: United States

This was not a dream but a vision of Jesus: I was deep in despair, praying every night for a couple of years. I was once again crying and praying, and as I opened my eyes there in front of me was Jesus; the very image as I know Him today. The most beautiful, glorious face eyes so loving it took my breath away.

It lasted for about 10 seconds but the most amazing 10 seconds of my entire life. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me, and I will praise You all the days if my life!

Janice: United States

I dream of my encounter with Jesus; he visited me when I was sick from a fall I had after a night of drinking and merrymaking with friends. He said that my life would turn around for the better when I change my life. 

I did change a little bit, but my life began to get worst. I gave my life to him, and I'm asking him to let me see my promise. I'm now fasting and praying for that dream to manifest.

David King: United States

I have prayed that a sight like this could be available all to read.                                   

I have had in my lifetime several spiritual things happen. Beyond Chance is my life. 

I was physically abused in my youth. I got to go to Church once in a while. When in Church, I felt a loving atmosphere that I craved. 

It was customary that children were taught about Jesus and normally Baptized at the age of 8.

I was passed by at 8, yet I continued to pray that one day, I would become baptized. I accepted the Lord as savior, and that he loved us so very much to sacrifice himself for us. 

My prayers were answered at age 11.

The men came and talked about Jesus and taught me the things one should know. Jesus is the savior and the wonderful message of salvation.

The day came for my baptism. I went into the baptismal fount with the minister.

He said with the authority of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. He took me down in the water, and when he pulled me up, I heard the Angels singing praises in Heaven.

With much peace and joy in my heart, I cherished the blessing I had been given. Only the minister and I heard the Angels. 

Our savior Jesus Christ is real, and he will return. 

The promise that comes to mind is (seek, and you will find) One must humble themselves and continually seek the Lords Blessings. He will be there for each of us. 

Thank You!

Alexander: United States

One day I was sitting in a clearing surrounded by bushes and eating a small picnic and looking at a lake. I looked down and then back up, and an ancient looking man in brown robes with a tall staff was standing at the waters edge facing me.

He walked directly towards me, and when he came near, I offered him some food. He seemed pleasant enough, but I assumed he was hiking in a costume because his robes and staff and he looked ancient and I didn't understand why someone would dress like that to go hiking.

He sat with me and ate and we talked about God and the nature of reality for a bit before he told me I was on a good path and wished me well and then told me his name was Melchizedek. I'd never read the bible or heard the name before and just thought he was a pretty strange dude but I liked his general attitude.

I went back the next day and met a different man who was wearing a suit and had a polished cane. His dress and attitude seemed sharp and slick. A polar opposite of the first man in attitude. He offered me drugs and called out to people walking past to come smoke with us. I was paranoid, and he told me to relax because the police never noticed him. I got evil vibes from being near him and excused myself and ran away.

Both experiences happened at a time when I considered myself to be an atheist but looking back now I think I may have met some very powerful spiritual entities, one from the light and one from the shadows.

Jesus Said to Cory, "It's Here if You Want It":
A fantastic dream that applies to everyone. 

Sabrina: United States
Hello, I am the mother of an 11-year-old son. He was in the hospital on 11/11/15 for a broken wrist. The doctors had to put him under anesthesia to do the procedure that would pop his bone back in place. 

My son was recovering and when he woke up the first thing he said was “mommy, I saw Jesus, he has pretty eyes.”  His eyes are pretty, that is all he kept saying. The next morning I asked if he remember what he said about seeing Jesus. He said, “Yes Mommy he had on a white robe, with a purple cloth around his waist, and there was light shining on him.  He stood in front on my bed and smiled, and no one else could see him but me.”  

He said that he seen the doctors and nurses walking around, but they couldn't see Jesus. He said that after Jesus had watched him and smiled, he walked away, and then turned around and smile at him again, and that is when he woke up. 

I cried so much when my son told me this that I look on the internet to see if other kids had seen Jesus. The first story that came up was about a little girl who had seen Jesus, and painted a picture of him. When I had finished doing the research I ask my son, what does Jesus look like, is he white, black, long hair? And he said, no Mommy, he looks mixed and has short hair.

I found one of the paintings the 12-year-old little girl did of Jesus and saved it to my phone. I showed the picture to my son and ask,” is this the person you saw at the foot of your hospital bed?” He said “Yes Mommy that's Jesus.” I was amazed, because this little girl had painted this picture of Jesus years ago. 

Jesus is coming to our children more; we have to spread the word that Jesus is real. Feel free to contact me through this website by the form at the bottom of this page. I just want my son's story to be heard.

Thank you,
Sabrina Clark


Thank you, Sabrina (USA) for sharing your wonderful story. It's so nice to hear good news and read "Good Things" that the media never reports. God is good!!

Robin: United Stat

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