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Christian Prayer Requests
  • "Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.

  • Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months."
    (James 5:13-17

Prayer Testimonies

"Prayer Requests"

Susie: United States

Prayer needed for my granddaughter Megan who is bipolar and I’m not sure if she’s taking her medication or if the medication she’s supposed to be taking isn’t helping her. 

She’s been making a lot of bad decisions and missing a lot of work. She has two small boys (4 month old and a two year old) that also need your prayers.

Thuy: Country

Please pray urgently to destroy evils cause disease reflux gastric, disorder of absorption of intestinal and night sleep, pain in knee joint, lumbar and body,  pert, angry, May God heal me and my daughter. Please pray to cut the communication demons' spirits of S, O, H, T, Ta, Thu, D, H, L, Tram, Thuy, and their familíes.

God bless you

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Only if you have a second, please say a prayer for me. Homeless yet saved at 75 has its moments that only prayer can get me through!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 5/16/22

Anthony: United States

Please pray for God to fill my home with His Presence, Angels, power, anointing, all He desires, and for Him to do every good thing He wants for my mom, Lola, Josie, and I. God bless!!!

Nompumelelo: South Africa

I’m praying for God to heal me and to get rid of cervical cancer in my body

Joyce: United States

Please pray for my brother's salvation and healing from pancreatic cancer stage 4. Thank you.

Anna: United States

Please pray; my husband spent $2,000 to fix our car, and today the air conditioning went out, and the car was losing power on the way home.

I felt yesterday something would go wrong with the car today because I had felt badly against people at church who felt done me wrong. I asked for forgiveness from the Lord. I don't want to be punished for ill feelings.

Please pray that our car can be fixed, I'm not working right now, and we don't have more money to put into the car.

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters, please say a prayer for me; sometimes, it's just too much! I'll let it go at that.

I try to help people get through the day, but then society beats them up, and they need help all over again; some have given up, and I can't say I blame them.

I need prayer for strength. I am laughing to keep from crying!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny.

Franki: United States

I am in a relationship and have really messed up. I have repented and apologized. I need him to choose to forgive me or at least to talk to me about it. I really need God to intervene.

Relationships are so difficult, and I really love this man. I am hurt, and he isn’t talking to me. I need him to realize in his heart that he can trust me. I am truly sorry! I feel like he is waiting for something, but I don’t know what that is.

I need God to let me know what he is waiting for, and I desperately need God to speak to his heart, soften his heart, and heal and reconcile us. God knows my heart, and He knows my situation.

Please agree with me in prayer for us to reconcile. I need God to protect me and direct me in my time of waiting. Thank you!

Myra: South Africa

Please help me in prayer for my family to get out of its struggles, for us to get our visas, for my child to get her birth certificate, for my husband to get his R20 000 promotion that he has worked so hard for, and for us to prosper financially and in everything that we do. 

I pray for blessings and prosperity. I pray for God to encircle me and my family (including my parents) with a spiritual hedge of protection. I command all curses, including generational curses issued against me, my family, and my parents, to be broken in the name of Jesus.

Rosalind: United States

Please pray for me. I'm going to have major surgery for colon disease a couple weeks from today. If not, it could turn into Cancer, and this will be my first time being cut open and put to sleep.

Scared, afraid. I'm 51 years old, mother and grandmother, and I'm saved by the blood of Jesus.

Please pray for me twice: 

My stepmother, who raised me for 50 years, just passed away two weeks ago in her sleep. No suffering and my family was very shocked and grieving, especially me. We were very close. She was my best friend and mom to everyone who loved her so much. Renee is her name in heaven.

Susie: United States

Please pray for the healing and protection of my two great grandsons Zeymar (2 yrs) and Yadriel (4 mos) both have been sick for a wee

Anna: United States

I ask for prayer for my mom Sylvia.

She has a terrible headache on the top of her head. Please pray. Thank you.

Please Remember to Pray for the Ukrainians!

Kristin: United States

Please pray for Micah and Katie’s salvation. Thank you.

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Please say a prayer for me. Every year around this time, I go back to NYC.

I sure could use God's help because the weather is still kind of chilly if you sleep outside. But if I wait on the LORD, everything will be fine!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny, 04/27/22.

Maryna: United States

Please pray with us that God, through His Holy Spirit, will reveal to us what is going on and how to go about it.

We have in the last 2 months, so many things broke in our house, and things turned against us. Almost every other day, something breaks or stop working or just didn't work put as we hoped for.

These are major things that cost lots of money we do not have. We also struggle a lot in our intimate times with the Lord, like a hindering spirit.

On top of that, we both experience more than normal, unexplained physical pains and aches.

Please pray for us for a breakthrough. We are so at the end of what we can handle.

Myra: South Africa

Please help me in prayer for my family to get out of its struggles, for us to get our visas, for my child to get her birth certificate and for us to prosper financially and in everything that we do. I pray for blessings and prosperity.

I pray for God to encircle me and my family (including my parents) with a spiritual hedge of protection. I command all curses, including generational curses issued against me, my family and my parents, to be broken in the name of Jesus. I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to us through words spoken. I break every curse of constant failure working in my family in the name of Jesus.

I now claim every spiritual blessing that my Heavenly Father has given to me, my family and my parents in Christ Jesus. I claim those blessings by the authority and power of the Lord Jesus Christ and in his name. Jesus, may these things be fully accomplished now through your mighty name. I give you thanks and honor and praise.

kathryn: United States

I need prayer I have demons 7 years in poor health with people in the occult bothering me for a few weeks; if you can.

Alan: Fiji

Please pray for the healing of my psychosis/schizophrenia illness. Thank you very much.

Meenakshi: India

Jesus, you know everything .....my pain, my sorrow, my love, should I marry or not ... I love him Jesus I want to be helpful to my parents .......Jesus ..direct my thoughts and steps. Jesus .. save me from making the wrong decision

Ann: United States

Pray for the Jacques family that the power of God will touch his mind and each family member with the blood of Jesus, Ms D..... family... And unspoken requests Aunt

Heart for Muslims:

Please pray with us during the Night of Power on April 28th, 2022 and any days leading up to that time and until May 1st. That night many devout Muslims will pray all night long for forgiveness or favor from their Maker. Among Muslims, this night is said to be the most important time of the year to pray.

Please pray that Christians in New York City would be courageous, humble and genuine men and women of faith who have divine appointments with Muslim men and women who have listening ears and hearts open to the gospel.

Pray for local churches in New York City to have a heart to welcome, earnestly love and support Muslims who are seeking the Lord and believers from a Muslim background who may have been persecuted by their own family or shunned in their community. 2Cor 5:16-21; John 13:34

Thank you!

Meenakshi: India

Jesus they are threatening me harassing me mentally do not leave them lord ...tell me what all i can do what i should not do ...please fight my battles lord ...help me to take correct decisions ......save me from taking wrong decisions ...clarify my doubts jesus.

I want to serve and be helpful to my parents jesus ....control my anger...give me self control jesus with you jesus all things are possible jesus ...make a waY jesus i live him jesus i want to love him forever jesus ...help me to talk to him .......

Clear dads loans soon jesus clear poojas loans fast jesus nice good husband to renuka and pooja Jesus give long healthy life to dad mom pooja renuka. Jesus save me mom sad renuka pooja from covert and overt dangers jesus save us from latha shiva jesus ..........

Jesus help me to pray all night jesus save me from wasting my time jesus .....jesus jesus teach me how to behave with latha shiva jesus ...help me to obey you.

Jesus save pooja mom dad rwnuka and me from others latha shiva and other jelous jesus jesus shall i marry or not whom should i marry jesus please jesus hold my hand and lead me save me from taking wrong decisions sace mw from talking wrong.

Robert: United States

Please PRAY for my brother SAL who is homeless & hungry....pray for him to have food & shelter.

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Asking for special prayer this week for strength. Besides having a heart for the homeless, the LORD uses me as an intercessor, but there is a price to be paid. Many things others can do I cannot, so I need prayer for faith to keep moving forward!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny

Anna: United States

Please, God, provides for my husband and me.

We have bills that need to be paid. Gas, electric, water, sewer, groceries, and a computer bill. My husband got me a job, but I was laid off from that job.

I have been looking for work but haven't found a job yet. Please pray these bills are paid and a good job for me. Thank you, and God bless.


Dear Lord, I have some financial problems. Please, I need money, help me.

I am ready to change religion.

Robert: United States

Please PRAY for my brother SAL who is homeless.

EILEEN: United States

Prayer is needed now and daily. No unwarranted people; they are evil, in Jesus' name ask.

Nicholas: New Zealand

I seek prayer for "Restoration," a word from the Holy Spirit of my damaged relationship with the Lord restored to wholeness (damaged trust) & my damaged identity of sonship in Christ from broken inner identity & for my Restoration to wholeness in Christ. 

There is captivity in my mind and identity. Prophetic verses Isaiah 60:1; & Joel 2:25-26 about Restoration & word of knowledge "Restoration" 3 different times from 3 mature, trustworthy Christians have not yet come to completion (Philippians 1:6).

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, praise the LORD! Please say a prayer for me and the Miami Rescue Mission this Friday, 4/15/22; they will have an Easter Banquet for the homeless, maybe one thousand.

They will do a dramatic play on the Resurrection, which is very powerful, and then an altar call is given; only GOD can do what needs to be done.

It is a lot of extra work for the men in the recovery program, and yes, it is a fundraiser for the Mission!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  4/11/22

KJ KJ: United States

My wife has refused to forgive me for a misunderstanding. She now wants a divorce and is filled with anger and turned our 2 girls against me to where they don't want to see me.

Lisa: United States

Please pray for my daughter Saige who's 19. She has a bunch of non-Christian friends and has let subs if her morals and the right priorities in life slide. Please pray for God to pull her back and to replace these non-Christian friends with strong Christian influence.

Yi: United States

My mother, Su Li, was diagnosed with early-stage pancreatic cancer last February. After surgery and chemotherapy, she now has checkups every three months. She is going to the hospital again this week.

Please help me pray together. Please, God, bless my mother in good health, and all the indicators are normal. Everything went well, the disease in the body was thrown into the sea, and it never recurred.

Thank the Lord for every miracle he has given us. Thank you very much!


Prayer needed; it is bad prayer; god's kingdom exploits all the wicked

Robert: United States

Please PRAY for my brother SAL who is homeless & hungry...pray for his provision for shelter & food.

Nilda: Philippines

Pls. Pray for me to maintain my job and my employer to maintain me as his employee. Pls. Pray also for Mr. Baculo, Maliglig, Pagsinohin, Pedro, that God touches this people's heart to maintain me in my work or job.

Pls. pray for my daughters Hanna, Grace, Gonzales and Lemarjorie, Gonzales to successfully finish their studies and graduate this coming July 2022 with honors. Thank you very much.

Karen: United States

Please pray for my daughter Orianna; she is plagued with evil spirits that lie to her. Please pray for her salvation and deliverance

Monish & Fabiola: Country

Praying for healing over our body, mind, soul, and spirit. Renouncing all sins of the past, generational curses, debt, evil assignments, curses, diseases, and sickness.

Susie: United States

Please pray for the protection, safety, and emotional well-being of my great-grandsons, Zeymar (2 yrs) and Yadriel (3mos).

Kumaran: Maldives

God, please help me. I have fourteen thousand dollars in debt. I can't do anything, God. Please help me. Save my life, God. No one helps me. I believe you are the only god.

Jamie: US Virgin Islands

Please Pray:

  • for JT: the car accident settlement be resolved.
  • for J & K: to live their lives pleasing the Lord
  • for M: to do well in school & to choose the right husband
  • for D: to do well in school, art, & swimming & behave nicer

Sandra: United States

I am requesting prayer for me and my husband, and our little family (11-month-old baby). My husband has suffered most of his life from "mental illness" and demonic attacks. 

We recently learned about his mental illness, and the medicine they prescribed him made him worse, completely erratic, and causing strange behaviors.

He lost himself in his mind, didn't know who he was anymore, and got hooked on the controlled substance the Drs poisoned his mind and body with. 

I know Jesus can heal! He can heal my husband and give him a sound mind and spirit! And I love him for being so loving to us and sacrificing himself so that we can be saved and return to God! 

Please pray for complete and total healing and restoration for my husband, Abel, and for the criminal justice system, the judge, and the lawyers to open their hearts and minds to the fact that the medication made my husband behave erratically and not intentionally.

Soni: India

I lost my current job in Dubai and applying for a new job; please pray for God's intervention to get me a job, Amen

Robert: United States

Please PRAY for my brother SAL who is homeless and hungry.....pray for provision from GOD!

Tangseng: India

Our beloved son Adriel has suffered since September 2021, when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He has been in and out of the hospital many times and has undergone a number of chemotherapy sessions.

Recently, he underwent stem cell transplantation, but the Doctors have stated that the graft cells are not growing as he has parvovirus. Please pray for God’s blessings upon Adriel that the graft cells will grow, multiply and make healthy blood to restore Adriel’s health and wellbeing.

Pray that we, the parents, will not have financial and other difficulties during the treatment of Adriel.

Anthony Chandrawathi: Sir Lanka

Presently we are suffering from economic issues in Sri Lanka. There are no essential goods available; most import items are restricted, and food prices are increasing daily.

If you can, please send us items like shampoo packets, washing powders, flour, soaps, rice, dhal, milk powder, etc. Please send this to us as a humanitarian help. 

I hope for a good reply:

Anthony Chandrawathi
No.113/7A, Jaya Mawatha, Kurunegala Road, Puttalam, Sri lanka...zip code 61300 

My contact no. 0094715407750

May God bless you!

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