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"Christian Prayer Requests"

Christian Prayer Requests

Every born again Believer has the privilege of talking to and hearing from God. But far too often this wonderful resource is neglected. Christians Should Always Pray!

We are powerful and effective, and "if we ask anything, he hears us. And if we know he hears us - whatever we ask - we know what we have asked or him (1 John 5: 14-15), (James 5:

NOTE : Due to my workload, it may not be possible to respond to every person, but I promise to pray. And I will not place your request in a stack with others and pray, I will pray for you individually according to your request for your specific needs.


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Prayer Requests

FELIX: Panama

I would like to request prayer for my sister-in-law Eliane, who suffers from advanced cancer asking God to do his will.FELIX: Panama

Milan: India

Pray for my son Milan to have wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, memory power, concentration, grasping the power to study well in his final MBBS examination to pass in two subjects (ENT & Opthalogy) in June and four subjects (GM, GS, OBG & Pediatrics)  in Dec.19.

Shiban: United Arab Emirates


Ibin: India

Praise the Lord. My name is Ibin from India. My prayer request is that I am trying to get migrated to Canada and I need to pay some amount as a fee for that within a week time. I have applied for a loan. Actually, it's impossible to get a loan within a very little span of time. But I know that With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” So please pray for my family and me. Thank you.  God bless you

Mary: Philippines

Please include me in your prayers. I really need it. I have intense nerve pain at the back of my neck. I also have a lump at the back of my neck,  and it so uncomfortable. Lord heal me and forgive me of all my sins. Help me Lord to have a chance to know you more and use me as I spread the good news about you. Please, Lord, hear my prayers. Thank you so much. God bless

TJ: United States

Praying for a positive breakthrough of all strongholds of unforgiveness, anger, and bitterness to be broken from Kelsey so she can surrender to the power of forgiveness and love in her heart toward her sibling and others. Praying she can let go of past hurts, and for inner peace and joy to be restored and made whole. Praying for God's healing, love and peace to be upon her today. In Jesus name, Amen

Cherroid : United States

Thank you, Jesus, for waking me up this morning I am struggling with life trying to keep a roof over my family head. Jesus, I need you now. I have no money, and the bills are due. I need to help Jesus

Annie:  Canada


I would like to pray today for the salvation of a friend/acquaintance! He is a sweet and kind-hearted young man, with a selfless and kind nature, and a heart of gold! He is new to our country, and is very innocent and not very knowledgeable of the 'Western world,' so to speak, and Western life. I would love to see him come to faith in Christ, as he is such a great guy, and just needs a bit of a 'push' in that direction, I think.

Anyways, all prayers for him would be great!

Also, prayers for my health, finances, my sister trying to get back to the US and mercy (cancellation) for a recent traffic incident, would be great, as well, kindly - thanks!

Anyways, thank you so, so much, and God bless!

Wishing you a blessed day!

~ Annie

Susan: United States

Continued healing of brain damage of the basal ganglia. 

Elizabeth: United States

Please intercede with me for my brother's life. He was recovering from a deadly intoxication when he caught a fungal infection at the hospital. Please, please pray for his recovery. Thank you. His name is Naul and he is in critical condition.

Miguel United States

Healing from epilepsy for my daughter Harmony.

Ruth: Philippines

Please pray for my sister; her name is Meriam. She is in the hospital right now. She has high blood pressure. She is under observation right now to undergo a ct scan based on the result of the observation. Thank you for your ministry.

Rich: United States

Please pray for me as I have been struggling with feelings of hopelessness, confusion, depression, and just feeling "lost." Definitely in need of God's great Grace, protection, and His wisdom in this season as it has been extremely frustrating, difficult, and even chaotic at times. Please pray that God would lead and direct my steps in the direction that He sees best for me, but also that He would give me peace, confidence, and confirmation regarding each decision. And lastly, please pray that God would "open" the right "doors" in my life now, but at the same time, that He would also "close" the "doors" in my life that He sees necessary, especially in regards to relationships and employment. In need of employment and major provision. Thanks a lot and God bless you!!

Lakmini: Sri Lanka

Dear  Jesus Please protect my lands that I have inherited from my parents from Buddhika Ariyarathna. Please don't ever let Buddhika Ariyarathna assault us or threaten us with knives ever again. Please make the police do justice and arrest this man and protect us and let us enter our lands use them. Please don't let this man forcefully acquire my lands please god please give us justice. Please protect us. Please get a court order to stop this man bothering us. God, please help us. Please put a stop this mans assaults. Please protect my lands and our lives from this Buddhika Ariyarathna thug. Amen

Lindsay: United States

My fiancé is in critical care with another surgery in the morning. Please pray he is healed, he is very sad. Please pray we are back in each other’s arms again.

Lisa: United States

Pray for our 14-year-old daughter Leeaundra Almonacid who has been hospitalized three times in the past two months for being unresponsive due to excessive drinking and sometimes even taking a Xanax at the same time. I don't know where she gets either because we don't keep alcohol in the house and no one we know is prescribed Xanax. Her "friends" enable her behavior, and we have found her walking alone at night intoxicated to the point of not recognizing us. Shes talked about ending her life and not wanting to be here anymore while intoxicated, and each time I've taken her to the hospital, they refuse to do anything. I'm scared for my daughters' life. Please pray for her. I don't want to lose my daughter.

Glo: United States

Lord Jesus, please show Nyree a way out of this addiction to alcohol/drugs, cigarettes, make her strong in you, and rescue her and restored her to you, she needs a breakthrough, a miracle, a divine intervention. Protect her and keep her safe wherever she is, encourage us to hear from her that she is sober and getting the help she needs.  In Jesus name Amen

Susan: United States

Continued healing from brain damage for self, of the basil Gaglia. 

Mario: United States

I have a job interview tomorrow. Please pray that the LORD would help me get this job b because I really need it.

Samantha: United States


Please join me and my family in prayer for my pregnancy and unborn child. 

My levels have been consistently low, but now the doctor says I should accept they indicate I will end up having a miscarriage and go ahead and assist by medically causing a miscarriage instead of dragging this out- apparently she doesn’t know MY GOD! Please help us pray by the time I go back in Wednesday that my levels have skyrocketed and soared so much it will stun the doctors and show her GOD is in control! Please help us pray for this pregnancy and this baby! Thank you in advance.

Lorenzo: United States

Need prayers for my wife and I. Marriage restoration, healing and forgiveness.

Dez: United States

Dear lord, we need you more than ever to please save Dez life from this horrible disease. Please guide the medical staff as they prepare to amputate his leg to save his life. Dear Lord please, please stop the infection from spreading any further. Lord, only you know the ending results. I ask you to please be with Dez and his family to guide them and strengthen them.  I ask this in your name. Lord. 


Maarlen: United Kingdom

Lord, in Jesus name I come to You with a humble heart, I read ‘The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow. Then I called on the name of the Lord: “Lord, save me! , Lord save me, save my son, have mercy on him and my daughter. Lord save her, Lord help us, save us keep us from harm that it might not grieve us.

Now, I clothe myself with the full armor of God In the mighty name of Jesus, I command the anaconda spirit to loose my children and me, and all that concerns us,  now,  In Jesus name, I bound the anaconda spirit to be sent to the pit of hell. Lord in Jesus name,  send Your good angels and cut all“chords of wickedness,” and set my kids and me free and free indeed. Fill us with Your grace sweet Jesus, oh in Jesus name I make null all venom and rebuke and make null all and any asphyxiation attack, Even the slightest pressure from this kind of demonic attack must give way in Jesus’ Name!  Jesus, my Lord, heal us and restore us by Your unfailing love, Yes, In the mighty name of Jesus, We plead the Blood of Jesus to heal the areas where the anaconda spirit was at, and we declare Jesus rules where the anaconda spirit was. We give you all the praise oh Lord for the Lord is righteous; He has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.’ Oh Holy Spirit, breath of God, fill me, my family, and all that has been delivered with renewed life and grace, Lord lift up a banner against the enemy. Jehovah Nissi - Our flag of victory, in Jesus name. I give You praise and glory Father my Lord God of Abraham fear of Isaac, God of Jacob, Father Son and Holy Spirit, ‘I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

My son ‘ shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. 

My daughter ‘ shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. Glory be to God 

Lord, we receive Your resurrection power! thank You, Lord

  Whoever has been used against us oh Lord I forgive and pray for their deliverance and salvation. Forgive our sins and grant us wisdom and revelation to do what is pleasing in Your sight my Lord.

You, Lord, have delivered me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before the Lord in the land of the have freed me from my chains. I Praise the Lord, forever all glory be to God Amen. MARLEN

Emily: United States

My ex-boyfriend Jeremiah and I recently broke up about a month ago. He left me for another woman, and she’s leading him down a bad path, and He’s very lost right now. I pray if its Gods will,  that he would open Jeremiah’s eyes and bring him back to me to renew and restore our relationship.

Anonymous: United States

I pray for forgiveness and specifically uplift a few major mistakes of my past, which I’ve fully repented from. I give praise to the Heavenly Father alone for the breakthroughs and blessings I’ve had recently. I don’t know all of why I faced the previous trials that I did but God’s bigger plans of putting me on higher ground with strengthened perspective and insight is a much more inspiring and rewarding than the easy path I naturally desired. I pray I will continue to build up from here and be worthy of the fruits of my labor. I pray I’m able to focus correctly and continue to build. Be with me and a significant other. Build us past our shortcomings to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal us mentally and emotionally of the scars we have, from our past  together and as individuals, childhood situations and anything hindering us and bringing us down. Build our strength in communication, ability to talk to one another about points of misunderstanding or conflict before they escalate or create further doubt. Grow our love and appreciation for one another. Help us to lift one another towards You. Help us to encourage, strengthen and accept one another and to inspire one another to reach higher. Keep us above all negativity, distractions and ill intent. Keep us from the enemies attacks  grow our love and appreciation for one another. Build our quality time spent together and intentional pursuit of one another. Give us understanding and acceptance. Help us to see the positive and potential strength and stability in one another. Give us Your blessings and mercy despite our shortcomings. Be with us intimately  in every way we need. Give us stability and emotional stability. Help us to fully commit to one another and pursuing a strong love together. Give us wisdom. Build our success in business and personal endeavors. Help us to know how to apply our charitable desires. Unspoken. I pray for continued healing of my social anxieties and mental paranoia’s. Unspoken. I uplift our families. Bring them Protection, Healing, strength, understanding, prosperity, health and wisdom. Be with everyone individually, with their individual struggles. Help us to all get along, love and accept one another despite differences, to have a spirit of love and not condemnation or shortsightedness. I especially uplift my family. I pray for continued strengthening of friendships. Be with those I consider friends and those removed from that status. Let them feel Your divine presence and heal them in their individual situations. I uplift a strayed individual and her sphere of influence. Lead her out of this sin and build her strong in You and Your love. Protect all those she influences. I uplift a marriage. Heal them thoroughly and bring them together stronger than ever before. Let them be a positive example. Unspoken. Heal all those negatively affected. I uplift anyone who has negative feelings towards me or  feels as if I did them wrong. Forgive me for any harm I caused in situations where I may have been in the wrong. Heal their hearts and in situations where they lead their own perceptions astray, let them have the wisdom and strength to question their validity and intentions in finding me as their enemy. Mend hearts and build love. Unspoken. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Danny: United States

Lord Father Jesus Yeshua you created the beginning of all creation and created thing and purpose for the Children of Adam though now we are the Children of the Lord. You are Holy, and all your ways are beautiful; you are more than wonderful. Watch over our ( my )  Children and their Children watch over them with love and power like a Father would love a Prodigal Son and the one who does right - choosing to do good unto life human life. I am worthy and only ask to be a servant like those that serve you. 

I was moved by love - the fathers love and life of a Father and Son ( daughter) I wish that to be and the life I live for you in you by you and directed by you. 

Watch over all that concerns us you and me and our Children. Watch over everyone even the stranger(s) that come our way - people who pass us in time and life to also bless the moments with have with strangers. But you know us and them let me never be a stranger or a friend that can not talk the way. 

I pray for the original Catholic Christians and the Pentecost(s) in our lives. Amen

Ms. Low: Singapore

Pls, pray for my fin breakthru & fmly salv/fin breakthru. 

1. Brother 59yrs contract with the company ended Jan'19. Have fmly-2deps, hse, expenses. 

2. Brother 58yrs 2yrs ago lost a job. I have to sell a home. 

3. Myself co.cut costs unfairly asked to leave jan'19. Have mother's past med debts, elderly father to look after, monthly expenses. 

4. Bro In Law prev involved in an investment scam, my sis, had to sell home & children study costs.

We need fin breakthru. God help us.

Thank you so much, God, bless. 

Monique: Canada

I desperately need your help from Trusting in Jesus in persistent prayers in healing and to reconnect we need to reconnect.

Were torn apart in our teens by my mom.

My former boyfriend and I go way back we met in high school in the same class when I left we saw each other again we started going steady then later on down the road my mom tore us apart there is so much more to this story.

We still love each other to this day hoping Jesus understands that my former boyfriend is and always be THE LOVE OF MY LIFE PLEASE JESUS BRING US BACK WE BELONG TOGETHER he desperately needs prayers (persistent) for his multiple sclerosis and leukemia and us to reconnect.

P.S.  He always respected ME he deserved to have ALL OF ME but didn't happen that way I'm deeply hurt by this  (the way it turned out) and always will.

Thank you so very much to >>>"TRUSTING in JESUS"<<<for taking this SPECIAL request and for understanding to JESUS!



Sad Father: United States

Have mercy on me a sinner...I pray Jesus that you will intercede to the father on my wife's behalf. You said "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." I praise your holy name lord, and I thank you for every blessing big and small that you have given throughout my life. Please touch my wife and soften her heart as she does not truly know you. Jesus, I pray that you will tear down the strongholds that plague her. Hate, anger, and unforgiveness. Through these strongholds, the enemy has tormented our marriage and family, and she is verbally and emotionally abusive and controlling.  Your word says "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jesus, YOU are my hope and future, and my trust is in you. Please forgive me for trying to control the situation and not give it entirely to you. I put the whole marriage in the blood of Jesus and strap it to the cross. I ask that you deliver my wife from the grip of Satan. I pray that you would send your angels to protect my home and family and your holy spirit would attend to my wife's spiritual needs and speak to her in the Spirit of the Holy God.

I pray Jesus that in all this the Glory of God will be shown and that the miracle that you will provide will be used to give God the glory through the son. Jesus, I praise you and cry out to you in my time of desperation. Lord you walked in the fire with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, you closed the mouths of the lions for Daniel, you Helped David defeat Goliath, You watched over David when King Saul was hunting him, You've healed millions, and you gave me life. I rejoice in the times of torment and trouble for in your name I find comfort and redemption.

I love you Jesus, and I thank you for your undying love.

In the name of Jesus, Amen 

Tuija: Finland

Please pray for my difficult situation in life: I’m married to an Australian man-God bless him, and I’m from Finland. For two years we have lived in Australia, but it has become clear to me that I’m very unhappy so far away across the world from my family. My mother is alone and old, and I wish to be with her. Please pray that Jesus would speak to my husband’s heart to understand this. May Jesus provide wisdom to solve this issue-where to stay- as the Lord sees fit. May He provide me with patience and heal my troubled heart.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters.  I really need your help today! 

1: Please say a prayer for a wonderful sister in the LORD sister Margaret who has to go to court Friday to turn herself in over a financial mistake! She is like, 35, 5foot 2, and 135 pounds, so putting her in prison could terribly hurt her. Please pray the judge will see that and take it into consideration!

2:  my good brother in the LORD, Rick who was a tractor-trailer driver all his life is going through dialysis, and he had a setback. His blood pressure dropped dangerously low, trust me when I say, if you needed prayer they both would be the first to pray for you!

3: And needless to say, for yours truly for strength. I want to make it to the finish line before the LORD comes back!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny,  2/12/19

Stephanie: United States

I ask that you all will pray for me (Stephanie), my husband (Frank), and my three young children (Nya, Mariah, & Jaylin)...My husband Frank & I run a small trucking company (Southern Innovation Truckin) here in Houston, Tx, and we solemnly depend on our household income from the 2.. 18 wheelers trucks that we run daily...Well about two weeks ago 1 of our 18 wheelers broke down, and we have been told that the motor has locked up on that truck, and the trailer also needs work on it, and it's going to cost us roughly about $10,000.00 for the repairs. As of right now, business has been extremely slow with moving freight from state to state, and with the recent government shutdown, it has affected our business tremendously...We are having Major financial problems right now, and also with this breakdown, we have also lost the driver that drivers that truck, he had to go and get another job somewhere else, because he has a family to support as well...We have applied for loans & financing to get the truck fixed and or even to purchase another truck, but we are continually getting denied...We are true believers of GOD and his mighty works!  We do have a church home that we attend regularly...Please Pray for us...I ask that God will Bless us with miraculous overflow & Stability, enlarge our territory & Bless us with a financial miracle very soon We are in desperate need right now...Amen!....Thank You!!!

Tre’von: United States

I would like a heaven dream or vision soon.

Karen: Canada

Please pray for Bruno to overcome his drug addiction and depression which contributes to the drug addiction. Please pray for him to come clean and stay clean and be able to work towards a better life. Most importantly, please pray for him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. 

Anonymous: United States

I pray for forgiveness and continued protection and from a mistake of the last I’ve repented fully from. Lift any curses I may have and keep an individual from interfering in my life or using powers of Satan to form curses against me. I praise God for all progress I’ve made so far and for keeping me from falling to further depths. I pray God will keep unnecessary worries from burdening my mind and for me to find comfort in prayer for necessary concerns. My mind will constantly think into details trying to find a higher place of knowledge for comfort as I convince and unconvinced myself of my anxieties. I pray for divine healing in a relationship with someone I love and wish to pursue through to marriage. We fall in and out of pursuit of one another as our vices come between us. Heal us thoroughly as individuals that we will be strong together. Help us to learn Your word and way and build love and strength in one another through Your stability and truth. Help me to communicate with him how I feel in a positive, constructive and attractive way. Keep my mind from falling too far into confused thoughts and emotions but help me to communicate clearly, confidently and in a way that builds his trust in me, my perception and the potential strength in a beautiful future together. Help us to facilitate this conversation correctly, at the right time and to open up to one another mentally and emotionally and to build positive energy. Grow us. Grow our love, trust, communication, comfort, passions, and confidence in one another and the strength we can share. I uplift my other worries, concerns and most importantly, family. Continue to heal my social anxieties, mental paranoias, and scars of my past. Heal anyone I’ve scared. I uplift a marriage. I uplift my friends. Unspoken.

Sharon: United States

My husband, Robert, has been recently diagnosed with cancer.  He had a liver biopsy last week, and my request is that God will heal him and that his biopsy comes back with no trace of cancer.  Amen

Yolanda: South Africa

To get my grade 12/Matric certificate and stop sexual misconduct.

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at trusting in JESUS! Asking prayer for strength homeless at 72 in the freezing-cold in NYC! GOD richly bless you,  Brother Danny  2/9/19.

Helen: United States

Please pray for myself and my family, that God puts me where he wants me and that I am able to glorify Him.  Help with finances and family issues.  Thank you for your prayers.  Blessings,

Sherie: Canada

I am praying for my boyfriend. We have been together for four years and are planning to get married (I hope). We are going through a tough time. He is going through a depression I believe and is experiencing an emotional disconnect. He is really distant and feels cold. All he is interested in is working, and his whole family notices this as well.  I am praying for God to take hold of Ferd’s heart and mind. I’m praying for complete healing. I’m also praying that any lies he is believing would be destroyed and that Satan would be bound and all attacks on Ferds mind and heart would fail. I am praying for God to move in his heart and take control. I believe that God will do this, I’m praying for this. I know we are not married, but believe God will still come through. Please pray with me.

AUNISHA: South Africa

I'm a single mom of 3 wonderful, awesome boys, but I struggle each and every month to provide for them. There's no support from my ex-husband at all. I'm flooded with Debt and really need a financial miracle to pay off all my debt for us to survive. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME 


R: Canada

Hi, I am forced into satanic worship and was born into an abusive family and have wanted to leave my whole life. Please pray for God to enter me forcefully, this is important as  I need God to be with me through horrible abuse and life-threatening circumstances. Please pray for my protection from torture and forced satanic worship as well as protection for others that are like myself in the city I am in. Thank you if you pray sincerely, that means a lot to me. There are a lot like myself that are forced into satanic worship and need help with healing and for God to enter them so they can just have help. Please also pray for my healing and the healing and peace of others that are with me. God bless you.

Other things I need:

-prayers for no abuse, torment

-protection from blasphemy (for myself and others)

-prayers for a better life

-protection from drugs/smoking (myself and others

-and to be kept alive

-prayers for an intervention

-pray for God to censor our pain and enter our bodies during pain and torture

-protection from this prayer requests or those prayed for being cursed

Thank you!

Bill: United States

Please, God, I need help, to stop a divorce and have reconciliation and save my marriage.

Dear God that you will soften my wife’s DeLynn’s heart, She opens the door for us to get into counseling and stop our divorce.  Jesus, I pray that we have more open communication and reconciliation of our marriage.

 Jesus, I ask that you change me into the man she wants to be married to.

 I pray that she has a burning desire to rebuild our marriage and restore the love we once had, 

I pray that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will restore us and make us stronger than ever.

Thank You, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

Bill T.

CYNTHIA: United States



-KARL-who helped Ed get to the Hospital 






B: India

Hi, sir, I'm Hari I'm from India I have many financial problems in my life present my family big financial problems please save my life s my mom health my studies problems, please help me.

Mary: United States

Please, ask the Lord in Jesus' name, to show us if it is time to receive an inheritance blessing, fairly and Godly.  I want to live on my own, and my kin need to go their ways.  I am tired of all the lying, stealing, and dirty tricks.  Or is there something else going on?  Thanks for thinking of us, and God bless you.

Kari: United States

Mr.Trippe has been battling pancreatic cancer. Tomorrows is the pet-scan will determine if he is clear in remission or if its terminal. Pray for this life-changing moment that he is clear of cancer. Tomorrow is the test. In the morning at 945 Pacific.

Cristin: United States

The strange blemishes on my face have not gone away, and I am afraid of skin cancer. Please ask Jesus to heal me. Please make the blemishes heal. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf.

MAHEN and Veena: Mauritius

Please do help my wife Veena and me in prayer to overcome and be able to move to another house safely. We do have 3witch doctors living in the same house and who are our own relatives targeting us daily by putting blood and all kinds of ashes in and around the house on daily basis and have challenged to kill us both if we don't leave the house for them.  We are very sick and having severe health problems situations now. Thanks

Anna: United States

Please pray for my Salvation, and for me to feel closer to God and his son Jesus.

Mario: Mozambique

Please pray for me, my marriage is in a very difficult and complicated state, and it needs a restoration through the divine intervention of our LORD JESUS. I pray for peace; I pray for love, I pray for trust and understanding to be restored. I pray for the deliverance through Holy Ghost Fire from this evil that is afflicting my marriage. I pray that we can move on from the problems of the past and recent problems causing affliction. I pray for the continuous presence of JESUS in my home and my marriage. In JESUS Name!  Please pray for me....

Sailesh: South Africa

Good  day

Please pray for me, Prophet. I'm so sick I don't know why I keep urinating and my back and kidneys pain. i don't know whether I have a kidney problem or bladder problem or diabetes.please pray for me to be healed and well. I have a constant fever every single day. It doesn't stop. My mother in law is deep into, and she is trying to kill me. Please pray for me.

Daniel: United States
Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me I will be traveling by bus tomorrow for 30 long hours straight that there will be no accidents and that everyone will get along peacefully! GOD richly bless you    brother Danny   2/5/19

Rizza: United States

God, I trust in you to deliver my wife out of that wretched hospital. God, they need to stop Pacifying us they're very stupid, and a miracle deliver Rizza out of the hospital, God we need to be together. God push heavy trouble on the hospital staff for lying and not listening to me I hate those liars God I hope there’s a lawsuit on that hospital and they lose their money, God I know you love me and hate lies Thank you God I trust you,

Asha: India

Please pray that Jesus takes away all my Husband’s frustrations, especially related to his job as well as his sickness and fill him with the holy spirit and protection, good paying job and healing. Thank you in Jesus name

Al: Country

Please pray with us as we pray and fast for Haley who is suicidal and for God's blessing as we engage in a lawsuit concerning a head/brain injury.

Carinna: South Africa

Dad in ICU for four months and now critical. Please pray for his healing. His name is Eugene Andrione.

Myself also needs healing. Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. Need total healing of the spinal cord.

Susan: United States

Will you please pray for God’s healing for myself and my husband? My ears and his eyes. The enemy is coming against us. Please, we need God’s mercy and help. Thank you.

Jonathan: United States

I know you treasurely love me Jesus thank you so much for your love and commitment and thank you for my wife’s love. Please, God, I have this request please reroute ACCOUNT numbers to my Eagle Community Credit Union I applied to Change it on the 28th of January it takes 48 hours to reroute. God, I NEED YOUR DIVINE MIRACLES AND FAVOR FOR SOCIAL SECURITY TO DO THERE JOB;  IM TRUSTING IN YOU JESUS, to provide the income for me, Jesus. By the 4th on Monday I need my Social Security Income to LIVE, God I Praise your name, I need better service from Social Security please oh God.

Purnima: United Kingdom

Hello, im a Christian from London. I’m having lots of challenges in my marriage life and family. I'm pleading you people of God to help me to pray for the restoration of my marriage and therefore make it stronger than it was before in the name of Jesus. Pray for healing of my husband heart and soul. Bring him near you, Jesus. You have always stayed near us don’t leave us now in this difficult moment. Make my husband become closer to you. Take him out from evil hands. Visit him spirit show him the way and talk to him I’m pleading you spirit of god visit him and heal him. He needs you. His in a bad situation visit him and restore him. Make him stronger. Thank you, Jesus, for healing him and restoring my marriage and family.

Daniel: United States 

2019-02-02 10:12 am

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters asking prayer today for strength this weekend I guess everyone is going through something but being homeless is no joke!GOD richly bless you    Brother Danny

Tuija: Finland

Please pray for me. I have a wisdom tooth removal surgery on Monday. I’m scared and need Jesus to provide me with His peace. May He bless that the surgery will go well and quickly.

I have trouble with the aesthetics, they don’t usually take the pain away at all, and I can feel everything. Please pray that Jesus is with me that day!

Emmanuel: Nigeria

I want this prayer group to join me on praying for me concerning my test and exams,  I want God to take absolute control, I want distinctions in my test and exams,  and I want  God to bless me with wisdom knowledge and understanding. 

I also want to commit all my carry over into God's hands I want to pass all of them 

I want God to help me come out with good grades In the University 

I also want to commit my life to God's hands, after my education I want him to secure me a good job 

I don't  want  to have issues getting married in life,  and I don't want to make a mistake when choosing my life partner 

I want God to help me on me traveling out of the country; he should make it easy for me 

thank you as you help me.\

Peter: Australia

Hello Pastor 

Please, could you pray for me please against the followings: Physical disability, mental illness, poverty, insufficiency, damaged arms, damaged legs, black magic, bad luck, bad news, fears, failures, and back pain, depression, and anxiety disorders?


Truly Peter

Anthony: United States

Lord, please bless me with a Godly wife 

Magdalena: Canada

Please pray that I am a Child Of God and the evil one does not touch me, so I am delivered and alive in Christ and make Paul and Adage leave me as they are abusive and pray I receive a flower of life from Jesus.

Tuulik: Finland

Please bless Juha S., his family, and colleagues.

May God provide him with strength and protection. Juha is under heavy persecution. Pray that God will turn those who curse Juha into friends that bless him instead. May heavenly wisdom guide him to do the right decisions that please God.

Haroldo: United States

I'm a cancer patient. I have an upcoming cat scan. Please join me in asking our Heavenly Father in the name of his beloved Son, Jesus-Christ to heal me and cure me of this disease according to His Holy Will and Pleasure. I can not control the outcome of the cat scan, the blood test results and the outcome of the meeting with my oncologist so I wish to hand over all of my anxieties over to Him in order to experience peace and rest unto my soul.

Bill: United States

Please help, I need prayer to stop a divorce, get into counseling and have restoration of our marriage 

Pray that my wife DeLynn, has a softening of her heart and opens the door for us to get into counseling; that we have complete communication and restoration of our marriage. Pray that God will change me into the man she wants to be married to, that my wife has a burning desire to rebuild our marriage and the love we once had, that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will restore and make stronger than ever. Thank You


Pam: United States

Please pray for my ex-husband who is an alcoholic...that he be delivered from this addiction. He has suffered from this his whole life

Yassminey: United Arab Emirates

I have reached a place where I’m between a rock and a hard place about something that is of extreme importance, my destiny. Please pray for me with your hearts, and you have no idea how much this matters to me. I need God’s help, mercy, and intervention for this miracle. Please help me and pray for my urgent need for a miracle.

Rentsamo: India

I am from India, Nagaland. Please pray for my marriage restoration. My wife and I are living separately for 4 and a half years. I have tried to bring her back in my life, but she is not willing to come back. I am so scared and worried, and I don't know what to do. We don't communicate at all. I love her so much. Our marriage is on the brink of a break. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken. I need help. Thank you

Stephanie: United States

Dear Jesus 

Jesus if I could pray about my future male friend this would be him to describe to you Jesus. Jesus, I want this male to be 6-2 tall thin has muscle. Jesus Hair not bald. Jesus Black skin color or multiracial black and White skin. Jesus, my future male friend, works as a paramedic or studying to be a paramedic. 

In Jesus name Amen 

Please, Jesus, answer this prayer?

Priscilla: Lesotho

Please pray for me. Last year alone I was hospitalized for period pains three times. Which began after a bout of constant reoccurring nightmares. So bad I vomit till I get dehydrated, and incapacitated for days. The doctors all keep saying they can't find anything that may be just how it is. I live of off painkillers and other medicines that don't work. I need deliverance from whatever is tormenting me in my dreams and is causing this. One of my aunts has the same problem, and so does a cousin. We all need deliverance.

Elijah: Zambia

Afternoon, My Name is ELIJAH, please pray for me am going through a lot of things and sometimes I feel like giving up and committing suicide, I really need guidance from GOD.please to pray for me I know one day I'll share my testimony. Daniel: Kenya

Hi, please pray with and for me in this really difficult season I am going through, I made mistakes and amassed a huge debt towards two different individuals: my landlord and my very close friend. I was given a chance to pay back, but nothing seems to be happening. Somehow, I have to clear this debt before the 7th of Feb 2019. I have been praying and asking you to pray with me; I have no idea how God will save me. I repent of all wrongdoings, He is my savior and my only hope, all my faith is in Him. I desperately need my Father in heaven to intervene; I know He is capable. Please continue to pray for me.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters asking prayer for strength because of the pouring rain I was forced to sleep under a highway overpass, and even then I got wet, and then it got really cold need prayer to keep a smile on my face so very tired today!

Keijo: Sweden

Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine which not confess Jesus blood in salvation, but uses own victims, thanks and bless, Keijo Sweden

Sharon: United States

Please pray total remission from stage 4 cancer and discharged from chemotherapy.

Suni: India

Since my childhood, I have an evil spirit always negative thinking; please pray for getting holy spirit and remove my thinking habit.

Mwendabai: Zambia

Please help me pray for my career law, that God makes a way for me in my career where there seems to be no way because right now things aren't good. 

Help me also pray that God locates my siblings and me to our destiny helpers. 

Lastly, help me pray for my mother. I decree and declare long life in Jesus Christ name. : Zambia

Regina: United States

Please pray for my sister Jerlen. She is suffering financially as a single parent working full time and attending college. She has had two car accidents causing her insurance premiums to increase. She recently bumped a Range Rover if a high hospital executive that is demanding payment for her vehicle. My sister is stressed, depressed, tired, and working overtime constantly just to make ends meet. I pray for a resolution for her to improve her life. 

Terhi: Finland

Jesus, please help me with this eating disorder! Send me Holy Spirit to help me with everything and angels to protect. Be merciful towards me I'm so weak. Deliver me from all evil and bondages and give me hope and other brothers and sisters whom I could trust to help me on the way. Direct my path and lead me towards total freedom. Teach me your ways and let me hear you speaking to me. Please help me not to sin anymore. Help me with evil people in my life. I want to be good and do good for others. I need you so much, Lord. Prove me you love me and show it to me. Lead me towards total freedom. Help me to read the Word and to pray more. Help me to open up more. Be near me and protect me always..

Ann: United States

Please pray for Jazime salvation deliverance healing. The blood of Jesus The blood of Jesus cast out every witchcraft spirit in her life any generational curses. Pray God sends warrior angels. Amen

KL: United States

I am low on gas, have no money, and am alone. Please pray God will finally provide more than enough.

Kathryn: United States

I'm disabled senior and great financial need. Desperate. Lost my home,

gov helps pay my rent; I get food stamps welfare.

I had lost all hope. I live in las vegas. And have a friend that drives me to the state line lotto store over 80 miles round trip. I buy a few tickets when I can. All i can do. I have no relatives all passed away. I'm all alone.

Please pray I win.

Celes: United States

I need prayer for a miracle today and tomorrow and next week. I need prayer that I receive unexpected checks in the mail today and tomorrow and next week in the name of Jesus, and it is so in Jesus name Amen. I do not want my lights turned off, and my internet turned off. I need my internet Because I work from home. I need the money to pay all of my bills this week and next week. Please believe God with me

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Please say a prayer for me, saved, yes! Homeless for ten years I am now 72. I would not wish this on my worst enemy! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny   1/25/19

Anonymous: United States

Forgiveness. Praises and thankfulness. Continue to be with us and build, grow and prosper the relationship we share. Be with us intimately together and as individuals. Protect and keep us above all negativity, ill intent, and distractions. Bring us closer together with strength and a foundation to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Bring us prosperity, wisdom, stability and emotional stability. Heal scars from the past, between us and individually. Unspoken. Heal and banish my social anxieties, stigmas, inhibitions, and paranoia. Unspoken. I uplift my family. Bless and heal us. Help us to come together and love one another despite differences, and misunderstandings. Heal and be with us all as individuals. Help us to be understanding of different cultures and mindsets. I uplift a hunger of friends and their individual situations. I uplift an individual and her sphere of influence. Guide their hearts and minds to the truth. I uplift a marriage. Bless heal and prosper them. Grow them to love strong again and be a positive example. Heal all those negatively affected. Unspoken X2. Help me to reach promotion at work. Heal any physical sickness I possibly have. Help me to best deal with a financial situation. Unspoken.

Henry: United States

I would like to request prayer for my father. He is currently in the hospital with a non-functioning liver, internal bleeding, and ulcers. I thank God in advance that my dad is healed in the name of Jesus. 

Gayan: Sri Lanka

I am an Engineering graduate who has a sincere desire for graduate studies in Physics. Recently I applied for several Physics Ph.D. programs in the USA & Canada, and the decisions will come in February-March 2019. Since my Bachelor's degree is not in Physics, I am slightly worried. Please pray on this. I would be happy to see God open a door for my graduate studies according to his will. Thank you!

Glo: United States

Lord Jesus, I place daughter Nyree in your arms. Bless her with a gratitude spirit, but most of all deliver her from the alcohol/drug addiction, cause this alcohol/drugs to make her sick to her stomach. Guide her in the way you want her to go, and stop her from being so indecisive, or swinging the pendulum; to want to go to a rehab, where they can help her. Let your will be done in her life. Lord Jesus put a hedge of protection around her, remove all the darkness in her life, and let your light shine brightly on her. Be real to her; Oh God open her eyes to see you and the truth. Lord, Jesus please we need a break, we need encouragement to see Nyree heal and deliver living for you.   In Jesus name Amen,

Chris: United States

Please pray for my total healing from the flu and various injuries also please pray that God delivers me from debt, I've been sliding to hell on earth on a greased poll I need work, work, and more work I'm behind in everything, and I owe a lot of money.

Sonya: United States

Praying for healing restoration for my family.  Asking for a miracle to restore family unity heal relationships.  Asking for to bless us to pray together a closer walk with thee.  Asking for healing for my mother's knee and my father blesses them with good health and a sound mind.  Jesus, I am a faithful employee asking to make me the strong, confident sales person that I desire to be and my sales goals are met every month that I exceed the expectations lift up my spirit bless me to keep the faith have that drive.  Increase my close rate.

Jonathan: United States

God make miracles that Rizza would love for me to be her co-conservator and just wait for God to help her to love me and what I say,

Purnima: United Kingdom

Please help me in prayers my marriage is at risk. Pray for restoration. Jesus, please restore my marriage; I have two small children. Move that storm from our family life. And bring peace,happiness, and grace. Thank you, Jesus, my family is blessed.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters asking prayer for strength not only physically but also spiritually. The people I live with who are not saved are giving up. They see no hope society blames them for everything which is not fair,  so your prayer will help my faith which is taking a hit! GOD richly bless you.

Shikha: India

Please pray for the removal of all delays and partiality, injustice to get court decree of my late husband's movable and immovable property, compassionate job, full family pension, accidental claims amounts which apply in the court in my hands and stop my all court cases. Removes all obstacles, bondages, hurdles destructions, enemies work which come across this matters.

Also, pray for my hearing date of 25.01.2019 for above action and decree in my hands and stop my all Court cases forever and forever and turn my all sorrows, 14 years struggle, tears into joy, happiness, goodness.

Carla: United States

 I need prayer for forgiveness from God for something I did, and hopefully, the person can forgive me too.

 I felt a call to break up with a man, but I was too much of coward to do it,      (he lives long distance).  I pretended on another e-mail being my sister, saying I died in a car wreck.

 Before anyone judges, I  did that because I figured on some level he would be able to accept this logically.  In a weird way, I just thought pretending to be dead would actually be an easier and kinder way to bow out. I  felt guilty. I admitted four days later I was sorry I  tried to bow at that way, and that was hypocritical and evil.

 I  explained  I thought it would be easier for him to accept its over that way because it wasn't like I willingly left him. I  didn't want to hurt him, but  I couldn't be in the relationship anymore I haven't seen him in over two years, and we rarely talked anymore, and there were no plans about his return.

  He seemed to understand my desire to move on. He told me he understood, then got passive aggressive about me not coming to see him, and then asked if we could be friends, thanked me for the great times and said he loved me.

 I responded, I wish we could be friends, but it would be wise not to because I want to move on, marry  and have children, and told him  no offense but I don't think  my future husband would like me communicating with an ex, and if he ever met anyone else, she may not want me in the picture. I said we should probably forget this happened and move on, and best not to contact each other again because of the need to move on.

 He told me the last message thanks for the support (which I did give him a lot) and a sarcastic thanks for coming to see me.

I feel bad about how I did it and how it made him feel.

P.S. I also pray I find a husband and give birth to a child.

Danielle: United States

Hello,  Please pray for my husband, Brian.  He is an alcoholic and suffers greatly from depression and anxiety.  Please pray that this addiction/bondage is broken and any assignment of the enemy is broken.  He almost died last night.  Please pray that Brian comes to know the true love of Christ. That anxiety and fear are broken, and that he finds Peace. "Perfect Love casts out all fear."  Please pray that "Jesus died for Brian's iniquities, He was crushed for his transgressions, and by His stripes, Brian is healed, healthy, and made whole" and that he has the "sound mind of Christ" which is one of the fruits of the Spirit.  We have three beautiful children and please pray that this awful addiction is not passed down to them, Kaitlyn, Justin, or Landon - that this generational curse IS broken right now ...In Jesus Powerful Name. Amen. Thank you so very much for your love and support!!!

Vivian: United States

Please pray for my Granddaughter Bekah and her husband ( Grandson) Isaac that our Heavenly Father will Supernaturally/miraculously bless them with a baby. They’ve been trying to have a baby for a year.

Bekah is worried and depressed about not being able to get pregnant. Bekah and Isaac will be wonderful loving, caring parents. They are both strong Christian that loves the Lord very much.

God is a God of Miracles, Amen!!!

Thank you for praying for my grandchildren that they will soon get pregnant with a beautiful child.


Jonathan: United States

God, help my help our wife Rizza to have an intervention with  Doctors appointment God. God give us favor in court to win God keep tables off our opponents God heal them give them longer live together make a way this guy in the white truck next to me doesn’t steal, my information or identity God I trust you to heal his memory God help me to have cover to hide my same and your glory for me from anyone here at the park God help Rizzas, Care team to Succeed in making me become Co-Conservator God expose to Marty Andrews Guses flaws and make a way Marty can get the evidence God make a way Patty can work on this case to God to keep Rizza close to me and my sisters God help me earn enough money, to get this place, for me Rizza and Bixbie, and get my car fixed right away God your the best Jesus thank you all for your prayer help me to read your Bible and pray, Jesus give me this opportunity tomorrow to have a room with Berta and her guy at this family housing place I hope I can stay there longer and pick up my very own housing and voucher from Hud I’m a really nice guy to get along with.

Kevin: United States

Dear Heavenly Father Abba, I lift my voice to you in Jesus Christ name. My family Marisol and Gabrielle and I Kevin desperately need to overcome our current financial and health crisis. This crisis is overwhelming us and is affecting us emotionally and physically. My wife, Marisol's illness, is getting worse.  We are near homelessness and may not be able to hold off much longer the debt collectors, IRS, and the State of CA. 

I have nowhere else to go to Father. I'm all in with my King Lord Jesus Christ. Please help my family in our current time of crisis. Please provide, bless, and give urgent mercy for our family.  Please manifest the reinstatement/revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. We are depending on you, Jesus.

 Your promise; John 14:13 "And whatever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the father may be Glorified." Please manifest your promise to us soon. I ask for your divine intervention in Jesus Christ name. Thank you. Amen

Julian: India

Please pray for daughter Asmitha in Sydney physically attacked by hubby Abie and evicted. Married for 5 and half years but refusing consummation of marriage on various pretexts.  He has discovered he is impotent and is secretly residing with another woman.
Added to traumas, she is now jobless and looking for another job career, suitable single accommodation. 
And Abie wants separation which has shattered her life of having a family with children being 31 years and all her cousins having married and having kids of their own. Also locked in a land deal box hill with Abie and putting his friends against her. 
Please pray Jesus takes away all her frustrations, hopelessness, despair, and fill her with the holy spirit of joy, peace, forgiveness. Forgive Abie and Alroyd fully like Jesus on the cross did, healings, protection, blessings, and holy life partner extends help to her on all issues with a good paying job career,  single accommodation fitting her budget, finances, land deal situation. Peace and blessing of a Jesus marital life partner.
Will appreciate receiving favourable reply

Thank you in Jesus name

Jan: South Africa

Hello, am grateful for the opportunity, I am in need of prayer I am believing God will help me overcome the HIV virus.  Apparently I have it together with my wife. 

Cari: Canada

I have had several dreams in the past few weeks where Jesus has appeared to me. To the best of my recollection, they were just my "normal" dreams and then BOOM! There was Jesus. I don't believe he said or did anything; he was just there. A few nights ago I had a dream the Children's Pastor at our church sent me a text message saying "The Lord is coming soon!" the text had a heart after the words.

JERMAINE: United States






Emelda: United Arab Emirates

Please pray for healing for Emelda Brazil Malignant Thyroid and Sever Cough and Flu right now.  Because of her cough, her Thyroid is affected.  May God renew her strength as she feels week in her physical body.  We ask this request in Jesus name Amen.  God bless you.

Miguel: Philippines

For God to heal Miguel of all his illness including infection, allergy, chronic inflammation, edema & cyst or lump. Thanks be to God.It's done.

Val: United Kingdom

Please pray for a lady who reminded me of the shunamite woman. She took me in and fed me, and she was like the mum I never had. I had a prophetic vision thereof terrible sadness, loss and deep despair, but hope being restored to them. I didn't understand it. She had three boys quite late in life, and to her, they were miracle children, but one went missing years ago now, and so they are still in this dark time. Please pray in thanks for her kindness and her faith in the storm can he be found? The middle son is also very ill as is the father. She is depressed and so must the other son be. I also feel God needs to heal all of their minds to make them happier and more peaceful and no longer afraid. Please pray also that great faith would be found by all of the family and if the son is alive, God would also give him great faith and transform him too. Please pray that God would move the whole family from triage to recovery phase and into a totally new season? I know we serve the God of the impossible and the waymaker where there is no way, and I believe for them that God can turn this around, but the detail is up to God.

Leah: United States

I feel like the Lord has hidden his face from me and allowed me to be tested with a Spirit of Heaviness for more than a year and a half. It comes at the same time that I am leading a group of two schools to establish a Christian College in a populated state without any major ones. Every time that process advances, I honestly feel like I enter a life and death battle for my mind. Please pray for me. I am praying the Lord would root out and deliver me from the lie (and spirit) that has been tormenting me. It involves overwhelming, crippling regret over not having another child. I am also asking that the Lord would draw near to me, speak to me again, and fill me with his spirit. I am praying night and day, immersed in God's word, living uprightly, but I have no peace, no joy, and no power, and see no way forward. Thank you for praying. I feel especially desperate tonight.

Brandi: United States

My family has drastically changed over the last 5 yrs. There are rapid addictions of all kinds of sexual, drug, alcohol, mental illness, transgender issues, prostitution, spiritual dryness, and many financial issues. Whatever attack Satan can throw. Is here! May God bless all of your families and your needs. Brandi Young. 

Glo: United States

Lord Jesus please, please deliver Nyree completely from Alcohol/Drug addiction, do whatever it takes, place her in a rehab, where she can get the help she needs, Please protect her and keep her safe, where ever she is.  Lord remove anyone that supply her drugs/alcohol/ bind Satan and his dark spirits.  Lord grant us peace and encouragement to hear from her that she is safe. We place Nyree in your mighty hands, We Plea your blood on her. Let your light shine brightly on her, and Oh God open her eyes to see you and want to get her life straight and commit to serving you completely.  In Jesus name Amen, Amen

BJ: United States

URGENT !!!!   Please PRAY Diligently that God will:
1.  Raise up 23 million warriors that will pray this to completion,
2.  Give Carolyn complete love, harmony & UNION w/ her husband & 
3.  Give her husband 36 (thirty-six) FUNDED loans in 2019 & 6  (SIX) before March 29, 2019.
Thanks VERY much !!!

Andrew: United States

Heavenly Father:

I pray for my loving fiancé, Treva, and myself, Andrew, to have a blessed-filled, joyous, and harmonious relationship.    Bless me, mighty God, to meet her needs and be the man you have me to be for her.  In return, bless her to be a companion and a woman for me.  Let us be able to communicate effectively and understand one another.  Thank you, mighty God, for us to meet each other back in August 2016.  I was a widower and lonely until you led me to her.  I pray for a companion, and you blessed me with her, and I just want to say thank you, Lord.  Let us be led and guided by the Holy Ghost and the anointing be on us at all times – through the good and the bad.  I pray that we will be spiritually and equally yoked as well as to be more compatible with each other.  I pray for my fiancé that I love so dearly to be healed from the top of head to the soles of her feet.  Order our steps in the word and let it be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.  Bless us and protect us through our journey, Almighty God.  Lead us a guide us through your path of righteousness.  Let us have a level head and cast our cares through prayer onto you, mighty God.  Strengthen and educate us through our journey together.  Give us wisdom and knowledge throughout our engagement and our marriage.  Thank you, father God, in the name of Jesus – AMEN!

Bina: India

My name is Bina, 40 years old and I am from Mumbai. I am on bed rest since last seven weeks due lower spine slipped disc.  There is a pain in a left leg nerve which starts from pelvic till foot/ sole and also pain in the spine. Request you to pray for my complete healing kindly. God bless you. Thank you

Glo: United States

Lord Jesus, please let us hear from you, grant us peace and encouragement, to hear that our daughter Nyree is safe,  and getting help for her addiction to drugs/alcohol. Lord send someone to take her to a facility where she can get the help she needs.  Lord please she needs a miracle and a complete Deliverance from this spirit of addiction.  Lord Jesus, we place her in your mighty hands, be in full control.  In Jesus name Amen, Amen, Amen

Mary: Malaysia

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Please pray for my son. He turns 30 on 14th April 2019. He's a child who was tortured even when in the womb by his father. Evil people destroyed his education. He did not continue his Form 5. 
He is jobless. He only has a Form 3 Grade A certificate and music grade 2 certificate.
Please pray to our Lord to get a suitable permanent job where training is provided with these two certs

Bless him with at least a minimum salary of RM2000/month.

As the only son, he needs a soul mate and children of his own.

Pray for his blessings for a permanent job and a family life.

I am also in need of money RM1500 urgently for house repairs.

I only have RM300 in hand. Though I am 61+ years, I am still working. My health on and off troubles me.
My husband of no support for me. I don’t have much money in hand but people look at me as though I am loaded.
My earnings are insufficient. Please pray for our Lord to bless me urgently with RM1500 and increase my monthly income also to RM1500.
Also, speed up getting a job for my son with training provided for the job and an income of RM2000 

Hilton: Ghana

My name Hilton Thomas and I'm from Liberia West Africa, but I'm presently in Ghana. For years now I can't understand my life, things seem not to be working especially in my financial life..I'm stuck in Ghana, I want to go home to see my children and my loved ones but I can't... I miss my children a lot, and I really want to be with them again. My prayer request is for God to bless me financially so I can go back home to my kids. Please pray with me for a financial blessing. Amen

Cruz: United Arab Emirates

My life these days are full of sadness. There is failure everywhere.  I want to leave Besix.  God Help me

Benjamin: United States

Greetings:  I wish to ask for prayer for all Christians around the world. And then I seek prayer for my custody court case, in which my ex-wife is trying to turn my son against me (his Dad) and toward her 5th husband.  Pray that Joanna & her husband will see that they need Christ. She has borne false witness and needs to be exposed
Not just in word but in truth. Court date is Feb12th and 14th. Please pray for my son and me to be together again and obedient to Christ until death. 

Anonymous: United States

Be with mind and EJ’s mind and mentality in regards to a situation. Give us stability, and emotional stability. I uplift my anxieties. Give me discernment to keep my emotions in check. Grow us to build together in love, pursuit, strength, and longevity and quality of time spent together. Grow us past the internal issues that hold us back and stunt growth. Help him to work past doubts he has and to show me his effort and stability. Heal my social anxieties and paranoia. Be with him in strength however he needs. Bless keep and protect us. Keep us above all negativity, distractions and ill intent. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity, and wisdom. Be with us all individually. Help us to see past differences and choose love. Be with us individually and let us feel Your presence and strength. I uplift a number of friends and acquaintances, their individual situations. Be with them, bless them and guide their hearts. I uplift a certain individual, her sphere of influence and the false doctrine she is believing and spreading. I also uplift a marriage. Bless, grow, heal and prosper them. Heal all those negatively affected, grow their light. Unspoken. Help me to reach promotion at work.

Angie: United States

Hello, please pray for my marriage. My husband told me he no longer loves me and that he wants a divorce. I want to fight for my marriage. Pray that God opens his heart and accepts God as his savior. Please pray that God becomes the center of our marriage, now and forever. Please pray that God sends him an angel to protect him. Please pray that God helps George, my husband, to read and understand the bible. Please pray that one day God shows us the way to pray with each other and read the bible.

Reid: Country

Hello, I have a simple request. I am trying to dedicate my life to Jesus. Please ask him to enter me and my life to guide me and help me. Please pray over my health and for defense in life. I am leaving a cult I was born into and I would you to pray for this for me as well as for others in my city. Thank you. God bless you.

Bina: India

My name is Bina, and I am from Mumbai India. I have slipped disc since past eight weeks, due to which I am on bed rest and have major/ severe pain in one nerve of my left leg which starts from the upper part of thigh till the foot and pain in lower back. Request you to please pray for my complete healing Amen. Thank you. God bless you

Monique: Canada

I desperately need your help from Christian Healing Ministries,  (Trusting - in - Jesus) in persistent prayers in healing and to reconnect. We need to reconnect were torn apart in our teens by my Mom who would undoubtedly be devastated today knowing that she caused my misery and regret her action to the point she would be crying and would apologize, but it would be too late she's my Mom I still love her regardless.

My former boyfriend and I go way back we met in high school in the same class when I left we saw each other again we started going steady then later down the road my Mom tore us apart there is so much more to this story.

We still love each other to this day hoping Jesus understands that my former boyfriend is and always be THE LOVE OF  MY LIFE PLEASE JESUS BRING US BACK WE BELONG TOGETHER he desperately needs prayers (persistent) for his healing from Multiple Sclerosis and Leukemia and us to reconnect.

P.S.  He always respected ME he deserved to have ALL OF ME but didn't happen that way I'm deeply hurt by this (the way it turned out) and always will.

Thank you so very much to the >>>"TRUSTING -IN-JESUS/CHRISTIAN HEALING MINISTRIES'<<<for taking this SPECIAL request and for understanding to JESUS!


WE        NEED      THAT    MIRACLE!

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer that I will be encouraged this week as only the LORD can. I am so very tired, and my health seems to be failing all of which has taken a toll on my faith! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny   1/14/19

Kgaugelo: South Africa

Please pray for me to pass the 2 supps that I wrote this week for the second semester.  I didn’t write well  and was only able to write 1 question, but I tried my best. Please pray for me that I will at least get a special/pass for both of them that I can be granted a chance from the faculty to write the other 2 from 1st semester so that I can graduate in June.

Ayanika: Sri Lanka

I've applied for a management Trainee job in National Development Bank, Sri Lanka.

And I've attended the final interview with CEO.

Jesus, please give me your blessings to acquire that job and to start my career in banking sector and pray for me.

Monique: Canada

I desperately need your help in persistent prayers in healing and to reconnect. We were torn apart in our teens by my Mom; she would undoubtedly be devastated today knowing that she caused my misery and regret her action to the point that she would be crying. She would apologize, but it would be too late she's my Mom's I still love her regardless.

My former boyfriend and I go way back we met in high school in the same class; after I left and we saw each other again we started going steady then later on down the road my Mom tore us apart, but there is so much more to this story.

We still love each other to this day hoping Jesus understands that my former boyfriend is and always be THE LOVE OF MY LIFE PLEASE JESUS BRING US BACK WE BELONG TOGETHER; he desperately needs prayers  (persistent) for his healing from Multiple Sclerosis and Leukemia and us to reconnect.

P.S. He always respected ME and deserved to have ALL OF ME but didn't happen that way.  I'm deeply hurt by the way it turned out and will always be.

Thank you so very much for taking this SPECIAL request and for understanding to JESUS!


WE       NEED     THAT     MIRACLE!

Charles: United States

Please pray for a closer walk with Jesus in my life and also for my wife Stephanie and I's marriage to grow stronger and better in Jesus name. Also, pray for my 10-week old son to be a happy baby. And also to find a job that I can do more than just barely pay the bills with  I finally got a job in my field that I went to college for but it pays about 6 dollars per hour less than the average starting salary for the same position I need to support my family the job just isn't enough. Let the job God blesses me with me more than I ever imagined in terms of the people and the pay let it be better than all! Also, pray for my health and to continue my desire not to drink alcohol been doing much better with Gods help. Please pray for the peace of mind for me and my wife Stephanie we argue over petty things all the time when it didn't use to be like that. Pray for my mother Taffy; she is really depressed she feels like her life is over at 57 please pray that she can find a job with good health insurance she has a large tumor on her arm. Pray for my wife and me to be blessed with a daughter Ava in Jesus name as well.

Anne: Norway

I'm trusting God for money to pay all My debt. My debt is killing me. I pray...Please help me and pray for me...

Tuija: Finland

Please pray for Juha S. He has to deal with heavy persecution in his position. He has a lot of heavy responsibilities. Juha is a man of faith, and the enemy is trying to ambush him from every front. May Jesus give him strength and wisdom to make the right choices. Pray that Jesus will turn the hearts that are against Juha to those that bless him instead of cursing him. Bless his family and may heavenly protection be upon all of them.

Meliton: United States

I have diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression. I'm on dialysis, pray for the after effects. Tiredness, weakness, no energy, no balance, shortness of breath, pain in the legs, body itching. I have an open wound on the bottom of my left foot. Pray that God will heal my foot. My wife Mary has cirrhosis of the liver. Pray that God will heal her of this disease. I owe 800 dollars in my house taxes. I need a miracle or Gods favor in order to pay this bill.

Reid: Canada

Hi, I would like you to ask for Jesus to heal me of a spinal fluid leak and to heal my brain of the problems, please ask him to help me leave satanism. I have been involved for a long time because I was born into a family of it. Please ask him to defend my life at all times. Please ask him to enter me to help me change and repent and to guide me away from deception. Thank you. One last thing to ask, please ask Jesus to enter me to open my mind up to new possibilities and to help me dedicate my life to God. God bless you.

Richard: United States

Finances are beginning to come in for me which is a HUGE answer to prayer! (Praise God and THANK YOU!!!). Also! I do have a prayer request for you: I have currently come to a "crossroads" in my life where I have a few options to choose from, and I am asking that you would PLEASE cover me in prayer. I need God's Help in choosing which path to go down. I have to make a decision very, very soon. Please, please pray and agree with me that God would close ALL of the doors He wants shut and that He would only keep open the door(s) He wants open... And that He would guide and direct my steps according to HIS PLANS for me. I am also asking that you would pray for MAJOR confirmation, clarity, confidence, peace, and guidance in these decisions for me, please!! May God's Will be done in ALL of this (NOT mine)! Thank you, and God bless you!!

Cecelia: United States

Prayers for God's guidance in my relationships and finances. Miraculous increase in my finances and decrease in debts. God bless and favor my and Michael's relationship(we are both widows)and our families and us live in Godliness, Peace, Love, and Unity. I'll be blessed with healing and good health. Please pray for us.

Jeremy: Country

Hello, I have some friends who are unsaved please pray that God will have mercy on their souls and grant them his salvation and forgiveness and save them from Hell.

Helu: Germany

I am a 32-year-old woman from Germany. Last year I completed my Ph.D., and I am looking for a Job since. Can you please pray for me that I find a Job and a good husband? I am crying and getting more and more desperate. Can you please pray for me? 

Mary: Malaysia

Please pray for Danish Paul and Jennifer Esther for unity, patience, tolerance, and understanding in their marriage. That Jennifer will not react based on her emotions and break any generational curses by the Blood of Jesus.

Ruth: United States

Please pray for Christian minister Diane for her getting back to a normal sleep pattern and getting enough rest. Also, she's had quite a saga with appliances breaking down. This morning she has a repairman coming for her washer which is number three that's had trouble. Please pray for it to go well in to get fixed without having to order parts. Lasts would you please pray for a continual hedge of protection and forgot to assign some Warrior angels to fight for her in the spiritual battles in attacks that are going on. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

Pascal: United Kingdom

Hi, I am writing for you to come into agreement with me for a quick house sale.  I am living in the worst street in my area, and residents on our street are making my life a living hell.  It almost feels like hell hiccuped these people up.

My neighbors (youngsters) bang on the walls, fight one another. They even throw each other down the stairs. They walk across the road, to the car park, have their headlights on full beam and try to stare into my house.

They take sledgehammers and break down their door at all times of the night.  It is almost like they never sleep.  

In addition to all of this anarchy, their friends live on my road in bedsits (and they encourage one another to cause trouble).

I digress, so my house is for sale, and I have only had two viewings.  Both potential buyers were time wasters. I am beyond desperate to sell.  I have sleepless nights due to all this stress. So I would much appreciate it if you could please pray for me, that the right buyer comes along to purchase my house for the full asking price.  In the name of Jesus, Thank you so much.

Danny: Country

Father ABBA I ask for help staying normal every day, and sane. I ask that you pray for me and what maybe you are faithful you have no prejudice, and you work with me and talk with me heal my walk and my hips my energy level and enthusiasm even after I have learned from my mistakes and not render what is due.  I was trying to find a different way than the honest and best one(s). I want to change that about my life no matter how hard it has been to get people or have people devoted to praying for me each and every day. I lost some of that with Aunt Marjorie and Christine's illnesses. I know there are others who pray as well and so thank you for it - it is hard to feel alone that that is no redemption in anything or miracles that could save my life. Only you Abba ( Daddy) know the purpose even if it a wake up call I need your Devine intervention and understanding and revelation of mercy and grace favor favored acts - for I do have faith for events and miracles signs is just knowing you exist and what given to me at times. Sometimes I want to be like other lucky people not so desperate or separated from life and the world even Photosmart time work or having nice place to live and having nice things and proper medical care and mental SMI care. There is something that wants the opposite I fo want my life to institutionalized with hospitals and 1/2 way houses ever again - just barely making it and surviving is hard when I beithnsvhool intended to do all the right things. I do not know why that is being taken from challenged of me - why do I not have like others when I nwantndo

Much good for others. Have not jealousy or evil eye towards anyone, not even a fly.  Engage with me I know it would only bring glory and good into my life and the lives of others also my Children and my family - Children’s Children. Amen

Jonathan: United States

I need help oh God why haven’t you heard my prayer for ABUNDANCE? Please God give me $100,000 to start my Sole Proprietorship, but for right now I need these two steady Jobs one at night full time.  Increase my value oh Lord and 6-hour swing shift during the day I trust in you Lord I need to save $1000 to get my wife out of Psych Hospital SHES normal and healthy. I need $800 to fix my car, and $45 for gas and $15 for 50/50 coolant for my car and $95 to start our insurance. God bless me with low-cost thank Jesus help me keep this insurance long term, and rates go down. Please, Jesus, I need this to keep the family together.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters only if you have time, please say a prayer for me I will be traveling the next 30 hours on the Greyhound bus that the driver will stay alert and that Angels will go before and behind us making the trip a GODLY trip!GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny, 1/7/19

Arrion Philippines

Dear God sorry for always asking healing support for my Father. I didn't notice that my Father is still with my Family. From the day that he brings up to the hospital because of a 2nd stroke last Oct 22, 2018, and now. January year 2019 He's still with us and alive. Thank you, Lord, for your support from emergency to ICU to ward until hospital discharge. Thank you for financial support for my father medicine which comes from family friends, our Unida evangelical church, our Pastor and to all my Friends in national prayer bank whos always supporting my Dad in prayers. We hope that this year my Dad Claro Avila Sr. will able to recover totally in his stroke. Please continuously pray for my father.    

Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you…" Exodus 23:25

Aleck: Zimbabwe

I need the lord to take control of my life.I am depressed the world is crushing on me from all angles. I try to be as generous as I can be with the little that I have, but I keep on losing money, being crooked. I am in love with a girl that I am willing to give my world to love her child so much even though I'm not the biological father can't seem to find support from anyone friends and family. All circles of life, Love, Work, Finances, Religion is all crumbled I am failing, and I'm getting suicidal thoughts, but I will not follow that track because it is not right.May God help me  in Jesus nameditone

Arrion: Philippines

Dear God, Fill us with your joy and the peace of your Spirit. As with always worried about my Father Claro Avila Sr. situation. We ask for your healing for my father's health. He is still suffering from daily suction of phlegm in his trach tube. He still suffering from breathing and need oxygen support. His bedsore is now okay thank God. his left hand is still slow in moving. Please heal him. I know, and I believe that everything is possible to you. We ask for the total recovery of my Dad from head to foot. Also please give strength and a lot of patience with my Family. Please help us with medicine and financial support. I prayed in Jesus name Amen!!

Deepak: India

Good morning!

Feliz Natal and Feliz Ano Novo! 

On children day Epifania 6 Janeiro I would like to submit my urgent prayer.

Jeremiah 17:14

O Lord if you heal me, I will be truly healed;

If you save me, I will be truly saved.

My praises are for you Alone 

I declare God's glory and faithfulness.

O Mighty and All Mighty God Almighty, PL don't forsake or abandon me

PL heal my ailing father Ishwar 87 quickly, and Myself 53, from extremities or in body pain. We are not recovering from using Japanese pain gels, tablets, and good quality oils. God Almighty PLs this unbearable pain in lumber, forehead, hips, shoulders, legs, fingers and other illnesses. Please rebuke our unbearable body pain and touch your hands to my chronic patient father and myself. PL send your Angels of healing Rafael, harvest, for our protection from death in our home. God protect us from evils, enemies and ungodly events. Luke 5:38 says Jesus Christ had healed Mother in law of Simon and villagers.

Psalm70; please God rescue me, come quickly Lord help me, May those who are trying to kill my father and myself be humiliated and out to shame. May I be filled with Joy, Gladness, healing for my father and Myself, growing Christian faith in you. Jesus, I am poor and needy, please hurry to my aid my shelter, my fort, master, my helper aid the camp and Savior. O Lord do not delay. Oh Lord I have come to you for protection, don't let me be disgraced. Turn your ear to listen to cries of my heart. Jesus, my rock of safety, where I can always hide. Oh Jesus, You Alone are my hope. I have trusted your Mother Mary, you, Trinity from childhood. God, I declare your glory from the bottom of my heart, my consonance, Light of eternal truth, the light of conscience, Be my strength and Savior. God Almighty, please heal my father Ishwar 87, and Myself 53, from unbearable severe body pains and protection both of us from death. In the name of Jesus Christ.St Francis Xavier, St. Sebastian, St. Joseph, St. Amen

From Deepak, 53, from Delhi India.

South Africa

I am 43 years old; it is my desire to terminate poverty, unemployment and to use my skills, knowledge to earn money.
It's my desire to live my life independent from people
I want a wife and children, but in South, Africa marriage is all about money.
I ask that Jesus Christ will bless me with true love, health, fertility, financial wealth, investments ,, and knowledge.I need Jesus in my life

Julie B: United States

I am asking for prayer for my boyfriend 11 years, Brian H. We got an argument for bugging him too much. He broke up with me and said some things out of anger. I am asking God for reconciliation and recovery of our relationship. Please pray. I apologized. I did my part.

Angela: United States

First, let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti-Christ,false witness, terrorism, leviathan, Jezebel,witchcraft, hatred, and violence. Pray for worldwide repentance that people would turn to God so that he will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lord's face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders is filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Barb: United States

Please pray for my son Kevin that he be healed of cancer and that his bladder be healed

Steve: United States

Please pray for reconciliation in my marriage.  Thank you

Lee: Liberia

I Lee S. Johnson have been in the street for the past10 years, please pray for me I am completely tired of being in the street, I need Jesus Christ to take complete control of my life.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters Happy New Year unfortunately same old request asking prayer for GODS help to stay alive homeless at 72 but to do it with a smile on my face! GOD richly bless you,    Brother Danny   1/3/19

Rich: United States

Please pray as I am in desperate need of some major financial miracles and have some unfortunate debt that I need to take care of ASAP! I also have been applying for numerous jobs and have been praying for God to close the doors He wants closed, but to open the doors that He wants open. Please pray for wisdom, major provision, and clarity for me as well. Thank you, and God bless you!

Jonathan: United States

God stop satans forces against Rizza, my spouse, God stop satans forces against my daughter God help me have opportunities for Rizza to stay loving me and opportunities for Bixbie to see me and stay loving me help her to love Gus Gus not hurt Bixbie anymore, please help me earn her custody in court now battle.

Born Again Christian: United States

I ask for employment, health and financial blessings. To pay insurmountable debts,  bills, and repairs of home.  Due to my failing health, lack of employment and employment opportunities.  In Jesus Name. Amen

Benjamin: United States

Can you pray for God to give me peace? I've been going through a period of anxiety for the last five years, making it hard for me to work, sleep and live normally.

Jordan: Canada

Please pray for me as I'm in a rough place dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Also that God would help me to resist the enemies temptations, as I struggle with lust. I feel desperate, and I need Jesus to help. Thanks for praying.

Mindi: United States

I need a financial breakthrough and want victory once and for all to the problems I face.  I'm weary of fighting the same battles, month after month.  Please pray for good health, healing, and protection, too.

Delly: Canada


Could you please pray for me about my health and family!  I need prayer for my health....the lord knows what it is.  I need to be set free from all the generational curses that have been operating through me and passed onto my sons.  My breathing and nervous system have been affected.  All my life I have made excuses and not listen to my Father in Heaven.  My boys have not received the perfect love they deserved, and because of that, there are issues.  My 19yr old son has a girlfriend who is an atheist but is not.  She is leading him away from God and true awareness of Him.  My husband is a good man but is always struggling with making a living and his emotions, even though he does believe.  My 10yr old has been affected by my impatience and become willful and disobedient, as I have not had the love to be patient in the moment at all times with him.

Charles: India

Please pray for Dennis's speedy recovery from pneumonia and that his brain and body to function normally. Also please pray for my business to have 100 students.

Reid: Country

Hello, please pray for God to help me with my memory and thinking. Thank you.

Zaida: Country

BREAKTHROUGH in my life and of my son. Salvation for Chase, becoming born again. True Repentance and protection against the work of the enemy.

Arrion: Philippines

Dear Lord God, please heal my Father Claro Avila Sr. from Philippines His now discharged in hospital today after monitoring in isolation room. The doctors say he has UTI and Pneumonia. That's why he can't breathe because of high fever last Saturday. Lord, I know that everything is in your hand, but please Lord forgive me for my sins, I am asking for your mercy and compassion with my Dad's condition. We love him so much. Please restore his body organs from stroke and other complication. Please heal bedsore in his butt. Please give patience and strength for my Family. Please help them with financial support.  Lord please also bless my friends who're helping my family in prayers support. Please heal him from head to foot. I prayed in Jesus name Amen!! 

Ludovic: France

New prayer PLEASE

 Still, I ask Jesus to heal Oksana, a widow in Kiev, Ukraine (she can t work)

And help Nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more Christian friends and be luckier.

Also, Ioulia the Christian grand-mother poor.

As for me that God  shows me what to do to succeed in my life

Thanks a lot or your former prayers,
Ludovic, France

Peter: United Kingdom

Please pray for Peter and Aoife for a closer walk with Jesus and freedom from fears.

R: Canada

Hello, I have a serious issue I would like to address with you. I have breathed in chemicals from an aircraft above a farm I was sitting on, and I feel like my internal organ structure is shutting down due to this. I do not have access to medical care right now and want prayers for this as well as for the rest of my body. Please pray for my stomach/organs and my ability to walk. Please ask for it to be defended. Please pray for God to enter me to teach me what to do and ask him to help me with other medical issues.

Thank you, this is a serious issue. I feel my health is in great jeopardy. Please ask for the chemical to be cleansed from my body and please ask your church or for your devout members of the church to pray over this regularly. I will seek some medical help immediately when I can but please pray for me and ask God for help. I would also like to address my brain, mental health, and help from God. Please pray that God will enter my brain to heal it, teach me about repenting and his will and heal my mental health. A big problem for me is knowing to repent and living how God wants. Please ask that he enters me and firmly teaches me repenting. Please pray for protection and healing for my brain. Thank you.

Mike: United States

My prayer request is for the restoration of my relationship with my girlfriend Miko. She and I have known each other for 6 years and have been friends. We started dating this past summer, and it has been a wonderful relationship not ever one word in anger or argument. Just right before Christmas something changed and we are in a very rocky situation right now we have been talking about marriage and buying a house she has two great kids, and we all get along great she also gets along with my daughter yes we are both divorced. I am asking for healing and restoration between Miko and I. I loosed a hedge of thorns around her and a wall of fire and angels to keep her safe and to protect her. I love her. I am also praying for financial blessing and increase I bind and rebuke lack out of my life and house. I pray for these things in Jesus Christ Holy Name. God Bless you

Valerie: United States

My oldest son Jeremiah, 42 yrs old is diagnosed with schizophrenia and drug use. He has been on the streets for the last four months. I need a miracle for him. When I get him settled somewhere, he doesn’t stay long, ends up in jail, hospital or disappearing. God bless. This has gone on for years; please God help him....for me. 

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. 

Happy New Year! Please say a prayer for me that GOD would strengthen my faith to believe that this year things will be much better, and I will no longer be homeless! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny, 12/31/18.

Adrienne: United States

Jesus- help my health be reinstated quickly. Quicken the hearts of those who decide- I can't lose my medicine and healthcare as i work. please, Jesus, have mercy on me. In Your Holy Name, I ask. Amen.

Jane: United States

Diagnosed with viral bronchitis.  Coughing intense, sore, tender chest and hard to sleep, breath wheezing and choking, nausea, dizzy, weak, fatigue, worst of all my life.  Never been sick like this.  Thank you for praying for me

Michael: India

My mother has Follicular NH-Lymphoma cancer since Dec 2017. The current scan shows the stage is further advanced. The doctor insists on Chemo.  I'm humbly requesting you to pray for my mother to have a miraculous cure without Chemo in Jesus name - Our only Saviour.

On March 17th, 2015 the civil court has granted to dissolve the marriage in favor of my wife request.  I am appealing to High court to keep our marriage intact. I request for your crucial intercession prayers, to have a reunion with my wife and three young children. Jesus, cover us in your most precious blood

Charina: Philippines

Hi! Please help me in praying for healing. My boyfriend's sister, Jessa is the name, was diagnosed having Steven Johnson Syndrome and was hospitalized because of that. Now, there have been complications due to the allergies. The doctor found there was water in her lungs and there was blood found on her stool. Please pray for God's healing and recovery. God will clean her internal area, and the toxins will be flushed away or shrunk asap. Also, the Holy Spirit will cover the other areas of her body like the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and excretory. I may not know the medical terms for that. Moreover, to let God provide their financial needs, and the peace from the Holy Spirit for the family that Jessa will be healed and can go back to their home. I don't know where to go, and I do need a powerful back-up to let God grant our prayer requests. Thank you, family, in Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you a thousand folds. Shalom!

Rachael: United States

I need prayer to remove generational curses, remove financial blockages remove curses in sentimental love life remove obeah voodoo evil eyes remove bad luck stagnation slow progress out of my life. Remove slow progress shame bitterness bad luck need get married. Remove curses love life marriage husband out my life spirit blocking love and men in my life. Homeless help me get apartment qualify. Get hired Nursing. Rachael nursing personnel be full success marketer.  I Need a powerful financial breakthrough.  I need money, love, career, good health, remain in my life I need Nursing Personel to Hire me for nursing personnel home care 50,000-year salary job. Help me get a referral from benadine, Princess, my sister Elaine. Help me get 20 to 40 50 referrals per month help me get successful; my manager provide car and apartment. Remove blockages so that I can remain in the apartment. Remove all demonic spirit interfering pushing men out of my life, and remove spoken words. Failure. Obesity curses. Restore my relationship brother Lis and eunis. Help me obtain more than one job making more than 70 per hour. Remove evil witcraft curses our grave and on ean, and air remove all evil alters destroy them amen

Mark: Canada

I have a 12 yr old son named Adam; please ask Jesus if he will make way for my wife and me to move closer to him. We live 1400kms apart; he needs me, I need him, and he needs a dad. Please pray for this situation; I have a broken heart over it, thank you.

Yasmine: United Arab Emirates


Please pray for me. I am praying for a breakthrough and a miracle in my life, please pray for me as my life depends on it and I have nothing else to look forward to. My life is meaningless, and I’m giving up. I’d be ever grateful to you if you take time to pray for me. May God bless you.

Filipe: United States

Hello there,

I just had dental implant surgery and need your prayers for healing and good health..and also that these implants will be strong and long-lasting.

Please also pray that I will be able to gain confidence in driving on my own as well as being a cautious and safe driver...

Lee: Australia

Thanks To the Lord for this site. The Lord wants me to pray for others more often now that I have more free Time. God bless You & all that pray for others.

God is Greater than any power in existence Amen

Tuulikki: Finland

Please pray for my sisters Margetta, Kyllikki, Tellervo, Annikki, and Helina and their family members. Bless my daughters Tuulia and Tuija, and my grandson Oskari. Please pray for Juha who is in a high position making very important decisions. May God provide him with wisdom and strengthen Juha.

Please bless Kimi so he would find Jesus and follow him. Please pray for me too for I’m not physically nor mentally healthy. I’m very lonely, and I have a lot of financial issues — a lot of worry. 

Mary: Malaysia

Please pray for my one and only son in danger. He's a child who was tortured from the time he was in my womb. He has left home. Occasionally he comes home, but does not call, does not answer or reply to calls. Always says he's busy. said he was doing event canopy deco job. I always sent prayers for him to get a good permanent job, a suitable life partner and to be blessed as a deacon. But God sent a terrible blow. The police raided my house telling me my son is involved in drugs. All my dreams are shattered and into the drains. He keeps staying away from home.  2019 April 14  he will be 30 years old.  He is jobless. 

Staying in fear of the police raid and what are the consequences.  He only has a form 3  Grade A  results and music grade 2 certificate.  After that, he was attacked by evil and did not pursue his studies. I am also lost and do not know what kind of a job to look for him.  Also, need to rescue him from going to prison.  How am I to save my son.  I am not a person who can take pains sufferings and shame.  PLEASE PRAY TO OUR LORD TO RESCUE HIM FROM THE TROUBLE AND SHAME.  Let the Holy Spirit take control over him.  Take him away from the troubles and take him to do church ministry.  If he's prisoned in the church ministry, I will be happy cos he's serving God.  Please pray for God to take him away from the police troubles and keep him safe in the church ministry.  Please help.

With a nasty husband. My son makes things doubly worse for me. Extra sadness, extra heart pain, and extra loneliness. Please pray

Would you like to receive a response to my prayer request? How am I to do to help my son

Arrion: Philippines

Dear God, please heal my father Claro Avila Sr. His suffering from stroke and confine in ICU two months ago. Now his home caring after discharged. Some parts of his body are still paralyzed. He is supported by oxygen for breathing. He is suffering from daily suction in his trach tube. He eats via NGT tube. Now, this past hour only we send him back to Hospital because he can't breathe normally even we adjust the oxygen. And he has fever 39.9 the doctor think its pneumonia pls pray for him — I am calling for your support. In Jesus name pls help my family. Please pray for financial support!! In Jesus name Amen!!!

April: United States

Please pray for my marriage. My husband's sister and mother are bashing on me and encouraging my husband to divorce me. My husband is throwing me under the bus. I love my husband and don't want a divorce. Please pray for a miracle in my marriage.

Appu: United Arab Emirates

Dear Father,

I am facing extreme anxiety now. My financial conditions are getting bad, and I am unable to save money. I fall for false schemes every time. I feel that my progress is hindered in my career as I am not getting any career growth or a good job. My relation with the wife is often ending in quarrels and fights. My brother marriage is delayed due to his mark in the face by birth and as he has no wealth. My father is still living as a debtor hiding from the public. My money is blocked in the insurance company who cheated me. I spend money on migration but am not selected due to the fewer points in IELTS.My family overall seems to be getting worst like some ancestral curse or sin. I am feeling lack of peace and fear due to my own sins. I fear job loss, accidents, diseases in the family, future, etc. My financial needs are increasing.

Please pray for my issues, enable me good financial stability, job progression and help me to clear my debts and support my family. Please bless us to clear our problems.

Alvin: Singapore

Pray for me

. I am having financial difficulties. 

. pray that money will come to pay my debts due in about two weeks.

Andrew: United States

Lost my job a few weeks before Christmas. please pray that something comes through in the next week that is in my field, Architecture, same compensation and does not require me to relocate from where I live. (same commute or less). Also in need of intercessory prayer to bind the evil one from exploiting the situation and causing further problems. Please pray for ample financial resources to see me through. 

Abraham: South Africa

Greetings in Jesus mighty name, please agree with me in prayer for God to come nightly through for my family and me as we fully trust God to come through for us for our own house and finances also pray for god hand of protection on each of us god bless

Gloria: United States

Hello all, if anyone sees this prayer request, please stand with me in prayer. My wonderful fiancé Leann and I were recently engaged. While taking engagement pictures, a rainbow appeared right behind rain occurred that day. I knew it was a message from God. I prayed years ago for specific qualities in someone, and he answered on HIS time. My fiancé and I met through a dating website, though this was the only way GOD could cross our footsteps. I was going to delete the app, but GOD placed her along with my path. I wasn't very interested in her, but GOD nudged me to talk to her. Come to find out we spoke to each other five years before that. However, I don't remember, but she showed me where I commented on her old pictures on social media. We had no mutual friends, and she lived 2 hours away from me. So, out all of the people in this world, GOD placed her back on my path. I knew it was special. After a year of dating, she moved to my city, and GOD not only helped her find a new job quickly, BUT he paid her more than she expected without a college degree. I knew GOD was doing everything for a reason. Fast forward: The VERY next day after our engagement, I woke up and came to the living room to watch tv, and my fiancé came about an hour after. Flowers were sitting on the counter from the engagement for my fiancé from the day prior. My fiancé climbed on top of me, and we hugged, kissed, and smiled celebrating our engagement. The flowers suddenly fell off the counter, water flowing on the floor. I knew this was Satan showing he was upset. I immediately called my friend who is a prayer warrior, and she prayed. After that, my fiancé began seeing "White figures: in our apartment. I have never seen them. I called my friend to pray as did I. She stated we were under a spiritual attack and stated they are after my fiancé. My fiancé does believe in GOD and Satan but she does not believe in the incidences that occurred were from a spiritual attack. Unfortunately, I did not pray for her daily and thought everything would go away. Satan has killed, steal, and destroyed our engagement. But GOD has given me the peace of mind and on my heart that everything is okay. My Holy Spirit placed forgiveness on my heart when my fiancé began texting her ex, for I knew Satan wanted me to give up praying for her. Instead, I prayed for God to stop the communication between my fiancé and her ex. God went above and beyond and blocked it not once but twice. The enemy is trying so hard, but he has already been defeated. God encourages me through other Godly people that "she will be back." A phrase I heard from 6 different people. We have been broken up for a month, and she has been led to the temptation of another person already who just got out of a 10-year relationship. I have also been praying for the other person's 10-year relationship to be restored with her ex. I have been praying every morning and every night for her to come back to our home. I am asking for all your prayers for Leann to come back home to me and reconcile our relationship. I am asking for prayers for Leann not to be led into the temptation of other relationships. Prayers to soften Leann's heart and to restore the love in her heart for me the enemy has taken. Prayer for the enemy to release his grip on Leann. Satan is pulling out everything he can to get me to stop praying. I will not give up. I will not stop praying. I will make sure when my fiancé and I relationship is reconciled that we pray every day. I have learned a lot about God, the tactics of Satan, praying, and the spiritual battles around my relationship. This situation seems impossible, but NOTHING is impossible with God. God is the restorer of ALL things. I cannot wait to update you all when she returns home, and we are back together again. My spirit has led me to this site and to pour this out. Please keep Leann and me in your prayers! Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters praise the LORD! I know you might be a little tired but if you can see it in your heart to say a prayer for me this week for strength being homeless at 72 this week I would deeply appreciate it!GOD richly bless you    brother Danny   12/26/18

Philip: Malaysia

Dear Lord Jesus

My son has a nerve malformation in his brains. If not treated it will cause a stroke. The neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on 12 Jan 19. Please be with the Neurosurgeon and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If you will Lord, please heal my son so that the brain embolization is not needed. May all be well with my son Lord Jesus


Jaasia: United States

I come to ask for all that can to pray for my sister zyasia who got into a bit of trouble and wasn’t able to be home for the holidays. She has a court date 12/28/2018, and I just pray that she will be able to return home to her family. I’m not here to judge her but to pray for her for I know deep inside there’s a good person who just made a mistake, so please help me pray for her

Cristina: United States

After the miscarriage last May 2017. We pray that our Heavenly Father will bless us with a healthy normal child. We're ready to become parents. Thanks, everyone!

Cristin: United States

I have been having heart palpitations, and it's scaring me. Please ask Jesus to heal my mind and body. 

Michael: United States

I have been homeless for several months. I am 70 and don't have the physical stamina to stand up for long periods of time, and my left arm has been sore for the last two years. I have been rejected continuously for a job because of my age and am no longer suitable for the job market. Please pray for a financial windfall, breakthrough,  miracle so I can immediately get a nice apartment and buy furniture and appliances and be able to cook my own food again. I'd like my own shower and bathroom. I then want to send out more letters to literary agents to get my novel published. I want to get married too eventually.

Michael: Nigeria

1.    That the good LORD will keep my family and me healthy in 2019.

2.    That my children will be successful in their examinations particularly those in the University.

3.    That none of the groups such as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), The Senior Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU), and the Nigerian Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) and the Student Union will go on strike in 2019 and beyond.

4.    That God will provide the money so that I will pay the arrears of promotion in the University completely.

5.    That all the departments that lost accreditation will get them back in 2019.

6.    That the LORD will protect us against kidnappers and hired assassins.

7.    That there will be no petitions against me both now and after I have finished my tenure. Many people try to rope others into false allegations.

8.    That all Islamic enchantments and charms to cause me ill health and be frustrated will fail.

9.    That all plans from Islamic and occultic forces to prevent me from getting any other job after my present job will fail.

10.    That the LORD will open doors of global evangelisation for me in 2019.

11.    That the elections in Nigeria in 2019 will bring positive hopes to Nigeria.

12.    That all evil plans to Islamize Nigeria will fail

Sandra: United States

That my husband Timothy Timmons and I would come on one accord in our home and be positive examples for our child Timothy Jr. Also, that God will remove anyone or anything that tries to cause the temptation of adultery or divorce in our marriage. Help us to desire the things of God and place people in our lives that love the Lord and therefore have morals and a conscience to do what is right.

Tuulikkiy: Finland

I ask you to pray and bless these following people and issues:

Bless my sisters Kyllikki, Margetta, Helina and Tellervo, and all their family members.

Bless my daughters Tuulia and Tuija. Bless my daughters son Oskari.

Bless Kimi and guide him to salvation.

Bless Juha and give him a lot of strength in the tough position he is in. Provide wisdom to make the right decisions.

For myself, I ask for financial help and blessing. Also, my physical and mental health is not good. I pray for the Holy Spirit to heal and take over my life.

Have a blessed Christmas! Thank you!

Danica: Philippines

Please help me to pray for the approval or grant my student visa in Australia. Also help me to pray for the good health, protection and good career of my family. Thank you so much.

Colethia: United States

I pray to sell out for my event tomorrow and to have an endless amount of perfect customer surveys. I pray to be the top store of the district. I just pray that the debt that is suing me will be dismissed.

Tuija: Finland

We have heavy financial problems. Our heating system doesn’t work, and winter is hitting its coldest temperatures. We need an immediate heavenly intervention! Please pray for us!

Daniel: United States 

2018-12-21 11:02 am

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear JESUS Happy Birthday to you!Merry Christmass from  brother Danny

Kymberlee: United States

Please agree and pray with me for the restoration of my covenant marriage with my husband; for us to be free of all pain and hurt, shame and guilt; for us to be forgiving and faithful servants of God; that our family will be a ministry for others.

Mary: Philippines

Please include me in your prayers. I feel so down and Hopeless I don't want to feel this way..I'm sick have pain in my body, chest pain,shortness of breath. Back pain,stomach job no so stress. May the Lord hear my prayers. Lord, please help me to be strong and trust you completely. Forgive me for all my sins.please give me the strength to overcome these trials.heal me. And provide me Lord an income to help me to ensure all the needs of my family. Help me, Lord. Thank you for your prayers God bless.

May li: United Kingdom

Please pray for healing by the end of 2018. Regular period every month.; No bleeding between period; No pain between period. Uterine fibroids and cyst all gone.

Dee: India

Our daughter k aged five is showing signs of ADHD and possibly autism, please send her healing and help her cure send her healing, please. Help her focus and develop speech and language 

Tuija: Finland

I have been gaining weight for two years. Mentally I'm broken due to various reasons my overweight contributing to these issues. Due to hormone imbalance, I have trouble losing weight. I ask you to pray for heavenly intervention and help to all of these issues. I fear for my overall wellbeing which is hindered by my obesity. I need Jesus to step in and help me to get better.

Elaine: United States

My poor husband Jeff has been in ICU almost a month...he needs a healing touch of the Lord in his body and to get out of ICU where he's always sedated..thank you, ELaine

Jorge: United States

Pray for Savannah to have freedom from demon bondage and acceptance of Christ. She’s pregnant with my child.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me for strength to be a blessing to others this holiday season it's hard when you are so very tired like I am now! GOD richly bless you and Merry Christmas,   Brother Danny  12/18/18



Jason: United Kingdom

Please ask God to restore my eyesight.

Rajesh: India

Please pray that Gods promises for my life revealed through prophecy will be fulfilled. I am a Chronic Bipolar Depression patient, and though I attend a local church, I am not proactively engaged in fellowship with other believers and limit my social circle. Thank you for your time and efforts in attending to this prayer request-Rajesh.

Nadee: Sri Lanka

I'm unfairly blamed for a problem at work. Spreading Rumors About Me

Viorel: Romania

Please pray for me I am very ill, God have mercy on me and heal me in Jesus name, thank you.

Amazed: United States

Please pray for healing miracles manifestation For the Williams household, Wilson salvation, and healing deliverance, Jackson Sullivan. We cry out to the Lord who heals and save. A touch from Jesus Christ stripes we're healed.The Blood of Jesus Amen

Shelia: United States

Please, God, I  need money
Please God help others
Please, God, help me to be happy
Please God give me Energy to get things done
Please, God, help me to take care of myself better

Mario: United States

Please pray for me. I've been feeling distant from the LORD and I want to draw closer to Him. Sometimes I worry that I'm not saved. May the LORD settle my heart. I also need a job. I haven't worked in over a year, and I really need the income. Nevertheless, His will be done not mine. In Jesus name. Amen

Susan: United States

Healing for myself from Enimia and all its symptoms and healing from Tourette. Especially the physical ticking.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters 
Please say a prayer for me this holiday season for many people I will be with it is not a happy time and I want to be able to encourage them, or at the very least not to judge them because of my own struggles! GOD richly bless you. Brother Danny,   12/13/18.

Paula: Canada

I pray that Travis is found he is missing on an island, please come home now Travis.

He’s been seen on Bartlett island, but he’s running four months now he’s been there

In Ahousat BC Vancouver island.

Irene: Bahrain

Please help to pray. My boy friend is Indian, and he can't get engaged because of his family and the traditions they need to follow. We have been almost 3years of relationship, pray for his family and us to change their mind touch their heart to give freedom to us. I know all things are possible, thank you, Lord Jesus.

Jordan: Canada

Hello - I am asking for prayer for my oldest sister Natasha, who had a car accident fairly recently and she is having post-concussive symptoms that are dragging on and affecting her life in challenging and sometimes scary ways. She is a wonderful and amazing person who I love very dearly and is a fantastic mother and sister.  I am praying for complete restoration, a miracle of healing for my sister - that these symptoms will be gone forever, that she will no longer suffer from any symptoms that this car accident brought on her.  And that she will be full of life more abundantly than ever before - a true miracle is needed, and she deserves it so much. Thank you so much.

Kalil: Canada

I am not entirely sure what to write but, I believed nothing bad could come out of reaching out to somebody new. 

InshaAllah I am marrying my best friend, soulmate, my whole life... but, he's a practicing Sunni Muslim, I am a Christian. 

He is Egyptian I am Banu Qasi. I have both a Christian and Muslim family, but I have surely been raised as a Pentecostal Christian. 

I am living in Nova Scotia, Canada and more than anything I just want him to convert. 

I am so bad at extending the message of Christ to him, not out of fear of him but the rejection.

Please, I am truly begging you! Help me. 

I need prayer for him. His name is Abdulrahman, and I truly believe he can open up and give his life to Jesus Christ (pbuh) with the help of prayer and our community.

Georgina: Zambia

Goodmorning, please help me pray for my son who is addicted to a cough syrup, (benylin) and smoking, drinking alcohol.  He doesn’t want a day to pass by he either has to take the benylin or take alcohol. This has affected him so negatively concerning his academic life, and he is just at home at the moment instead of being in school.  Please help me in prayer I want him to be totally delivered, saved and healed from all this.

Sonia: United States

Hello !!! My name is Sonia Timms!  I am going in for my 6th IVF cycle and then my embryos will be genetically tested .. please, if you can pray that my embryos results are 100 percent normal, and, following that, for implantation and pregnancy to be successful !!! Please pray that Jesus blesses me with a healthy baby I will be very grateful!

Sarah: United States

I really need prayer that I will get pregnant. I need prayer for healthy twin girls or boys.

Jean: India

I got married seven months ago. I am not pregnant till now. We are going through many insults. Jesus is the only way to us. Please pray for us

Adrian: United States

I have had horrible thoughts and depression. I also have bad anxiety. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I hate myself. I hate my life sometimes.

Molly: United States

Please pray for God to restore my marriage.  Please pray for God to intervene and bring us back together. Please pray for God to open the communication between my husband and myself so we can restore our broken relationship.  Please pray.

Kacper: Poland

Please pray for my healing and faith
I need God's help.

Mary: United States

I am asking your prayers for my family. It seems that the devil is assaulting us heavily, and I am not sure why.  Right now, I am asking special prayers for my daughter; someone is attacking her.  Please ask the Lord to intervene and help us be secure and to stop these things,  in Jesus' name.  God bless.

Jim: United States

Please pray for my marriage. Divorce almost final. God can soften Amanda's heart and get her to the right relationship with him. Stop her new relationship. Soften, heal, open, and change her heart. Break of her new relationship. To stop influence from the enemy and anyone telling her to leave. That her love for the Lord and love for me will be overflowing and overwhelming. Angels can battle for her and our marriage. Whatever it takes,  God to get her to him and repentance. He can get her attention. He can let her know his presence and will. He can stand her way of this divorce and between her and other men. He can restore this marriage better than ever like him as our foundation. When he restores it, that I am the husband I now know I need to be. She is the love of my life. I love her. I want forever with only her. Jesus can give me another chance with my wife and show her the right way to get off this destructive road she is on. I just came off that road. God pulled me out of a horrible PTSD suicidal depression. That God can do in her heart what he has done in mine. That God cheal her of something traumatic from her past before we met and aheal any hurts I might have caused as well. Most importantly, her salvation. Blood of Jesus all over and around her to cleanse her of anything not from the Lord, any of the enemy's lies and attacks, strongholds, and anything unholy. Blood to protect her against naysayers telling her to leave. To silence every voice that is not from God in both our lives. She can call our marriage counselor. Reconciliation. Thank you

Marcus: United States

Please pray for my wife Ann not to go through with divorcing me and for God to give Ann a fresh new love in her heart for me as her husband friend and father to our children and God to reconcile our marriage and family back together. 

Danjy: United States

Father ABBA I ask in Jesus name and through the might of your spirit to relieve me quietly from this situation I have gotten into with a mentally ill patient who has problems that I was not aware of and has placed me into a difficult situation. Please, I pray for time and the ability to get the help I need. I did not ask for it though Father I should have known better. I need to carry out plans of leaving today in good spirit heart and mind and not be disrespected any more than I have been already. Even I feel used and not looked after for by my peers and people in mental health and recovery. I need your spirit to be poured out on all of us and those to be believed. Amen. No hate No Violence No War. Amen

Tuija: Finland

Please bless Juha to have the strength to make hard necessary decisions. May God help Juha to stay in his leading position. Bless those who are against him so that God would change their evil hearts.

Jordan: Canada

I am asking for prayer for healing in my physical body - I have become exhausted trying to overcome a very aggressive skin condition that has made my life extremely difficult and actually painful to live often, over the last 7 long years - I have had difficulty praying but never stopped though now, I need badly to reach out. Asking for prayer for a miracle where so very often hope feels far away or not even there...thank you so much. 

Brittanie: United States

Prayer against thoughts of suicide and depression. Pray for peace between the father of my child who is still my husband but has abandoned us. Prayer for forgiveness,  to heal my broken heart, to change my ways. Prayer to mend my estranged husband and me together.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me being homeless at 72 is hard enough but during the holidays it gets even a little harder! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  12/8/18.   Count it all joy!

ED: Australia

Please pray for a baby boy named Jaxon who was born with severe, life-threatening birth defects. His Doctors advised his parents &

family that it's going to take a miracle for him to survive. Please pray that God grants baby Jaxon the miracle of complete healing so that he may live in God's grace.

Jambay: Bhutan

Hello good evening! My name is Jambay from Bhutan. I am a 26 years old man.. I am addicted to (carnal/flesh pleasures) and am a Pedophile, (Child, teens and preteens lover). 

I am presently without a job, and my family of five, parents and two younger brothers are poor. Please pray for me to get a woman to marry and to get a job. 

Although I am a boy I was abused by one adult stranger when I was young and older cousins and brothers while I was in school and young, maybe that's why I can't stop pedophile, porn and evil perverted strongholds. 

Please pray for me I am in Strong Strongholds! I desire to repent, but pleasures of the world and flesh win over. Please pray for me to get saved otherwise I am lost forever. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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