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"Christian Prayer Requests"

Christian Prayer Requests

This Christian website covers the globe. Regardless of country, color, or language, as Christians, we are all Children of God, and He hears our prayers. Please take a few seconds to submit your prayer request and to pray for others.

It may not be possible to respond to every person, but we promise to carefully pray specifically for you, individually, according to your request.

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"Prayer Requests"

Craig: United Kingdom

Would you please pray against Satan and his demons day and night? Consume by fire and burn to ashes day and night all satanic new age occultism works, all satanic prophecies; satanic marine kingdom and leviathans and satanic queen of the coast powers. 

All satanic witchcraft and witches and wizards and warlocks works.  All satanic music powers, and sexual demonic powers and all satanic ceremonies and incantations.

Pray for the initiations and sacrifices done on my life and all satanic evil sleep undertaken to harm me, and satanic sleep paralysis and all satanic Illegitimate authority and legalities of the devil's and Lucifer's works. 

Pray for all of the devil's and Lucifer's works and all satanic plans, snares, and traps done on my life since the day I was born, in the name of the holy God of Israel and Holy Lord Yahushua Ha Mashiach and the Holy Spirit.

And pass this on to other ministries to pray and use true men of Holy God of Israel and Holy Lord Yahushua Ha Mashiach and use spiritual warfare against them to destroy them day and night for eternity.

And pray to remove all satanic occulti Jesuses, and satanic Jesuses, and satanic counterfeit spirit's from your prayers permanently.

Pray, I'm highly favoured and blessed in every area of my life and loving relationships and marriage and provision and finances and working life, and Jobs career and health and property, God bless.πŸ™

Susie: United States

Prayer needed for the protection and safety of my Granddaughter Megan who is pregnant, and her baby Zeymar from the abusive boyfriend. 

Peter: United Kingdom

  • Pray for God to supernaturally heal and restore and make my eyesight perfect again in Jesus name amen πŸ™
  • Pray against witchcraft and break its power and deception against my life in Jesus name by Jesus blood amen πŸ™

Jennifer: United States


I pray for Jesus to break my father's heart and grant him the gift of being known. Second, I pray to become a mother and for my parents to enjoy a full life as grandparents. 

I pray that God helps my brothers and me bear so much fruit and have so many children my parents do not know what to do with themselves. All this, I pray, comes from Jesus himself, directly to us that we may give our testimony.

Peter: United Kingdom

Pray for emotional inner spiritual healing from past hurts, wounds and spiritual abuse suffered at the hands of false brethren and false spiritual leaders. Pray for a spouse; pray for victory over all the powers of darkness, seduction, lust,  deception, lies, and every demonic attack and plan and strategy from the enemy satan, in Jesus name, amen. πŸ™

Marian: United States

Please pray for Peace, Protection, Improvement, Clean-up, and God's merciful blessings upon our neighborhoods of Holland and Wheatsheaf. Asking this in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for your generous prayers, and God Bless all of you.

SHAUN: United Kingdom


Devina: Australia

Thank you for praying for me for a financial miracle. Lockdown took my work away, and the bank is talking about taking my home.
Please pray for my client based business, which has been quiet even now that lockdown has ended. Thank you

Susie: United States

Prayer is needed for my daughter Soledad. She is still battling COVID Pneumonia and now has a partially collapsed lung, and she needs a good doctor. She also has a hernia caused by violent coughing and has developed three more kidney stones.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters; asking prayer for strength for the next couple of nights.

Last night the temp dropped like 20 points to below 50, so it was a struggle to stay warm; leaving me pretty tired today!

Oh well, count it all joy. GOD bless you,  brother Danny  10/18/21

Ilale: United States

Please pray for the Heart for Muslims Conference, this month:

1. Pray that everyone that the Lord is calling will join Him in the budding revival that is happening among Muslims in the Bengali community in NYC

2. Pray that the conference would go well and for the Lord's hand to be on the logistics as the conference is in-person and live-streamed on Oct 23

3. Pray that all who attend the conference take time to pray, serve and find opportunities to engage our Muslim neighbors with the love and truth of the Gospel

4. Pray that all who attend would take time to encourage Christians from Muslim backgrounds who may be ostracized from their families of birth.

5. Pray that all who attend would continue to pray boldly and faithfully for revival among   Muslims in all our communities

Alicia: Australia

Please pray for me for deliverance from debt and poverty for deliverance from toxic people who have said they sacrificed me to Satan with their occultism. 

Please pray for peace and comfort, and for torment to go from me.

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Christian Prayer Requests

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Christian Prayer Requests

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