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Christian Prayer Requests
  • "Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.

  • Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months."
    (James 5:13-17

Prayer Testimonies

"Prayer Requests"

Lesina: Zambia

Lord I need money  I really need it right now in my account. Remove all my financial pressures and struggles and bless me financially.

Susie: United States

Please, prayer needed for my granddaughter Megan to get a a job this week.

Jens Ian: United Kingdom

Please pray for my Health and Healing and for Family unity and for Fruitfulness in Ministry.

Adam: Poland

Good morning.
I have a very heartfelt request for you to pray for me. I am asking you to pray for me.
My name is Adam. I am a teenage boy.
I believe in God. For me, Jesus is an ocean of love, mercy and goodness. I love the Lord Jesus. God is beauty and love.

I am asking you to pray for me so that I will be healthy and happy. Please pray for me that I may have health, happiness, prosperity, love, success and everything will be fine with me.

Thank you very much in advance for your prayers. Thank you very much. I wish you a lot of health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment of your dreams. I also wish that every day of your life will be the best and most beautiful. All the best. Have a nice day. Kind regards.
Yours faithfully,

Valentine Judy Andrade: India

Pray for Valentine's family to settle in Bangalore in the year 2024, bless Neha with Bank job govt job in Bangalore Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in Bangalore,

bless Vellu Judy with good health good jobs in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners who will keep Vellu Judy in their homes,

heal Nehas and Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them completely from PCOS problem heal Jairuss Kidneys from cancer heal Nehas throat and eyes completely from auto immune disease, heal Judy from cancer depression anxiety phobia panic attacks phobia insomnia, diabetes,

heal Vellu Jalaja from liver problems, deliver Valentine's Arun's Jeevans Jairuss families and families of Vellus siblings from ancestral bondages physical emotional spiritual intellectual faculty,

deliver us from cancer and all the ailments of body and mind, deliver us from comitting sins in thoughts words deeds sight and in dreams, deliver us from evil spirits blocks bondages spell curse possession dominion trials tribulations afflictions apparitions infirmities traps of the devil and the demons right now,

bless our finances lives intentions prayers studies future health and teaching profession, bless Vellu Judy to be with Neha Nikita son's in law and grand children now and always, grant salvation for the departed souls of Mathias and Andrade D'souza family tree and geneology,

deliver Vellu Jairus Arun from drinking alcohol completely, bless Vellu Judy to be with Neha Nikita son's in law and grand children now and always.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers an sisters praise the LORD! Please say a prayer for NYC. All this week and next the U.N general assembly is meeting and on top of that there are high Jewish holidays. These are all prime targets for terrorists so we need GOD to help us be on the look out!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny   9/15/23

Sampson: Nigeria

Please join me in prayer. My life has been ups and down. No growth whatsoever both in business and in circular life. Things I want to achieve to have a better life are not forth coming. Please join me in prayer that God will cause a glorious change and growth in my life. Let lack, penury will be a thing of the past in my life. I want to be a giver and not a borrower. Amen.

Joseph: United States

Joseph is suffering from a condition where any physical activity will cause him to become physically sick. It has been difficult for him to deal with this condition. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his illness. Please pray for his recovery.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me today and all NYC there is a lot going on and we must follow the LORDS leading!GOD bless you    brother Danny    9/11/23

Geraldine: United States

Please pray that me and my ex husband get back together

Carla and McKenzie: South Africa

God , please do not leave me and McKenzie in this situation with Brent , Mike and Gail. God please release us of the hold the same old arguments.

I am the mom and they are taking away my mother moments and controlling and trying to destroy me to get what they want. Father God it's hard, please release me amid McKenzie from this demonic strong hold and same old arguments.

Father God please set me and McKenzie free in this day and forever more, in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters I am asking prayer for strength; homeless in NYC at 77 might not seem so important until you wake up one morning and do not have enough strength!

GOD bless you     brother Danny   9/6/23

Viola: Canada

Prayers are requested for healing Viola Cleo Bradshaw. Healing needs include: depression,  split personality disorder,  loneliness,  loss, and for her body, healing for sleep disorder,  and for a broken nose, needs stability and peace, heal Akashic records,  they need clearing,  send millions of angels and archangel Pahalia,  and lift up Cordelia Vogel,  heal her mind, heart trouble and family tree. Please include in the pastor's daily prayers and on your prayer chain and list for 6 months.

Karyn: New Zealand

Can you please pray for my daughter, Ambara, she's in hospital with meningitis

Isaac Benhamin: United Kingdom

I've been very much persecuted in my home city.
I'm so hoping you could ask as many prayers as possible 2 help me break a principality and national bondage; to get me up healthy and strong in Christ 3 to break the blockages to heal my connections and help me hear the Lord God in his glory and righteousness (I've had oppression on my ears eyes mouth and hearing.

Please, Lord Yeshua, can my friends who pray come together to help me free from very bad oppression and serious persecution.

I'm hoping to emigrate and find a loving kind place in the US to give me sanctuary as my home was broken into and I've had to move 10 times in the last 13 years.

Please, can I also ask for your ministering spirits to protect and your glorious might to shelter me. I feel very broken.

I dream of beautiful trees and rivers to sit by and a place to sleep again. I'm hoping and praying that I can ask anyone who reads this to pass it 2 friends to further my voice 2 be heard.

Vlada: Ukraine

Hello, my name is Vlada.
Im a refugee from Ukraine, though i have a Russian citizenship.
Im divorced and having two children of 11 and 9 years old, daughtert and a son. My exhusband took them away from me without my permission, i`ve been overstressed, depressed and fell ill with breast cancer... went through one surgery and need second one...
im currently at the refugee camp in Mexico, waiting on the date to relocate to United states
i  feel that i need to ask about prayer support to
1. Restore my life, health and beauty
2.To get to United States fast and safe
3. Restore my relationship with my children and parents
4. to get healed from any kind of physical or mental condition
5.to sell the apartment in Ukraine
6. to solve all the financial hardships
7. to find a good church and community in United States
8. to find Joy in life and ministering to God
9. to build a healthy beautiful family and become blessed, restored, happy, wealthy and generous.
10. thank you very much for your prayer support

Asha: India

Dear Samuel,

Thank you for your kind message. Further to our communication, I have two requests and will be very grateful if you will ask as many people to pray for me please.

1.) My baby is actually my darling pet dog who has got L lymphoma (was told a day before my birthday).Treatment  done and I request prayers for his healing.

2.) For my dearest father please-he has Parkinson’s and is not able to move and now has a slow pulse.We need prayers and healing for him.

Please pray for their healing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Daniel;: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me just when you thought it could not get any worse all summer there have been like 5 of us homeless sleeping on the church steps with no problem last night someone from the church said he would came by every 2 hours and needed to take a picture of the steps empty and then we could sit back down  so i did not get any sleep and the church office is closed until Monday so i need prayer very bad! GOD bless you    brother Danny   8/30/23


Lets remember to pray for the safety of those in dangers way of Hurricane Idalia!    

Asha India

Dear Sir/Madam,

I need an urgent prayer request please for my baby .Who could I get in touch with?
Please please let me know.
Thank you and regards,
Asha Sahni

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me being homeless is hard but prayer makes it so much more bearable!GOD bless you    brother Danny   8/29/23

\Van: United States
Please pray for me and my wife's physical, spiritual and financial needs.

Cliffa: India

Please Pray That I May Be Completely Healed Of My Mental Disease, Paranoid Schizophrenia.

LOIS: United States


Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me i just came through a test. I did my best; I am still alive, but tests leave you a little weak! GOD bless you, Brother Danny   8/21/23

Christina: United States

For God to help me control my gifts of mercy and discernment. it can be too much at times.

Susie: United States

Urgent prayer request for my granddaughter Megan’s safety and protection from all harm and evil and from making wrong choices.

Kelly: United States

I made a financial error that has the potential to make me and my granddaughter homeless. I am moving us out of a tiny 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom. I thought I had the $700 deposit, but after putting a little money down on the new place and giving notice at the old place, I found out the $700 was not there.

I have the first month's rent. I need urgent help. God have mercy. You know my heart. Help me, please. All doors to obtain the money seem to have shut. I've never experienced anything like this. Help. I need peace. I am not sleeping and have no appetite. Praise you, God of the Heavens and the Earth.

I'm also a teacher and begin teaching in 3 days. To stressful all of this. Help. Only God can help me.

Paul: India

Please pray for our Filmmaking & Screenwriting Workshops (Part of Film Direction Career) to become a super duper success in the highly sophisticated institutions, colleges and universities in the city of Mumbai and to achieve mega financial prosperity.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters I have an emergency prayer request for NYC! Over the last several months 100 thousand immigrants have arrived from all over the world with no end in sight now the budget has been exhausted we need a miracle of provision from GOD or I fear the worst! GOD bless you, Brother Danny   8/10/23

And please say a prayer for me! Every day i come into contact with thousands and thousands of people in NYC who are rushing like crazy it wears me down!

When i think about it of course they are like that because they are scared to death because they do not believe in GOD!

So asking prayer that i will spend more time alone with the LORD getting renewed!

GOD bless you    brother Danny   

Linda: United States

Protect my daughter who has some mental issues but are being managed with therapy and medication.   

She is very creative and her birth father's family are hoping that she gets depressed or has a mental breakdown, so that they can buy a conservatorship through our evil legal system to make lots of money off her.  This is similar to what happened to Brittney Spears.   

Please pray that the Lord covers our daughter and protect her from and destroys this evil family.  Please, please pray for our daughter.

Castellino: India

Please pray for complete restoration of health!

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters asking prayer for my friend Raymond and his niece; she is 40 with 2 young daughters and is dying from a very rare disease. I can see it is breaking his heart, so asking prayer for both of them! GOD bless you, Brother Danny   8/7/23

Ryan: United States

Hello my name is Ryan. I am born again and I have been on methadone for a few years and am getting off of it right now.

I started at 120mg and am now at 29 mg. I have been telling people about Jesus at the clinic and have gotten some stiff resistance from the staff there.

But just recently I have been getting migraines and rosacea and my hair has been falling out and my skin peeling and flaking. I have been getting restless legs and spiritual attacks.

I have been seeing odd flashes in my vision and I have had odd visitations from spritual entities. And have even had people try and start faights with me for no reason.

I hand out tracks everyday and talk to people often so im not surprised by whats happening. Please pray for me as Im almost off of methadone but things have ramped up recently. God bless you.

Sandra: United States

Request prayer for son, his wife Faith,  kids Ariel and Eli for healing, protection, deliverance,  salvation, break every  strongholds,  peace, rest. They were drinking and I received a call, prayer for my son to stop drinking, deliverance  from alcohol. Protection and blessing  for the entire family, that they are set free.

Gawaine: India

Pray for christ's love
That God will restore the fortune of 100 cr to me

Robert: United States

For Me to be Healed and get back into the word

Larry: United States

Please pray for me. Pray for my wife-our marriage. Pray for financial doors to open.

Gloria: United States

Lord Jesus please touch my body and heal me of the spot in the kidney, that it will be gone, heal  my kidneys.

Lord heal and touch my mind and my emotions, grant me peace and encouragement as I wait for you. ALSO heal my eyes from pressure, and restored my vision, take the cataracts away,  In Jesus name, Amen.

Pat: United States

Please pray for me for this new month of August that I am offered an amazing nursing job with great benefits, great flexibility, great pay, excellent work environment and great company support and immediate start even from the first week of August in Jesus name.

Please pray for this month of August to bring me and my family a lot of blessings and prosperity in Jesus name. ‘

Please pray for every spell, hex curse, ancestral negative cycle negative karma negative energy, lack to be broken, depart and only blessings come me and my family’s way in Jesus name

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters i know it is late Friday but if anyone gets this i am asking payer for strength because it got so hot in  NYC and now i feel weak.

The good news is i just have to make it to Sunday when things go back to normal!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny   7/28/23

Steven: Canada

I suffer with worry and anxiety and paranoia; I get really paranoid in many ways and i have real bad social anxiety and paranoia around people and i worry a lot,

Please pray the fear will stop and i will be free from it and at peace and fearless and pray God will comfort all my fear.

ALSO pray i will be consumed and overwhelmed with Gods presence everyday and my soul filled with his peace everyday, thankyou.

Scott: United States

Lord use me and teach me, transform me into the person you created and wash away the sinful nature that I clothed myself in. In Jesus Holy Name.

Debra: United States

Please pray with me for healing for my sister Cynthia who was diagnosed with als, also pray for her emotional and mental well-being and for wisdom as her husband of 35 years has left her at this time to be with another woman.

Pray that God would send godly people to surround her confessing his word strengthening her faith and Hope at this challenging time in her life. Thank you

Rakesh: India

Praise the Lord
I'm Rakesh from hunsur karnataka.
I'm in love with a girl, Arbiya, she also belives Christ since last 2 years I have prayed for her and I receive answer from God to wait.

After 2 years she accepted my proposal and then everything was going good. But in that joy I forgot to praise God, instead, I spent my time with mobile and cinemas; after 5 months, I rudely behaved with her; for that reason she is not talking to me.

Then I realised what wrong I did and clearly God showed me in my dream to confess my sins. That night at 2:40 am I prayed and confessed my sins before God; then God answers me in a dream with the bible verse, Isaiah 41:10

Everyday I'm praying for her to return to my life again so we both can lead a holy spiritual life.

Please pray for my relationship, her name is Arbiya.
Thank you

Christina: United States

  • Praying Michael gets justice and don't have to go on trial.
  • Today is my birthday! asking for a prayer. I just turned 27 today!

Carol: Canada

  •  I was involved in an accident; my car is damaged and I have soft tissue injuries for which I take Tylenol; cannot get to my doctor because my car is non-drivable; I pray that ICBC will fix it, that I will get a windfall so I can pay my bills, buy food; I cannot sleep. God please help me. Thank you.

  • I need Jesus near me now. I need him to protect and guide me. He knows my wants and desires, he knows what I need, he knows I need the right place to live where I will write what he wants to write; I am need of financial help. Thank you for blessing me, Lord Jesus, Amen
  • I need money now, July 18, 2023, to pay my rent and bills. I pray that God will help me now. I am alone and very scared. Thanks.

Robert: United States

Please pray for me to be healed

Christina: United States

Pray for someone that goes by MattyJam. his real name is Matthew. praying God to change his racist hateful heart. that he stops being a bully he also struggles with depression. i'm asking God to heal him from all these things and that he will come to Christ. amen.

Robert: United States

Please PRAY that GOD prospers me as I need money for food, gas, & rent.

Arlene: United States

Lord Jesus, I lift up Your Child Tammi and ask that You reach down and touch her and speak healing into her digestive system.  

I praise You and thank You her biopsy showed no cancer.  Remove the genetic abnormalities and all possibilities of  cancer., and stop her symptoms in Your Powerful Name.  

Thank you that this is not impossible for You, thank You for healing my daughter and Blessing her with a Long Life, In Your Powerful Name I pray. Amen

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for there were 2 working phones in NYC and at night I would call and pray for safety now one is broke so please say a a prayer that GOD will have it fived quickly it means so much to me! GOD bless you richly,  Brother Danny   7/10/23

Robert: United States

PLEASE pray that GOD heals & prospers me today.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters i have a very special prayer request!

A man named Raymond has become my friend when i am sitting on the church steps at night he always says hello and asks how i am!Last might he asked me if i would pray for his niece named Pricilla who is about 30 with children of her own he said she i suffering greatly with leukemia. They thought she was in remission but it is back.

And there is something else Raymond is a devout Catholic so as i am sharing what GOD has done in my life he appreciated it so much he said i am an inspiration to him

So please pray that in GODS perfect timing i share how wonderful it is to be saved i know GOD loves him very much because he like many Catholics has a heart of gold! Thank you so much and GOD bless you   brother Danny  7/6/23

Victor: United States

Please for my brother George.  He's been out of work for over 10 months, and he is worried about finding a job.  He's a programmer and the technology sector has been hit hard by the recession.
He's also worried about finding work because of his age (he's 58).
Please pray for him to find a job.  Thank you.

Susie: United States

Prayer needed for the safety, protection and wellbeing of my granddaughter Megan and her two babies Zeymar and Yadriel.

Martha: United States

Please pray for me. For almost 3 months I have been suffering with feminine issues. The pain has been so intense and uncomfortable at times, I have had thoughts of taking my life.

I have been praying everyday for God’s healing. I started taking antibiotics that gave me oral thrush. So I have been trying to treat that as well as dealing with these feminine issues.

I am so discouraged. I cry out to God everyday to remove these infirmities and he still has not answered. My mental health has declined.

Please pray not only for my healing of these feminine issues, and oral thrush. But also for my mental health. This whole experience has left me traumatized. Thank you!

Christina: United States

Please pray for Kaya. she now supports LBGT.

Robert: United States


Yi: United States

In February 2021, my mom Suli, was diagnosed with early-stage pancreatic cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, she now has checkups every six months. She is going to the hospital again next Monday for a checkup.

Please help me to pray together. May God bless my mother with good health and normal indicators. The MRI results show that everything is healthy, and the diseases in the body are thrown into the sea, never to rise again.

Thank you Lord for every miracle He has given us. Thank you

Christina: United States

  • praying for everyone in the LBGTQ+ community. I hope they find Christ. Jesus loves you.
  • I'm praying for someone who's goes by ......... i don't know his real name but he's a racist and bully white man. he claims to believe in left after death but i'm not sure if he's believe in God. i'm praying that God change his heart and not be racist.
    He claims to also have two small kids and girlfriend. hope they find God too and not don't have to deal with this racist bully. also praying his kids do not grow up and turn out as him amen.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. For those who said a prayer for me that I would be safe during the gay parade, GOD answered your prayers. I stayed away as far as I could, and GOD did the rest! With that said asking for prayer for this week.

The Fourth of July is next Tuesday. Many people will be rushing this week to get their work done so they can have a long holiday weekend, which means I will need the love of GOD as they push everyone out of their way to do that! Thank you again. GOD is good, brother Danny 6/27/23

Shibu: United States

My son is trying to get into Medical School. Please PRAY FOR HIM TO GET admission in medical school.

Rayapu Avinash: India

Hello dear
My name is Avinash

I have a sister called Srishti
I love her so much
Due to my immaturity, and misunderstandings, she hates me. I lost her, and I am so sad, depressed, and crying for my sister's love.

Please pray for me and my sister Srishti; she forgives me and loves me as her brother.
We both should accept Jesus Christ as our saviour.
We both have weaknesses so please pray for both of us to get relief from all our weaknesses. 
In the past, I lost my friend Tejaswini, and now I lost my sister Srishti.

I have lived in my blood, so after I get relief from all my weaknesses, pray to God that my life from my blood transfer to Srishti blood. At that time, I die of a deadly fever. And I go to heaven, worship God, and wait for my sister to meet her in heaven
God created knowledge with that, and she was saved by Jesus Christ and lived for Jesus Christ.

I miss my sister Srishti. I didn't have the happiest moments with my sister Srishti on earth, at least if she had my life in her blood; I am so happy about that.
Please, I beg you, announce this in your church and ask everyone to pray for this prayer request daily.

Susie: United States

Prayer needed for my grandson Michael who is bipolar and going through a really ruff time with his grandfather.  His grandfather stresses him out with his complaining and hollering at him everyday and doesn’t understand Michaels situation. Michael needs peace and strength and his grandfather understanding.

Sofie: United States

Please pray for my dad to find Jesus and for me to find my faith again soon. My dad is agnostic but not Christian, and I'm starting to doubt whether Jesus is actually God or not.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me this week it is gay pride week and I am so tired being homeless I am so afraid I might say something out of the SPIRIT!
GOD bless you. Brother Danny   6/20/23

Robert: United States

PLEASE pray that GOD PROSPERS me so I can pay JUNE's rent.

Mariyam: India

Please I request everyone to prey for me. I am an only child and have been a scapegoat for my parents. They have been abusing me emotionally, have manipulated and gaslighted me from years, even after becoming an adult they are still the same, I can't even move out currently, I am completely stuck.

I want God to open a way for me to move out of this household and heal me completely. They are strict orthodox people, who completely are in denial of the word of God. I cry every day because of them so please please pray for me.

Jeanette: Canada

Please pray that God will heal me from severe insomnia and that I can return to my normal sleep. Thank you.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me. In 2 weeks 100 thousand people will march down the streets in NYC in the gay pride parade basically telling GOD to mind his business so i must love them and not the sin.

Would you say a prayer for me that GOD would help me to do that; there will be special events the next 2 weeks and I do not feel good! GOD bless, Brother Danny   6/12/23

Christina: United States

  • I'm praying and asking God to heal me from the racism and bullying I experience in the past months now.  I'm a black woman.

  • Seven months ago I prayed for a 32 year old man with special needs name De'Angelo. he was looking for a new job he would like and be off on weekends and holidays. everyone been praying he would get a new job he wants and likes. it's been 7 months and a few months ago De'Angelo got terminated from his old job for no reason. not only that but his ex supervisor was very rude to him and did him wrong. never helped him. never cared about him. I'm asking God to heal De'Angelo from this incident and that he gets a new job that he wants and likes. I'm so sorry what happened to him. he should have been treated better. De'Angelo has lost 2 jobs in the past few years.

  • I have tooth infection. please pray that it will heal until i can go to the dentist.
  • I'm praying for someone who I was very worried about in the past now supports LGBT. it's hurts she now supports this sin. I hope she read the bible and know it's a sin. she can't be a Christian and support sin.
    Jesus loves everyone but he doesn't like sin. please pray for her she a disabled woman. I'm not sure what disabilities she have but she did claim she is disabled. praying she comes closer to Jesus. amen.

Aubrey: United States

Bless me and my time of heartache as going through this time apart between me and my partner has been very hard. I have tremendous faith in God that he will help me repair this relationship in Jesus' name. I pray that I have the strength and patience to help me focus and relax on my mind.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters. Thanks to your prayers i am safe and sound in NYC!

What i am finding is people ae nervous about the migrant crisis and since they do not know the LORD they deal with it by walking and talking very fast; so asking prayer to love them with the love of JESUS! GOD bless you, Brother Danny  6/5/23


My brother was diagnosed with clinical depression in high school and high anxiety.  He is going to be 40 years old. He can't hold down a job or finish college. His depression is severe. No, he is not demon possessed.  

As a family, we are not sure what to do.  He is too old to live with my mom since she is almost 70 years old. Please pray about a solution for him. He needs a place to live and he needs to get on disability since he can't work.  He also has suicidal thoughts.

Christina: United States

I'm praying for someone who goes by Gondarth. i don't know his real name but God knows. i'm praying he find Christ. he doesn't believe in God he's atheist.

James: United States

Pray for me that I do well at work and competent, display wisdom and do very well and have favor...
Pray I get along with others and make friendships at work and do well....

Pray the Lord gives me a spouse and pray for a relationship with a lady named Ashley. Pray She shows interest if interested in me. Pray GOD provides a spouse for me; thanks...Pray for protection from evil.

Christina: United States

Praying for everyone in the LBGTQ+ community. I hope they find Christ. Jesus loves you.

Christine: Canada

I pray that my guy friend, Jesse, would open up to me, that he would overcome his trauma/fear of getting hurt (his past), and ask me to become his girlfriend.

Myra: South Africa

In this time of hardship, we (my family) pray for a season of ease, blessings, peace, and prosperity. We pray for joy, provision, abundance, protection and favour.
We pray for inner peace, contentment, and tranquillity in the midst of life's challenges. Calm and steadfast spirits, knowing that GOD is with us and will sustain us.
GOD is sovereign and ruler over all things. We rely on HIM for all our needs and recognise that HE is the source of all blessings. We thank HIM for the blessings and provisions HE has already provided us. In times of hardship, we thank HIM for his faithfulness and goodness.
We have submitted our desires and requests (financial, jobs and businesses, visas, homes, life’s challenges and wishes). We pray for wisdom and discernment to align our desires with GOD's purposes and plans for our lives. We pray for GOD’s guidance and direction in our decisions and actions and ask HIM to lead us.
We trust in his perfect timing and know that GOD will work all things together for our good. God hears our prayers and is faithful to answer according to HIS will.
We have faith and trust that GOD will provide.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters! Thanks to your prayers Memorial day weekend was wonderful I still am in the land of the living so asking prayer for strength and to be humble and grateful!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny   5/30/23

Hayllie: Country

I have a prayer request for my husband. I have been praying that he feels God's presence and wants to get back into church and become a better Christian and I have prayed this for many years. So I am asking for help praying for this.

Christina: United States

  • Seven months ago, I prayed for a woman with autism named Katie to get a new apartment or house. It's been seven months, and Katie is living with her family in a motel. God, I know you are real, but after seven months, Katie still hasn't got her apartment or house. Katie wants to be independent and live on her own. Please, God, give Katie her blessings.
  • Praying that Holly, her husband, and their kids find Christ.
  • I'm praying against negative people comes my way. I seem to attract negative people and i don't know why. I'm very kind. I'm asking God to take negative people away from me.
  • "Thank You for praying for Jamie Foxx. he's out the hospital and now doing physical therapy. praise!"
  • Tina Turner passed away yesterday at 83. When she was younger she was a Christian and sang in a Chruch but left the faith and became a Buddhist. While God has the final say. I'm praying she will make it to heaven.

Michael: United States

Please pray that I may soon receive the money I so desperately need to get my car repaired. I have been turned down for a number of loans and credit.

My car is my only way back and forth to work. There has to be some financial miracle out there for me.

Nilda: Philippines

Pls pray for Ms Kathleen Holgado to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be supportive of me, and be good and kind to me.

Pls. pray for the success of my demo teaching tomorrow, May 25, 2023, and that God will fill the place with the Holy Spirit; that the students be cooperative, have wisdom and be supportive of me.

Pls pray for my cooperating teacher to be kind and good to me, and may she like the way I deliver the lessons in the class and give me high grades/ratings.

Pls, pray for me and my demo teaching to be successful tomorrow... thanks.

Christina: United States

  • Hoping i see a dentist soon.

  • Jordan Neely was laid to rest Friday after his uncall for death. I'm asking God to heal Jordan family and bring them peace at this difficult time.
  • i hope and pray that Jordan and his family get justice and that his murderer be charge for murder not manslaughter Jordan didn't deserve to die and he didn't threat anyone. All he asked was for something to eat, drink, and somewhere to live.
  • I also hope the two other guys who also help murdered Jordan also get charge as well. None of this shouldn't never happened. i'm asking for prayers for Jordan family. amen.
  • Asking God to unattach me from a website I been on for 2 years. The people there are racist and hateful. I know I need to leave but I can't; even my mother and therapist told me get off it.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters it's your favorite broken record here asking prayer for strength in every area of my life; saved yet homeless at 76.

It's not that big a deal until you wake up one morning and do not have any!

GOD bless you  brother Danny  4/17/23

Christina: United States

Praying for Jordan Neely to get justice and Daniel Penny to get arrested. all Jordan wanted was something to eat, drank, and somewhere to live. he didn't deserve to be murdered.


pls pray for my son 04 years old..he is not obeying to us & doing & speaking bad works & words so we feel disappoint. pls pray for our son & may God give him a obey heart & understanding truth from childhood.
God bless you!

Daniel: United States

Hi wonderful brothers and sisters!

Well it's that time of the year again the LORD saw me through another winter i will be going back to NYC today where the fields are white unto harvest.

Asking prayer for favor; there is always a period of adjustment when I get there; the pace is much quicker but homeless church is awesome!

GOD bless you once more. Brother Danny   5/9/23


Please pray that I will be as on fire for God as I could possibly, for as long as I could, under limitations imposed by my husband L.
Please pray that God will grant me a heart to repent genuinely of all my sins, and turn as much as I possibly could from all of them.
Please pray that I will love my persecuted brothers and sisters as much as I possibly could. Please pray that I will care for their welfares and give to their cause as much as I possibly could.
Please pray for God to grant in me a desire to fellowship with my physical brothers and sisters in Christ as much as I possibly could and bring me to church as often as I possibly could.
Please pray that God will turn me away from the worship of idols as much as I possibly could.
Please pray for God to increase my faith in Him as much as it is possible in His ability, His righteousness and His wisdom.
Please pray that God will use me for His service as much as He possibly could and let me think as positively as I possibly could for the cup of suffering I share with Him and yet let me suffer as little as possible.
Please pray that God helps me be as positive a testimony as I possibly could be for Him in front of my loved ones.
Please pray that God saves as much of my loved ones as He possibly could under whatever limitations He faces due to my sadly poor testimonies before my loved ones.
Please pray that God help me to tithe as much as I possibly could.
Please pray that God helps me to be as strong a Christian as I possibly could and yet cherish the weak Christians with as much love as I possibly could give to them.
Please pray that God lets me pray as much as I possibly could for as long as I possibly could. Please pray that God let me read and cherish the bible as much as I possibly could, as far as I possibly could.
Please pray that God answers my prayers as much as He possibly could.

Mia: United States

My dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

I come to you today to ask for your prayers. I am going through a difficult time in my life with little family support.
I’m asking you to pray for my family member to open his heart to me. I really need help but he rarely offers or flat out refuses. He no long works and lives less than 5 miles from me.
Next, please pray that our Lord Jesus will send me to a surgeon who will operate even with my extenuating circumstances that is keeping 2 other doctors from agreeing to operate.
Right now pain keeps me confined mostly to my bed. I’m concerned about the other symptoms and circumstances, please pray that they can be helped and these issues are easily resolved.
I thank you all so very much, and I ask God to rain His blessings upon you and your families
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for me. All the wonderful brothers and sisters I could always count on for encouragement, except for a select few now, I guess, have their own problems, so my faith is being tested like never before, so I so need prayer!GOD bless you more as always, brother Danny 5/3/23

Nico: South Africa

Lord Jesus, thank You for everything. Please restore my self-confidence, my dignity, and my place in society. Give me a grateful and selfless heart. Lord, please give a forgiving heart to those that I've hurt, and if it's Your will, please let me find favour with them again. Help me to leave this in Your hands now. Amen

Mary: Kenya

Heavenly Father, I am kindly praying and asking for a financial breakthrough to get an interested buyer for my exhibition listed on culturenut website with thanksgiving in Jesus Name, Amen

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters! If anyone has a second please call my name out in prayer; I would love to stay alive a little longer! GOD bless you, Brother Danny, 4/25/23

Christina: United States

Praying For Sara Ann. i don't know where she stands personally. but she don't like Christians; not only that she believes in abortions and taking anything that has to Christians and making it from Satan standpoint praying she finds Christ.

Simon: Pakistan

Dear Pastor Please!
Dear sir Slam in Holy name of Jesus Christ! My name is Simon.Prayer request for spiritual blessing and healing and everything which is mentioned in this application and even which is not mentioned.
Please it’s so humble request to you that pray for my all requests and below application whenever you pray my name is Simon. Please remember me in your all regular prayers.
It’s so humble request to you that please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ heal me from all my body diseases right now in his holy name Jesus Christ and please pray that Jesus Christ remove all my mistakes and faults which is taking me so far me from Lord Jesus almighty right now. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me the blessing like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah, Elisha, Moses, Yashua, Peter and Paul right now Lord use me for his work as he done when he were in this world for preaching, with miracles and healing and free the people who were bond/prison in evil spirits and he free them and change their life’s and make me as he want I be right now. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me spiritual blessing and make me as he is right now. I want to do work for Lord Jesus Christ please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ Bless me as he blessed his servants, prophets and disciples with your holy spirit gifts and fill me with your holy spirit and give me his authorities as he gave his disciples like peter, Paul and Moses and Elijah and Elisha and many others and open my heart eyes as he opened the eyes and mouth of donkey right now. So I can use these authorities and Holy Spirit gifts to change the lives of the people and help them in his holy name of Jesus Christ. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me the authority to fight and win against the Satan which fall from heaven as he have right now. God also give the all gifts of holy spirit which is mentioned in holy bible and even not mention in bible it’s so humble request and furthermore please pray that lord Jesus Christ give me blessing of call like Samuel and Isiah right now and time came Soon as Soon  mean right now when time came Jesus arouse me like he arouse the Samuel and his disciples not only arouse but this time Lord give me authority and blessing of calls at any condition right now and use the same strictness at the time of blessing of calls as he use to his servant Ustad haroon Asher at the time of giving blessing its humble request and everything which is mentioned in holy bible and not mentioned and please pray that Jesus give me his sword of spirit which he give to Elijah and Samson please it’s so humble request to you and finally I want to see the Lord Jesus Christ as Daniel, and Ezekiel and Isiah look him and Peter, Jacob, and John look him in glory with open eyes on mountain please pray I also want to see Jesus Christ it’s right now my wish and purpose of my life to look Jesus as Zakies look the Jesus please prayer that Jesus show me himself in glory with open eyes as his disciples look on mountain and Lord Jesus Christ also give which is requested and asked by my teacher haroon and elder teacher younas and others, and give the all the holy spirit gifts which is mentioned or not mentioned in his bible and give me the eyes and blessing that I can see the bible on golden slate with my open and close eyes every time everywhere right now and please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me the authority to defeat the Satan as he defeat and authority which he has and no one expect Jesus has please pray and I can see in his holy name all the workers and bad spirit and Satan which he fall from heaven not only I can see but also can defeat in his holy name the authority which on one have expect Jesus. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me whole authorities, Holy gifts and everything which he gave pray that Lord Jesus Christ give for his holy name Jesus Christ and for his name sake.Dear sir please pray that Lord Jesus Christ heal me from all body disease and body weakness and my blood pressure is not stable please pray that Lord Jesus Christ heal me from the blood pressure disease .Dear sir please it is so humble request to you please pray Lord Jesus Christ give me the spiritually seat right now which he gave to his apostles and servants like Ustad haroon Asher and Elijah and Elisha, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac,   and all the  gifts of the holy spirit which he gave to his servant my great teacher Ustad Haroon Asher right now in his Holy Jesus name It’s my humble request in his holy Jesus name please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give the Holy gift of different tongues and translation of the tongues and miracles and prophecy right now. I want to see Jesus as same Abraham look and eat food with him as same Daniel see as human as Ezekiel see on the four angle throne as peter, Jacob, john, look on the mountain with open eyes in glory as Paul look the Jesus on the way of Damascus, and john on the island of pitmas please I also want to see Jesus please pray I want to see Jesus as same it’s my so humble request to you. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ appoint me as prophet as Elijah, Elisha, Samuel and Isiah and many others for sake of his holy name Jesus Christ. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ do all this right now and which things is request provide right now. Please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ call me like Solomon right now that Lord ask what do you want right now in his holy Jesus name. Please dear sir pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ make my worldly body to heavenly body right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ. please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me the 9 gifts of the Holy spirit right now and not only this 9 other gifts which mentioned right now and also which is not mentioned right now please pray that Lord Jesus Christ also give me also all these gifts other than this 9 give me countless gifts of the holy spirit. please dear sir pray that I can always see the Lord Jesus Christ as Moses see him in burning bush in his holy name of Jesus Christ right now. Please pray that I can turn in body to spirit and spirit to body as Jesus of Nazareth do this I could also do whenever I want right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ. Please sir pray that Lord Jesus Christ set me as a light for the gentiles and also for all nations in his holy name of Jesus Christ right now. Please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ give me authority which he have as he say become pray that same authority lord Jesus Christ give me I say become and it be become it’s my humble request to you do it Lord Jesus Christ right now . Dear sir its kindly and humble request that pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ Save me from every strict persons and everyone who want to make me in danger want to show me in danger and problem Lord help me as he helped his servant like Abraham, Daniel, and David and others. Please pray for me that Lord Jesus Christ give me blessing of translation of the dreams like joseph right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ and blessings like Daniel to tell the translation of dream and also with dream right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ right now in Jesus name. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ do this as the Spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha my humble request that the Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ rests on me with his grace and glory.Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ appoint me a famous and big prophet as Samuel and as Moses appoint me a prophet for whole universe, worlds and for all heavens and earths. please pray that Lord Jesus Christ touch and fill and anoint me with holy spirit and with power as same the holy father our God do all these things with the body of his son Jesus Christ as same Lord Jesus do with me with the sake of his name right no right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ. Dear sir please pray for me it’s my humble request to you dear sir that Lord give me victory in front of any person, any nation, any enemy and in the whole and all universes for the sake his holy name of Jesus Christ. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me his holy spirit so I can defeat Satan and free the people and remove all demon spirits and effects and feelings from the life of the people in his holy name right now. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me blessings and holy powers and authorities and spiritual status like all his prophets, apostles, teachers, evangelist, shepherds and angles which is mentioned in his holy bible right now for the sake of his holy name Jesus Christ right now. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give me blessing like peter for preaching of words of God that whenever peter preach people received the holy spirit please pray that same blessings Lord Jesus Christ give me right now in his holy name of Jesus Christ that whenever I preach people received Holy spirit in his holy name one and only one Jesus. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ give the gifts of the Holy Spirit which he gave to his prophet Elisha, Paul right now for the sake of his holy name Amen Sum Amen.

Safety & Protection: United States

Please pray my daughter Tammi & boyfriend Keith have a safe hike today, it's the 3rd day of hiking and they will have completed 32 miles.  

Pray they are saturated in the Blood of Jesus,  Lord goes before them and is their rear guard, no harm hurt or danger come over them, the weather is good, wild animals do not go near them and them complete the hike before it gets dark, in the Mighty Name of Jesus

Christina: United States

Praying For Jamie Foxx

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for me this week; time does not permit the size of the need being homeless at 76 for 20 years; that's human years says it all!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny  4/17/23 

nd negative/lower entities, and this has made my life very challenging; I often have difficulty sleeping at night.  

My boundaries were never really solid as far back as I can remember, & they say that trauma violates boundaries and creates openings within people.  

Please keep me in your prayers, but preferably as the Holy Spirit guides you to do so.

Thank you kindly

Mitzi: United States

Dear Precious Heavenly Father, I lift up Stephen, Grayson & Riley Steward, Stephen's lawyer Scott Johnson & his staff. I pray for God's protection, guidance, direction, wisdom, knowledge & a discerning spirit to be over them & guide them thru the vicious, nasty divorce battle currently being fought.

I pray for the judges in each case to see the truth & rule with truth& justice in what is in the best interest of the children & their father! God Please adjudicate this quickly and justly! In your son's precious name of JESUS I pray Amen !

Daniel: United States

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sister at Trusting in JESUS!

I need your help pretty badly! This was one of the hardest weekends of the year for me! I tried to stand in the gap for Miami as there was a huge warfare going on with a massive spring break concert all weekend.

I believe our side won, but it has left me weak, so asking for prayer for strength!

Love you ever so much with the love of JESUS, your forever brother Danny 3/27/23

(Happy to say I did land a couple of good spiritual punches; the LORD did the rest).

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