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Christian Prayer Requests
  • "Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.

  • Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months."
    (James 5:13-17

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"Prayer Requests"

Please pray for Israel!
Please pray for world peace!

Chris: United States

Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The prayers of a righteous man availeth much and I'm asking for prayer for my son in law Todd .

He's a 36 yr. old super good guy who loves the Lord ,and in the past few days he has developed blood clots in his legs that have moved to his lungs, and have also been passing through his heart !

I also ask you to pray for my daughter Melissa, she is now having to pull all of the weight to keep them going.

I ask you to pray for Todd, Melissa, and Chase my grandson for complete healing, and most importantly, Gods will in their lives.

Thank You, and my the Lord richly bless you , Bro.Chris

Jeremy: United States

My girlfriend Kimberly I want her to be cured of her very terrible illness right now and respond to my Hotmail and Gmail messages and to come on Hangouts chat and messages.

Susie: United States

Please pray for the wellbeing, protection and health of my 2 year old great grandson Yadriel.

Christina: United States

I'm a highly sensitive person which means i can feel, pick up, and sense people emotions and predict things. I love that God gave me this trait but it's been getting too much. I'm asking God to help me control it.

Eli: United States

Please pray for my friend Jayden Pratt he's only 15 years old and has stage 4 cancer.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters desperately seeking prayer for safety and strength this weekend! GOD richly bless you,  Brother Danny.   2/23/24

Leslie United States

I believe that my my son's wife and girlfriends are using them for money my son has puppies that he's trying to sell and she had them put it on a credit card and he almost lost 25 he lost 25,000 and I was wondering if you could just pray for this and Almighty way I believe she's using him for money in the name of Jesus Christ amen

trying to sell and she had them put it on a credit card and he almost lost 25 he lost 25,000 and I was wondering if you could just pray for this and Almighty way I believe she's using him for money in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Andrew and Nicole: United States

Prayer for Andrew and Nicole Assurance of salvation and God's protection over our marriage and us, and God to bless us with all God wants us to have praise God.

Tobias: United Kingdom

Please pray for Lee, for the forgiveness of sins. For divine guidance. For spiritual protection. For healing of mind, body and spirit. For his stubborn nature to be lessened. Plus the removal of all works of the enemy.

K: United States

Father, KJV pray KJV will not be stumbling block or hinderance at workplace. KJV thank you for this opportunity that KJV have to pray in Jesus name to draw near to the throne of grace, to receive grace and mercy and help in time of need. Lord, KJV acknowledge that KJV need a lot of things. KJV ask you, father, to fill KJV with your spirit so that KJV can understand how to pray, how to receive, and how to serve you in the world in Jesus name. KJV ask you, father, for a new sense of destiny, a new sense of calling, a new sense of purpose so that KJV understand and are able to carry out the calling, the destiny, the purpose that you have given KJV within the world today, right now, in Jesus name. KJV ask you to remove hindrances that stands in KJV's way, hindrances to that being flowing in KJV's life so that KJV are accomplishing. As Jesus said, KJV have finished the work you have given KJV to do. Lord, KJV pray that when the end of KJV's time here on earth comes, KJV will be able to say with Jesus, KJV have finished everything you gave KJV to do. KJV finished the race, KJV have run the course, KJV have done the job, and now KJV move on to the unseen realm in Jesus name...

Gerald: United States

Please pray for my 2 sons that they would receive salvation and that my oldest son would leave his homosexual relationship and break free from sex addiction and pornography.

Savannah: United States

Good morning, I'm asking for prayer for my grandmother Sue. She survived breast cancer twice and now has a mass on her pancreas, kidneys and possibly spreading throughout her body. She is a strong willed woman of God. I believe in the power of God and miracles. We are desperate. I appreciate your time. God Bless

Anita: United States

There is this upcoming one day trip to Muar in Malaysia  on 2 Mar with a few of my friends but I haven't and do not know how to tell my dad yet as I am afraid he would strongly oppose to it and reprimanded me for hours like how 10 years back I can't make it for my taiwan trip bcuz of this issue.

Prayer for supernatural travelling breakthrough and open doors in this particular area and for a smooth and restful process for me over the next few days from now till the day which is 24/25 Feb where I will be informing my dad regarding about this one day trip on 2 March 2024.

I plead the bloodline of protection and declare that only positive words shall come out from his mouth and all shall be well

Eikku: Finland

i got many problems in my life, some disgusting disease which is latest one, on top of that i struggle with anxiety, depression and i dont have friends, except one or two. i wish to be healed so badly but looks like that is not going to happen instead i get problems one after another, where is Jesus now?

Nina: United States

For Christine, 87 years old. To be released from rehab. Cannot walk, does not speak English.  Her nephew is in the States to help her with cooking and personal hygiene, but can only stay 3 months.  Pray that authorities will grant a visa extension.

Andrew Pick: United States

Pray Healing for Andrew Pick from negative thoughts and emotions increase faith remove doubts and curses off my life

Tobias: United Kingdom

Please pray for healing and deliverance for my mother Denise with schizophrenia. She is a firm believer but has struggled with spirits / auditory hallucinations her entire life. Please send "Brian" and "The Messenger" and any others to the feet of jesus. Let her also be healed in Jesus name. Disconnect her too from any psychics, soul-ties and other works of the devil.

Alicia: Australia

Can you please pray for me that Jesus will heal my left ear from the excruciating pain and  the scoliosis in my spine please pray for deliverance of pain .

Andrew Pick: United States

Prayer for Andrew Pick

Healing for depression bipolar disorder so I don't have to go to hospital again have God heal me so I don't want to go back there take desire away from me.

Mikelle: United States

Please pray for Travis, that he makes a good decision to go to rehab, that the demons that are attacking him be removed from His body and mind and soul, that he learns how to...


🏢🔑🤞🙏😭I'm desperately seeking for God to place his powerful almighty miracle blessings deliverance hands upon a brand new apartment buildings for my daughter and I can moved into the sooner the better for God to place his hands up these Real estate agents who accept cityfeps vouchers programs to approved my cityfheps voucher program documents to help me find a permanent place to moved into without any complications interpretation with a approval of a TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT BUILDINGS with my keys to my brand new apartment for my daughter and I to moved into seeking for god to send the right real estate agents to help me to search a good locations for my daughter and I
*Pelham Parkway
*Wallace avenue
*Morris Park
*Matthew avenue
*Arlington Ave
desperately seeking God to walked completely with me on my apartment searching journey to finally have a brand new apartment immediately desperately seeking for God to work his POWERFUL MIRACLES BREAKTHROUGH FOR ME desperately seeking for GOOD NEWS WITH THEY APPROVAL OF MY CITYFHEPS VOUCHER for God to place his powerful hands upon good landlords who accept cityfeps vouchers programs

Andrew for Andrew Pick

Motivation strength energy to pursue my goals praise God also God to bless me financially and bless everything I buy.

Julie: United States

My mom, sister & I have really been struggling and needing God's powerful healing & strength to help us through the difficult hardships please. Thank you so very much.

Tobias: United Kingdom

Please pray for the Salvation and Healing of my friend Sri Kumar who is currently a tantric Guru living in India. He is reading his bible and agreed to baptism, he just needs to move ahead with it. Thank you

Jama: United States

My kids and husband to get saved.  My cousin Peggy having leg circulation issues

Seioone (Seiowon) Bac: South Korea

Also pray over me with John chapter 1:1?
and unity with the word of God who is most high, almighty.
Thank you so much and God bless.

Christina: United States

Praying God will give me a boyfriend or some friends this year. i'm so lonely.

Susie: United States

Please, Please, Please prayer needed for my grandson Michael’s wellbeing, healing and protection.

Robert: United States

Wyatt to be healed and well.

Lana: United States

Please pray for my family, I'm in a situation where only God can help,  in need of His miracle 🙏

Nicole S Brown: Country

I’m asking for you to pray that my kids and I are healed in all aspects of our lives. We need donations for housing and a fresh start. We ran for our lives from an abusive situation in our family house. I forgave my family. I’m going to send links for donations for us to continue to have housing in obedience to the spirit along with my story and my forgiveness statement to my mom and sister. Please give to our cause and be in prayer for us. I wanted to attend church on today but my head hurts.

Katherine: United States

Please pray for me, I reported my boss for sexual harassment and in retaliation, I was fired. Please pray that God may have mercy on my situation and send me a money miracle and a job miracle. Thank you. Amen.

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters, praise the I LORD. I just wanted to let you know my knee is much better i still have a way to go but it is much better.

GOD helped me get a roll of duct tape an the library and i made a homemade tourniquet tying the tape around my knee and that helped so much slept much bette, so thank GOD!

GOD trying to cheer me up; said i must be doing something right! Seriously, thank you that hurt a lot! GOD bless you, Brother Danny   1/25/24

Daniel: United States

Hi my   brothers and sisters please say a prayer for me i tripped and fell this morning and hurt my knee pretty bad i guess it could of been worse but right now it is pretty painful! GOD bless you, Brother Danny  1/23/24

David: India

Please pray for my sister's son who has affair with already married non Christian girl. May God stop this relationship.

Christina: United States

I made a prayer request 5 months about a racist that goes by _____. turns he left the site days ago. i'm not sure it was owners of the site or he finally left. as a black women he bullied and made racist comments to the point i went through trauma. i want to thank everyone who prayed for me. i hope he's gone for good and the owners on site protect all users regards their race,background, etc and stop being prejudiced.

Anna: United Kingdom

Hi team. Please can we ask for your prayers over our baby? I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have had an unexpectedly smooth pregnancy thus far. Unfortunately baby's growth rate has been declining and as of this morning, baby is below 10th percentile - we have now been referred to the fetal medicine unit for specialist care.

We are praying against all sickness, abnormalities and malnutrition in Jesus' mighty name - and praying for growth to pick up and for safe delivery of a healthy baby. We would very much appreciate it if you would kindly join us in our prayer. Baby is due in early February.

Oliver: United States

I need prayer for dealing with loneliness and being single. I want to find my future wife.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my brothers and sisters. If you have time, please say a prayer for me. I do not know about other places, but in Miami, if you are homeless, you can no longer sleep lying down in the daytime. That hurts. You do not have the strength you need to deal with life!GOD bless you.
At least I have good friends like you guys and gals! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny, 1/17/24
P.S. I must become like King David and encourage myself in the LORD!

Susie: United States

Please pray for my grandson Michael.  He’s been targeted on social media and is being bullied and threatened.  Please pray for his protection and guidance against them.  He has reported them.

Christina: United States

I pray 2024 will be a good year for me. last year wasn't bad but i was surrounded with racist, hateful, and evil people. i pray to God he will give me a good year and be around people who not racist, hateful, and evil and also understand me.

David: United States

My prayer request is that I know God's future for me. Thank you.

Alicia: Australia

Please pray for me for healing and deliverance and the Lord will restore and recover everything that has been stolen from me and my family

Leon: United Kingdom

I had a dream that my headteacher was directing me on my next move. It was an answered prayer, so can you pray that God puts me in a leadership position in a school with Christian values, a smaller school earning over £70,000 a year? To become an Assistant Head is my next step. Thank you for your prayers!

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