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"Healing Testimonies"

There are many examples of healing in both the Old and New Testaments. Your healing testimonies can be very encouraging to others with health issues.

Feel free to share your testimony on the form at the bottom of this page.

Healing Testimonies

The Healing Power of Prayer

My Life Was Changed Forever

Healed of Covid

Miraculously Healed

Healed by Faith

A Year to Live

My Miracle Story

Healing Belongs to God

God's Healing Power of Love

Samuel Smith faj: Nigeria

I was healed of HIV by the power of God through strong faith, fervent prayer, and fasting. For the last 3 years, I slept, and I had a terrible dream of a giant creature that had sex with me frequently. It came up severely, and I began to get sick after a year.

The symptoms showed up. I had to go for a test, and the doctor confirmed after the test that I was HIV positive. At first, I was destabilised immediately when I saw it was a cross for me. I had to build up courage, and my faith came alive in Christ.

I started praying and fasted for a year; I became closer to God, my prayer life increased, and my relationship with God deepened. I'm always ready to attend camp meetings and prayer meetings.

After some time, I couldn't experience any of the systems, so I took the courage to go for another test, and everything became normal. I'm no longer a carrier of HIV, now free and free indeed. Hallelujah

Teresa: United States

Good evening, fellow Godly worshipers. I just want to say how great God is. Recently, the spirit of infirmity was attempting to make itself appear in my life, but I knew from the start that would not be the outcome because Jesus had already paid the price for our healings.

I began speaking to the infirmity and telling it to vanish. I began praying more diligently and kept faith the entire time. Finally, even though I know God knows everything I have done, I confessed and talked to God as though He was sitting beside me.

By the time I was done, the unclean spirits had left, and He gave me a special peace that literally spoke to me and said that EVERYTHING would be just fine. I must give Jesus Christ the praise. The reason for the season.

Kym: Singapore

I had heavy menses for about 10 to 14 days for several months. I prayed to Jesus for healing in Aug and to keep my menses irregular and normal. I prayed, "As Jesus is, so am I."

For November 2023, my menses flow was normal and stopped on day 7.

I am amazed at how Jesus works wonders. He is my dearest God, Daddy, and I love Him forever. To anyone reading, do keep the faith in Jesus. Believe, and it shall be given to you.


In month 08, I took some tests, and one showed a problem, so I got a doctor.

He referred me to 2 other doctors. I took tests, and one of them concluded that there would be a disease that causes the defense cells to attack the good cells, and in this way, they attack the organs; the condition does not affect you.

I have no cure, but there is treatment. I was sad, and I left the doctor's office crying. In month 10, I had a meeting at church and requested healing from God, and I felt confident.

I took the new tests requested by the doctor, and I thought that I needed to retake the exam that had been positive on 11/06/2023. I took the exams to the doctor, and he opened them and told me there were a lot of tests, and even the positive one was negative.


Samuel: Nigeria

I bless the name of the Lord for the healing I received through the prayer of faith. Three years ago, I tested HIV positive. Since then, I began to pray, believing God for a divine touch of healing and God's intervention.

One fateful morning, my spirit struck me to know my status, so I took the check-up with faith.
Lo and behold, after I went for the check-up, I collected the result to see that I am not HIV positive.

I am now HIV negative, to the glory of God! Hallelujah!


I have been completely healed as I prayed in the power of the Spirit.

Peter: Philippines

I was in the hospital with a spine-compressed fracture and paralyzed from the waist down. After a few days and still, I cannot empty my bladder.

One morning, I was praying, and the moment I closed my eyes, I saw Jesus' silhouette and very strong backlights of white and pink rays. then he moved closer to me then said, "RELEASE."

I immediately opened my eyes, then after 2 to 3 seconds, I felt my bladder open up (seems like a small stone had moved} then I began emptying my bladder.

Anne: United States

I just want to share that I am so thankful for this website. I was led to this site as I was looking for encouragement while experiencing severe liver pain.

I was diagnosed with fatty liver about two years ago and did not take care of myself by exercising or eating properly. The pain in my liver started several weeks ago and became progressively worse.

I prayed, cried, and prayed, and finally needed to encourage myself with stories of God’s healing power.
After reading the stories, I began to speak to my situation as some did in the healing stories on this website.

I am elated to say that today I am pain-free!!!!

I could not go without coming back to this site and saying thank you!!!! This site blessed my soul more than you!!!

May others receive healing as I have!! May God continue to bless and grow your ministry!!

Lawrence: United States

I am 70 years old now. I was raised a Christian and followed God loosely as a youth. I decided to make God a priority in my life at about the age of 23. 

A year later, I was living in the mountains with pets and farm animals. I was asleep one night when something entered my left ear; try as I would, I could not remove it.

It periodically made noise, like a person eating celery. If I poked at it, the noise would stop momentarily. I asked my wife to put her ear next to mine and see if she could hear it. "YES, she could." 

Living on a tight budget and without insurance, I dreaded the thought of paying for a dr. There was no pain, and after two days and nights of this, it was beginning to concern me. 

I continued to work as a mechanic in a local shop. While working, the sound would come and go. (very annoying) I would go into the restroom and try to make it stop, poking and flushing with water. 

After one of these duals in the bathroom, a thought came to me as I walked back into the shop area. " I don't need to let this worry me; I am God's child; it's His problem" IMMEDIATELY, three things happened. 

  • 1: the noise in my ear went away (forever). 
  • 2: EVERYTHING I saw was shimmering with blue, gold, red, and iridescent highlights coming out, like heat waves. The cars, buildings, streets, everything. 
  • 3: I felt the most powerful peace, impossible to compare with anything. 

From what I remember, it lasted for about 10 - 15 minutes, then the sights and feelings slowly faded away for another 10 min. or so.

One strange remembrance, I worked with 4-5 others in this small shop. None of them were present when this happened.

I know it was God's touch of healing. I have seen God's miraculous hand in my life for many years. I can't wait to hold Him!!!

Rose: United States

I am 67 years old and have had a recurring problem with urinary tract infections. I was suffering with another one and on the couch with a heating pad.

I sincerely asked God to heal me and quickly felt a very strong power in my belly; this went on for a few minutes. My husband came over to me, and I told him what had happened and that I would be okay!

God stands by his word, "When you call, I come quickly!"

Zachary: United States

This happened when I was in recovery from surgery. Jesus appeared in the air, holding a torch with darkness all-around, sort of like a lighthouse. What kept repeating in my head was to follow the light.

Joseph: Ghana

Your testimony compels me to write this.

I have been diagnosed with the same thing you described above about two years ago, but my faith in Jesus Christ is making me live a normal life, to my doctor's surprise. I saw my doctor just yesterday, and to the glory of God, I have been taken off all steroids. I am now only on chlorambucil.

I know the time is coming when the doctor will say, gentleman, you have no cancer, just like your case. Your testimony has really inspired me. Our God liveth. 

My first time doing something like this, but this is for Christ's sake, just to let people know that even cancer cannot stand His healing powers.

In fact, I am so touched since we have the same CLL issue. My faith has been increased the more, at least.

God bless us all.

Godgive: United States

Hi Children of The Almighty God,

I have been experiencing pain and inflammation in my right hip and thigh for about six months. It was so painful to bend down, sit, and even when lying down. I have been on a muscle relaxer and lidocaine patch, but they did not help. 

On 6/29/2021, the pain with inflammation was so bad that I wanted to tell my husband to take me to the urgent care but then called upon God and repeated His Words.

He spoke to me in a dream many years ago that all my enemies have been defeated. I told God that I believe His Word, and I am holding unto His Word. His Word said that all my enemies had been defeated--no exception--that this pain and inflammation have been defeated. I cried due to the horrible pain and inflammation while holding unto God's Word and Promises.

All of a sudden, my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus, I felt peace and calm in my body; I sat down quietly throughout the evening--for this was happening late afternoon. The following day and night, no pain and inflammation, I was thanking God; I did not tell my family members yet. One week later, no pain; I bent down three times, walked up and down steps but no pain.

I told my family members what God has done for me, and they rejoiced with me. I was in so much pain, could not sit down, bend down and walk up and down steps without pain. God is amazing. God is so faithful; He is a miracle-working God. He keeps His Word. God does not lie. God took the pain and inflammation away.

Trust and hold unto God's Word. Please join me in thanking God for His mercies, compassion, goodness, and faithfulness.


Brenda: United States

God has healed my brother-in-law Francis; he had acute leukemia, but God has healed him.

Thank you, Jesus.

Caroll and Brenda Farley

@ iheart.com/artist/caroll-brenda-farley-289281/

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Anja: South Africa

God moved one more mountain...

I just want to share another testimony of how God healed my tendon through less than a mustard seed faith. 

I was diagnosed with Covid a few months back through a rapid blood test. I had it really bad at a stage; my chest closed. I battled to breathe and could not move my stage because of no oxygen going through to my limbs. I got pins and needles in my fingers and feet.

I had no taste or sense of smell, and my body was sore, and my throat irritated; I almost did not see 2021, but once again, through faith, I asked my fiance to contact my pastor to pray for me over the phone and after that my chest cleared opened up so I could breathe.

After my isolation, I got what they call Covid Pneumonia, and my chest closed up again, and I once again thought I'm not going to make it.

This time I was scared because my fiancé was not at home and my voice was gone, and I know that I tried to live righteously, but the thought went through my mind ....are you ready to meet our Father? Deep inside me, I still feel that I could've and should've done more to have a closer relationship with God.

I realized then also that I was going to die without saying goodbye without making amends. I knew at least I do forgive the people that hurt me have time, but I wanted to say goodbye, at least to my family. I decided that I'm going to fight the inevitable...

I typed a message to my pastor asking him to pray for me in the name of Jesus, and once again, through faith, my chest opened up, and I could breathe again. After that, I had blood tests done and ended up with blood clots, but once again, Jesus came through for me.

I'm back at work and getting stronger every day. Once again, I'm spending every second telling everyone that God is real, He is still doing many miracles, and we need to put our trust in Him. He never left us or forsook us.

We need to praise Him even in the storm, no matter what you go through in life....sometimes, these things happen for a reason; it's there to make you stronger so you could handle any obstacle that comes your way.

I have learned to put everything in God's hands, and then everything else will fall into place...He is the provider, He is a miracle worker and does not expect too much from us....all He wants is us to do is to confess our sins and believe that His son died for us on the cross and have a close relationship with Him. The book of Revelations is being fulfilled as we speak. It's important to plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family and to put on the full armour of God.

Please share the testimony of my healing, so people will know that God is faithful and good, and all we need is to call His name, and He will be there. Cast your anxieties on Him. He will give you rest, let Him lead you, and He will direct your steps.

God bless you and keep you safe.

Alexander: United States

One night in the ICU hospital bed at about 3 in the morning, I woke to see Jesus facing me looking at me. 

I was not afraid. I was at the point where I may not make it due to covid 19. The image I saw of Jesus. He was in his robe, and in a moment, I saw a small beam of light from him go towards my toes.

 When this happened, I felt an amazing, indescribably immense love rise up my body, and the love grew stronger and stronger going up my body. I felt at peace.

Crystal: United States

My mother was sick and in the hospital on a ventilator for the past few weeks. I have been so worried about her, and with everything going on with the pandemic I was unable to visit her. I have been praying, asking God to heal my mother and show me she is okay.

Today my phone rang...and my mother's name popped up. I was so excited, and am so blessed to say that she is doing much better.

Shalini Grace: India

Praise be to the name of the Lord.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. The last month of the year has been quite difficult for me, with close members of my family afflicted with sickness. 

God miraculously healed them and protected our family. Glory be to God.

Alicia: Guyana

My baby and I fell in the bathroom. He hit his head so hard I was devastated. He was crying so much, and I started to cry. 

I called on God the merciful to make my child alright. He heard and answered my prayer. My baby is totally healthy, with no injuries. He is walking and talking and eating well. 

I know that God restored him. He would not have been well without God.

Robert: United States

Jesus reached down to the bottom to save me. I was an alcoholic. Its been 27 years now without a drink because the Lord saved me. Then he called me to preach the Gospel; been preaching 27 years now. 

Satan has tried everything to destroy me. I lost my family through a divorce after I broke down with a bad spinal cord disease. I died once, and the Lord brought me back. The doctor couldn’t cure my disease. It’s. One of the most painful conditions, and the doctors had me on all kinds of meds at the same time.

 I found out my wife was going out on me after 20 years of marriage, and she backslide from God. So I went through Divorce, and the church turn there backs on me and wouldn’t let me preach anymore.  

One night my disease was so bad that I was getting ready to have them take me to the hospital, but they were getting ready to pray so I told the Lord that night to either healed me or take me to heaven, because I couldn’t go on because the pain was so bad, even on some of the strongest pain meds the doctors had me on. 

Finally, one night at a church, where I knew the pastor well, they prayed over me, and God healed me that night; Praise the Lord forever!

And the Lord brought a good Christian lady in my life. We got married, and today I am back preaching in the Church that told me I would never preach again because of Divorce. 

I lived the life of Job; the only difference between Job and me was I never lost my children by death thank the Lord forever. I never gave up on the Lord, and he rewarded me after five years of satan trying to destroy me.

Today I am preaching again at the Church and the nursing home. Jesus Christ forever!

Anurichukwu: Nigeria

Beloved, I would like to share this testimony of the goodness of our God.

After my graduation from university, I partook in a one year service with the government. During that period, because of prolonged standing, while discharging my duties, I developed a sharp back pain.

This back pain discomfort made me avoid standing for so long, except while walking. Even while ministering in the Church, I had to lean on the pulpit to prevent being noticed.

But on the day of the divine healing, I was bothered over some issues and thought I should rather avoid attending an evening prayer meeting with the Brethren in the Church. Thank God, the Holy Spirit convinced me to attend, so I left home to Church.

While the minister was leading the Brethren in prayers (to be sincere), I was quiet, not praying, just absent-minded.

Then I decided to say a word of prayer, and said: "Lord JESUS, please take away this back pain." Immediately, I felt swiftly a hand enter my back, adjusted my spinal cord discs, and the hand was withdrawn. For the next five days, I felt a balm-like feeling around my back.

From that day, even until now, no more back pain discomfort.

Good is good, Amen.

A: Nigeria

Brethren, I am happy to share the goodness of our God.

My neighbours were a newly married couple, and for about two years, there had a series of miscarriages.

We became friends and began praying together. The LORD answered our prayers by making the wife conceive.

The period of pregnancy was full of troubles and life-threatening. At a point, the babies were confirmed dead based on medical examination. We prayed together, and by the time the husband returned to the hospital, the doctors began arguing on who pronounced the fetus dead. Meaning, there were back to life.

Later on, the wife had prolonged bleeding, which made her admitted for about five months.

Our Faith was strong and anchored on JESUS. Finally, she was delivered of a twin, which dismissed aĺl negative medical and other opinions.

To God, be the glory... Amen.

Brian: Australia

In early 1989 I was stricken with severe "crippling" back and body pain, and often, I fell on my knees in agony. After nine months of treatment/pain killers, etc. l was led to ask the doctor, "What is the prognosis?".... His reply was, "We could operate, but you may end up a total cripple!"

I went home in total despair, and in an empty house, I looked up and pleaded, "Help me!".

Within 15 minutes, a friend drove into my driveway. I thought, "I don't need people at this time!" so I asked him, "What are you doing here, Pete?" He held out a book on self-treatment for back and body pain and said, "I was at home and was prompted to get this book from my bookshelf and bring it to you!" I immediately thought, "WOW, that was quick!"

I followed the instructions in the book, and in THREE days, all my pain disappeared, and I haven't had a twinge since ... 30 years. Of course, the doctor told me, "You will be back! "... I haven't been.

Reflecting on what had happened, I pictured God smiling as He said, "Ah! At last, I have your attention!"

I now look at sickness or troubles in people's lives as "attention-getters." Unfortunately, the usual response to these is to seek answers or solutions from the world, doctors, counselors, etc., etc.

Soon after, He taught me about forgiveness taking me back from my early childhood to the present day; I listed about 30 names, including myself a few times. Then over 2 ½ hours, I recalled each situation, forgave and then directed the person to Christ Jesus, Who was sitting nearby. The result, not even a cold or a headache in 28 years and I keep forgiving all who do me wrong!

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