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Thousands of Christian dreams have been 
submitted to this website and this page 
links to them all. 

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Misc Christian Dreams
And Visions

KM: United States

During the sunset, I was looking to the west with my door open, and I looked up for a bit. It was a triangular shape with an EYE in the middle of it blinking. I couldn't stop looking at it because I've never ever seen it in my life. I don't know what's going on, but something big is about to happen. And this was no dream.

Hakeem: United States

My name is Hakeem, 27 years old. I saw a rainbow vision when I was a kid and grew up seeing them in visions. But I want to know what that means for me. And I always have dreams bout my mom, can she in heaven?

J: United States

I almost never remember my dreams, but I remember these three vividly.

  • 1: As a kid, I dreamed I saw Jesus with a broom sweeping. It was a quick, simple dream.

  • 2: In 2019 I had a dream of which my mom told me to put on a suit because we were going to a wedding. We walked into the church then I Remember a man saying Follow me. Then I ended up outside playing tennis for a few seconds (Which is weird cause I never play that), then other people and I were all digging in the ground for these round gold and bronze things. I don’t know what they were. Then as I’m looking at the ground, I hear people screaming. I turned, and there was a man or woman with arms Spread open to the Sky, praying very loud. We looked at the sky, and it became dark, and then part of the sky started to part and open up. The screaming continued, then I said the Rapture is about to happen. I woke up with my heart beating fast. I checked on my son to see if he was still in bed to make sure I did not miss the Rapture.

  • 3: this year, I had one where I was looking through the window of a local building in my city, and I saw a lot of people putting on white robes over top of their clothes.

Prince: Malaysia

28 Mar 2020:

I had a vision of 5 countries that will be in war...I’m a little afraid now of what it would cause suffering to other countries. Anyone had similar visions?

Hanaely: Philippines

Hi, Since entering 2020, there are numerous times I encounter/visions and peculiar dreams. I've listed them all because I want answers and wanted people to know too if there has been a meaning into it. Here it goes:

  • Mid-January, 2020. Suffering severe depression and anxiety at that time, I isolated myself from my family. Slept through the night at the rooftop. Everything feels different; the wind is still and mists everywhere. Resilient- is what the word. I feel it coming, and i don't know what, but it is coming. I woke up, staring directly at the yellow Moon; one word that my mind can only utter is "Jesus."
  • January 22, 2020. Dreaming at a pitch-black void, consciousness is active. I woke up at the sudden horn blasting. I don't know where the noise came from, and the residents here didn't hear it.

  • February 2, 2020. Dreamed about different colored coins scattered at the beach, floating and glowing against the light of the moon. While I have being chased by a demon, underground. Saw a man, white robe, it's like I have known him for years, so I let him hit the chasing demon. When I get to where his position at- he is gone. I noticed myself wearing a blue robe and have wings.
  • March 8, 2020. I'm feasting with my closest relatives, and  though there are food shortages, all I can feel and think at that time is, "consume all you want while we wait for his coming." I go out to our rooftop, watching the pitch-black with dark blue hues swirling, rainbow-like shape, except it's just white. There are no stars and the moon. Everything is dark. I woke up at a thought, "redemption is near."

That's just it, for now, I hope this is not just a senseless dream and false hope. My soul is in chaos; we just want to go home now. I hope he comes as soon as he can. :)

May God bless us all.

Bradley: United States

I saw something like a cannon of light being shot into the sky, opening the clouds, and everything underneath the cannon was being sucked into it. After a hand takes the cannon of light away, making it smaller leaving a pair of hands together cradled with a ball of light in the middle...

Kira: United States

I dreamed about purple snow falling from the sky and a voice that spoke to me.


According to Understanding the Dreams You Dream" by Ira Milligan,  

  • The color of purple can mean: to rule, majestic, noble
  • Snow can mean pure; grace; covered; unrevealed; unfulfilled.

Ivan: Philippines

I have a dream blue light candle, and there's a tall unknown person with white clothes and curly hair to shoulder and stairway with arc..what is the meaning of that?

Cristine: Philippines

I saw a light coming from the clouds, and I told the people that, "Jesus is here, Jesus is here," but I can see no other people in that place, to be specific in the mountain and I feel like no one was listening to me.

In another dream I saw lots of people in a white dress, standing facing the light from heaven and I'm just hiding at my mom's back. I remember the feeling of fear in me.

Another also was when my mom and I are swimming in bloody water then we rise, and we're at the top of the mountain with no other people.

Then the recent one is scary. 5/1/19 I dreamed about asking my Tita what's time. Then she responded saying its already 11, and it is near 12. I saw three clocks, water and the people including me seem like celebrating and something was falling from the clouds, I'm not sure if its a snow or what but I'm pretty sure it's not raining. After that, I woke up because I feel like there's someone touch my right pulse, but I am alone in my room that night.

Raymond: Philippines

A few months ago, I had this dream of becoming like our Lord Jesus. In the dream, there was a man who is standing in front of me (there was a garden fence between that man and me). He told me.. "after three days you will rise from the dead.." then, I had this thought that it seems this man is telling me that I am Jesus. After he said to me those words, my vision turned white (all I can see was white light) then, gradually, I can see clearer picture of my surrounding which is the sky, and I saw clouds around me, then I felt like I was coming down from sky to the earth, I felt like falling but, slowly. Then, I thought, am I Jesus? I've tried to prove that point by looking at my hands. Then, I looked into my two hands; I saw my hands are pierced. I looked below while coming down. I saw a vast number of people gathered, which seems like they are all looking up to me. I never saw their faces from above, but I can see their inner-self. Their bodies are transparent, and all I can clearly see to them was a burning fire inside them. I can see only two colors of the burning fire for, and that was black and white. I saw mixed people with burning black or white fire on them. When I am about to reach the land, I saw an army waiting for me, and the soldiers are lined up into two side by side, which lined up my path. Between the two lines of the army is a soldier (it seems like the general) waiting for me to land. When I landed, he escorted me to the tunnel. All I remember after that was the general leads me to the tunnel and inside the tunnel was a group of people seated around the table, which looks like they are waiting for me. (looks like there is going to be a meeting and they are waiting for me), then I woke up...

Wanda: United States

I dreamt that I was holding a small glass bottle of anointing oil. All the sudden, it exploded, and though it was a small amount of clear oil in the vial, it became a lot of thick oil that covered my whole right hand. It was a vibrant, electric blue color. I was shocked and didn’t know how to go about getting it off. Suddenly, lightning quick it all absorbed into my right palm. I could see it for a moment right under the skin and then it completely absorbed and was gone.

Kathy: United States

A dream about bridges.

Douglas: United States

The church was outside at night, and I couldn't see anybody in the darkness.
The only person I recognized in the spirit was when the apostle of the church walked pass me down to a building. What does this dream mean, I can't forget it.

Pam: United States

A woman in the church seen to meet in a hallway we wall not acknowledging each other, but I know her, and she chooses to be a rival. As we come to this room I'm under the impression the apartment is mine, our pastor comes out and says the bathroom is clean I look from where he came & there's a bathroom, I continue to look around the room there is a bed made up with a white on white chinchilla spread. Our pastor continues to another dark place can't see anything in it the lady follows the pastor through the door as I proceed to follow I look up above the bed is a circular white on the white ceiling, all of a sudden the ceiling starts cracking. I just look at it as the sister is on the other side of the door across the threshold of the dark room. Can't quite remember what I thought as the pieces of ceiling started to drop, I do remember looking from the roof to the door room seeing the sister and wondering should O follow my pastor.

Filip: Czech Republic

I had a strange dream about being small, then in that dream walked a few steps in my room and opened the door.  I've looked on both palms of my hands, and saw my own eyes in them they winked and I fell into darkness, paralyzed. I was trying to move physically but was paralyzed seeing nothing, just dark and deaf. I will be very glad for every feedback what could help with explaining the meaning.

Joyce: United States

I had a dream back in biblical times, I was high in the air and there was a crown tossed from below me and it fell on my head almost like something magical like it was the perfect fit, like a crown of thrones, and I saw the gold specks when it landed in my for head, but the specks vanished.

Marie: Australia


My name is Marie I was reborn in Christ; since then God talks to me and I am very happy. He brings me joy and peace, I love him so much, and I have visions every time I pray now, I would like to know what does this mean my vision was about a gold lake, everything was shining, and the wall to the wall was white but very beautiful just sparkling. Please, could you help me. God bless you thank you.

Mk: United States

I have dreamed of the face of Mary Virgin Mary appearing in the sky

Leigh: South Africa

I dreamt of a man standing beside my bed shining a bright light and i couldn't see his face and he breath air into my body.  What does this mean?

Felicia: United States

What do praying hands with a wedding ring and three falling rocks mean?

Carol: Canada

Early morning, sleeping in bed. Woke up - slowly opened my eyes.  What I saw - a very bright 'tube' or 'scroll' or 'portal' of light (perhaps 5 feet in length) running along the ceiling over top of the curtain rod (which was mounted very close to the ceiling).  The light was NOT like sunlight - it was brighter.  (Normally the room would be dark with a blackout blind not allowing much natural light to escape from the top of the curtain!)  From the end of this 'tube' of light came something that appeared to reach/stretch towards me - it 'seemed' like perhaps an arm with a hand stretched out in my direction.  It was ALL very bright and illuminated, and I couldn't make out any details.  This all took seconds only and when I closed my eyes and opened them again - it was gone.  Before this, I had been experiencing some feelings of deep depression and questioning the Lord regarding what we - as God's children - were to expect during Tribulation.

Silvia: Tanzania

I dreamt that the statue of Jesus Christ broke into my hands what does it mean?

Interpretation, by Peter: Australia:

Jesus is not a statue. 
He wants Relationship with you. Hands speak of 'grace.' He wants to 'break' into your life if you will allow him. Not only will He use you to bear fruit, *"the more grace you need, the more grace He will supply."
Scriptures: John 1:16 

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Are Dreams and Visions
Relevant Today?

Although prominent throughout the Old and New Testaments dreams and visions are hardly mentioned in most churches today, and are rarely a topic of conversation. 

The Apostle Paul received visions that were so powerful he was given a "Thorn in the Flesh" to keep him from being too conceited. The Apostle John basically wrote the entire book of Revelation by visions from God.    

Peter, quoting prophecy from Joel 2:28, "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."(Acts 2:17)

I believe you will see in this collection that God fulfills His Word, and He still speaks to His people through dreams and visions; And we should be expecting it.

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"A Visitor's Question About Christian Dreams"

A recent entry from a young visitor:

Grace: United States 
"I love your website so much. I had a dream of Jesus and I went to search for dreams and where you can post them. I found this. 

I have never found a better website I love this!  I'm so amazed by how many people God and Jesus have touched through dreams and visions. it makes me so happy reading these. 

Be strong and faithful to God. Have a great relationship with them (Jesus and God). They are the most important people in your life. they are always with you and love you very much. God bless you all"

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I love this website. I've had other dreams that I've written down and I'm glad that there's a site like yours where people can go to it and read what God is doing. It's amazing. 
God's blessings to you and your family, 

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