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The Apostle Paul received visions that were so powerful he was given a "Thorn in the Flesh" to keep him from being too conceited,  cont ....

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"Dreams and Visions"

Jasmin: United States
I have a dream that I was at home and this tall guy cut popping up with a gold glow around him trying to tell me something

Jinay: United States

I dreamed I was in a place and needed help. A man came and covered me with his body and took me out to a safer place where I met someone named Simon who gave me a cloth which was invisible,  and I wiped myself. Then he sat with me and told me that the three days in that place made me stronger for my daughter. By the way, I don't have a daughter. And I am separated from my husband. I've been praying a lot.


 I had a dream that I was standing in the street with other people looked up in the sky and saw two colors meet together, and everyone started praying, then I woke up.

Franchesca: Country

just a line of brown hooded men with ropes tied around the waist and they were in a line, but some or one was facing the opposite direction the other men were.

Sarah: United States
Pg 1 keys. 
I had a dream That my sister kept taking off keys to my key ring. 

Courtney: United States
I saw a building that looks like a temple glowing in black and purple then it turned to gold and had no sky image had no sun nor moon and no people just a beautiful gold glow and black image sky.

Olayinka: Ireland
I had felt that something is pressing  me and screamed so loud and called  JESUS and woke up 

Michelle: Country
I had a dream of a face with a fiery halo

Cynthia: United States
I dream I was weary a white bathrobe at church. I was giving God praises and dancing in a church. I couldn't stop giving God praises. Then I realize I had on a dress that was fitting with different colors, so I cover myself with this white bathrobe. Then I want back giving God praises. Then when stop of the sister at church said to me, she will give me a ride home. 

Nell: United States
I was outside,cars were falling out the sky,  cars didn't crash,  and the people got out the car walking backwards,  and I woke up. 

Joscelyn: Bahrain
I keep seeing a road leading to an open horizon or clouds.....a woman with a child

Christopher: United States
I had a dream that my name wasn't in the book of Life there were several other people there with me I can't remember their faces nor could I remember the names that were in the book (though they were all short names there names only consisted of 3 to maybe 6 letters) many pages of the book were empty 

Karen: United States
This morning right before 2 am sometime I had a dream that I was walking the streets of some biblical place with a woman. She wore some type of beige clothing and she had on sandals. The streets were very stone and I remembered that because it was like my feet hurt. She told me never to enter the temple barefoot. Then she took me up to a place where there was a ladder and then she disappeared but I sat there staring at a woman who was holding a baby but I couldn't see the infant. Later I realized it was Mary and Jesus. She took me back to the temple where I had to climb back down from the site where I saw her and the baby & then I awakened. First time I've ever had a dream that took me to a biblical place.

Lydia: United States
I dreamt twice about the "Book of John" saying twice with beautiful, unheard before, music from heaven. 
Another one: I was inside of the person who preaches about the Book of John and saw so many people who looked joyful and praised His name over and over again.  I wasn't sure if it was telling me that it will happen to me in the future,  or perhaps be there with the crowd? What was it trying to tell me twice about the "Book of John"?

Partha : India
Two people son and father as actor rajbabbar is son AND father as actor prokash jh is father both on their mission, they are facing conflict of others, father is deprided at last father and son reached on the way, is retained to jail , others are trying to cut on them by axes, broke the gate and entered, all prossed the hits of axes to meet the trees as a statue of those who are watching during  sleeping

Nerry : Australia
I had a dream where a cheerful young boy was showing 5 mansions, with huge gates and there were magnificent clouds and light in the background. It was very beautiful but I was only focused on one house. For some reason the number '5' resonated with me; there were 5 houses but also, the meaning of 5 days - which I did not understand. There was also a feeling within me where I thought it was a phase assessment before you entered the sky. 

Nicole: Canada
I was praying with a group for healing the other day when someone had a vision of an old knife. Used for cutting. From days of old during bible times. 
The sickness Im going thru has to do with something from my past and the knife had something to do with intercessory prayer but uncertain about that.could you shed light on that for me?

Bonita: United States
My dream was I walking down a side walk look at the sky and it opened up very beautiful people where walking back and forth and out of heavens comes these tall men placing tiki lamps on each side of me one by one then I saw a lot of gold light falling and then changing into white horses then I woke the place was so beautiful and peaceful to me

Rebecca: South Africa
I have been praying a lot lately,so last night when i sleep asked God to show me a sign that He hears my prayers or maybe there is something i do my sleep i saw multitudes of people is if they are going some where,while i am asking myself what is going on to my surprise i lifted my head,i am someone who looks where she's at/around.i saw a huge cloud black,long hair,beard,nose,mouth and eyes,The face just said "come,come in a loud voice,after that instead of all this people to go to the voice then under the cloud appeared a man,this man was naked and all this people went to this man,he performed some kind of ritual,then i woke up,around 3 am 

Charles: Nigeria
I saw the cloud open and a white car run down and to my place and when i check i saw greeting card but still don't know where it coming from 

SONSHINE: United States
I dreamed that the choir  was singing and I was sweeping leaves and dirt from in front of them. the more I swept, the worser it got

Shanyatta: United States
I was asleep and in my dream a calm rushed over me, and an amazing blessing happened. I WOKE UP BEFORE I SAW IT though. When I opened my eyes I had my hands raised shouting, "Thank You Jesus".  I was doing this while sleep to and didn't know it.

Christine: China
I dreamt I was talking to my friend and she was not really listening,and she told me there is a super natural power on that corn

David: Kenya
I was sleeping then I saw this bright light ascending from the horizon at night and when it reached in the middle right above me it was so strong I could not stand it,later I found myself in a temple where I was looking at an old scroll, then I woke up shaking

Layna: United States
I dreamt of a fist and a rope coming through the clouds and I felt like God was taking me
What does that mean

Seanna: Jamaica
I was washing some clothes and a dog in a plastic basin at a park and the dog jumps out the basin and I run after to him to get him and clothes back into the water and two men one whom I know and the I'm not sure I recognize his face start coming toward me and I say stop and collect dog and clothes and headed back to basin but when I turned around they weren't there

Vivian: Netherlands
Shalom my name is Sister Vivian. I dreamed that I caught 2 small fish and put them in a water bucket. After a while the fish began to grow bigger and bigger and the like to come out of the bucket for me is a wonder to know what is meaning of the dream thanks a lot God bless I hope to know it 

Ariel: Guam
I had a dream a few weeks ago. I think it was days after I gave birth to my baby who is premature. The night of the dream I was fixing my daughter who was grown like a 2 year old. I went outside because I saw bright yellow skies. As the skies get brighter, I see 3 crosses floating towards my direction. The one in the middle was a big and white cross. Following along the sides of the big cross were 2 medium sized crosses. I couldn't remember much of what else I saw. But after that, there was like a wave of darkness that hit the world. I wasn't really scared due to reacting late. But that wave showed me my fears. Then after that, I woke up. Not remembering much but the bright sky, 3 crosses and wave. 


Hello Ariel, thank you for sharing your fascinating dream.

Sometimes we immediately know the meaning of our dreams. Other times it may come later or through someone else. I can help with the meaning of the three crosses and light; perhaps someone else will submit the complete meaning. (If so, I will forward it to you)

  • The scene of three crosses is a wonderful symbol of God's saving grace. Jesus crucified on the cross with two thieves, (one on either side),(Luke 23:32-33).
  • One of the thieves insulted and taunted Jesus refusing His gift of salvation and everlasting life, this man's fate was to spend eternity in Hell.
  • The other thief recognized and accepted that Jesus is the Christ sent to save the world. When he asked for salvation Jesus promised that he would be with Him in Paradise that very day.

This tells us that our future life is in our hands. We  can reject Christ and enter into Hell, or accept Him and have an eternal life with Him in Heaven, the decision is up to us.

The light from the three crosses symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and our resurrection on the last day.

Bless you Ariel, Jesus loves you.


German: United States
Last night I had a dream of a goat burning in sulfur. I awoke in a cold sweat. My wife says I need to fast.

OPHIE J: United States

Alexa: United States
I dreamt that I was getting married to someone who was Jewish in my dream

Diana: United States
Last night I had a dream that I was surrounded by fire. No matter where I looked there was fire. It was as high as I could see. This fire raged and was rolling downwards like fire logs. There were people being consumed by this fire. I was not afraid. I knew I couldn’t help the people being consumed by the fire. So I began to pray. Gods hands surrounded me to keep me safe from the fire. I felt safe and loved. But I can’t stop thinking about this dream.

Reginald: United States
A man walking falls into bushes then a brown Ancient Horse appears running towards me. I try to climb a tree holding on to a branch but I can't get far enough away . T horse just stops and stares at me not harming me..Then a little man demon looks jumps on horse and ride away

Faye: United States
Male figure standing at the foot of my bed and his head was blurred out but i could see everything else clear what does that mean 

Vineeta: India
I had seen a cluster of white birds in a vision.. Some day before a huge elephant.. I had also seen 2 dogs on the roof of a very old building.. Please do explain.
Thank you

Mami: Kenya
I have an online business to recruit people to join my network.I dreamt that these people were standing still in clay upto the sheen level and in front of each them was polished timber blocks that had been marked across(-)multiple times downwards like a count. They were aware of the blocks.

James: Australia
Dream of a Key unlocking a box with a cloak made of Stingrays.

Tega: United States
I had a dream that I was  being  attacked by men with knives me and 3other males so I started  quation bible scriptures  and the sky open and water was flowing down. and the men got saved

I dreamt I saw a goat at a stop sign. 
Can you help me understand what that means?

Marian: Country
I dreamt I saw my fiancé going towards a little boy that I believed in the dream was is. The little boy looked to be about 2 years old. However when I asked him he said the child was not His and I did not believe him. Next thing I new I saw who I believe to be the mother of the child who was dressed in a black laced dress was holding onto my 8 year old hand and the little boy hand and leading them away. As if taking them somewhere the dress she wore was very fancy long and black. This dream really disturbed me.

Peter: United States
About 3 years ago I had my most vivid dream. At the time i was working at a grocery store that was under remodeling construction. The front entrance was on a completely diff side of the building and the color scheme changed. I had a dream one night where I was with my friend and it was maybe midmorning afternoon and we pulled into the grocery store, but in the dream the front of the building looked the exact way it looks now after construction. All of a sudden i heard a loud boom that literally shook the entire ground. I immediately heard birds by the hundreds of thousands all screaming out like in a choir. I felt a certain uneasiness come over me like a veil had been lifted. Then out of nowhere the sky opened up and a large golden rectangle of light appeared. THe light began to have beams coming from it, and i saw in the distance a body being lifted up in the beam. The beams of light felt safer than the unsteadiness i felt on the ground. I saw a beam come across the parking lot and obliterate all cars and carts in its path. A well dressed woman in black was standing in front of the beam but quickly jumped out of the way, almost out of fear. I opened my arms and closed my eyes and felt the warmth come over me. I then felt a peace and woke up shortly after feeling okay and not scared. 

Vera: United Kingdom
I had a dream i was sweeping a lot dirt and clearing cobwebs in the church i attend. What does it mean

Portia: South Africa
I had a dream floating on top of melted gold and singing a gospel song that says worship him now and then for he is Jehovah, on the other side on my left money in dollars was floating and two man dressed in suits and ties were swept away by the money that they tried to touch and it changed to water?

Tega: United States
I had a dream that I was  being  attacked by men with knives me and 3 other males so I started  quoting the bible scriptures  and the sky open and water was flowing down. and the men got saved 

Nr: United States
i dreamed i was I never the parking lot of a mall and my daughter and mother were on the other side of the building with a bunch of people and out of nowhere tornados started appearing and I grabbed onto the pole from like ramp and had my eyes closed and was just praying in tongues and screaming Jesus at the top of my Lungs asking him not to take my family and stop the storm- He was the maker of the storm and could make it stop at any moment - I was screaming Jesus keep them safe and and something flew in my mouth I thought my teeth broke but whatever it was broke in my mouth like a branch or something and I opened my eyes in my dream to see all these stuff flying at me and then I woke up in real life...I need Jesusto interpret that for me and let it finish if it needs too. I'm wide awake now!

Tammy: United States
Since 2007, I have visions of people or just different faces. I can close my eyes now in see a person. No matter the race or age. They not doing anything that will stand out. I ask God what does it mean, so until he reveals I just pray for the person I see. Sometimes it's myself. But mostly others. Could it be a anointing that not in full bloom yet. 

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The Apostle John basically wrote the entire book of Revelation by visions from God

Although prominent throughout the Old and New Testaments dreams and visions are hardly mentioned in most churches today, and are rarely a topic of conversation.(top)       

Are They Relevant Today?

Peter, quoting prophecy from Joel 2:28, "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."(Acts 2:17)

According to Scripture, God continues to communicate with His people in the same manner, and we should be expecting it.

The following is a recent entry
from a young visitor:

Grace: United States 
"I love your website so much. I had a dream of Jesus and I went to search for dreams and where you can post them. I found this. 

I have never found a better website I love this! I know I'm only 12 but I'm so amazed by how many people God and Jesus have touched through dreams and visions. it makes me so happy reading these. 

Be strong and faithful to God. Have a great relationship with them (Jesus and God). They are the most important people in your life. they are always with you and love you very much. God bless you all"

Yes, God fulfills His Word. He still speaks to His people through dreams and visions.

Of course, not every dream is from God. As I once heard an old preacher say, with a mixture of humor and truth, "sometimes it is the result of too much chili on the hotdog."

Dreams and Visions always seem to come when we least expect them. I have had several very powerful life changing visions, and they all caught me by surprise. Although some occurred many years ago, they are as clear and memorable today, as then. 

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Dreams and Visions

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 "Some day you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don't you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God."

Billy Graham

I love this website. I've had other dreams that I've written down and I'm glad that there's a site like yours where people can go to it and read what God is doing. It's amazing. 
God's blessings to you and your family, 

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