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Moses: United Kingdom
In a dream i find myself in a quiet road, and there were houses and street lights. I was walking alone and a spotlight spotted shone from the sky, and I heard a voice calling my first name. The voice was so sweet and my first name is 'Kamer.'
I felt I should go with the light and vanish, but I started thinking about wife and kids, and decided to stay. Though I felt so peace and happy to go with the light and the voice. Then immediately I woke up from the dream. Please can you tell me the meaning of this dream. Thank you.

Jonah: Kenya
Dream of the rapture: Hi all! I too had this kind of dream. The Lord gave it 2 me in 2 parts. One nyt,the actual Rapture (i met Jesus in the air 2gether with others) The 2nd part,post-rapture Tormentors. One of whom said(b4 capturing a guy disguised 2 hide 4rm the Tormentors): "I SMELL THE BLOOD OF ONE DOOMED TO ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!"

Cian: United States
Last night I had a dream abut heaven. I don't remember everything I only remember receiving a white gown and a halo. I was trying to figure out where my family was. It was so strange.
A couple summers ago I had a dream, or vision that I was swimming in a pool, and I saw Gods face. He spoke to me, but I can not remember anymore

Dera: Nigeria
 I had a dream on the ist of June.... in the dream i was confirmed dead by a doctor and I I saw myself in the clouds about entering a big beautiful gate when I heard a voice that asked me if I was ready to enter and I replied yes" but then the voice asked again are u ready to go In I said yes but then he said think about your loved ones are u sure your ready to go In. then I turned around and said no. then voice said North I go...West I go.. East I go.... South I go...WHOEVER LOVES HIS LIFE MORE THAN ME WILL LOOSE IT.. this was repeated over 4times by this voice and I saw myself back to school with my friends...then I woke up

Michael: United States
I had a dream I was in heaven visiting my cousin and my friend who have both passed. My cousin greeted me and than brought me into this room with a very long wooden table. There were about 15 elderly people all sitting on one side of the table busy looking at a bunch of papers but engaged in my concersation with my cousin and my friend. One of the elders asked me what I liked about being on earth and how I liked visiting heaven. And than my friend opened this book for me to read something. It didnt really look like a bible but unfortuanly I was unable to read the words on the page. When I looked at my cousin I noticed the room started to get packed with people. This lady who I didnt know asked if I could see her? And when I said yes everybody in the room got quiet,looked at me in shock. I wasnt suppose to see these people. My cousin told me only people who stay in heaven permently can see the new people entering heaven. And than I woke up what do you suppose this means?

Alison: South Africa
I was walking home with a baby in a pram, when two church lady's ask  if they could pray for me, and I said yes. They took me to a private room and started to pray for me. while they were praying my spirit left my body.  I was on my way to heaven,  but I was so afraid that my spirit return to my body again.

Ana: United States
Hi my name is Ana and last night into this morning 6/12/14 I had a dream that my house was haunted and talking to me.  This was going on all night, then all of a sudden it told me my kids were going away !
One by one my kids started disappearing into heaven,  it was like they turned into glitter as they got higher.  I was screaming and begging for them to come back but they didn't.
Then it was my turn, but as long as I held on to my mother I was taking away,  the minute I let her go,  my hand turned into glitter and started to disappear,  as soon as I touched her it came back.
Can anyone help me please I'm so confused . This is the second dream I had with Jesus taking us without us being dead .

Lily: United States
My name is lily, last night I had a dream that my husband and I and I believe my sister and a friend were standing in a place waiting for the elevator and when it came down there was tons of peoples clothes of all ages laying on the elevator floor in the shape as if they layed and vanished there seem to be smoke coming from the clothes as if something was done quick. I turn to my husband in panick saying what do we do what do we do, but all of a sudden we were standing by a river of water with mountains. would this be considered a raptured dream.May the grace of God be with you and your family have a bless day. 6/6/14.

Katrina: United States
2 different visions... first vision was about a month ago, i was in the car with my mother about 7:30pm EST, sun was till up nice bright beautiful day and we were driving back from my oldest son's track meet. i was listening to Tamela mann's song, "Take me to the king," and i looked up at the sky and i seen a vision of Jesus in all white robe with his arms wide open. its was just for a split second then it was gone. a few times since then i have replayed that vision over in my head, trying to make sense of why Jesus revealed himself to me. i come to the conclusion that he's telling me he is always with me.

2nd vision was today 6/4/2014 at 7:35am on my way home to get my youngest son ready for school and there was a construction truck in the right lane and i was in the left lane. truck was ahead of me so i happen to just glance at the driver's side view mirror,( i don't know i did that) but i seen the face of Jesus appear in the mirror. for a split i seen it and it went away. i know he is watching over me and he gives me signs to show me he is always with me. i just give him the glory!! praise your name Jesus!!!!

Helen: Australia
I healed a blind man and made prayed for a mute man and he spoke

Demesa: United States
I'm a 13 year old boy who had a dream about Jesus. In the dream I woke up with the same clothes on that I fell asleep in. After I got up I heard a voice call my name, when I looked over, there was Jesus. 
He told me not to be afraid and said, come. When I began to walk He started to walk to, and then stopped by the counter. He reached his hand out, when I grabbed it everything went black, and then came back. 
We walked by the kitchen and stopped, and then he told me to turn around. When I did I saw my self sleeping in the same exact clothes that I was up in. Then I turned around and saw that he was gone
My sister knocked on the door and said ok now it's time to go to heaven. It's time And she said it in a really sad manner

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