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"About This Website" 
Trusting in Jesus

In my early twenties I seriously wanted to witness for Christ, but regardless of how hard I worked was not very successful. It was years later when I realized God wanted my testimony to be by my writings. 

The "Trusting in Jesus" Ministry is effective in reaching the people of the world. It began in 2003 as, "About the Cross of Jesus," and was changed to, "Trusting in Jesus" on December 14, 2007.

My purpose is to convey a message of hope and provide a solid foundation for Christian living and to carry the Good News of Jesus and the gift of eternal life.

People of all faiths and religions are welcome. 

The articles and studies are based totally on God's Word. Most are short, relevant and to the point and do not promote the beliefs of any particular Christian denomination. 

The Lord has blessed this ministry that, according to my website provider,  welcomes visitors from 224 countries, and the articles are being read millions of times.

From the first I wanted my Christian writings to always be in line with God's Word, without avoiding the difficult issues.

So I asked, "Lord, how should I write about miracles and things I have never seen or personally witnessed? And difficult Scriptures, such as Mark 11:23?

With a distinct response, the Holy Spirit, answered, "There will be times you will need to teach things in My Word that are perhaps beyond your understanding, but if you will write only what My Word says you will always be correct! And do not repeat or write an opinion that cannot be verified by My Word."

That was many years ago, and perhaps the best guidance ever, and I have never forgotten. And now, after witnessing many miracles and answers to prayer, I can confidently say, "What god is great like our God?" (Psa 77:13)).

God is love, and His love is the most powerful force in existence, (1 John 4:7-21). His love is unconditional, it forgives, heals, and sets the captives free, and for those who accept it, provides eternal life. I sincerely pray that above all, the Trusting in Jesus ministry will help others to find His kind of love.

A little more personal:

There is not much personal information on this website about me because it's not about me, it's about Jesus and who He is. 

Though not perfect I have been a Christian most of my life, attended numerous Christian Bible schools and studies; the proud father of three daughters, six grandchildren,  and (at last count) seven great-grandchildren. 

There have been some fascinating personal times with the Lord, plus jobs, and hobbies that include the Lord that, if time allows, I may write about in the future.

In building this website, the Lord has drawn me farther out of an overly-coveted "comfort zone" than I would have thought possible.

Most days I am at my computer working on the website or writing. And when I can spare time from the computer, I enjoy riding my bicycle along the trails and greenways of Eastern Tennessee.

You can reach me from any form on any page of this website. I love to hear from you and will try to answer. 

Back to the Website

Everything on the Trusting in Jesus website is free. I don't even like talking about money and am not good at asking. During these many years, I have never drawn a profit or a salary and have paid everything and will continue to do so. 

But, as you must know, there are numerous expenses and many people request Bibles and study materials, and I just wish I could do more. 

Most people don't give, so please don't feel pressured. You will always be welcomed and loved even if you can't. 

However, "If you think this site is worthy and you sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit, a love gift of any amount will be very helpful."

Jesus loves you,

And please remember to pray for the continued blessing of the Trusting in Jesus Ministry.

Thank you for visiting, 

Samuel Mills
P.O. Box 4456
Maryville, TN 37802

A Few Visitor Comments

Fe Delantar: Philippines 
Thank you for the article on faith. It is very enriching in understanding the kind of faith one should have. This is very helpful for me and is very good to share to others in the community too.

Denis Nyabuto: Kenya
I have visited your website and am blessed with your teachings and am here by requesting you to send me more through my email so as to teach in the church here in Kenya. Thank you and I hope that you will be in touch with us so we will grow in knowing the will of God.

Eric: United States
I want to thank you for your website and the good work you have done to show the glory of the Lord for healing. We are building a church in a new age infested community. I am shepherding a small flock to train them to be evangelists and salt and light. Thank you for equipping me for equipping them.

Jeremy: United States
Your study on john has been a miracle for me. Everyday i come home and read it and study. I wish you did a study on every book in the Bible.

Rhonda: Bolivia
"Hi, I am a missionary in Bolivia from the USA. I am teaching on this passage on Sunday and found your site while doing research. Really nice, concise study. Thank you so much for posting it. May God bless you greatly! Those of us on the mission field really appreciate the resource!"

Jama: Somalia
"Am Jama Kaise from Somalia. I was a very strong Muslim and even memorized Koran when 12 years old. fortunately after i made studies and comparison between Christianity and Islam, i've got the truth of Jesus. i was baptized 2 years ago and i am committed to serve for the Lord. i printed out the study of Gospel John on your site so, still am studying. thanks for providing us such study like this. God bless you."

Luma: Cameroon
Love your articles. I wish to be receiving these from time to time. thanks. God bless you.

Dear Samuel,
"Your emails are very encouraging to me. When I get down I read them over and over. I am so thankful I found this site and have added my prayers to yours for the requests. I have also told friends about it. I'm ready for VICTORY! God is Good! May He bless your work." Sincerely,

Many More Comments

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Samuel L Mills
PO Box 4456
Maryville, TN 37802