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"Christians in America"
Please Stand Up!

Christians in America

Most Christians in America are aware of the tremendous increase in violence in our public schools. 

Recently one of my young granddaughters called to tell me of a shooting that had just occurred at one of our local high schools. As unsettling as it was, it was no great shock.

America's overall crime rate has far exceeded its growth in population.

Sammy Sorrell, in his book "Homegrown Terrorism," says Christians in America, "...find it hard to believe that over 159,000,000 crimes have been committed in this nation in the 13 years ending in 2002." (U.S. Justice Dept. Stats)

According to polls, the overwhelming majority of people in America believe in God, yet we have allowed prayer and worship, the most significant deterrents to sin and crime, to be banned in many areas of our society.

To deny God is to Ignore the History of
Christianity in America.

At the end of the 2nd World War, the United States, and the rest of the free world had good reason to be thankful. 

Our Country was Blessed. We had defeated our vicious enemies who had been relentless in their pursuit of power; they wanted to rule the world, and if they had succeeded our country and way of life as we know it would not have survived.

Many of us would have been killed, as were the millions of Jewish people in Germany. Those who survived would have suffered a standard of living equivalent to that of a third world country, forced to live in slavery under the rule of cruel and mean dictators with no political or religious rights.

Instead, when the war ended in 1945, we emerged free, powerful, and "One nation under God." When it was announced on the radio that the war had ended, church bells rang, car horns blew, and people stopped their cars and danced in the streets.

Churches were filled with thanksgiving services, and our Christian nation was filled with patriotism. When our National Anthem was played, or the "Pledge of Allegiance recited, all would stand, men, removed their hats, and everyone placed their hands over their hearts.

Satan had been dealt a severe blow and the years that followed (the 1950s) were filled with prosperity and blessings.

However, Satan and his demons never cease in their attack on God's people and will do anything within their power to make life miserable.

The following false teachings and changes to our laws not only deny God but have contributed to the present crime rate and morality in America.

Issues that have Damaged our Nation

  • In the early 1960s, a small number of anti-Christian activists were successful in convincing the United States Supreme Court to remove prayer from the public schools in America. Studies show that the time of cessation of prayer, and the beginning of problems in our schools, coincide.

    "The 350% crime increase during the past 40 years can be tied directly to immorality."(http://www.atps.com/crime/usa.htm)

  • In the 1960s, the writings and teachings of a famed pediatrician began to be known. His anti-war activism and education of pacifism would never have freed our country from our World War 2 enemies.

    He also taught that parents should not use spanking as a way to discipline their children. Paddling is not beating. (A parent who beats or hurts their child is undeserving of parenthood).

    Although there was unhappiness and even suicide in his children, and grandchildren, many still blindly follow his teaching. 

Since the removal of prayer, Bible reading, and discipline from our public schools there has been minimal teaching on the principles of love, obedience, and respect for others. 

This has led to a general lack of respect for authority and is responsible for much of the crime and disciplinary problems in America's public schools, and society.

  • In 1973, Abortion became legal. Either directly or indirectly, most of us have been hurt by abortion. Many young 'would be parents' have received misleading information that has caused much sorrow. 

    There is an endless argument as to when life begins. I believe it starts at conception, but can anyone doubt that an unborn baby with a heartbeat is alive? 

    How is it right, or even rational to consider it okay to take a life before it is born, but be imprisoned for taking a life after it is born? (Even in auto accidents, drivers at fault are routinely charged when the life of an unborn baby is lost).

    I am convinced that our country's acceptance of abortion is very displeasing to God.

  • It is apparent that homosexuality has been on the earth almost as long as man has been keeping record. However, it has never been allowed to govern God's people, and, according to history, the United States has always been a Christian nation.

    Recent interpretations of the laws by a few of our judges concerns homosexuality. Unfortunately, these judges seem to have no concern for the wishes of the majority, or of what the Bible says. They seem to be interested only in satisfying these small special interest groups, even to the detriment of the majority.

    Most readers will probably agree that if our ancestors who wrote the constitution had known that the practice of same-sex marriage would be an issue, our constitution would have been written in such a clear and unmistakable way that it could never have happened. 

Jesus so loved the world that He gave His life so that anyone who would believe in Him could enter into Heaven. He taught His followers to love everyone, including their enemies, and those they may not understand, or with whom they disagree. 

However, no Scripture in the Bible condones homosexuality; in both the Old and New Testament, it is repeatedly condemned as a sin; this is not man's opinion, it is God's Word, and He says it is wrong.

Preserving America's Freedoms

Satanic forces are waging a fierce battle against our country. Either Christians in America can continue to maintain a ho-hum righteous attitude, or rise up against this evil before it is too late.

When Jesus saw the injustice of the people who twisted God's laws by misusing the temple, He overturned their tables and chased them out, (Matt 21:12-13).

Jesus was meek, but not with the type of meekness many have come to understand. I have heard meekness described as "power under control," and I believe this is an apt description of Jesus' actions in the temple.

The powers of the Christian are through God and are more than sufficient. The apostle Paul said, "The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds" (2 Cor 10:4).

God will provide guidance, and the strength of the Christians in America to stand for what is right.

Our U.S. Constitution must be interpreted with the same meaning as initially intended, and not changed at the whim of some activist judge. No one person should have the right or authority to modify the original meaning of our constitution.

Our great country was founded under the power of God, and, as Abraham Lincoln said:

"That government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Our politicians are supposed to represent our ideas, and it is our responsibility to pray, and to be outspoken for the good of our country.

Our country has many, wonderful God fearing Congressmen and Senators; for them to accurately represent our interests, we must keep them informed.

They have workers to take phone calls, answer mail and email. Look up the numbers of your congressional representatives and senators, and give them a call. It is not an intrusion; they want to hear from you.

Most politicians will listen to their constituents and the ones who don't, should not be reelected.

Revival in America

The Christians in America have a responsibility. Our society's moral and spiritual values are at a depressed level, and we need revival.

The great Evangelist C. H. Spurgeon had this to say about revival:

"The word "revive" wears its meaning upon its forehead; it is from the Latin, and may be interpreted thus—to live again, to receive again a life which has almost expired; to rekindle into a flame the vital spark which was nearly extinguished."

We must work for, and ask God to send a worldwide revival to restore the Christian faith.

The citizens of America need to know the truth about our Christian heritage and God's hand in our history. We must rediscover the zeal of our ancestors, and do our part as Christians in America.

Samuel Mills

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Christians in America

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