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"Christian Testimonies"
And Praise reports

There are hundreds of Christian Testimonies on this page. Christian testimonies can have a very powerful effect upon those in desperate need of encouragement. Are you a Christian who has received forgiveness and perhaps miracles and deliverance through Jesus, and what He did on the cross?

Perhaps you can tell about your conversion experience, or how He brought you through difficult times. You may have been delivered from some tragedy by the power of God or experienced a wonderful miracle.

Now you can share what God has done for you with nearly every Internet-capable country in the world.

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." (Rev 12:11).

Samuel Mills

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"Christian Testimonies"

Rachel: Canada

Thank you, sweet Jesus, Son of God king of Israel thank you for changing my darkness to bright I love you thank you for healing my child and change everything around us, thank you.

Thompson: South Africa

Greetings, in the name Jesus. I trust God almighty that he will pull me out of financial woes. With Big Amen, I will have testimony tomorrow.

Alaina: United States

Never to Walk or Talk?

When I was born, I was born with the cardiovascular facial syndrome, and the doctors told my parents I would never be able to walk or talk and that I should be institutionalized, but that did not happen. 

When I was three years old, I started running not walking, and then one day my dad sat me onto the table and said you are going to talk to me, and the only thing that came out of my mouth was the sound moo! 

When I would go over to my grandparent's house, they had this picture of Jesus on their hallway wall, and I would just be drawn to it for Lord knows how long and I could tell he knew me, but I didn't know him.

So, I guess you will say I had a connection with the Lord at a young age, though I never grew up in a church I gave my life to Jesus March 26th, 2007, and when I was 17 my old faculty members told my parents I would never graduate due to my disability.

Hearing those words hurt me and angered me, so I prayed and cried and asked my parents when I would be able to get my diploma; they said if and when we talk to the right people about it, then we'll see.

But after I moved here to Bethany and went to church, in about three weeks, I heard Jesus speak to me saying I will help you get your diploma, and one month later, I got a letter in the mail from the school board that confirmed I was getting my diploma. I just started bawling my eyes out. 

Jesus was faithful, and we won this battle together, and now I've been at my church for almost two years and the last poem I wrote I believe set my calling in stone, I believe God is calling me to be a writer and to encourage others with my writing.

Anjal: India

I from India, I got baptized in the year 2013. In the year 2015, my sister had a complication in her pregnancy, due to which my mother had to go to the USA to take care of her for a few months. As I don't have a dad, I was alone at home for a few months.

I went through a lot of sicknesses during this time. One of my family friends always tried to put fear in me; they said as I am alone, someone may attack me. Due to that fear, I could not sleep, one day I decided to go to another city to visit my friend for a few days. Every time i go there I attend a very famous prayer ministry.

I visited the prayer hall with a lot of fear. As soon I started praying, I saw a verse on an LED screen. No harm will overtake you; no disaster will come near your tent from Psalm 91;10. I was filled with divine peace; I realized how much God loves me & speaks to me.

I came back home & I had no fear slept peacefully. He is always protecting us. Love you, Jesus.

Anurichukwu: Nigeria

I am happy to share this testimony of the goodness of our God.

Over 15 years ago, I had a discomfort in my right eye. It seemed to be an itching behind the eyeball. I was then an adolescent and wasn't willing to tell my parents because they would take me to the hospital to see the doctor, knowing the doctor would mention a condition, I wasn't ready to hear. I bore this condition for a few years. 

While praying on the miracle night, I was awakened by the itching discomfort; then I remembered that the Bible spoke of Hezekiah praying while sick, on his bed. So, I said, "Lord JESUS, please heal me of this eye problem." And immediately, I heard the LORD speak to me, "Keep saying "JESUS" until you sleep off." So I obeyed, kept saying, and repeating "JESUS" over and over until I dozed off. 

I woke up a moment later and kept repeating the name "JESUS."

Brethren, I awoke that morning, even until now, and no more signs of that.

JESUS did it. AMEN.

Meghal: India

Each and every time I visit Church, tears come to my eyes and also when I see the crucifixion of Jesus. I feel pure when I visit Church. I have watched dreams where Jesus had proved his powers and how important it is for me to wear the cross. Sometimes people say to me that open the cross, don't wear it, just on that day I see a dream where Jesus makes me realize how he is protecting me and how much the cross is powerful and holy. Jesus is always with us. I believe that.

Cynthia: Country

I was a virgin up until I dated my husband at age 21. I wasn't saving myself for God but for the right person, which now I see how the sin of having sex before marriage has real consequences. 

When I dated my husband, everything seemed perfect, and we even lived together. He took me on countless dates and bought me many gifts. I thought I knew him, and I thought he loved me and would never hurt me. 

We got married after dating three years, and I found out I didn't know him at all. He began emotional abusing me in every way. I am a tough woman, so I would stand up for myself and speak up, but it didn't matter because he didn't realize he was abusing me because this was how he was raised. 

The criticism and controlling nature were sucking my soul away, and I felt like I couldn't escape, mainly because he didn't know he was a monster. I prayed and things seemed to get worse and more confusing. 

But God sent me an angel with anointed Christian advice, and I saw my situation slowly change. I kept praying and learned to love him unconditionally. 

My marriage isn't perfect, but I can say Jesus can and will move mountains. He did it for me, and he will and can do it for you as well.

Lia: Trinidad and Tobago

Hopefully, this can inspire anyone dealing with witchcraft and the Left-Hand Path to come out and focus on God's light.

I began working in Theistic Satanism around 2 yrs ago, and everything seemed fine. On the 13th month (coincidence?), I attended a Holy Mass (work-related situation. After that day, all the entities I worked with turned against me (They always were, but then they finally showed it).

I started having nightmares, became suicidal, self-harming that went on for around five months until I finally got help from Spiritual Baptists (They're Christian based); from that day onwards, I was cleansed of most of the demonic co-workers. 

One month later, I'm doing much better; I started attending church, next month going to be baptized. It's a miracle; no words could describe how amazing it was to be saved like that; it's a wonder that I'm still alive.

It turns out that the demons/Satan intended to mess with my mental stability (I Was told so by a very anointed pastor at my church), and it worked for months, but praise the Lord I'm better now and almost fully healed.

Linda: India

I had lived through my childhood without much care for my studies, but my elder sister has always been very hardworking. I always imagined God would take care of 90% of my burden while I laze around.

Later on, when my sister took an important exam, she worked hard to score the perfect GPA, but she fell short by a few points and was very disappointed. Seeing her upset, I began to work hard to make her proud; that is when I started praying a lot more. 

But even then, I wasn't doing as well in studies as I should have been. After attempting my exam, I felt completely unsure and nervous. I felt restless and wondered how I even got on so far, but then when the results were published, I had scored a perfect GPA. My sister felt very happy with this as she had been working hard to be a good role model for me.

Through this experience, I learned a number of things: God works through mysterious ways, the gifts and fruits He grants us are better appreciated when we strive for them. Only by experiencing a few trials do we develop a mind-frame to appreciate what we have. He knows that and a lot more about what we need. He shall grant it all in good time.

Christabel: Nigeria

I want to share this testimony to inspire someone.

I got married in August, and two weeks after my wedding, my husband dreamt of someone wearing white and holding a baby... I, the angel asked him to come and see his baby. That month I saw my period and was disappointed.

The next month, a friend of mine dreamt that I was pregnant two days later his brother dreamt too and both dreams were similar they both said it was a boy. That month I saw my period and was disappointed.

The next month, a colleague dreamt that God blessed me with a baby... I didn't take it seriously, because it wasn't the first time I heard such dreams....lo and behold I didn't see my period that month...

God has perfect timing; God knows how I feel, so he kept showing me, so I'll be calm....Glory to God. God loves us so much.

Loyette: Philippines

From the start of 2019, a will from the heart has been formed. I don't know that all those years, I was out of God's shelter. I desperately wanted to make things right according to the human standard. I thought the solution was to follow man's voice and to agree to them.

Almost every night, I cried, asking God to end my suffering - that the only solution is to kill myself. The emotions clouded my mind, which leads to confusion. Words from the mouth of my loved ones kept uttered and echoed, "unworthy, failure, disrespectful, liar, sinner." It was emotionally, verbally, and physically dragging that have come to the point that I can't forgive myself.

 But God used someone to rescue me from the mud. He continually used them to show His great mercy and grace - that He loved me unconditionally. Slowly, I hear God's conviction and voice. He wants me to get healed and is waiting patiently to call His Name desperately. 

I slowly opened the door of my heart and let Him enter. He just revealed that He needs to break the life that was created to fill me again. And when I said YES - God made moves right away. 

The pain was unbearable; it suffocated me to the point that I found myself running away from Him. The hope that I thought was from the Lord wasn't there anymore. I feel empty and shuttered. I don't know where to run or hide or call for help. But He keeps calling again my Name and wants me to listen to Him.

 I kneeled, bowed down crying, and then He whispers, "I let you be broken to make you whole again." 

Snap! God is moving and crying over me. I wasn't aware that He was always there to comfort and redeemed me. I neglected His working because of my selfishness. And then I slowly turned back to Him, and let Him give breath as I was dying. 

From that point, He carried me all the way. He doesn't want me to get hurt anymore. His love covers me all over again. Now, I am enjoying His goodness and love.

Emily: Australia

It was the last day of grade 12 tomorrow, and I have gone to a non-Christian school for my final year, to study theatre. I was yelling at God that night, asking things like, "Why did you send me here? You know how lonely I've been! Why weren't you there?"

I was also listening to Oceans by Hillsong United, and I started to sing at the bridge for some reason (I now know the reason). I was singing, but then I looked up the lyrics and read what I was actually singing, "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my Saviour".

I then felt His presence. It was as if He was saying, "I was with you all year, I just needed you to get to an absolute low in order for you to truly realise how much you need me and how much I will always love you!

It was an amazing experience, and my faith has gotten so much stronger, I'm in His presence as I am typing, this wasn't a usual thing before that night! Jesus loves you so much, and He is always there; there's always a reason for everything He does for those who love God!

Mesfin: Canada

Never give up!
I like to testify by describing my recent experience. I was to be-laid of my work as a financial Officer from working 14 years full time in the federal government. 

In hindsight, it was the devil that had me laid off with spinster intentions.

I was a believer in Christ throughout my 14 years of employment with the federal government. However, I got a revelation of the real cause of my trials as time progressed. Because of these trials, I invested in rental properties as an alternative income for when I stop my employment.

Eventually, I abandoned the idea of quitting my work come what may; this is when I start learning a lot about spirituality but ended up being laid off in 2015.

Thank God I had made my investment in rental properties, which kept me busy. However, I ended up selling 2 of my properties as my debt was mounting. I must say God's hand was in those sales as the sales were for a reasonably good price.

The real financial miracle happened for me in September 2018, when we had the tornado in Gatineau, Canada. Two of my properties were damaged, one the other partially. A good price compensated me for the damaged property.

I was very humbled by the experience, could not help but recognize the hand of God in my situation. I started going to church regularly, which was less often before even though I had been a believer and went to church now and then.

The lesson I learned is never to give up if you are to see the hand of God at work in your life. I have learned to pray always as the Bible commands because we have a spiritual enemy. God bless you all!

Danny: United States

Father Yeshua / Jesus Holy Spirit, thank you for the time you give and the voice that encourages and heals me that refreshes my soul and salvation refreshing hope in the light of my (our) everyday lives.
Thank you for the inspiration you all give me and the voice that leads my soul and me into perfect grace. Show your mercy to all and bless our homes - help us to create a life that has transformed to God's will and pleasure. 
Bless those that I pray for and answer each prayer - and the other requests.
Please help me (us) to be a light in the darkness and to keep our promises and work miracles, and that you would work through us that we, and others of the same faith, might be a beacon and light providing hope and direction to the lost and weary.
I ask that those you are sending and placing in positions will receive the goodness and reality of the Trinity and salvation by sure deliverance as you have done to my family and me, passing the time in faith

Debby: United States

I have been asking God for a husband; through daily confessions and sowing my seed, I have found my soon to be husband sent from God. We will be getting married in 2020! God is good!

Rick: United States

The favor of God is awesome!

Jim: India

When I was 12 years old, I had blurred vision and was irritated one day. That night I had cried aloud in sleep. I was sick. I was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed I have meningitis. I became unconscious, was in a coma. My family was shattered. Doctors also lost hope. I was unaware of the people who came to visit me in the hospital. They announced in my school assembly that I was sick and to pray for me. Fathers and sisters prayed for me. Three days passed, and I was improving, and I became better . I was reborn again. Even now, when I think of those times, I feel what would have happened if Jesus had not saved me. I just want to live my life for Christ.

Danny: United States

Bless all that Jesus christ / Jesus has ordained and blessed the things yet to be still be realized and come to fruition, his salvation is endlessly full of grace, mercy kindness, and love. 

He takes from the darkness and feeds life into the desperate soul that is alone in his misery and mistakes and renews a right spirit and heart in him (me) man. Restores the Child to the Father of Lights and moves the confusion and darkness out of the way - he brings dead bones to life and restores the man from his hell - grave.

He sends his Angles to minister and comforter to counsel and guide he brings comfort to the comfortless and anxious and makes Faith hope the light of his all salvation for when he decides to deliver he moves the mountain to places they must go so that we can be seen in his life - light. 

He answers prayers, keeps his promises, is the way maker, and the light in darkness removes the shadows of death, and gently gives life and the new wine.

Stefan: Germany

A few years ago, one of the first things God ask me to do when I believed in Jesus was to forgive my brother and to ask him to forgive me. 

For me, that was impossible, and I was angry because I thought that my brother made my life hard and so why should I do that. God said to me: I have forgiven you, and now you forgive your brother. But I don’t agree, and my situation went worse and worse. 

One day finally, by the strength of God, I went to my brother and asked him for forgiveness. That brought healing and freedom and a real change in my life. I want to encourage everyone who is in a similar situation to trust in God and his purpose.

Danny: United States

I have a home today, which I did not have, and people who care about me in my life. I have things I'm working like reconciling my family and hoping to visit soon; either they come to me, or I go to them.

I am just getting back on feet with jobs - work - etc. I have had health issues that are associated with my back, and it has gotten better. I no longer use a walker, but because of it, I once was limited to what I could do for work. 

I have been clean and sober for almost 3 years. I would have had five, but I relapsed about three years ago for a day. Yeshua/ Jesus decided to deliver me from years of trying and getting nowhere and having troubles financially, I was once so poor and depressed. Still, God has done a lot to deliver me out of that darkness. 

Today, I have a good Church to go to and people that are really interested in me.  They have been a great help during the months that I have struggled to try to get back on my feet again, financially, with a good stable job(s). 

God is still working in my life and all the issues that have come with it. God promised that he would help me and heal me. I have not given up smoking, but I 'am working on it. I know once I do, he will do more with my life. 

I have been working on reconciliation with all my kids. I have good contact with a daughter, the oldest one that is still my baby like the other two. I thank God for them; they are special, and I hope the love we have for each other can rekindled. 

My daughter that I speak with is an encouragement; I hope to visit with her real soon again. The other two, I'm praying and hoping that they will have an interest in me still. 

Family is so important, as is the ability to get to them. I have lacked time and work and have not been able to afford to go personally and see anyone. I am working on it today since the Lord has made me employable again. God has provided for all my needs, even the emotional ones.

Keaira: United States

Let me share my testimony with you! So, I got pregnant in 2017 and suffered from severe sickness every day. In my mind, I wanted an abortion, but something kept telling me to keep on pushing. When I made it to 38 weeks, my ob-gyn told me that if I dilate to 3 centimeters, she would induce me at 39 weeks. 

My next appointment was a week away, so I prayed and prayed; finally, when I went to my 39 weeks check up I just knew I hadn't dilated any, but when she checked me, she smiled and said you're 3 centimeters dilated!!! 

God came through for me because he knew that I was suffering! Thank you, Lord, once again!!

Linda: United States

I was a counselor on a Christian campus and had a young college-age girl come to saying she feels like there is something evil in her dorm she shares with four other girls and is afraid to go to sleep. 

I told her when I need After a trying day, I say a prayer for him to hold me while I sleep, and I feel great in the morning.

 So she said her prayer, asking Him to hold her. However, in the morning, she and her roommate came running into my office. She said when she woke up; her friend believed something was in her room. 

While she was sleeping, she had seen a shadow of a man holding her throughout the whole night but was too afraid to move. Just as I thought, Jesus is always there, even for me.

Arun: India

Praise Jesus

I got my delivery pains around 7 pm and got admitted to the hospital at 11 pm and was having contractions every 10 minutes. The doctors said the pains were not recording in the tool they had, but I knew something was wrong. None of the doctors believed that I was in labor pain.

I started telling in my heart 'the lord is my refuge and strength ' the whole time, and my fluids broke around 2 am. Doctors then confirmed that I was three cms dilated. Pains increased as time passed, and I never opened my eyes until the baby was born.

But some thought inside me told me that the baby would be out around 7 30am, and I was constantly saying the lord is my refuge and strength. I was taken to the delivery room, and in just three pushes my baby girl was out correctly at 7 39am

My Jesus was with me the whole time, and I thank him with all my heart for the things that he has done in my life. Praise the Lord.

Natalie: United States

I’m going to keep this as short as possible, but the Lord placed it upon my heart to share my testimony.

Two years ago, I went through the greatest tragedy I hope to ever experience in my life. My Fiancé was killed in a car crash the day I got my wedding dress. A lot went on behind the scenes that I’m not going to go into, but needless to say, I was hurt and left without closure.

Today, God has restored my life and given me more than I could have ever asked for; I have a better job, my physical and mental health is better than its ever been, and I’m now in a relationship with someone quite special. 

I never thought I’d be able to love anyone again, but God went above and beyond in giving me someone who I love even more than the last. Praise be to the most high God.

Michelle: United States

Greetings My Fellow brothers and sisters; I pray all is well with you. I'm just going to jump right into the dream now. 

I was 20 when I was locked up in jail. It was July 14 when I had my first dream of Jesus Himself. It was if he appeared to be in my single-man cell, but it altered into an ANCIENT time house. He said these words to me, 'WHEN YOU PRAY, BE SINCERE' we then proceeded to pray. 

AS the prayer was going on, a Blue light came over us, starting to distract me and take me off focus. That is when Jesus Pointed his index finger at his mouth and made a funny face and asked me was I sincere with a sense of humor.

 I remembered waking up just Amazed and stunned that I had got a visit from The Lord himself. I remembered being afraid to pray not because I wasn't being sincere from the start but because I was afraid of the Lord God coming to me again, saying I still wasn't sincere. 

So I got that spirit of fear off me and asked the Lord to help me be more sincere and to guide me through my prayers, I am now 21, and I am blessed to have vivid visions and dreams still of the Holy King and Angels. 

Not being boastful before anyone, but I want you all to be Encouraged and to take heed to God's sayings. Pray, meditate off his scriptures, and drink lots of water. But the main thing is to REPENT, WHY FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL MY BELOVED FAMILY IN CHRIST!!!!!

ELEUTERIO: United States

Don't even know how to start; I will make it short. For the last past seven years, my life has changed enormously more than ever physical, mentally, and emotional.

I have been researching the Bible. In my understanding, God talks to you by numbers, letters, and images: it gets interesting for those who have dreams with numbers.

Just open the Bible or look it up in a spiritual way on the internet,  and you will know what God's messages are telling you. 

I can sit here and tell you I have seen God's face, and if you don't have faith or believe you would never understand or believe me. I have seen doing meditation and even looking up in the sky, and from time to time, I see letters and numbers. For example, I saw the letters. A....K......R......X  AND, A  CROSS,  and even numbers 1,2,3,5,7,8.

 I looked it up in the Bible, and was surprised by the meaning he gave; my tears just came out. I love God: He will always be first in my life and then my family.

God loves you; He is with us from the first time we give them life on earth; our bodies are our temples and God's temple. Look for him in your heart, and you will find love, peace, in you.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters; thanks to GODS AMAZING grace and your faithful prayers, your brother is celebrating 37 years clean and sober from drug and alcohol addiction.

 I need to share this because I am not where I would like to be, but I am light years ahead of where I would be if the LORD had not saved me! 

GOD richly bless you,   Brother Danny  

P.S. I believe one of the reasons I am still alive at 73 years of age is I share my testimony with the least of the least who are still struggling;  they always ask me, why are you always smiling? And then I give them my testimony because they know they need to stop!

Do they always get saved?  no, but I am like Johnny apple seed planting seeds wherever I go

Sandra: United Kingdom

I was awake, meditating, and doing a Bible devotional, when all of a sudden, a bright light began seeping in. I thought that perhaps the door from my bathroom was open too wide and that it's light was shining through; then, it was like, lights on and off, in waves. 

As I listened to the scripture, I  was subconsciously thinking, what is happening with the lighting, but I didn't want to look because I was meditating. 

Next, the light became so bright that at first, I couldn't open my eyes, and then, there Jesus was on a beach with another person. I couldn't see the other person because when my eyes met with Jesus' eyes, the swells of the sea were behind him. 

Waves of the Holy Spirit, God's presence, started sweeping over my body in waves.

It was an experience that will remain with me forever. From that day, my Faith has turned from Having Faith to saying, I've seen, and now I know. My mind is completely blown away in an amazing way!

Terez: Armenia

Hello, I am Terez from Syria.

I am writing this testimony to tell how God did miracles in my life and my family's life. He kept us alive and unscratched in 4 years of deadly war-zone.

After He took us out, I was in severe depression and most probably mental illness. For 4 years nothing could heal me, even after I got out of the country and was in much better places I couldn't heal myself.

I was always felling low, empty, and zero self-esteem. I couldn't speak with people nor look them at their eyes because of my inner problems.

After being 2 years atheist. One day I decided to give it a shot and pray to God. I came down on my knees and prayed to heal me, and that was the beginning, and each day that was passed some part of me was being healed.

It started with me being able to look to people in their eyes, then speak, then have confidence, then dream, then love, and believe, and every positive thing that can help someone to get out of the dust, and from the dead world to the living world.

Humbling myself in front of God and building a relationship with Him, was and still is the biggest life-changing step of my life.

Bhanu: India

Hi, this is my testimony about how Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ revealed his love and glory during my sickness and helped me recover.

During my sickness I came to realize the importance of God in my life; during this time, I surrendered my life to Jesus, and things were much better.  He showed his mercy and love by a quick recovery for both myself and my dad and in keeping my mother well.

I encourage everyone, surrender your life to God, and your life won't be the same. I did not have any particular deliverance moment or vision. But I still believe God heard my prayer, and I will continue to grow in faith with my prayers.

Always remember that everything is possible through Jesus, and you can always trust in him no matter what the situation may be. Glory be to God

Victor: United Kingdom

I used to mock God. I was a young boy and teenager who loved life and had no problems. I thought religion was more for older people like my grandmother and losers.

 I started suffering from depression. I didn't maybe know it at the time, but it grew darker and blacker to where it started becoming unbearable. I thought life was over.

 I started crying out to God with all my might. After some weeks or months, I felt a love and happiness which can not be described with words. I felt like the happiest person in the world. Such happiness can not be expressed in words. 

The depression was gone. I felt like the people on youtube who say they died and went to heaven and when they came back, they say they never wanted to come back because the joy in heaven is like nothing they ever had in the world.

Edith: India

Dear all,

I'm here to share one of God's many miracles in my life.

Two years back, I was suffering from Alopecia, where hair loss on the scalp is patchy. I took the best treatment but in vain.

Then I stopped all the medication and started praying sincerely to God.

Hallelujah !!! I was healed completely. Thank you, Jesus.

David: Singapore

My name is David; this is my conversion testimony.

I came from a poor family and am the eldest son in my family. As a young kid, I had to work very hard to keep my family going. Both my parents were tailors, and I had to help out in their work. 

A typical workday would be going to the market to get breakfast for my family members. Then I had to take care of my youngest sister until noon when I would get ready for school. I had to help prepare lunch for my family. 

After school, I had to do my homework and help to prepare dinner for my family. After dinner, I had to do the dishes. By then, I had to revise my schoolwork and get ready for the next school day.

This routine started when I was about ten years old and carried on until I was eighteen. I had to add, my parents were strangely distant from me and never showed me any care and concern. Not once did they care about my schoolwork nor asked me whether I was happy or not.

During my teenage years, I had a crush on one of my classmates. This puppy love episode ended abruptly when my classmate rejected me. That was the end of the world to me; it was a traumatic experience.

In my heart, I longed for comfort and love; it was at this point that the Lord God appeared to me in a vision. It was a bright light and a kind face. So lovely!

Ever since I came to know the Lord, I have followed Him until today. Maybe somewhere along the way, I have digressed, but my heart is with the Lord. He has watched over me and kept me in His care. I am near retirement now and doing pretty well for a normal man in the street.

Country: United States

My parents were not Christians by any means I was born 1'000 gram weight as premature baby.lots of health problems for the first few years. 

By the time I was 15, I was part of an evil group there that was very, very bad; not going into great detail, but all those horrific things you read about that Satanists do, we did. I was Christ's worst enemy, and I willing wanted and accepted all that evil.

Years later, I met a wonderful woman who I love very much, and she became my wife. I learned she spoke of a baby boy she prayed for years ago in the early 1980s that was very sick she described the symptoms and all doctors that worked on the baby boy. 

It was me she had prayed for over two decades ago. Later, who would have known her future husband would have been me. Long story short, I had to willingly confess to Christ all the horrific, evil things I had done. 

Here I am years later. Completely turning away from satanism and black magic and serving Christ in faith and pure, honest love. 

Take this as a testimony for all who read this; Christ truly redeems and saves our souls. You have to confess and have a true willing desire for him to enter your heart. Amen and amen 

Dustan: United States

I Was young when I first asked for forgiveness, but I walked away without the saved feeling. I have had nine very close calls with death.

The last experience has changed my life forever. I saw the light. It was like nothing you could compare with anything on earth. The feeling of Love, total freedom, and complete relaxation; as though the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins. The feelings increased tenfold. It was the best feeling I have ever had. I was told to go and spread the word. God loves you all.

Lily: United Arab Emirates

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Something wonderful happened today. I had subscribed to one app, which was accumulating points whenever I ordered food in a certain restaurant. I didn't pay attention to the point system and the benefits of the app. Every time anyone in the office ordered their meal points were automatically added under my contact, which I did not even know.

I got a message telling me that I have a voucher from which I could order at least five meals from that restaurant; they needed me to redeem the meals within a month before the points expire.

This has come at a point when I am broke, and I could use a decent meal from a good restaurant, a break from my budget meals. God will supply for us beyond our expectations. 

I am learning to be grateful daily.

Kostas: Greece

Hi, I am Kostas. I am from Greece, and I have a testimony of how Jesus comforted me when I was broken-hearted. I loved a girl called Juliana, I had a crush on her for two years, and at July, she confessed her love for me, and I was very happy. We would talk for hours and hours every day, complimenting each other but... October came. 

It all was my fault. I had lied to her about myself. Not about my face or emotions but other things that were important as well. She hated me. A year passed, and yet she never forgave me even though I had changed and I tried to do anything to get her back. 

I cried every single day from October to January. I would pray five times a day...Maybe more. I apologized to God about my horrible sin, I begged for his mercy and asked him not to leave me, as he should, but to comfort me for I had regretted it. I broke the heart of the girl I loved so much, and I also broke her trust. 

In January, Jesus answered, but through my father. No one knew of this in my family, not even my friends. My father said the message to my mother, and that was the answer: 

"I have noticed your tears, and when you were not crying, I would see your broken heart. I had comforted you even when you did not notice it. Do not be depressed because even before you were born, I said, 'Live.' I want you to grow and stop being that lonely teenager. I want you to bloom like a flower. I also want you to read my word to know me better, and I promise that I will appear to you more often. I love you". 

When I heard that, I cried..not in sorrow but joy. God is loyal; God is good. He is a promise keeper, a healer, and a comforter. He will love us no matter what. Thank you, Lord, for loving us so much.

Binky: United States

I could not believe that Gods promises were for me. Something was just not quite right about me. I thought God was displeased with me, and I was disgusted with myself. 

To make a long story short...God spoke in gentle whispers..."I can save you, I can hear you! I am strong enough to save even you"!!! He rescued me when I thought it was over. He clicked the light bulb on in my heart and one day while reading a list of God's attributes, it all's all really true! God does love me! God did die for me! 

God does not hold my sins against me anymore! I can go confidently before Him for anything, at any time. God is always with me, and HE carries me, safe in his arms forever. When this lightbulb moment know you have been touched by God. God is right next to us, near to us. have to believe the Truth... believing lies kept me in bondage for so long. At first, when you realize you are entirely accepted, fully forgiven by God, fully loved, you wonder...well, but what do I do now? Because you know you have nothing to add to this great gift of salvation which has already been paid for! God's answer, "rest in me and enjoy the ride." 

God is everything you will ever need. His grace is enough. Now I can't believe it; he made me see who he is! He is showing me a real relationship with the creator of the universe, and it's all based on him being our strength and peace. It's insane. Jesus died for the whole world! 

We are all forgiven, and we can all freely go to God to ask who he is. He will not disappoint. 

Come as you are. Don't try to be someone good first, because that's not how it works; come as you are, the real you, the dirty parts too. Praying you will hang on to the Truth!!! Jesus is the Truth.

Angela: United States

I have many testimonials of God, love, and prayers answered. I give one by one here.

Years ago, I was in a significant financial struggle, I was praying, and one morning when I went to the mailbox to get my mails, I found one Government check was sent to me.

I think it was 1,400 dollars and I was already delighted, when I went inside and looked closely and reading the amount in writing, I realized it was 14,000.

I wasn’t expecting this check, I know God was going send help somehow, but it was such a big surprise and blessing for my daughters and me. I danced for God and praised the Lord with so much joy.

I paid my bills, bought furniture I was needing, and much more. I still remember how good the feeling was to be heard in such a nice way. God is loyal, and he never forsakes us in any circumstances 

Gary H:

This is my testimony; or my coming to Christ.

My story of how and why I came to Christ and how the Holy Spirit came to me. My early life is as follows,

 I was brought up Jewish, never had a real sense of god, had learning problems as a teenager, then developed anxiety and depression as well as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I eventually sought treatment, I have been on a lot of medications, and these conditions followed me for over ten years.

I came to Christ when I was 30, but I wasn’t yet filled with the Holy Spirit.

I wasn’t filled because my life was the same, and I didn’t take the conversion seriously.

My life became more stressful; my psychiatric medications weren’t working, so I looked for a way out. I attempted suicide and survived. I had a strong desire to draw after my suicide attempt

I realized the Holy Spirit gave me an intense desire to draw and to understand the process of creating art and how to use it to heal myself and others.

Today I am able to coach others creatively while sharing my testimony with others. 

God bless

Gh Kleiner

Mariah: United States

 I wanted to share how good God has been to me and thank him for his love and his protection on my life.

 I recently just left my abuser, the second one I've had in my life whom I share a child with.  He had pimped me abused me raped me and took my son from me and gave him to another woman, and they hide him from me. 

I have taken him to court; he still would take him I had gone back and took abuse just to be and see my son when I could. He would tell me I didn't deserve to see him because I didn't work hard enough; then he would call his child's mother in front of me and put it in my face that he called her mom and that I was the other mom.

It crushed me, but God gave me strength. I layed down one night and decided I didn't want to do this anymore, so I prayed and meditated on it because when I look back on everything this person was putting me through I knew that God didn't want that for my life.

So I packed up all my stuff, thinking I wanted to leave, but I really didn't have a plan. someone called me the next day in court for a meeting and immediately asked me if I was being abused; they got me out, and I got away from him. 

I had to leave all my things and my child once again, but I'm free from him, and it was all because God had a plan for me that I did not know about.

 Now I'm staying away from work to take him back to court for my son, and I'm getting my life together one day at a time.  I'm so thankful that he pulled me out of the misery even though I had done so many things wrong he still loved me;  he got me out because he has bigger plans for my life and my future.  

I know when I trust him, and give it to him and let it go, he provides a way for me! Thank you !!

Leta: United States

Contact Form: I'm one God Chosen Servants, this isn't a prank God has told me he's well pleased with my works for him and he's ready to use me tremendously and that all my financial problems are over, etc. 

Time is whining down judgment very soon happen, please whoever is on that straight and narrow path stay there and start going to byways and highways ministering to his lost flock there's lost souls at stake. Our purpose is to be soul winners obedient to what God wants us to do, but remember, you must be lead by the Holy Spirit, which is God himself.

 This place isn't our home we're just passing through, we all were made for God purpose only. Don't be of the world God wants us all to be in unity.  

Love your enemies, encourage each other, be there in time of need, pray together when 2 or more come along God is in the midst. (Leta, Marie Frazier) God Bless you all I Love All Of You!

GODWIN: Germany

Brothers and sisters, the Lord has done a lot for me.

In 2015, my life almost came to a halt, people around me concluded that is was over for me, then I was even contemplating suicide and all the while still seeking GODS  intervention which was my only hope.

Brothers GOD came through, I still can't explain how I made it this far or how I got out of the very problems I had them in 2015. It's still all like a dream. I GIVE GOD THE GLORY

Daniel: United States

To all my wonderful brothers, who are fathers:

Happy fathers day! My prayer is that sometime during the day our LORD will kiss you on the forehead and say, good job, dad, I love you, my son! 

GOD richly bless you,  Brother Danny  6/14/19

Reag: Nigeria

This is my Salvation Testimony

I was living in darkness and bondage of Satan before I gave my life to JESUS. I watch porn to the fullest, lust in my heart always, lying, stealing, malice, anger, gambling, to Numerous to mention.

But then I said I will repent and give my life to Christ, which I did, but was still living in those sins I was doing, no Salvation.

I was ignorant about John 1:12, thank God, I listened to one message from pastor WF Kumuyi titled The Great Salvation of Christ. 

Pastor Kumuyi said if you are genuinely born again, those sins you did before you can't do them anymore. Then I said, Lord my whole life I give to you, I surrender, I accept your finished work on redemption Calvary, and I see that I cannot save myself, and then a peace I have never felt in me came to me. 

Since then, those sins I couldn't do anymore. Jesus has the power to save. I invite you to come and taste and see that the Lord is good.

Hil Karen: Philippines

I am 24 yrs old with so many dreams, but when I have pursued my goals, I have always failed. When I graduated from college, I didn't go for what I wanted because we didn't have enough money to support that dream, so I needed to work to save money. 

My father died when I was in my 1st year High School, he was our breadwinner, so it became hard for us financially. After 3 years, when I decided to pursue my dreams, I failed the exam 2 times for my entry; the one I always dream of. 

The first time I failed it was just okay for me because I hadn't review it that well, but the second time I took the exam, I prepared myself by studying after work and reading when It was my break at my work, but again, God didn't allow me to pass on the 2nd time. 

I cried to God that time, I said to Him, I prayed for this, but why? And one time I read the book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, this book is given to me by my Pastor. That book talks to my heart, I just realized that God has his own plan, God always has his right time, God is still there sometimes He is just quiet.

And I was moved by the quotation in the book, "When you feel abandoned by God yet continue to trust Him, you deeply worship Him." In this book, God makes an example of Jobs life, which is when Job's life fell apart. And when He was silent, Job still found things he could praise God for. Just trust God to keep his promises. 

I feel embarrassed to God, because my experience is only small compared to Jobs, and yet I get a little bit discouraged. But this time, God is so great and wonderful that He used these things to talk to me. 

I Now realize the purpose for all these failures, and that God didn't allow me to pass this year because I am not yet ready physically and mentally for what I am pursuing. Now, with the grace of God, I am starting to prepare myself for next year's battle, if it's His will.

Danai: South Africa

Jesus is alive. He will hold you up from falling down. He will lift you up. Do not ever give up on getting closer to Jesus. Put God at the center of your life. Whether you are going through a bad situation or your happiness is overflowing, never ever forget Jesus Christ.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters praise the LORD!

I know several of you are veterans I just wanted to say thank you for the sacrifice you made without which I would not be in a free country in a free library using a computer to write and ask for prayer which is such a blessing to me!

So thank you and always remember some may have forgotten your sacrifice, but GOD never will! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  5/22/19

Elijah: Senegal

Hello Family, demons used me for years after I was called from prison to serve God. Since 2010 and 2012 I came out of the prison, although this Nation is 95% Muslims, God is working Amen

Roseanne: United Kingdom

After reading through some testimonials, I have been encouraged to share some of my own blessings. 

In 2004 my marriage of 23 years had collapsed.  My husband and I were both Christians; however, my husband was not a practicing Christian, one day he came into the home, and an argument ensued, I was very depressed and was blaming God because the relationship was not restored. 

With my husbands' encouragement and my children in the house, I overdosed on pills.  My husband walked away, and I lay on the bed terrified. My capillaries around my neck, arms, and parts of my legs started looked like they were hemorrhaging.

As I lay down, I began to panic. I did not want to die and go to hell, so I kept praying over and over God; please don't let me die and go to hell. 

At some point I fell asleep and in the morning when I woke up I was completely healed; Praise God for his mercy and his son Jesus.

Sentle: South Africa

The following wasn't a dream or a vision, but a reality. 

My mother, sister and I had just come from my grandmother's place. We were in the car about to turn into the main road. There was a drunk in the car coming towards us. It was going at least 90. 

As soon as we realized the car wasn't going to stop or lower its speed, and that it was going to bump into us we started praying. 

We cried. My sister wanted to get out of the car,but  my mother locked the doors. We cried, we were shaking and praying. The only prayer I knew was Our Father. Repeating the same prayer killed me.

I accepted that I was about to die, but when the time came that the car would bump into us it suddenly turned in an unexplainable way. 

No human would have been able to do that. It was Jesus, only Him. At its speed, if a human turned the car, it would have swirled in circles and hit one of the houses nearby. 

From that day on I saw that God really never leaves you nor forsakes you, just as the bible says.

Kennide: Country

I’ve been having a hard time lately, and I’ve been calling out on the lord and Jesus to heal me; today I was having an anxiety attack and had so many overwhelming feelings. 

I closed my eyes and saw Jesus opening his hand, and it felt like a hug and all my pain slowly faded, not all of it but most of it.  

I felt so loved I opened my eyes shocked; I’m now a true believer I love the lord and his son.

Abc: India

Praise be to Almighty God!

Yesterday I was really disheartened both mentally and physically. But God enabled me, so I was able to face the day by the grace of Almighty God! Hallelujah! All glory to my Jesus Christ!!! Jesus Christ helped me, so I won the battle. Praise be to Almighty God!

Kathleen: United States

I prayed that my partner and I would be able to visit California together, as he lives abroad. He is not a believer, but I am quite devout. As he sat waiting in a secondary interview room with immigration waiting to find out if he'd be allowed to visit, he actually prayed. Our prayers were answered, and he was allowed to visit me. I am so grateful to God for hearing us in this moment of need, and in all moments of need. Don't despair. He DOES hear you.

Faith: United States

I used to be a sinner, but when I found God, I realized God is my lord and savior. I'm blessed to have him in my life.

Kiee: Philippines

We always wake up in this life with the blessings of God. And one of those blessings is his guide. In this world, God is not giving up on us even though we are very sinful, although we broke his heart many times through our sins. But never set aside our Loving God for he is the one why we are here, why we are stepping out of this reality.

God never fails to sustain our needs, maybe sometimes there are trials that we are falling on the ground like we are failing on that trial, but because of God, we manage to get up and start again right? Because God has a better plan for us. Everything happens in this world for a purpose.

If God didn't allow us to get what we desire, always think about God has a better plan or the best plan for us. So never give up on anything, just keep your faith strong my friend. God will always be by your side. Just trust and believe in him, and someday you will be so thankful for what God did for you to succeed. 


I love my God, our God. But sin is not far away from us. Sometimes, I only know Jesus when I have wishes or needs, but after that, I will be happy and forget to pray again. 

I know this isn't right. So I listen to worship songs that make me feel the presence of our God. It's very overwhelming, and I thank God when all of my prayers to him are granted. 

God is good all the time, and we just need to follow him on the way to eternal life. The gifts are nothing without the giver, and yes gifts are important because it is what we are needing, but the most important is the giver because without the giver we don't have any gifts, and we are NOTHING. 

We should not forget our God for he is always with us when there is no one; Thank you my God, you are so great. I LOVE MY GOD SO MUCH. 

I recommend my friends to listen to worship songs; I promise, you will forget all of your problems. 

Just surrender yourself to God, and he will be the one to help you in every situation of your life no matter what happens. God bless you all.

Alexis: United States

When I was young about 12 or 13 I had a dream that I was in an all-white room that was so big, there were no walls. I was huddled up on the floor hugging my knees, my head was down towards my lap, and I think I was crying. 

I saw Jesus walk up to me, but I wasn’t in my body I was behind the both of us watching, and he touched me on my right shoulder with his right hand, and then he told me, “EVERYBODY DESERVES FORGIVENESS,” then I woke up... 

Now I’m 22 & since that day I feel like I have lost everybody in my life, some with mean & hurtful words, most in silence for no reason at all, & on top of that every long term relationship I’ve ever been in I’ve been beaten. 

But since Jesus came to me at such a young age, every time something has been done wrong to me in my lifetime I already know what I have to do. because I know the Lord stands at my right side #Pray #FORGIVE #GodBless

Barbara: United States

About a year ago on new year's day, my mother passed away battling cancer.  I sat by her watching her helplessly dying. I looked at her as her eyes turned from blue to dark brown with a big smile I have never seen. I want to say this was Jesus, anyway she looked at her hands, and lifeless body then looked back at me. I said, I love you then all I got in return was a Big smile; two hours later she died. I will see you again momma, don't know when but save me a spot by Jesus.

Dixie: Country

Jesus is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and are safe. I was a brand new Christian and only 19 years old. I was working full time and commuting back home late at night. A string of crimes had started happening in my neighbourhood, and my boss asked me to move out of that neighbourhood. I knew God was my father and He was protecting me. Sometimes He would tell me to take different routes home, which was verified the next day when I heard about someone who had been attacked on the route I normally took. God gave me total peace and I slept well every night. He even put me in touch with a girl that had been attacked so I could help her know how to get saved and come under God’s protection.  God gave us His son to save our souls, and He gives us everything else we need too. He is always good.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! There is a church that has a 1-800 telephone prayer line sometimes I call at night for prayer to be safe through the night because I am homeless and sometimes have to sleep under a bridge when it rains! 

Recently a man prayed for me, and when he was through he said, now listen, we are here 24 hours a day you call us back whenever you need us, it was an honor for me to pray for you! When I hung up, I said to myself that was so nice what he said!

Then it was like the next night when I was talking to the LORD,  He said, ''About what he told you, Dan, it is an honor for you to have so many friends on the computer who have prayed for you for years!''

I saw it immediately,  yes I am honored to have gotten to know you all.  I am honored by your prayers and love! 

The scripture the LORD gave me is,  ''now these three remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love,'' that describes you perfectly, you love people unconditionally with no foreseeable return. You love the LORD with your whole heart and love the hurting in the body of Christ, like me! GOD richly bless you  Brother Danny   3/27/19  

PS. that almost brought a tear to my eye.

Ashley: Zimbabwe

l received Christ as my savior and ever since l have been wrapped in his love

Grace: Hong Kong

Just want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life

Brother Danny: United States

"Blessed assurance Jesus is mine Blessed assurance perfect delight visions of rapture now burst on my sight! Angels descending bring from above echoes of mercy whispers of love this is my story this is my song praising my savior all the day long!"

 When I hear this beautiful gospel hymn written by Miss Fanny Crosby who was blind when she wrote it and then read the stanza visions of rapture now burst in my sight, I can know that GOD was miraculously reaching her with visions even through her blindness. That tells me there is no darkness, Spiritual, mental, or emotional depression that cannot be penetrated by the Light of God's Word! GOD richly bless you.  

PS. my prayer request is for that glorious light to shine on my homelessness and lift me up.

Brother Danny

2019-03-08 1:08 pm
When peace like a river attendeth my way when sorrows like sea billows roll whatever my lot thou hast taught me to say it is well it is well with my soul!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny   3/8/19

Jacqueline: Philippines

Before I slept last night, I prayed and talked to God about my situation. I sleep during weekdays with the company of a daughter's neighbor because my husband only came during Saturdays and depart again during Mondays. My three children are also away, one was married and lived abroad, my son working and my youngest is in college. I always feel I am alone; I feel depressed; and that is why I am always sickly and in pain, physically and emotionally. 

In my prayer, I asked God, Lord I have accomplished only a little with my job and don't feel I have achieved anything worthwhile that I can be proud of. I am already old, and can no longer recover and compete with the young people because I don"t have the strength and stamina as they did. So I asked, God, what will be my purpose in life if I am useless? 

Then at dawn, I dream I was working with a group of young people making some projects. The one I remember was a carved brown bowl with a form of a leaf at the base. Then I glance up and saw someone make a frame with Jesus inside it so bright.

Then I saw a man pass in a white robe walking, with shoulder-length brown hair and a beard. He glanced sideways with his blue eyes staring towards me. Then I said, He is Jesus, and I woke up very happy that I saw Jesus at last. I recalled the dream as if it was very real. 

I knew the message of my dream then..that I have to keep on praying to Him, to trust and have great faith in Him so that I will know His will.

A: France

This is how I imagine my testimony. I am a princess waiting inside a castle in heaven. There are many single young ladies there waiting too. I see some of them get picked among the crowd. They receive a new dress, shoes, a ring, and a special gift. I see them being picked up before me, Once, Twice, Three times;  again, and again, and again. First, the ones younger than me. Then the older ones. Then the ones my age. As I wait for my turn, I remember feeling the same way as in school when they picked up everyone before me to join their sports team because that was not my strong subject in school. Again I felt rejected. What did they have that I don’t? What makes them special? And I realize they are not better than me, but they are unique. I start to wonder, will I ever get married? I begin to find in my heart anger towards God because he never picks me. I felt rejected by God as if he left me behind on purpose. After a while I find myself crying, laying head on the ground and sobbing. Wearing my white ballerina dress and my tiara, but full of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, and feeling abandoned and alone. I hear God inside my head saying that it will be a “testimony” while I sob. And suddenly I see myself dancing with my head held high and my back straight without hunching as I always do. Even if I am not married yet, I am happy and dancing enjoying HIM. That’s where I want to be in life.  ENJOYING HIM. 

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Something wonderful has happened, I got saved at 26, and my childhood was very dysfunctional. My parents passed away very early, sexually abused by an uncle you name it. Even after I got saved, I got some sort of secret delight by holding on to these memories and not letting anyone in to hurt me again.  But the LORD revealed to me that was what is called codependency and that I am free from that and can let it go. Immediately I am finding there is a huge breakthrough in my relationship with the LORD; nothing is hindering me from receiving his HOLY Spirit and I feel so much lighter and better about everything.  so thank you for carrying me all these years. My prayer request is I don't want to rush now; I have waited 72 years and want to enjoy this, but still be on my guard because I know I fellowship with many homeless people who have had similar hurts and pains, and now I can help them get free as well! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny - 2/9/19

Erin: India

My testimony is unique in a way that I am not testifying about deliverance, healing, etc...My family and I have been going through trying times.we were too overwhelmed with a myriad of problems and sickness that trailed one after the other. We thought that we could handle them; however, our limits have been tested. We gave it over to Jesus. His presence made all the difference as He is helping us to navigate with God-given patience and calmness. As for me, I personally can feel His peace, in spite of facing failures after failures. His word is true -His grace is indeed sufficient for us. Despite the pangs of disappointments,embarrassment, and anxiety about the future, He has always been there for me, and I don't wish to take it for granted. I just want to express my gratitude to God for being with my family and me through hell and high waters. God bless!

Carola: Austria

I got saved at the time I was in a very abusive relationship with a Muslim man.
God told me to leave him, but it was not easy. That man had become my soul tie, and I suffered from demonic attacks. It was the most painful time in my life.
Still, God told me to leave him. I tried to save my relationship to that man through prayers and all, but you can't change God's will.
It was rough, I never cried so much in my life and had so much fear; the process of leaving him took me over 1 year.
God had much mercy on me, and saved my life. He freed me from addictions and healed my broken heart. 

  • Psalm 34:18 - The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

Kim: United States

I’m telling this story of Miracle Testimony for my wife who experiences these miracles daily, but cannot tell her story due to expressive aphasia caused by the massive stroke she experienced November 6th, 2015.

Kim suffered daily from multiple afflictions for years (15 or more) before her stroke. She had headaches, backaches, neck issues, swollen and disfigured thumb and forefinger on her right hand, swollen and bright red right knee joint, sinus infection(s) and used a heating pad nearly every night for 15 years.

Her stroke was severe, affecting a large portion of the left side of her brain (initially the attending ER physician told me that she was “gone”). I saw the MRI of both sides of her brain and was shocked at the amount of “dead tissue” left in the aftermath. She was In ICU for about ten days when she was sent to a local “skilled nursing” facility, where she cried out constantly as if having a nightmare. This lasted for weeks until December 17th, 2015.

December 18th, 2015 was a sunny Sunday morning, and the miracle(s) started, Kim was now calm and coherent, she started physical therapy within a few days and as she progressed there were NO headaches, NO back or neck issues, NO Thumb, forefinger or right knee swelling. NO sinus infections, NO hyperthyroidism, NO heating pad required! All of these miracle(s) are still experienced every day.

This is truly evidence of Gods Mercy and Healing. I am glad to share this as testimony to our Great GOD, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

Ekta: India


My name is Ekta. I am 33 years old. Many years back I got afflicted with a horrible skin disease on my face, while I was doing my college and felt very embarrassed and shy to face people. I use to bunk college and go and sit in church to avoid people. Somehow, after a year of shame, God started healing my skin in a beautiful way, and within six months or so I was fully healed, and still, my skin looks beautifully healed and restored. Praise Jesus for giving me new skin and changing my shame to honour. Ekta

James: Canada

I have had three dreams of Jesus in the past year.

The first was when I was an atheist, and I was telling my Christian friend that if Jesus really cares, he'll show himself to me. That night, I had a dream. I was in a dark cave and was searching for the exit, and there was a great flash of light and a voice that was calming. I could barely see through the light, but it felt warm, and the voice said: "Come, follow me." 

The second dream came a few days after the first. I was still skeptical of my dream and said I needed another sign that He is there. So I went to sleep expecting nothing in particular. But I found myself in the cave again. I saw another great flash of light and Jesus was standing before me with his arms held out. He smiled and said "Welcome." He was gone in another flash of light and where Jesus stood was now the exit to the dark cave. This made me a believer, and I now have an unshakable faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The third was just yesterday. I was meditating on some struggles my fiancé was having and praying for help for her and her family, and the image of Jesus came to mind. He was wearing a long robe and sitting on a throne in what I assumed was heaven. He smiled again and said "I say to you, do not worry. It will be okay. Just wait and see." 

Jesus is there if you look for Him. In troubled times, he will come. You just have to have faith and look!

Presley: Papua New Guinea

How grateful am I to have the God of the whole Universe touch me.

His touch is Supernatural
I feel blessed and energised

His touch of reassurance
By his touch I am being reincarnated
He alone knows all my struggles
In his time he makes all things beautiful

Sarah: New Zealand

He Hugged Me! 
Few weeks ago, I had been going through some hard times, my anxiety and depression was at its peak. I did not know what to do, just wanted everything to end.
That night before the dream I had been crying nonstop and went to bed crying and this is all I said before I closed my eyes. “Please Jesus help me, hug me!” In the early hours of that morning I had this dream.
I was sitting in a dark room, and light slowly started to fill in from the open door. I said, what is happening? And then this good feeling came in, I saw a figure entering the room, and I straight away sensed it was Jesus.
He was walking fast and straight to me, smiling, wearing a glittering pearl necklace. He had long hair, dark skin and his arms were open ready to hug me.
I moved forward to hug, and he said, you wanted me to hug you right? and I said yes. I could feel his hands pressing my shoulders and woke up with that touch.
It has been a month now I have no anxiety or depression and feel completely healed. I am a totally different person now.
 This is my testimony. thank you, Jesus, love you my lord

Ana: United States

Contact Form: Let go and let God. No matter how good or how bad life seems to be,trust and believe in God for he is always there. Talk to him as you were talking to a friend. Be yourself for he knows who you are. Unconditional love... he gives us. What else could we ask for.... Amen...

Okuhle: South Africa

Okuhle has been diagnosed with cancer..she is four years old . And cancer had taken her ability to walk. So this one morning she wakes up and tells us Jesus said she must get up and walk. He came to her twice in one week. She started walking the same week. Jesus and God really do visit children ..we are a testimony.

Colby: United States

I was asleep; it was 5/13/2012. It was  2:32 am, and the reason I know is because of God. How I knew the time when I was asleep is beyond me. 

As I was sleeping I heard a "gong" inside my head, and then the common doxology being sung by millions of voices, then it all stopped. I heard a deep, loud rumbling voice say, "I come like a thief in the night, the time has come!" 

I instantly sprang out of bed and looked at my TV. I saw chaos and fire and people who were pure evil. I am not going to say who all of them were but I was wide awake by then.

 I felt this dark evil presence coming from the east and wanted to hide. I was naked and afraid and went into my apartment bathroom. My wife was working a night shift so I was home alone. 

I finally realized I couldn't hide, so I got on my knees and started praying to Jesus. Within a few moments, the evil feeling was gone, and the TV was back to normal. 

I saw my cell phone, grabbed it and called my father, he answered, and the first thing I said was, "Dad, you're still here? what do we do now?" 

He had no clue what I was talking about because I was in full panic mode. When he had finally calmed me down, I explained everything. He told me it was a vision from God and that sometimes God talks to us and yells.

The very next morning I was driving to work and started praying out loud and asked God if he was mad at me. After I finished telling him, I loved him and said Amen, a Blue Volkswagen bug pulled in front of me with the license plate GSUS<3U. "aka Jesus loves you."

 Talk about a moment!!!!! Other amazing things happened that day, but I promised I wouldn't share it with anyone. If you don't believe in God trust me, you're making a bad decision. He's more real than ever and loves you so much!!!!!!!

Nancy: Germany

When I was eight years old, my sister (2 years old) drowned in a pool in our neighbors Garden. My dad Carried her dead Body inside and placed it on the floor. My Family and my neighbors started praying for her although she was already dead. Suddenly she started crying... god brought her back to life. She had to go to the hospital anyway, and the doctors were 100% sure that she would have a mental illness... she is 12 years old right now and is totally healthy. Our God is a merciful and loving God!

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! Praise the LORD thanks to your prayers and the unbelievable grace of GOD almighty your brother is celebrating being clean and sober for 36 years today which makes me the happiest man alive!GOD richly bless you   brother Danny  10/4/18 

Stella: Country

God is true. He is faithful and worthy of our praise always. 

He's been good to my family...even when I haven't been faithful, He still heals, helps, forgives. I was ill for so long and not knowing what ailment it was even after hospital visits I deteriorated fast until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Through it all, I know that God kept me and sustained my family and I. There were times we had no food nor knew where provision would come from yet He always came through for us even if it was at the last minute ( I laugh when I remember such times).

Over the weeks He's enlightened my mind to the truths in His word. I realize the importance of speaking His word out at all times. The devil will try to take that word out of your mouth but don't stop. Keep at it, and your desires will surely come to pass. The fruit of the spoken word will manifest. His word is His bond...He will honor it.

Ana: United States

The most beautiful feeling in life for me is when I dream of Jesus, seeing him so beautiful. Lifting my arms in the air and looking at the sky saying"God, please bring me with you. As I ask each time, I can feel his presence and his love and protection, opening his arms and welcoming me and talking to me. Letting me know that he is always with me. What more can I ask for? Thank you, my lord, for loving me, accepting me and forgiving me for my mistakes.

Tracey: United States

It was around Christmas time, and my mom and I were just driving through town as usual, but all of a sudden we look up, and there is a truck coming straight at us. All I know is my I curled up blocking my face, and my mom did the one arm mom thing where she tries to hold you, and her other arm blocking her face. Next thing we knew the truck had passed through. We know God had that truck go right through us because we never saw it go by us. And I know deep down and so does my mom that it was a miracle from the Father! He saved our lives and had that truck go through us, or he most likely guided it with his hand, praise God!!! I know that truly was a blessing and a miracle and I am so thankful to my father up in heaven. God bless all of you.

Joyce: United States

I am trusting in Jesus He is all that I have in this world.  I pray that the Lord keep me close. I praise His holy name, glory to God for Jesus.

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, the bible says it is the little foxes that spoil the vine and let everything be done decently and in order! I got saved when I was 26 I was gloriously saved and the happiest man on earth. I lost my parents when I was very young and now to know that JESUS loves me and dyed for me I cry and cry with gratitude! 

I did not learn computers until 2002 the first thing I learned is that I could write prayer requests to The Billy Grahm association etc. and it helped so since I was homeless and it was my only connection to the body of Christ. I slowly branched out to Christian radio stations etc.; it was so much fun and such a blessing. One winter in NYC a brother online asked me if I needed anything and I said yes a pair of warm shoes because I only had sneakers. Just as I  was starting to get sick, he sent them to me, and little by little other wonderful people had helped me and sent me gifts and warm clothes, and guess what I noticed when I started going to the library? I said to myself I hope I hear from one of my friends today. I lost focus of being saved, and it was GOD who would meet my needs.

Another thing is if I write you and there are 10 addresses there only about 2 people who write back, but I keep the addresses because I was so lonely another time the LORD said, Dan I don't mind if you ask for prayer but only after you have come to me first and prayed, don't become spiritually lazy! So I guess what I am saying is I love you and nothing is as beautiful and precious as the sweet sweet knowledge of, I am saved! GOD richly bless you   brother Danny  8/25/18   

P.S. Funny but I feel better, I am glad I wrote this

Whitney: Guyana

Christ changed my life when I was Dying. For more than a month I was unaware of what I was doing, I was told it was a fever, and I was just vomiting, and sleeping, and most of the time, I was afraid of the light. I started talking weird things, language that no one understands. I had red, violent marks on my skin and even the doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with me... I was not even eating, but the lord was with me the whole time. Just when I was nearly choked and squeezed to death, I was delivered at a church that didn't even have a roof. It is true that our body is the church. Its hard to believe I even survived. When I woke up right after deliverance, in this incomplete building, they call a church I was in pain with bruises on my face and marks all over my body. I knew this was beyond my understanding. So I just rejoiced and thanked the Lord for his mercy, and was baptized the next day...I love you, Jesus.

Theresa: United States

In Sept 2015 I had a triple by-pass. I am a female, 51 at the time. I did not realize I had a heart problem. When I got home, I was scared every night that I was going to die because I had many pains in my chest throughout the day. A part of me knew it was from the surgery healing, but part of me thought I was having a heart attack. Two things of significance happened that made me praise the Lord.

1. Every morning at 6 am I heard a very loud knock at my door. The sound came from directly above me as if someone strong was knocking on a door that was horizontally above me. That continued to happen at the same every morning for a few weeks. I thought for sure it was The Lord Jesus or my angels, keeping me free from harm by not rolling over the wrong way when waking up. It was comforting. 

2. One morning I woke up and saw in my bedroom doorway a large cloud that was in the shape of a large outstretched arm, a very muscular strong arm with a very large hand. The outstretched arm started to appear at the entrance of the doorway which was about three feet away, and I quickly saw it coming towards me. I thought for sure it was Jesus coming to take me. I was frightened at the thought of having to leave so soon from this earth but comforted knowing what I believed to be Jesus's hand. This large arm immediately retracted as it was about one foot in front of me when it approached. It was like watching "I dream of Jeanie" when she goes back into the bottle. Picture an invisible bottle at the threshold of my door. The arm retracted and disappeared. I believe the Lord was going to take me but saw I was afraid and decided not to take me at that time.

Brother Danny  7/17/18

I remember when I first got saved many years ago and was reading the bible for the first time and came to the part of scripture that tells of the fruits of the spirit. I was so happy to read, love, joy, peace, gentleness, meekness, you know them, until I got to longsuffering, and then I would read that one real fast hoping it was not for me. I continued like that for many years until recently the LORD spoke to me and said, Dan you are reading that one wrong no one could suffer long unless I pour my spirit into them to ease their pain, and immediately I said, O.K if necessary, then let it be longsuffering because his  precious anointing is worth it! GOD richly bless you.  

Daniel: United States

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! The Bible says that the HOLY SPIRIT will lead us into all truth! The Bible says that Jesus is the way the truth and the life so then we can safely say the HOLY SPIRIT is leading us to JESUS! The Bible lists the fruits of the spirit you know them to love joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, etc. but if you think about it, all these qualities emanate from our LORD and savior, so I figure that as I get closer to the LORD and imitate him these attributes will become stronger!
When I read the Bible I say, LORD O.K how can knowing this passage or verse bring me closer to you I believe that the goal is to be more like JESUS 
p.s if you have time, please say a prayer for me this long holiday weekend! 

When JESUS! was crucified it only makes sense that the enemy would inflict the most pain on the areas of the LORDS ministry he hated the most! 

  • The crown of thorns because he hated the LORDS made up mind to serve the father at all costs.

  • The nails in the hands because JESUS touched and healed the people. 

  • The nails in the feet because JESUS walked everywhere spreading the new good news. 

  • The spear in the side because his heart was as big as heaven!

Now JESUS did not have the armor on and absorbed all this pain so that today the armor we put on cannot be penetrated. Thank you JESUS! GOD richly bless you,

P.S., please keep me in prayer, Brother Danny  8/25/18

John: United States

These days it is so difficult to get away from the 'noise' of life. I can't even pump gas without music blaring. For years I would have Christian radio on where I worked. Two years ago I decided to work in silence (I work by myself). I started hearing God speaking to me more. He has a 'still, small voice' that cannot be heard above the music but can only be heard in the quiet places.


Am so blessed with this site I have read most of the testimonies and am so much encouraged as I know that this God I serve will answer me soon as I believe in him, and I know his time is the best

Daniel: United States

Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Whoever said a prayer for me this weekend thank you so much I had the best weekend I just rested in the LORD which for me is no small miracle, and I feel so much better! Thank you and needless to say, if you could say one more prayer it will keep this big smile on my face!GOD    5/22/18

Oluwatoyin: United Kingdom

I want to say thank you God for all you have done for me and helping me fight and beat the Demons. I am healed now in the name of Jesus; I was depressed, anxious and in the dark and felt in a shell and alone. God pulled me from the dark back into the light and made me love life again I am in the light, and I am staying in the light. Thank you, God, for your love and kindness and healing and strength.

Ann: Philippines

Hi, I want to share my testimony.
When I was young my parents left me with our relatives, so they supported me everything, studies, and every stuff I needed in everyday life.  in return for that, they treat me as their slave. 
They want me to clean all over the house they want me to look after their child, and at the time I was only seven yrs old. As a young girl, I never had a happy childhood I always felt tired, lonely helpless. 
I often asked my self why my parent left me, was I burden to them?  So many questions in my mind. I always prayed and prayed, and I tell everything to god about my suffering that no one knows, except god.
I remember one time my relative was mad at me and hit me, and I found myself sleeping inside a box.  I remember that time I was talking to god again telling everything to him with my heavy heart, and I felt the presence of God comforting me at that very moment. He let me sleep in that box that night with peace in my heart. 
I surely know and testify that God the father and the Holy Spirit is always with us and listens to our prayer and comforted us every time we need it. 
Thank you, Father God.

Comfort: Nigeria

I asked God to heal me from bedwetting that lasted for over 24 years. It was really embarrassing, and I took time to really pray for healing. 
It's been over two years, and I just realized have not experienced it, and I forget to say "thank you, Lord."
Prayer is the key. And always be grateful.

No Longer Homeless?

Something wonderful happened awhile back, and I would like to share it!

About a month ago I was homeless in NYC, and the weather was going to drop into maybe single digits and so to save peoples lives the local Rescue Mission let us stay there day and night! What a blessing. Two services a day and hot, warm soup and oatmeal!

And one afternoon in the chapel we were all sleeping, and I felt led to go to the altar for time alone with the LORD! In no time at all, I broke through and was just resting in his arms. How beautiful that is, just waves and waves of worry being washed away!

As I got up to leave, I heard the LORD say, "Dan when you are alone with me here at the altar you are no longer homeless this is your home right here with me." I feel so loved that the LORD knew how lonely I was and took that time to comfort me! GOD richly bless you  

Brother Danny,  4/3/18

Hamidy: United States

Hello, I was healed by Jesus from all illness. People have been healed from Cancer with no doctors, no therapy.

Marie: United States

When I was young, I saw a guy standing in the doorway at a store asking everyone that walked by to help him with some food.  They all told him they had no money then they came out with beer and cigarettes. I walked up to the store, and the guy asked, could you feed me?  I went in and bought him a sandwich and a soda, and as I went to leave he asked, can you give me a blanket, I'm cold?  I went to my house I got a blanket for him. I went back to the store the next day, and the blanket was folded up neatly laying by the store. I think it was an angel seeing who would give and who wouldn't, it just seem different to me. That shows when someone asks you to feed them or to give them water, please help them don't walk away.

Pam: South Africa

Greetings in The Faithful and Powerful name of Jesus Christ. I would like to share my testimony because I was not well for many months. I used to feel sick to the point I thought I'm going to die. My legs used to feel very weak. I had issues with my body. I was very depressed but always knew God could heal me. I repented of my sins and humbled myself, and God healed me. I feel brand new. God is real, Jesus is Real, The Holy Spirit is real. The Bible is real. God is Love. Thank You. God has pardoned me and healed me. All Glory to God. Amen.

ARSEE: Philippines
I would like to share this if you really obey God. He will give you everything. I admit it's really hard to obey but once you try it. You will surprise what will be the result of being an a obedient child of God. 

James: Country
When I was eight or nine, I can't remember the exact age; I contracted the virus of encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain thru a very high fever.  I was in a coma for four day's, and in an Iron lung for breathing assistance and had to have a  tracheostomy so I could breathe. 
During that illness my dear mother and father and my siblings  went to a Baptist church and prayed for 4 days. The most Gracious GOD heard those prayers, and I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning. 
So GOD used this little boy of let,s say 8 or 9 to donate Blood for another little Girl who came down with the same illness. I do not know if she came out of it or not, but I knew there was a wonderful LORD even at that young age.
Because of that illness, I was not able to father children which was heartbreaking. But through the years GOD has brought a miracle to my wife and me, and we are both are involved with school children with special needs.  
I drive a special need's school bus full of Autistic children, and my wife is an Aide on another Bus with the same kind of children. So GOD is a healer of broken hearts. We are so Blessed 

Lydia: United States

Praise Jesus!  I feel like I have been praising His name since Day 1 I found Him and accepted Him into my heart. Praise Jesus Jesus! It is my 7th-year journey with Jesus has been so precious He has always been with me. I saw myself from day 1 and grow spiritually.I remember I was too hard and only who I was from where I am from, blah. And now I stand firm for Jesus and continue allowing Him to work in my life. I am telling you all who reads this message; it is true and simple! Thank you, Father, for sending Your only beloved Son to save us.

Nozipho: Swaziland

I would like to praise God with this testimony. He is a Mighty God. The Lord delivered me from unforgiveness. I have so much peace now, even when the devil brings up the things that hurt me, they do not hurt anymore, more so I understand that no one does you wrong, but Satan uses people to hurt us. My greatest enemy is Satan, but I fear Him not because he has already been defeated. Because He died so my sins would be washed away, I understand the importance of forgiveness. Thanks are to the living God for love He shows us. Oh, His mercies are great.

Praise Be to God.

Hannes: United Kingdom

When God's Holy Spirit touches country, and people country repent then people are holy and pure like snow that covers Nordic countries

Halima's Christian Testimony (Link)

Halima was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity after a vivid encounter with Jesus.

Pavithra: India

Praise the Lord!

I am so delighted to write this testimony of myself on Jesus Christ! I have been afflicted with the enemy attacks since a month now. I have been water baptized and awaiting Holy Spirit baptism. My former faith was Hindu, and my pastor said these attacks are because of my former idol worship. 

One night, there was severe anxiety and left me helpless, and the fear captured me. That night, I thought I was going to die and called upon Jesus to deliver me and save me. Jesus delivered me, hallelujah! Again, there were bouts of attacks on backsliding, giving up, blasphemous thoughts, and went on and on. I was perplexed and didn't know God’s plan. Every day, there would be attacks, and my faith levels dipped, and fear increased tremendously. One night, during an attack I just prayed to God and Jesus and asked Him to deliver me and strengthen me. I didn’t even know how to pray; our Lord Jesus Christ knows us and our thoughts and our heart! Hallelujah. After this, I gained this new strength given by Jesus Christ. Jesus gave me much comfort and peace at heart that I cannot have it on my own.  Every time I had a spiritual warfare, I just believe that Jesus Christ is with me and He strengthens me, and I feel His presence every time. I am still having these attacks, but I know my Lord Jesus Christ will always be there for me to rescue me from the enemies and wouldn’t let me perish. I just couldn’t imagine a life without Jesus, and I need Him more even than before! Hallelujah! We all need a Savior, and that is Jesus Christ! 

Let glory be only to Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

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"Just wanted to share with you that I am so inspired by your testimonies. I thank God for you. In His Name be blessed"
Rene: United States

It is a pleasant thing to see the children of God actively engaging themselves in the business of God; using their lives, time, and assets to better the lives of many.

Your website has been a great help to many. The testimonies do help to encourage the disheartened. Please keep up the good work.

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