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"Praise the Lord in Heaven"

My name is Prem Kumar from India, and I would like to thank the Lord Jesus for giving me the courage and opportunity to write this testimony after my 36 years of age.

Lord Jesus had done many miracles in my life; however, I was a coward to testify as I have a lot of stage fear.

But today, I want to share the miracles God has done in my life.

First Miracle - My Birth

I am 36 years old today, and during those times where a hospital is a luxury in our village, and we use to stay very far from town with no proper medicines and doctors, here is how my Lord Jesus had saved me.

My mother said when I was born, I was weak, lean with critically ill and most of them said I wouldn't survive more than a week.

My mom cried to Lord Jesus to save me for all the sicknesses and trouble I was going through as a child, and the Lord heard my mom's prayer, and I was saved and healed, and I lived. "ALL PRAISES TO JESUS"

Second Miracle of my Life

I was 11 years old and nobody had taught me about Jesus. My Father believed in Pagan ways and I thouoght that all gods are one. I had food that was to offered to different idols  and Danced in front of idols; I even started worshipping one of them.

During those times I went to play HOLI, a festival of colours, with my friends; we all went to small pond and everybody was enjoying the water.

While I was in the water I happened to step on a large rock and due to my weight it loosened up and i started to drown and nobody noticed i was drowning. At that moment my head was under the water and I was not able to breathe.

I cant swim and only my hands were above the water and I  thought that I was going to die. Suddenly somebody pulled me from water by holding my head; I looked at my friends and everybody was playing and having fun. I asked, who pulled me out and they all said they didn't know.

At the moment I didn't know who saved me, but after I knew Jesus in my life, I was able to understand that it was my Jesus who saved me; today.

I am alive because of His Mercy, Kindness, and his unconditional Love for me. {Though I was not obedient to him still he saved me}

Third Miracle

At 19 years old, still not very sure what Jesus had done for us I was very disobedient; though I went to church, I did all kinds of sins during my teens; I was lost without much love at home with family troubles, no proper education, or guidance.

Because of my Family's financial hardships, I started working at the age of 19 as a part-time delivery guy at Pizza hut; after working for two years, I lost my job. It was 2004 and I struggled for more than six months without a job because of my poor communication skills; no proper education where ever I have gone has been rejected.

It was during the time of Lent and I was fasting for a job. One day I went for an interview at NIPUNA Computers which is a Sister concern of Satyam Computers, I entered the office and submitted MY CV at the entrance. The lady asked me to wait as HR was in a meeting; after 2 hours the HR was still in a meeting.

Somehow my heart kept telling me to leave that office, but I started telling myself that I need a job desperately. I have to attend, after some time my heart was again saying to leave the office, and finally, I walked out of the office. The lady at the entrance tried to stop me, but I said to her I'll come back later.

I came down, started my bike didn't know where to go in the hot summer, and was thinking and praying to God about my situation. While I was crossing the street I saw Monster.com on to my right, and I remembered that my friend use to work there. I said to myself, at least I'll meet him and then go, and took my mobile to call him, but his number had been switched off.

I gave up and thought my day was going very badly and was starting my bike, when suddenly I heard a voice calling my name from the other side of the road; I turned back, and to my surprise, it was the friend I was trying to call. His name was SATYA, and he asked, what are you doing here?

I explained to him that I went for an interview but did not feel like attending; so I left and was passing by and thought of meeting you. He listened to me and said, interviews are going on at Monster; come and attend now; I told him that I am restless.

I was utterly demotivated and had no interest in attending the interview; however, he insisted and said, just go and try.  I told him I have no hard copy of the CV; he said, don't worry, and got me a printed CV from his desk; he spoke to HR and went upstairs to his work.

My First round was aptitude I had cleared; I was in shock and thinking that I will be rejected in 2nd round due to my communication.

To my surprise, I cleared my 2nd round and finally came the  3rd round, and I was shocked when HR came and said I had passed the 3rd round. I was delighted and thanked God for it. HR came and said, you'll have a final meeting with the company vice president tomorrow at 10 AM.

I didn't know what to say; the next day, I went for the final round but with a lot of fear in my heart. Still, I kept my faith in LORD JESUS, and to my surprise, the Vice President wished us good luck, and it was just a casual meeting with him, and March 15th, 2006 joined Monster.com, which was very Crucial in my life; that was a Turing Point in my Career. My GOD LORD JESUS had turned impossible things into Possible.

From Then onwards, I have changed my attitude toward the LORD and have started reading the bible. God revealed things I have done against him, and I regret and repent for the sins I have committed. I am just a human, and I want to confess to everybody today though my LORD JESUS had done many things, I have fallen many times for the sins that I should not commit, and I am still trying to be obedient to him. Please pray to the LORD OUR GOD For me ...

I have more things to share, and in my next letter, I would share them, and I hope God gives me that strength.

I am praying in this Lent season for a healing and miracle, and I believe LORD JESUS has healed me {"I am Healed by his Stripes"} and soon I will be sharing my testimony, and please do pray for me.

Thank you.


Prem Kumar: India

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