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 "Prayer Testimonials"
Answers to Prayer

Prayer testimonials are among the greatest faith-building resources available; not only do they build the faith of the one receiving the answers to prayer, but also for those who learn of them.

Share Your Answers to Prayer

This beautiful Psalm of David presents an elegant example of how we are to give thanks and to share our testimonies with others.

 "I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
   I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
   I will be glad and rejoice in you;
   I will sing the praises of your name,
  O Most High."(Psa 9:1-2)

Prayer Testimonials - Answers to Prayer

 Hlengi: South Africa

My husband has been unemployed for over a year and last year I started sowing a seed towards a house and a wedding party, cause we only did a blessing ceremony. The lord this year stirred me up to apply for a home loan, and I was scared that I could never afford it as I was the only one working, but praise be to the Lord, I got approved for a home loan, not only that we received a discount 21.7% on the property. The Lord is so faithful and is genuinely a provider; He will meet all of our needs and desires, there is no God like Him, He is worthy of all the praise and the honor.

Naomi: Iran

Thank you my Jesus for moving us to Vancouver Canada, My husband sushi and I bless you dear father. You heard our prayer and gave us an instant response even though our difficulties were enormous. We love you. Thank you!

Karishma: South Africa

I would like to give all the Praise, The Glory and the Honour to my Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with more than enough to pay off my debt. Jesus is My Provider.


Praise The Lord! Hallelujah! All glory to His name. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for answering and hearing all our prayers. My daughter Belicia finally found a job. I'm very very happy for her. One burden off my shoulders. Now I will continue to pray for my husband to get some projects or job soon. Once again, millions of thanks brother Samuel for all your prayer supports. 

Praise and glory be to God forever and ever !! Amen and Amen!

Shalom! God bless.

Gino: United States

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

I was working in the USA on a job visa, and it was going to expire.

There was a delay in the visa extension process, and everybody thought I might need to travel back to my country/lose the job if visa processing got delayed. I was trusting God's words and praying continuously in front of him. I was really disturbing my God with my prayer request every day. Finally, I got the approval notice yesterday. I had only two more weeks to expire my current visa. During the visa processing, I have faced lots of challenges, but God saved me at each stage.

Praise the Lord.

Just believe in Jesus Christ and pray continuously, he will listen to your prayer request. Prayer is a great weapon for us given by God...

LostinMaine: United States

Searching for Hope

Recently I have found myself wondering what is it all for... in these thoughts it has brought me back to see my Hope and God. I’m placing my faith and trust in your Lord and friends I’ve never met, please pray for my soul to find it’s way in this time of trial. 

Ravinderpa: New Zealand

Glory to God

God is good all the time.  He answered my all prayers.100/100.

James 4:7, "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

Andrew: India

My sister is staying in the UK for the past 20 years. However, I (her brother) have never visited her place. Myself, wife, children and dad had planned to visit. I filled in the visa forms & went to the VFS office to submit the documents. When the officer checked the form, he informed us that form was incomplete, so he asked us to come with another appointment. It was very . disappointing We had gone to the travel agent and filled in the forms and returned home with a very sad heart.

The appointment date was on 24th of April but was very late for us as we had booked the travel on 5th of May & the visa process duration is 15 days. We prayed to God, and went to the VFS office as a walk in without an appointment. God has given grace in the eyes of the officers, and they allowed us to submit the Visa papers on 13th of April and got our Visa on time, and we have traveled as per the plan by the Grace of God.

Now we are in the UK and enjoying the holidays. (even in the immigration we found grace in the eyes of the officers, and they have not grilled us).
Praise to God, he still hears our prayers and helps when we are in distress

Tapia: United States

I thank God for delivering me from drugs alcohol gangs jail molestation homosexuality and so much more!! God is real!! God Bless You All!! 

(God Can Answer Any Prayer)

Brother Danny, Homeless, age 71, 3/3/2018
Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters if anyone gets this today or tomorrow please say a prayer for me.  I am traveling all day and night on the Greyhound bus from NYC to Florida and these days you just never know what will happen! GOD richly bless you.
Brother Danny, 


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters from the bottom of my heart thank you for your prayers for me for traveling mercies from NY to Florida!
I was tempted not to even ask for prayer, but I am so glad GOD persisted! 
From the beginning of the trip to the end, something was off! Time does not permit me to share everything, so I will just share one thing!
People were tired, and the bus started to break down around North Carolina the a/c went out people were hot, and the bus was losing power. 
For me, it was not life or death, but if the bus breaks down en route, it takes the driver 2 hours to get to the station and then another 2 hours to reach the disabled bus. All the luggage would have to be transferred which could easily be a 4-hour delay, and even more when we get to the next station. Many people would have missed their connection and would have to sit in that station for another 4 hours maybe longer.
So I was praying for all I was worth GOD, please let us make it to the next station! And because of your wonderful prayers, there was great grace on the bus, and we made it there safe without any fights.
There were so many more problems, but because of your prayers, many said amazing grace! GOD richly bless you from the bottom of my heart.   Brother Danny  3/6/18

Sapna: India

My full name, Sapna Samat.
I was diagnosed with IBS wherein I had to go to toilet 20 times a day. I tried all kind of medication. I had to give up my job and thought I would never be able to work again, and this continued for nine months.
One day I prayed to Jesus as this health problem disturbed my personal life as well, unable to eat or go out. I prayed to Jesus, either take my life or cure me. 
People under this condition do not normally get cured for years, but now I m able to work again without medication, completely healed. I was cured by the blood of Jesus. 
All praise to the Father Son and Holy Spirit. He healed me when no one could.

Alpha: Ghana

I'm inspired by the wonderful testimonies I have read on this site. I'm yet to experience my breakthrough. Note my name, I have faith in my GOD, and I know he will not fail me even though I'm going through hardship today. I will share one of the greatest testimonies on this lovely site because I have a strong faith in GOD and the mighty one will never fail me. AMEN

Christina: United States

I have had a few prayers answered. I am blessed. One, in particular, I was losing my business, I was financially so much in debt, I was scared for my son and not being able to feed him. I was angry with my husband. I turned to God. God took me through the loss with my head held high, my husband and I still married and food on the table. It is still a struggle seven years later, but we are still doing it day by day!

Joy: Nigeria

I want to also share my testimony like the brothers and sisters on this site. I have believed God for the fruit of the womb. Instead, I got a persistent sharp pain beneath my right breast. Please join me in faith and prayers for my total healing.  I know God has healed me. I want it to physically manifest. JAS.  

Chidera: Nigeria

Praise the Lord, now and forever Amen, who says there is no God, should please have a re-think.
My testimony:
I have been looking for a job for years, though where I am working currently the pay is not much. Went down my knees, cried, prayed this:
"Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the Divine gift to forgive all the wrong that was done to me, and You who are in all instances in my life. I want to Thank You for everything and confirm with you once more I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual Glory. Amen."
I made this request and many others, pouring out my intentions to God that I need a good job; and for the man I love, that left to come back.
Behold my God has remembered me and showered me with a new job last night, and I still have that strong and firm faith he will do the rest for me and uplift me, career-wise and marital wise. God is faithful, and a great, existing wonderful friend one can rely on. Praise God. 

Debra: United States
I have a prayer fellowship meeting at my house every Monday evening.  We have been meeting for around 2 years.  God has answered many prayers and I give Him praise.  Our church has grown from around 50 on Sunday morning to over 100 every Sunday.  We have workers in the church to further the outreach in our community.  God is so faithful and I give Him all the glory and honor.  We serve an awesome God.  Praise Jesus and by His stripes we are healed in more ways than just physical.  I woud like to ask fellow believers to please pray God would bless my oldest son and his wife with a healthy child/children if it could be his will.  They have been trying for over 10years. 

Stellamaris: Nigeria
All praises be unto the name of God.

For two days I have been having pain when urinating, and by yesterday evening my abdomen had swollen, and I felt so uncomfortable. Just then in my heart, I felt the urgent need to pray and anoint myself. So I took some anointing oil and while praying anointed my stomach down to my lower abdomen. Then I took some of the oil in my mouth and swallowed it.

I remember saying, " O God, I don't know what is wrong with me, but I need you to stretch forth your hands  and heal me."

A few minutes later, I felt as if something was moving in me and suddenly my swollen abdomen began to lessen. I cried tears of surprise for I had just experienced a miracle. I didn't know when I started saying 'thank u God' over and over again. It was an unexpected quick response. Right now my swollen abdomen has completely returned to normal, and I no longer have pain. God is Awesome, and He truly answers when you call from the depth of your hearth.
Praise God the mighty healer.

Crystal: United States
I've been praying for a heart of flesh to help me be the person he knows me to be. The scripture regarding love this year has been on my mind allot by the holy spirit. Just New Year's eve my father was passing from his kidney disease it was the most horrific experience I sat by his bed day and night since Christmas. New Year's eve his suffering was so bad I stepped outside crying to our heavenly father and praying for his mercy on my father to bring him home although my gosh I wanted him better and to stay I love my dad so very very much this broke my heart to ask such a prayer but if course to let it be his will to either please bring him home or heal him in my tears I looked up to the heavens I saw God's eyes looking down at me plain as day I was so scared and immediately loved and hugged and all those feelings you get when your were  a child and your parents would hug and kiss you...I stood stiff just looking into his eyes I was safe there I wouldn't take my eyes off his for a minute. Just then in cursive the word love formed in the sky then the clouds shifted like a wave and it all was gone. My father passed shortly after at 11:33 new years eve. Just a couple days ago I'll never forget his mercy his love and the heart of pure love he gave me that night all in one. I know the meaning of what love is because it lives in me it's him. Love is not selfish nor was my request that of his child that I am. I thank God for his mercy and grace in answering of prayers.

Denny: United States

God answered a miracle prayer for my wife.

Nozipho: South Africa

God has always been on my side. I have been praying for signs that the man I love is the one I will spend the rest of my life with and God has been faithful to answer me. Satan has been fighting our relationship since day one but praise God he hasn't succeeded. Every time I feel like walking away God says I must stay and fight with prayer and faith. I believe we have finally conquered the battle and that God's will has prevailed. 

Betina: United States

God answered my prayers to save my home from foreclosure and auction.  I was granted a home modification loan approval. God gave me a second chance. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!! I won't let him down. God is an awesome God!!! 

Georgia: United States

When my girls were in 4th and 6th grade, I got a call from my sister saying that my dad was fixing to get his whole foot amputated.  My dad had diabetes and neuropathy.  He had no feeling in his feet.  The dr told him never to go barefooted and to sit on the side of the bed each night with a mirror on the floor and inspect his feet.  My dad went barefooted all the time, and never checked his feet, much less eat right.  Anyway, he has stepped on a sewing needle and now had gangrene in his foot.  My two sisters beat me to the hospital.  I left work and picked up both my daughters from school.  I told them to agree with everything I was saying.  I told them to believe that what I was saying was true.  I prayed and told God that I knew by Jesus stripes my dad was healed.  I asked God; please let my dad only to lose one toe.  I was hoping that if my dad lost one toe instead of his whole foot that it would number one show how awesome God is, and number two would remind him how close he came to losing his whole foot and would take better care of himself.  

When I got to the hospital, my dad had already been taken into surgery.  I told my sisters not to worry, and that dad was only going to lose one toe.  My sister said Georgia "he is going to lose his whole foot and possibly part of his leg all according to how far it has gone.  Dr won't know till he gets in there." She said she talked to dr, and that's what Dr said.  I told her I don't care what Dr. Said.  I know what God said, and dad is going to lose one toe.  My dad lost one toe PRAISE GOD.  He answers prayers.

Isaac: United States

There have been soooo many times God has answered my prayer! I believe prayer is so powerful. I googled prayer testimonials just to build my faith when I pray for my family and friends! When I saw this, I felt it was appropriate to share something God has done for me! I pray this encourages someone!

Okay! Here we go!

My name is Isaac White, and I go to Bethany College. It seems like everyone here is looking for their wife/husband, including me! So my 2nd semester here, I struggled with liking a girl who I knew was not good for me (just because she is Christian does not mean you should date her blindly. The Bible says don't awaken love too early). God even told me to let her go but I could not. I never asked her out, and I never kissed her or anything like that, but I struggled internally. After about four months of struggling, I decided to finally ask God to free me from this burden! After I prayed once, I kept praying because the Word says keep knocking! This last week God has freed me from this burden. He even showed me why He wanted me to stay away! God IS ON MY SIDE! AND YOURS! Now, I've been standing on Job 36:11 "If they listen and obey God, they will be blessed with prosperity throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant."

MARY: United States

My husband was an alcoholic who drank a liter of vodka a day and smoked a carton of cigarette a week. We only had one car, so I needed to drop him off at work each day. On this particular morning. I was so sleepy. My husband said he did not feel well and went to get out of the car. I have been a believer since I was sixteen and believed the things God give me. The Lord said to me, pray for him before he goes. So I said, wait, let us pray. There are lots of first with God. As I prayed, I felt the virtue go out of me into him, and the Lord spoke to me and said, "now he is not going to remember that he was sick this morning, and when he says this, tell him to give me three days of no drinking." So that evening when he came home, I asked how did he feel. He asked, why did you ask me that? I informed him how he was sick this morning; he said, "Francis I forgot all about that, Just as God said he would. I told him what God had requested of him. He gave God those three days of no drinking; he went through sweats, shakes, no patch or pill to help him, only obeying what God had given. He no longer drinks or smokes, and is now a believer and working for the Lord as a Deacon, Sunday School  Teacher, Usher. Prayer works.

Lois: United States, First Contact:

Two days ago, while in the emergency room, I found out, I have cancer. Please lift me up in prayer, for HEALING in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!

On Jul 12, 2016, 10:59 PM, Samuel's Reply:
Hello Lois, Recently you contacted us for prayer request, and I just want you to know that we are still praying.
Jesus loves you very much,
Samuel Mills

On Jul 13, 2016, Lois second contact:

Thank you for continuing to pray for me!
Just want to tell you they went back in and NO Cancer was found!

Michelle: United Arab Emirates

Dear All,
Today I want to share my testimony about my Job. How Jesus blessed me and brought me out of the darkness. I had lost my job in October 2015 as I was on vacation. When I arrived back in Dubai, I was depressed and confused; I even had a very bad break up with one person. 
For six months I was without a job trying, crying and praying for a good job as I had to support my family in India and pay off my debts. I  struggled a lot for these six months and was almost losing hopes on everything, but Jesus is faithful, he never abandons his people nor did he abandon me. 
Suddenly in April 2016 I received a call from one company and told me that I was selected. I was soo happy about it, but still, I was anxious about my salary. To my surprise Jesus gave me four times more salary than I was expecting, he is a mighty awesome God. 
If you have faith and trust in him, cling to him until the end of time he will never leave you empty. My faith increased, and I almost paid off all my debts in Jesus name. He works wonders and gives in abundance, thank you, Jesus, Love you, Jesus!!

God bless you all!! Michelle

Tonette: United States

I got the answer I needed, thank you 


I had been in Kuwait for a month without a Job and was applying for many jobs every day. (10 - 15 Companies each day)
I had lost hope but didn't lose my faith in God. I held his hand more tightly in prayer. Finally, One day I got a call from a pioneer Company in Kuwait. And the Best part, I had never applied to this company, (GOD APPLIED FOR THIS JOB FOR ME), & I got this job. God has done the best for me.
GOD! LORD JESUS! What did I do... That you Love Me so much..! 

Jerwin Philippines

 The Lord is Great!

Last two months ago, I always had pain in my lower right abdomen or my right stomach.Then because of that, I am always going to the clinic for the checkup. The doctor gave me a list of medicine then I'll buy it and take it that medicine in 7 days but after that nothing happened. My stomach continued to hurt, so I came again to the clinic, and the doctor told me that I need to undergo an ultrasound, and city scan. I'm so stressed and worried on that time because my family is so far from me because I'm here in Cebu City to take my OJT for one year but it's my two months yet here.I'm always cried to the Lord every minute every hour when my stomach was pain.And now I want to thanks to God because I prayed to him that in his powerful hand I was healed I don't need the ultrasound, city scan or hospital because nothing is impossible to him and he has a miracle, and I believe on that.He was Great.He is my healer.He has a miracle.Nothing is impossible to him.Just have faith in him and never worry.He will never forsake us.Always remember the Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans that I have for you, Declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a good future."

To God be All the Glory!

Ruby: United States

Went fishing one summer day. In a pond not far away. Walked this path many times before. 
This time l came in contact with a board with rusted nails. I stepped on it somehow 2 nails entered my foot.  Fall to the ground in somewhat shock. Pulled off my shoe, blood every where. I pull the board and nail from my foot. Put back on my shoe praying; Lord don't let me get an infection, my foot gets cut off. Drove to the store bought alcohol, peroxide washed my foot, the bleeding stopped. Went home soaked the foot in Epsom salts about two / weeks no signs of puncture wounds. Healed l say in Jesus name. I believe to this day. He did it for me. # STILL WALKING ON BOTH FEET.

Dave: United States

After receiving prayer for healing. Nodule in lung not cancerous. Cancer from colon did not spread to the lung.

Lulu: Netherlands

In 1984 I got an illness called Myasthenia Gravis. It was a traumatic experience because I Could not eat, drink or talk for over a year. In 1985 had surgery, they would remove the thymus gland which was causing the problems, I had an auto-immune disorder. The night before surgery I went outside and looked up to the sky. Although I wasn,t very religious until then. I prayed from the deepest of my heart and begged for healing; I was very weak, lost very much weight, and I was very scared of the difficult procedure I had to undergo which was similar to open heart surgery. Because I was mostly paralyzed they could,t give my painkillers after the surgery because of the relaxing muscle effects. I had a difficult time in the intensive care, but I had help from a healer from distant. Anyway, a miracle happened during my stay at the I.C. Instantly I could speak, eat and drink. I did,t need medication anymore after I went home after a few weeks. The doctors could not believe it; they had not seen such a fast healing ever. After 30 years I still experience some small symptoms, but overall, I know God showed me that he cared for me and answered my prayer. Thus changed my life. Another time while I was struggling with anxiety and fear to go outside I was gently pushed in the back while I was fighting in a situation to overcome fear, I looked over my shoulder, didn't,t see anyone. I got help; it was very impressing, I now that God and his angels are always with us

Rob: United States 

I want people to know that the Lord answers prayer. My wife of (37 years) and I have a daughter, she's 32 years old now, she ran away when she was 15 years old and lived on the streets in Portland Oregon, our hearts were broken, we did what we could, and continually prayed.

I made a point to pray and fast at lunch during the week for about six years. This last week on Thursday she was arrested for possession of the drugs she is addicted too. She was sent to detox for 72 hrs. Which is the standard procedure for the jail?

I went there Sunday after church, and the guy on duty said she only spent 48 hrs in detox. She called me today and told me, "Thank the Lord I'm off the drugs now, PRAISE GOD! "

I am praising the Lord.  I know that this is just the beginning and we have a long way to go, but persevere in prayer, and the Lord will answer, don't give up.

My wife and I have been going through a lot of trials the last ten years. Last year we lost everything financially, but remember, trials bring us closer to the Lord.

I know the Lord will turn things around for us in a miraculous way. I thank the Lord of faith for answers. Thank you, and don't give up, he is faithful.  

Wiloria: United States 

I would like to say God has been good to me and his mercies are new every day.  I've been going through a trying time in my life with serious health problems, and my little ones and I have been dealing with that, can't go into depth BC it's so much... But I'm declaring we're healed in Jesus name regardless of these lying symptoms!!!! 
It isn't easy, but I know God's able to do above all we ask or think. He's been blessing us with unspeakable joy and answering my prayers. I'm going to cont. To hasten to his throne in times of sorrow. I pray that you all will be blessed in Jesus name!!

Roberto: Trinidad and Tobago

Days after submitting a prayer request it was answered !!!

Sontinish: United States

I just recently got evicted from my apartment;  my mom got hurt and has been out of work for three months, and it was hard for her to pay the rent. I asked one of my friends to reach out to others and ask for their prayers. A couple of days later my mom called to tell me that we were getting the apartment we applied for and that we were moving in that Friday. 
God is most definitely worthy to be praised. I just want to say, God is good. He has helped me in so many ways I can't even thank him enough for what he has done. 
I don't pray as much as I need to and I can admit that, and I am willing to change as soon as possible.

Sharon: United States

I believe God does give us the desire of ours. God knows mine. Just waiting for him to put it all together. Seems like something trying to take it away even before it all unfolds. But my faith is strong.

Gargi: India

I am nothing without God. Jesus, I pray today for my family, for the one who is not well. I know you will heal them. In the name of Jesus. AMEN

Gene: United States

God allowed Satan to destroy my kidneys a few months ago. I have had dialysis 4hrs/day on Mon, Wed, and Fri. every since. 12 hours a week wasted it appeared. I asked God if He would show me in this lifetime how dialysis was going to, "work together for my good" as Rom 8:28 says. He did, I now look forward to the dialysis, for He has "church" with me during that treatment. Once I got into the habit, it was easy and enjoyable to pray, meditate, study at least 4 hrs. Every day for seven days a week. I praise Him for the dialysis. If a person forced themselves to have devotional's for 4 hrs a day for a month, they would get into the enjoyable and eternal rewarding habit.

Peachy: New Zealand God has turned K around! His rage is gone, and he's learning to enjoy life!Thank you, Lord!

Sam: India

Thank You, Christ, for all the blessings.

Tasha: Bahamas

God is indeed awesome as he answers all prayer according to his excellent greatness.

Robin: United States

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your Wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High."Ps9:1-2 Thank you so much for all you did for me Regarding Ryan. You are full of mercy and love. How I praise and thank you.

Eva: United Kingdom

Lord, You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Salvation for my son Eddie and his family. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Melinda: United States

Praise Report - God is Great! I want to thank the good Lord up above and those who have prayed for our financial problems as well as for my son and his future with the State Police. We have seen many blessings over the last week, and we know it has come from up above. Are we completely free of our financial problems...NO!!! Do we still need prayers for our finances and my son. YES!!! But God is blessing us every day. We have not stopped praying and talking to God. I can feel the Holy Spirit, and it is the best feeling ever!
There is no doubt he is turning things around for us (slowly but surely), and I thank God.<br>
EVERYONE keep praying, not only for yourselves but others. Read the Bible
And keep the faith. The devil will pull out all he has the closer you get to
Your victory and God. But keep your faith and God in your heart and life. There is nothing God can not do!!

ROSE: Bolivia 


James: United States

My name is James. My father Edward had a massive stroke a little more than a month ago. The doctor said it was the worst one he's seen. He told me to prepare my self, because if he lives, he will be a vegetable, brain dead. Well I'm Here to say God is awesome and my faith is stronger than ever. My father is talking, he's alert, he is not brain dead, and they can't explain it. I said, "I can, I asked for a miracle, and I received it, thank u." Jesus, I love you. And I thank you for your prayers, thank you.

Justin: Singapore:

I want to thank GOD TRULY AND SINCERELY with my heart and blood and water.

Betty: New Zealand:

God has worked wonders for my marriage! Thanks for your prayers, and Thank You, God!!

Yvette: United Kingdom:

Thank you so much for your prayers. God had given me freedom from depression. I am alive God and full of Joy and able to focus and work. My ex-boyfriend as well, who has been treating me badly have changed how he treats me.

Miriam: Philippines:

Praise God for how He miraculously worked and provided the money for the The release of my consignment. My request now is for my consignment to be delivered To me as soon as possible as so much depend on it. Thank you. May God continue To bless this ministry with miraculous answers to prayers.

Miriam: Belgium:



THANK YOU: Belgium:


Monica Hopkins: United States:

I am a two-time cancer survivor. Because of The wonderful healing power of God. My testimony is now in book form. I just finished my first book called "Cancer I don't think so!" it will go all around the world to encourage others that they two can be healed.

Eva: United Kingdom:

Lord, You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for delivering my son Eddie and his family from the hands of the enemy into Christian Life. Thanks and God Bless you all.

kiruthika: India:

My name is kiruthika. My husband name is Ravi. before one month I request to my Jesus, my husband, stay with another lady, please my husband leave another Lady for my two babies future. my Jesus is great because my husband now leave Her. now he for me only. I am soo happy. Thanks a lot to my Jesus.

Laurie: United States:

I was just thinking last week that I have not told of the wonderful blessing that God has done in my life.I asked for prayer for my fiance. He has terrible PTSD. It was making it difficult for him to function and he was isolating and not able to trust others as well as myself. After much prayer and after me

Putting signs around me that said Trust God my prayers were answered. After a month we were able to start talking again, and his spirit has gentled, and he trusts me. When I would pray, when I would ask for prayers here my heart was so full of pain that I felt stupid for believing. Don't ever give up on God. I

will soon be married to the husband that I have prayed God would send for ten years. This website prayed for me when I was empty. It makes me feel like crying just remembering how broken I felt. God is good.

Country: United States

Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayer for a job, I start tomorrow. Let me be a good employee and see Jesus Christ in every person I meet. Speak for me, that I may be kind and compassionate. In Jesus' name. Your little child, Judith

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