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Namitha's Prayer Testimony
"God Never Fails"

I write this testimony as I've understood one thing, "God Never Fails Us." 

I may not be a perfect Christian, but my belief in Christ has been from my schooling days, and I've understood that faith can do greater things, and that we Need to Pray for God's Will because God never fails. 

I became pregnant with my first child this February and delivered a baby angel this November 7th through normal delivery with 18 hours of labour.  But little did I know that when we pray, we need to pray for God's will to be done, which is always the best for us in our lives. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I had been praying for a baby boy. Not even for a minute did I think, what if God wants me to have a baby girl? Its seriousness was known to me when something terrible happened after my delivery. 

My Baby was Taken to NICU

We were ready for discharge after spending two days in the hospital. On the 3rd-day, the pediatric doctor visited to see the baby and said she has CRP 93, which shows some issues, and that she had to be put into NICU with a high dosage of medicines. 

That came as a shock to us as she did not show any such abnormal behavior. She was active urinating, and everything seemed normal to us. She was taken to NICU, and I can understand what was going on and cried, cried, cried.

A Christian Friend Prayed

I called one of my Christian friends and told her what had happened. She asked me not to worry and that she would pray. 

After three days, my baby was handed over to me for breastfeeding, and she did not take the milk and wanted only milk from a spoon as she was adjusted to the feeding at NICU. 

While getting discharged, we learned that her crp was reduced to 6 and that she was completely fine to go home. 

God's blessings are on us in different ways..our daughter is a lesson to me; she is an eye-opener. She's my realisation, which God wanted me to have.

God Took Care of Everything

It's not wrong for us to pray for something we want as we know God is greater to do much greater things for us. Our pregnancy journey was wonderful as God took care of everything, but what happened after my delivery was devastating; I pray no one ever faces it in their lives.

I thank every person who's prayed for my daughter, and beyond everything, I thank God, for he has never forsaken us as she's started taking breastfeed too. 

God is good! He's there in us..he listens to us and blesses us beyond what we deserve.

Thank you Lord, for this journey of pregnancy and for blessing me to become a mother. I'm forever grateful to you..thank you. Praise the Lord, Amen.

Namitha: India

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God Never Fails

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