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"Your Friend the Holy Spirit
Will Go with You"

Do you ever hear the voice of the Holy Spirit?

In the early 1980s, a truck driver who worked for the same company and was a friend of mine was hundreds of miles from home when he received a message that his four-year old son who was born with a childhood disease had passed away. 

So, he locked the doors to the truck, gave the keys to the Truckstop manager, and left for the airport and home.

I was working in Nashville that week when my boss called to tell me the news.  Since my job was not related I wondered why he was giving me so much information about his trip, (that it was going to warehouses in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas).

Then he abruptly finished by telling me that he wanted me to find the truck and complete his run. then added, because you are the only one we have who knows the product and how to drive the truck. I said, hey, wait a minute! But it was too late; he had hung up the phone.

This was over my head. If it had been a smaller truck, yes, but my only experience with a semi had been working with another driver for a few weeks to help with the unloading, and he had let me drive. 

It had been an amusing experience, but I didn’t even have a proper license and certainly didn’t know it would lead to this! I’m still not sure that my boss knew all of this, and he didn’t give me a chance to explain.

So, someone drove me to the truck; and we found it just before daybreak at a Truck stop near Louisville loaded with more than 30,000 pounds of product.

Peering into the back of the fully loaded truck I whispered a prayer that started and ended with, "Please!”

Getting the truck started and the first few miles were very awkward, but the things the driver had taught me slowly came back.

The first stop wasn't difficult to find; and they were able to give directions to the next customer, 100 miles away. (They were competitors and knew their exact location).

So I worked the rest of that day and around 10 pm  completed the seven stops that were in KY. That was two days without sleep, but somehow I seemed to be okay.

The next morning there were five stops in Memphis, and then  three more  135 miles away in Little Rock; By the time I got there the rain had turned to snow, the streets were getting slippery, and businesses were closing. Fortunately, my last stop waited because they needed the product.

I did a safety inspection and was by the door trying to decide if I should begin my return trip or go to a motel and sit out the storm.

Heavy snow was predicted along my route: Little Rock - Nashville - Chattanooga - North Atlanta - Knoxville; but leaving now was the only way I could get home in time for the interment service.

The driver and I were close friends. We had the same interest in small planes and gliders and would occasionally take his son with us.

And when I was not with them, and an airplane flew over, he would point to the sky and call my name.

Most of the drive to Atlanta would be Interstate, but from there I would cross the North Georgia Mountains into Tennessee on a steep curvy two-lane highway. (even the thoughts of that, in a snowstorm, was intimidating)

My Friend the Holy Spirit

So, there by the truck, I prayed for guidance; and when I was confident of the answer, said, I'm Going! Then as I was climbing into the truck, I distinctly heard a Spiritual voice say, "And I'm going too!"

Then I remembered that while nervously looking up into the back of the fully loaded truck I had prayed and asked Him to be with me.

I do not believe that due to my youth and inexperience,I could have made this trip in such an enormous truck with the sharp turns and narrow places to back into, without the Holy Spirit.

But He had skillfully guided and protected me the entire way, and I hadn’t even said, thank you, yet He sounded excited to be going with me.

Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit made me felt safe and confident. I  wondered if that was the way Paul felt when they were on the ship, and the angel of the Lord had told him they would all survive, (Acts 27: 23-26).

To shorten a lengthy story, it was a long snowy drive home, but it was done, and I and the truck were safe and on time.

The Believers Gift

The Holy Spirit was the greatest gift Jesus could have given His Followers.

Our beautiful Churches can lead the lost to salvation and teach the Bible, but living a happy and successful Christian Life will only come from knowing and experiencing your friend the Holy Spirit, One on one.

Some seem to think the Holy Spirit is difficult to get to know or constantly watching to condemn their sins, but this is not correct. If you are a Christian, He is inside you, closer than your breath to be your friend in every situation.

That trip was a great step of faith for me. I will always remember the snowstorm hundreds of miles from home and hearing the Holy Spirit say, "And I'm going too!"

"Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you," (John 16:7).

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart, (Jer 29:13, KJV)

Samuel Mills 

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Your Friend the Holy Spirit

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