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"Visitor Articles"
Trusting in Jesus

Marie: Philippines

"What if My Life Is?"

I thought I am in the throne
I forever will stay on the top
I thought my destiny would never
But what if my life is?
down, is there a chance
to open the windows of God's 
believing, into His hands 
and flavor of the wheel
my life will once more rise
to bring me to the top again
and where are those people my 
peers? now that I am down
it's there and have a good heart 
to open a way for me
or like the life I have
with nobody to hold me
and bring me to the top
wherein this is my life
what if my life is?

Mona: United States
This was very interesting the Commandments of Yeshua. He and the Father were one. Yeshua asks who my family is?? Those who do the fathers will. Mathew 5: 17-20 Yeshua said, He did not come to do away with The Fathers Commandments and those who break, relaxes, even the least of them and Teaches others to do the same will be called Least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But those who obey them and teaches others to obey them will be called greatest. He did not take his Fathers commandments out, and if we want to be called Yeshua's brothers and sisters, we must follow His example. He is our Shepherd. Also, the 1st MOST IMPORTANT Commandment is Love the LORD your God with All your heart soul and mind. Same as 1st Commandment you shall have no other gods before me. Our hearts are deceitful. We only love others when we teach them the Fathers ways and commandments. They are Protection for us from the enemy not just rules to beat us over the head with. Our Father loves us. 

We shall not even have other gods before him. God of Israel or Yeshua. This is clearly what happened to Israel, even Solomon the wisest king ever but he was still deceived, by putting or mixing ball with The God of Israel. Now we put the pagan god Ishtar, Santa and sun gods before our Savior Yeshua. Why are these pagan gods in his house in the first place?? If we love Him with all our hearts, we will remove these pagans from our house, and He will be the only one we Truly Worship.Our hearts deceive us, and we pervert love mercy and grace that's why we have so much sin. His blood gives us mercy and grace to go and sin no more. I am thankful we have this mercy. I would not be where I am today without it. I'm not perfect just want to love Him and Obey Him. He deserves for us to give Him our All. He gave His All for us. Blessings to you. Thank you for this insight into Yeshua's Commandments.

Ann: United Kingdom
I know my God is alive and well and I want to share this testimony in the hope that it will help someone out there. In July 2009, while dealing with an application to the British High Commission for a student visa to the U.K, I

found out that I would need the sum 0f 2 million Jamaican dollars to show that I would be able to support myself while studying. I remember the very

moment when I got the phone call; I was standing in my backyard and immediately as I hung up I lifted my hands to the sky and said 'Lord, this one is too big for me, please take this matter into your mighty hands.' 

The Holy Spirit then whispered in my ear that I should take a walk. As I was opening my gate to go out, I met the lady who would lend me the money, who but God?

John: Nigeria
I thank my God for saving me from sin. His protection has been great for me. Recently, I traveled far from home, about 800 km from my place of abode and also where I run a business in a shop. Two shops next to mine were vandalized, but mine was untouched. Praise the Lord

Jim: United States
"Watching both my Mom and Dad passed away in 2003 and 2009, I asked my self the question most ask some time during their lives, what is this all about. It took me nine months to get that answer from the Holy Spirit.I had read the Bible over three times during those nine months, trying to understand Our Fathers Words and His Son Jesus Christ teachings. Then one evening the Holy Spirit unlocked my heart and made me feel the love my Father in Heaven has for me.Since then many times I have asked others, what it is like to have your heart opened by the Holy Spirit, to this day I have not yet heard the right answer. To this date, I cannot understand why our churches and brothers find it so hard to say I Love You.May the Peace of the Holy Spirit be with you all, May my Father's Love reach your Heart, and his son's suffering remind you what it may take to have Eternal Life. Love You All."

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