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"My Prophetic Dream of the Outpouring of the Spirit of God"

Good News messengers have been preaching about the outpouring of the Spirit of God since Joel 2:28. Whether we have recognized it, believe in it, and receive it. Every mankind is at fault to tune with God to live to his spiritual principles and righteousness.  It was revealed through the prophet for his people, that is us. 

 Prophecies were foretold for these days we are living, passing, and entering. This moment these days are the days of the Spirit of God, our helper. It is the Spirit of God to make things possible. God still reveals to his people who walk with him through his Spirit, who connects us and bring us close to him.


In November 2019, I experienced this dream and wanted to share it with those who read this:

The Spirit led me to look to the far eastern side at the horizon. The clouds opened, and I saw an outpouring of the Spirit of God. It was an intense cloudy, misty, gigantic flow of water filling a wide endless valley. 

Out in the valley were squares of land joined to each other. The squared land of about 2 meters is for each of us and represents our position, no matter who you are, age, race, culture, status, education, wealth, language, or gender. 

Still looking, I saw the water moving, passing through the joints. Another vast valley is still dry because we are not part of the Spirit of God. Please enter the Spirit of God, the most sacred place to be in God. 

On my left, some distance away, I saw two people, each standing on their squared land. In front of them, there was a blockage, not allowing the water to flow into them. 

So I came down between them and used my foot to push aside debris of stones all the same size. These are two who always talk, gossip, and attack me, which I withheld. 

When I did this, the water began to move, filling the joints where each of them stood. I had to come down from above the emergent of the clouds overhead. When you are in the Spirit of God, you are the eye of God.  

All mankind is flesh living in the common life of the physical external world. It is our mind that forms evil marketing and selling our body to sin. As a result, we are controlled, becoming slaves of wickedness, disobedience, and unrighteousness. 

Do you know that "a better you" is ahead of you? That is why you need the Spirit of God to discipline, pattern, and put an order in your flesh body. Open your mind and heart; the time is right to speak to the Spirit of God. 

The outpouring of the Spirit of God is for us as we are living in the Last Days, the days of rapture and his second coming. Get ready get prepared to enter the Kingdom of God through the Spirit of God. 

We all have equal time to possess his promises, inheritance, and riches of the kingdom, and no one should be left behind Godless. 

This message is for you, for what I had seen has come to pass. Enter the Spirit of God and get your position right.

Gual Lalamo

Salvation Messenger  

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Prophetic Dream of the Outpouring

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