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"Prophetic Dreams"

Martin: South Africa
I had a dream. Someone was pointing a gun on my head and he was asking me to deny God. but I refused. My daughter also has another dream were she saw the Anti-Christ after the rapture. She was asked to take the mark of the beast before buying something. I believe the Lord is showing all these dreams because He is on the way. We must be rapture ready. Everyone must have his lamp full of oil. We have to surrender our life completely to Lord

John: United States
I was taken on the shoulders of a man (could never see his face) but I felt it was Jesus. He took me up and I asked where we were going. He told me we were going to Israel. 
Once there I saw buildings and He took me to one. They were like condos, contemporary with normal furniture.  He said this is where I will be and then took me to another bigger condo and said this was an example of those that earned rewards (felt the more rewards, the larger the condo).  
I then felt a need to confess my shortfalls in my relationship with Him.  
I also saw a friend (who is still living) and he said all will be ok.  
I asked Him how my family was doing and He said they were fine. We talked for awhile then I woke up feeling so peaceful.

Louise: South Africa
I had a vision of a soldier on his knee asking me to marry him. With a beautiful ring in his hand.  There is this awesome blue light that shines over this ring and half over his face

Hansel: Canada
On Aug. 18, 2012. I saw a very Big Man, His head and beard are so black and like the waves of the Sea, His Body is Red and Gold, He’s so big like He can hug the whole earth, then a woman voice said, “He’s Jesus”. Then He said, “Good-morning son...” He shows me what is happening on the world... that time I don’t really understand, God really used signs and parables. But now, I understand the message.
On 2014 I dream about the end, the waters are boiling all around, then a cloud like tornado... connects the sky and the ground. A man like angel with long black  hair came out from the cloud... pointing his hand... like he’s in command... then thousands of angels came out from the cloud, everyone who kneels are taken but those who can’t kneel are left, I cry and cry and cry saying the same words Father, Father, Father. Then, I stop crying when I saw a Man “Our Lord Jesus” ... walking on a straight path that’s connected to the Clouds. 
The message is happening in our generation, the Church is failing like a dying stone,but great mercy will happen before the day of the Lord. 
Seek the Water and the Blood. Not water only. But water and Blood. Amen

Hannah: Philippines
I have been having strange things happening to me lately. I can see vision of war flood and ending of the world. I saw Jesus in the sky a divine mercy figure and he becomes bigger in my vision and he comes down and stand in front of me. I cried and  kneel down before him. And so strange things follows and there is a time 1:30 am to 3am and 2:pm to 3pm I have unusual feelings I'm confused 

Jennifer: United States
I had a dream that I woke up on my couch and I was looking around and I noticed there was cats and rabbits wondering around and my living room and I thought that was strange so I was looking around a little more and I just turned my head to look behind me and there was a shadow of a man or what I thought would be a man and there was a small light around the facial area but that was it and I knew that I was dreaming and I had to get away from this evil thing and I didn't want it to see me but I knew I had to get away before it consumed me so I gathered up all the courage I could and I got up from the couch and I ran down the hallway and I noticed a clock and my first thought was (time) was that hand, and then the alarm clock went off and I grabbed it with my hand and I woke up. I was breathing hard and I was so scared but when I finally had fallen back to sleep I had dreamed the same thing and I had woken up the same way when I had grabbed the alarm clock because I knew that if I grab the alarm clock after it went off it would wake me up. And when I went through the scriptures in the Bible I found the verse that I had dreamt about. It was Matthew 6 22:23. I think I have had 13 or so more dreams that I have found that are scriptures in the Bible that I have had over the past year-and-a-half and I have been trying to find more people like me.

Georgia: United States
I had a dream a few years ago that the news forecaster was saying to prepare for the storm headed our way.  She said "we have gone into the archives and have never seen storm system like this.  It is unlike any storm we have ever seen."  She said we don't know what to prepare for, rather Rain, Wind, Hell, Snow.  She said they just didn't know. She said to evacuate if you could and hunker down if you couldn't. 
My husband and I decided we would leave.  We had driven for hours and hours, and there was just no escaping this storm.  We stopped for gas.  I noticed a hotel on top of the gas station.  I told my husband we should get a room to avoid being on the road when the storm hit.  After getting our room I walked out onto the balcony and noticed my aunt getting gas.  I invited her to stay with us.  She and I were on the balcony when we noticed the Clouds rolling like waves.  I had never seen clouds move like this.  All of a sudden a black cloud full of fire passed by and you could hear people in it screaming.  My aunt looked at me as she was crying and said it is too late.  It is too late for them.  Judgment has come.  There is nothing they can do now.

David: South Africa
I had a dream first I dreamed about the broken moon then a couple of weeks later I dreamed again in this dream I was standing in the air or on a high mountain not sure but inside this dream me an my one friend where looking up in the sky and saw two moons the one moon on the left was full and the moon next to it on the right was also full but this moon was very large and bright at the same time this moon was broken the full moon was there but it was in scattered pieces. I was counting the pieces and my ini friend was also counting I remember in this dream I said the number 16 and he said number 12. in this dream I looked down and saw the calm ocean and blue waters and I saw a land with in this dream on the waters. and I don't know what this means

Deyonce: United States
I had an open vision, I was homeless in florida in 2004. I am a minister of music and seer and fell on hard times. here is what happened. During the night of Hurricane Katrina I was working at Walmart and I didn't know what was happening. The Sky grew dark while I was on the bus and I had got off near Earlington Heights and came across a cemetery. All of a sudden the holy spirit told me to walk near the cemetery and tie a bandana around the gates, I saw the air turn into water and a blast of white light hover over the grounds of the cemetery and I saw souls shooting up into the air, then I shot up last. before all this happened something else happened. That same week. I was near the beach and again I had another open vision, I saw a gold light over the water and a man looking like Jesus walking on the water, then appeared a very large massive tree I will never forget, and a crystal glass building.

Michele: United States
On July 2017, I had a dream that I kept screaming Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah! There were people trying to tell me to keep quiet. I woke up irritated, because I kept screaming it in my dream. I went back to sleep and dreamed it again. Then I woke up and went back to sleep and dreamed it again. When I woke up the 3rd time, I knew that what I was saying was important. When I looked it up and found out that it meant the Feast of Trumpets, I was amazed. Then I looked up the dates for this year: September 21-22. This really amazed me even more, because I have been paying attention to the alignment called the Revelation 12 sign which happens to occur on September 23rd. I pray for those who do not know the Lord! We do not know the day or the hour, but I feel that it is soon! 

Rishika: India
I was at my own house and had my pastor from church visit He said he would have lunch and i seŕved him lunch at my place.Then as he was eating i walked into the corridor of my house and saw a car stopped before our house.When i went down to see at the door i saw a well renowned prophet of God getting down from that car which already haď some people in it.He came into my house and spoke to the pastor of my church.I served lunch for him too and he ate as well.Then my pastor asked him to get moving to the evening service but the prophet insisted that they should have a service right in my house.Then he told me to start arranging the place for the service and i began to get some chairs and laid them right in my house for people to come and attend the service.

Denise: United States
I had a dream maybe nightmare this was years back but is still fresh in my head still today would like a meaning of it.. It started off i was home but there were huge mountains, breaking apart and water was flowing through ad getting deeper n deeper i was trying to run up the mountain i cant swim so i was panic stricken and other people were running as well trying to escape this flood and a face appeared behind the mountain huge in the sky i dont know what was said but at that moment of seeing this persons face in the sky behind this mountain and running to get away from the water it did reach me but i woke up at that point.. Anyone know what that could be? Or mean?

Victoria: United States
Last week I had a dream that i was floating on a cloud with 4 angels around it and GOD was talking to me as the cloud floated and now I had another dream that I was high in the clouds and God was talking to me and showing me things happening in the world so i ask Him so can I come home now and God stated no your work is not done and so he kept showing me things happening in the earth rim. please help me

J: United States
The sun went down and never came back up again... The world was so dark and very cold. I woke.
2017- saw a Islamic or Indonesia woman in a dark cave area, kneeling and a person with a blurry face made her kiss a severed foot that was attached to a stick... Please what horrible dreams is this???  
2004- i dreamt i was on a foreign beach.. Pretty, crisp sand and quiet waters... I looked around while standing on the beach and saw hundreds of dark skinned people around, all faces were blurry!!! I heard silence for a few moments and i immediately screamed for people to run to the left. I knew in my mind , a tsunami was coming. As i ran with the people, i was swept away by thr high waves and then i awoke. Once i woke up, i called my friend because i was crying so hard , shaking and in shock of how real that dream was... He told me to turn on the news but i thought he was joking with me... Was no joke at all.... I was dreaming what had just occurred in Indonesia. 
So please... Any one with help on the other two would be highly appreciated of insight....  The 2004 Indonesia tsunami was just one of the millions of true vision dreams ive ever had... The rest were minor things... Not a huge event in history...  

Mercedes: United States
12/1/16: Hello, I tried to look up my dream meaning but I couldn't find what I was looking for. 
I dreamt that my family was on a boat at night but it was really windy and I begged my dad that we wouldn't go until the morning. We went to a hotel and then walked around with my parents behind my husband and me. As I looked up  (because the court yard or wherever we were, was in the center of everything and in the open).
I saw a rainbow, and clouds that were a dark purple blue color, and then I saw many more rainbows, and some were circles and others horizontal and vertical. It was really beautiful.. unwashed trying to get a picture of it and as I did the people around me started running, and my husband was pulling me, and I looked up and saw the clouds turning into stairs, many in different directions.
I took my husband's hand and remember people running, and I was looking up as the stairs came down... And I woke up and have been thinking about it all day.
If you could tell me more or less what this means I'd greatly appreciate it thank you!(:

Sharon: Bahamas
I was laying down just praising God and the vision of God came to me I was wide awake he was standing in front of me and in his hand was this huge lock, he said to me that the lock symbolized everything that people had locked up from me, but he's unlocking it and no man will lock it agin

Rejoice Nipah: Ghana
I saw the clouds open and beautiful golden jewelry,cloths which I said in the the dream that I will give it to the poor,was felling down.I also saw a drawing symbol. And the number 696 appeared boldly written in the clouds. Can u please help me understand this dream? Thank u. God bless u.

I had a revelation. It starts in New York. A drastic weather change will happen and kill a lot of homeless families, great earthquakes will strike.
The elite have built an underground city because they know of the change,  but they won't be safe, and their underground cities will be destroyed.
The dollar value will not be worth much. Three countries will be united by money; U.S., Mexico, and the last one I can recall!
The Mongolian people will be killed (genocide) purposely to reduce the number of people for more control. I saw how their mountains were crushed by bombs and I could see people fleeing to safer grounds. I saw this bright golden light coming from a mountain. it was something God has hidden, and like scriptures, they will be revealed and protected .
Then the ocean turn red and a voice told me it was from all the sea creatures floating, and because the ocean is so polluted. The fishes created high Mercury which cause them to die and poison  the sea.
There will be chosen Christians, who because of their good hearts, will be the help for the needing ones by providing food, survival, and hope . There will be huge blocks of ice and hail that will strike Egypt like nothing ever seen before . 

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Prophetic Dreams

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