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"Prophetic Dreams
and Visions"

Shelby: United States

I had a dream of Jesus on the cross with his head hanging down, and out of nowhere, the thorn crown on his head lit up, and he raised his head then everything went black.

I didn't feel scared, but I now wonder if the dream has meaning behind it and if it signals that he is coming back soon.

Nina: United States

Mid-Last year 2022, I had a clear dream of two things happening:

1. My sister in another country left her husband, and it was on the local news that she had partnered with a certain pastor; they both became very influential and wealthy. Her husband was so saddened when I walked in to look for her. Their family was broken, and I tried to protect my sister’s children.

2. Angelic warriors, commanders, and generals were coming down with great speed and strength from an open cloud. It looked like there was serious commotion everywhere.

They came down like to take things back up in a flash! I was terrified! I saw two coming towards me and felt stricken and shaken in the back seat of the car where I sat. They had the form of humans but surely weren’t.
They both came closer to my vehicle, and I could see the big gold belt around his waist.

I couldn’t look at them, I bent my head down on my knees, but he came and touched my left shoulder, took my hand, and placed a bright-looking gemstone on my palm; while I stared at them, another color was given to the driver of the vehicle.

They left like a flash into the open heavens, and many more like them kept going up, coming back down, over and over.

There was a lot of fire burning around, with some destruction, fumes, and smoke from the heavens. It looked like the end of the world.

I called to tell my sister, but she and her husband attacked me. Unknown to me, they were having trouble with their marriage, but she kept it away from me. Three months later, the trouble was so bad that she kicked him out; she had partnered with a certain pastor in business and was doing very well.

The news got out that the husband called my spouse. She also called me to tell me all about the situation. She told my relatives that my dream was exactly what had happened. They have been this way for almost seven months.

I strongly know that the next dream is coming to pass.

I have had other dreams since then.

Last night, 01/19/2023,
I heard the sound of a trumpet in my head and loud in my ear; I woke up and started looking for my husband and four-year-old.

They were both still lying next to me… it continued for about 15 seconds as I stared at my son, who was crying in his dream; I could sense in my spirit it was a test, a warning on the second coming.

Obviously, no one heard this trumpet sound that woke me up. When it stopped, I held my son to calm him, said a few prayers, and slept.

Niyah: United States

I had just gotten into the locker room with my friend for P.E. class, and we usually do this in real life. Still, this time the locker room looked a lot different.

I went to change my clothes when I walked out, and nobody was there; all the lockers were left open, and I ran to the other room to check if anybody was there. I remember saying, "did he come already?!"

When I ran out to the main gym, a group of people said, "welcome to hell", but I knew something was wrong. The P.E. teacher told us, "Okay, you all can run outside and have fun!!!" But I knew this wasn't hell yet because everybody was happy.

I was thinking about the seven-year tribulation and how God said he has Two comings, so I knew he already had his first.

When I got in the car with the girl I barely knew, I remember telling her about the word of God and how if we don't seek him now, then we really are gonna be in hell. I was sobbing, and it felt so real.

Then I got to my grandparents' house and told my dad in the room about the word of God; once again, I was sobbing, saying, "Because he IS real." I ended up giving him some random bible from under my bed.

Towards the end of the dream, I just kept feeling depressed, knowing I would be there for so long and how much I would miss all the people I loved. I remember trying to slap myself in the dream, but I never woke up cuz it felt so real.

When I finally woke up, I was crying and immediately brought myself to this website.

Eliza: Malaysia

Hi there,
I recently had a dream that consisted of three scenes, which I believe to be symbolic of the upcoming rapture and a scene that could be pointing to the dire times that we are living in or are coming. I was initially apprehensive about sharing, but the Holy Spirit encouraged me to do so.

The first scene in the dream started with me sitting inside a double-decker airport shuttle bus. I was on a direct journey towards the airport and sitting on the bus's upper level. Around me, there were only 5–6 people, and the bus was empty.

We finally reached the airport, and I was the only one to get down. I looked at the bus signage to ensure I was really on the bus heading towards the airport. I was indeed at the airport, and I looked at the windows of the other bus passengers who were still on board. They did not seem phased, and I was surprised because we were already at our destination—the airport.

I asked the driver why they were not getting off, as this was a direct bus shuttle to the airport. He said that they're not going to get down. I told the driver I wanted to check my seat again to see if I had left something behind and got up to the bus. I went back to the bus and checked my seat to see if I had left anything.

I looked and studied their faces. They were clearly not going to get off the bus as they were comfortable in their seats and looked unphased. I then got off the bus and headed to the airport.

The second scene shifted to me inside the airport after checking in. I had my boarding pass and passport with me. As I was walking into the boarding gate area, I knew someone was waiting for me at my destination and that this person was someone who was rightfully just and powerful. I also knew this person was awaiting my arrival joyfully.

I then felt a bit worried because I felt unworthy to be received by someone that great, but I told myself to boldly take the flight and look forward to being received by this person.

The last scene then shifted to me being in an apartment room. The windows in this room had no curtains, and I could see the other units from this room. The units were in a square-shaped building whereby we could see into each other's rooms.

The windows, and the unit I was in, had no curtains. I could see the units below me, and they had extraordinarily big balconies. Although they had big balconies, I saw many pieces of furniture that were mismatched and broken.

Furthermore, I could see into the living hall of the inside units. They were devoid of the usual living room decorations, and the condition of this unit and the building itself felt really bleak. It felt like I was in a dystopian sort of apartment environment.

In the unit I was in, I was auditioning for a well-known singer as a backup dancer/singer. I felt very uncomfortable with this singer as she looked sinister and was not in right standing with the Lord. I was told by the singer that I had three months to get my skills up to scratch as the world tour would start in January 2023.

I see the airport shuttle and boarding scenes as our soon flight to be with the Lord and His joy in receiving us.

The last scene of the dystopian environment and audition and the three months before January 2023 could be pointing to the current messy state of the world we are living in.

Thanks, and God bless :)

Stella: South Africa

I saw a vision of a manger that had a white baby cloth in it.

Carolyn: United States

I dreamed I was in a tower looking out the window. All of a sudden, the sky turned dark with locusts. The weird thing was, a blond man was driving a chariot in front of the swarm. Then I heard a voice saying, "This is my swarm."

I thought it was God/Jesus, but after reading Revelations, I'm not sure.

Bonnie: United States


I dreamed of a virus that was going around; Humans were infecting other humans on purpose. This dream was long and jumbled. The authorities were containing the humans in stages.

They built walls within the cities to separate everyone who had been marked with the infection from those who didn’t have it.

If you were marked with the infection, then the government took care of your needs, such as food, water, and shelter. If you were not marked, you were out on your own with no way to get anything you needed except to steal it.

Lisa: United States

June 24, 2022

My dream happened last night, in the early hours. In my dream, my sister, uncle, and I were standing outside, and the sky opened up, and a huge purple "stage" type formation appeared. 

For some reason, it had Anubis statues on either side. I then heard a thunderous voice that I knew was God say, "I will be back in 3 weeks. Get your houses in order." 

I remember telling my mom in the dream, and she began to cry. We were trying to think of all the things we needed to do before He came back. When I awoke, I looked at my phone at it was 3:33. I took a screenshot of it. 

I feel like the time is getting closer, and we should all pray and spread the word. I am ready, Lord.

Kayla: United States

May 29, 2022

Two older relatives on my late dad's side, my sister and I, were in a car, driving down this road going somewhere. I was in the back behind the driver's seat, looking out the window as it was very peaceful. 

Then I saw this golden spirit of an owl, coming down in this golden beam of light from above with its wings spread and feet out like it was ready to land, but it disappeared when it touched the ground. I was amazed.

 In excitement, I exclaimed,  to my two older relatives, "Did you guys see the owl's spirit?!" I can't remember what they said, but we made it to the turn of the road with a turn going left and one going right.

My two relatives were now talking excitedly to this man in a truck next to us about something. I think it was something about Heaven or the rapture.

I was now seated on the right side of the car, looking up at the man in the truck as my two relatives went on happily and joyfully about it. 

The dream transitioned, and I was back where I was originally seated on the right side, looking out the window up at the sky. 

That's when I saw the car being lifted off the ground by this golden beam of light from above; as the spirit of the owl and we all started to shout and gleam with joy.

I was now sitting in the middle of the back seat, looking out the front window in happiness, and I saw this large circle of golden light in front of us, lying flatly. 

We were up in the air, sitting there being held up by the beam of light, and then the circle of the golden light came forth towards the car, and after that, we were gently and slowly placed back down on the ground and woke up.

I don't remember if anything happened after that, but we were all happy and excited.

Oh! How joyous I was!

Kwabena: Germany

I had a dream; it was night, and l was watching in the sky. 

Suddenly, a thunder flash came from the sky, and l saw myself coming out from the lightning to the ground; then l woke up from the dream. Thank you so much, and God richly bless you.

Kayla: United States

May 24, 2022

This dream took place outside; it was nighttime. I was outside with some others, JJ and his brother, and probably my sister

JJ and his brother were chatting, and I was just standing there, looking and listening. Then I looked up at the nighttime sky and saw the moon was red as blood.

I can’t remember if it went from 1 to 2, but I grabbed the attention of JJ and his brother and pointed my finger up at the moon.

“Look!” I shouted, and they looked, and they all exclaimed, “Oooo!.” Then JJ said in excitement, “Look at that,” and all of us took our phones out and started taking pictures.

I stepped off the porch onto the ground to get a better shot, and I turned my head to the side to the left, and I saw another one, but it was a crescent one, and in my mind, I said, “A blood crescent moon.”

I’ve been having a lot of blood moon dreams lately.

Crystal Annette: United States

In My mid-twenties, I lived in the (Alazan-Apache Courts). I had my three daughters already in a two-bedroom apartment on Tulipan Walk St. San Antonio, TX. 

One night, or day, I slept in. I dreamed that I was between Highway 90 and a bar named Fuego. 

But I was not standing on the street. I was floating, watching Jesus glowing in a Bright white gown. 

I could see his hair (shoulder length) style with his goldish wavy hair And there were at least three big airplanes ✈️ flying around him. 

It's as if he was showing me that the airplanes were a cause of his return. Or when I see them again, He's getting closer to his return 🙏🏼🙏🏼✝️✝️❤️❤️❤️💕💕✈️

Gaël: Belgium

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be ready for the Rapture.

I had a dream about a week ago that Jesus came into my house, and he said to me to be ready because the time is near. 

Be ready because the day of the Lord is at hand. The Lord doesn't want anybody to burn, so I can't say it enough, be ready.

N.C.: Country

Ever since I was little, probably 5 to 13 years old, I kept dreaming about what's written in the Revelation, and when I grew up as an older adult, it has been my favorite chapter in the bible.

When Christians tell me to be ready because "he's coming," I don't doubt it…my gut tells me the same thing. 

I recently had these dreams that felt like messages from God…(through Angels) as to how I interpret it…

My best memory of a dream from God in my younger years was singing a praise song in front of a devil; it was in a language I knew nothing of while balls of fire were falling.

I've connected it to my recent dream which I heard Angels sing "Seek Ye First" and then where people who will be saved as I interpret will be gathered.

The last redundant words were "Roses of the Hill." I researched and found a channel recently made by that church… It's either a coincidence or I could have interpreted it right or wrong.

Lwanga: Uganda

I dreamed that when the disciples were still on earth, two of them went into the clouds. 

It was like a vision to them, and in that vision, they saw Jesus, and they asked him, "Jesus, when are you coming back?" He replied, I am coming back in August, and they asked Him in which year? But Jesus Couldn't respond to that question.

It was like He didn't know the year He's coming back in, and that's when I woke up.

Dana: United States

(March 1, 2022)

I don’t know exactly where I was, but I remember playing on a slot machine, and after my second attempt, I hit the jackpot and won $250,000 and cashed out and tipped the person who gave me the money. 

I remember being surrounded by familiar faces, perhaps some of my family members, but I could not make out who they were. 

All of a sudden, I heard Jesus either call out to me (or had a certain feeling that he was about to descend to earth); I can’t remember which. 

After this, I ran toward a door to tell people that Jesus was coming, and right after that, a big, bright, and extremely hot ball of light came crashing down extremely fast to the earth. 

I remember getting on my knees, praying to God, thanking him for this life, and asking for his forgiveness. While I was praying, the ground was so shaky that I  was falling over.

I felt the temperature rise, and I remember being extremely hot in my dream and thinking that everyone would be disintegrated and burn up once this light crashed into the earth. I felt scared and fearful. 

While I was praying, everything went quiet, and when I looked up, the light went back up into the sky just before it crashed. 

After this, I remember hearing Jesus say something along the lines of, “it’s not time yet.” After this, I felt peace and hopefulness come over my body, and I woke up.

Roanna: Canada

I saw this dream on Dec 18th, 2021, at 5:00 am.

First, I saw myself in a room with nuns wearing brown dresses and black vale's. The wall paint was light green. 

Then I headed to the balcony where I fell to my knees and asked the person beside me, "Do you see what I see? "They confirmed, 'yes'… it was Jesus. 

The clouds took a form of him like when he was on the cross, and I heard, "Don't Sin, Jesus is Coming."

Laurie: United States

On October 24th, 2021, just as I was waking up but had not opened my eyes, yet (I was awake). I saw three women in robes facing each other, but I was looking at their sides. 

Then one of them turned to face me, smiled, and said, "The end of your earthly sorrow is at hand." 

I know this was not just my mind because I don't use language like that. I pray with all my heart that we will leave this evil world very soon

Mr N: United States

I had a dream where I was sitting with my cousin in her bedroom. My deceased aunt walked past the door, and I went to say hello. I said to her, "You look amazing!" and she was dancing. 

Moments later, the scene changed, and I saw an uncle I hadn't seen in over 15 years. He was walking and hit his head and then turned to look at me in the eyes. 

When I woke up, I turned to my wife and said, "I think Steve is going to or has already passed away." 

Three days later, I received a text message from that same cousin that said, "Steve passed away on Thursday," which is when I had the dream.

Alexis: United States

So in my dream, I was with the family. We were barbecuing as every weekend, And for a quick moment when I looked up to the sky, I saw this big clock I’ve never seen before.

It was like a sign God was trying to give me to warn the others before it’s too late, and in that dream, there was a thunderstorm bright blue light flash right through the clock, Which caused the two ends to spark and that caused the ends to circle the clock it was so scary I just remember praying to the lord. 

As I tell someone in my dream that I’m running to my grandmother to let her know what I have seen outside, my grandmother said it is the time of ending, God‘s return, and he is coming soon, and that was all I seen or heard from her; but it felt so real like if I was really there.

Yaris: United States


In my dream, it was daytime, and I saw real big black odd-looking ants. The ants were in chaos, climbing on top of each other as if running away from something, and then they started to climb up onto me. I wanted to stomp on them or maybe burn them.

All of a sudden, I heard voices coming from them. So I looked closely and saw that they were people; I freaked out and felt sadness for them and said to myself, I can't burn or stomp on them because they're humans; if I were in their place, I wouldn't want that done to me. 

So I thought to myself, what should I do? I thought all I can do is pray; then I woke up in such deep sadness that I started crying and sobbing for the whole world and those people that seemed like ants to me but in reality were humans just like me. Then I prayed to the Lord to speak to me through his word, and He gave me 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.


Now I will account to you three consecutive three-day dreams, one after another; each felt like it was a continuation of the other; this was very weird and had never happened to me before.

On the 1st day of my dream, it was dark out; I was in my house, and all of a sudden, I heard an explosion and turned towards my living room, and half the wall where my windows were was gone. I went to see and saw everything lit up with fire and smoke all over; I also saw balls of fire coming down from the sky. There was chaos all over, and people were running and screaming; I was petrified, frozen in fear and shock. I called my husband over to look at what was happening, and then I woke up.

On the 2nd day of my dream, it was dark out, and I was outside with my husband when suddenly, I saw cars and big objects being thrown around and people running and screaming. I got so scared that I didn't want to keep walking, so I told my husband, let's hide and pray; then I woke up.

On the 3rd day of my dream, it was dark out, and I was outside again with my husband and saw what appeared to be some sort of creatures coming from the sky, flying around and what people thought were aliens, but I knew they were demons, so I told my husband let's run and hide. So we ran into what appeared to be a building, and I ran into this tight room with a door and told my husband to run into another room to hide and pray because they were demons, then I woke up.

Rose: United States

On May 30, 2021, I had a vision from God. 

I saw the sunlight coming through my bedroom window. The rays of light appeared different this time. There were 6 of them and were cracked up in pieces and opaque white in color. The pieces reminded me of the soil in Death Valley. They shined from the window to my bed. I reached out to touch a piece, and it felt like gel. I held it for a minute before disappearing from my fingers.

I thought of Revelation 6:12, "I watched as He opened the sixth seal. And suddenly, there was a great earthquake. The sun became black..."

Please accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Thank you.

Ana: United States

I saw two coins filled with gold, silver, and diamonds coming down to me from heaven.

Keziah: Kenya

I had a dream that I woke up then there was a beautiful sunrise, and I remembered being soo amazed by it ...then shortly after came a really dark cloud. Under it, I could see buildings falling down... so while the sunrise was still covering us, I rushed downstairs to my sisters and mom to tell them to leave because of what I saw. 

We started running away from the house. Then I left them to get some water and stuff for us... at the moment, everyone was running for their lives and scrambling to get food ... and there was a lot of confusion. 

I tried to rush and buy something inside the store but I couldn’t so as I walked out everything went back to normal. 

I was at my work building, and as I opened the window, people were coming back, and they were not scared or shocked anymore; it’s like they went back to their normal life, but the buildings were still collapsed. 

Before I woke up, I saw a small clip of my older sister when she was younger, and then I woke up.

Please help me understand my dream.

Greg: South Africa

A few nights ago, as I went to sleep, I started feeling the presence of God very strong in my room. As I was about to close my eyes, I found myself praying in tongues. 

I laid on my right shoulder side and prayed. The prayer in tongues became so intense, and so did the presence. I turned to my left side and kept praying. I couldn't lay down any longer and stood up. I prayed in such a heavenly language that I never heard before. 

I heard the voice of The Lord say to me, look out your window. As I opened the curtains and looked towards the clouds, I saw a bright glowing light that looks like the sun. I started to become fearful, and I heard a voice again saying don't fear.      I opened my window to have a clear view, and once again, I saw the light and realised the Lord was speaking to me. I heard His voice clearly say that He is coming. 

I wept and wept and called on my family. The presence was so strong they felt it too. It felt like electric shocks in my body.

Mario: United States

I was dreaming and saw a bright light and a shadow and saw Jesus come forth. At first, I wondered if I was dead or dying, but he then showed me a story.

He showed me what I could make out to be history, and then I started rising into the sky and then was transferred into another dream and then woke up. 

I am sharing my story because I am a little scared that I was going to die. I want to look for reassurance that I am not and also looking for some answers to what this could mean.

Nadia: United States

I had a dream on 1/7/21 that the Lord had returned. 

I was outside and looked up and saw drawings in the sky that looked like you just drew them on a chalk board.

Then someone said they went before o judge, and no sentence was to be passed because God was coming, and they would be judged by him. 

I pray that we all come to know the Lord because every knee will bend, and every tongue will confess.

Eleonora: United States

I had a dream this morning, 1/5/20, and it was about my daughter and me. 

I heard the sounds of a trumpet, and I knew the Lord was coming. I held my daughter's hand, ran outside the house, and looked above and saw a red cross light up, and my daughter and me praising to the Lord. 

I woke up, and within a few minutes, I heard church bells ringing twice, but I was the only one that heard it.

Angella: Uganda

Jan 2, 2021.

In the week of December 2020, I made a decision to dedicate the whole month of January to fasting. Both seek God's face and immerse myself in prayer and pray for a breakthrough for my business. 

So I decided to 1st week to specifically request the Lord to show me what is going to happen in 2021 & what our future holds because I know he speaks to us in dreams when we ask. 

This morning at 9.30 am, I had a dream, and we were at a stage-like setting, more like on the show of AGT. I'm an Artist/Painter. And God showed me in my vision dream that  Art is going to take another whole new level in terms of technology. I was with a friend (a fellow Artist), and during the presentations, our job was to draw images/illustrations as the presenter comes on stage. 

The weird thing was we were using some special type of pens and pencils that I've never heard of or seen in real life..but in the dream, I knew what they were and their names. 

One was called a "Stencil," and the other was a "Graphite Pen". On the floor where the stage was, there was a small notebook kind of space. So my friend and I would bend down and sketch quick images using that "Stencil" as the presenter comes before the judges and audience. 

Then after drawing, he'd project the illustrations to a bigger screen with only the use of his hands. He explained to me that this was the new type of art with technology. He called it Virtual/Visual Art. 

As the dream progressed, he drew the bigger illustrations on the blackboard he was projecting the images to earlier on, but this time he was using a "Graphite Pen". 

During our short breaks, I remember asking him how much we were going to charge each presenter for each image we were illustrating on the boards, and it was quite expensive.

Then I woke up, and as I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was google the meaning of those two words "stencil" and a "graphite Pen" because I've never heard or seen in my waking life anywhere before. 

I'm very new to my Art career, so there's a lot that I don't know about art materials and their names. To my shock, while searching online, both words were not very new to the Internet, and they were both related to drawing!!! 

How odd was that!!? I'm not the most spiritual person, but I believe God really does speak to us through dreams if only we are willing to listen. If you make it intentional in your prayer, the Lord will speak to you too. 

May the Almighty bless you as you read this and protect us from any tragedies that might be coming this 2021. Because I strongly believe we are in the Last days. 

If any of you have received a similar dream to mine, kindly share it too. God bless you.

Pauline: Kenya

I dreamt we were on a path we use to go to the shopping centre. My sister and I pass through neighborhood farms through the footpath.

 Before joining the main road, we see lions who make us run back, and we meet other neighbors on the footpath who also go back upon seeing the lions. 

I run and find myself entering a place where people are praising God; even mad people in their dirty clothes are also praising God. They don't look sick apart from dirty clothes; some of the structures were kitchens and washrooms; everyone was praising God. 

I see a very big tomb; then I go further quickly as if I am flying. I see other structures that look like huge beds with linens. I see houses in the shape of a boat. People are only praising, nothing else; other houses are rectangular with only glasses on the side; there are beautiful linens fabric laid down, then I go farther and see more and more people praising God.

Lander: Philippines

Two dreams about numbers:

It was the night that I declared in prayer my full acceptance to Jesus as my Lord and Savior after having been agnostic for 2-3 years. 

In the dream, the sky was pitch black, and the only sources of light were the lamp posts and the shops; we were all wearing thick jackets and were in a foreign place with which I am not familiar. 

We entered a clothing store, and my dad went inside the booth to try on a shirt, and a bomb detonated right in front of him after opening the door to enter the booth. 

He was panicking, violently wiping his body as he was screaming, "MAY SUMABOG!!!" which means "Something Exploded!!!." But nothing happened to his body, only traces of ash from the explosion. 

We then went to a bus station and chatted with my old friends there. I was sitting where the buses were parked and saw my cousin helping bring our stuff to the bus, and he was happy. 

Then I saw my Aunt and her family passing by me with sad faces; when my Aunt looked at me, I smiled, but she only looked away. 

Wondering where the bus would lead, I looked at the ticket I was holding. It was written twice from left and right, and I also read it twice; it reads "Israel 21:20-02." 

I was confused about what it would mean, but then a very big text appeared in front of my vision "2021," and the background was magenta. 

After that, a loud voice kept repeating a bible passage, "Isaiah 21...Isaiah 21...Isaiah 21." After that, I woke up and searched Isaiah 21 on my phone, and the passage was about Babylon's fall; that was the first time I'd read the passage.

In the second dream, I woke up, in the dream, at 2:03 am; I was stoked since there was already the sun rising at that time. I looked at the alarm on my phone, and sure enough, my alarm is 2:03 am. I went down to the house and saw my parents sitting at the dining table with serious faces. 

I woke up for real and set my alarm for 2:03, but nothing happened. I remember that in my last dream, "Israel 21:20-02," I figured earlier it was a reverse date "February 20,2021", so I waited for 3:02 pm.

Exactly after the clock ticked to that time, the doorbell rang; It was our old man fetching our water! I'm guessing he would be saved at the second coming.

Giselle: United States

remember that my family and I were at a restaurant, and it was nighttime; we were having dinner.

I was serving myself food when I heard God speaking to me, and he told me: My beloved, I am coming very soon. I need you to tell your family and friends that I will come back very soon and to be ready for when I come back ..."

Dianne: United States

I was up late; it's November 17 early morning - sometime between 1 am, but before 2 am. While still awake and thinking to myself with my eyes closed, a vision materialized showing purple cloth and crown.

The cloth appeared as soft royal purple velvet, gathered together, and nestled in the middle was Jesus's Gold Covered Crown of Thorns.

The vision was profound yet very simple. I feel this vision points to our soon coming Lord and King Jesus Christ- Yeshua Messiah wearing his Priestly Royal Robe of Purple, and his transformed Golden Crown of Thorns.

I am in awe. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Reigns. Amen

Jaira: Philippines

I had a dream today, November 11, 2020. But this is talking about the future. 

We are at our event at the church, and everyone is gathered, and we have a lot of visitors. After the offering, we got silver rings indicating that we are included in the rapture.

The cloud was cleared, I didn't hear any trumpet and God appeared and floating. And then I woke up.

My chest is heavy; it's similar to scenarios that you cried after a bad dream.

Patricia: United States

I saw lots of people walking out of the darkness towards a big light like the sun...I could see the silhouettes of their heads walking out of the darkness into the light.

 Shaylin: Canada

Had a pretty wild dream last night & All I can say rn is Wow! 

I had a dream of Jesus floating down in the clouds! There was this clear blue Ball that had different levels in it, which each level had thousands of people in it. I was in one of these levels looking up at Jesus. It was almost as if he was carrying this ball of people upwards in the clouds.

Before that happened, there was almost like this big black sinking hole that people I know personally who haven’t really done good things in life. Who also didn’t ask for forgiveness that went in this sink whole.

Then The ones who did good things in life & Asked for forgiveness were in this huge Ball, which is the same one I’m in as well, but all of this was happening after there was this Huuuugggee Wave of water that hit us.

Another woman & I was 8-9 months pregnant, so this wave of water hit everyone, including us, but the water went around us Almost like that Part In Moana as she was walking in the water as they opened a path for her. 

All I know is I wasn’t scared & the moment I Saw Jesus knew We were All Gunna be okay as I looked at all those thousands of people surrounding me. ❤

Tell me Your Thoughts on this dream?

Nic: United States

This wasn't a dream, but I woke up around 3 am on 9/21/20 to use the bathroom. When I got back to bed, I normally just go back to sleep, but I had been feeling depressed and anxious thinking about the chaos and horrifying things those left behind will experience. 

I was still lying awake in bed when suddenly I heard a voice in my head clearly say in a stern tone, "28th, Tuesday". It scared me because I wasn't praying for a date and asking for any revelation. 

I immediately checked the calendar on my phone for the next time the 28th lands on a Tuesday. It will be on 9/28/2021.

Creo: United States

My name is Ticcara - FB:CreoLove:

I had a dream it started in the grocery store when my two children in the blink of an eye disappear from my shopping cart as I turned to reach for some canned foods.

In a panic, I start looking for my children asking the grocery store to help me look for my children only to find out that more women at that same time were also panicking for the same reason.

Not finding my children, I rush home in fear, and I seek to call my spouse to whom didn't have a face.  At that moment, I see a fireball across the sky hit the Earth, and then in the blink of an eye, it's like the whole world started crashing down.

I see buildings collapsing, innocent lives being taken, bloodshed everywhere, and then I see me get hit in the head by like a rock which made me go unconscious. When I woke up, I thought I was covered in dust, maybe from the collapsed buildings, but it comes to find out, I was covered in ashes from all the human beings that had past away.

While I was unconscious and then snapping back to my reality, I realized the people who survived alongside me were terrified, crying, alone, and very uncertain as to what to do next.

I then found the courage to stand on top of this Boulder and give words of Hope to re-inspire these people that they are not alone and that they are still loved and that we were all Left behind for a reason.

 After that, they felt the need to follow me and my footsteps to where I would lead them, and as we start to walk, I said to them, as your leader do not follow, but walk alongside me, and we will lead together; then I woke up.

Rudolf: South Africa

It's 6 am in South Africa, and I've just woken up to a dream similar to Chioma.

My dream starts off at a school/university with multitudes of people. It appeared to be home time, and people were now heading home. I saw former classmates, friends, and family. The roads leading from the school were split into two. I started on one path, but the vehicle I was in broke down. The others I was with insisted we continue down the same path, but I refused as it was muddy. And so I chose the other.

Walking on that new path, I noticed the clouds started gathering as if a great storm was coming. However, the speed at which they were moving was nothing like I had ever seen. The clouds were gathering into columns of water that hurled themselves onto the ground like tornadoes. Seeing this, I ran for shelter, but one distinct thing about this phenomenon is that no one got hurt from it, it was as if it purposely avoided people.

When this was over, I came out of my hiding place to see that the sky was as clear as ever, the day had turned to night, and the sky was magnificent. The stars seemed like they were falling from the sky, more like shooting stars crisscrossing the whole earth. In front of the path I was on, I saw a great pillar of cloud spanning a great distance, which seemed to swirl just like a tornado but very slowly and gently.

Then the lightning started crackling in all directions. A distinctive feature of the lightning was it was not the conventional lightning. They were more of bursts of radiant and colorful light shaped in the shape of snowflakes. At the end of the lightning down came a being, translucent but with a clear white outline. I could make out the wings and the robe the being was wearing. And in a loud voice, the being spoke in a foreign language no one on earth had ever heard, but we all understood.

I remember crying and fleeing the sight, asking God to forgive me. At which point I woke up

Joshua: United States

A dream where I'm in my front yard one day when suddenly a giant scroll appears in the sky and unfolds with "Son of Man" written on it.

Paula: United States


My dream began with me and some family members outside. Not exactly where we were at, but I can recall that it was during the day, and suddenly it was like night. The sky looked so amazing to me because it was filled with stars, but at the same time, I had this feeling that God was going to do something. 

All of a sudden, I just saw this bright ray of light come down extremely fast with force. 

I felt my body just raise up as if it was going through water. 

Suddenly, I woke up and realized the ground was extremely dry and cracked for some odd reason. I noticed there were some monkeys around and a small building. So I went in and saw my sister and daughter. 

As we looked out the window, I would see more and more animals randomly appear, and there was grass. I then saw my husband in another building, which I went to but felt awkward walking out, knowing there was a tiger I had previously spotted.

 After that, I must have woken up because I don't remember anything else. I've had more dreams like this and just don't speak about them. 

I thank God for life, and only he knows why I have such dreams and that he helps me understand what he is telling me.

Nunurai: Zimbabwe

I dreamt of a priest's helper telling me that she heard Brother Charles saying Jesus was coming at 2. I wanted to ask whether it was 2 am or pm, but I woke up soon after.

Livi: Country

I had a vision dream.
Jesus showed me a barren land.
Jesus showed me a land that was sprouting with green plants.

The message communicated, and I had an understanding of the dream:

  • Disease, Famine, war, and death is on its way, but those who have a higher purpose in their life, such as helping other mankind will be saved.

Ari: United States

I had a dream that I was fighting with my boyfriend, and old friends had come into my home to betray me. I kicked them out, and the door stayed open, they were driving off, and I thought I heard gunshots but when I went to look outside it was my entire family outside having a nerf war. 

I was so happy to see everyone together. I cried tears of joy. I told my family I was going to shower and then I would join them. I went inside to do so but continued to fight with my boyfriend. When I finally decided to shower, halfway through the water, and lights went out. I went to the door and called for my boyfriend, instead my crying mother came to the door and said no baby, come outside, he's here. 

I went out and looked at the sky which looked like the northern lights, where my grandmother pointed, in Spanish, she said "Look, it's my God, he told me he'd be here soon," and I saw a white angel wing figure flying through the sky, but my God came down. 

He was big and bronze and had fiery eyes, and wore a crown of thorns. He spoke in tongues, but I understood his words. What I remember is he brought a man down hard and fast and placed him before him. He said many things to him, but what I remember was, "Do you believe you are worthy?" and I woke up. 

It was very vivid and real to me. I know my God is coming.

Juanita: United States


I had three dreams

1) with a huge saucer with lots of bright, colorful lights

2) that God showed me a box within a dream and told me not to open it, til he tells me too

3) then, God told me to tell the church about the box.

I did open a box, but I don't know if it's the same one. When I opened the box, a big ball popped up with a lot of syringes and medications on it.

Daniel: United States

About a year ago, I had a vivid dream where I was enjoying a nice evening with my parents and sister outside in our backyard.

Although my dream took place at night, the whole world seemed to have gone pitch black. I can deduce this since I live in a large city with tons of light pollution, and it never gets pitch black.

Suddenly I saw my mother looking towards the sky in awe almost frozen. When I looked up I saw a giant gold ring in the sky, and inside this ring was a city. The part that throws me off is that the city I was looking at was upside down as I was looking almost straight up. The tops of golden skyscrapers are what I saw within this ring emanating a glow.

I immediately knew the Lord was coming at that moment in my dream. So I told my family, let's go together, and I felt my feet being swept off the ground for a split second before I woke up.

I know God is trying to tell me that his Son is coming sooner than we think. Let us be vigilant and stay in prayer, especially during these times, where many of the prophecies of Jesus have and are currently unfolding.

Katrin: United States

The dream started with me at church, and it was a church I used to go as a child. I stayed there with a friend, met a few people, but eventually left early because I was with someone who wanted to leave.

So we left, and all of a sudden there was this massive destruction, it looked like a massive plane or bomb that came down and struck the ground. All of a sudden, the rubble began coming up in plumes, and the buildings came tearing down, and I tried to escape it, but there was a second strike, and the rubble overcame me, and I became buried underneath it and died.

But then, I noticed I started to be pushed above the rubble like the terrain was pushing me up. I looked out, and I was beginning to rise. When I looked, there were so many people around me being pushed up by the ground (it was like these cylinders of land rising up under so many people).

I looked down, and I saw that so many of my loved ones were being left behind. I cried and prayed to God that he would take them up too. Some of them I knew were Christians, and some were not. But the Lord comforted me and told me that they would be with me soon, that they weren’t ready to come yet.

And then suddenly I was back on Earth. I don’t remember why or what happened, but I remember while on Earth, we had to be as blameless as possible (it was almost like we physically couldn’t sin). There were these long lines of people who were witnesses and trying to be saved, and there were also lines of people mocking us. But I remember that the Lord still protected us while we were on Earth. I don’t know how to interpret this or why were back on Earth.

A few days ago, I had another vision that said we were being prepared for a change, but a change for the good, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was. In this latest dream, I asked God, “is this the change you told me about?” And it seemed like it was.

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following dream from our Lord God on July 30, 2017: 
I was walking outside in daylight, and I saw many people walking around. I saw a tree next to a street as I was walking by. I came upon a field, but I decided to return to the tree. I saw a woman standing by the tree. She announced to everyone, "The tree is back." I stood there and wondered why. The tree looked about twenty feet tall. I began observing its branches and trunk, and the leaves were large. The dream ended.
I heard two messages from the Holy Spirit after the dream. The first was: "It already passed." The second was: "It's a fig tree." 
"Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: When its branch becomes tender and grows leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you shall see all these things, you know that it is near, even at the doors. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away." (Matthew 24:32-35)

Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! 
Submitted April 20, 2020

Veronica: Canada

The only reason I have dated is that I keep track of my dreams. Feb 12 I had an extremely dark dream. So I prayed Feb 13 "Please God, no weird, gross dreams like last night, I really don't like those."

Then I had a dream about the end. My husband and I were in an apartment, and my dad came over and told us the end is happening soon. We didn't believe him right away, but it came, I saw the bombs, everything exploded, and I felt myself melting away.

As I did this, I yelled, 'Jesus, save me,' and I was gone. It was like falling into a sleep, and I woke up in the apartment, but when I looked outside, everything was gone. It was a starry night outside( upon seeing it I sang the chorus of switchfoot's "stars" to myself), and you could see stables and some roads or something, but I didn't look very long for some reason I had the sense that I shouldn't and closed the curtain.

I basically had an epiphany about Jesus' sacrifice and all he'd done. Some people were coming in and out, and I did see a man with long brown hair that could have been Him, I think he was in white. My dad, my husband and I had some sort of conversation as we picked up a few photos that were left lying around, there was a picture of me in my favourite top, I threw it in the garbage.

I feel like it was meant to be a wake-up call for me but thought I would contribute.

Deacon Chris: United States

Two dreams: 

  • I keep having this dream of a huge shock wave coming through and massive destruction. Then a Mega Quake and Mega Tsunami hitting hard.
  • Then my 18-year-old son had this dream of seeing a line in the sky then seeing a Lion and Angels Running towards him.

Wanda: United States

I had this crazy dream. I was in this black ocean, and the first thought that came to me was this: The earth was without form and void then, I turned around a saw the massive dragon rising out of the water. I was not afraid, but I did not like the dream. 

I don't know what this means at all, but the next thing I knew, the world was experiencing this virus. I'm not saying the dream had anything to do with the virus but, it was just strange.

Hannah: United Kingdom

April 9, 2020

•Big dark grey storm, tornadoes everywhere waves crashing against windows, people committing suicide. And storm calms

•waking to the train station after a concert with friends, everyone gets on the train, but I miss it.

•My dad is supposed to pick me up, but he goes missing, and no one can find him.

•Lots of people in the train station start having seizures, ambulances waiting outside the station.

•My mum comes into the station to pick me up as my dad is missing.

•Black man with Afro gets on his knees and starts praying, and people start to copy him.

•My mum holds my hand and tells me to close my eyes.

•A strong feeling of being lifted into the air (very scary)

•Suddenly falling back to the ground on my own.

•When I open my eyes mum dad, and I are on white mountains next to a sea with a sunset lots of other people there too.

Gabriel: United States

When my mom was pregnant with my sister Neriyah, she had a dream. The dream was that there was a church, but it hadn't been built. My dad had that same dream that same night.

My mom decided not to tell my dad because she thought this meant that they would have to build a church. While they were brushing their teeth that morning, my dad said to my mom, "So, last night, I had a dream that we were supposed to build a church."

My mom's face went completely white. She told him that she had that same dream. Now, there is a church called Radiant that my parents founded.

Jo Ann: United States

I had the following vision from our Lord God on September 2, 2012:

I saw a beautiful glow in the center of the universe, and an illuminated man was sitting on a throne inside the glow. He was then standing and facing my direction, and he was wearing a long bright white gown. He was Jesus Christ! 

He was holding a wide rectangular book in front of Him. His right arm was above the center of the book, and His right hand was holding the bottom edge of the book. 

Jesus turned His body to His left and began walking in the universe. He disappeared, and an oval vision screen appeared in the place where Jesus had been. A real-life vision was occurring inside the vision screen. 

I saw a man walking, and two people were walking a few feet behind him. The vision screen vanished, and the silhouette of a man then appeared where the vision screen had disappeared. He was on the right side of the universe, and he was walking from left to right in the universe. He was Jesus! 

"You have a few names even in Sardis who have not soiled their garments. They shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments. I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies." (Revelation 3:4-6)

Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! Let the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you all!

Justin: United States

I too, have been having prophetic like dreams they started about 12 years ago with about one or two dreams a year. Then several years later it turned into one every several months and then a little time after that it turned into one every few weeks; now I'm getting them sometimes twice, in one day they're certainly getting more frequent, and every one involves Christ somehow.

I think we are experiencing what the scripture says.... it states that God will pour out his Spirit on All Flesh that means every human being on this planet will feel God somehow, and many people will receive visions and dreams from God. I believe this is what we're all experiencing...

Acts 2:17: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."

Annie: India

When I was in prayer in the chapel, I saw the bright light flow on me, and I feel the bright light, and I open my eyes. Still, the chapels room is darkened, and I closed my eyes again I got the same view, and I feel the bright, pure white light everywhere I turned, and I saw the clear vision that Jesus is coming for his gravel and standing out of it with the white dress and blue belt this was my closed vision.

Jamie: United States


1. I saw guys dressed in military garb packed in 2 trucks coming from the neighbors at the end of the road. They were in a hurry to get wherever they were going. I felt it was because of the virus and war. I wasn't too worried since I had enough supplies to not go out for a few months.

2. I saw a small plane land in my yard, inside was Colonel Potter from M.A.S.H. He got out of the plane and introduced my family and me to this huge Jeep or humvee. He was giving it to us. We all got inside, and it had a lot of gadgets.

*The first one means virus spread and war coming probably. The second means my family will be protected?... The humvee likely symbolizes protection. It also likely symbolizes the Church being shut in safety for a while. (I did not submit this dream initially because I thought it might be just for me)

Angela: United States

I had my first dream after going through some extremely difficult things. I actually had my four-year-old son say the words, “God, please help my mom.” We went to sleep, and I came in and out of what it felt like a trance. It was a lesson, specific for me. I have had a rocky faith in the time I had been baptized. I guess I didn’t fully believe. 

Anyway, one of my brothers was walking with me, showing me how the world is. He explained it as playing a video game and re-spawning. Each time someone dies that doesn’t believe in the lord, they have another chance to learn life’s lesson. I guess I had done some bad things, and when I died, I just fell into the clouds, but I was so scared to die. 

I woke myself up every time. Going back to sleep, I would return to the same part, but every time the world was more evil and wicked. Fires and danger everywhere. My brother explained that when we believed in God then there would be no reason to be scared to die. All would be right in heaven. I recall asking him, then why do people continue the evil deeds? He said they were a slave of the prince of the earth, and there is a very strong spiritual warfare happening right now. 

The words “new world order” kept being said in my ear but didn’t know who said it. I began to understand what was actually happening, and it made perfect sense. At one point, someone asked why we couldn’t just restart everything, and my brother said it was a matter of the battle of the prince of the earth (Satan) and the prince of peace or heaven (God). The couples who have strong faith are basically untouchable, and one person asked why don’t we just kill them all. Another strong, loud voice bellowed in saying all who have faith will have salvation.

I woke up from that dream crying hysterically, thanking God, and kissing my son thanking him for his prayers, and told him God is going to fix everything!

I don’t really remember most of the other one, but I do remember hysteria in a city and hearing loud chimes. Some musical noise then the clouds filled up and turned extremely white and beautiful, then I saw the white horses and a man in red ride in with his head held high and I felt peace; then I woke.

Both dreams were within a week of each other, and today is March 17th, 2020. Thank you for reading.

Kyrie: Philippines

When I was a kid, I dreamt of playing with my favorite toy. Puzzle squares which are colored red and blue with a small human figure. I don't know where I am. There's nothing around me. 

  • Then a gate opened, and Jesus came out walking with many people following Him. They were all dressed in robes. Then He picked me up and carried me away with everyone following Him. I didn't look at His face. But I knew it was Him. The man behind Him is old. I don't know who he is.

  • In another dream, I was playing outside our house when suddenly there appeared a book/scroll in the sky. I felt that it was the end.
  • Another dream... I was floating in the air looking down on a field (with gold grass? Or wheat? I don't know). Then I saw a lion running from the east and a bull running from the west. They collided. But the lion won.
  • In another dream, I don't where I am, but there's nothing around me. Then a tower appeared in the sky, and the air is filled with poison gas. I saw people saving themselves. I grab my child's hand and take her away from the poison gas.
  • On the night of the taal volcanic eruption, I dreamt of a symbol in the sky that looks like a number 3 with some symbols. Then I shout that it was a symbol of an angel. An angel that made the eruption happen.
  • A few days ago... I dreamt of the main crater lake with fire...

God have mercy on us.

Anthony: United States

I have been having dreams of the end times in the same sequence every night; it's becoming stronger.

 In the dreams, I feel as if I must be hush hush, but an angel did come to me back when I was 19 when I was not doing so well.

I was told, "be ready we are coming back for you and your family" and to"be ready when the times come; this angel took the form of my friend's voice so I would not be alarmed and spoke unto me clear as day. 

The dreams are always people looking up to the sky and fire around all four corners of the earth people could see his return, that's how it ends but with him saying something to me, but I can't remember, it's like its secret.

 I've had bad traumas happen to me twice 2019, shifting towards 2020, and it caused my bipolar depression and mood swings, autism worse. I have PTSD now. But since then, the dreams are getting much worse or very heavenly godlike. Vice versa, all the time. 

I have so many experiences in coming to terms with the dreams, but I felt like I must share and not give up hope, God's coming and all the angels, I know it to be true.

Claribel: United States

Hi, my name is Claribel, and my dream was very deep and powerful. 

This mourning, like at 5:30, I fell into a deep sleep, and I had a dream that took me back to my old house where I used to live when I was 14 years old. 

In that dream, my dad was putting bricks together in the back, making the house bigger. As I went to the back of the house, the bricks he had put in the ground started to Trimble like an earthquake.

 I yelled out for my family, my daughters to come out, once the earthquake was over the stars in the sky began to form into a Trumpet; the trumpet blew, and three angels were being built, and once these were formed, they began to play out Jesus journey from beginning to end.

Meanwhile, as that was going on, I fell into my knees and was grabbing the grass on the ground and tearing it apart. 

I began asking for forgiveness and started begging for my life; as I was doing that, Jesus came next to me and put his hands on my shoulder. He said, I am HERE!, as I was asking for forgiveness again and begging for my life, Jesus then put His hand on my head and said, "Today (2/6/20) is the first day of the end." Then he told me that he was here with me and to be prepared. 

While this was happening, I could hear people weeping and running around because they were lost and didn't know what to do. 

Once Jesus was done telling me this, the stars had formed back to their usual way. I had woken up with a huge weight on my chest and was crying. I hugged my daughters and told them my dream. I feel so happy and scare at the same time.

Jamie: United States


I was being told one of the signs of the end times coming up was that the Earth would get closer to the sun for a short time, and that night would become day temporarily. I saw Earth in space drawing near to a much larger sphere, I think it was the sun, but it was darker in color.  I was expecting this to happen at any moment as I gazed out my window.

Stephanie: Country

I had this dream on January 18th, 2020, sometime between 3 and 4 AM.

I was in a neighborhood that I had never seen before. I was driving with my sister. The neighborhood started to fill with smoke. I could not see any flames, and I was not afraid. We pulled into the driveway of a house. This house was the only house not affected by the smoke. I got out of the car, and a man of Jewish/Middle Eastern descent wearing a Roman soldier type outfit came out of the smoke and told me Jesus was coming. Then the soldier and the smoke disappeared, and I woke up.

Jamie: United States

President Trump was standing at a podium; he said: "When Jesus comes for the church America is done for."

wedidawit: Canada

I see in my dream 1980 written in the sky; then they disappear one by one, and after that Jesus comes following the clouds.

Cosi: United States

So, I had two dreams a few months ago that were truly amazing. In my first dream, there was a storm. I was with family, but I think I was more so spectating.

It was a dark storm, almost as if the sky was black, and there was non-stop lightning. My family seemed scared and worried. I kept trying to tell them to calm down, that they would be fine and everything would be okay. They were not listening, or maybe they couldn't hear me.

I was excited about the storm, though, like I knew something was going to happen. Then a voice told me to "Be Prepared," and I woke up. End of the first dream.

My second dream was like none I've ever had. I was standing on what seemed like a mountain, and I was not alone. Many other people were on the mountain with me. Everyone, including me, was crying with joy or smiling ear to ear. We were all overcome with happiness.

Everyone was looking up at the sky, and it was the most beautiful cosmic sky ever. All sorts of colors and stars were there. There were also moons that shot past us, so beautiful and close you could see the craters.

I also heard screaming coming from below and behind me. Screams of terror, but I was not afraid at all. I knew that I shouldn't look, so I didn't.

I was just filled with so much happiness and love (that's the best way I could explain it) as soon as I woke up, I knew it to be a message from our Father God and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We need to be prepared for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and repent; he is coming soon! God bless you
all ❤

Leta: United States

 I had a vision. I saw my name written in the lamb's book of life, also people have told me I'm one of God chosen servants. 

I also had a vision wherein a strange woman walked up to me and asked me was I a Christian; I responded yes' she walked away with a smile on her face and exited out the back door of my granddad house. I tried to catch up with her, but she was very fast.

I looked down at the street, and the road was flooded with the most beautiful water I ever have seen; I looked to my right there were fruit trees filled with fruit and all the leaves were green.

An older woman told me that Revelation 22 would explain my vision.

Roseanne: United Kingdom

In the mid-90s After attending a Catch the fire conference, I saw a vision of a bride and groom in the sky; below, on the earth, the people were looking up and worshiping. 

As this was happening the bride and groom were looking towards the people, and their outer skin was peeling away leaving a figure of pure light, these figures were like shooting stars flying up and integrating into the brides wedding dress

There was so much joy on the faces of the couple.  Thank you Lord God Almighty and for your son Jesus.

Sophia: Ghana

I dreamed and saw bold writing in the sky in a foreign language on March 26, 2019. A gentleman who was standing by me told me it meant JESUS IS COMING SOON.

The writing then descended from the sky to the earth and out of sight.


Believe it.

Emma: Afghanistan

I had a dream that I was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself. I could see things I never could before, and everyone came to me with their problems. One girl came to me and asked 'Will you be the father of my child?' but I replied 'No my child, you must save that for marriage with a fellow human.' 

Then I woke up in real life and that day my sister announced her pregnancy.

Phati: South Africa

I dreamt that a huge crowd of people was running for their life. Running into a big hole. Then there was not enough space for everyone. As we were waiting outside, three men were sitting beside me, and I asked them if they had received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and they said yes. Then all of a sudden now I'm with my mother.

And we are in a room, and I don't know who told us that Jesus is coming back in 3 days, and all I can think of in that dream is if am I in the right place with God.

I received two revelations from the dream; that we must call forth our lost brothers and sisters into the gospel of Jesus;  and that we must examine ourself daily bcoz Jesus is coming back soon

Karen: Canada

I had a dream a few nights ago. First of all...last summer I was born again. Baptized in the river. I had this dream that I was with a group of people and a man who I did not know said that the world would end in 30 years and would be preempted by the world running out of oil.

Kevin: United States

I had a dream in early 2018, I was in my house and heard loud noises outside. I walked outside my house and saw people were pointing up to the sky. In the sky, I saw these UFO ships hovering over, beaming lights on areas of the ground. People were so determined to get to these ships that they were literally climbing trees and reaching out to them! I remember people were being collected up into them and held inside like captive and taken somewhere not good. I remember getting my family in my truck and driving out to the country from them. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the rapture or false anti-christ delusion, but this dream really got to me how graphic it was. I constantly pray to Jesus Christ that my house is in order!

 Angel's Prophetic Dream of an Unknown Garden

Angel's dream of an unknown garden includes two prophetic dreams that indicate the Rapture is coming soon.

Angel: United States

On December 15th, 2018, I woke up and remembered the dream I had it was on a warm day. I was outside looking up at the sky as I was looking at the clouds I heard a loud trumpet sound I felt a warmth and feeling peaceful. So I ran to tell others as I was running I heard a voice saying,  This is the last trumpet from the Angel's, and then I woke up.

Carolyn: United States

I was lying on the couch in my lower level I fell asleep. I felt my spirit being pulled out of my body. Next thing I knew I saw ten little fingers wiggling. Next, I saw ten toes wiggling. I said this is a baby. The lord pulled me back I saw a full term healthy baby, then the umbilical cord. I knew this was a baby in the wound. The lord zoomed in on the gender. I saw it was a Boy. I woke up.
Found out in January my daughter conceived in November delivered a healthy baby boy nine months later.

Tara: United States

I had a dream last night that I got married. My wedding was at the top Of a mountain and it was beautiful with little creeks and streams of water.
We were walking to the reception area and as I was walking the ground started turning into big squares of gold and as I look ahead the mountain was turning into Gold and the surrounding mountains were too.
My family was with me and it was amazing. What does this mean?

Xymara: United States

I had this dream in April 2018. I am in a city not mines or one I have been too, I think. It has high buildings, and I am wearing black work pants and a blazer with a white blouse. I am walking when a bright light in the sky comes and picks me up but I just float I don't go up, and then I wake up with the idea that something is going to happen in 6-7 months time

Kameron: United States

I had a vision of a man standing in a turban dressed cloth outfit. This man was wearing a tassel hat with a tassel of the Star of David only it was a chain and at the end of the chain was the Star of David. He was taking his hands and waving them out in front of him, and underneath him, I saw the Seven candles, seven churches, and the Seven golden lamps. Next, to him, it was a temple and a chair that sat on the platform. Above the chair and the platform was a rooftop with three crosses each with the Star of David in the middle of them and encompassing each cross. Underneath the three crosses at said three kings, Allah, and peace.

Tamirat: Ethiopia

In my dream, I received back a letter which I submitted to my woman boss as a proposal in which she erased three different words in different parts of the letter by using a black pen. Two brown-faced men were at the back of a glassed window where one of them was smiling while giving me that letter. He said, "She has authorized your release."

Trish: United States

Dreamt of 4 angels in the sky but they were not revealed too well.  There was just the outline of them.  I seemed I was with people and told them there were angels in the sky, and I wanted to go to them but vague on whether the people saw them.  I was climbing up to the angels on a what seemed like a rope but was American flags I was using as a ladder.  I remember thinking what a good quality the flags were made of and clean and sturdy.  The dream ended. 

I also had 2 other dreams with the number 4.  I got on in elevator pressed 3rd floor but then realized I wanted floor 4th and got off at 4th floor.  

I had another dream where someone was speaking to me about the number 22, and I quoted it and actually spoke it out in my bed I could hear myself repeat it.  I have many other dreams that could be prophetic

Isaiah: Zambia

In my dream I went in a shop and found two gentlemen who appeared to be the owners, surprisingly the two gentlemen left the shop in my care and said, we will be back.

Shanice: United States

I dreamed that I was living in an apartment, and my sister had a set of rings, and she was walking through the city with the Rings trying to fit the rings to people’s fingers to see who they belonged to. 

These weren’t rings from earth, but rings that carried ultimate power from heaven. She kept trying to fit the rings onto everybody’s hands and they wouldn’t fit. Finally, after trying everyone except me, she tried my finger with one of the rings and was extremely surprised that it fit. So she tried the second ring, and it fit; then she tried the last ring, and it fit, and she sat down with her mouth open in astonishment. 

Then a white man in a black suit came along with power from above searching to verify that these rings actually fit my finger. When he saw they fit he was overwhelmed with joy and smiled and said, "you are perfect for what God wants you to do."  He said that he was sent to give me all power from above to do exceedingly great and wonderful miracles in the name of the Lord God Almighty and that I was the one who God had chosen precisely. 

After that, I went out with tremendous joy within my heart.  Later I went to my apartment, and I started to see clouds in the sky like it was about to rain and storm ☔️. I went out to see the new coming storm but was afraid to walk out to this place of gratitude. Later, just as this powerful voice instructed me,  I started waving my hand , and the clouds begin to move and wind start to blow at a speed of a hurricane. 

Then the sun moved away from me and revealed the face of God. He started speaking and said “Judgement day is HERE,” and tears started flowing down my face. After that I woke up.

Natalie: Sri Lanka

I saw a dream where my sister and myself were traveling in a cab. I was late for work, I thought it was really late, but it was only 12 noon. I was telling my sister that I am late today and asked her the time when she said 12 noon I found it weird. It looked like evening; the sky looked black and pink or orange like the sun was setting. 

I looked up in the dream, and some clouds looked like they were alive. They were gliding and had tiny purplish pink lights (rice lights) at the center of the underside although the clouds were a mixture of soft black and pink. There were a lot of clouds. We were passing a church, and the clouds seemed to have stopped there. 

There were a lot of people in robes, with faces that seemed to emit light. They were glowing. There were SO MANY people in a long, crowded queue waiting to go inside the church, and many looked like identical twins.

Nitay: United States

I dreamt that I was standing in a crowd of people, mostly elderly men with long unkempt white hair and beards. We were outside, and the terrain was mostly clay and sand without any plant life. Everyone wore robes of a burlap type material, tied with ropes. Everyone seemed anxious, and there was a lot of hushed talking, and what seemed like they were waiting for something to happen. There was a platform only about a foot high made of the same clay shaped like a rectangle. A speaker on the platform/stage started calling out names. I can only describe them as foreign or maybe ancient, or biblical, and I really don't know. Everyone was quiet anticipating who would be named next. I didn't feel anticipation, I just really wanted to understand what was going on. Suddenly I knew he was going to direct his attention to me, he pointed at me and said You! You are_______! For the life of me I don't know what the name was??? But suddenly extremely bright rays of light burst from me starting in the middle of my chest, then to my head, then my arms and legs, and then I was all light, 

Almost like an explosion. I woke up completely stunned and overwhelmed. I don't know what that was, I try to think of things in my daily life that could have sparked such an unusual dream, but I can't come up with anything. I would appreciate speculation from anyone who might have some insight...

Zirk: South Africa

Contact Form: I have been having a reoccurring dream that a dark head lady tells me that She feels that someone or something is with here and in the dream I tell her that it is an Indian lady named Syria. This dream has been repeating like crazy. Last night I dreamt the was there again and I told her again about the lady and j heard the Indian lady singing, so I said to the dark head lady that I will try and understand the song. As we walk, I feel a presence, and I see us entering a house. As I walk through the door, I see a huge church. Inside the church, I see a few people on the left and a bunch of children on the right. I see three silver and white tiny clouds inside the Church and the children greet me by calling me, pastor. The next moment I see. Self-walking around and then the flames start. The paintings in the church and statues are burning and stopping, and they are asking me to stop it. I see the face of the children appear in the three clouds, one per cloud. And the clouds start to rise to the roof of the church, and then I shout out loud, “those three will be the ones to save us. All of a sudden there is peace and the fire is gone, and I praise God in the church and feel a relief. It’s a vivid and repeating dream.

Marilyn: United States

I a single woman. Dreamed I saw 2 Large Gold Men bands on my left-hand wedding ring finger.

Andrew: United States

On March 31st, 2018 I went to bed knowing that the next day was Easter. I go to bed and fall asleep, and all of a sudden I am waken up by a loud sound of trumpets these trumpets are so loud that you can’t hear anything else.  I can see something in the corner of my room, but I can’t tell what it is and. Then I wake up Easter morning, I thought that this coincidence was insane, and it kind of scared me, but that’s my dream.

Esha: United States

I had a dream last night, June 15, 2018. I didn't know what it meant until my aunt who is a prophet for Jesus Christ explained it to me. My dream was me running to climb up a ladder to meet two ministers up at the top of the ladder. The ladder was in a church leaning up against the stained glass window. The ministers instructed me to bury up and get to the top of the ladder with them. As I climbed the ladder, there was an announcement in my dream saying hurricanes are happening all over the world at the same time. All of a sudden someone mentioned to me Matthew 7:21 and I didn't know what it was so I said to the voice "I'll ask my mother." A Male voice said to me "no don't ask your mother ask your aunt, Ella, she knows things that others do not know." Then the voice said that I have the ability to do what my aunt does as well, but I wasn't letting it come in. I was really confused. That was the end of my dream.

Chaplain United States

I dreamed I was standing near the beachside before sunup., facing East.   Then all of a sudden, a Star arose from the horizon, and people were talking and saying Eastern,  started disappearing and flying towards the Star to heaven.  When I woke up, looked at my watch.  It read 5:55 am.  What can this mean?

Rowland: United States
I've had many dreams that I wondered if it were visions. I'm Northern Cheyenne, aka the Morning Star People, from the US.  One dream in particular I've had I saw 7 tornadoes on the Great Plains.  Then from the north I saw fire that looked like lava flowing engulfing everything in sight from afar.  Afterwards, I saw a great tower surrounded by darkness and at the top was people in a circle praying toward a door/gate.  It opened, inside it look like black space with white stars.  Then I awoke.  I had this dream over 15 years ago and still remember it vividly.  I know that the Creator gives us dreams.  May Jesus Christ protect my family, friends, enemies and whomever is reading this.

Kenneth: United States

I am being presented a box wrapped in gold cloth and tied with a red bow. The woman that was offering the box was my former pastor's wife. There was a light shining on the box.

Muturi: Kenya 

You are the sheath. They laughed because you were talking of yourself. You dismissed yourself, but Jesus would see you soon on earth when you wake and grow your knowledge of his words and faith.

Danie: Greece

Hi, I'm originally from the Czech Republic but I always had dreams about future, visions of war and peace but last night I had the most incredible, exciting, beautiful dream I ever had. I was having many dreams that night but my last was when I was sitting with my family chatting around and suddenly I heard I think one or two load so-called "trumpet" sounds which sounded exactly like trumpet but it was really deep and so so loud but the most amazing thing happened right after and the sky disappeared and all the people including us could see, it's really hard to describe, all the planets, universes, dust clouds, everything was so beautiful and colorful I've never seen before, I then started crying of joy and told my family that I was right and everyone couldn't believe what they were looking at and then I woke up and I think about it all the time and because I always wanted some proof from God so I have a purpose in life this definitely proves everything I ever thought about. About 5 minutes later I got an email that I got my new job,I suddenly felt alive finally. It is an experience I wish to everyone because I think you will never see anything that I saw in that dream ever and if you did then you know what I'm talking about. Thank you for your time. 

Caro: United States

I was watching this scene before me in what looked like an operating room but maybe not.  There was a large black lady on what must have been an operating table.  She was lying face up.  You could see a huge empty circle where her torso was located.  A man beside her who could have been a doctor (don't know) turned around and walked straight toward me.  It felt like a movie.  He came within 5 feet of me then said: "It's Late."  Then he walked closer right up in front almost nose to nose and said: "It's getting very late." That was the end of the dream.  I realize that when he spoke two times - that it was not complete or three times so whatever he meant is not completed or finished.

Octavia: United States

I dreamed the Lord was slowly descending to earth. He was enveloped in a brilliant golden glow, and I was trying to get others to look at the image.  I was then awakened by the ring of my phone.  I answered, and my mother told me that my grandfather had just died and he was calling my name.

Marlon: United States

I had a dream that I look in the sky, and I saw this grey cloud that was really thick, and there was a grey castle on top, and it was moving really fast. So I told my friend, but by the time he looked it was too late, the castle in the cloud was gone. What does this mean?

Crystal: United States

I had a dream, it woke me up in my sleep it scared me it was like I was half awake half asleep. I saw the seven horsemen and heard the trumpet that's all I saw

Deon: South Africa

I dreamed I was in church with my fiance and darkness came and closed in, and the light was fading. I began to pray as I pray I felt a hand on my back and a voice that said, my son. I will give you the power you need. As I stood there my confidence grow and I started to shout in my dream. And the darkness was pushed back and next moment I was standing with the church members and praying and each person was a different shape and light. The darkness came from the back of the Pastor and his family. I started shouting again for the power of God, and I got it and pushed away with some members of the church helped in my dream, but others did not the Pastor family. I just woke up then...


One night I asked the Lord for a vision concerning the future of America and its technology. I did not think he would give me the dream I received. I was in a city like place, and it seemed to be around the 2030s maybe late 2020s. I was around 6-8 years older than I am now. What stuck out most were these gigantic skyscraper like cell towers that didn't range within miles but a couple 300 to maybe 700 feet. I went into this shop, and it seemed as if there were multiple small businesses rather than huge blue-chip companies like Walmart. I went in and had a conversation with an older man and a younger man. Later after looking up cell towers, I found out about 5G technology, and I was stunned. It seems my dream is beginning to unfold bit by bit. 
I asked the Lord, and he told me that these things will begin to change the world significantly only after the Rapture.

Patrice: United States

Standing in a doorway with a light behind me and I am looking down a dark hallway or tunnel.

Juliey: United States

I have had several lately.  Not too long ago I was Moses, and I could see Jesus feet lighting up going upwards until it reached his face and I woke up. Then, later on, I had one of him coming out of the clouds at night with millions of people. Then last night I had one of him, and I was standing on the left of him but yet I was looking at myself standing there from the other side. 

Marie: United States

 When I was a little girl, I had a dream that I was walking with my dad up to stairways to heaven, and I saw a person in a white gown three days later my dad had passed away I guess that was the meaning of my dream.

Malinge: South Africa

I dreamt of myself preaching on streets, and nothing could stand street signs, street light's were to underground as the ground was turning upside down. 

Leevi: United States

At the time I was incarcerated and had been saved while I was in jail. I fell asleep and dreamt I was in the kitchen and was a trustee in Weld County.

When I had arrived in the kitchen in my dream, I was being rushed to work. The staff was all gone, and I was looking around. I remember looking at a wall of trays and thinking, this is more than usual. I asked the question, “whats going on?” And someone replied, “we’re getting ready, Jesus is coming,” then I woke up. 

Again I dreamt I was looking at scripture. And all I saw was this one verse. It was like seeing the pages of a scroll, and my only view was straight ahead, peripheral, and all other views were of this scripture. It was in Hebrew, and I remember understanding what it meant. It was Isaiah 34. It wasn't until I watched the arrival that it made sense. And again I was dreaming, this time while I was no longer incarcerated. 

I was in an unknown town, kids were playing in the culdesac, and it was warm outside. It was dusk and people were BBQing. I saw a rocket hit our neighborhood and we were attacked.  As the events were going on, I was calmed by a boy's angelic song reminding me of Jesus return.

Ariana: United States

I had a dream where I was in what I assume a concentration camp along with my parents and my younger sister. I was stocking up on canned food and water, and I was doing my best to hide it from the guards since I refused to take the mark of the beast. It looked like a city enclosed by murals and guarded by evil people. To get around the city, people had to go on trucks driven by the camp guards. No one was allowed to go anywhere unless it was approved.  The whole time in my dream, I was roaming around and trying to find my friends to tell them to give their lives to Jesus Christ. At one point, my parents disappeared, and it was just my sister and me. I had been caught stealing and stocking up on food to survive. They tried to separate me from my sister as we were both crying and I gave her one last hug. I was about to be executed, and that’s when I woke up. During the whole dream, I was overwhelmed by this great feeling of sadness. This is not the first time I dream about the end of the world. I’ve had multiple dreams in a row for a long period now, and they all follow the same theme. Jesus is on his way the signs are here.

Hannah: United States

I close my eyes, and I see a Gigantic Golden Crown rising from a lighted golden city.

Abigail: Nigeria

In my dream, I looked up to the sky, and it opened there I saw a woman naked but so beautiful with a long curly hair that has never been touched by chemicals. With her, there was a cute little boy holding one hand, and on the other hand was a very pretty little girl with long curly hair just like the lady. They walked down from the sky came close to me and smiled I have never seen anything like it. They all look like God's first creation, and I held the little girl's hand, and I told her that I pray God gives me a girl as beautiful as she looks, and they smiled. It was so real, and in the background, I could hear the humming of a very heavenly song. I woke up, and everything was still clear as if a saw it was life, what does it mean, please?

Martin: South Africa

I had a dream. Someone was pointing a gun at my head, and he was asking me to deny God. But I refused. My daughter also has another dream where she saw the Anti-Christ after the rapture. She was asked to take the mark of the beast before buying something. I believe the Lord is showing all these dreams because He is on the way. We must be rapture ready. Everyone must have his lamp full of oil. We have to surrender our lives completely to Lord

John: United States

I was taken on the shoulders of a man (could never see his face) but I felt it was Jesus. He took me up, and I asked where we were going. He told me we were going to Israel. 

Once there I saw buildings, and He took me to one. They were like condos, contemporary with normal furniture.  He said this is where I will be and then took me to another bigger condo and said this was an example of those that earned rewards (felt the more rewards, the larger the condo).  

I then felt a need to confess my shortfalls in my relationship with Him.  

I also saw a friend (who is still living), and he said all would be ok.  

I asked Him how my family was doing and He said they were fine. We talked for awhile then I woke up feeling so peaceful.

Louise: South Africa

I had a vision of a soldier on his knee asking me to marry him. With a beautiful ring in his hand.  There is this awesome blue light that shines over this ring and half over his face

Hansel: Canada

On Aug. 18, 2012. I saw a very Big Man, His head and beard are so black, and like the waves of the Sea, His Body is Red and Gold, He’s so big like He can hug the whole earth, then a woman voice said, “He’s Jesus.” Then He said, “Good-morning, son...” He shows me what is happening in the world... that time I don’t really understand, God really used signs and parables. But now, I understand the message.

In 2014 I dream about the end, the waters are boiling all around, then a cloud-like tornado... connects the sky and the ground. A man like angel with long black  hair came out from the cloud... pointing his hand... like he’s in command... then thousands of angels came out from the cloud, everyone who kneels are taken, but those who can’t kneel are left, I cry and cry and cry saying the same words Father, Father, Father. Then, I stop crying when I saw a Man “Our Lord Jesus” ... walking on a straight path that’s connected to the Clouds. 

The message is happening in our generation, the Church is failing like a dying stone, but great mercy will happen before the day of the Lord. 

Seek the Water and the Blood. Not water only. But water and Blood. Amen

Hannah: Philippines

I have been having strange things happening to me lately. I can see vision of war flood and end of the world. I saw Jesus in the sky a divine mercy figure, and he becomes bigger in my vision, and he comes down and stands in front of me. I cried and kneeled down before him. And so strange things follow, and there is a time 1:30 am to 3 am and 2: pm to 3 pm I have unusual feelings I'm confused 

Jennifer: United States

I had a dream that I woke up on my couch, and I was looking around, and I noticed there were cats and rabbits wandering around and my living room. I thought that was strange so I was looking around a little more, and I just turned my head to look at me, and there was a shadow of a man or what I thought would be a man, and there was a small light around the facial area. But that was it, and I knew that I was dreaming, and I had to get away from this evil thing, and I didn't want it to see me, but I knew I had to get away before it consumed me. So I gathered up all the courage I could, and I got up from the couch. I ran down the hallway, and I noticed a clock and my first thought was (time) was that hand, and then the alarm clock went off, and I grabbed it with my hand, and I woke up. I was breathing hard, and I was so scared, but when I finally had fallen back to sleep I had dreamed the same thing, and I had woken up the same way when I had grabbed the alarm clock because I knew that if I grab the alarm clock after it went off it would wake me up. And when I went through the scriptures in the Bible, I found the verse that I had dreamt about. It was Matthew 6 22:23. I think I have had 13 or so more dreams that I have found that are scriptures in the Bible that I have had over the past year-and-a-half, and I have been trying to find more people like me.

Georgia: United States

I had a dream a few years ago that the news forecaster was saying to prepare for the storm headed our way.  She said "we have gone into the archives and have never seen storm system like this.  It is unlike any storm we have ever seen."  She said we don't know what to prepare for, rather Rain, Wind, Hell, Snow.  She said they just didn't know. She said to evacuate if you could and hunker down if you couldn't. 

My husband and I decided we would leave.  We had driven for hours and hours, and there was just no escaping this storm.  We stopped for gas.  I noticed a hotel on top of the gas station.  I told my husband we should get a room to avoid being on the road when the storm hit.  After getting our room, I walked out onto the balcony and noticed my aunt getting gas.  I invited her to stay with us.  She and I were on the balcony when we noticed the Clouds rolling like waves.  I had never seen clouds move like this.  All of a sudden a black cloud full of fire passed by and you could hear people in it screaming.  My aunt looked at me as she was crying and said it is too late.  It is too late for them.  Judgment has come.  There is nothing they can do now.

David: South Africa

I had a dream. First I dreamed about the broken moon then a couple of weeks later I dreamed again. in this dream I was standing in the air or on a high mountain not sure, but inside this dream me my one friend were looking up at the sky and saw two moons. The one moon on the left was full, and the moon next to it on the right was also full, but this moon was very large and bright at the same time. This moon was broken, and the full moon was there, but it was in scattered pieces. I was counting the pieces, and my friend was also counting I remember in this dream I said the number 16, and he said number 12. in this dream I looked down and saw the calm ocean and blue waters, and I saw a land within this dream on the waters. and I don't know what this means

Beyonce: United States

I had an open vision; I was homeless in Florida in 2004. I am a minister of music and seer and fell on hard times. Here is what happened. During the night of Hurricane Katrina, I was working at Walmart, and I didn't know what was happening. The Sky grew dark while I was on the bus and I had got off near Earlington Heights and came across a cemetery. All of a sudden the holy spirit told me to walk near the cemetery and tie a bandana around the gates, I saw the air turn into water, and a blast of white light hover over the grounds of the cemetery, and I saw souls shooting up into the air, then I shot up last. Before all this happened, something else happened. That same week. I was near the beach, and again I had another open vision, I saw a gold light over the water and a man looking like Jesus walking on the water, then appeared a very large massive tree I would never forget, and a crystal glass building.

Michele: United States

On July 2017, I had a dream that I kept screaming Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah! There were people trying to tell me to keep quiet. I woke up irritated because I kept screaming it in my dream. I went back to sleep and dreamed it again. Then I woke up and went back to sleep and dreamed it again. When I woke up the 3rd time, I knew that what I was saying was important. When I looked it up and found out that it meant the Feast of Trumpets, I was amazed. Then I looked up the dates for this year: September 21-22. This really amazed me even more, because I have been paying attention to the alignment called the Revelation 12 sign which happens to occur on September 23rd. I pray for those who do not know the Lord! We do not know the day or the hour, but I feel that it is soon! 

Rishika: India

I was at my own house and had my pastor from church visit He said he would have lunch and I seŕved him lunch at my place.Then as he was eating, I walked into the corridor of my house and saw a car stopped before our house.When I went down to see at the door, I saw a well-renowned prophet of God getting down from that car which already haď some people in it.He came into my house and spoke to the pastor of my church.I served lunch for him too, and he ate as well.Then my pastor asked him to get moving to the evening service, but the prophet insisted that they should have a service right in my house.Then he told me to start arranging the place for the service, and I began to get some chairs and laid them right in my house for people to come and attend the service.

Denise: United States

I had a dream maybe nightmare this was years back but is still fresh in my head still today would like a meaning of it. It started off I was home, but there were huge mountains, breaking apart and water was flowing through ad getting deeper n deeper.  I was trying to run up the mountain I cant swim. I was panic-stricken, and other people were running as well trying to escape this flood. And a face appeared behind the mountain huge in the sky. I don't know what was said but at that moment of seeing this person face in the sky behind this mountain and running to get away from the water. It did reach me, but I woke up at that point. Anyone know what that could be? Or mean?

Victoria: United States

Last week I had a dream that I was floating on a cloud with 4 angels around it and GOD was talking to me as the cloud floated. Now I had another dream that I was high in the clouds and God was talking to me and showing me things happening in the world. So I ask Him, can I come home now? God stated no your work is not done and so he kept showing me things happening on the earth rim. please help me

J: United States

The sun went down and never came back up again... The world was so dark and very cold. I woke.

2017- saw an Islamic or Indonesia woman in a dark cave area, kneeling and a person with a blurry face made her kiss a severed foot that was attached to a stick... Please, what horrible dreams is this???  

2004- I dreamt I was on a foreign beach. Pretty, crisp sand, and quiet waters... I looked around while standing on the beach and saw hundreds of dark-skinned people around; all faces were blurry!!! I heard silence for a few moments, and I immediately screamed for people to run to the left. I knew in my mind; a tsunami was coming. As I ran with the people, I was swept away by the high waves, and then I awoke. Once I woke up, I called my friend because I was crying so hard, shaking and in shock of how real that dream was... He told me to turn on the news, but I thought he was joking with me... Was no joke at all.... I was dreaming of what had just occurred in Indonesia. 

So, please... Anyone with help on the other two would be highly appreciated for insight....  The 2004 Indonesia tsunami was just one of the millions of true vision dreams I've ever had... The rest were minor things... Not a huge event in history...  

Mercedes: United States

12/1/16: Hello, I tried to look up my dream meaning, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. 

I dreamt that my family was on a boat at night but it was really windy and I begged my dad that we wouldn't go until the morning. We went to a hotel and then walked around with my parents behind my husband and me. As I looked up  (because of the courtyard or wherever we were, was in the center of everything and the open).

I saw a rainbow, and clouds that were a dark purple, blue color, and then I saw many more rainbows, and some were circles and others horizontal and vertical. It was really beautiful. Unwashed trying to get a picture of it and as I did the people around me started running, and my husband was pulling me, and I looked up and saw the clouds turning into stairs, many in different directions. 

I took my husband's hand and remembered people running, and I was looking up as the stairs came down... And I woke up and have been thinking about it all day. 

If you could tell me more or less what this means I'd greatly appreciate it thank you!(:

Sharon: Bahamas

I was laying down just praising God, and the vision of God came to me I was wide awake he was standing in front of me and in his hand was this huge lock, he said to me that the lock symbolized everything that people had locked up from me, but he's unlocking it, and no man will lock it again

Rejoice Nipah: Ghana

I saw the clouds open and beautiful golden jewelry, clothes which I said in the dream that I would give it to the poor, was felling down.I also saw a drawing symbol. And the number 696 appeared boldly written in the clouds. Can you please help me understand this dream? Thank you. God bless you.


I had a revelation. It starts in New York. A drastic weather change will happen and kill a lot of homeless families; great earthquakes will strike. 

The elite has built an underground city because they know of the change,  but they won't be safe, and their underground cities will be destroyed.

The dollar value will not be worth much. Three countries will be united by money; U.S., Mexico, and the last one I can recall! 

The Mongolian people will be killed (genocide) purposely to reduce the number of people for more control. I saw how their mountains were crushed by bombs and I could see people fleeing to safer grounds. I saw this bright golden light coming from a mountain. It was something God has hidden, and like scriptures, they will be revealed and protected.

Then the ocean turns red, and a voice told me it was from all the sea creatures floating, and because the ocean is so polluted. The fishes created high Mercury which causes them to die and poison the sea.

There will be chosen Christians, who because of their good hearts, will be the help for the needing ones by providing food, survival, and hope. There will be huge blocks of ice and hail that will strike Egypt like nothing is ever seen before. 

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Prophetic Dreams

"Lets Teach Our Children to Love"

Why is it so difficult for our educators and society, in general, to understand that love and respect for one another taught from a young age can solve much of the world's hostility and social problems!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it" (Prov 22:6).

Love is the answer!

Loyalty and Faithfulness

True loyalty springs from the heart and is wrapped in love. It is often in our most private moments that true loyalty, or the lack of it, is made known.

Reaching the World
With the Message
Of Jesus

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