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In My Dream I Saw the Undeniable Truth
"God is our Creator, and
Jesus is our Savior"

This is a dream I had in March this year.

I am in a busy place; People are all around me. When I look into the horizon, I see storm clouds stirring violently. Out of the clouds comes a projection-type screen on the sky. It is showing the undeniable truth that God is our creator, and Jesus is our savior.

No one can look at it and not know the truth. I know that everyone on earth can see it. Everyone around me is panicked, but I have an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.

I am then driving up the road to my fiancée's house. He lives in the country beneath a bunch of buttes. In the distance under the buttes, I can see what I call land grabbers.

I get to the house, and I know my fiance and I are not together anymore, and he is with another woman; this is not a concern or worry for me. We are not together anymore because he would not change his ways.

I go inside and ask the woman where he is, and she tells me he is at the store. I tell her we don't have much time that the land grabbers will be at the house soon. I tell her to pack just a few things, just a change of clothes.

As we gather her things, my fiance walks in, and I tell him he needs to pack up the small camper we bought together because the land grabbers are coming. He refuses and tells me he won't leave his land.

The woman and I go out the door, and I scoop up her big dog, my little dog, and the barn cat. I open the door to put them in the back seat and am afraid they will fight, but they don't fight even with the food I put in front of them; This surprises me.

I shut the door and go to the front of the house, and there is a fragile, white-haired woman. I pick her up and put her in the front seat of my car. I don't know her; I just know this is what I am supposed to do.

We are driving away when all of sudden, there is a beast right in front of us. I look it right in the eyes, but I am not afraid of it at all. It is a dog-type beast with large shoulders, and its front end is taller than the back. I know there are more of them, and I call them by two names. The Nephilim and the Seraphim.

The land grabbers are going to and fro in a hurried state. Everywhere they go, everything is being set on fire.

Now my daughters are in a car next to me, and I tell them I am so happy to see them and that we need to hurry. We continue driving through the fires knowing nothing can stop us.

As we get closer to the driveway's end, we reach the last neighbor's house. All of their cows, goats, and chickens are gone out of the field. Ten of each. Even the barn and the hay is gone. All that is left is the house in the background and a perfect bright green circle where the hay was.

I pull up to a meeting place. I get out and get the older woman and bring her to a man we meet with him and others. I put the woman in his arms and tell him that we just came from where the militia was, and he finishes my sentence and says the cherubim.

The man puts the older woman into an older limo, and the rest get into larger van-type vehicles to travel together.

The place we go is a hidden place where the people I was with and I lived as a community as a family. My job, in the beginning, was to keep the dogs from going out all at once and acting as a pack and not as we trained them.

In the next scene, I am walking underground, still in this hidden place. I am walking along a river. I see a girl walking four puppies. I look down, and one of the puppies is completely under the water. I can see little bubbles coming up. I gently pull the lead and bring the puppy out of the water.

I tell the girl who is training or is learning to train that this puppy is not trained like the other puppies that they are older and know how to put their faces in the water and retrieve but that this puppy is too little and must stay out of the water until it is fully trained.

Now I am standing in a room with my community and others. We are all facing the same way. Even though the room is very big, it isn't full. Not right next to me, but just a few feet behind is a circle of beings.

They start singing, and it is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. There are words, but yet they weren't words. Just this beautiful song. Then I woke up.

I wish I could explain the sound they sang, but the sound does not even exist ❤️ I hope someday to hear that sound again

I wish I could explain all of this dream, but it is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Little by little, I understand it.

I have had so many amazing visions in the last few months; it is just so amazing; this was the first one, so I wanted to share

Jesus is coming very soon, my sister's and brothers

Bethany: United States

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