"Daniel Cahill's 
Christian Entries"

Praising the Lord in New York City

Daniel lives on the streets of New York City and Miami. Although life has not been easy, he has a truly inspiring testimony and is a beacon of light for many others.

Danny's passion is in sharing his love for Jesus and often difficult day-to-day experiences to reach others for the Lord. His Christian faith and values are remarkable.

Daniel's Entries


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! I have a good one for you, and I think you will understand!

Several months ago, I got an e-mail from a ministry which asked me to take them off my e-mail list because they no longer wanted to receive my e-mail blasts! That hurt. I told the LORD I never wanted to blast anyone; just ask for prayer!

The LORD spoke to me the right way. He said not to feel too bad. The homeless life is a blast life. You are constantly being blasted from all sides by people, traffic, you name it. He said I will have people who understand that, and they will pray for you!

Wasn't that nice! GOD bless you,  Brother Danny


Last night, I was coming back to the church steps where I sleep, and I was late, but GOD had a wonderful surprise for me.

As I got off the bus and turned the corner, there was the sun setting, and it was awesome, bright, shiny colors slowly going down, NYC is famous for its beauty this time of year!

And as I was drawing close, the LORD spoke to me and said yes, it is awesome, but that is the way I see senior Christians. As they draw close to the end, they are just as beautiful to me!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Please have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

As many of you know, I use the computer at the library, and it will be closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I wrote today!

GOD bless you, and GOD bless America. Brother Danny


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Happy Pentecost Sunday!

These men are not drunken like you suppose. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

GOD bless you, Brother Danny  


Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters, thank you for praying for me for safe travels from Miami to NYC.

I have put NYC on notice that it is time for revival!!   
Brother Danny   


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Well, thanks to your prayers and the amazing grace of God, I survived the winter, which this year seemed much harder than unusual.

So this Tuesday, the 7th, I will be headed back to NYC, if for no other reason than they have a homeless church there and great soup!

GOD richly bless you   brother Danny.


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Happy Passover! Is there one part of the whole week that you love the most? GOD bless you.  Brother Danny  


Hi, my brothers and sisters. Watching crime dramas amazes me at how far crime fighting has come. If someone breaks into a house through the window, they can dust the window ledge, a fingernail print comes to light, and then they capture the criminal!

So I honestly believe if that technology were available in Jesus' day, if we dusted the cross, we would see the enemy's fingerprints all over the crown of thorns, all over the nails in his hands and feet, all over the stone that was rolled in front of the tomb all over the innocent children killed by Herod the list is endless.

My point is these people say the roman soldiers killed Jesus no it was the devil! Now, fast forward to today, his fingerprints would be found on the drugs, killing young people by the thousands.

His fingerprints would be on the guns at horrific school shootings, and Thousands would be killed at such a young age. No, it has been him all the time!

That is why it is so important when you wake up in the morning to cover your family with the blood of JESUS, your house, your pastor, their school, and your job because the blood cannot be penetrated! Have a great day, Brother Danny.  


Hi, my brothers and sisters, praise the LORD! Under the bridge last night, the LORD dropped something powerful into my Spirit.

We all know and love the story of David and Goliath, how he slew the giant with just a sling and a stone, but the LORD said that David killed Goliath with the Word of faith he uttered in I Samuel, "I come against you in the name of the LORD of Hosts" the rest was just a matter of time.

So if you have any Goliaths you are facing today, fear loneliness, recession, you name it, just hit him with the right word and stand back and watch him fall!

And don't you love it when Samuel said no, they are not the ones? Isn't that just like us after the people in the town paraded out their wealthiest, most educated sons and daughters?

The Prophet said, nope, is there anyone else? And to a man, they said yes, put your name in here, but it cannot be him or her. They have issues. They didn't even graduate college, and they use drugs and alcohol.

But the Prophet would not take no for an answer, so they brought you to him, and the minute he saw you, he said that's the one GOD wants and he pored his oil of love over your head and picked you when no else would. We have a right to such love of GOD! GOD bless you. Brother Danny.


For all those who prayed for the Easter banquet at the Miami Rescue Mission, GOD heard and answered your prayer in a miraculous way. The whole time was filled with the awesome prescience of GOD.

Hundreds of homeless, myself included, got hot shower, feet washed, clean clothes, awesome meal, and toiletries. But by far, the best part was hearing the Easter message! GOD richly bless you, brother Danny,

p.s. I keep falling in love with him over and over and over again! p.p.s As soon as I get the pictures, I will send them to you.


On a lighter note, think of how much the value of the tomb skyrocketed that Joseph of Arimathea gave JESUS after JESUS arose!!

In the paper, it said for sale one slightly used tomb whose previous owner rose from the dead, but that is what happened to us the day we got saved, and because of the LORD, our value to the family, friends, loved ones, and society skyrocketed.

We were of so much value because the Sprit of the LORD now resides in us and giving us wisdom! brother Danny


Because of His Victory
Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! Last night, under the highway bridge, the LORD shared something that blessed me, and I pray it also blesses you!

We talked about Easter, and he told me to think of his tomb as my mind. The stone in front represents troubling thoughts we have: fear, anxiety, depression, worry, you name it, but when the LORD arose from the grave, that stone was rolled back.

When he left, those thoughts no longer had any power over us. We are free because of his victory! GOD bless you, Brother Danny


I was just reading Jeremiah 29.11, and under my breath, I was telling the LORD I wish he would do more than just have nice thoughts about me!

And just that quick the LORD goes, now remember I spoke the World into existence by my thoughts and words, so when I say I am thinking about you, it means by doing that, I am actually bringing those blessings into existence into your life by thinking about you!

So be encouraged today; he loves us so much! GOD bless you, Brother Danny  


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters; praise the LORD! The LORD shared something with me. I liked it so much I would like to share it with you!

For as long as I can remember when I said the LORD's Prayer and it came to the part that says give us this day our Daily Bread under my breath, I would say I sure hope it is a little more than that!

So after about 50 years of this, the LORD said to me, ok, how about this! Give us our Daily Bread of JESUS this day.

I said oh yes, I love it. Fill me with the bread of JESUS every day. It is so rich and nutritious that I can not get enough of that bread! Asking prayer for strength, Brother Danny 


Hi, my brothers and sisters. A while back, I read this story where a son told his father, " Dad, I want to be an Olympic runner! The father said, OK, but are you willing to make the sacrifice of years of training and practice every day for years the son said yes!

OK, the father said I will help you as much as possible! The father took him to practice every day and worked two jobs so his son could go to college.
His son became very good and made the Olympic team.

In the big race, he was winning and came around the final turn, but his leg gave out, and he fell, but he kept trying to get up. He was in so much pain, and the race was over, but he was determined to make it to the finish line.

The father could not take seeing his son suffer any longer, so he jumped from the stands down to the track, lifted his son, put his arm around his shoulder, and helped him hobble to the finish line.

There was not a dry eye in the place! I believe our
Father in Heaven is the same way. GOD forbid one of us fall when we are so close to the finish. He will come down somehow and put his arm around us and carry us to the finish line!

One of the things I have learned about GOD late in life is he does not give up easily. Thank GOD he is like that!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Hi, pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters! Please let me share something that happened a while back.

I had gone to church, and the service was amazing. The SPIRIT of the LORD was so powerful we could not contain ourselves singing and praising the LORD all night!

When I got back to my room, tired but so happy, and closed the door, the SPIRIT of the LORD went right to work.

He said Dan, I know you had a great time, and I am so happy for you, but there is one thing I want to share. I said yes, of course.

He said, you know how powerful the service was, Well, that blessing directly matched the LORD's suffering on the cross. That is what makes it available.

I said Oh my GOD, thank you. How he must have suffered for me to experience that his ways are so much higher!

GOD bless you, brother Danny. 


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for me. New Year's Eve was very special in Miami. The LORD blessed the night, but now it's like, well, that was nice. What's next, GOD, it is business as usual, and that's so sad! GOD bless you. Brother Danny



Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters. Happy New Year! 

The library will be close until Tuesday asking prayer for safety especially New Years Eve with the love of JESUS.

I remain your grateful yet tired, brother Danny


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, to all those who prayed for me to have a blessed Christmas.

God heard and answered your prayers! I am exhausted today, but in a good way! Now that the smoke has cleared, GOD showed me why! The LORD has been so good to me that Christmas is a good time for people to get to know him!

However, this year, people were so sad, so I was praying hard that the LORD would help us, and boy, for three days, there was a huge tangible presence of the Spirit of GOD!

What a difference that makes people laugh again. There is victory in the house, and it is all because of your prayers. I am convinced of that, so GOD richly bless you.

One last thing: let's do it again for New Year's!Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Brother Danny


Merry Christmas! 

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. The library will be closed till Tuesday!

Many, many years ago, I was homeless in NJ in the middle of a very cold winter! I was living in the woods, and it had snowed.

There was a layer of ice on top, so when you walked on it, your foot made a sound cracking through the ice and then even louder when your foot hit the frozen leaves underneath, crunch crunch crunch! Kids love to do that!

That night, the LORD spoke to me:

He said:
"You know, as quiet as it is, you are very safe sleeping out here; no one could sneak up on you without making that loud crunching sound and waking you up!

The same thing was true when my son was born on Christmas. The stable was strategic; no one was going to sneak up on Joseph late at night, or else the animals would start to holler, and he would be on guard."

Suddenly, I was not so alone or cold; I figured I was in pretty good company, and no one was going to surprise GOD about anything!

Merry Christmas, Brother Danny 


(Sent to Me By a Friend)

"Jesus is the Real Reason for the Season!"

"JESUS is better than Santa"

Santa lives at the North Pole
JESUS is everywhere.

Santa comes once a year so you can spend your hard-earned money.
Jesus is an everyday present help.

Santa fills your stockings with goodies.
Jesus supplies all your needs.

Santa comes down your chimney uninvited.
Jesus stands at your door, knocks, and then enters your heart.

You have to stand in line to see Santa.
Jesus is as close as the mention of His name.

Santa lets you sit on his lap,
JESUS lets you rest in His arms.

Santa doesn't know your name; all he can say is, " Hi, little boy or girl; what's your name?"

JESUS knew our name before we did. Not only does He know our name. He knows our address, too. He knows our history and future and even knows how many hairs are on our heads!

Santa has a belly like a bowl of jelly.
Jesus has a heart full of love.

All Santa can offer is HO HO HO.
JESUS offers health, help and hope.

Santa says, "You better not cry."
JESUS says, "Cast all your cares on me, for I care for you.

Santa's little helpers make toys,
JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts, repairs broken homes and builds mansions.

Santa may make you chuckle,
but JESUS gives you Peace, Joy, and happiness and is your strength!


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters,. Thanks to your prayers. The Thanksgiving banquet for the homeless was tremendous! GOD bless you over and over, Brother Danny

Hi, my wonderful Christian brothers and sisters! Several years ago, I was in a Christian drug and alcohol program, and I needed some major dental work done, which could be very painful.

A brother in the program who was very good with computers put my picture online with a big and beautiful smile! What a dramatic difference! I looked 15 years younger and so much better looking.

I no longer dreaded the dental work but looked forward to it because I saw the blessing it would become!

So many, many Christians have it hard, so using the same principle, take a selfie with your arm around the LORD's shoulder, both of you with huge smiles, and just knowing that is how it will be for eternity, I think it will help!

Come to think of it, you do look a lot like the LORD!


To all the veterans Happy Veterans day GOD loves you very much and will never forget your sacrifice thank you so much   brother Danny  


Praise the LORD! The LORD gave me a vision this morning, and it was such a blessing I just had to share it!

I, like so many others, have had some very painful experiences in my life: loss of parents, drug addiction, you name it! Some are so painful I just blocked them out of my memory!

So the LORD, wanting me to see there was nothing to fear, told me to imagine I was driving down a major highway as fast as the law allowed!

Then, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw all my memories, the good and bad, and as I was driving forward, the memories were fading in the distance, and he said, see, they are gone, no longer part of your life!

And then he said now look again and see all the countless times I have gotten you out of trouble After I did that, I drove forward with stronger Faith, and the road looked much more pleasant!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny

P.S. There is one that sticketh closer than a brother.


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters; praise the LORD! Last night, under the bridge, I was sharing with the LORD how much I loved the song sung by a Christian recording artist named You Do Know the Cost of My Alabaster Jar Mathew 26.7!

The LORD told me:
"Any time a child of mine does an unselfish act for someone that no one will ever know about and helps that person, it is the same sweet fragrance and love to the LORD as when the perfume was poured on his feet!'

GOD bless you, brother Danny.
p.s asking prayer for strength


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters, I need your prayers!

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, I am in Miami and in the morning, like 8 am before the library opens, I go to the park and rest.

This morning one of the park people rode up tp me on a jeep and said you cannot sleep here. I said you are kidding it is the daytime I am not bothering anyone.

It broke my heart so asking prayer not to let a root of bitterness enter my Spirit and not take it personal! GOD richly bless you   Brother Danny  


Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters, I am asking prayer for strength. Homeless in NYC at 77 might not seem so important until you wake up one morning and do not have enough strength!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny  


Thank you for praying for me. Here is how GOD is answering! I shared I had to sleep sitting up on the church steps, being woken every 2 hours.

GOD says, Well, Dan, your heart is for the homeless, so this will keep your memory green on how much they suffer!

Today, the library told me they would no longer be able to give us extra time on the computer, so the LORD said, I know how you are hurt, but remember, you must respect those in authority.

What a blessing because the enemy was trying to make me upset! This morning, the LORD spoke to me like this!

Before I was delivered from drugs, I damaged my mind through drug use, and sometimes, when sitting on the church steps, people walking by will say loud enough for me to hear that the reason I am there is because I am not all there. Well, that hurts because there is an element of truth in that.

So this morning, the LORD told me not to worry about that because His WORD says where I am weak, He is strong so if I am not all there, it only means He will be all there for me. That put a big smile on my face.

Have a great week, and I hope to see you Tuesday; GOD'S will. Please keep praying; it helps me so much, Brother Danny.


Just recently, GOD laid something on my heart about you that I would like to share.

He said, yes, they are your brothers and sisters, but first of all, they are my brothers and sisters. They belong to me!

Secondly, yes, he is your pastor, but first of all, he is my chosen anointed vessel. That is why it is so very important that I treat you all with the utmost respect because you belong to GOD first! GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Good morning!
One of the things I am really looking forward to in Heaven is seeing the Look of joy on your faces when at the banquet they are playing a Waltz and the LORD in a Tux comes over and asks you one by one if you will dance with Him! Talk about, "it doesn't' get any better than that ."

Have a great day, Brother Danny  


One day a man was crossing a bridge in life but was scared, so he turned n asked, God, "Can I hold your hand so I may not fall?"

God said, "No, my child, I will hold your hand". He asked, "What's the difference?"

God replied, "If you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go but if I hold your hand, no matter what happens, I will never let you go." (author unknown)

May the Lord hold your hand tightly in all your ways!
Have a great day,  Brother Danny


As you might know, Monday was my birthday, and I was severely disappointed. It really hurt! So today, I went to a homeless church in the park, and the Spirit of the LORD fell on me for a half hour, and seconds seemed like a lifetime!

So the LORD goes Happy Birthday, so I said thank you, but you are two days late, and he said not really and then reminded me that July 26 is my spiritual birthday, and he saved me a blessing till today!

Talk about one happy brother the needle was on empty now I just want to rest, but it means everything to me, so thank you for praying, brother Danny


I am so amazed when I read stories where 50 people may go into a test study and take something for their health, yet 25 are not really getting the medicine they are told they are, but are getting a placebo, and is not real.

When the enemy says GOD does not care or there is no hope, it is a placebo and has no power, it's the WORD of GOD that cures! 

Also, the Bible says the LORD is coming back for a bride without a spot or wrinkle. I always pictured in my mind how terrible it would look if the bride were walking down the aisle with her dress like that!

Today the LORD said yes, but that applies without a spot or wrinkle in our spirit, mind, and body.

So he used the pandemic to clean us up and in the washer, and now inflation is the rinse! Talk about a silver lining!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny 


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Thanks to God's amazing Grace and your prayer support, I will be turning 77 on Monday.

What a miracle, as Brother Newton so eloquently penned, "Through many dangerous toils and snares, I have already come to its Grace that brought me safe thus far, and Grace will lead me home!"

Asking prayer to be vigilant living in NYC changes every day! GOD bless you, Brother Danny
P.S. 77 is not that old if you say it fast.


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. With all that's going on, I asked the LORD how I celebrate the Fourth?

He said it's simple this is the country where you heard the Gospel and were saved. Be eternally grateful for that.

So Happy Fourth of July! Brother Danny

p.s please pass the mustard.


Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Trusting in Jesus is awesome!

As long as I have breath and GOD is on the Throne, I will pray for this country; things do not look good right now, but this is when GOD is at his best.

Thank you for being my friend for so long. GOD bless everything you turn your hand to.
Brother Danny


  • 7 "Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in 
  • 8 Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.
  • 9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in" (Psalm 24:7-9, KJV).

Have a great day; stay strong, and please keep me in prayer. Brother Danny


Hi to my wonderful brothers and sister!

Praise the LORD! I am constantly amazed at how much wisdom we miss out on in the Bible because it does not seem relevant to today's culture!

So the thought came to me this morning to challenge you to think about all the Godly wisdom you have acquired over the years just by your own experiences and life's hard knocks; all that wisdom is in Proverbs.

The point is you have a rich treasure chest of wisdom from the LORD for such a time as this, much more than you realize!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Hi, my wonderful sisters, Happy Mother's Day!

I never met your mom, but she must be wonderful to raise a daughter with a heart like yours.

My mother passed when I was in fifth grade, so I have great respect for mothers, so brothers, make sure to love yours while you can!

GOD bless you richly tomorrow and every day, Brother Danny

P.S. If you are breakfast in bed, may I recommend the waffles?


Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters, praise the LORD! Thanks to your prayers I made it back safe. Homeless church yesterday was awesome!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny   


Hi wonderful brothers and sisters!

Well it's that time of the year again. The LORD saw me through another winter and I will be going back to NYC today where the fields are white unto harvest.

Asking prayer for favor; there is always a period of adjustment when I get there. The pace is much quicker but homeless church is awesome!

GOD bless you once more. Brother Danny   


  • O soul, are you weary and troubled no light in the darkness you see; there's light for a look at the savior and life more abundant and free!
  • Turn your eyes upon JESUS look full in his wonderful face, and the things of the earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace!
  • At the cross at the cross where I first saw the light and the burden of my heart rolled away, it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day!
  • I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses and the voice I hear falling on my ear, the son of GOD discloses, and he walks with me, and he talks with me, and he tells me I am his own and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known!

GOD bless you. Brother Danny

And my GOD who delivered me from the lion/alcoholism and the bear/ drug addiction is well able to save me from this uncircumcised Philistine/ recession! GOD bless you. Brother Danny
(1 Sam 17:3)7


Good, this morning, as I was coming to the library, I was thinking how important and appropriate that I be praising the LORD at all times!

Truthfully, sometimes I am so weak and tired that I can only praise Him under my breath! The LORD spoke to me and said do not worry.

In heaven, there are angels constantly praising him 24/7 with loud voices saying HOLY HOLY HOLY; that made me feel much better! GOD bless you. Have a great weekend, Brother Danny


Many athletes, long-distance runners especially, talk about the wall!

When you have stretched your body to its absolute limit and feel there is nothing left, you hit the wall, and you feel like quitting; what's the sense you can't go on?

However, they all say if you do not quit and give it just a little more, your breakthrough, get your second wind and go on for many more miles refreshed!

Some Christians, like myself, have hit the wall, so let me encourage you not to quit. Get your second wind and win the race!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS. Thank you!

I feel that I need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and not ask for anything.

Just let you know how GODLY grateful I am for all your prayer support all these years; GOD forbid I should ever take that for granted.

So thank you, and GOD bless you. Brother Danny,


Mathew 28.6: "6 He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay."
GOD bless you over and over.
Happy Easter! Brother Danny


Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters may the overflowing joy of that day fill your heart this Sunday! Hosanna to the Highest, Brother Danny  


Praise the LORD! Last night the LORD spoke to me concerning one of my favorite scriptures! John 1.1 In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD the same was in the beginning with GOD!

However, when he said the WORD was GOD, he said WORD plural meaning every WORD in the Bible was with GOD and is!

I read a book where the pastor said there are 2 WORDS, and he gave the example of JOSHUA and Jericho is a story in the WORD, but God gave him a WORD to march around the wall seven times; both WORDS are just as powerful! 

So if you have any walls that have needed to come down for all these years, every WORD in the Bible you have read or heard preached is like the Mighty HOLY GHOST's sledgehammer hitting that wall; the wall is much weaker than you think.

You read the Bible today, and even in your sleep, the SPIRIT of Truth is hammering that wall! So be encouraged that the wall is coming down; that's God's WORD! 

GOD bless you, brother Danny  


Hi pastor Samuel and all my brothers and sister at Trusting in JESUS! Something wonderful happened last night that I want to share!

Over the years, my walk with the LORD has had two parts; one is I accept everything everyone says because I do not know any better! The second is what I have experienced to be true!

Over the years, I have met many wonderful brothers and sisters; we do not have to say it we just know it in our hearts!

So it was such a blessing when last night the LORD said, like your brothers and sisters on the internet, and I said oh my GOD, they really are my brothers and sisters.

I feel like apologizing. I feel so much closer to you all now! I think the LORD said, just think of how long they have prayed for you, for years and years, so thank you, my brothers and sisters, and this time can say it with love! GOD bless you, brother Danny

P.S. I hope that made sense; it is from my heart


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! 

Praise the LORD! Any day now, the beautiful flowers will start popping out of the ground! Now the beauty of that is you know those seeds have been germinating all winter, so you do not have to wait; you know it is so close underground! 

The good news is about your blessing from GOD. It has been growing, and now it will spring forth any day just like the flowers, so be encouraged, and GOD bless you. Brother Danny 


(This Message is from Senior living ministries)

Follow God's example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Ephesians 5:1–2

Shel Silverstein is known for his children's stories that often carry a deep meaning for people of all ages. One of his more popular stories was a poem called The Giving Tree, about a tree that loves a little boy and finds purpose in making the boy happy.

At first, the boy desires nothing but to climb on the tree's branches, eat apples, and lie in the shade.

But as the boy grows, his desires change. So the tree gives him apples to sell for money to have real fun, branches to build a house for a wife and family, and its trunk so he can make a boat and go sailing.

One day, the boy returns. By now, the tree has given him everything – all that remains is an old stump. The boy, now an old man, needs only a quiet place to sit and rest. And the Giving Tree gives once more.

That Giving Tree is a lot like Jesus, who emptied Himself to come to earth and die on the cross to give us new life – because of His great love.

You are the boy in the story, and Jesus is lavishing His love on you at this very moment. He will meet your every need and give Himself time and time again to do it!

Have a great weekend, and GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 


A severe rash prompted a man from a rural area to come to town to be examined by a local doctor.

After the usual history-taking followed by a series of tests, the physician advised the patient that he would have to get rid of the dog that was causing the allergic reaction.

As the man was preparing to leave the office, the doctor asked him out of curiosity if he planned to sell the animal or give it away.

"Neither one," the patient replied. "I'm going to get me a second opinion. It's a lot easier to find a doctor than a good bird dog!"

GPD bless you hope you have a great day, Brother Danny


Hi, Trusting in Jesus family!

Praise the LORD! The other day I was waiting for the library to open, and down below on the street, someone was acting crazy, and the thought came to my mind of John the Baptist, one of the greatest men of GOD ever!

A wild, crazy man living in the desert eating locusts and wild honey and dressed in animal skins! 

And the LORD spoke to me very clearly and said John was not crazy, nor was Jonah or Jeremiah; all the prophets lived like that because the LORD asked them to be set apart for GOD! 

He said if John were alive today and a member of your church, he would be good old Brother John, a great brother or pastor in the LORD! 

So it is important to realize that you too can be used like John the Baptist pastors, brothers and sisters; even if you volunteer at the local soup kitchen, the anointing of GOD makes us special. 

Still, I am so glad the good LORD has not asked me to eat locus; that would be rough!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny 


First, a disclaimer, the bible is the WORD of GOD 100 percent accurate, always was, and always will be! So anything that will get me a deeper understanding of it, I will love it!

So picture for a second, if you would, the LORD meeting with his father in heaven just before he comes to earth!

GOD, are you all set, Son, do you need anything? No, Dad, I'm fine! GOD, read me your sermon on the mount; they want to check everything; everything must be perfect, every I dotted, every T crossed!

Then GOD says perfect, now remember, Son, to talk very loud so everyone can hear you, and remember, this will all be new to them. So meet with your disciples, tell them what you will say, and then send them into the crowd to answer questions!

GOD says what if they get hungry! JESUS says good question; I might need your help there! GOD says, happy to help; just let me know what you need; I will be right by the phone!

JESUS goes well, that's it, Dad, time to go! GOD says, come here, my Son, give me one big hug! And I want you to know I am proud of you and how much I love you! Thanks, Dad; I am going to miss you so much!

GOD says, now call me the minute you get there, and be sure to eat enough; you will need your strength, and get enough rest! Yes, Dad, see you soon, goodbye Dad, goodbye Son! And the rest is history!

There is humor here, but the point I want to make is how very much GOD and Jesus love us and how much work went on and is going on behind the scenes to make sure we get saved and go to heaven; how truly blessed we are!

GOD bless you richly, Brother Danny


We all have read heartwarming stories of people in line in supermarkets noticing that the lady at the register cannot afford all her items, something like baby diapers, and she will have to put some things back.

They tell the person working the register they will pay what she owes and the lady starts crying because she is so grateful!

So imagine, if you will, you are in heaven and hoping to get in when you are informed; for whatever reason, you did not make it! Just then, GOD says wait a minute, a man in the line named JESUS just paid it forward; you can go right in!

Essentially, isn't that what happened? JESUS was crucified for us, paying forward our life in heaven with him!

So, if you are feeling a little down or lonely today, it is understandable; just know the LORD has paid forward your joy and happiness; it is on the way!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny.


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sister at Trusting in JESUS!

Surely If the LORD were alive today and had a meeting in Central Park in NYC and 5 thousand people would have shown up.

And after the meeting, he asked his disciples how much food they had, and they said, "there is a small boy here who went to McDonald's and brought his lunch with him, a small fish sandwich and a small fries." 

The LORD blessed it and fed 5 thousand people, that is 5 thousand fish sandwiches and 5 thousand orders of small fries, and don't even think about 6 baskets left over. Even in NYC, that would be a great miracle!

I left the library at 6 this afternoon in Miami, as it was just getting dark. I went to the pay phone, called a church, and asked for prayer for safety for the night.

It is so sad there are drug addicts and prostitutes and people selling drugs, you name it, and after the pandemic, they are really dying slowly. That is what our LORD saved me from; every town has an area like that!

So under the bridge last night, the LORD said that is today's modern version of what David said, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death!"

Many scriptures encourage us to run this race to win the prize, and honestly, I have been through so much I did not care about any prize.

So, the LORD knowing this last night asked, what if the prize was spending an eternity with him? That put a big smile on my face for sure!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny

P.S. leaving now to buy a new pair of track shoes!


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Number 1: Asking for prayers for strength in every area of my life; homeless at 76 during inflation is no joke!

Number 2: Brother Bill whose wife Linda was undergoing chemo for cancer has said things could not be better because of your prayers. Linda's cancer is in remission; praise the LORD!

Number 3: Sister Gretchen, who was suffering from long covid, I believe the LORD took her home because I have not heard from her in five months!

On a lighter note:
In Miami this weekend, they had an international boat show; thousands of people from all over the world got together to sell their boats and compare notes on how to fish, etc.

So Monday morning, I said jokingly to the LORD did you sell your boat? And immediately, he said he did not need a boat and gave me a glimpse of him walking on water out to the disciples! The joy of the LORD is my strength!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny


Good morning!

We have all heard the story about someone riding down the highway late at night and getting low on gas. As they see a gas station, they say I know there is another station 30 miles ahead with a restaurant and decide to keep going.

As they see the gas needle getting lower and lower, they say, I was very foolish. I should have gotten the gas when I had the chance; what if I run out of gas all alone on this dark highway? I could get robbed or worse!

Then at the last second, they remember their car had an extra tank of gas built in. For this very reason, all they had to do was hit a button, and they had 20 extra gallons what a relief!

So saints, here we are going through very difficult times, many coming very close to running out of gas, but the LORD knew this was going to happen, so he built an extra tank of gas in us to make sure we get home safe.

All we have to do is hit the "Button of Prayer!"

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny.


Hi Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

For many years to stay alive, I travelled from NYC to Florida in the winter on the Greyhound bus 30-hour ride! Sometimes late at night, I would fall asleep riding hundreds of miles in the dark, then waking up not knowing how long I slept or how long the next rest stop would be.

But sometimes, we would reach the top of a steep hill, and there I would see still a long way away, but there was a large glow in the sky, letting you know it was the next major city! The difference was great. I knew refreshment was close, and I could stretch my legs and get some water!

That is how I feel about heaven; we can see the glow from afar, just the fulfillment of so many prophecies.
So if you are a little down today, cheer up; we will be there before you know it!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny

Merry Merry Christmas,


Hi, my pastor Samuel and all the wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Last night I was sleeping under a highway bridge, and it had gotten quite cool, so I broke out my sleeping bag! I call it my anointed bag because I bought it at the local Christian Thrift store, so it was prayed over!

When I was covered in it, I was telling the LORD how great it felt that feeling of being warm and protected! And the LORD said it was my anointed coat, just like Josephs's coat of many colors!

Now here comes the part you will like! The LORD said he has given every Christian a coat of many colors; it is made up of every blessing he has given you since you were saved to keep you warm and protected!

His blood, his grace, all his mercy, his provision, and all his love for you is in your coat.

So Merry Christmas.
Just thinking of all he has done for you will warm you up!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny.

p.s Permit me to be the first to say you look tremendous in your new coat, it fits you perfectly.

p.p.s. The LORD said he knows your heart that the first homeless lady you see shivering on a park bench, you will give her your new coat, so he is sending you two!

Brother Danny 


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! On behalf of many homeless men, women, and children, I would like to thank you for praying for the homeless Thanksgiving banquet!

GOD answered your prayers in a miraculous way; 500 men, women, and children received showers and hair cuts and clean clothes and toiletries.

Most importantly, they heard a message of hope that JESUS loves them very much and not to lose hope that he would help them; the presence of GOD was awesome for 5 hours!

Let me put this in context; the outpouring was against all odds, depression was like a blanket, then finding yourself on your hands and knees crying tears of joy before the LORD outside on the street is very special. It has to be GOD! So many many wonderful volunteers.

I so much love your prayers because they have a great effect. I wish you could have been there, and in a way, you were!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny.
p.s. GOD can always be found in 2 places: Heaven and a humble heart.


"By Faith Alone"

7. "Lift up your heads, O gates,
And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!

8. Who is the King of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord mighty in battle.

9. Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!

10. Who is this King of glory?
The Lord of hosts,
He is the King of glory." Selah

(Psa 24:7-10).

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS; praise the LORD!

The other morning I was leaving McDonald's, and a friend who knew my situation told me to keep my head up! That was nice when I went to the park.

I thought about being saved. My head should never be down, but life is so hard now; maybe it was down a little bit, but I could fix that easily enough!

That is when the LORD said good, so you fixed it physically, so what about spiritually, mentally, and emotionally? Is it down in any of those areas?

Wow, I said yes, so I worked on all those areas quoting scriptures reminding myself that greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world. If GOD be for me, who can be against me?

That night under the bridge, the scripture came to mind let the weak say I am strong, so I said well, LORD, I guess I am really strong like Gideon. Once again, the LORD said, yes, that scripture can also apply spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I will be strong if they are weak in any of those areas!

I saved the best for last! Last night the LORD spoke to me and said, " Now, just because I talk to you like this, don't go getting a big head, " and he was right. I have so much wanted to share what the LORD said; it might help someone whose head was down a little bit!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny

P.S. Now that I have used all my strength writing this I am asking for prayer for strength

Look Beside You... He is There

Good morning pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!
I have a great story! Just the other day, I was in a park in Miami, and down right next to me crawls an Iguana; they are so bright and colorful, a throwback to prehistoric times!

The story, I was told, is that the way they can survive in times of trouble is to go down deep into the water and then come up underneath to little caves in the rocks where they are safe for as long as it takes!

Then, the LORD said to me; there is a spiritual application here as well because when his people are faced with danger, covid, recession, etc., they can go down deep into his WORD and be safe and hide!

This can be a win-win because we will get stronger, and the last thing the enemy causing the storm wants is for us to be in the WORD so that he will stop the storm!
GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 

Good morning pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

I got saved at 26 from a very rough life. I loved to drink and fight! So after I read the Bible, one of my first prayers was, LORD, I can see how I might make some mistakes because this life is so different.

If I think or do something wrong, please tug on my coat and let me know the LORD has definitely honored that prayer; permit me to give you some wonderful examples!

I was having dinner at the Miami Rescue Mission, and about 15 minutes before we finished, an announcement went out for the new men in the recovery program to meet to go outside and pick up the garbage on the street.

I was thinking, those poor guys, that's rough! And the LORD spoke to me and said quite clearly, Dan, I deeply respect what they are doing; they are humbling themselves and trying to change their life because they love me, and they look up to people like you to encourage them!

Wow, so as I was walking down the street, there they were, and I was so happy to cheer them on, saying keep up the good work, men. GOD loves you, and I could see how glad they were that someone understood!

I was having lunch at a church soup kitchen in NYC; this was an old church with beautiful large stained glass windows.

As I was eating, I looked up, and the window in front of me had a beautiful picture of Paul being knocked off his horse by a bright light from heaven!

And the LORD spoke to me and said don't think that can't happen to you just because I have delivered you for 25 years from drugs and alcohol. Don't you get on your high horse and think you are any better than the homeless; here, you stay humble and love them; what a blessing!

One Sunday at church, I sat in the front row, and from the beginning to the end of the service, I received a mighty outpouring of the SPIRIT of GOD!

And as I was walking home, the Spirit of the LORD spoke to me and said how is it going? I said come on; you were there; that was awesome.

The LORD said yes, I know, and I am happy for you but remember the prayer for my help if you start to think wrong. I said yes, LORD, well, if it were not for those people praying for you, you could not have gotten that blessing!

Well, guess what? The next Tuesday was the bible study, and if the LORD had not helped me, I would have walked in like I was the next Billy Graham, but now I went to the mother of the church and thanked her for praying for me, and I could see she was happy that I did not have a big head!

The Bible says GOD forbids you to offend one of these little ones, and I believe the LORD said little ones could also mean mentally challenged and people who just got saved. Isn't GOD wonderful? There now, I do not feel so homeless.

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at trusting in JESUS! Praise the LORD! Thanks to your prayers, I got a miracle! Everything is going fine. I felt your prayers every day!

Tuesday, I woke up and went out to the airport. I was in line at 8:30, and the lady said I was too late? She said she would check me in for a $10.00 late fee, so I said OK but then the problem.

She said she could only take debit or credit cards which I do not have, so she said sorry, and then I begged her. I said mam, there is still time, and I have to be on the flight. Then the miracle, at the last second, she said oh, alright, and I ran and caught the plane, and now I am safe and warm in Miami.

What an awesome GOD we serve, and thank you for praying for me; please don't stop!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny

Hi, pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters. I always share the hard times, but here is some good news today, I celebrate starting 38 years clean and sober by God's grace alone!
GOD bless you, and thank you, Brother Danny


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!
I just had to write today and say thank you! When you are homeless, it s very hard; just surviving takes up most of your time, and for years and years and years, you have prayed for me, and today it just hit me what I have been through and how you have been there for me through thick and thin!
GOD richly bless you. Brother Danny


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Mister editor, I need your help; my heart is broken reading about the recent brutal attacks against NY's senior citizens' men and women, 80, even 90 with canes and wheelchairs, being robbed in broad daylight!

Recently there were similar attacks against Asian people, and they made the punishment much more severe, and the attacks went down considerably.
I propose we do the same with attacks on seniors, at least five years in prison with no parole.

Come on; this could be someone's mother or father!
GOD bless you, Mr editor; keep up the good work! 


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Asking for special prayers for the next couple of nights in NYC!

It's just like everything has caught up to me; the temperature will be 50 tonight in town, and I have not been sleeping so good on the steps.

I also love to compete; maybe it's my pride, so I go as fast as everyone else in the daytime, and we break even, but they go home and rest, and I wake up the next day a little tired, and they say, OK, lets race. But the LORD is faithful.

I have lost a lot of weight, and if it were not for your prayers, someone would want to rent me as a scarecrow!

GOD bless you, Brother Danny
PS. I look at it this way; I am sure there will be seconds at the banquet in heaven.


"In the Beginning"

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. If anyone has a second, I highly recommend looking at the new pictures of space that NASA has received from their satellite.

They named it the phantom galaxy, and it has our God's fingerprints all over it!

GOD bless you, brother Danny



Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. I know it is early, but here is the reason I am writing now!

People in NYC will be rushing like crazy for the next couple of days to get things done so they can have a nice three-day weekend!

Sometimes it is almost impossible to get out of the way, and GOD forbid you to bump into someone; it can quickly escalate people have been stabbed for less!

So please say a prayer for me this week. I need God's help! GOD richly bless you, your ever grateful brother Danny 


Hi pastor Samuel and my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS.

Praise the LORD, happy Friday! The Bible talks about how we are purified like pure gold in GODS refiner fire, 1 Peter 1 3-9!

A Christian sister wanted to know more about that process, so she went to a blacksmith, and he shared with her how hot the fire has to be to purify and melt the gold and get out all the impurities.

Hence, the lady said to him well, how do you know when it is done, he said when you can see your image in the gold, it is perfect.

So for all of us being purified by GODS refiners fire when When GOD sees the image of his son JESUS reflected in us, we will be done making it all worthwhile!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny

From William

To Danny,


Just wanted to give thanks for your prayers, the last couple of days have been hard, however after all the prayers 🙏

Linda slept well last night, and she isn't in as much pain today, and she is eating a little better!! So I wanted to let you know that the prayers are working!! PLEASE DON'T STOP PRAYING!!

Thank You my friend!!

Your friend and brother,



Hi, I wrote a prayer request recently asking for prayer for GOD's help. I was exhausted, and the gay parade is this weekend in NYC that I might say something ungodly to someone!

So because of your prayers, the LORD spoke to me quite clearly; to paraphrase, he said it is really quite simple just extend to them the same grace, mercy, and love that I have showered on you all these years, and that settled that!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny  

Happy Father's Day!


you are so getting to be just like your heavenly father. I like him and am so GODLY proud of you!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny.

P.S. Let us not forget that many sisters have had to take on the responsibility of fatherhood for many reasons; let's say a prayer for them as well!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny


Hi brother Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters, hey, that was fast!

I went to a homeless church today, and there was a church group there from Indiana with the "soul" purpose of praying for us, and I got all the prayer I needed feeling so much better.

One week without prayer makes one weak, but it was your prayers that made the difference.


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! I just needed to get something off my chest.

Lately, it has been hitting me more and more how rough my life is. I did everything possible when I got saved at 26 to show GOD how grateful I was for his love and sacrifice, and my life became 100% better.

I Iearned to walk as a sober person, learning to forgive, learning, learning, learning how the LORD thought about things; then came the test. 

I tried my best, but it was very rough, then came the pandemic, and now I have nothing left except you, and I am sure I will ruin that one day; I can't take it anymore. 

I do not know what I will do, but I am not going to act like everything is all right because it is not; it is breaking my heart!

Jun 9, 2022 

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. The head librarian here in NYC just gave me a plaque for breaking up a disturbance here in the library last year before it got worse! I thought that was so thoughtful.

Presents this Certificate of Appreciation 

To Daniel Cahill

In honor of your courageous actions in
coming to the aid of our Library staff,


Happy Memorial day!


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Praise the LORD! I am at the library, where there are a lot of homeless people and the LORD gave me a great idea.

They have art exhibits from time to time and I went to the resident artist and said, what about you put up a mirror about 5ft by 3 ft.

When a homeless person or any person for that matter walks by they would see themselves in the mirror and then read the words "don't give up better days are coming; we love you." 

It just might save someone's life, and the artist said he liked the idea. If you or anyone you know could use this idea, please feel free to use it! Let's put them everywhere! GOD bless you, 

Happy Mothers Day!


Hi pastor Samuel and my wonderful sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Brothers, please wish your wife a Happy Mothers Day; they all work so hard with so little appreciation. 

Even if you are not a biological mother, you are a mother in Zion! There should be a "Sisters Day" as well!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny.


The lion is the most feared beast in the jungle, and when he roars, the other animals run in fear. But what they do not know is when the lion gets older, he loses his teeth.

So he places the young lions with sharp teeth at the other end of the forest, and they kill the poor animals that are running away! 

So it is with us when the devil roars, we need to run right at him. I believe GOD when he says he will supply all my needs and that no weapon formed against me will prosper. 

He says, "By His stripes, I am healed," now Satan, you better leave me alone before my big brother JESUS gets here! GOD bless you, Brother Danny


Hi, pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS; happy Easter!

GOD truly heard and answered your prayers yesterday at the homeless Mission Easter banquet. Five hundred people were clothed, had showers, and were fed a great meal but, more importantly, heard the message of salvation, and all the children got Easter baskets.

I do not need to tell you how great that was! So thank you for caring for the least of these, and may GOD richly bless you, brother Danny   

p.s perhaps the greatest miracle was because of your prayers. GOD held back the rain until everyone was fed, and then it poured.


Hi, all my brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS. I believe the LORD shared something with me last night, and I would love to share it with you."

One of the most amazing stories is when JESUS washed his disciples' feet; talk about being humble! So last night, the LORD reminded me that the streets were very unclean in those days, so a person's feet could get very dirty with GOD only knows what! 

So the LORD said, now I know that is not the custom now, but the principle I was teaching is! I honor anything that a child of mine does to help a person get clean! 

For example, you might meet an individual who desperately needs someone to talk to, so you take the time and listen; when they are finished, they say I can never thank you enough. I feel so much better. 

There, you just washed their feet! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny


Good morning,

This morning I went to McDonald's, and there was a lot of trouble. People were arguing and swearing and it troubled me because this is a special time of year for Christians! 

Then the miracle:

The LORD said, "Now remember this is not a happy time for homeless people; it is a time to get medicated and forget happier times with friends and family. Let them go ahead and have their Easter; we will have ours later and try to help them through it!"

Oh, how I love JESUS! 

It was like a huge weight off my shoulders to see how your prayers help me in so many ways! 

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 


Drum and Bugle Corp

I want to say thank you to all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! 

When I was growing up in NJ, they would have a drum and bugle corps competition; 25 towns would send their best bands to compete, and it was exciting.

It was always in JULY and very hot, and the stadium lights at night made it even hotter as they marched and blew the bugles. 

It was very strenuous, and every once in a while, someone would pass out and become instantly removed from the competition. 

The only thing the person next to them could do was to quickly throw the bugle out of the way so someone else would not fall and break their teeth on it; it happened that fast!

This reminds me of being homeless; many times, after a long week, I say, hey, where is so and so? And people say, "Oh, did you not hear they committed suicide, overdosed on drugs, or got shot?" And they are gone, just that fast!

These times make it crystal clear how grateful I need to be for all your prayers that have protected me from these tragedies for so many years.

So thank you so much from the bottom of my homeless heart, Brother Danny   


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Many of us have watched in horror the suffering in the videos coming out of Ukraine! It seems to me that much of this may have been gotten away with in the past because there were no cameras and internet! 

I wonder, what if those capabilities were around for World War 2 or the Civil War, and every day we watched the loss of life and tremendous suffering!

And then, to bring it closer to home, what if they were broadcasting Christians being thrown to the lions and burned at the stake or even the Crucifixion, which would make those events even more horrific! 

We must not forget the sacrifices made by those that went before us!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny


Hi pastor Samuel, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Last night under the bridge, things were pretty rough! So the LORD reminded me that he was with me in the boat in the storm.

Then he said, that's the physical boat, but I am also in the boat during a spiritual storm or a mental storm. Boy, that helped to hear him say that!

GOD richly bless you, asking prayer for the works today, spring break week in Florida. I have to be very careful!
GOD bless you, Brother Danny  


He Cares so Much
Hi, all my wonderful brothers and sisters. Sometimes I will forget about a painful incident and say it is not important.

But the LORD, knowing a bad experience has hurt me, might bring it up years later and help me with it; that is what I love about Him so much! Please let me give you an example!

Many years ago, I hitch-hiked from Florida to N.J; it took about two weeks. A driver dropped me off at Atlantic City, N.J, which had a Christian Mission.

I talked to the minister and asked if he could help me get a shower, some clean clothes, etc. 

He said he could, but first, he asked if I would like to get saved! I said, oh pastor, I am so happy to tell you I am already saved.

Well, you should have seen the look on his face of anger as if I had lied to him! He said, well, my Bible says the ones GOD has saved will never beg for bread; calling me a beggar!

About 20 years later the LORD reminded me of that experience and asked what I thought. I said, LORD, that really hurt! 

He said, 

  • "I know, but do not be too hard on the pastor. He is a good man; it's just that he gets taken advantage of a lot! However, that is not what I meant by that scripture.

    Of course, my children will need help sometimes with food, etc.; what that scripture means is if someone sins and then, with a humble and contrite heart, asks me for forgiveness, they will not have to, beg me for it!"

This was 20 years later, but GOD knew I needed his help because of the pain it had caused!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Thanks to your prayers, I have a praise report. I went to Valentine's day dinner for the homeless yesterday, and it was great. What made it great is that the love of our LORD is so rich and loving, and because he so loves the poor! 

The food was good, the message of salvation was given, and even a gift bag, but it was just so special because the LORD was there!

GOD richly bless you one foot in front of another brother Danny   


Hi all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! I just wanted to give you a heads up! If anyone is acting weird or stressed out, there might be a full moon in the next four nights, and it has that effect on unsaved people, so we must love them the more!
GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny 


Good morning, Trusting in JESUS!

Yesterday I read an article on inflation. What are the causes and dangers if unchecked! So this morning, I said o.k LORD how can I relate to that in my life!

The LORD told me, don't get an inflated ego! Does he love me or what!

GOD bless you,  brother Danny

Feb 7, 2022

Good morning, Trusting in JESUS!

Yesterday in Miami, they had a huge marathon race, maybe 50 thousand people, women, children, and people in wheelchairs! The thing I love is that their family and friends waited on the sides of the road with signs of encouragement cheering them on.

When they see their loved ones coming, they all start to scream with joys of delight and pride! Then the thought occurred to me that you have been doing this for me all these years, encouraging me to keep going in this race we are in; don't quit. I am so grateful for your support. 

P.S. Drink plenty of water; it helps me so much! 

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny

Jan 26, 2022

Good morning, Trusting in JESUS!

3 nails + 1 Cross= 4given!

GOD richly bless you.  

Brother Danny 

Jan 19, 2022

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! I was just reading Luke Chapter 6 where JESUS healed a man with a withered hand.

The Spirit of the LORD told me to write to his children and tell them that some have withered hands, not physically but emotionally, and mentally.

Some area of life has been deeply hurt and has withered and the LORD wants to talk to you about it and heal you! 

Jan 05, 2022

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Last night while sleeping under the highway overpass, the LORD spoke to me, and I would like to share what he said!! 

I, like everyone else, was asking the LORD if he could give me a heads up on 2022! Out of the blue, he said 2022, but the last "2" he said was different; he said it like the 2 of us!

So when you say 2022, the last "2" will remind you that the whole year you and the LORD will be walking together hand in hand, just the 2 of you together! Hey, it works for me!

GOD richly bless you,  Brother Danny,

A Christmas Miracle


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Many, many years ago, I was homeless in NJ in the middle of a very cold winter! I was living in the woods, and it had snowed.

There was a layer of ice on top, so when you walked on it, your foot made a sound cracking through the ice and then even louder when your foot hit the frozen leaves underneath crunch crunch crunch! Kids love to do that!

That night the LORD spoke to me:

He said, "you know, as quiet as it is, you are very safe sleeping out here; no one could sneak up on you without making that loud crunching sound and waking you up!

The same thing was true when my son was born on Christmas. The stable was strategic; no one was going to sneak up on Joseph late at night, or else the animals would start to holler, and he would be on guard."

Suddenly, I was not so alone or cold; I figured I was in pretty good company, and no one was going to surprise GOD about anything!

Merry Christmas, Brother Danny  



Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Merry Christmas! I know it is a little early and that things can get a little hectic. I just wanted you to know I love you, and I am praying that GOD blesses you. GOD is giving his son a birthday party this holiday season, and I just know it will be awesome!

GOD richly bless you and Merry Christmas, Brother Danny, 

My Amazing Thanksgiving


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Thanks to your prayers, GOD did it again as only he can! 

I will try to be brief:

Tuesday, I was in the library and said LORD, I can't go; my clothes are filthy and torn, my sneakers smell real bad, and I do not feel well at all!

So Wednesday, the LORD got me to the Mission thrift store, and I got a good pair of jeans and a nice shirt; then I went to the Mission and got a nice hot shower and a good pair of sneakers, and they were so happy to see me! 

So Thanksgiving, I wake up, and all I need is the church service and a nice hot meal! But the LORD was not done with just a hair cut I had to get another shower, and the brothers were having great joy helping me.

They brought me right to the front of the line and said proudly, this has been our brother for years and years; please take care of him. 

So I got another shower and hair cut, a good one, and then one of the directors brought me to the head table where my meal was waiting.

Then people were praying for me, and we were laughing and crying together. All the other homeless were being blessed the same way, and then the pastor gave a short healing message on the love of GOD and many people respnded1! 

So I go to the bathroom, and when I shut the door, being the only one there, I said with tears in my eyes of gratitude, LORD, you did it again.

I did not think it could be done, and to lock my blessing down, I said, LORD, is there a Scripture for this. The LORD said yes and took me to the story where the two lepers starving to death outside the castle had risked their lives and went to where the enemy was surrounding the Jewish people. 

The LORD had done a miracle the night before and scared them away. The feast was still on the table, and they ate till they were full and then went back and told the others what a miracle the LORD had done; that is what the LORD did for me, thanks to your prayers.

I had homeless leprosy, but now I am filled with thanks to his Amazing grace, and I felt you were right there with me!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  11/29/21  

P.S. To put this miracle in context, this was all done in a few hours in the midst of pandemic despair and the homeless suffering; to see them all smiling and JESUS loving them makes it all worthwhile

11/16/21, From Miami

Hi pastor Samuel and all my brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

This weekend in Miami, they will have their annual book fair hundreds of booths will promote different books, and many authors will be there from afar to sign and promote theirs! 

I had a vision of the LORD with his own booth happily signing people's Bibles and giving away free Bibles all day, I mean, and he is the author, right!

GOD bless you, brother Danny 


For all those who said a prayer that I would have a safe flight from NY to Florida, GOD truly answered your prayers. It could not have been better, so now I am asking prayer for strength.

It will take a little time to get my health back and rid of this cold, but the weather will help so much! 

With the love of JESUS, I remain your ever grateful brother Danny  

This Needs to be Said

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters. Last night I was sleeping on the church steps, and someone gave me an unexpected blessing! 

At that time, I started talking to the LORD and said, you know that's it, this summer has been far and away the most awesome summer of unexpected blessings. And the LORD said someone is praying for people to help you! 

So I do not know who; all I know is how grateful I am and how GOD hears and answers your prayers for brother Danny.

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny.

P.S. there now I feel better, and the part I love the most is they seem so happy to do it.


Hi, all my brothers and sisters!

Being homeless, I sleep on the church steps at night in NYC! I do not have a watch, but I have learned how to tell time! 

At sunrise, I get up, and around 3 in the morning, when there is no traffic, the big huge garbage trucks come rumbling down the street, so I know I have like three more hours before I get up! So I would always say O.K; there go the sanitation workers.

Recently the LORD said to me. They are not just sanitation workers; they are men who are raising their families and working hard who right now are employed picking up garbage. It is a very important job; do not call them garbage men like the world does! 

Wow, that was so nice, so now when I hear the trucks, I pray for them that their work will not be too hard and that GOD will help them! 

Thank you, JESUS. I love you so much when you help me see things your way!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

In light of the fact that I sent you so many prayer requests when I was in dire distress, I want you to be the first to know that I am celebrating 38 years clean and sober today, by GOD'S amazing grace, what a miracle, what love!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  10/4/21


Hi brother Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!! I think w would all agree that masks protect us from the virus germs in the air we cannot even see!

So since that works so well, I have invented and am now wearing an invisible one for my brain. Any negative thoughts coming from other people or events get blocked out; you might want to try it!

GOD richly bless you,  brother Danny  9/25/21 

P.S. Oh yes, they come in red for the blood of JESUS 
P.P.S. asking prayer for strength


Thank You, LORD!

Hi all, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!!

Just recently, I was talking to the LORD about my struggles, and he said Dan, no one has it easy right now; those wonderful people who pray for you have their own problems, so it is a sacrifice! 

So I was grateful for your prayers before, but after hearing that, now I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny 


Hi all my wonderful brothers and sister; Praise the LORD!

In Mathew chaps, 13 vs 30, the LORD shares the parable of the wheat and tares!

Not knowing exactly what a tare was, I knew it could not be good, so I looked it up! Something interesting I found is that it looks very much like wheat, and yes, it can choke the life out of it! 

I think we would all agree that it has been a bumper crop of tares this year with the global epidemic, racial unrest, political upheaval, you name it! 

Now the good news is this: The LORD said let them both grow together, so if I interpreted that right it means we as wheat are in for a great blessing because the LORD has to bless us incrementally to be greater than the tares; that's His Word, and He will water us with His Word!

Then the children seeing this will be so happy they will say, oh, look at that great harvest of wheat! that means we will have Wheaties this winter for breakfast and Whole wheat bread for a school sandwich! 

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny

P.S. I have been keeping track. We have gone around this Jericho wall six times, so get ready to shout!


Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Praise the LORD! One of the very harmful side effects of the pandemic was that people were no longer able to affectionately touch or hug each other, especially us church folk!

When you are homeless, those hugs are hard to come by anyway, but when I come to the library and see you wrote to tell me you care and are praying for me, that is just the touch I need, and I feel it is directly from GOD!

GOD richly bless you and thank you, Brother Danny  8/2/21


Hi all, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Every year around this time, I wrote a prayer request asking that I would not get too angry at the gay people in NYC when they have their parade! And every year, the response I got was decidedly different than the rest of my requests all year. 

It was more guarded, saying, just love them, brother Danny! However, this year the LORD helped me because of your prayers! He said I want you to think of an area of your life that I have been very gracious and kind and that you have struggled with for a long time to get the victory, and I did! 

Then he said, how would I like it if someone came up to me and criticized me with the same spirit as the one I had put in the prayer request? I saw it immediately. I said I would not like it all; it was too judgmental, self-righteous, and hateful! 

The LORD said exactly, and in the same way that I have shown you Grace for such a long time, I want you to guide others! 

Do you know what's funny? Just a couple of weeks prior, I had shared a long list of my favorite gospel hymns, and one title was, searched me, oh GOD, I am so grateful he did!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny  


Good morning all my brothers and sisters, at trusting in JESUS!

On my way to the library this morning, I remembered that it will be my birthday in a couple of days, so I said no big deal, no one knows, but then I said, hey, it is better than nothing.

It will still bring a smile to my face that day! Then the thought occurred to me how many people celebrate the Lord's birthday on Christmas, maybe billions. Then I said what a great way to stay humble and never think my salvation has anything to do about me but everything to do about the LORD! 5 people versus 5 billion.

And what about my spiritual birthday in a few days? No one knows both days, but the LORD knows our natural birthday and spiritual birthday, and he celebrates both with us;  how blessed we are.

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny,


Hi, all my brothers and sisters at trusting in Jesus.

We have all been at the park and seen how the runners limber up before they run. They want to make sure they stretch their muscles; if not, they might pull a muscle when they run and not be able to finish the race or run for a while!

So too, we as Christians need to limber up in the morning before we start our day spiritually running for GOD with the word of GOD!

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me who shall separate us from the love of GOD; if GOD be for us who can be against us. 

Now, with those spiritual muscles loose, we can run and take on the world! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters!

Around this time of year, all the talk is about not getting dehydrated how dangerous it can be to drink a lot of water, and everyone agrees.

But what about spiritual dehydration? Isn't it just as dangerous if we do not get enough "Water of the Word" our Spirit man will start to dry, and there will be a lack of love? It is just as dangerous!

So let's drink plenty of the water of the Word today and be so happy and not get spiritually dehydrated!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny 


Hi brother Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

Happy Fourth of JULY! in the greatest country our GOD ever made!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  

P.S. With the exception of Israel

Hi pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS. 

A poor little boy was sitting outside a store shivering; it was very cold. He had no coat, and his shoes had holes in them! A lady walked by, and seeing him was moved with compassion! She brought him inside the store and bought him a nice warm coat and a pair of new shoes; then she brought him to get something to eat.

When he was finished, with tears of gratitude running down his face, he said, Mam, are you GOD? To which the lady responded, no, my little friend, I am not GOD; I am just one of his children! To which the boy smiling said I just knew you were some relation!

To all GODS favorite children, have a great day!  Brother Danny   

JESUS CHRIST, the same yesterday today, and forever! JESUS love me this i know; Alas and did my Savior bleed; When i survey the wondorous cross; JESUS Christ is risen today; All hail the power of JESUS name; Crown him with many crowns; Breathe on me breath of GOD; Spirit of the living GOD fall afresh on me; We are one in the SPIRIT; My Country tis of thee Mine eyes have seen the glory; Shall we gather at the river; We shall overcome Soon and very soon; Great is thy Faithfulness; as the dear pants for the water; There is a balm in Gilead; there is a place of quit rest; Swing low sweet chariot; Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow; Oh for a thousand tongues to sing; Oh LORD my GOD when i in awesome wonder; I will call upon the LORD Amazing grace; We've come this far by faith; Why should i feel discouraged; Morning has broken; This is the day that the LORD has made; I need thee every hour; Just a closer walk; We are standing on HOlY ground and i know that there are Angels all around; Softly and tenderly JESUS is calling; Search me oh GOD; Just as i am; Open my eyes that i may see; I love to tell the story; What friend we have in JESUS; Bless the LORD oh my soul; Go tell it on the mountain; Blessed Assurance; When peace like a river; Pass me not oh gentle Savior! 

Thank GOD for these blessed hymns! GOD richly bless you,  Brother Danny.

Hi, Recently I commented to the LORD that it seemed over all that the Christian sisters these days were more faithful and helpful! The LORD spoke back and said, yes, there is a reason for that. When Eve ate the apple, and they were kicked out of the garden, women as a whole received a very bad reputation for 3 thousand years.

They had to live with being the ones who ruined everything! When God chose a woman to have his child, that was a fresh start. Now women are called blessed, and they refuse to ever fall for the enemy's tricks again, so congratulations, sisters, and keep up the good work!

God richly bless you, Brother Danny.

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters! When I am homeless, sleeping under a bridge at night, I say the 23rd Psalm! 

On this particular night when I told the LORD that He is my Shepherd, the Lord stopped me and said, IS and what he said in the Sprit is that two-letter word is very powerful.

It means as we speak, he "IS" giving me life all day and all night non-stop; he is giving me life and meeting my needs; as we talk, he Is strengthening me.

What a powerful revelation and I believe your prayers keep the spiritual ground for me fertile so he can do that! 

Asking prayer for strength, and may GOD richly bless you.  Brother Danny.

A Story

Hi pastor Samuel and all my brothers and sister at Trusting in JESUS! In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to share a story! 

Several months ago, I was down by the Statue of Liberty in NYC. There are several World war monuments there, and I said to the LORD, you know things have gotten so much worse. I wonder if some of the men here who gave their lives would wish they hadn't! 

And the LORD said, don't worry, they will get it all back! And I said, oh, I know in heaven, but they will never experience the joy of walking their daughters down the aisle or holding their grandkids, etc.!

So the LORD said if I said they would get I all back, they will get it aLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL back! He said, I am GOD; do you believe I can do that? And what he meant was that he is in control of time, past, present, and future! 

So I thought it was so nice that he would not let their sacrifice go unrewarded, whatever that takes!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny 

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sister, Happy Memorial day. Thank you for your sacrifice. Please say a prayer for me that I will be safe this long holiday weekend, and please save me an anointed hot dog! GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  5/28/21

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters.

I know the bible says we are not controlled by the moon etc. however, it also says we are not to be ignorant of the enemy's devices. With that said, for the next four nights, there is a very full moon, so please be extra careful because it can make unsaved people act crazy!GOD richly bless you, brother Danny  5/24/21

Pastor Lloyd Pulley, Calvary Chapel Old Bridge New Jersey, shared these with us in his message on Sunday, May 16, 2021

Property Laws of a Toddler

1. If I like it, it's mine.

2. If it's in my hand, it's mine.

3. If I can take it from you, it's mine.

4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.

5. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.

6. If I'm doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.

7. If it looks just like mine, it's mine.

8. If I saw it first, it's mine.

9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.

10. If it's broken, it's yours.

Toddlers show us that every one of us was born with a fleshy, selfish nature, so we all need Jesus.  2Cor. 5:17 "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation; old things have assed away, behold all things have become new."


Hi brother Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

People can say and do whatever they want, but one thing they cannot do is stop us from loving GOD with all our hearts and from loving each other and loving and praying for them!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny   

P.S. Asking for prayer for strength in every area of my life.


Hi, my brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!

For the joy set before him (put your name here), He endured the cross despising the shame and has set down at the right hand of the throne of GOD!

GOD bless you today. Brother Danny


Recently I was blessed to take an airplane ride, and the LORD spoke to me. 

He reminded me that 90 percent of a plane's fuel is used for takeoff to get that big plane and passengers off the ground. Several miles up in the air, if the pilot encounters any bad weather or turbulence, high winds, etc., he takes the plane higher until he breaks through where the air is clear and the sun is shining!

The LORD said that is what we as Christians should do when we encounter turbulence, Coronavirus, racial strife, global pandemic, etc.  Just go higher up in the SPIRIT until we are above the turbulence where the air is clear, and the SON is shining!

GOD richly bless you,  

Brother Danny

For all those at Trusting in JESUS who said a prayer for Brother Danny for Easter, I just had to write and say thank you! Easter was tremendous, and the wonderful thing about it was that there was no way in the natural that it was going to happen, but thanks to your prayers and GOD great Grace, it did! GOD richly bless you, brother Danny  4/5/21


Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS!. 

One of the things that have touched my heart the most in this walk with the LORD is every once in a while, he will bring back to memory something that had hurt me long ago, but I had forgotten and said it was not that big a deal, but the LORD remembered and brought me healing. 

I said, LORD, you are the only one who knew, I did not tell anyone, but yes, it did hurt a lot, and thank you for remembering! 

So that happened this morning. I was very concerned that being homeless, I was not getting enough of the WORD of GOD, churches closed, no street services, etc.! 

This morning, the LORD said, think of a pastor, I did and, he says,  "O.K. that's the Word of GOD right there. He has dedicated his life to GOD and followed me all these years. 

That is the living WORD the same with all your brothers and sisters on the internet who pray for you year after year; that is the living WORD!" 

So if no one has told you today they love you, let me be the first I love you, and thank you for being the living WORD of GOD in my life!

Richly bless you, Brother Danny  3/5/21

What a Friend

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Over the years, you have said many wonderful heart felt prayers for me, and I want to say thank you.

First of all, I am still alive and unharmed, so that's one answer to prayer right there!

Once, I shared a prayer request that I was so tired that I might say something wrong to someone and hurt their feelings! A sister in the LORD wrote back and said, "I totally know what you mean; in the morning, I say, "'LORD, please walk with me today put one arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!"' 

Praise the LORD, now, if I am tempted to say something even if I think I am right, I say, "nope, the LORD has his hand over my mouth, can't say it!"

I asked for prayer. I said I can't take it anymore. I want to quit; life is too hard! Soon a wonderful pastor wrote back and said, go ahead and quit; we will quit when the LORD quits, and that's never! 

Can you believe that? How wonderful your prayers are. I did not really want to quit; I was just exhausted, so now I just rest knowing the LORD is fighting for me until I get my strength back! Remember, these are only a few highlights!

Yesterday I asked prayer for strength. I was exhausted! This morning, I was having breakfast in McDonald's, and in walked a young man I perceived was homeless because of the bags he was carrying, and I said to myself he looks like he is new to this!! So the LORD goes, how about yourself? What if tonight was your first night homeless? 

I thought about it and said, Praise the LORD, I can forget about the last ten years of sorrow and pain and heartbreak because tonight is my first night, and that is why I was so tired of carrying the memories of the ten years around every day! 

So, in conclusion, I think you can see why I had to write and say thank you for praying, and thank you for being my friend; these answers to prayer keep me going and even happy!

GOD richly bless you.

Your grateful brother, brother Danny  2/23/21


Praise the LORD! Years ago, I was backslidden, and I would stay awake all night just walking. I was high on speed, and it was then that the LORD would start talking to me about life and GOD and things he knew were on my mind! 

One morning, we came into a town, and there was a coffee shop open. I ordered a cup of coffee and turned to ask the LORD if he would like anything, and in the blink of an eye, he reminded me that the guy behind the counter could not see him and he might get nervous if he saw me talking to someone who wasn't there!

I guess the point is the bible says he sticketh closer than a brother, and we were that close! And you know what, he never talks to me in the King James, but he talks to me like I am talking to you.


There are those who have dedicated their lives to GOD and have followed the Bible the best they know how and are living HOLY lives how I admire and look up to you.

Thank you for blazing the trail for us and never giving an inch! 

The Bible is the WORD of GOD; it is plain and simple, and we must not lower the standard, and you have not; for that, I want to thank you!

GOD richly bless you, brother Danny 

Hi brother Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS.

If I asked 100 Christians who was the greatest writer in the New Testament, 99 would say Paul, and then there is me! I would say it was Stephen! 

You say, where did I get that! Because when Stephen was being stoned to death, his dying prayer was Father forgive them for this! 

You know the LORD honored that prayer, and Saul standing there watching, saw the glory of GOD on Stephen's face and later became Paul! So in God's way of looking at things, Stephen, in a way, is just as responsible for all the books Paul wrote! 

Now my point is this be encouraged today; lift your head high like Nehemiah; you are doing great work for the LORD; you never know how your acts of love and kindness have affected someone else! You may have witnessed to another Saul!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny, 2/13/21.

Hi, my wonderful brothers and sisters at Trusting in JESUS! Do you know someone who is very critical of you and even mean always talking about you? Maybe this will help. 

I want you to picture in your mind's eye JESUS standing next to you while they are doing that, then JESUS kneels down and writes something in the sand when the person reads what the LORD wrote, they come running up to you crying and say, please forgive me I was totally wrong I am so sorry. You say, oh, it's Ok. GOD wants us to forgive each other! 

I think it is not fair that people treat you unkindly, but the LORD could stop it in a second!

GOD richly bless you, Brother Danny  2/11/21 


Daniel: United States

Hi, pastor Samuel and all my wonderful brothers and sisters!

I was in the library watching the movie of Samson! When it got to the point when his hair got cut off, the LORD spoke to me! The LORD said it was not his hair that gave him his strength; it was the WORD of GOD that was spoken over his hair! 

When he lost that covering of the WORD is when he lost his strength, and what happened next, he lost his vision; when we lose the covering of the WORD, the next thing is we lose our spiritual vision, and when we lose that, we start to find fault with others and with GOD!

So that is why it is so important to stay in the WOD; if for no one else, this message is for me today!

GOD richly bless you,  brother Danny  2/9/21  

P.S. When Sampson returned to the WORD because of GOD'S love and compassion, his strength was restored, just like our strength is restored when we return to GOD.


A while back, the LORD asked me if I was going into business, who would I pick to be on my Board of Directors! He said through all time, who would I like! Well, obviously, the LORD is the chairman of the Board, and then I thought having King Solomon for wisdom and Joseph for perseverance Smith Wigglesworth for fire Dr. Graham, etc.!

And so now when I have to make a decision, I run it by the Board. Who would you pick? It gives you the confidence you do not have to decide alone! 

Richly bless you, Brother Danny.

P.S. of course, you would be on my Board also.

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