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"Changed Forever and
On Fire for God"

Jonathan: United States

In 2016, I underwent a transformation that would change my life forever. I had been a Catholic my whole life and did everything I was supposed to do according to my understanding. I went to church every Sunday, went to confession.

I was living in sin as a Catholic. I just kind of figured that if I confessed the sin I would be ok. No big deal, right? I was very successful in business making quite a bit of money and really needed for nothing. 

One day I was talking to my friend, Mike. He told me that God spoke to him regularly. I told him that, “That made me a little uncomfortable as I didn’t believe God spoke to people like that.” He said,” It doesn’t matter if I Believe him or not; it happens!”

So about a week went by, and I just had this moment where I looked up to the sky and said,” God, You said that I am to love you with all my heart, mind, and soul, but I don’t know you. I want to talk to you and have you speak to me. I want a relationship.”

I went out soon after and bought a book about speaking with God. I read through a bit of it and ended on a passage about Moses and the burning bush. I sat the book down and walked out of my back gate. 

I decided to leave my mind open and allow God to speak to me. I stopped at a park. Sat down. Then looked across the street where there was a Catholic Church. I figured that would be a good place to commune with God. 

I walked over there, and the front doors were locked. I looked in the back and saw a door open. I strolled back to the open door and found a group of people dancing and praising God. 

I went in, and they quickly gave me a Bible. As the song ended, they said it was time for the weekly Bible reading. They opened the Bible, and to my great surprise, they read the Moses and the burning bush passage. 

I told them how I had just found them; they were mostly older people. They got so excited, saying,” No one new ever came!!”

Two weeks later, I was baptized by the Holy Spirit. I went from caring about money to caring very little about it. God Became my focus. I read the New Testament in like a day. 

I had never read the Bible before; Thirty-four years as a Catholic, and the Bible was a new adventure for me. I was on fire for God, for holiness. I was changed forever.

I blog about being a Christian at biggerfaith.org; come check me out.


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Changed Forever

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