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"It's the Rapture, and
Jesus is Upset"

I've had a couple of Rapture dreams in my life, but today I felt like I needed to write this one down.

Last night I dreamt I was in a store and couldn't remember why I was there. I left the store, got in my car, and started to drive. 

As I was driving, I came to a detour where some construction was happening. I was directed to go a specific way, but it was as if I steered away from the detoured path laid out by the construction worker.

The Lion

Then at some point, I was reminded of the same moment when I was about to cross the detour section and construction area, but this time there was an enormous (oversized) Lion lying in the middle of the road.

I tried to reason why the lion was lying there, and if it was because it was beaten/hurt or just sleeping.

I got out of my car and made my way to the sidewalk. Random people were walking around (not a lot), but a lady ended up standing next to me, looking towards the Lion getting up in the road. 

As this happens, everyone on the street and in their car begins to panic in an Awe/fearlike/shocked state


I then say, "this world is crazy, and Jesus needs to return." At that very moment, I look up to the sky, and the sky breaks open like a ceiling that can be easily opened. 

In the opening of the sky, you can see beautiful large Gold-like buildings in the background as if revealing another city (kind of like the view of Emerald City in the Wizard of OZ).

In the middle of this break in the sky, I saw Jesus floating down returning to earth. However, he seemed angry at the world, and when in the sky coming downwards, he states, "I am Jesus who has come to take my people"!

When he lands on the street, he lands in a hero way, where he is kneeling on one knee and has one fist on the ground while looking down. 

As he looks up, he seems angry because of the sins of the people and how the world has turned away from him and the truth.

They  Realized Christianity was True

In another part of the dream, I saw Jesus coming down in the sky. I immediately closed my eyes and prayed.

I asked God to forgive me of any sins I may have done that I have yet to repent for in his now coming. I did this to ensure that he kept me in his glory and so that I may be raptured up with him.

Once people saw that it was Jesus, they seemed to realize Christianity was true, and before Christ did any more shouting or addressing the world, I woke up.

I want nothing more than to continue the path of following Christ and being a faithful servant of God. 

This dream is a reminder that he is near; we are to be ready at any time. The world has turned away from the truth "as in the days of Noah."

God be with us.

Raquelinda: United States

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The Rapture, and Jesus is Upset

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