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More than sixty-five pages of Rapture dreams, with many dreams recorded on each page, and more are being added daily at an ever-increasing pace.

  • Jesus said, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father... (Mark 13:32-33).
  • Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen.
    (Rev 1:7).
  • For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
    Matt 25:13 

For those unfamiliar with the meaning of the Rapture it is known as the time when Jesus returns to take the ones to Heaven who have been born-again. 

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Rapture Dreams

Mark: United States

I had a Rapture-like dream last month. I was looking up at the sky and saw a weird sight, like a hole with a green border.

I remember saying, "Jesus!" when I saw it; this happened twice, and then I woke up.

Angela: United States

I had a vision that a loud trumpet sounded, and the earth stood still. We couldn't move, then the clouds rolled back, and a bright blue sky appeared. The end...

Shellia: United States

I dreamed I was on the front porch, and there were these men there I didn't know.

I look up into the sky and see Jesus floating from a distance; as he gets closer to Earth, I see these flecks of light, knowing they are his soldiers coming for the final battle.

I'm looking past this dark man in a tan suit and see an airplane drifting down. Its motors are making no sound, and I know it's going to crash.

As soon as I look back up to the sky, I say I hope you are right with the Lord, I bow my head and start to pray, and then I wake up.

Ashley: United States

Dream About Being Saved and the Rapture

Last night, I had a very symbolic dream. I've been having some dreams regarding my salvation, and I believe this is one of them.

At first, I was upset because my ex-boyfriend had been with this girl and was mad and distressed and started punching them both. 

Then, I was in this entryway with this angry older lady who was making accusations against me, two other people, and some cops. There were a couple of police and one main larger woman. 

The angry lady was trying to get me and those other people in trouble (something about trespassing? I can't remember). She was trying to send us to jail. 

I was worried and looked at the officer, and although the officer was stern and listening to the angry lady, I got a "mother-hen type" vibe from her and felt her love for me.

Then, I walked to another room and told them I was going to grab some money or a check that my Dad gave me (which is really weird), and when I looked under the bed, I grabbed the box. 

I was worried that someone would've taken the money, but instead, it was there. As I was counting it, I realized that it had multiplied- there was more than before. 

I grabbed the wad of cash and was thinking if I should hide it in my woman's top undergarment (apologies) or stick it in my purse. 

As I walk out, I see a bunch of sheep rising to the sky.

The lady is still trying to get me thrown in jail. The woman officer was across the room, and apparently, she gave the lady a piece of paper saying that I would be in jail for 7 days. 

The lady and I both knew the officer was just doing that to appease her, and really, I would go free. I knew that I would go with the officer and stay with her (and be free while I was staying with her). 

Then the lady tried to scare me one last time and said, "She'll probably let you stay with her for the weekend, but after the weekend, you'll have to go to jail for the rest of the time." 

I was worried and thinking in my head back and forth if the officer would actually do that. Then, I felt the officer wouldn't do that.. and that I would really be free.

Also, during the dream, there was a part where I was told (not by anyone- it was just said to me if that makes sense) that I should send a postcard to my farm (I'm a Realtor, and a farm is when you pick an area, go door knock it, and then send monthly postcards, etc.) that says "Jesus is coming." 

At first, I thought, "Some people will love that!".. and then I thought, "Some people won't!". Then I got nervous and anxious about the thought of doing that.

Anyway, I was going to follow the officer, but I never saw where we were going because I woke up.

(If you didn't get it: 

  • Sheep rising to the sky is the Rapture...
  • The other part of the dream reminds me of Satan trying to get me damned to hell.
  • God chose to let me be free *because of the Sacrifice that Jesus made* 

(I am actually getting to be free and live with him) -- I HOPE! Right?? Lol. God bless.

Kat: United Kingdom

I dreamt I was creating an alien spaceship in my mind, and I boarded it to fly it with some family inside. I go to drive the craft up toward the sky, but it doesn't get far and crashes to the ground.

Then chaos breaks out, people running around screaming, and someone shouts Armageddon. I then realized this was the rapture.

I start going up and am held by a white being around my waist. But as I'm going up, I'm crying, saying I have to tell my mum where I'm going.

Then I felt Jesus and the Father's presence; he was very stern and must have communicated with the angel to say she was going now.

There was no time to tell anyone anything; once the rapture starts, that's it, so make preparations now as Jesus could come anytime.

I was taken to heaven. I saw the lion of Judah, but he was glittery in part. I couldn't see anyone I knew. I was shouting to Jesus, saying I was sorry.

It was beautiful where I was, but I was half crying, half happy; I'm not sure why. I was hiding in a house and saw a light which I'm sure was the Father. And that was it.

Stephen: United States

February 2023, I had a dream early in the morning. I was at my sister's old house with a corrugated metal ceiling in the living room.

I knew the people in the house, but they were blurry, like in a fog. One woman was there that I did not know. The house looked like the house but didn't, such as the corrugated metal ceiling.

I went outside, and a bad storm was coming, and there were black, black clouds in the east. I told my nephew to get inside, although I never actually saw him. I was going out to stop the tornado with The Name of Jesus.

As the tornado got directly over me, I didn't budge. It was also inverted. What looked like fire ringed the inside, and a white light at the very top. I continued to point at it and use The Name of Jesus.

Then everything went still, and the inverted tornado turned into a white cloud. The cloud then formed into the smiling face of Jesus. End of dream. My first impression of it was that it was a rapture dream.

Hayllie: Country

My family and I were riding down the road, I was not sure where we were going, but my husband, our kids, and I were all together.

A light like something from a video game moved along the treeline to the ground covering everything and leaving this bright blinding light behind. We heard trumpets and knew that meant the rapture was happening.

I said, "We are going home!" I began crying, telling my husband I loved him and told him to beg God for forgiveness. I kept holding his arm and smiling at him, but with tear-filled eyes, I begged him to ask forgiveness.

Suddenly the bright blinding light glows, and all you can see is light, and then my husband is gone, and my kids and I are heading down the road again, following more cars further down the road.

I instantly began to smile and cry, saying, "I couldn't believe it was over. I can't believe we are going home." I was heartbroken that my husband was gone, but we were full of peace that we were meeting God, and I could see my brother again.

My kids and I continued up the road, and then I woke up suddenly.

Becky: United States

Rapture Dream
I dreamed my Mama and I were somewhere inside, but you could tell something was happening in the sky. I looked out and saw the clouds open, and in the clouds was the face of Jesus.

The next thing I knew, my mom and I were rising along with many people praising God. The feeling of peace, love, and God was a joyful experience.

I looked down, and people were rising as far as you could see. I looked up, and there were people ahead of us rising, thousands and thousands of people, and then I woke up.

I have since wondered if this will happen in Mama's lifetime. SHE IS SOON TO BE 88.


Fred: United States

Last night I had an incredible rapture dream.

It was evening but not dark out. The sky was a blueish purple. I was standing afar off from a modern/futuristic city. I could see the skyline of the skyscrapers.

Suddenly, beyond the city, in the sky, a strange silhouette of a large white bird appeared in the shape of a white cloud; it was so strange.

I remember thinking to myself, “what if this is Jesus coming back?” Then the image became sharper and clearer. And my heart began pounding with fear and excitement.

Then emerged in ultra HD a bright white horse with large wings, and sitting atop the horse was Jesus the King, wearing golden armour on his arms and waist and holding a gold sword. He was way more handsome than I thought He would be, lol.

His body was like a shining reddish-brown jewel. He was like a fit warrior ready for battle, glowing and illuminating the entire scene. I remember my heart pounding with excitement and screaming His name uncontrollably.

Some people were clapping, some were crying with joy, and everyone was saying His name. It was like a celebration. Then I and several others were lifted into the air to join Him. I remember floating higher and higher until I was even higher than the skyscrapers.

Then I woke up to my body filled with adrenaline. I was so disappointed to wake up. It seemed so real and amazing beyond words.

Emmanuel: Nigeria

Good day, everyone; I had a rapture dream in December 2017. I've forgotten the day, but on that day, I genuinely gave my life to Christ.

I was touched and subdued by the holy spirit after watching a testimony of a lady who was crying profusely because of being left behind. She had witnessed the second coming of Christ.

I can never forget how scared and sorrowful she was as she narrated how the Lord came back with a sad, angry and merciless countenance, how everything around her was being destroyed and how she was trying to get back to her family to warn them of the destruction happening.

After some thought and by the intervention of the holy spirit, I surrendered my life to the only one who could deliver me from the destruction to come.

That night I had a dream, and in my dream, I was walking from my house and saw some people having sex in public without shame; I was surprised at such boldness.

Even though outside of Christianity, it was something morally wrong that someone should be so ashamed of doing publicly, but they did it without shame. With full boldness, I imagined how immoral the world had become for such a thing to be happening.

Then I looked to my right and saw a man walking toward me, and from within, I sensed he was a pastor. He told me not to worry because soon I would not see these people again.

As soon as he finished saying that, he pointed to a wall and told me to look, and when I looked at the wall, I saw a mirror in a circle shape, and a light was coming out of me.

I immediately looked at myself and saw a garment brimming with a bright light covering me; it started from my feet and went up to my neck. When I looked in the mirror, I could only see a bright light coming from me, and the pastor was also changing.

Quickly we started lifting into the air, and as we were being raised, I looked down and saw that the people who had been behaving shamefully had stopped and were now looking up at us.

I then looked up and saw uncountable numbers of people in the cloud ascending, and the sky was dark.

I then started to hear voices similar to a multitude of people in one accord singing a song, and it was "Holy Holy Holy lord God almighty". Not knowing what was happening, I joined them in singing and then woke up.

I still remember the dream but didn't know where or how to share it on any online platform, so I kept it to myself; please forgive me if I didn't do well.

May God continue to give us the grace to wait patiently and live a life that will be guiltless on the day of the rapture in Jesus' name, amen.

Larry E Duncan Sr.: United States

One night about 35 years ago, when I was around 8 or 9, I was spending the weekend at my grandparent's house, I didn't feel good that evening, so my grandpa let me sleep n his giant bed with him.

I don't know if I can even explain how I can recall that night so clearly. Being a man of God, my grandfather read his Bible every single night while lying in bed, and this night was no exception.

While I was next to him, I remember glancing over and wondering what he was reading because he was reading a giant golden Bible that I often read because I loved the stories in it. He glanced back at me and smiled; he softly placed his hand on my head, and the next thing I knew, everything went dark.

I couldn't see, but I could hear and smell. I could smell the rain and hear and feel the wind. Everything was so dark, and then it wasn't. When I was able to see again, I was in my uncle's backyard playing basketball, but the storm was still coming.

I mean, big dark clouds filled the skyline, and with the lightning, it looked like the clouds were on fire. I remember yelling for my uncle Ralph and my cousins when I started hearing lions roaring that filled the sky, and then I could see their shadows running back and forth behind the clouds.

I began to run back to my grandparent's house a block away, and that's when the trumpets started blowing even louder than the lions' roar. The sky opening up is the only way I could explain it, I don't think I ever saw him, but I could feel him.

It was the warmest sense of safety. I knew Jesus wasn't there to take me, but to show me that he would protect me no matter what kind of storms may come along in my life.

Mohamed: United States

I have been praying for a dream for the past 2 weeks. Last night I finally received it. (Feb 20 2023).

I was in school, and in the beginning, everything was going as a normal school day. The school definitely looked a bit different, though. Anyways, all of a sudden, I heard one really loud, deep trumpet noise surrounding the world.

At first, I thought it could just be something else, but when the second trumpet noise blew, I felt different; all of a sudden, I had a feeling that this could be it; it could be the time that Jesus finally comes back.

Then the sky was really bright, and government cars were all over the street; then suddenly, Jesus came through the school and stood on the table.

A bunch of our school was on their knees praying, and they were crying, and then Jesus said, is it time for me to bring them up, Father? And then the dream ended.

The whole time since Jesus stepped into the school and until the dream ended was so fast, like 20 seconds

Alyssa: South Africa

On the 8th of February 2023, I had a dream about the Rapture.

My family and I were leaving a family lunch when we saw, in the far distance, a large tornado. The sky was filled with grey and white clouds, and the tornado was still far from where we were, so we didn't panic.

But in a split second, it moved like a flash of lightning, and suddenly, we were caught up in the rapture; our feet left the earth as we ascended into the clouds. My husband was holding my hand, and I was holding my son's hand; I looked up at my husband and said, "Babe, this is it; we're going to heaven".

A supernatural feeling of power lifted  us from the ground into the sky. "Stuff" people had, like material possessions, just fell off them and back to the earth as we moved upward. We saw many people, then we got to a place with many rooms filled with people from all countries.

One lady, in particular, was very sad; when we asked her why she was so sad, she responded that her family wasn't in heaven. She mentioned that she followed Islam and came to know Jesus as her Saviour, but her family wouldn't listen to her.

She wanted us to pray that her family would accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Jennifer: United States

I fell asleep last night on the couch. The clock had let me know it was now Feb 18, 2023.

In my dream, I was walking at night down a road when I saw a bright light coming from behind me. It was a blindingly bright white light so bright you could see a bluish hue in them. I had a friend with me, but I don't know the person or can't recall who it was.

We keep walking, and the light gets bigger and brighter, but it is still behind us. In my dream, I thought it might be a vehicle approaching, so I turned to see how far back it was to gauge how fast it was approaching.

When I turned, there was no vehicle, but I could see Jesus in that light. As the light reached further out on the earth, I could see people rising up, and behind Jesus; in the brilliant light, I could see people or angels darting around.

The light hadn't reached me yet, but I knew what I was seeing. I knew it was Jesus Rapturing His people. I felt calm, but the sight kind of startled me awake before my alarm went off. I woke up about 10 minutes before 8 am.

Almost immediately, this dream consumed me. I went online just to see if anything had happened while I slept. I wanted to see if my parents were gone or in their beds (I'm currently staying with them as my house is being fixed).

I crept to my mom's room, and thankfully she sleeps with the door open, so I could see her form resting under her blankets.

With nothing on the news and my parents still asleep, I remind myself that it was only a dream.

Zelda: South Africa

June 25 2022
I saw this bright light in the sky and heard trumpets, and when I looked next to me, my daughter and husband began to float upwards next to me, and while floating upwards, there was this big beautiful cloud with gold colour around the edges.

We floated up to the cloud, and there were thousands of people on this cloud and many clouds around us. And I remember I felt so much joy and peace, but I also cried.

As I cried, Jesus came to stand next to me and asked why I was sad, and I looked down and said so many were left behind; he hugged me, and I woke up.

But in the morning, my 10-year-old daughter came to me and said mommy, I dreamed Jesus came to take me away on a cloud.

Emily: United States

January 25th, 2023
This morning I had a dream; this dream has been on my mind all day. No, it’s not a dream of the rapture, but it was a dream of when the rapture may happen.

I am still very curious to know what this dream meant. I can’t remember everything about this dream, but I can only remember someone talking about the rapture. And I remember in my dream asking when the rapture is going to happen.

Someone spoke, they didn’t give a day or time, but they told me what month it would happen. I remember that person saying August, and after that, I woke up.

Renier: South Africa

I had a dream last year in October 2022. I was in a building on the 1st floor, and when I looked out the window, it seemed dark, but not like the night. There were a lot of fires and destroyed buildings; it seemed like a riot had taken place.

As I looked out the window, I realised I had been shot in the head and was now dead. I remember feeling the most real and awful dread and REGRET that I had ever felt in my life.

When I woke up, I could still feel the regret. I felt this regret because I realised that I was now dead and, in the dream, I thought I would now have to roam the earth for seven years, knowing that I was going to hell.

The scene then changed where I was out of the building but still in the same dark place, and there were two other people with me. All of a sudden, I had a feeling of hope and said to the one person that God is gracious and will forgive, but we need to turn to him now.

Now I know that a lot of what I said from my dream is contrary to the bible; for example, when you die, you do not roam the earth, and you do not get a second chance after death. However, I believe that God was warning me to get my life in order or that I would regret it.

I strongly believe that he was telling me that if I do not get my life in order, I will miss the rapture and possibly not repent in time before I die and end up in hell. I also believe God wanted me to feel the regret I would then feel.

I was struggling with one specific bondage, and I always knew that God had given me the strength to turn from it, but I did not want to. This was a warning to stop this immediately.

It has now been four months from that very morning that I woke up from the dream, and I have not had a desire for this bondage since and can happily say that God has set me free.

That being said, I believe that we are the last generation, and it is for no other reason that so many people are having rapture dreams except that it will happen in our lifetime.

Hopefully sooner than later. I also believe God was warning me that I was going to miss the rapture, so the rapture is to happen in my lifetime.

Repent now and do not put it off until tomorrow, as the rapture could happen at any moment, or your life could be taken at any moment.

LeAnn: United States

Last night I dreamt of being at the beach with my family. As I was looking over the ocean, admiring the beautiful sunset, I noticed these amazing changes in the sun. The sun became larger and brighter, and I could see a perfect circle around the sun.

Then…the colors of the sunset became more radiant shades of violet. It was quite beautiful. Then a darkness came all of a sudden that overshadowed the sun, which was quite scary.

The changes came fast. The winds came over the ocean, the sand was starting to lift, and that is when I could feel my body being pulled into the sky. What I thought was maybe a tornado/mega storm was actually the beginning of the rapture.

Initially, I was scared but at total peace when I realized what was happening….I was in disbelief but complete wonder and peace that I was being called to Heaven.

As I was being swept up, I looked down at my hands and legs, and they were completely limp and “airy.” I wasn’t scared and submitted to what was happening. It was beautiful.

I could see thousands and thousands being lifted to the sky behind me. All these people were being lifted up in a perfect order - like a silky scarf being twirled in the wind.

I was called up first…I’m not sure why/how I was considered “special” by Him, but I was told by the archangels guiding me not to fear that I will be married to Him.

The angels guided me towards the bright sun, which was completely welcoming. Beyond the sun, that is where He is. I was in the all-consuming presence of The Lord.

Somehow….I talked to Him and convinced Him to let me go back to Earth to make a last attempt to save their souls, re-deliver the lost, and give them another chance. I had many loved ones left on Earth, and I couldn’t bear the thought of so many not making it “home.”

I came back to the beach…where everything was changed. I fell so hard to the ground that I couldn’t stand up. I remember being picked up by a large, strong man and being carried to safety.

That is all I can remember…..

Noella: Swaziland

I went to sleep at around half past nine, and the first dream I had was about the rapture.

The first thing that happened was the ground shaking, then the first trumpet playing... although I didn't hear it the others were talking of it.

Jesus ordered all of us to sit on the floor with our legs crossed, and not to speak, so we did. There were little eyes everywhere so that we wouldn't try anything.

I tried to say, Lord, please forgive me, I am still a child, and He told me to keep quiet; I remember being so scared; then a lot of people started rising up, but I didn't.

Eventually, I started crying...I was the last one to rise, and I woke up as soon as I saw the golden gates.

Pearl: South Africa

Last night I dreamt of the coming of Jesus.

I was at work as usual, going about my day with my colleague, when the roof suddenly went away, and I could see Giant clouds moving and a shadow of what would be Jesus covering the whole earth.

Then I saw a bright light in the sky and thousands of angels descending from the sky as Jesus was coming down!

Everyone fell to the ground and started praying; I remember feeling such joy and relief ….

Shawn: United States

12:15 Jan 20, 2023
I have awakened once again by a rapture dream "makes it a 4th time" this time (third-person view), I saw myself as a child in a car seat, then I saw my grandmother, who recently passed, looking down at me as I looked up to her, I called out grandma.

Then the scene changed. I was driving across a bridge in daylight when I heard a trumpet sound as people began to float upwards, then the clouds shaped like a slender single-blade pinwheel started to spin as they began to be called home.

When I noticed it, I told my family its time as I looked around at them in the car (could've been a truck) I was driving said get ready its time to go home. They called out that I said the rapture as I was ascending upwards. Then I awoke from my sleep.

Please, family of families & friends, friends of friends who haven't accepted Jesus as your savior yet, truly accept him, accept him now. Time is very short, shorter than you think; if you keep putting it off, it will be too late, and you will surely be left behind.

Temetria: United States

I had a Rapture dream where there were billions of people standing around me in a humongous field, and I looked up and started to rise slowly to the sky, but I stopped mid-air and could not go any farther,
They all looked at me and said go!!! But I could not move; I was stuck.

What does that mean this dream mean?

Caleb: United States

Last night I had a dream.

I was outside with my parents, wife, and child at my parents' home. It was dark, the rain was blood, and frogs were falling from the sky.

I looked up towards the moon, it was blood red, and the sun was blacked out; then, out of nowhere, a loud trumpet rang out, and my son vanished while my wife, my parents, and I were left.

Next thing I know, I'm on a train running away and fighting demons as the sun emits solar radiation, killing all the plants and trees; the oceans are dried up along with the rivers and lakes.

Jasmine: United States

I am Muslim and have never believed in Jesus.
But yesterday I had a dream where I was in a tall building with my classmates. We looked out and saw a hole in the sky shining bright, and I said to my friend, it's the rapture.

I was going to walk down the stairs, but instead, HUGE waves came that made it unsafe to walk down the stairs when it is wet. So I jumped down the middle area and was swimming and drowning.

I woke up after that.

Reba: United States

I was about to get in a car. I looked up; the sky had opened, and a bright light was surrounding Him.

Jesus was coming down feet-first, and I saw His white robe from His waist down. I thought to myself, it's true; Jesus is coming back.

I felt so at peace and happy; then I woke up.

Arnold: South Africa

Just this morning (11/23/2022), I had a dream of rapture which goes as follows.

It was a day when I suddenly looked up in the sky and saw angels riding horses descending down to earth, followed by Jesus, and that's when I woke up in fright and started praising.

Martha: United States

I was 27 and married with three small children.
One night I had a dream that I was in a boat on the ocean, and there were multitudes of boats and I was picking people out of the water and onto my boat.

The next thing I hear is the trumpet and the shout. I remember standing on the boat with my hands held up to the sky in praise, and I began to float up to the sky.

I lowered my head, and I couldn’t stop smiling. The happiness overwhelmed me. At some point, I became lucid and realized I was dreaming.

As I was still floating up, I tried to open one eye and peek. That is when I woke up.

I can still remember every part of the dream, it’s been almost 30 years, and I can still hear the trumpet.

Emmanuella: Nigeria

In reality, I was imagining a beautiful scene in my head when I fell asleep and dreamt about the rapture. I have never dreamt about the rapture or the second coming of Christ.

All I could remember was that I was with my family that fateful day. My parents and I were watching a movie together while my siblings were in the sitting room, and then a scene made us discuss the unbelievers.

Suddenly the sky became very dark, and the clouds were mumbling, coming together to form a big space. I looked through the window and saw a very bright light with the shape of a cross, and Jesus came forth with his long shining hair and his hands spread forth.

Immediately I woke up in fear and told my siblings about it.

Alicia: United States

I had the weirdest dream last night. Ray, my husband, and I were at this bible camp eating delicious food. Then all of a sudden, we were in the car and driving, sitting next to each other.

We look outside, and I see the moon and yell to Ray that it is turning black and it’s time. The moon was black, and it kept growing larger until it became a huge dark circle.

Then I look over at him, and we both start rising up to heaven, and we cry tears of joy, and I scream, “it’s time”!!! It felt amazing. I felt weightless and so so happy.

Shawn: United States

I had a rapture dream a few days ago. I was helping a friend pack some things up. He was waiting for a fed-ex package as well. As we were packing, it started raining then it got heavier to the point normal roads were being washed out.

The ground was opening huge holes. then tornados started dropping everywhere. His package finally arrived. The fed-ex delivery person told us how bad the roads were getting, and said she hoped to make it home safely; this was her last stop.

Then it started hailing and started getting bigger and bigger, the size of bowling balls. The windows were getting broken. I ran & hid under a table then there was silence. Then I stepped out and looked at the hale that cracked the driveway.

Then the sky burst open, and a hymn I had never heard was being sung. As I started watching people ascend into the sky, Christ was in the center on a white horse.

As people began to ascend, there were flashes of lightning and multi-colored balls exploding as they were transfigured into something like glass but still the same. I shouted, it's the rapture! and my heart leaped with Joy as I began to ascend myself. I burst out in tears of joy; then I woke up.

If a non-believer is reading this, hopefully, the holy spirit will bring you to the lord and you allow Him in.

For believers, hopefully, it gives you the strength to reconnect to the lord. Time is short, very short; this is my second rapture dream. Go with Christ.

John: Malaysia

I had a dream last night about the rapture. I was sleeping, then I woke up (in my dream) and felt this tingling feeling, and I began to rise very slowly.

I looked outside my window and saw Jesus in the sky, glowing very bright. As I was floating, I grabbed my phone and texted my mom not to take the beast's mark.

I checked social media after and saw people from all over the world talking about the rapture. Then I woke up from that dream.

Joshua: Canada

It was a normal evening. I got to bed and started to have all kinds of dreams until they stopped with this very beautiful dream:

I found myself in my grandmother's backyard; in a blink of an eye, I went into the sky very, very fast; I could not wake up even when I acknowledged it was a dream!

All of this within seconds. Then, I started hearing trumpets and choir so loud that the clouds shook and vibrated.

After I saw all of these things, I saw the lord above me, his arms extended side to side, and his light began to shine very brightly from his chest to cover the entire area, and then I woke up.

Audrey: United States

I'm 20 years old, and this was my first ever dream about the rapture.

My family and I were at my house when we suddenly heard horns. My sister and I look at each other, thinking, "no way. this ain't the rapture," when sure enough, we go outside and see Jesus in the sky heading towards us on a horse with angles flying around him.

It was so huge. It covered the whole sky. I remember feeling excitement but nervousness because I've never really been one to be super sure of my salvation.

So my sister and I sit there for what feels like a couple of minutes, then I start to float up. None of my family was with me; it was just me.

I then am flying through the air. Going through trees, over water, this whole time just filled with excitement. I somehow ended up in what looked like a doctor's office (this felt like the equivalent of the gates of heaven but still was very weird).

I go to the receptionist, and she asks my name, and I tell her very excitedly. She then tells me to wait while she prepares my garments. I couldn't help but think of this verse when she said that.

"Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame" (Rev 16:15).

I woke up before entering heaven, but I remember feeling so peaceful yet incredibly happy that I was going to heaven.

I am someone who never dreams or at least remembers my dreams, so this was very interesting and amazing to have dreamt this dream. God is good y'all!

Sephora: United States

In my dream, there were partying ppl having a good time. I was alongside them, but I appeared to be sober. And then, out of nowhere, we were taken and standing at the gates of heaven.

I walk towards the gate, and I see a beautiful woman. She's holding a book I read, it says, the Book of Life. The people I was with read my name and their name except one of my friends in the dream.

The grief and sadness I felt was so real; I grabbed my friend and hugged her, trying not to let her go. She kept crying, "why not me, why why?" But eventually, she was dragged away from me.

This dream gave me a reality check on how good Jesus really is. I should've been alongside her in the dream, but he still wants me at his table anyway, which is crazy to me.

I couldn't understand. I still don't, but I'm not going to question whether or not I'm God's daughter because he's made it very clear to me in this dream.

It reminds me of this Bible verse:

"Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame" (Rev 16:15).

I'm not sure if that counts as a Rapture dream, but God is good, and I'm grateful he let me see that.

Jordan: United States

I had a rapture dream that I, and several other people, were lifted from our bodies; it was completely dark.

As I was being lifted, I remember feeling a rush of love and peace, and then I saw God.

After seeing God, I remember panicking about the rest of my family and if they had Been taken up as well.

Sofia: United States

I woke up in the middle of the night at like 4:20 and then went back to sleep.

I then saw this house filled with people, but then the sky turned grey like a tornado was about to happen- and this light-up toy alien-looking thing flew from the sky. I then knew it was the rapture.

From the four sides of the house, planes from the sky crashed down, and people were screaming everywhere. Everyone was running, except I was trying to tell everyone it was the rapture. Everyone was dying in front of my eyes except me.

The news people kept saying it was a bad storm when it wasn’t. My dad was not freaking out. He didn’t think it was the rapture; he just kept believing the news, getting fooled and distracted from the truth. He faded from my dream.

I was trying to warn my neighbor and mom what it was because something in me knew I wouldn’t be here anymore.

I told them; if someone asks you to take the mark of the beast, tell them you believe in God and will not take it.

I kept reassuring them - then this white light hit, and I woke up.

Cheyenne: United States

I'm just going to say I'm lost for words, but In a good way, hallelujah, God is God …

I am an 18yr old who just had my first rapture dream. I just came home from work and was feeling really exhausted. So I fell asleep on my couch; I can only give little details cause it happened so fast.

I fell asleep and was dreaming, but I was still in my house, and I saw a dark shadow move across my bedroom window... I am nosy, so I look outside, and the light is bright, but when I looked up, I saw rows of people/kids in a joyful spirit, and I just knew it was the rapture.

I don't remember hearing any noise, but I also was with my older sister, who knew it was the rapture. I just remember us both moving closer to each other, and I closed my eyes and felt lighter and a Little tugging; next thing you know, I woke up from the dream in shock….

I explained to my sister what had just happened, but I could barely talk; I was in tears. I feel good, but at the same time, I realize that God got me, and I am his child.

I believe this is a sign for me to tell other people that he's on his way …

I have been asking God for a dream, and unexpectedly I got one; from now on, I can't wait to have more dreams like this …. But trust me, I still am a little in shock.


There was a kid who was possessed. And the demon in her was named “Lauren,” and when you’d say Lauren, the demon would respond.

At one point, she started growling, and my mom grabbed me and said, “run,” and we started running. When we were outside, suddenly, EVERYONE was outside.

There was rumbling, and the sky turned black and red, and I was scared, so I started singing praises, and suddenly me and mom were holding each other and singing, and we started floating up. 

When I looked around, many others (but not everyone) were floating up into this big white light… then I woke up.

Mike: United States

June 19, 2022

I woke up early (about 05:00) to let my dog out; when she came back in, I went back to sleep and had my first rapture dream.

I was in a white pickup from my work. A coworker was driving, and we were on a freeway in the desert in the afternoon. We were driving to the north. There was an off-ramp to our right side and an overpass up ahead.

A couple on motorcycles were in the right lane next to us. One man and one woman on motorcycles. Something dark-colored (like a shadow) starts moving around on the woman, and I"m watching her as they take the off-ramp. Then her soul stands up out of her body as though standing on the motorcycle. Her body looks normal, but this dark-colored soul is standing up out of her with arms outstretched and looking upward.

My coworker asks, "What is that black thing on that lady?" I said, "Oh, you see it too?"

Then I looked to the left, and there were other cars with people in them, and some of the people had these shadow-like souls standing up through the roofs of the vehicles, the same pose, arms outstretched and looking up.

Then I saw in the northwest sky dark clouds surrounding a hole in the sky that was just bright. I couldn't see any detail in the hole.

I started yelling, "It's the Rapture!"

I got worried that I wasn't going to go and looked down at my body to see if there was a dark soul shadow coming out of me. 

I didn't see anything, but I did feel an electric tingle on my sides and under my arms which lifted my arms to the outstretched position. I started to feel light, like I was full of helium and could float.

Then the dream ended.

There were no discernible features in the shadows, but you could know who they were. They did not seem sinister or evil despite being dark.

At the time, I didn't feel fear but just great excitement. I also remember feeling like, "wow, I thought I would be with my family when this happened, not with a coworker in a company truck, on a freeway, in the desert."

I am grateful for the encouraging dream and will keep up the race to the end as I strive for the goal and contend for the faith.

Benjamin: Germany

I dreamed this around February 2022.

It was night; my wife and I were standing at our bedroom window. Both of us were watching the sky since something unusual was happening.

Unfortunately, I was like in the Third Person, so I could not see the sky in my dream. Suddenly there was light, and both of us were full of joy and light.

We were glowing and started to move out of the closed window. Like physics didn't matter anymore. We moved up in the sky arm in arm.

We were screaming because we were not able to hold that much joy.

I woke up and was full of joy and adrenalin. My heart rate was really high, and my body was trembling.

Katherine: United States

I had a dream where a strong force pulled me upward; it was dark in the dream as if I was outside.

I immediately thought, wow, is this rapture??? I wasn't scared, only caught off guard. I then awakened in my bed.

Rapture is not something I have recently spoken about, thought about, or saw in a movie. The dream was very real.

Regina: United States

I had three Rapture dreams.

1: A few months back:

I was at a school and saw Jesus with a red sash and a white garment coming in on a gold horse along with saints and the angels, but he went back to Heaven.

2: A few days ago:

My power went out suddenly, and my mother and I looked outside, and it was nighttime. I saw the moon acting like a shooting star in reverse. The other stars did the same.

I called my dog out to see, and she jumped into my arms. I didn't see Jesus, but I could feel my body being shaken like my soul was trying to get out.

My family and I got Raptured, and I could see everyone else in the dark sky, and they looked happy! Different auras around them too.

3: A few months ago: 

I remembered looking out my window at night with my brother, and I saw the stars and the night sky being rolled up going north. It was weird because we were young kids again, my brother and I. The Bible mentions the sky being rolled up, so I thought that was interesting!

Monica: United States

So my dream starts off where I am in a big place, and we're having like a concert or something; I don't even have my children; it's like I don't have kids. This place was full of people, some I knew and some I didn't recognize. 

The next thing you know, there was a big bright light in the sky, and somebody said it was time to come back, and people started to disappear like flashes of light. 

Then a few of us were chosen to be with his angels to select the people, and I was one of them; a few of us were there. Then we were all changed. 

Then, the angel told us which ones were to go with him and those that would stay. We had assignments to go out into the world to find the ones trying to get away and the ones trapped who needed our help to get to him. 

We were on the empty Earth trying to collect all of God's people.

Francis: Kenya

I think it was in the summer of 2012. The night was calm, Serene, And the stars and the moon were so clear on that particular night.

I was standing on the balcony of our flats when suddenly there was this huge Bright light that outshone the moon and the stars. 

As this light shone in its intensity, I could see four huge horses, as White as snow and each huge as a football stadium, running across the sky towards the earth. They had no rider, and I could sense that these horses had an intelligence higher than that of men.

They seemed to direct their attention toward me as they approached the earth, and I felt a sudden pull.

As I was drawn towards the horses, I could see myself looking back at this planet, thinking, wow, so is this really happening? Then before I could reach the horses, bam! I wake up. 

Fast forward to 2022, I dreamt I had just finished my night shift, and I was going home, but there was this darkness that I can't explain that enveloped the planet.

There was a very somber mood in this darkness, and there was no Joy on Earth. 

As I was walking down the road, I felt myself suddenly being snatched, in all my work attire, might I add! 

As I was flying toward the sky, I saw my body transforming into a state of pure light. I remember looking at my hand and seeing it emit a light... I was baffled, and then I woke up.

Joshua: United States

The dream started with me walking towards a stadium of some kind (a sports stadium of some sort).

I saw a bright ball of light slowly descend from the sky; the lighting outside was dim, maybe an hour before sundown. Suddenly the ball of light stopped in the middle of the stadium over the field, high enough so that you could see it from outside the stadium. 

I remember walking towards it in curiosity but as unnatural that this ball of light was, I did not have any fear in me. 

As I walked closer, there was a flash of light, and everyone in the stands had vanished with no trace of where they could have just disappeared. 

I walked closer and closer until I was standing in the stands (this part gets a little iffy as I am trying to remember but am unsure of some details). 

I was staring right into the orb of light, but even as bright as the light was, it didn't bother my eyes like any other light this bright would.

 I looked deeply, trying to find out what it was, and thought I could make out something in the center of the orb but can't remember what Or who it was. 

Then there was another bright flash, and all of a sudden, I was in my grandparents' house, and My family was there. I had this feeling of joy, as if all my stresses had disappeared. 

Then I woke up, but the feeling of joy and calm stayed. I was in almost disbelief and was then and still am confused by that dream. I want to believe it means something because it feels very real. 

The feeling at the moment after the flash was something I had never felt before and left me wondering if this was a sign from God? Was this a vision of the Rapture? What did it mean? Is the Rapture soon? Is the stadium a sign of something to look out for? 

I have been a Christian all my life, but recently, my family has had a very hard time financially and mentally due to the stress of almost losing everything due to lockdowns. The IRS seems to have no mercy even though our own country caused the financial instability. 

My whole family deals with depression, but after that dream, I have felt that the symptoms have been going away; since then, I have found that I am not as anxious or worried.

Tashi China

Last night, I dreamed about Jesus coming back to Earth. There were many angels in the cloud; I saw a red hole and a white hole, and the angels were taking the people in the hole. I think the two holes were heaven and hell.

Amanda: United States

I had a dream about the rapture on the night of March 18, 2022. 

During the day, I was in my backyard with my two children and looked up at the sky and saw Jesus coming down. He was huge, and somehow I knew that the whole world could see Him. 

At that moment, I felt the need to fall to my knees and pray, and then all of a sudden, I was surrounded by others praying as well. I remember saying, “I love you, God. You know my heart. Please take me with You.”

I know that things happened after this, but I can’t remember anything except seeing a very bright light, which vanished as quickly as it came. 

Now I’m sitting here trying to remember if I was left behind or taken. 

I want to say that when the light vanished, I was surrounded by loved ones, so maybe as soon as it happened, we were already in Heaven? 

I just know that I can’t wait for the day actually to come, and I pray that my husband finds his way to the Lord and can go with me.

Robert: United States

I had dream last nite about Jesus. The sky got dark and then opened up. I heard trumpets, and Jesus came through the clouds. 

I was crying in my sleep; what does this mean?

Kayla: United States

I can’t remember how it started, but I was walking in the halls of a semi-dark and gloomy abandoned school, sprinting, then I made my way into a classroom where others were hiding out; the setting of the dream felt like a zombie apocalypse type situation. 

A TikToker I follow on the platform was there, I’m guessing she was the leader of the group, so I made my way in and took a seat at one of the desks, and she came up to me, probably because I grabbed her attention for a question I had or something. 

I remember borrowing a tablet from two people, sitting across from me for a bit to look up something, though I can’t remember what. Then, afterward, I asked the TikToker, who goes by the name: double indemnity, and she explained it to me. 

Some time afterward, I had a vision within the dream; silhouette figures, no face, and it was about the rapture. 

I can’t fully remember how the vision went, but it was either; The chosen were raptured up, or they were standing on the clouds in pairs, looking down at the earth,  cheering.

 I also saw the Lord amidst them at one point, so as they were cheering and the vision was still present, I thought of my sister and me being up in the clouds together.

Janan: United States

I have dreamed of the Rapture several times in my life, but this is the most recent.

I was in a circular restaurant with large windows.   All the seating was around the walls against the windows. I was with people I knew, and it was dark outside.

I was looking out a window, and I saw strange things in the sky. The planets were moving all over, and the moon was very close. I called it to my friends' attention and said, "Something's not right. Something's going on!"

Feeling a strong pulling on my body from above I started telling them, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming! Get ready!" Then I woke up.

I lay there and thought about it a long time and prayed.

Anonymous: United Kingdom

I had a dream that I was at an open-area park that also was a zoo. My husband and I were walking up this path, pushing the pram. We then came across my husband's elderly aunt, who wasn't happy about being here and wanted to go home.

I remember saying to my husband as we walked past, "she always does this; why does she bother coming".

In the next moment, I looked up, and there was a hill in front of us covered in green trees. Above those trees was a blue sky, and there shone a very bright light, in between a few clouds, just like the sun. It grew bigger and bigger, almost like it would consume the whole sky.

For a split second, I was fearful, but then wonderful peace and excitement overcame me, and I knew the Lord had come to rapture us.

I was excited. I knew I was being taken but also felt heavy conviction of what I had said about my husband's elderly aunt as it was judgmental and unloving.

I was convicted that it was not Christ-like, and as a Christian, I should have treated her like Christ and offered to take her home if that's what she needed.

Then I woke, and I knew straight away what the Holy Spirit was telling me. He was saying that we are to treat every moment, every second of the day, as if Christ was coming now.

Don't be caught brothers and sisters giving into the flesh in worldly comments, unlove or sin.

Make sure the oil in your lamps lasts. Jesus is at the door. We fly soon! Stay watchful, make sure your house is clean ❤️

Raquel: United States

I was at my parent’s house when all of a sudden, the walls and house started to vibrate. The house was rising up as the walls were falling down. I remember being scared and asking what was going on. My mom quickly said to gather up, then I realized… It’s happening. God is coming!

The house starts to turn upside down; I figured there’s only a matter of minutes, so we gather up our pets. Our dogs (My dogs, who I grew up with but are no longer around due to all having old age) I run to my bedroom and grab my Beardie Dragon, my dad runs to the other room to catch our cat.

We all gathered up, my pets were freaking out, but we all held each other’s hands and started to pray.

I remember praying and thanking God for the life he has given me. For all the love and support he always showed me. For hearing my thoughts even when I couldn’t speak them out loud. For listening to my heart and prayers

In those moments, I felt my soul being snatched from my body. I felt scared but also a sense of comfort, knowing that I’d be reunited with my loved ones again in a matter of seconds, and it was the real beginning of my forever home.

I couldn’t see or hear anything around me anymore, but a bright light all around me, and all I could hear was my own voice and heartbeat.

The last thing I remember was saying, “Thank you, God, for the life you have given me. For forgiving all my sins and hearing my thoughts even when I couldn’t speak out loud, for giving me memories in this world. Altho I wish I would’ve made more-“ and boom... I’m awake.

Idk if it’s because I’ve been connecting back with God, lately, I’ve been anxious and suffer from chronic depression, but this dream has given me a different perspective in life. God is really coming soon, yall, and we gotta get right with him.

The dream ended around 4 something AM, and it’s now 6:36 am Jan 30, 2022

Shakir: United States

I was a lot younger I had a dream about a couple of random kids and me playing and then having an argument. 

The next thing you know, the clouds and sky turn grey, and everything becomes gloomy. I see beams of blue light manifesting around everyone, including myself. 

Everything turns white and the next thing I know, I see myself on the clouds with A LOT of people. I'm guessing they were also from the earth, but they were surrounding this one particular person, who I believe was Jesus. 

His face, smile, and tone were so comforting. It's forever been embedded in my mind and won't leave. I asked a silly question because my fear of going to hell was at its peak. He then looked at me and said "what" in a cheerful yet humbled tone. 

He did not look white, black, or any of that. He had this unique look that I could say resembles someone from the Mediterranean. 

At the time, I had no idea what a Rapture was, but once I got older, I realized what I had dreamt. Also, I'm Muslim, so it baffles me...I've been conflicted since with my views.

Dakota: United States

I'm not sure if this would be a rapture dream.. but on January 17th, 2021, I had a dream of God returning.

 I remember walking outside our back door, and I looked up to see the clouds parted. There was a huge steady flying dove next to God, God was tall, but you couldn't see his face. 

Both He and the dove were grayish-blue colored, and I felt scared.. before turning away, I saw things crumbling, the ground was shaking, meteors dropping to the ground, and catching things on fire...

I ended up panicking in my dream and waking up.

Hannah: United States

I was in a small store, and it was very hot, the sun was blazing, and it felt like I was in Arizona (but I don't live there; I live in the northeast). 

I was looking at some cookies because my mom let me pick some. Then, this man says, "Oh frick (instead of frick, it's the actual bad word) Christmas! That day is so boring and is only for presents" (yes, this might sound ridiculous). 

At this point, I am shocked, so I go up to that man and say, "What's wrong with you? Don't say that about Christmas; that's the day when Jesus was born; Our Lord and Savior!!" And he becomes quiet, and I drop everything and go outside. 

BTW; My siblings are there, and so are my dad and mother (they're divorced). Right when we go outside, the trumpets sound, and I look up to the sky, and I'm panicking, thinking, "what happens next??".

Then the dream ended. I don't know what this means, I am afraid.

Anonymous: Trinidad and Tobago

Last night I had a dream that the rapture happened and I was hugging my grandmother who was with me because I was crying for my brother who wasn't with us; then my father appeared, and I hugged him although it isn't something I'd usually do in reality. 

I found my friend, and we headed for the forests. While crawling through the foliage, I saw two large snakes next to me, all the while saying to myself that I needed to change my ways. 

In my dream, I started deleting things off of my phone that some people might think is "bad;" I said to myself, "why change my ways now? Why didn't I do it when I had the chance?" 

After I woke up, I looked up the meaning of this dream, and it said that I would have a major change in my life, but I don't know if the dream is a precursor to change or a warning. 

Although I believe in God and his son, I've been having some challenges with myself recently, and I've been left with more questions than answers.


Hello, although you listed this as a "Rapture dream," I believe it could have also been listed under warning dreams or perhaps dreams about snakes.

I do not question the dream interpretations of others; however, biblical dreams about snakes are often seen as a warning of problems or satanic attacks to come.

God loves you; do not give up your position with Him by falling for the tricks and temptations of the Devil.


Luke: United States


Well, it wasn't necessarily a sleeping dream, I went to sleep the same as every other night, but I woke up early at around 4:30 am. After I woke up, I decided to go back to sleep. 

I suppose right after I had fallen asleep and started dreaming, a train went by my house, and its horn went on for a while even after I had woken from the dream. 

I was sitting outside at my girlfriend's house with her older brother and her brother's friend in the dream. I went inside to get a drink for his friend, and it happened when I walked back outside. 

I sat in my chair, and then I heard trumpets (the train going by outside while I slept), and I looked up in the sky and saw the most beautiful cloud formations. 

However,  there was something else; there were people who had come down from the heavens to observe. (these were not people who were floating up into the sky because of the Rapture). 

They were floating in the sky with their body in a position where it appeared they had been crucified.

They had no faces but had hair and long skinny fingers with bony joints; they had pasty off-white yellowish skin and wore white robes. 

At this moment, I was overcome with the feeling that I was being picked up. I started to float into the sky, where I saw the figures everywhere, and before I got more than 6-7 feet off the ground, I woke up. 

When I woke up, I was TERRIFIED; I had this pit in my stomach that lingered for several minutes. Then I noticed the train and how that might have been what I thought were trumpets while I was dreaming. 

That's the story of my rapture dream; this all occurred less than an hour before I wrote this. I am writing this at 5:30 am.

Diana: United States

I have had two dreams that I believe were of the Rapture. 

In the first one, I was in my kitchen with my family and did not hear trumpets, but I knew that Jesus had come back. I saw him and the cross, and I started levitating. My dream ended there, but I was overcome with great fear and hope.

My second dream showed nothing of the Earth but the sky; I was looking up and saw a hole (or 3) in the night sky where the sky was torn apart, and Jesus came back. Within a couple of months of each other, I had these dreams and was not sure if it was God speaking to me or just my inner conscious.

Kayla: United States

December 26, 2021

My sister, others, and I were lying on the floor in a locked classroom and covering our bodies after hearing gunshots, but in the dream, gunshots weren't physically heard; we just knew a shooting was going on. 

Then in another transition of this dream, I was at home walking back and forth, I believe, thinking to myself, "if I don't make it in the rapture, I'm going have to go through the tribulation with them. I might just sit down in a chair or something and watch as it happens." 

I said this because I didn't think I was doing enough for the kingdom of God to be considered worthy, and honestly, whether I made it or not, I didn't care. 

I was just very unbothered and nonchalant about it like I just didn't care and was treating it like it is what it is the situation.

Cathy: Canada

The Rapture

I dreamed I was driving down a road in my car, and suddenly I saw about five eagles flying down in a row towards my windshield, and behind them were about five owls swooping down. Then I saw a lion and other animals coming out on the sides of the road. 

Suddenly there was a flash, and all the colors became very vivid, and the animals seemed to freeze, and I was taken right through the roof of my car up to heaven. I was yelling, "Lord! Lord!"

As soon as I landed in heaven, I started to run to see who else I knew that made it.

Jazmine: United States

I had a Rapture dream today, December 18th, 2021, around 11 am. 

In my dream, my husband and I were with some friends and family members, and our kids were inside the family member's house playing with the other kids. 

I was talking to my husband and one of our friends, and other familiar faces. I looked in the sky, where the clouds were spread apart from the sun, and the sun was red and orange. 

I kept saying God is here; as I kept saying that, I felt tingling in my body and weight lifting me up off the ground. 

As my eyes were closing, I saw a bright light, and then I woke up from my dream.   That's the first dream I have had, and this one is before my birthday!! 

God bless everyone and be blessed. God's coming back sooner than we 

know !! 😇🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🤰🏽👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏾👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏾👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏾👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💍💎🔐

Krysten: United States

On November 24th, I had a dream that I heard two loud horn-like sounds, but they were extremely loud. It was like a mix of a siren and a ship horn. 

I rushed to the door and looked up to see several white horses with leads on them like they were pulling a chariot. 

I yelled to my husband; it's happening, it's really happening, Jesus is here. Then I turned in the other direction, and Satan was coming out of the other side of the clouds. I remember waking up scared.

I told my husband the fact that I saw Satan made me think that we didn't go when Jesus came back, but we were aware of Him coming. 

After some contemplation, I believe what God may be trying to say is that too many people are being deceived, and the Christians who know He is coming back are not doing their job to spread the Word of God. I.E. knowing He was coming and seeing the evil one. 

This is the 3rd prophetic dream I've had in 2021; before that, it had been 15 years since I had a prophetic dream. The dreams are getting closer together and more vivid as time goes on. But the basis of them is mostly the same. 

My first dream was that my husband and I were out front. I was on my front porch, and my husband was at the end of the yard near the basketball hoop when the ground began to shake; suddenly, I saw Jesus appear on the horse.

In my second dream: I went outside because of a loud noise, I saw sparks all over the sky similar to a sparkler, and I knew it was God. I looked at my husband and said it's time. 

The rest of the dreams aren't nearly as vivid as those, but I can tell you they all revolve around Jesus returning. The time is coming, we do not know for sure when, but I believe we're close.

Ruby: United States

NOV. 20TH 2021

Hello, I believe I had a rapture dream.

I dreamt that a lot of people were gathered for some reason. I saw some familiar faces as I looked around, but I didn't know all of them. Then they just started disappearing.

As I looked up to the sky, it was cloudy, like a rainy day, but the clouds were making a portal. They were changing colors as they started to open.

When I woke up, I was crying, not with tears of fear, but of love. I was told to tell everyone I knew how much I loved them. I have spent the day doing so.

Thank you, Lord.

Emmanuel: Nigeria

Hello Everyone,

I had a dream yesterday, being 18 November 2021.

In the dream, I was outside with my family members and some unknown large group of people consisting of both old and young waiting in a place that looked like a crusade ground, and there was an atmosphere surrounding everyone as if we were waiting for something to happen.

Then along the line, some people started getting tired of waiting. Some were murmuring and saying they were tired of waiting and stood up and started leaving, but even as people were leaving, some still had this positive and determined feeling that what they were waiting for was about to happen. You could see their determined and anxious faces as they kept gazing into the sky.

To be sincere, their determination to wait even kept me encouraged to stay as we had been waiting for a long time. Mind you, we were all sitting on a grassy field, and then as people stopped leaving after like 5 mins all of a sudden, a joyous atmosphere filled the whole place.

Beaming with joy, we recognized that the cloud had a beautiful light slowly coming out of it, and then my dream ended. As I woke up, the holy spirit told me that the 5 mins time of waiting is what we are in now that I should warn as many people as I could warn that the rapture of the saints is imminent. 

Thanks for listening. I have had a lot of rapture dreams but didn't know how to share them. 

I hope you all get encouraged because, within my spirit, I really feel it's time, especially whenever I do my early morning prayer before going out; the holy spirit always warns me to be careful with how I live out my day to avoid "had I known." 

Thank you all, and God be with you as we continue to wait for his glorious return; amen.

Linda: United States

I had my rapture dream on November 3, 2021, around 6:30 AM. I did not think about the rapture before falling asleep or watch anything lately related to it.

In my dream, my husband and I were driving down a busy neighborhood. It seemed like all the neighbors were outside doing some gardening or something outdoors. 

Suddenly, I saw one by one bend down to their knees, and some were hunched over on the grass. People started to disappear, and only their clothes were left behind. 

I told my husband to hurry back home because our kids were home. The people that stayed, and were kneeled down, were the ones left behind to gather more non-believers. 

We came home, explained it to the kids, and then sat down and prayed. We cried, and the kids were scared...

Unfortunately, I did not get to finish my dream because My alarm woke me up.

Germa: South Africa

Good day. Week 25 October 2021. I had a rapture dream on Tuesday evening 26, October. A friend and I were outside one evening; we looked up to the dark sky and saw a beautiful golden rimmed light all around a beautiful blue sky; the rest of the sky was pitch black. For a moment, I looked up to the right and saw a small white wooly lamb; in the sky, the lamb appeared big. 

I turned to my friend and smiled. We both looked at the blue sky with the golden lining in the sky amidst the rest of the pitch-black sky. 

The next moment I looked down at my feet and saw from my feet up, my whole body turned to gold and shimmered while my body transformed. I was lifted off the ground and went up in a blink of an eye. While being changed and going up, I looked down and saw the same thing happening to my friend.

While being transfigured and lifted in the air, I felt love, peace, and joy I cannot describe. The dream was so real. Since Wednesday, my peace has been more than ever, and I can't stop smiling. Lord Jesus, come. Amen

Angella: Uganda

I had another Rapture dream. It was around 6.30/7 pm, and I was standing with a gentleman on a bridge having a chat.

Suddenly, it began to rain, but there was something rare and weird about this rain, it was slanted in one direction, and for some reason, parts of the ground were dry. And everybody was amused by the rain patterns, so they looked up to see how it was happening.

As soon I looked up, I saw millions of white-like birds that were floating in the sky and filling it up. They were all shooting in different directions, it was so breath-taking, and everybody was caught in awe of the sight.

Deep-down I got a strong feeling that this might be THE DAY, so I immediately got down on my knees and began to repent my recent sins just in case I'd forgotten and to request the Lord to take me with Him if this really was the day.

As I'm on my knees praying, suddenly I see a blue cloud forming, glowing brighter into a white circle..the grey evening sky quickly turned into day. And there He was, JESUS!! I saw His face, and he appeared in the clouds beaming in Glory!!!

I felt the whole world gasp with both excitement and anxiety at the same time. On my side, I was overwhelmed with a type of joy I cannot even begin to describe!!

Now the white-like "birds" I'd seen earlier turned into Angels. They were rejoicing and singing Glory!! OMG!!! I felt my spirit filled with joy. I couldn't believe the day had finally come...The Rapture was here!!

Once I raised my hands to the sky, I felt my spirit/ soul rise from the ground and float towards Jesus...He was in the clouds waiting for all of us who were ready to receive Him.

My eyes were fixed only on Him; as soon as I stepped onto the cloud where He was standing, I was transported to another dimension.. everything was gold, white and sky-blue; then I woke up. 😒

Sarah: United States

My dream occurred last night, Oct. 16th, 2021.

I want to preface by saying I have not watched any movies/read anything recently about the Rapture, as some of my dreams are influenced by things I watch and read.

I was surrounded by people on a beach, panicking, saying their skin was burning in the dream. I looked up at the sun, and it was like a giant ball of fire, and I could feel the heat. I looked over, and my mother was standing next to me; she was also looking up at the sun. 

We were holding hands, and we began to pray. We repented of our sins and then told others that God was returning and there was no need to be afraid. The people lined up along the beach and grabbed hands, and we all prayed.

The sun was getting closer and closer to us, and things around us were on fire; it was so bright. Everyone, including myself and my mother, began walking toward the ocean. We all kept walking until we were unable to stand anymore and were floating underwater. 

I was still holding my mom’s hand, and I heard a voice (who I knew was God speaking) tell us not to be afraid and let the water fill our lungs as if we were babies in a womb. 

The voice explained that we were all children of God and were being reborn. I looked up, and the water was so blue and clear, and I could see the sun from underwater.

 It was like the sun was where the voice was coming from. 

It was very emotional and a beautiful feeling.

We did not stop praying; we thanked God for our previous existence and were so happy. We then all walked out of the water in unison, very much like a baptism. 

I don’t know exactly where I was,  but I remember feeling sand under my feet; it wasn’t the same beach that we were on before. The air felt so clean.

I was still with my mother, and we found the rest of my family (even those who had already died, my grandparents, etc.), and we rejoiced. We were all wearing white cotton dresses and robes.

Everything felt so peaceful and weightless. We all just laughed and sang and praised God. I remember my body feeling so light with nothing weighing me down. (This was such a relieving feeling, I’ve been struggling a lot with major depression lately, it was nice not to feel so heavy). 

There was absolutely nothing to worry about and nothing to be afraid of. It was like we were finally home, and we truly could feel it. 

Elizabeth: United States

Rapture Dream--2021

I was standing on the ground outside looking up at the sky and saw Jesus standing on a cloud. I knew He was coming for his church/bride. I also knew that I was going to be left behind. 

I remember calling out to him, but he could not hear me. Or he had turned his face from me as if he never knew me. I had this awareness in the dream that the only ones he could hear were the ones that were being taken up. 

All the people that were left, he could not hear them. He did not hear their cries because he had turned his face away from them. It was a very sad and extremely scary feeling. I knew that dream was a warning. It had to be. 

I woke up and kept it to myself and never shared it until now; this is what Jesus says, In the hearts of man, I've placed a hole where my love belongs. He is the true love we are all looking for, and people don't even realize it.

 It is his heart that no man is left behind. John 10:10 The thief (devil) comes to steal, kill and destroy...but I have come that they have LIFE and have it to the abundance (meaning he wants us to live on earth as it is in heaven) he wants our lives to be here on earth like it is in heaven.

 The devil wants the opposite. The devil is the liar and mean entity who will eventually be tormented for what he has done. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one goes to the Father except through Him. The devil wants to distract everyone with the cares of this life and get you caught up in strongholds or footholds, and ultimately work on separating you from God. 

God says that he is the author and finisher in faith and that no one can pluck you from my hand; however...people have free will and can willingly walk away from him, which is what the devil wants. 

2 CORINTHIANS 10 3-5 says: For though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh, for our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. 

This war we fight is not a PHYSICAL FIGHT, but a SPIRITUAL one and our weapons are SPIRITUAL (scripture God's word); we fight against dark evil powers, not flesh and blood. Repent and turn to Jesus. I have, and now I'm free! Always remember that the devil has no authority over the life of a believer. 

God bless anyone who reads this. 

Kayla: United States

September 19, 2021

My sister and I and a few other unknown persons were standing outside, waiting for Jesus to return, and for a reason, I knew I was going to be in the rapture/ going to heaven.

But in this dream, I knew for us to get there, we had to die, so we were waiting outside, looking up at the sky then the dream transitioned to me, walking down the sidewalk back to the others, and I looked up to the sky to the left and saw a name or word formed with clouds.

So, I ran pointing at it, telling the others and I looked up again and that the name was Jesus, so the others and I shouted and jumped with joy then after a while, we went back to what we were doing, but I looked up again and saw that there was another word there.

At first, in my mind, I said and thought the word “Jericho” and went by my business, but as usual, I looked up again to where the word was but this time, I couldn’t make out what the word was.

But as I was looking at it, I could make out the letters “er,” and that the first letter was an “m” or “j” possibly, then the dream transitioned again to where the others and I were standing.

However, something was different, we were still outside in the same location, but something was different about it. Then suddenly, I had the knowledge that the time for us to go to our heavenly home has finally arrived.

I turned to my sister and told her that she had to repent of her sins so that she could go to heaven, and someone else did the same; then out of nowhere, I saw a big wave of water, coming from the right, and it was headed in our direction, and we started running.

We ran in an alleyway, then around a corner, came upon a fence, and started climbing it. Once again, I told my sister to repent of her sins as I was climbing the gate.

I think she said something the first time or afterward when I told her the second time, but I can’t remember what she said, and as I was bringing my left leg over the top of the fence, I saw the flood coming, making its way in our direction then I woke up.

I feel that time is running out, and my sister needs to repent. I told her to repent of her sins, so she could go to heaven when I was looking over this.

Morgan: United States

 I had a dream this morning after waking up then falling back asleep that Jesus came back. September 25, 2021. 

I & my family and a couple of other people were in the car & we could see rain & storms on one side & brightness on the other - like it was split in half - also the sky was twirling like it was tornados. 

Then we see somebody ascend into heaven & we start taking pictures on our phone. When we got home, we zoomed in on the photos & we saw similar faces. By then, the sky was turning pink/ purple.

 For some reason, we had a lot of people at our house & nobody was really concerned that Jesus was coming back. They were just doing their own thing. 

But, my family knew it was our time. So we start praying & I am a little nervous. My boyfriend is ready to go. Somebody came & knocked at our door and left letters on our front door & he would come back every like 20 minutes. 

I don’t really know what that meant. But it was a WOW dream.

Natasha: United States

Hello, my name is Natasha, and I’m 23, from the United States. I had my first rapture dream last night (September 23, 2021).

I remember dreaming about being in New York with my family, and a bunch of people were worried around us because the news forecasted an earthquake for that day. As I looked at the sky, it was cloudy and gray, like a storm was approaching. I began to worry and get nervous. 

Then I looked to the left and saw my priest standing there with something to bless people. My mom and I quickly ran up to him to get blessed and noticed a group of people standing behind him, so we joined. 

We then moved to an inside area and sat down while the priest spoke. He said, “God told me I would need this for today,” and pulled out a trumpet. 

Once I saw the trumpet, I immediately knew the rapture was going to happen and started to cry out of fear for whether or not Jesus would take me with him. 

After that, I woke up from my dream in shock.

Leah: United States

I had my first ever Rapture dream. It was in Aug 2021.

I dreamed that my family and I were in a parking lot headed to a restaurant when suddenly we saw in the sky a purple-plum color with sparkle in it, and it kept moving or churning. 

Then we were all frozen, and this light surrounded us, and we were frozen just a little bit off the ground, and while we were frozen, these beings came up from the ground.

They were like flattened humans and had a glow around them too; when I realized what was happening, I said, "Jesus!" and the most amazing peace and love washed over me as I have never felt. No worry.

Two months later, while at church, someone said, "The skies will be rolled back like a scroll," and I realized that what I had received was a glimpse into Heaven. 


Tuki: South Africa

I'm 18 and am not very religious. I'm rather spiritual, but I had a dream about the rapture around 8:30 in the morning. 

I was at school helping out with biology to tenth graders, and as I was finishing, I was ready to walk back home, until it started drizzling; the clouds were covering the sun, and it was very dark, dark sky, dark clouds yet behind the clouds was the sun. 

My friend started reading a scripture in revelations, and that's when the clouds opened and a big gold light shone through the earth's sky. 

My teacher had hooked my arm and my friends, and we kneeled until they ascended somewhere, and I ascended to some garden where Jesus was showing us the nature there.

Virginia: United States

My dream happened last night. I'm not sure the time, but it had to be close to morning. 

I was sitting at a table in a beach house with my four toddlers. My sister came running in and told me to "come, look !! The sky looks crazy; I think Jesus is coming!"

I get up and go out on the balcony, and there is a solid white ball of light in the sky. That morphs into a ring of white light. And then we hear a trumpet.

 My sister starts crying, "this is it, this is it, God is coming." I turn around and call for my babies to come here. Then the silhouette of 4 white horses with men and staphs on either side and a larger figure in the middle. 

As it grows more clear, It's God, two angels, and four horses. By this time, many people have run to the beach and are reaching up to him. Crying from happiness. I am standing on the balcony with my babies, awe-struck. 

One of the angels calls my mother to step forward. And he does this to all the people. I'm one of the last ones left with my kids. So I run to the angels and ask, "is there a place for me?" To which he responds, "yes, we have a place for you." 

I'm not sure how we got there, but we end up in this tall cylinder with a spiraling staircase. (Much like a lighthouse. But a much bigger scale). Instead of walking up the stairs, we are walking down. But it's so beautiful inside. The walls are the brightest white you have ever seen. I see a sign that leads to a room it said "museum of hell." We kept going. 

Then my four-year-old son slipped on the stairs. I lean down to help him up and be sure he is okay; when I look up, all the people were following, but (my mom, sister, brother, and all the others, including my other three kids, were gone. 

I get nervous but grab my son's hand, and we keep going. Eventually, we come to this big beautiful white room, and I see all the others in there. 

We go in. And I start talking to my mom. I ask her, "will we recognize each other in heaven? Will my kids know I'm their mom?" And she said to me, "it won't matter because you will be so happy praising God that you won't think about that." 

Then I felt myself wailing up with tears, thinking of my children never knowing me again. And I woke up in a cold sweat.

Morgan: United States

I had this dream last night. It woke me up at 5:40 AM.

I was sitting in a bedroom on the carpet near a window, and there were two other women in the room with me; one kind of on a chair, the other also on the carpet. I am not sure who they were and never actually looked or saw them; I just knew they were there.

That was the beginning of my dream, and seconds later, I’m looking out the window from the carpet, and it’s a full moon being struck by lighting, not multiple strikes but one strike that didn’t end. I could hear the electricity from it like a power grid almost.

Seconds later, as the moon explodes in the background, God comes descending with his arms open; he is gold and glowing.

The fear was overwhelming between the moon exploding and realizing it was time that I immediately woke up. 

There was no music, it wasn’t a terrifying feeling, but I also wasn’t rejoicing. It’s almost like I could sense His feelings and intentions for His arrival, and it wasn’t necessarily good. I felt like the time to face my sins had come.

I’m not sure what to make of this dream. :’(

Adam: United States

I just had this dream on August 11, 2021. It is important to note that I had not been reading any passages or books on end times that might have prompted my subconscious to imagine this dream. I am also not even sure if I believe in a rapture-type event before the Second Coming. 

I will skip the majority of the dream to reach the end of it. I was sitting in the backseat of a car responding to some text message and looking at some images of a pool party event. 

Then, I got out of the car and started walking up the driveway of someone's house. A lady had come out of the house and was standing right in front of me when, suddenly, her face and arms lit up with a bright gold outline. 

Then I looked down and noticed my own hands were this same bright light gold outline. Almost just as suddenly, the ground underneath me vanished as I was pulled up into the sky. So many thoughts were going through

my mind as I realized what was happening. Cold clouds were thick in the air. Right when I was about to look straight out to see if many others were also shooting into the sky, my wife awoke me by touching my beard.

She said that I was breathing really hard and she was concerned. At that moment, I was feeling the rushing sensation of the air all around me.

Angel: United States

Rapture Dream: July 2021

I was standing in my living room, yet I could see outside at the same time. It was dark, but the sky had a bluish color in it. It looked very similar to the sky right before the dawn of a new day is rising. As I was looking at the sky, I saw a flash of lightning begin to crack open through the cloud. I then felt myself start to float upward as if gravity was no longer holding me! Then I woke up... I immediately said Lord, that dream represented the rapture. At that time, I could feel God's presence all around me! ...We may not know the day or the hour, but we are in the right season! Jesus is coming soon... Be sure that your wedding garment is clean! Repent and accept Jesus/Yeshua as your Lord and Savior! Time is running out!

Sis Irin:

June 2021 Dream: I was in an open field big crowd here in the Philippines. It is so congested with numerous different people. As I was looking at their faces, I hear no sounds at all; it seems that my ears are closed; it's like muted to me, but I see and understand in their actions what they're doing. 

Looking at them, I see that everyone is so confused. They all looked worried and bothered, surprised and wondering why they were there; they were confused and busy asking each other rather than looking for an answer. 

But as I watch over them, I notice that while they are in that chaotic and panic situation, I am alone and at peace and not worrying. I felt and still believe in my heart that the Holy Spirit was working on me.

Then suddenly, I change my focus of attention when I see clouds coming down, it's getting lower and lower, but I also noticed that these clouds are so thick. And in this state, no one can afford to run. So they are all remained in their places...

As the thick clouds come down to the crowd, it is also gradually fading away that everyone will see that a man is standing on it looking and watching over us...

And even if that place is so huge and the people around are numerous, everyone can still see this particular Man clearly, and vividly it's like He is in a zoomed-in camera. 

Then this Man began to open His mouth and speak that everyone turned their attention into stunned... He uttered the word with His gentle and soft voice, saying: "WHY???" 

When I heard this, I didn't get scared or feel foreboding, unlike in my previous encounter when I heard His voice that even my whole being and my spirit are shaking because of fear but not this time.

This dream is quite different; even if I am in the middle of these huge numbers who are panicking, confused and frightened because they do not know exactly what is happening or why we are there, I am at peace, in spite of the situation...

When this man standing in the clouds spoke, all eyes began to look up towards Him. 

Then suddenly, I feel like my feet are lifting from the ground, and I realize that I am now floating in the air. There are also other people in the same situation that are gradually floating from the ground. 

We are just a few, really, really few, it's countable, but we are separated from each other because we are in different places where we're standing at that time. 

And when we are from a distance that we are untouchable by the people on the ground, we began to shine. It seems like there's a light that came out from our heads, but it is not a crown , but a light that is lying from our heads... 

In that situation, while we are floating in the air, I began to have consciousness of reality, so I moved my eyes and started to observe, looking for someone if there is someone in my family or someone that I know that is with us...

Then, this particular Man speaks again, saying: "WHY YOU DON'T BELIEVED IN THEM..??? Then, the people on the ground they moved their eyes and look towards us... Then suddenly they began to recognize us, and when they realized who we are they began to weep and embraced one another even if they don't know each other... it's like they are regretting and comforting themselves...

After seeing all these situations with sounds that I can't hear, suddenly, it began to open my ears that I can listen to now clearly everything even their weeping, regret and pain... 

I feel sorrow and mercy for those people; I wanted to cry, but no tears came from my eyes. Yes, I'm crying but not in my eyes. I feel that sadness and grief in my heart. My heart cries, and it cries a lot that it is breaking that almost to burst...

I heard their cries, pains, and regrets saying to each other and uttering directly to themselves, saying their words: I SHOULD HAVE BELIEVED, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED. I SHOULD BE THIS; I SHOULD BE THAT I SHOULD, I SHOULD, I SHOULD... And all of them are saying things...

Then the man spoke again for the 3rd time saying: YOU HAVE REJECTED MY VOICE, NOW YOU ARE ALSO REJECTED FOR MY KINGDOM...

1 Samuel 8:7 

"Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they ... They have not rejected you; they have rejected me as their king.

End of my Dream. 

Thabo: South Africa

I have had a couple of rapture dreams before, but I will mention my first and the last one.

First one:

I was walking with a high-school friend and a fellow brother in Christ I knew back in high school. We were approaching my street about to turn in going to my house during the day going west. 

Suddenly as we were talking, a loud but peaceful and calming trumpet sounded, and the sky turned even brighter. As we were walking to the west, it was a shock to see the bright light that outshone the day (sun), which rose as if day was breaking for the first time. My ears heated up from hearing the sound, and I felt peace and love like no other. 

At that moment I knew! Jesus was back, and I was happy to go with him.

Last Dream:

Most of my rapture dreams and other dreams like my calling show Christ appearing in the sky from the west. I don't know if there is any significance to this, but okay.....

The dream started with other details of being with some people, and I was very much stressed about something that wasn't working out. I was in an open field in my neibourhood when I saw from afar in the sky Jesus on a horse. The sky was soo far from where he was, but it was as if I zoomed in to see him.

As the happiness of seeing Jesus started oozing all around me, I looked back, and suddenly I saw a wall fence behind me that was not there before(much like Trump's), and there were people on the other side looking at me and others on the side where Jesus in the sky was. They were trying to get to our side but could not.

Then as I beheld the Lord in the sky, he started coming towards me getting closer and closer. As his proximity reached me, I saw that he was dawn black, not like normal black skin but darker.

He seemed like a precious and valuable stone. He looked strong, like his make was the symbol of strength and power. It was As if he was much heavier and could just crush a building with a mere flick of his fingers.

He then came right next to me and started leading our herd. We went back in the direction he came, and we all started charging as his horse picked up the pace beside me, and as it went on, his horse started taking flight and ascended. I looked at the others like me, and they started changing as if each one into their own power.

It was as if each one had power that was like a personality as this was unique to each person. Some flew straight up in human form, some transformed, and some were also on horses, and some seemed to be bright balls of energy bolting right next to us as we journeyed with him.

It then dawned on me as I panicked about how I would keep up, that "nothing is impossible with Jesus." I thought of flying, and instantaneous, I found myself flying next to Jesus, and he smiled at me to say good job! We flew with people screaming from excitement, enjoying the breeze as kids happy in a playground. I can still remember that feeling, and nothing compares to it.

My reassurance: no matter what pain, ails, wrongs, and disasters were around me at the time, He would keep his promise to me, he would come for me, he is for me, and he is faithful to me till the end of time. This Dream is a pinnacle to my faith; at the time, I was learning more about God's love and how to give sacrificial love on earth, and what its reward is.

Chuks: Nigeria

My dreams all started about two years or so ago;

The first was before my rapture dream of 2019.

It was in the night, and I thought I heard my mom telling me to pack my clothes because rain is about to fall and the clouds were getting dark; then my aunt and I were about to check if there were clothes outside when a loud trumpet sounded across the sky.

My aunt looked at me and said, "it is time to leave this world. 

Then the sky turned orange or yellow like the same colour as the clouds, and I saw a beast coming out from a portal with thousands of horns.

My last dream happened at about 4 pm (August 2, 2021.

It all started when I was helping my aunt, so this weird dude kept saying stuff, but I can't remember what he was saying; then, I saw the clouds darkening faster than normal. 

In less than 30sec, I heard a voice, deep and manly, in the clouds, saying, "YOUR TIME HAS COME, JUDGEMENT HAS BEGUN." I was so shocked at what was happening, and everyone was surprised.

I felt sad because I had sins I hadn't prayed about and hoped for forgiveness.

I woke up and started praying and asking God to forgive my evil ways, and I told Him, "I want to accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour."

Victoria: United Kingdom

It's Saturday the 31st of July 2021 at 23:52, and l just woke up from another rapture dream. I dreamt l was at home in our high-rise apartment building, preparing for a lesson l was having the following day (I'm a teacher). 

My ex-boyfriend was there with me, and so was my four-year-old daughter. I was sitting facing the window, and it was nighttime. Then all of a sudden, there was a great light that filled the sky! 

I saw an extremely bright hand stretched out from the heavens as if to receive people. My heart filled with panic because l knew what was happening; it was the rapture. 

While l was thinking about this, l could see a man from the building across from mine; he was looking to the sky and praising God, and so was his child. 

Then it was as if his shirt opened up, and a young version of him stepped out of his body wearing a bright white gown, and this young version of him floated out of the window into the air, and his clothes dropped to the floor.

Then l opened the window, but l still couldn't hear anything. Then my daughter looked up to the sky and stretched both her arms out as if to say, Lord, l am here, and she looked so happy. I could see a bright white light glowing on her chest like the man's chest from building across from ours. 

She was singing, and l was in tears because l couldn't hear the song she was singing to. I started praying, confessing all my sins, and asking God to take me, and that's when l woke up from my dream in a pool of sweat.

This was not my first rapture dream; I've had numerous Rapture dreams over the last six years, and each time l have one, I'm in a panic, and l can see myself being left behind. 

Tonight l woke up from my dream praying for the Lord to forgive me for the bitterness l feel towards my parents. It was as if God was telling me you are saved, but there is one thing that will make you miss heaven.     

This dream felt so real. I'm in tears as l write this. I'm scared to death every time l have a rapture dream, but at the same time, l feel blessed that God has chosen to show me through my dreams about what is to come and to remind me that everything we have on this earth is temporary.

Nnamdi: Cameroon

I had a dream on July 9, 2021, at about 5 am. In my dream, I was with a group of friends in a huge building like a hotel, and we were discussing the Bible; then, suddenly, we changed the topic and started talking about what we were to eat for that day. 

Then, I asked them to excuse me; I wanted to get something at the reception. We were sitting in a hall that looked like a waiting room. When I got what I wanted from the reception, I started walking back to meet my friends, then suddenly there was terrifying thunder. 

It shook the whole building; some people fell to the ground. Suddenly I started seeing people climbing up the building, and they were shining like balls of light. Then it occurred to me that was the rapture; then I started shouting, "oh God why didn't you give more time to put my life right with you." 

I was panicking, and I started asking people, please, is this a dream or what? It can't be happening now; I can't face the tribulation.   

I then looked up, it was like the roof of the building, and the sky opened, and I saw that people were rising out of the earth. In the building, it was like the whole inhabitants of the earth were in that building, and the number of people lifting out of the building was very small compared to the people left inside. 

Then I remember that I shouldn't panic when I should instead pray as the scripture says. I started praying, then I got up from where I was standing and went outside of the building to see what was happening but when I opened the door, everywhere was flooded and there was nothing but just the building standing.    Then I got back inside, and suddenly everything was normal. It was like I was the only person who experienced and saw what happened. I started asking people, including those my friends, but no one seemed to understand what I was saying. Everything was ok and normal. 

Then, I realized I just had a vision, and suddenly a voice started speaking in my heart, "that is how it is going to be, and very few will be taken. It will happen at a day and time where people will be least thinking about God.   It will happen when people will be going for a job interview, marriage, a date, club, school, work, market, shop, bank, store, etc. And their mind will be very much focused on achieving their objective of the day. Things about God will not be in their mind. 

I became very worried and restless. Then I woke up shivering and panicking.

Divine: Nigeria


I've been having dreams about rapture more than I can count. I just had a dream. I was talking to my friend in rehearsal, and we had just finished making fun of someone; then I looked up and saw many people floating in the air, all going up, and there I was not going anywhere. I started praying, crying, and asking for forgiveness, and then I woke up.

Layle: United States

I, too, had a dream about Christ's return. I was sleeping at home alone when I heard trumpets blaring. I ran outside, and they got louder and louder. Suddenly the sky became so bright it should have hurt my eyes, but it didn't. There was Christ in the middle of the light.

I instantly felt joy, so incredible like I never felt before. I was so happy. I was thanking God for sending Christ back. I suddenly awoke, and that feeling of joy stayed with me for months. Even now, I remember how it felt.

Teresa: United States

I had my first dream last night of the Rapture.

I was in my bed but was awoken to the sound of trumpets that could be heard everywhere on Earth. My body was lifted and taken up, and I thought to myself, “Here we go.”

I knew it was the Rapture as soon as I felt my body lifting up into the air. I felt the most peace I have ever felt in my life, and I wasn’t scared. I was just thankful God had chosen me.

Kule: Uganda

Hello, My name is Ambrose from Uganda. A few days back, while asleep, I had a dream about the Rapture.

In the dream, I saw events that John wrote about in the book of Revelation. I saw great cosmic signs in the heavens, bright lights, I saw stars forming shapes I can't describe.

I saw light from heaven striking through the clouds, creating an opening, but I also saw fire coming out of heaven striking the earth and destroying things on earth. 

I was at my home with my mum and as we tried to find shelter we heard great wailing... Then suddenly my mum and I saw ourselves being pulled up into the sky...we saw ourselves going up into the sky...then I awoke.
That was the end of the dream.

I believe the end is near, and as such, we must be prepared.
The Groom is soon returning for an unblemished Groom.
As such, we must be prepared at all times.

God bless you.

Josephine: United States

I experienced this Rapture dream.

I am a believer in Jehovah and Jesus Christ. This dream has stuck with me and will till the day I die because I felt like I experienced something truly beautiful. 

In my dream, I was walking around the city, I could see that the sky was very gray and suddenly people were screaming and running for their lives, surrounding me were huge waves, and these waves were drowning people immediately.

I turned around, and I see this massive wave coming towards me; all I see is black. But I felt like I couldn't drown, something was bringing me up above the water, and I felt like I was floating. 

All of a sudden, I was traveling at the speed of light. I stopped at what seemed like a different planet. I didn't see many people but still a good amount. Everyone was dressed in white cloaks, the sky wasn't blue but this beautiful almost purple hue color.

I was in a desert; I had no memory of my parents, spouse, or siblings. It was like I had no memory of my past life, only the present. I could see in the sky angels and behind it a huge white light.

As soon as the angels' trumpets went off, everyone raised their hands, and we were all full of joy and pure happiness and saying, "we are saved, God has come for us, Jehova is finally here!!". That's my rapture dream.

Marion: United States

Rapture dream: 

I had this dream 45 years ago at age 30. Although a Christian believer, I had never heard of the Rapture. I did not know what it meant until three years later when interpreted by a believer friend. The dream has comforted me for 47 years. 

My then alive husband and I were going to a circus where there were thousands of people. Suddenly two gigantic lions started a ferocious fight, and people panicked as the tent fell down over them. We ran away from the tent in the chaos, and a person who represented wealth and job security stopped in a car and offered us a ride. 

We declined, and as we were running, I was suddenly pulled into the sky as my body changed into wind and spirit, free from gravity and flesh. I accelerated and felt glorious and liberated with joy. I saw my husband going up to my right, although he died 28 years ago. 

The dead in Christ shall rise first, and those of us left alive will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord Jesus forever. 

I awoke feeling my spirit had tried to leave my body. I knew the dream was from Jesus Christ, but I did not understand it until later.

Nakota: United States

I am not a really religious person like I believe in God and think that he made us, and I believe there is no other explanation for us having a soul other than him making us that way.

I dreamed that I was with my friends and the dream switched to me looking at a board and someone telling me that there would be a cleansing or some kind of apocalypse. I remember seeing people disappear around me.

The next thing I knew, I was with my mom in the car, and she was crying, saying that I'd been dead for a week and that a man brought her to me from the ocean, but no one else could see him except for her. I felt so weird because I really believed it like and my skin was all wrinkly like id been sitting in water or something.

I just knew that was what happened even though I didn't see him or anything, and my mom could have been lying, but there was no other explanation other than it must have been God or Jesus who saved me and bring me back.

I woke up really shocked because I believed it felt like I knew that he'd really been there for me and brought me to my mom with no doubts, and I've always had doubts when it comes to my belief in God.

I am a senior in hs, and idk I feel like maybe it was a sign that you can believe and trust in someone even if you have never seen them and maybe don't do all the things that people believe Christians should do. I think believing is enough, and perhaps it's not, but I feel like this dream proved it to me.

Ariel: United States

I had a rapture dream; it was amazing!

Bella: United States

I was just leaving the grocery store with my family when a storm started. Soon the water started rising to my ankles. My mom and I were quickly trying to get to the car until everything went pitch black.

Then a bright light shown and there appeared a woman (Mary). She was crying over the fact that Jesus had been crucified. It went dark once again, and all I heard was people asking what was going on. 

Soon the sky had opened up, and I saw people on horses come out of the sky. My mom and I immediately dropped to our knees and started crying, thanking the Lord, and praising him.

The girl next to me asked what was happening, and I told her Jesus was coming; then she asked who Jesus was. After she said that, I heard voices, and it was like I went into her body and saw what happened to her. Demons were taking her to hell, torturing her. 

Then, I went back into my body, and my mom and I were still praising God, but I remember not being able to see anything because it was so bright where I was.

Daisy: Kenya

As usual, we were coming from church on a Sunday, and perhaps at noontime because the sun was exactly overhead. 

After church, we usually pass by my brother's homestead before heading home. Immediately after reaching his homestead, it looked like he was writing something on the board; I don't know where that board came from. 

Suddenly, I saw the regular sun separating into two Bright equal rings, and immediately the whole world became dark; the only visible thing I could see was the two rings of the sun.

It dawned on me that maybe it was time for the Rapture to occur. I looked around and couldn't see many people I knew; due to the confusion, the only person I could remember was my little cousin. 

The dream was so long and weird that I am unable to express it well.

Keely: United States

I was in the park with friends, just hanging out. I turn around and see this bright light. I see clouds separate and a baby with wings and a trumpet descend from the sky. 

I see Jesus slowly descend on a cloud. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was Him. My goal in life to be taken up to Heaven was coming true. 

I hope this is how it will happen. I can’t wait until the day when I see Him in person and get to worship Him in Paradise.

Child of God?: United States

I had a giant dream last night! Sometimes I have dreams of Christ's return, but I never know how to feel about or what to do about them.

I dreamt that I was sitting with my mom and some other family member at the table, and in the midst of us talking, we began to praise God. It was like a sneeze; you feel it coming on, and then it happens.

Suddenly, angels started to come from the heavens into the Earth, going to their loved ones' homes to say hello. We had someone too, but I don't recall who it was. The entire time, people had to stay awake and stay positive until something else happened.

If you didn't, you would descend into a sadness that would take you to a cold hell (I had lost my happiness in the middle of the dream, and I almost pretty much froze until my mom and I started singing).

People praised God, gave themselves and others a positive mindset, and put their things they wanted to take to heaven on little belt boats. Everything was more bluish than the common, warm idea of the Rapture.

No one was particularly left behind, but those who were "left behind" ended up freezing because they weren't helping others or themselves. I remember playing tambourine in a song that lifted our spirits while we waited. I never know how to feel about these dreams.

Maria: United States

In my dream, I was in my parents' house in Palos Park. I was in the kitchen area, and the sky turned very bright like something was approaching the earth. I immediately thought it was an asteroid landing, so I started to run away from the window.

Before I could begin running, my body was suddenly pulled from the ground. I couldn't control my movements as I rose up into the sky. I felt weightless, calm, and at peace. It felt like a warm blanket was around me, and I just watched myself float up. 

I had heightened sensations, and my extremities felt warm and full of life. My body was restored to this ultimate form, and I had a glow around me. 

I knew right away it was the rapture, and I was at peace. Then I woke up. While encountering this dream, I was also aware that I was still in my bed towards the end of the dream. So I was experiencing two realities at once. 

Then when I woke up. I felt amazing, and my body was still tingly. It was like a taste of my heavenly body. 

I do pray this is a foreshadow of what is to come; this all took place in just a few seconds of time, but man, what an experience! 

Grace: United States

I was in my attic reading the bible when my mom told me the 5/7 warning trumpet went off.

"Why didn't I hear it? I asked." Then I heard the 6th one go off, and then a little later the 7th. Jesus is coming back, I thought. The Rapture is happening. 

Mom and I stood in this spot in my room, and we floated out to my backyard, where we were joined by a ton of people. Some I knew, others I didn't. 

We saw Jesus come by and do something, then he left. Then we waited, and he came around again and did something, and we waited again. I kept repenting of my sins. I was still waiting for him to come back when my mom said, "He will be back soon." Then I woke up. 

The dream was so vivid I was shocked it was a dream. It was like 3:30ish in the morning. I noticed I had been sleeping for a while.

Jamie: United States

Rapture Dream


I was caught up with countless others; we were all floating in space, like a sea of people. All of us had lit candles in our hands and smiles. We all raised up our candle at once in kind of a cheer. Then we started going down this large space, it was like we were moving through time, because we moved past a giant baby that was in the womb, it was Jesus of course, and we were right there like tiny observers in the womb itself, and went further down to the next stage of time, but that is where my dream ended.

Alvin: United States

One night, I had a dream I was in a grassy park area with a relative, and we were standing in a long line of people. As I looked up, there was a bright light streaming down from heaven, and one by one, people were going up in this light.

Barbara: United States

I had a more recent rapture dream. I dreamed I was trying to get ready to go on a trip, somewhere really wonderful, but I couldn't find anything I needed to take, try as I may.

I knew this in the dream, but what's stranger is my dog 'bear' was in the dream with me, and he passed away years ago. The dream ended. 

Chloe: United States

Hello. I had a realistic and very vivid dream about the second coming of Jesus. It happened after I started to believe in God more and more; I asked him to send me a sign of my future of some sort. He replied a couple of days later in the form of a dream he sent me. My dreams started off as any dream, weird, not making sense, a normal dream. Then it changed into a very vivid dream. I was on top of a modern white building surrounded by mountains live waves from all sides. Then a person next to me pointed up to the sun and said, "The end is near" I looked up to see the Annular Ring Of Fire Solar eclipse as I soon discovered what it was from research. After the eclipse happened, the mountains started to crumble as a tsunami of lava flowed over them with such force! I was then transported to another scene in the dream. I was on top of the city's tallest building, and I don't know what city,  just a city. I looked down and around as far as the horizon goes; there were flames devouring EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!

Then I was transported to a scene in the dream in a van with my friends and family. All I know is that we were almost going to be late to someplace where other people were gathering. Flames were racing right behind us! I looked out the window and saw and just KNEW they were bad people running from the fire, but no matter how hard they ran, they never escaped their fate. Then we reached our location with SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE!. My family and friends got out of the van and looked around the flames that instantly stopped getting closer to us because we were inside the boundary to the safe zone. Then moments later, everyone teleported upward, and that's when I woke up drenched in sweat. I could still see the flames outlining everything for a while after the dream was over. My friend had a very similar dream. Would you like me to tell it to you too?

Barb: United States

I had a dream that, to me, felt like a rapture dream. I dreamed there was a clearing in the trees and up in the sky was a huge, perfect white rosebud. I was looking up at it. There were Other people who were looking at the rose, too. I had never had a dream like it, and I woke up happy and peaceful. 

Philomena: Nigeria

I had a rapture dream; in my dream, I meet my friend in a church compound, and she and she was wearing chorester uniform, she told me she wants to go and eat at home. 

When she returned, we went to enter Church but (inside the Church was another church).

Chorester and Congregation are selected so we Left Church, and on our way home, we met people running up and down telling us it is time; before I know we paraded with some soldier into a big Hall with a big throne in front, as big as the Hall.

(It doesn't contain people,  but I can tell the type of beating that we received and a small put with black pants inside, which they use to give Mark's on people's faces, and I wakeup.)??

Jay: United States

About 2:30 am on 2-24-2021, I had a very vivid dream about the rapture. 

The setting was our backyard, although some things were different from our current actual backyard. It just didn't quite look the same, but it had the fence down the sides. 

My wife and I were on the deck, and the dog was in the yard. I'm not sure which dog it was, though. The wind began to pick up and was blowing hard enough that the dog was having trouble walking or was getting scared. My wife got off the deck to get the dog. 

The wind kept getting stronger. I looked into the wind (which was toward the west) to see if there was a tornado, but there was nothing. I looked back at my wife, and she was holding onto the fence to steady herself. The wind was incredible. 

I looked straight up and saw that the sky was starting to "open." I looked back at my wife, and she said, "This is it! I love you." meaning the rapture. I wasn't scared. I was reaching out towards her, and she was reaching toward me. 

Suddenly I was surrounded by what I can only describe as brilliance. It wasn't blinding, but I couldn't see anything else. The sound was incredible, like it was everywhere but not coming from any one point. It was so loud, but it didn't hurt my ears. 

It was like the sound was inside of my head, like a ringing in my ears that I couldn't hear thru; not really a ringing, though, more of a roar, like nothing I've ever heard before. I felt like I was being lifted out of my body. I wasn't scared but instead felt great joy and thankfulness. 

Then I saw an image of my wife's hand in mine, but the image was pure bright light. It was just our hands, not our whole arm or body. Nonetheless, the sight made me happy, and I thought, "oh good, she made it too." 

Then suddenly, the brilliance and sound were gone, and I saw her standing in the yard again for a split second. Then I woke up to my heart beating fast, and I began to cry. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

Susanne: United States

This is my rapture dream.

the dream, it was daytime, and I was doing something inside the house. I heard the sound of a loud trumpet blast; it was so loud I knew the whole world could hear.

I immediately knew what this meant...Jesus was coming. As soon as the last note from the trumpet ended, gravity ceased to exist, and I shot up through the ceiling.

THIS WHOLE THING WILL HAPPEN SO QUICKLY; YOU WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD. It will be over quicker than a blink of an eye. You must live your life daily - prepared.

Ais: Philippines

Last night, 02/25/21, I dreamt of the raptured. But it was a short dream. And all I remember, In my dream, is that the sky was dark with a red color, and I heard the thunder sound in the sky.

A quick few seconds, I told someone who is there with me (which I forgot who's that person) that Papa Jesus is coming. I feel so happy that time and keep shouting to everyone that "Papa Jesus is coming".

Even though the sky was dark, I'm not afraid that time. It was just a feeling that I'm so happy. Although I didn't see Jesus in my two eyes afterward, I kept on shouting, I am awake. 

But during that dream, I felt his presence, and 100%, I feel him coming down. Of all my dreams, this is the one where I am the most interested and so curious.

Supernova: United States

Rapture Dream on February 23, 2021

The scene was the house I grew up in as a child.

My husband was asleep in what was my parent's room. My two children slept in my and my brother's rooms. I was the only one awake. There was a strong wind storm which is normal for that location. 

I kept peeking through the blinds in the spare bedroom. The house was quiet. I decided to check the house and make sure it was locked up, and see if the wind did any damage. 

I walked to the living room, and all I could see was a bright light illuminating everything. The sliding door was wide open. I decided to walk out the doors to see what the light was. 

The night was now calm, no winds... I stepped out the doors and saw a huge cloud. Gray and growing in size with lightning moving all around it. Then I looked to my right and saw an angel with a trumpet gliding through the air. I waved. The angel looked straight at me and kept gliding past my house. 

I then ran inside my house, locked the sliding door, and ran shouting for my husband. He came, and we both went outside, but it was night and no angel. No cloud. No winds. I kept seeing parts of light coming through my eyes, but I couldn't see out of them anymore, and that's when my eyes opened, and I awoke.

I realized after I woke up that my dream didn't include my kids other than they were asleep. I wish I knew what my dream means, and I have prayed to God asking for help.

Any ideas?

Natalie: United States

I’ve had rapture dreams since the end of 2020, I’d like to say, and I could go into detail about all of them, but I will only talk about two I’ve had.

This first one was, I think, late 2020 (Decemberists), and I was In my brother’s room (where I normally spend my time) and heard a loud trumpet sound, an extremely loud sound.

I rushed over to the window next to my brother and looked up at the sky. The sky was dark (like it usually is where I live), but the moon was big and turned blood red, and stars covered the sky brightly for a second and then collapsed onto the earth, and it sounded like a million glass cups breaking simultaneously! 

I remember my brother stood next to me to look out the window too, and I told him, “it’s time, it’s the rapture!” Then I woke up

My second dream was early 2021 (January), and it didn’t even feel like a dream at all. I’m a lucid dreamer, so sometimes my dreams are extremely lifelike, and it’s a little harder for me to tell if I’m dreaming or not-usually something in the dream would tell me I  am, but not this time. It felt as if I was half awake and half asleep. 

I “woke up” in my dream and laid on my bed. From my window and the curtains a little open, I could see that it was still dark outside. I thought I was actually awake, so I tried getting up-I couldn’t. I wouldn’t move, and then my chest became tight. I started sweating and breathing heavily. I got scared-I thought I may have been in sleep paralysis, but then I felt my soul being pulled out of my body and ascended a little up while feeling happy and calm. I then woke up for real and felt disappointed that the rapture didn’t happen yet, but I know it will and VERY soon!

Danieliz: United States

This is my second time dreaming of the rapture:

The first was when I was 14. I was walking near my house with my best friend and all of a sudden there was an explosion kind of sound. 

I couldn’t make out what had happened, but I didn’t need to; before I knew it, I was floating into the sky, holding hands with my best friend, watching the world catch smoke. 

This feeling of acceptance came over me, and I said “I love you” to my friend before descending; we then separated, and I was now in line at what looked like a campsite. 

There was a suitcase in my hands with essentials (a toothbrush is all I remember, really), and we were all waiting to be given a cabin-looking place to stay.

My second dream happened today, and it was far grander than the first:

I was on a trip to Africa with a random family. We had gone to the beach but left soon enough after arriving. 

Driving through the streets of Africa, I observed all the people among the streets, mostly what clothes they were wearing (I’m really big on fashion, haha). Nevertheless, we continued onto the highway. The day was bright but lacking blue, mostly white/bright yellow skies. 

I looked out the car window and noticed a cloud shaped as folded hands, like the shape your hand forms when you’re trying to hold liquid in them. There was another hand form like that inside the bigger one, just smaller, like a child’s. I pointed it out, and everyone agreed it looked to be just that. 

We continued to drive on the highway, and there was nothing in front of us but clouds; the road looked endless, with clouds at the horizon. 

Looking out my window a second time, I saw a row of hands shaped like the first I had seen. (like this sorta ), they were lined up in the sky, all different skin colors. The row of hands led to a greater figure in the sky; I saw Jesus in the clouds, formed by colored light.     The family I was with was no longer in the car, and my mom had appeared. We both were aware of what was happening, looking at each other, grasping hands, praying for Jesus to take care of us. 

The road we were on was now leading to a house shaped like a cloud. My mom kept announcing, “it’s happening, it’s happening.” I couldn’t help but be afraid, believing and accepting we were now going to heaven, but still afraid of leaving earth.

Mrs Comfort: Nigeria

20/2/2021 l had a dream of rapture. In my dream, l saw many people disappear, and some were behind, and l started crying, Lord, have mercy. And l woke up. I was scared.

Tamara: United States

My dream was very detailed and vibrant in color. I woke up at 4 am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I kept looking at the clock, so I started my morning prayer, and I fell back asleep.

In my dream, I’m watching tv at night with my husband. I look at my clock on the tv; it’s 8 pm. I then look out the window, and the moon suddenly explodes. The whole room turns dark, then I look out the front door, and it’s daylight. I look at the clock again, and it’s 8 pm though it’s super light outside.

Then I see the sun, and it turns into seven balls of light, and I see Jesus coming out of the clouds. In the shadows are people waving and cheering and look happy.

I take my husband’s hand, and we go up to heaven. We are so happy. We get there, and an angel meets us and takes us to an apartment and tells us this is our home in heaven.

I ask can I see our family that has passed before us. The angel hits the intercoms and asks Jesus to come to take us to our family. Then she tells me to wait; Jesus will be with us in a few minutes and take us. 

Then my alarm went off, and I woke up!

 Kamya: United States


This is my first rapture dream. I was sleeping in the evening when I had the dream. 

My family and church members were at church praising God; as church was getting ready to end, we all felt the sense the Jesus was about to come. So we all prayed together. 

I then saw a tiger, but it was like a ghost, and it was trying to come to me, I believe to tell me something,  but I was scared and ran to my grandma. 

So then people started disappearing, and eventually, everyone was gone except for me, my mom, dad, and siblings. 

My dad was outside smoking while my mom and siblings were waiting to be raptured. So I went outside to get my dad, and the sky was dark and gray, and it was a little light shining through, but the sky was getting ready to close up. 

So I  asked my dad if he still cares about going with Jesus, and he said he didn’t; that’s when I believe a demon tried to attack me.

 It was chasing me, so I ran back into the building to my mom crying I didn’t see my siblings anymore, just my mom she told me they had disappeared and that she was next then she disappeared in front of me. 

Then I woke up from the dream crying. I also asked God do he love me. I don’t know why but yea, this was my first rapture dream, and I’m kind of scared...

Pat: United States

I dreamt I was home with my family, and I look up to the sky, and huge clouds start to form as my great God and started taking people. 

I said, “Please take my family and me, and he approved. Then I asked that he please let me take my animals with me, and he also approved, and then I woke up.

Everything was so clear, and I was so excited, saying to myself how unexpected and Finally He’s here.

It was just so beautiful.

Chyntia: United States

My first dream was I was at the store with my parents, and we were in a rush, everyone was and getting out of the store looking for my parents I see the sky dark and orange, and in the front of the store I see three dark shadows one is a huge lion, and there’s another shadow, but I couldn’t see it. But then an angel with wings with something in his hands started coming down then I said Lucifer in a whisper like I’ve already known him. After I said his name everyone started getting on Their knees and praying, I looked around for my parents but couldn’t see them then I got on my knees and looked down then I lifted up my head and saw the lion coming towards me then my dream ended.

My 2nd dream was I was in my backyard, and the screen was an orange sunset color; and I looked to the left of my yard, and I’ve seen the four horsemen blowing their horns and riding the flying horses. I told my mom come look, come look, but she didn’t believe me, and I said, look, the four horsemen, the rapture is coming.

Maurice: United States

In my rapture dream, the Lord took me to a city like Dallas or New York because it had lots of buildings and people.

Anyway, something says, look up Maurice, which I believe the holy spirit told me that, so I look up. The sky is orange mixed in with white, almost like a sunset, but I knew it was the middle of the day. 

Then seven trumpets sound, and I see people all across the world getting Raptured. I actually remember my Great grandparents getting Raptured, so I got left behind; then the Lord pulls me up towards the sky. 

Still, I get worried because I don't see my immediate family. The Lord tells me, don't worry, your Familly is in Heaven.

 I see everyone get judged according to what they have done on the Earth, then he shows me the sea of Glass, and he tells me that Satan has been released from his prison; next, he shows me the second coming. 

I see Jesus riding on a White Horse on the clouds; I see countless angels, all of them behind him.

 He shows me the judgment day, and lots of people went to Hell, and I mean a lot of people and very few people went to Heaven. 

Then I see the streets of gold and kids playing, and he gives us Christians two messages: preach the gospel, and the rapture is very soon. Guys, we have very little time left, ok, we are now living on God's grace. 

And another thing, in the bible it says that after Israel is established, Only one generation will be left, which according to God, a generation is 70-80 years ok, so Israel was established in 1948, so add 70 you get 2019 well add ten years that's 2029 now take away seven you get 2022 and 2012.

I'm not setting dates, but the Lord is returning sooner than we think, so we are the last generation. This generation will not die because the Lord said it from his own mouth.

 God bless you people, and please accept Christ and live the way he would like you to, and your name shall be written in the book of life.

Abiola Oba: United States

I had a dream. In the dream, I was praying for the Salvation of every soul in the whole world. I was praying so passionately about this as I sensed the Rapture was about to take place. 

Then I received the key. I received inspiration on how to correctly pray the prayer for the Salvation of the whole world. The LORD inspired me to change the prayer point to: "As many as have not sinned against the Holy Spirit in the whole world, let them be saved."

As I was praying this prayer point, The Trumpet Sounded. Rapture happened, and I began to rise in the Air to meet the LORD JESUS in the sky. I saw so many people rising along with me to meet THE LORD JESUS in the atmosphere. 

A particular cult leader had received JESUS at the last minute, and he was also rising in the air to meet Jesus in the sky. This former cult leader was so excited, and he kept on saying: "wao, I can hear the sound of the Trumpet."

Mary: United States

I’m so excited this is my 1st dream regarding the Rapture...I was explaining to someone (not really sure who it was); About the things that are about to happen on the earth. I think it was a new believer, and they were very afraid.

I said no, no no, don’t be scared, remember we won’t be here, we won’t be here... our time is getting closer and closer, let’s be ready saints for our soon-coming Lord and Savior and King... Maranatha!!!! (Come Lord Jesus).

Samuel: Zimbabwe

I have had my third dream about the rapture. 

Sometime towards the end of 2020, I dreamt we gathered at a revival meeting of some sort, there were a lot of people, and I was there with my wife and child. 

All of a sudden, a force came upon us and lifted us up into the clouds. I began to shout Hallelujah; we have made it, then I woke up. 

Last week I dreamt of being at our family home, and as I walked out of the house, I looked up in the sky and saw Jesus calling. 

Today, I dreamt of being home, and I looked up in the sky and saw Jesu and his Angels. I got worried that I had already missed the rapture; then I started praying, and a few minutes later, a force came and began to lift me into the sky. then I woke up.

Richard: United States

Last night 1/25/2021, I had my second dream of the rapture. 

I looked out of the back door at the sky and saw the moon being covered and not giving its light. The sky was darkened, and then I saw the stars more clearly than I’ve ever seen them.

Suddenly they all began to move as if the earth was spinning out of control, and I remember getting my wife’s attention and quoting the Bible verse of the sky being rolled up like a scroll.

We both went outside, and I began to see lights beaming up into the sky, which I believe were the souls of the saved being raptured into heaven.

I then began to worry about being left behind when suddenly I heard from the house next door warily screams of a boy being tortured by a demon. His mother was crying for help, and we ran to the house to help.

When I heard the evil screams from the demon tormenting the boy, I remember being confident and then scared, but I felt Jesus and was comforted and wasn’t as scared.

We entered the house, and I ran into the room and rebuked the demon in the name of Jesus, and then shouted, go away in the name of Yeshua! The demon was gone, and we all ascended upward, and then I woke up.

It was very real and scary but at the same time amazing! Thank you, Yeshua, for providing a way to The Lord God! Amen!

Blake: United States

I remember dreaming of the rapture when I was a kid. But lately, within the last couple of months, I’ve had three dreams relating to the rapture.

The first dream I had a couple of months ago. I was in my apartment, I believe, and I was looking out my window. I heard a loud sound, kind of like a ding sound from super Mario bros or the Jumanji movie (lol), but following that sound, I saw a man in the sky but was just full of light. I immediately knew it was Jesus, and I called out his name.

I began to feel myself be pulled through my window; then I woke up out of excitement. It felt so real I thought it was actually occurring. Once I woke up, I was so afraid, and I didn’t know why. I believe it was the fear of the Lord that so many people feel in the Bible when they interact with angels.

In my second dream, I was praying with some of my family in some house. I remember praying to be worthy of receiving the call home from Jesus as it says in Luke 21:36. Out the window, I see Jesus walking by the house, and we are all in shock, crying out to Jesus. I woke up right away with that same fear as the first dream.

Last night I had my third dream about the rapture. I remember being in some room, and I was getting ready to pray because I knew the time was short. As I was getting prepared, all of a sudden, I felt my body being pulled (like something gripped my soul) up to the ceiling, and I said, “Jesus.” Then I woke up, this time I was amazed and felt the adrenaline rush cause I thought it was the real thing again.

He will come when we least expect it!

Janaya: Canada

This morning I woke up after having a rapture dream. 

I am currently pregnant and have vivid and strange dreams, but I've never had one like this before. 

I dreamed that I was going to the mall with two friends. (Sometimes my stress dreams happen in schools or malls or other public gathering places); we're about to go in an elevator, and I remember there being an issue about whether we should enter this specific elevator as someone was already in it. 

I decide to go in at the last second, and I don't remember if my friends follow. Suddenly the elevator shakes violently as if it's being called up and plummeting back down over and over. 

Finally, this stops, and the doors open. I remember the other person in the elevator being gone. I'm alone, and when I exit the elevator, people are confused and trying to figure out what's happened. 

Some people are acting and looking strange. I get the feeling that we are experiencing the end of times, and I'm suddenly so afraid I've been left behind. 

In my dream, my family is outside the mall. I wonder what's happened to them. I try to get back to them but encounter many strange people. A group of men comes up to me, questioning me, and I reply to them that the blood of Christ covers me. 

They suddenly shy away from me. I see a few terrifying things that I'm not comfortable typing on a public forum. I keep trying to find my family and make it to the parking lot, which is huge... Then I wake up feeling unsettled.

Marissa: United States

I had a dream that Jesus came down on the earth, and he looked like the sun. Lightning shot out from him to the East and west and towards me. 

I feel he was telling me this is how he will return, but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone else has seen him looking like the sun.

Marie: United States

I had a dream the other night, Jan 16, 2021, about the rapture; it was a quick and short dream. I was looking at the sky; it was dark, and suddenly the clouds opened up like a  ring of light. 

There was a bright light coming out, and I saw like people or souls going up into heaven, and other clouds open up with the bright light, and it’s the same people going up in the light.

 And I saw angels around them;  I have never seen an angel in my dream, this is the first time, and they have white, big wings.

Jennifer: United States

Several years ago, I had a couple of rapture dreams. However, only one of them was burned into my brain.

I remember looking out over the vast horizon and seeing a long line of people for as far as the eye could see. The landscape was rolling hills, the land was scorched, and there were spits of fire burning up from the ground everywhere. The sky was dark and ominous. 

I remember that I wasn’t scared; I was sad. I felt very light, and I could feel myself drifting up towards the sky. I wept the whole time because I knew my parents were not going with me.

Charmonique: South Africa


Hi everyone

I just wanted to testify that during the morning, I had my second dream of the rapture. 

My first one was last year (2020); I can't remember the exact date, and the second one was this morning. 

I dreamt that I was in a building, and suddenly the building started to shake. It was a light shake, and it was not violent. The next moment my boyfriend and I started levitating. He went through the roof of the building, like a ghost.

I immediately woke up after seeing him go through the roof. 

In the first dream, I felt very happy and peaceful. But after the second one, I felt anxious and jittery. Wonder why?

Maria: United States

I have had two dreams before of the rapture that I vividly remember.

First, I will talk about the one I had last night, 1/7/2021. I was sitting at my kitchen table with my two brothers, my mother, my father, and my grandma, who are all very close to Jesus. 

Then suddenly, the ground started shaking, and all the windows broke. I heard a loud sound (presumably trumpets), and I, along with my family, rejoiced and exclaimed, "Jesus Is Here! Thank you, Lord! Amen!" I then began to ascend to a large and bright orange/white light in the sky, presumably being brought to heaven. I woke up in tears of joy.

The previous dream, around October of 2020, was shorter and not so much the rapture, but rather in hearing about it. My father told me that one sign of the rapture was to hear about it in dreams or visions, so here I am:

I am at my Grandpa's house with my father, and all I remember from that dream was hearing my Grandpa say, "Jesus is coming soon." I thought it was interesting, and I hope you enjoyed reading this. God Bless you all during this awful time, and Amen!

Kelvin: Nigeria

I have had the rapture dream three times now; the latest was yesterday, 5/1/2021. 

It was so terrifying, I saw myself on the street filled with people, they were all confused, nothing mattered again, the money, big houses, etc. 

People were running in confusion; they were all screaming that the rapture had taken place and crying. I felt the pain, I was so afraid and touched, I woke up feeling uneasy.

Nic: United States

The night of 12/31, I dreamt of the Day of the Lord.

I was walking in a big park with rolling green hills at sundown. As I walk along this path, I hear behind me a few notes from a trumpet and a voice shouting something I couldn't understand. Both were coming from far away but were also very loud.

When I heard these two things, I immediately knew what they were. I thought, "that's the last trump and the shout of the archangel! Jesus is here!"

So I turned around, and I immediately saw two suns. The first one was our actual sun, which was about 30 minutes away from being fully set; it was dimmed. Then I looked at the second sun that was higher up in the sky and much brighter. It was no sun; it was Jesus!

The shekinah glory coming from him was so brilliant, and as he grew closer and closer to our atmosphere, the light engulfed everything more and more. 

All I could do was jump up and down, shouting for joy, shouting, "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hosanna, Jesus!" Eventually, all I could see was Jesus and this light. That's when the dream ended. 

I had no feeling that I was being left behind. I knew that I was going to meet Jesus in the clouds.

It was a glorious dream. Praise God.

Aimee: United Kingdom

I had a dream two nights ago that I was with my son, and suddenly I see the sky getting darkened, and a portal opened in the heavens with fire, and a massive dragon comes out of it. I remember shouting, this was the rapture! I then saw something getting close to me like an open spaceship/home, and then I woke up.

Stephanie: Country

My rapture dream occurred on the night of 12/25/2020. In this dream, I was someone else, experiencing life through her eyes. 

She was roughly in her early 20s but seemed to have a carefree lifestyle. In this dream, I had glimpses of her life, friends, and her priorities, as well as her love interests. 

One of her boyfriends made me feel weird, like there was something dark about him. I can't remember the reason why she broke up with him, but he took it extremely hard. 

Later in the dream, she was at a restaurant/mall, not quite sure, but everyone was angry and hostile and on edge. 

She looked at the screen, and I couldn't see what was on the TV, but there was a weird word that flashed, "Zeeva," like the drink, and remember because I couldn't understand why I saw that word. When people saw the TV, they didn't believe it, as though it was fake.

At that moment, the girl whose eyes I was looking through looked outside and saw clothes, bibles, and crosses and started to cry hysterically, stating that she was left behind but was a Christian; however, up till that moment, I was not aware because nothing in her life indicated it.

After that, I witnessed her ex-boyfriend, but this time from a third-person viewpoint; he was following someone like a cult. I know they were hurting him because I could hear him but couldn't see. Then I woke up.

When I looked up the word "Zeeva" from my dream, I found that it means "brilliance, brightness."

I do dream every time I sleep, but this is a rare time I remembered it. I was reluctant to share, but I hope it helps.

Gene: United States

I am Not entirely sure this is a 'left behind' dream but more along the lines of nearly missing the ride when it is time. I was sleeping (in-dream sleeping) and awoke to realize there was a bright light outside - brighter than I had ever seen before. 

Angels were everywhere preparing or finishing whatever task needing to be accomplished, and they did not look like what people think. They appear big in an indescribable way, colorful, and multidimensional with light around them – hard to explain.

I woke my wife and worried about the kids for a minute, things around me started to change; there was suddenly a mountain before me, and it was beautiful and familiar with a river winding between the mountain and where I was standing (which was in my current housing). 

Then a voice gave a specific time, and it was all over. Not years, months, days, but minutes, as in, time is short.

Daniel: United States

I dreamed of the harpazo (Gk) nearly twenty years ago and haven't thought much of it lately, but just in the last few days, I had a very short dream about the coming of the Messiah. 

I was starting work outside in a yard, and the sky had a thin veil of clouds, and the sun was rising in the East and beginning to clear them out. 

I was working on a piece of equipment to get it started when I looked back and noticed that the sun looked brighter than ever. But what was unusual was that it seemed like many points of white light (sort of like stars) begin to appear around the 'sun.' 

I thought this strange as it is nearly impossible to see the stars when the sun is shining. As I looked back and forth several times, more and more lights appeared. And they seemed to be getting much larger.

Suddenly it seemed to just 'dawn' on me. Yeshua was coming...I cocked my ears to see if there was any sound (but it's hard to distinguish in a dream).

 However, I did feel what seemed like a mighty wind that blew across the landscape, perhaps the breath of the trumpet blast before the sound. 

I immediately was seized by a cold terror (really afraid) and a holy joy (as in 'at long last!') simultaneously. And I think I began to lift off the ground...and then I woke up. 

The dream only seemed to last a few seconds, but it was vivid enough to recall this well. Maranatha! Even so, come, Lord Yeshua.

Rashida: United States

Let me preface this by saying that lately, I have been having more and more dreams about the rapture. A previous one I had was really short and simply featured an explosion and fire on the street, and another was a lesser version of a reference to Heaven. This one, I don't remember all the details, but here is what I do remember:

It was dark, and I remember being in a room and looking out of the windows towards the sky. There was the Star of Bethlehem. And I knew that it meant the rapture would happen. I shouted, "Jesus is coming; he is returning!"

There were a lot of people running around, including my parents. I also remember that they were several evil beings that I would see trying to hide and having to fight some of them. But the part that stuck with me the most was when I looked out again, and the Star of Bethlehem just dissolved. 

Then, there was a loud sound that shook the sky. I don't remember whether it was the Angels' Trumpets or just a loud bang. But it was there. Let me also mention that there a large lake which started heating up. That's about as much as I remember from this one.

To be honest, the dream itself was scary, a lot of the ones I have had were, but I'm also trying to see it as a reminder and a lesson. 

Personally, I have struggled with one sin in particular. And every time I succumb to it, it hurts me a lot, and I pray to God for forgiveness. But I feel bad because I know in the bible that constantly going back to sin is worse when you know God. 

My brothers and sisters, pray that I may defeat this sin so I can feel more confident about these dreams and where I will go. I will pray for you all as well. May we not be fearful at the news that Christ will return one day!

Lexi: Country

My dream was extremely vivid; I was at work at The Tile Shop. 

I was with my co-workers, and all of a sudden, an extremely loud buzzing occurs. So loud, it was painful to the ear. We drop to the ground in agony at how loud this buzzing was (locust-I think). 

After the buzzing, I believe tear gas filled the room, and we couldn’t breathe or talk for 2-3 minutes. After that, forbidden fruit appears...two people eat the fruit, and their head explodes...(ironically, the two atheists I work with). Panic sets in....and I go back into the break room with the other employees crying. 

A loud boom happens, and we leave the room to look out the windows. The city is on fire, and complete panic has erupted the city. All I remember is trying to get home to my boyfriend and one-year-old daughter. 

I finally get home and find my boyfriend, but not my daughter. I believe she was raptured...and I wake up.

Diane: United States

I always have dreams about the rapture taking place. Nothing like people are saying they hear the trumpet, and it is dark. In the past, I dreamed about all kinds of fighter planes in the sky, then it turns dark, and the rapture is taking place. I'm left behind. But I wake up. 

In this particular dream I had, I went outside and saw planes in the sky, but at a distance and flying in a row like at an air show, and then I knew the rapture was going to take place, it sort of gets dark like the sun is going down. 

I felt I was caught up in the rapture, I was holding onto someone's arm, and as I was drifting towards the sky, I saw a body frame at a distance resembling almost like Jesus with open arms. The light was very bright. 

The next thing I know, I am in heaven with people I don't know. I kept saying, I made it. And everyone was smiling, glowing with happiness. I saw flashes of my boyfriend, and he didn't make it. He was really sad and crying. I felt so bad because I knew what he would endure being left behind. 

I woke up and felt overwhelming grief for those who don't make it.

Alyssa: United States

So I had a dream that I woke up and was going to school like a regular day. I stopped at Starbucks and got a drink, and when I kept driving, the road was pitch black, and so was the sky. I could barely see the road lines. 

Everyone got out of their cars and started walking towards this big bright light. Everyone who had put their heart and faith into the Lord had ascended. 

I woke up scared but kind of calm, knowing I had ascended to heaven. I went back to sleep, and my dream continued. 

I was in a spiritual form, telling people around me to believe and pray and that it’s not too late. 

I woke up sad from that one, as I  had told my boyfriend to give his heart to God and Jesus, and he didn’t.

Mary: United States

I have always had rapture dreams, especially when I was younger, and as I got a little older, they stopped and didn’t see them anymore. Well, over the past few months, I have had a few more. I’m always so full of uncertainty, so I prayed to have one. I got three. The one I remember the most is this:

I was at a train station with my family and the day was completely normal. The sky darkened, and the clouds swirled, and this is weird, but for some reason, there was a solar eclipse happening as well. The clouds started to resemble angels, and I heard the trumpets blow. I was left there. There was screaming and crying as the whole world started panicking.

Sheila: United States

I had this dream three different times. 

I was standing outside. I was seeing people float and go upward into the heavens. I was not going with them. 

I have been saved; I know I am going to be with my Lord and Savior when I die. I saw the brightest aura around a man's body; it was so bright, but it did not hurt my eyes. 

The ascension started. God was beautiful, and all I could feel was such love. Peace and joy were immeasurable. 

I was saved when I was twelve yrs old. As the old song says, "I'm a going to heaven and don't u want to go." 

Yes, we'll all go. If I had a doubt in my mind, I would be begging God to save my soul.

Eric: United States

I woke up in my dream just hanging with some friends that I couldn’t recognize, but they felt like friends.

We’re just walking, and we see a huge hole in the sky with a bright light in the middle, and my friend screams. Jesus is here. All of us got swarmed into the rapture.

It made my heart warm up bc he literally saved me in my dream, and I don’t deserve it. God is beautiful, guys. He’s so loving and great. Nothing will ever surpass him.

Love all you guys so much. 4ever . Amen God bless. :)

Chloe: United States

It all felt so real. I was in the car with my mom in my dream, going down, down, every day. 

In the trees, I see a gigantic creature, opening its wings. Then birds begin to make formations in the sky, finally forming a solid figure, which I can only assume to be an angel. 

There are sounds, weirds sounds, like sound waves going through the air (can be seen as trumpets). My mom and I look at each other, still in disbelief but in awe. 

She says, "let's pray.. just in case". 

We close our eyes, connect hands, and pray. Then, there was a single ding, and it happened.

Mary: United States

I literally just had this dream where this loud horn or trumpet sound could be heard through the whole sky; it sounded like that movie about the archangel Micheal comes to make sure a child is born, and Gabriel was sent to make sure it doesn’t happen, and Micheal ends up winning, and all this takes place at this diner) like then, I started seeing angel-like beings flying around in the sky, and I remember me, my boyfriend, and our two kids were ducking down trying to figure out what’s going on. I remember hearing a voice that said not to run, so we didn’t, but then the angel-like beings started taking our children because they were taking all children to heaven and coming back for the adults who were good inside. I don’t remember anymore because I woke up.

QueenLV: United States

I had a dream years ago that I was either walking home or standing outside and out of nowhere, the sky or everything turned white. 

I can't remember if I heard the trumpets first, but it sounded off three times, and it was so white I couldn't see the clouds anymore.

Then I saw something like a half man half horse appear from the sky with like a spear or something; the trumpets alone woke me up.

 I had another dream like it, but I don't remember that one, just the trumpets.

Veronica: Australia

I had a dream about the rapture and how God wants to raise up an army. On 3/11/2020, I prayed to God, asking that he should show me somethings, about our generation. Also, to prove that he is real. I went to bed and fell asleep.

So, I dreamed my family and I were outside, and the rapture was happening. Before it happened, I saw Jesus and his angels in a boat like the boat Noah had in the bible.

His face was so bright, and he was stetted in the boat with angels with him. The boat was up in the sky, coming to me. All I felt was fear. Five minutes pass and the boat was going back; that's when the rapture started, and angels blew the trumpets.

My family and I went inside. I was scared and tried to call a friend on the phone, but I disappeared. Then I was in a line getting ready to be judged.

I stood in front of God, and he played a clip of a woman  who was explaining to me what hell is like, and she said there will be more youth going to hell than adults. The clip stopped, and that's when I turn back around to look at God's face.

He said, Go and tell my people that I will be coming back very, very soon. Also, tell them that I will be raising up an army of youth and that you have been chosen to do his work and are part of this army.

I woke up with tears rolling down my eyes, and a voice came up saying, don't worry, I have chosen you.

Vimbai: Zimbabwe

Last night I dreamt I was in a public place like a shopping centre. There were a lot of people in that place. Suddenly I saw some of the people were like flying and going up towards heaven. It then registered in my mind that it is probably rapture.

KUDZIE: Zimbabwe

I dreamt waking up around 5 AM in the morning it was still dark outside. I woke up my cousin for us to prepare for the Sunday service. 

Almost 2 hours passed, it was still dark, the sun should have risen but it still dark, the moon was red everyone was standing outside now panicking. Hours passed, and it was still dark.

Joel: Canada

I had this powerful dream about the Lord when he came to get his children.

I had this dream where I was in the basement in my house & it was a warm sunny afternoon, and I was looking outside the eastern window, and my cousin was with me. 

I went to my brother’s room still in the basement, then all of a sudden, I heard a loud trumpet blowing; it was coming from the sky a little toward the eastern sky, & it sounded like a ram or shofar.

It sounded for about a minute after it was done sounding I heard a loud voice from the sky saying WHERE IS MY CHILDREN? after that I got excited because I was going home, my cousin heard the trumpet but not his voice and freaked out crying. Still, I couldn’t help him; it was too late for him because the Lord already came to get his children; the Lord’s voice had authority and power.

I’m tearing up writing this because it’s the Lord’s heart he wants his people to know he’s coming. I had to cry cause it was powerful hearing his voice that loud, and that shofar was a blessing.

I want to encourage you guy’s to walk in your calling stir up the gift of God that is within you 2 Timothy 1:6 that’s why he keeps telling people he’s coming, and to get ready to be judged at the judgment seat of Christ for the callings and giftings he put within us 1 Cor 3:9-15 God bless you guy’s.

Lorelai: United States


This literally happened last night, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind:

I was in a park on a playground with a couple of friends my age. I look up and see in the clouds three people, each holding the hand of a child. Each of the children was glowing white and were bright. Kind of like silhouette except they were white and bright. Right as I look up, I disappear.

Next thing I know, I’m in a hotel room, a two-bed hotel room to be exact. In the hotel room with me are some church friends, my brother, and my aunt, who had passed a couple of years ago.

I tell everyone, “we made it y’all, we made it!” The presence in the room felt so joyous, so happy, and comforting. You can tell and feel the there was no kind of presence of sin.

For some reason, I have my phone with me, I call my mom, and she’s saying, “We made it” My mother is on the phone with her mom, who had passed last year. So it is a three-way call. My grandma is Hispanic and speaks Spanish, but through the calm, I could understand her so clearly, like there were no languages.

I look out of the hotel room; outside of one window is the exact playground I was on when I saw the three people in the sky. In the other window is a washroom with lots of cleaning supplies.

 Next, I try to call my boyfriend. (who is saved) In my phone, his number was blurred, and only two digits showed up. Each time I call, it brings me to different versions of their name.

I get ahold of him on Facetime; I can see and hear him; he cannot hear or see me. I try to type out on the screen, “are you raptured” It seems as if he is in his room unaware of what’s going on. Then I wake up.

Abel: Ghana

I was told this dream by a sister in Christ a number of years ago. At that time, she was not believing or understanding the imminent coming of Christ, so God warned her to get her ready and to understand the rapture of the church. After this dream, she herself began preaching Jesus and the rapture.

Quote: "I dreamed we were in a park with many people, little children, and adults. The park seemed very large, and I could not see the end of the beginning. I saw people peacefully with their families: husbands, wives, and children. Also, my husband and I were together in this park in my dream. There was a little church building in the park, which I noticed later in the vision.

Suddenly there appeared horses in the clouds! Then I saw a chariot, and I heard the sound of a trumpet. Immediately all the little children were missing and some of the adults. The remaining people panicked and were searching for their missing children. Also, some wives were looking for their husbands and some husbands for their wives. My husband was also missing, and I was afraid. Then I saw this tiny church building in the park. Other people also noticed this little church, and they ran for the building and pressed in to enter it, but they trampled each other, trying to get inside this very little church. Everyone wanted to get inside the little church, but it was too late; people just trampled each other. That was the end of the dream." unquote."

Yours in Christ,


Clint: Country

Three nights ago, I had a dream that I was in the rapture. Here is how the dream happened. I was looking out of the window of a room in my house. I looked out, it was dark, maybe 7 pm, not too late. I looked up into the sky and saw an explosion of lighting. It appeared like normal lighting, but it was an explosion of it, shooting out lots of bolts all over the sky. I was hit by one of the bolts of the lighting immediately. There was no pain, but I felt it hit me, and I knew immediately what happened. I knew that it was the rapture.

In the dream, I turned around and saw my three children staring at me. I was floating in the room. The weird thing about the dream was that I felt myself floating, I felt the lighting hit me with no pain at all, I felt a peace and a sense of calm that everything was okay. There was no fear at all. I also knew that I was changed, that I was still me, but different...no sensation of any pain, fear, no sense of need, it was almost a sensation of invincibility, but not like a superhero, no, just a calm sensation of knowing that I was okay.

The only sad thing for me was that my children were not experiencing this in the dream; they were watching. I don't think that really means anything other than that I should keep praying for my children before the REAL rapture happens. The dream was unlike any dream that I have ever had in the content of the dream, the feelings, the sense of peace, and knowing immediately what happened.

I trust the Bible more than I trust my dreams. But it was a really cool experience. If my dream is even a fraction of what the rapture will be like, then I am not afraid at all of it.

I look forward to it. "even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Unmesh: India


I have had many dreams in the past, indicating that I might get left behind in the Rapture. Those dreams were mostly symbolic in nature. (Like arriving late at the Railway station or Bus station and missing the Bus/Train. 

We were supposed to go on an important journey to someplace, but unfortunately, I arrived late at the Railway station and missed the train. On some trains, I was actually on board the train, but when the train halted at some station on the route, I got down from the train for some reason, and I could not get back on time. Thus I was left behind at the Railway station. 

The feelings of disappointment, terror, and loneliness I experienced after being left behind were beyond description. 

I arrived very late at the Railway station in some dreams, but I ran hard, pushing aside the crowd of strangers to board the train at the last moment, just as it was about to depart from the Railway station. These dreams have been very vivid and frightening. I still struggle with some sins in my life.

lease pray for me that I should not be left behind in the Rapture, whenever it occurs. Pray that my family members should also get raptured. Please pray for us as the Holy Spirit might lead you to pray for us. We live in a part of India that is filled with spiritual darkness.

Angela: Canada

Hi, I dreamt tonight that I was in the sea, and it was night, and these two huge ocean liners were coming. As they kept coming, they looked ominous, and thousands of us took off out of the ocean and kept running and running and running from them. 

Then we got to these marble steps, and blood started to drip down all over the steps, and a voice said, this is the blood of the lamb; it is time for the rapture now.

We were all crying and praising the Lord, and then I woke up and had to sit on the edge of my bed in prayer. It felt so real; that was a dream vision; I could feel it in my soul. 

May God bless everyone.

Hay: United States

My mother has had rapture dreams, such as running up and down a hallway saying, "Jesus is coming!" And because of her and God, I have found myself becoming closer to God. We both feel it is very soon.

Anthony: United States

My dream last night was really breathtaking. To start off, I actually just woke up from this dream, even though I had multiple dreams that were all over and different. Besides the other dreams, the dream I woke up from was a sign from Jesus.

I was with some family and friends at a place I've never seen before, and as we are sitting there, a huge wind starts blowing and blows everyone into the house as if we weren't strong enough to go against the wind.

As the wind is blowing us backward, I heard trumpets and a song playing, and I was yelling he's coming, and I yelled to him, and the wind stopped, and the door closed.

I went downstairs and told another family, some didn't believe me, but others were praising Jesus and said, pay attention, he is coming.

I also got a life lesson in the mix.

Jabari: United States

A dream appeared to me; it was one regular night, and I believe I was out at a club that I do regularly at night that I must repent from. It was the second coming of Christ. As everyone was outside in the sky, loud trumpets were sounding.

 It was a swarm of what look like birds flying in circles coming from the heavens down to earth, but as they reached closer to the grounds of the earth, it appeared angels swarming in circles, and a bright figure of a man was the brightness, so bright you can only see the body figure.

 I knew it was Christ, and everyone was running wildly, and it was havoc. Me, knowing who it was and knowing the wrong I been doing, immediately bent down and balled up, cried, and prayed. People were everywhere running to hide, and people were falling on top of my back and stepping on me as I couldn't move because of the terror I felt was coming upon me. 

It was this place everybody ran to for safety, and it was something like a Theater bigger than I ever have seen and all people were there seated, and in there was quietness and no commotion. 

Out of nowhere boom, the sound of a light switch came on as it was dark; a man appeared, and it was Jesus. Everyone was given a microphone to explain their case to Jesus. 

When Jesus got to me and said, oh Jabari Jabari, what do you have to say for yourself? My voice was shaky, and I was in much terror, and from my heart, all I can say was all the sin I had committed. I didn't think I was worthy of him; That was the end of the meaningful part of that dream, and everything else that happened behind it was dreamy like and had nothing to do with the importance. 

I believe Jesus has given me the dream to prepare for what's about to come soon and TO give me a second chance to straighten up my ways and change my heart. "Heavenly Father and the son Jesus Christ who sits right-handed by your thrown, I can't do this without deliverance, so father in heaven, I ask that you please heal me and take me on your path and take away my wicked crooked ways so that your path will be made straight in Jesus name amen!"

Maggie: United States


So I do not go to church, but I do pray from time to time. The night of my dream, I was having bad feelings and thoughts, so I started praying and fell asleep. 

I'm in the car with my little cousin in my dream, she's driving, and we are on the freeway. All of a sudden, the car starts swaying and starts lifting up; we are floating up. 

I look down and see several cars float up, some stayed. We started passing clouds, and I said to myself, this is happening; this is the rapture.

A second later, we are standing in this line, and some man with a clipboard is talking to everyone one by one. I'm thinking to myself, are my kids somewhere here and my fiancee? 

I look to my side and see this actor and told him that he's not supposed to be there since he has done bad things. I woke up before it went further.

Abel: Ghana


One evening (20th Sept), there was a serious argument in my house, and someone raged against me. This time I was able to remain calm, and I believe I did not sin. 

Because I was grieved and hurt, I turned to God in prayer, releasing forgiving, and I kept praising the Lord with many worship songs till I fell asleep. 

I was so glad that I did not lose my temper. I believe praising the Lord in the midst of our pain opens a door for God to come through (and reveal his mysteries to us).

Then I dreamed of the rapture: 

I dreamed that it was night and I and some people were outside. Suddenly my clothing became radiantly white, and this also happened to about four men who stood in front of me, but the rest of the people were not changed, but I knew this was the rapture. 

Then I remember being lifted up, but I did not go very far. I was somehow floating about 2 meters (or 6 feet) high in the air, and I was floating in the air in one direction but not up.

Now I got worried why I could not fly up to the clouds in the rapture? Then a woman was running after me trying to grab my clothing (to keep me from going up).

In a panic, I looked up to heaven and lifted my arms to God and shouted: “Jesus, Jesus!”  Immediately I accelerated with great speed towards heaven.

It felt exactly like a "wind tunnel". My body went up towards heaven (in my dream) and I was going through the air with great speed (and could feel the wind), and it was so awesome!

That was the end of the dream.

Duece: United States


I had a dream where many people were running away; all of the sudden, I saw what could possibly be angels gathering around Certain people laying their hands upon their shoulders. When multiple people gathered together, they would Surround them in a huddle, and the angels would vanish with them. 

As I Looked up into the sky, I saw three figures standing but gliding across the clouds; the figure in the middle was the largest one, and as I looked, I felt a huge loving presence. 

At that moment, I knew it was the rapture.

Yolanda: United Kingdom


In my dream, I was in a room, and I fell into what appeared to be a trance of some sort, and I felt The Holy Spirit come upon me from within, lifting me off the ground, and before I knew it, I was in the air, and there was nothing but light around me. 

I looked down and could see others also being lifted inside the light, and then I came out of the trance. In the dream, the others in the room thought I was asleep, but I told them I wasn’t because my eyes were open!

Mauricio: United States


I'm terrible at remembering details of the dreams that I have, but I remember almost all of this one. 

I'm my dream I was with my entire family; it was some kind of family party, probably Christmas or New Years, because everyone was wearing heavy jackets and sweaters. We were all scared inside the house because it felt like there was going to be an earthquake. The earth was shaking, and we were watching the news trying to find an explanation, and the news people were also confused. I'm in Texas, by the way, and it's not an earthquake zone. We all went outside, and it appeared to be raining, but we weren't getting wet. We looked up in the sky, and saw a bright light forming a huge cross in the sky. We immediately knew Jesus was coming. I looked around my entire family, and everyone went silent and raised both arms. I was very confused, so I raised mine too, but I started talking out loud. I don't know why, but I just started asking for forgiveness for all of my sins. I guess I had a feeling we were going to die, or I don't know I just felt like I had to do that. Well, that was my dream; I've never had a dream about God, at least that I can remember, so I looked it up and found this place, and I had to share it! Sorry if it was long.

Grandma: United States


Last night, I dreamed I was out in water somewhere with my grandbaby, who is five months old, and another family of who I don't remember who was with me. 

The water became kind of swirly and warm. I saw people in white ascending into the sky, and I knew it was the rapture. 

All of a sudden, a flash of light and I was in a city with lots of people, but I had my grandbaby with me. I began looking for my father, who passed away. 

My mom, who is still alive, then appeared and changed my grandson for me; in the other room was my father in law, who passed away a year ago. He was young and healthy. 

I then saw my aunt, who is still alive, and my grandbaby's mother. I was looking for my son and saw him for a brief moment.

Armando: Country

I was at a playground in my hometown, and nobody else was there besides a faceless person; next thing I know, I look up in the sky, and the clouds are Jesus' face, and I start to rise up.

Nicky: United States


This rapture dream was very short, and I don’t remember much detail.

But before this dream, I was sinning throughout the day, and before bed, I confessed my sins like I always do before bed and played soft Christian music for my daughter to sleep earlier. I fell asleep and had this crazy beautiful dream.  

It was night time, and I was outside with my daughter in my arms. I’m not too sure why I was outside or what I was doing, but I remember in the dream, I started to see people from far and near getting lifted up with a glow around their body. At that point, I already knew what time it was. It was rapture time, baby!

Moments after, I feel my body getting lifted up, and I can still feel the breeze when I was getting lifted. It was very bright and almost like a twilight zone type of tunnel, and I still had my baby in my arms. Then boom, I ended up in this almost like a banquet room with other people, and everything was very light in color, either white or very light cream or beige. 

I was looking around and soaking in the moment because I was still shocked that Jesus accepted me and let me go up. Moments later, I saw HIM! He walked into the room, and my eyes lit up. 

 I awoke from the dream and realized it wasn’t the real rapture... but it really opened my eyes!Nicky: United States

This rapture dream was very short, and I don’t remember much detail.

But before this dream, I was sinning throughout the day, and before bed, I confessed my sins like I always do before bed and played soft Christian music for my daughter to sleep earlier. I fell asleep and had this crazy beautiful dream.  

It was night time, and I was outside with my daughter in my arms. I’m not too sure why I was outside or what I was doing, but I remember in the dream, I started to see people from far and near getting lifted up with a glow around their body. At that point, I already knew what time it was. It was rapture time, baby! Moments after, I feel my body getting lifted up, and I can still feel the breeze when I was getting lifted. It was very bright and almost like a twilight zone type of tunnel, and I still had my baby in my arms. Then boom, I ended up in this almost like a banquet room with other people, and everything was very light in color, either white or very light cream or beige. 

I was looking around and soaking in the moment because I was still shocked that Jesus accepted me and let me go up. Moments later, I saw HIM! He walked into the room, and my eyes lit up. 

 I awoke from the dream and realized it wasn’t the real rapture... but it really opened my eyes!

Comment by M.J.M: United States 

The Rapture is no JOKE!!! In the history of nightmares and dreams, nothing has EVER happened at this scale and frequency!!!

Thousand of unfortunate souls are experiencing demonic so-called “alien abductions” every year. Yet MILLIONS of people around the world are SIMULTANEOUSLY having prophetic rapture dreams EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!

Acts 2: 16-21, tells us  that in the very last of the last days, God's Spirit will pour out into us, and OUR young people would have powerful visions, and OUR elderly people would dream prophetic dreams!!!

If it were only a few hundred to perhaps a thousand people having these experiences, I would be skeptical. But this is MILLIONS of people, some of whom never ONCE believed in anything but Darwin!!! 

This is downright PHENOMENAL!!! This is simply too colossal to ignore!!! No joke, people!!! MILLIONS of people having the precise same dream!!?!! Uh,... that ain’t no ordinary “dream,” Jack!!! Very soon, our binders will be cut, and we will fly away!!!!!

Noah: Uganda


This was the time I had a spiritual revival in my life. Before this dream that whole day, I sinned many times, and that night I got this dream.

It was a normal day just like others, but suddenly the rapture happened, Christ took the church, and I was left behind; the holy spirit was still on earth seated somewhere in tears for the children of God that were left behind, and she was in the form of a lady.

Now I approached her and said, "oh spirit of God, we are sorry we have sinned, we have lived a reckless life, please give us a second chance," but she replied that the time was past and that she had nothing more to do!

After a long period of lamenting before her, she forgave me and said that she had given us another chance, so I was with two girls; she took us to a field and pointed upwards, and suddenly, we started lifting up to the sky slowly.

Wow, the feeling was super awesome. As we moved past the level of clouds, we encountered a large city of gold with high walls, and we had reached one of its gates, but the doors were open because Christ had just brought in the church. 

Two men (angels) in white robes were standing each on the other side of the gate, and as we were entering, our filthy earthly clothes were changed to beautiful white clothes, and I felt a chain or shield-like covering my heart such DAT I could know that lying is a sin, but I couldn't lie forever.

On entering the place was wow the floor was shining gold, so beautiful with pearls; I can't describe that place with earthly words, but it was soo large, and I saw people of all tongues and countries that were raptured by Christ all in white in peace, joy, and harmony, they were talking of how they had nearly made it to heaven.

I looked up, and there were no lights. Still, the place was extra shining, and light came from one point and covered the whole heaven now while I was there.

I saw the devil arrive in heaven, and I remembered Job 1:6. The devil came with his child, the devil's child was naked and had this mark on his forehead it was like a wound-shaped like the moon and star symbol on top of mosques; then I woke up.

Ashley: United States


I was outside and in the distance had seen a huge explosion. I ran inside to tell my parents, and when we came back out, the ground was rumbling, and huge waves of water that seemed taller than the sun were coming towards us. 

I ran the opposite way and saw a wave about to crash down on me. I knew I would die and jumped fearlessly into the wave saying, “I love you, God,” and then a force pulled me up into the sky. Everything was white, and I knew I was being pulled into heaven. 

My whole body felt chills, and this was the most meaningful dream I’ve ever had. I think in our lifetime, we will see the rapture.

Amanda: United States


In my dream, the rapture was about to take place, and for some reason, I knew this and had been "chosen" to tell children what they were supposed to do. 

It would take place over several days, with the majority of kids going first, then the elderly. It had to be grey clouds in the sky, and the kids needed to walk outside and jump up. When they did, they would start floating like a balloon up into the clouds. The most amazing but difficult part was when I had to show my own children what to do and say goodbye to them until it was my turn, and I was unsure of when that would be. 

This may not be relevant, but there was the most beautiful bluebird I have ever seen in this dream, and he was as tall as your average adult, and he walked around beside people talking to them and letting them pet him.

Millie: United Kingdom

Last night 09/23/2020, I had a dream. I was driving down a road, and there were dead bodies and blood all over the road, and all I remember was being frightened and confused. 

Then I was walking through the forest with my family, and I saw a work colleague about 100ft ahead of me shouting ‘it’s coming, it’s the rapture.

 Then a huge cloud swept through and lifted us off our feet while filling us with joy and happiness. After that, the cloud seemed to fade. We kept walking, and everyone around us seemed happy and joyful.

Isabella: United States

On 9/20/20 I had a dream, and it was no ordinary dream!

My husband and I had gotten into an argument, so I drove off to cool down, and I was at the movies. 

All of a sudden angels came down from heaven, sort of like in chariots, and there were hundreds of them, but nobody could see them except me. 

They told me that the rapture was right at the door, and that is why they had left heaven, to warn the believers, the born again children of God. 

One of the angels asked me a question about a note that I wrote.

Nobody knows the day nor the hour of Jesus Christ’s return, but It woke me up.

Marissa: United States

In my dream, I was outside with my sister, and all of a sudden, one by one, I had seen a few kids being pulled slowly into the sky by a long strip of light.

Paige: United States

 09/12/20 This year has been the year I have connected to God and been the closest I’ve ever been with him in my 24 years of life. 

I had a rough year started the year off with filing for divorce and losing my job. Lately, I have been fascinated with watching YouTube videos about COVID, the pedophile ring, which led to me watching videos about the spiritual war we are going through between good and evil.

Last night I had a dream. I was in a city-like area like New York, and it was a gloomy sunny day, but the sky looked like it wanted to rain, but it didn’t.

 I was working at this salon, and I ended up storming out because I was mad for some reason, and I kept talking to people on the street, and they kept coming up to me and saying, you need to get ready. And I kept saying for the rapture? And everybody I talked to said yeah, and then I woke up.

Tierra: United States


My dream isn't too vivid, but it was lengthy. It started with me driving a car. I had to drop the car owner and some guy I think I was dating off at the mall. They left their phones, but they took the key and cranked up the car from the outside and left.

 I knew I couldn't turn off the car and crank it up again, so I went to find my mom's truck. The truck was parked in front of a statue, so I said I'll just switch vehicles and let them take this later. 

I was trying to unlock the guy's phone since he left it. Then I was at a party for him. I had a light around my head, and a pink necklace with arrows pointing him to a location, and he had to follow the lights. A bunch of people had the pink necklaces with arrows that lit up, and "this guy" was to follow. 

It led to a huge dinner table; I think it was his birthday, and we sat down. I'm not sure who was there; I just know he was across from me. There were cards on the table, and my card said, "I'm coming back," so I started telling everyone Jesus is coming back real soon, but they kind of ignored me. 

It was beautiful outside, and I started thinking about the calm before the storm. The wind outside slowly started to pick up, and there was someone outside arguing. I started reading another card that said to write a Bible verse down and attach it to the guy's watch, so we'll never forget. 

I started writing, then next thing you know, it started storming, and someone was thrown through the window from the argument; they came in through one window and went out of the other window. I knew Jesu was coming then. 

I took the guy to the bathroom and taped the verse to his watch. It was storming so bad I had to dry off his wrist to get the verse to stay. It wasn't a real Bible verse, but it was real at the time in my head. I started praying with him, asking if he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

 He said he does, next thing you know, he, my mom, and I  were outside holding hands, and the storm had calmed down; we were holding hands in a circle, and I saw a blue light on all of us. 

We started to rise in the air, and as we were going up, my mom became worried about my sister. We started praying that my sister had gotten her life together before it was too late. Once in the clouds, I saw many people, some I knew, many I didn't. I started hugging everyone while looking and still praying for my sister; then I woke up.

Crystal: United States

In my dream...It's nighttime, and I am driving down the road with my kids. I look over to my right, and there is this big white ball of very bright white light. It looks as if it is coming from the top of a tree, maybe.

I tell the kids to look. Look at that light. What is that? How cool is that, I say, and as I turn back forward, I see a rainbow in the night sky. At the same time, I feel a very real sensation that passes through me, so I look around, and the kids are gone.

Then I wake up. I don't know why, but I feel like I was experiencing the rapture; it felt real, and in the dream, that's what was going through my mind; this is the rapture. I felt afraid and happy at the same time.

Lorena: United States

I actually had this dream last night, Sept. 3, 2020.

 My sister and I were outside playing when all of a sudden, I looked up into the sky and seen I giant opening, and I saw glowing coming down with a big star, and I knew at that moment that it was the rapture and I didn’t know I was in a dream at that point.

All of a sudden, I appeared in a waiting room type area with lots of people, and names were appearing of the people that were going to heaven; everyone was so excited, and my name was with my fathers, sisters.

Then I woke up and was very shocked, and I prayed to Jesus and went back to sleep. I feel this was a sign that the rapture is close, and I’m going to heaven; it’s hard to explain how I feel, but thanks for reading my experience. :)

Sheila: United States

My dream was about three years ago, but I have never forgotten it. I do not have vivid dreams. I was speaking to my father, who had passed on, and it was night all around us. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud, piercing trumpet sound, and I looked and saw white coming out of the sky.

It kept getting larger, and then I saw a white horse with Jesus upon it; at that moment, I felt my soul rising up out of my body and into the air. My brain told me, "This is the rapture, and it's happening," and I really truly at that moment believed it had happened. Only when I woke up did I realize that it was a dream.

In my heart, I knew it was more than a dream and was a promise and preview from the Lord. I will never doubt again, and I praise Jesus and the heavenly father for the glorious vision in my sleep.

Cheri: United States

This was actually my daughter's dream. I dreamed that there was a chaotic crowd running when suddenly there was a break in the dark clouds. A long bolt of horizontal light was coming through the clouds, and I was screaming for Justin, my husband. 

Everybody was shouting, "we have to get on this side of the line if you want to go." I kept saying, where is Justin, where is Justin. 

Then a very large Jesus appeared over to the right on the ground. I ran to him and fell at his feet, crying.

Dave: United States

About five years ago, I dreamt that I was caught up in the rapture. 

In my dream, I was simply going about my everyday errands, but in the very next moment I was flying through the air at very high speed, surrounded by thousands, perhaps millions all around me dressed in white, above me, below me, all around me, and all of us heading in the same direction through the sky. 

At that moment, I knew exactly what was happening. I was being caught up with the Lord. The shout that filled the air was like a football stadium's deafening sound when a game-winning touchdown is scored. It was literally a continuous roar of people shouting for joy. 

I remember hugging people next to me that I didn't know, shouting with absolute joy and excitement. All of my worries were gone, no stressful concerns, no obligations hanging over my head, just pure unadulterated joy, and excitement. I immediately began shouting praises of thanks to the Lord. 

Then I woke up, the images and sounds still crisp in my mind. It was so real, the imagery so sharp, it was like it really happened, to a point where waking up was a bit of a letdown. It was very early in the morning, but I woke my wife up anyway and enthusiastically told her what just happened to me. It was absolutely wonderful and amazing. 

I pray that the Lord in his grace will let me experience the real thing sometime soon. This is the first time I've shared this with anyone other than my immediate family. 

When I see the events unfolding around us in the world today, I'm reminded that Christ's return is near, and we have to avoid being caught up in these worldly troubles. 

Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, keep hope in your hearts, and don't let anybody steal your joy, because we have so much to look forward too.

Emma: Canada

I had a dream last night:

I have these dreams of a twisted version of my home town. I’ve had them since I was a little kid. I’m always in houses that I know, but I can never remember who’s or where they are.

 But the past few nights, I’ve been trying to call on higher positive powers (God and the Holy Spirit or anything trying to help me grow spiritually and positively). Last night was the one that tied all of my childhood nightmares about my home town and the weird eerie familiar feeling I have thinking or having these dreams. 

I’m in my house, the one I live in now this time it looked normal. I check the time it’s 11:42 am. I look up out the dining room window, and all of a sudden, the sky is pitch black, and there are floating lights in pairs in the sky, almost on an angle towards each other like butterfly wings. 

They were very very faintly moving, and after a few seconds of looking at them, terrified with my mother, boyfriend, and siblings, my mother looks at me and says; “he’s here,” or something along the lines of, “he’s coming this is our warning the devil is here:” 

the lights turned red in a spilt second, and they disappeared, and the sky turned light again. As soon as that happened, everything started going to war.

There were demonic baby dolls almost and animals, good, evil, spiritual, everything was at war. Nothing living was safe. 

If you are reading this, be prepared. I’m only 16, and I’m having these dreams like crazy the world is starting to burn slowly, and we will all burn with it if we do not turn to the almighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I get cold chills just thinking about this dream. 

I wasn’t sure if that’s what that dream really meant, but now I know. I will be ready, for I am a child of God. Be prepared. Look for God everywhere for this world is so full of evil and deception. 

This is not the only dream I’ve had like this, but the only one that’s brought me this far; it brought me to this page. It opened my eyes completely and fully made me realize how close it is. 

God bless you all. And amen

Shawn: United States

Hi! I recently started looking into religion and faith and what that means to me. With COVID and the quarantine, I've had 167 days (who's counting ) to get lost in thoughts and fall down rabbit holes. The rabbit holes lead me here...to God to religion.

Every weird 'conspiracy theory' I looked into lead me to read the Bible to find God again. I hadn't thought about church or God since I was really young, 20 years ago or so. But for whatever reason, I've been drawn back to religion. 

A few days ago, I believe it was Friday I had a dream about the Rapture; I haven't even looked at a bible since I was maybe 12 and honestly know practically nothing about the events that are described. But somehow I knew in my dream that it was the Rapture. 

I felt a cool breeze, and the sky was like an oil painting in vanilla and cream colors, not blue, no white clouds. There were thousands if not more wide-brimmed hats - no people, no bodies, just millions of Kentucky Derby like hats floating up into the sky. 

I felt nervous as I watched the hats float higher; I wasn't sure if I could do it? (I'm not clear on what it was but it felt like I wasn't sure I would be able to rise, or would I fall)? 

I closed my eyes and took a step - I was without fear or anxiety. Now I felt peace and happiness and the crisp breeze all around me. And then I woke up.

Joshua: United States

I had a Dream of a bad lightning rainstorm. It showed up out of the blue and became a bright light that opened from the sky; then, a bright light shined down from earth, and God Started lifting People from the ground into this wonderful light. 

I went to check out the light, and when I got closer, the light lifted me up. As I was being lifted to the sky, I saw my wife and two kids looking at me, and when I looked up, I saw a pretty color from the cloud, and that's when I woke up.

 I get goose-bumps talking about this. My dream felt so real. God is Good. I will always keep trust in God.

Matt: United States


8/24/20 I was walking with my wife and 1 of my children. I noticed my feet felt as they were not on the ground anymore. I looked around, and everyone else who was walking began to rise, and the people in cars were watching us. Shortly after, we were in a large hallway with just walls; I don't remember a floor or ceiling. There were large doors ahead, and everyone was waiting. The feelings were calm and happy.

Taylor: United States

It was my first ever dream like this and the most vivid one I remember. Yesterday I prayed many times for God to help me be who he wants me to be, and I prayed that he would guide and show me what he needs me to do.

My dream was outside of my house; I was with some family members. The world was in bad condition, and I was scared to even be outside my home. Some things were happening, and I remember my mom shouting Jesus is coming, at that moment I saw like puffs of cloud shooting across the sky, then I heard the loud trumpet and knew in my heart He was coming.

I lifted my hands up in praise, and at that moment, my body started lifting from the ground, and it was the most amazing peaceful feeling. After that, I remember looking down and seeing there were a lot of people who had been left behind, it made me so sad, and I cried a lot, then I woke up. 

This experience really touched my heart and changed my way of thinking. Let’s be ready and get others ready for His return.

Lorraine: South Africa

Rapture Dream

Early this morning 23/08/2020

I was with my colleagues at work, but it looks looked like we were writing a test. All of a sudden, I looked outside, and I saw the white horses in mid-air, and I said to my colleague, "the time has arrived." 

I was the only one who ascended out of all the people, and I was crying and telling them goodbye. I was sad that they were not coming with me and told them before I ascended, that I am leaving the flesh behind only my soul is ascending. 

It was so scary that it felt real. Then I woke up.

Mayana: United States

Today I had my first rapture dream.

I was inside, and it got dark like a thunderstorm type of dark, In my dream, I look out the window and see a ball of light as a man comes down with beautiful white wings, I ran to my mother who was outside looking at him as he came down.

I was emotional, telling my mom, "he is coming; he is here mom, he is here;" She grew with happiness saying, "yes, baby, he is here." Then I woke up.

Kathy: United States

I’ve had three raptures dreams already.

The 1st one: I was standing outside of my home with family and heard a loud noise, and the sun got so bright...when I realized what was happening I got to my knees and lifted my arms, and it was like a wind tunnel effect, and I woke up.

2nd: I only remember hearing the trumpets and bowing my head, and it was the same wind tunnel feeling, and I woke up crying, and my heart was pounding out of my chest as if I had just gotten off of a roller coaster.

Then last night: I remember the sun falling, and I bowed my head and again the same wind tunnel effect...waking up just drained and heart racing with so much adrenaline, but for sure, I know the Lord is speaking to me!! 

Thank you, God, for loving a sinner like me..who doesn’t deserve the grace and mercy You give.!!! Amen!

Elaine: United States

I saw a large sun appear in the sky. And all of a sudden, I was being pulled upward towards it. I knew it was the rapture because my entire life I have heard Jesus would come for us. I could see others around me being pulled upward also.

As I was ascending toward the light, dark forces were descending upon the earth. I had no fear, but I remember praying as I saw them.

As I approached the fireball, it became a large spiral tunnel of fire. I remember being pulled into it, and the fire purified me as I went through it.

Then, as quickly as it started, everything stopped, and before everyone was Jesus. All I could do was say His name, Jesus!!!

Brian: United States

In my dream, I was hanging with some friends, and there was an earthquake, and there was a bright light in the sky, and I started raising, and many other people also did, and then I woke up.

Kea: South Africa

I had a rapture dream last night.

I was on my way home (walking), and then I felt a stroke of heat on my arm. When I looked up to the sky, I heard a loud noise (boom) and saw a big rock heading towards earth.

I ran home, and when I got there, I went to my sibling's room to get clothes to prepare for the coming of Jesus. When I looked out of the window, I saw a bright light descending, and I realized that it was the Lord.

I woke up sweating. It really felt real.

Rose: Canada

He visited me in my dreams. 

I was out with my family, and there was a big silhouette of Jesus in the sky it was sunset, but the sun was shining towards him; I immediately kneeled down crying, and the people were speechless. 

As I was kneeling face down on the ground crying, the angels lined up and made way for him, and he slowly came down with open arms. 

The dream ended, and I felt so at ease and confused about what he was telling me, but I know he is coming soon

Vasilis: Greece

In July 2020, I had a rapture dream.

I remember standing on a mountainside, evening time, alone, but there were 2-3 other people over there. I think there were some windmills too.

While I was working on something, I think I was collecting grass, and I turned my head left and saw lots of people ascending to the sky, while some others stood watching. Then, I saw a girl standing near me, being ascended too. Then I remember saying: "Please, me too."

And then I got ascended also.

Then I woke up.

Cathy: United States

 In my Rapture dream. I am standing outside of the old church I went to as a child. I am looking inside the window. I see my cousin and my aunt, who is gone to be with Jesus. She, She was blind her whole life.they are talking. Then I'm in the church with them; then all of a sudden I'm at the window again.

My face is turned up to the sky there is a stairway. and Jesus is standing at the top. I cry out to Jesus, why am I being left behind. Jesus wants to look at me or tell me why. I am so hurt in my heart; I try my best to do he will and live a Christian life. I gave him my soul my all everything. I keep praying for Jesus to talk to me.

Adienne: United States

I had a dream of the rapture.

Seneca: United States

So, I was in the car with my mom, and we were getting out of a parking lot, but there was a beach, and a bunch of people running bc of the loud sound.

We got in the car and were driving almost on a highway, and I saw the clouds moving, and then I saw Jesus open up the clouds. So I put my hands up and started crying and I felt my spirit rise up and then that’s kind of it.

Patricia: United States

I dreamed that my son and I were standing in a kitchen window when we saw people going up in the air. I went outside and to the neighbor's house, then went back outside. 

I felt someone grab me around my waist as we started to ascend into the sky. We got so far up, and we stopped. A voice asked me to stick out my right hand and for me to turn my head. 

When I turned my head, I looked up, and it was as if I was looking in a mirror, and I saw red numbers flash across my forehead too fast for me to make out what they were. 

Then the voice said to turn back around, I'm sending you back down there, but I'm coming back to get you. And I woke up.

Abraham: United States

Hi, I'm Abraham, I've had two dreams of the rapture, one was when I was at church with my family; sorry if it sounds weird, but I was at church. I'm not lying, but I saw a flying saucer. (I don't believe in aliens, only God).

I saw it land on top. How do I know? I'm outside of the church, then as soon as I go inside, I see clothes on the chair and see 4-5 people from my church staying, including myself. 

I got scared and ran away, as I'm running away; I meet people who say, get that kid, I missed, and then I woke up scared and crying.

Another one is I don't know where I'm at, I know I'm with a car I'm familiar with. As soon as I open the door I get a something in my head saying look outside and look up, as soon as they said that I was confused then I do what it says, I hear the trumpet I was scared, but then I see white figures go up, I wake up scared.

I've changed a lot, and I've confessed my sins to the people I have affected, and the people I've hurt. I stopped listening to rap and am only listening to Christian music, praying before every meal, the only one I'm having a hard time with is not cursing, that's a hard one, all of the sin. 

But I'm tired of asking for forgiveness. I ask myself why can't I stop; I'm going to start praying for God to help me with this, I've also surpassed Lust, so it can't affect me anymore, I've felt that I've grown a stronger bond with God, because of that. And if your reading this, thank you, and God bless you!!!

Bobby: United States

I had this rapture dream two months ago. I was sitting at my desk at work, and it was a normal, sunny day. Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying to get to the top floor of my building immediately. I excitedly jumped up and yelled, "it's time!" 

Once I got to the top floor, a few people I didn't know were already standing together praying with their heads down, eyes closed, holding hands, and smiles on their faces, because the Holy Spirit had told them the same thing he told me, at the same time. 

Then the Holy Spirit told us all that Jesus was going to be there in 2 minutes and to keep praying. It was the strangest, calmest happiness I ever felt. I didn't know I was dreaming; it felt so real. 

The surreal residual buzz of the Holy Spirit's presence lasted for hours after I woke up. Like an incredible, other-worldly joy and lightness inside. 

The night before, I was praying to know how my time on earth would end. I asked God to show me, but only if the ending is not too unbearable to see. It ended up being surprisingly nice. He's coming soon! Be ready at a moment's notice!

Susan: United States

I woke up at 3:00 am with a rapture dream. I was on a bus! There weren’t many people on it. We got on the bus to escape something and to find shelter. A friend was driving us there. I looked out the window into the sky and saw the clouds start to part. I said to a friend, “Jesus is coming!” I’m not sure I actually believed it was right at that moment.

Then my skirt fell off. My friend and I laughed heartily. Then I awoke. I wasn’t sure what it all meant. I prayed and sang. 

Then I remembered that our clothes will all be left behind. Praise the Lord! I went to the internet and searched Rapture dreams. You can imagine my surprise to find your dream about a bus!

Ella: Canada

I had a dream.

There was two Bus which is empty one of the Bus is my uncle Bus, but he passed away already; I see that there is money that he left in there, but when I looked away two teenagers took it. I tried to tell someone to catch them, but they are already gone. 

I looked at the sky; it was turning red, and there is a drawing of a big white dove. I shouted, "let's pray for the Lord has come. "All of the buildings crumbled, and all turn to despair; many people worry for the lost.

I, my mother, and our little sister Erika were told to follow the path. A path of dry wheat in the harvest season. Many others told us to follow their path, but we wouldn't. At the end, there was a room where they would choose what place we should go. My sister goes to heaven, for she is innocent, my mother I don't know; Me, to hell, for I have committed sins, but I kneel and beg for his forgiveness that I will live for him, and I cried a lot.

Then there was a blue male angel that says that he will make sure that I will change for I was his bride. I look at his face but it was nothing, except his aura was so soft that my feeling for him was so tender. I'm so happy that I want to hug him, but then he stops it; not time, he says.

We were told to fall in line taht was divided into four groups elderly, children, teen, and middle age.

We were given food, but the group of teen girls are picky and tried to bully me, so I keep myself silence and move away. The blue angel ask me why am I way from the others? I cried, and he hugged me. My negative emotions seem to lift, and I feel like I'm in heaven.

We were in the room, hugging each other.

Then we jump into a different scenario.

There was a group of people protecting our place because there is a lot of evil people trying to invade our place, so we fight them until the sun goes down.

Tess: United States

July 16, 2020

As I lay sleeping, I had a dream in which the scene changes twice. 

The first scene was that I was standing outside at night. It appeared to me as if I was in the city limits on some sort of sidewalk, and all of a sudden, I heard a loud horn. It was like a trumpet, but not like the trumpets that you hear people play today. It was a deep trumpet, sounding in a high pitch and then low. 

Suddenly, when I and a few others on the street heard it, we turned and faced the sound of the trumpet, and I looked up. As soon as I did, I felt my body being lifted off the ground very gently, and as I was being lifted, I was moving through some clouds, and I began thanking the Lord for his graciousness.

After being lifted, I was taken into a room where there were lots of people. There were some tables and chairs, and while I was sitting, I could not stop smiling, and I was trying to figure out what the room was.

Then the next scene changed, and I was back on earth, and the horn blew again. A man was beside me, and as he and I  looked up in the sky, I saw a machine with gears turning in the sky, something like a clock gear, something like I have never seen before. 

I felt in my heart that I was being called up, but the man beside me was not, so he began staring at the gear image in the sky; he was looking with his eyes, but not comprehending or understanding what he was seeing.

Mark: Country

I looked up at the night sky, but there were no stars, then I noticed white clouds passing overhead, but as I looked closer, I saw they were angels driving chariots. They were coming to get believers in Jesus.

Jamie: United States


1. Supplies were being loaded onto an ark or a very large ship made of wood.; there were also barrels of food and drink. I was watching it being loaded from above. All that was needed was already loaded, but they were getting extra while they waited to leave.

2. Three elevators next to each other, they were very ornate looking. There was some malfunction causing the elevators not to show up, and I saw glowing coming from behind the elevator doors. I and a few others were waiting for them; someone had said that they would be here soon.

Kateland: United States

On Jan 28, 2020, I had a dream about Jesus returning: 

I was In the middle of the street in my neighborhood; I pointed at the sun for some odd reason and was just looking at the sky when dark grey clouds started to cover the sun.

Then I heard super-loud thunder, and there was severe lightning. I tried to run to my house, and then lightning struck my house, and it was destroyed. I tried to run to my neighbors, and it was also destroyed.

So I stayed where I was, and I heard the sky roaring; then the ground was shaking, the ground was splitting, then I heard the shofar (trumpet) so loud and powerful that it silenced the world.

The storm stopped; it was quiet, and then I saw a bright white light; the light was so bright it was brighter than the sun itself made like an entrance and the clouds opened.

I saw the white horse, and Jesus was riding on it; he was wearing a red robe or cloak. I saw him far away though he was going towards the left, and then I woke up.

and I felt God telling me to tell everyone what you have seen tell people who don't believe of my coming that I am coming back tell everyone what I have shown you

Guys we don't have time anymore we have to repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and savior our king and believe that he died for us on the cross for our sins we must get right with God there's no more time left, God bless everyone.

Georgia: United Kingdom

I was in a large field, that looked destroyed. Buildings became rubble, there were people, but we were just stood in this field, I can’t remember what doing. Then all of a sudden, a shining light came through, and a cloud formed. It was so bright, but somehow it was not blinding, it was peaceful.

Then, our Lord and Saviour came through the clouds from Heaven, surrounded by angels blowing trumpets and singing. Everyone fell to the ground in absolute amazement. I just wanted to stay there forever. When I woke, I felt a sense of disbelief that I was actually in my bed.

I have always been a Christian, but when I moved to secondary school, I lost my relationship with God. It was a few months before this dream that I reconnected with God.

Let it be known that before this dream, I had never been told of the rapture. Or if I had, it was from when I was a young child, and I had forgotten it. God bless.

Jamie: United States


I was sitting in a room with my family; my mom, and dad, husband and brother, and sister. They were all laughing and joking about an alien invasion coming. I told them I'm not going to be taken by aliens, but I would disappear in the rapture soon, then the aliens would show up in another wave. They didn't take me seriously as usual, but I knew they would know what happened once I was gone.

Marissa: United States

June 30, 2020: This dream happened last night. 

I was in my room doing whatever I was doing to pass the time. All of a sudden, it got dark, and my dad ran into my room, saying we had to leave. It was chaos. Storms that have not even been classified were brewing. I had never seen such a sight. I was fearful. 

Then we somehow all ended up at a church. It was as if we were getting one last chance or a warning before it happened. Everyone around me seemed excited. People were cheering, and smiles lit their faces. They were ready for this rapture! 

But for some reason, I felt different. Tears streamed down my face as pressure was placed upon my body. I was shaking. I was fearful. I was unsure. With fear written all over my face and tears gushing down, I looked up to my dad and said, “I’m scared that I’m going to hell. I don’t know if I’m saved.” 

With a sudden urge, he told me, “my daughter, it’s not too late. Now is the time,” and like that, I truly believed as I recited a prayer to accept Jesus in my heart. As the last words left my mouth, the pressure was lifted from my soul. I knew I had a place in heaven. And just like that, all of his children praised Him by singing songs of praise. 

I truly felt Jesus’ presence in this dream.

George: United States


I had a dream about 20 years ago of being a Christian speaker at an outdoor conference. The venue was in a hot, humid climate where trees lined the sides of the seating area like a tall fence. 

Although I had received death threats, I felt strongly that I needed to share the gospel.  I asked the master of ceremonies not to introduce me using my formal name. 

Well, the master of ceremonies was so happy to see me that he forgot just to say my first name. It would not have mattered, because a huge explosion occurred.

I saw my body parts fly by and realized our souls are translucent in the shape of a teardrop. As the dust settled, the carnage unfolded around us. All those on stage, their bodies were destroyed, but our souls remained for just a moment. Then we started to rise up towards the sky.

As I looked down, my heart was filled with anguish for those hurt and badly injured. The survivors cried for us who had died. All I could do was to pray for them. 

Then the focus of our sadness began to subside as we continued to soar into the sky.

The clouds broke, and I saw Jesus with a host of angels. The Angels were playing trumpets and singing, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna In the highest.”

The sadness experienced moments earlier was replaced with incredible peace and joy that cannot be described by using words.

Then the dream ended.

Bernadette: United States

Several years ago, as a believer, I had a dream of seeing a large airplane with people boarding it. I sensed it was time to get on the plane because it was nearing the rapture. 

I stood away from the plane, feeling I didn't want to leave this earth. (Although I loved Jesus, I was also glued to earth). But I boarded the plane within seconds, barely getting on in time.

Elaine: United States

I had this dream in 2017:

 I was driving somewhere with my son; he was in the backseat. I believe it was Summer because the trees were in full bloom, and the leaves were green. 

I was driving down a hill, and it was a sunny day with some clouds. I noticed there were cars parked alongside the road, and people were out of their cars looking up at the sky. 

I was wondering what was going on, so I decided to get out of my car. I left my son In the car because he was sleeping; for some reason, as soon as I got out of my car and looked up, and it felt like my heart stopped for a second, and I became fearful. 

I knew it was our Lord; there was this bright blinding light, brighter than the sun, that was coming toward the earth. It was so powerful and Majestic that I started Praying to Jesus and asking for forgiveness of my sins, and then I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was relieved; it is done! I don’t have to worry about my job, my bills, and all the cares of this life. 

Then I remembered that my son was in the car sleeping and I became anxious. I had to wake him and started walking back to the car, but he disappeared. Then I woke up.

Amanda: United States


I had a dream that I was with my family, and we were sitting outside when all of a sudden, the sky turned super dark, and we heard trumpets sounding. We all knew that it was time for the rapture, and we held each other’s hands and closed our eyes.

The feeling that I had in the dream was so real. It felt like my soul was leaving my body, but then it would stop, and we’d say okay maybe this isn’t the time yet maybe we are just being warned. It happened a few times in the dream.

It was the strangest feeling I’ve ever felt. I haven’t told anyone about the dream before.

Damilola: Nigeria


Earlier this week in June 2020, I dreamt that we (the saved) had been raptured, and we were returning to the earth from heaven. The flight's speed was tremendously fast, yet it seemed like we were not moving. Everyone had the opportunity to ask God questions freely. So I asked God - 'what are we going back to the earth to do?', and he said (not in His exact words) we are going back to bring the remaining people belonging to us.

Then, I could see the earth afterward.

Glory to God for my Lord, my Friend comes soon.

Jesus is coming soon.

Rosie: Australia

So I Had a Dream about The Rapture I can only remember it vaguely. My family and I were on our front porch when suddenly the sky turned dark, at that moment I was scared.

My family and I ran outside, and as we look up, I saw a huge dome of fire above me trapping us inside, even tho it's a dream I was scared because I knew what was coming. 

I looked up and saw the Almighty Father sitting on his throne with his Son Jesus Christ, panicking, I remember looking around trying to escape. 

Then I saw them, Demons emerging from the dome of fire surrounding everyone. I remember crying to my mom, asking for her forgiveness for not taking anything she preached seriously. I remember seeing kids dancing.

Then I woke up.

This dream has taught me that I should never take the Word of God for granted. After all, the End is Near!

Daniel: United States

I had a dream a few months ago. I don't remember parts. I do, however, remember vividly where the dark skies over my home had immediately cleared, and a booming voice was stating that this was the beginning of the Rapture. Immediately after this, the earth tremored and giant golden chains shot across the sky surrounding the earth. I can't make sense of it and hardly ever remember a dream, but this one stuck.

Melissa: United States

I dreamt I was with people I didn't know, but they seemed to be my friends in the dream,

I was walking by one of them when I saw this great commotion in the sky.

We looked up, and I saw many mighty angels descend with massive wings down from the clouds, and they perched themselves side by side and on top of each other like lions in a stance.

Their faces were like that of lions somewhat long but human; they had flowing white hair too.

They just sat there staring at everyone and out of the sky what seemed to be like the MilkyWay; a cluster of moving beautiful stars appeared and Our Lord Jesus Came down Glowing in light and was floating there with a beautiful white robe and blue sash I think. His hair was flowing in the wind.

And joyful emotions and happiness came over me, and I smiled at my friend next to me Because I knew it was time to go to heaven with our Lord.

We started floating and rising up into the air, and I remember holding on to my friend's hand and smiling with joy because I knew it was the rapture.

As we got closer, I started worshipping, I don't remember the complete prayer, but it was something like "Glory Be To God "over and over again. I woke up out of my dream, but I was still saying it until I finally realized I was awake and in my bed.

This happened this morning, 6/4/2020.

This is my 3rd rapture dream.

I give all the Glory to Our Father God, who created all the heavens and the earth & I thank him for saving me.

I'm not sure what my dreams mean, but I definitely know I'm not afraid to leave this earth to be with our God in Heaven and our savior Jesus Christ in Eternity.

May the Peace, Love & Joy of our Father in Heaven and His son Christ Jesus Be with you all.

RaQuell: United States

In 2019, there was this terrible storm and a terrible flood. I was inside my church. Windows blew out, and water invaded. I have witnessed those who are pretty close to me lifeless.

 After that view, I went to search for my own three sons but only found two. By this time, the storm had settled down, and I could proceed back to the outside world. I  searched the sewers directly down the road away from the church, and I could not find my baby boy. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw what seemed to be thousands of shooting stars streaming from the heavens to the earth. I knew it was Angel's. 

Then, a man on a horse followed between them. I suddenly knew it was time to the point of the grief in my heart of losing a child turned into pure joy. As much as I wanted to turn around and tell the remaining at the church, it was time I realized I could not save anyone but myself. I continued to walk as almost transparent souls lifted from the earth. All the dead had risen and were walking to the cometh.

There was a beautiful harmony of the hymn Emmanuel sung by all voices. I mean, I never in my life felt or have heard anything so beautiful. "Come, come, let us adore him, kneel down before him, worship and adore him," we all sang. Tell me why this makes sense. I mean, the choice if song during the cometh of the lord. As I woke, I cried, oh! I've cried because the feeling was so pure, and I knew time was near. 

It's now 2020, and I have had two more dreams. The last one was last night, where we all were in a heavenly courtroom actually being judged.

Stephanie: United States

On the night of May 26th, I  had a dream of what I think was the end of the world. 

I was walking down my neighborhood street, my family was inside our house, and I looked up and saw a green glob ascending towards us. I pulled out my phone to record it, but it continued to ascend and grow into a massive shadow, so I put my phone down to watch it.

I turned around and saw two massive stars, the bigger one was from the north, and the smaller star was from the west. It was during the day, and they were shining brightly. The big one from the north grew and encapsulated me with light, and the ground started shaking. 

I knew it was the end, and Jesus was coming. I started to rise, but then the second star shook and exploded. I watched as huge rocks and meteors were thrown to the ground and crushed everything around my house. People were screaming and running around.

I floated back down to the floor and ran to my family to protect them. When I got to my back yard, it was as if nothing ever happened. They were completely at peace.

I woke up a bit disturbed but knew God was trying to show me something. Then I saw that others had seen two stars in their dreams, and I had to share.

Jamie: United States



I woke up outside; it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of trees around like on our property. 

There was a man with me, and I can't recall who he was. I noticed there was no one else around, not for a very long way; I sensed there was hardly anyone for miles.

I thought maybe I missed the rapture for a second, but quickly realized we were in heaven. There just wasn't that many people that were taken.

Victoria: Nigeria

Today is the second time I had the dream of Rapture,the first day I had this dream; it was as if you and my friends went to church, on our way back, the sky changed, I saw fire, and voices, wings, and all of a sudden, someone came and was trying to punish us, he punished my gf. She refused, and he writes something on her forehead, he came to me to do the same thing, I refused him to, saying what I don't remember, den it was realized it was a mark of 666, she asked me in the dream not to tell anyone about it, I woke up.

Today being 26/05/2020, I had the same rapture dream, this time around, I was strolling out with my friend, all of a sudden, the cloud changed, I looked up, telling my friend seems Rapture is now, I heard a voice,d sky changed, to fire, wings and it was as if something like a TV appeared on the sky, a face was there, we started confessing in the dream and laid on the floor, praying, then we woke up

Please what does the dream means

Tony: United States

I dreamt the rapture was happening, and a lot of us to be raptured were heading to an area where there was a hand reaching out of the clouds to take us. 

I ended up stopping by my mom's house real quick to tell her what was going on, but it was as if no one else could see me, and then I believe it was an angel said I needed to hurry time was running out.

So I left, and I ended up running into a long time friend, and we both took off running towards the cloud with the hand reaching out. Unfortunately, we were too late, and it's like immediately after we were all being attacked by possibly demons, then I woke up.

Collins: Kenya

Praise the Lord brethren. Today May 18th, at around 2 am a vision came to me about the rupture of the believers. It was unique with a strange heavenly colour. 

In it, I saw the dead resurrected in a very unique way, never seen before with unimaginable speed towards the sky. The world was confused about everything because it was the time for the Lord to Act. The resurrected bodies were very very unique. 

In conclusion, I believe that God had a purpose in this dream, and brethren should prepare to receive the Lord at any time. Shalom

Kathy: United States

In the dream, I was standing outside. The winds begin to blow very hard. I tried to go back to the house but couldn't because of the strong winds. It seemed like I was stuck in the middle of a hurricane (that's how strong the winds were). 

The winds were drawing in the clouds from the North, East, West, and South, drawing them upwards into one huge ball of clouds that filled the sky and soon flattened out in the middle where the face of Jesus appeared. He began to speak and announced who He is:

 "I Am the Great I Am, the Lord your God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!..." Then, the winds stopped, and one of my Sisters came outside. I asked her if she could see and hear Jesus speak, she said yes. 

Then, next to God-Jesus' face, a portal opened in the sky, showing a video of people being raptured (going up to Heaven). As my sister and I stood there watching this video, she asked, "why aren't  we being raptured?" I told her I didn't know. 

Then I looked down on the earth as far as I could see, and no one was coming from the earth to Heaven. So, I said, it's just a vision, it's not our time. 

After the visions went away, we found ourselves in the bedroom sitting on the edge of a bed, and suddenly my late daughter (who just passed away in Jan 2020) and her auntie (my other sister) walked in through the bedroom door. 

My daughter quickly comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek. I was so elated I said, "oh my goodness Baby, you're here!" She looked at Army with a little bit of a question in her eyes like "why would not I be." 

She was totally oblivious to her passing away, and I would not even mention it for fear it would ruin that glorious moment!

Odie: United States

Rapture: I dreamt that we were living at a friend's house, and when we went outside, there was like strong winds approaching and thunderstorms. 

As I looked up, I saw the whole sky full of waves of fire and some clouds that spelled Jesus is here, then I woke up. I don't know what that means.

Bri: United States

Rapture dream

I was sleeping and suddenly looked up at the sky to see a big jellyfish and turtle-like shadows fly across the sky. A few hours later, it was light out, and people were already beginning to stand outside. I knew it was the beginning of the rapture. More and more people came outside because they knew also. I tried to find my family. I found my dad and my stepmom and my real mom, but only my dad stayed by my side. I asked my dad if this was it if it was really happening, and he said yes. I tried to let go of my old life and accept that I shouldn’t be afraid and that I was going to heaven now. I also thought to myself that I wasn’t ready yet because I hadn’t been reading my bible enough. Then there were people looking upon a stage at someone speaking, but it wasn’t Jesus. Many police were in the streets trying to get people to go back home. Then my dad saw actual Jesus who came back as a black woman. I think she was able to fly too, and we started to follow her then woke up.

Jamie: United States



I saw a man and woman talking about their alien god from Mars coming to Earth to take people, but their voice was drowned out by the voice of a brother in Christ talking about the blessed hope, the rapture. That brother was Chad Thomas from YouTube. He was standing with a bible while talking.

I saw a huge gathering of people lined up in rows like in a stadium, they were dancing in place, and above them, I saw heaven opened, with angels. This whole scene was like an animated cartoon.

The ladies had white dresses on, and the men had suits. In front of the many many rows were the king and queen, symbolic of Jesus and his bride the Church, and they were dancing together.  The people dancing started rising up into the air towards heaven.  It was a huge celebration.

I saw even the demons dancing on the ground, rejoicing that the Church was leaving. One of the demons looked like Ursula, the sea witch.

Lily: United States

I had a dream that my siblings and I were in the car going on a road trip. 

The sky was a really dark grey like I've never seen before, my sister had called my dad, and he was telling us, 'stay together. I think tonight is our last. 

I hear trumpets,' and I shut my eyes, and I felt like I sunk into myself, then I woke up. 

I believe that God is trying to talk to me, but I don't know what he's saying.

Ashley: United States

My dream happened years ago. Too long to remember the exact date, but I remember every detail like it happened yesterday. 

My family and I were in our living room when we heard music, trumpets outside. I went to open the blinds only to see pure vivid lights, and our bodies rose, and my mind felt different. 

We floated up in the sky into a different neighborhood where everyone was happy, and the houses looked just like our homes. Only we were all at peace, and life was perfect.

Mboka: Tanzania

I had a rapture dream when I was at a young age between 7 to 8 years of age

In my dream it was night, and we went for a nap(me & my young siblings)we had a double-decker bed that we used to share. we were four children two of us sleeping at the top the other two at the bottom, in the middle of my sleep I opened my eyes and realised that I was just alone my fellows we're nowhere to be found, so I hurriedly dropped out of the bed trying to search for them

I remember going to the living room and started to call "Dady, mom!" but I received no response, Then all of a sudden things started to change, there were an earthquake, stars and moon fell down on Earth,it was full dark thunderstorms which were very frightening,it was very scary I had never seen such a thing before

I remember seeing our house breaking into Pieces, then I found myself in a multitude of people, and we just stood a half-circle our heads were up facing the sky.on the sky, there was a very big book I have never seen a big book like that before, and that book was very shiny. Suddenly the book opened by itself and in it were written the names, the man who read those names was not visible; we were just hearing his loud voice.

Then pages stared to open from one page to the other, and when one hears his or her name, he/she was taken by a strong force to the cloud and disappears from the crowd

I remember my beloved Dad, who's now deceased, stood next to me, and we were there waiting to hear our names. In the end, the book closed by itself, and it was terrible for us who were left behind, as we were cooked in big pots we cried a lot with no help. Then, I heard a powerful and Scarry voice say to me WOE TO YOu!!!

I woke up trembling with lots of fear.

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