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"Rapture Dreams"

The Rapture is known as the time when Jesus returns to take the ones to Heaven who have been born again.   

Being saved (born again) is when you ask Jesus into your life and a personal relationship is formed between you and Jesus that lasts for eternity. The Bible teaches that it is the only way to be included in the Rapture and enter into Heaven, (John 13:6).
He is at the door of your heart waiting for you to invite Him in,  (Rev 3:20).  More...

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Rapture Dreams
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Mypiscislife: United States
I had a dream about a solar Apocalypse on October 17th,2017. This particular dream also jolted me up out of my sleep. But I hear no voice. It was just a silent dream. I was in NYC walking down the street in the middle of a solar Apocalypse. I remember feeling a little frightened but nothing major. People were running, panicked and here I was just casually walking. Kind of at peace. Out of all people that I noticed, I saw my boyfriend who seemed to be going the other way and I was trying to tell him which way we should be going and just that quick that was it. I woke up. I was so upset with how the dream ended that it literally brought tears to my eyes and even though it was 5am i called his cell phone with tears in my eyes and my voice panicked to tell him. I still havent made out what that dream meant.

Misti: United States
On the night of 11/3/17, I dreamed that I was sitting on my back patio during the day. I looked in the sky and there was a very large moon that looked like it was coming closer. Then I started to hear a very loud “HMMMMM” coming from the sky, and more moons started to appear. They were not like a moon would be at night, but almost transparent and they were getting larger and larger. I realized what was happening and started calling out to my husband “Come here! He’s coming!” The whole time I knew that He was behind the moons but I never saw Him. I was trembling and could feel the ringing in my ears from the noise, even after I woke up.

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