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"Rapture Dreams Main Page"

More than twenty five pages of  Rapture dreams have been submitted to this site with more being added daily at an ever-increasing pace. 

Jesus said, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. (Mark 13:32-33, NKJV)

Although No one knows the exact day when Christ will return we are told to be ready, Matt 24:42), and to be watchful for the signs, (Luke 21:28).  It seems apparent that the Holy Spirit is prompting the Body of Christ that the time is drawing near.

For those unfamiliar with the meaning of the Rapture it is known as the time when Jesus returns to take the ones to Heaven who have been born again.  Being saved (born again) is when you ask Jesus into your life and a personal relationship is formed between you and Jesus that lasts for eternity.

The Bible teaches that it is the only way to be included in the Rapture and enter into Heaven, (John 13:6).
He is at the door of your heart waiting with a plan of salvation for you,  (Rev 3:20). 

Rapture Dreams

Nweke: Nigeria

It was in a dream yesterday night; I saw my self and a few others raptured, and we were happy and rejoicing. God pls don’t pass me by.

Christine: Canada

I had a Rapture dream for the first time last year (March 23, 2019), and it was so surreal! I still remember the exact date of my dream because that's how intentional I was in remembering that night. I had to take note of the date, and I have meant to share it with the public.

It started off like this... I was on a train (LRT) with my mom, and my friend Jean. We were all standing, holding the bar. It was daytime. Then all of a sudden, there was a commotion on the left side of the train we were on.

Another train which came out from the clouds collided and attacked our train! We found out that this train was an ALIEN! The noise and commotion of all the people on the train became louder and louder. We already knew it was RAPTURE!

I realized the train we were on was quite high from the ground, and it seemed like we were riding the train in the clouds for quite a while.

When the Alien train collided with our train, it caused our train to break in half! That was so strange and scary and at the same time exciting because, finally, it was Rapture time!

My dream ended on that. I am still praying to God that He would give me more vision of His second coming. I am looking into that dream, trying to see the relevance with coronavirus. 

I believe that the alien train refers to covid19 and was trying to attack our train, which represents the body of Christ, the Christian in the entire world. As long as we are still on this earth, we are on a journey, and that train, I think, also pertains to what you call the "Bridge." Jesus is the only Bridge to God.

And the enemy, the alien train, came out of nowhere in the clouds, and tried to destroy the train, the body of Christ! We are also riding on the train, and we were quite high from the ground, and we were also in the clouds. The clouds represent the presence of God in the Old Testament.

Looking back, I believe that alien train is the enemy of our souls, and a year after that actually came to life in the form of this coronavirus. A human body becomes ill once it feels that there's a foreign/alien component that irritates the internal system.

This alien component is none other than a virus. And in my dream, that threat by this alien train to attack our train, the body of Christ was quite symbolic, I would say.

As strange and scary as it may sound, the fact that the rapture was happening that same incident in my dream, I believe there's no need to worry as long as we know we belong to Christ; then we should all the more celebrate and rejoice. 

We may lose our lives here, but we get to live with Him! We are all crossing over sooner or later. But the question is, are we all ready? You are ready when you have accepted in your heart that Jesus is the only way to God; that He died for your sins, and on the third day He rose again from the dead for us.

If you believe in your heart that He is the only way to Salvation, and you have this personal relationship with Him, then you know that you are saved. God bless you all.

Jamie: United States


I was driving down the road in our town towards home. It was getting dark, and the cities all around were being locked down. The street lights were going out, too; things were shutting down. I saw a cop car and was worried he would stop me for being out, but he was looking for people congregating and paid no attention to me.

Then I arrived at a huge pavilion; it was bright and sunny. The Church was entering, and we were all walking up a long wooden ramp towards the pavilion. As I walked up the ramp, I passed a man in a red suit who was waving his hands in the air for attention. I said, "excuse me christian," so he just slipped off the ramp, no one paid him any attention, and we all kept walking. 

There were so many people on this ramp, and I was smiling and joyful. As I got to the pavilion entrance, I recognized some pastors from online and physical churches. We were assigned to rooms for meetings, but my name hadn't been called yet. I went looking around and was so happy to have made it.

Dayo: Nigeria

Some days ago, I dreamt that after d rapture, which was a terrifying sight kus I wasn't taking the world experience back then, everywhere was in confusion. It was real, then when I woke up I heard a voice which says, THE END IS NEAR!

Beverly: Kenya

I have had tons of dreams about the Rapture since I was still young...I can remember one I had when I was just 10 yrs old. 

I was walking alone, and then I felt a hand holding me...looking up, I saw Jesus, and we walked. At some point, he took me high and showed me the world how they would suffer after the rapture and how the world was destroyed.

Another dream that sacred me was one where I was with my mum and family, and suddenly there was an earthquake, and there was a bright light, and I was carried up to the sky. I could see my mum and all the other siblings being destroyed by the earthquake, and people were running to seek refuge. Still, it didn't stop.

Still, there was this dream I had yesterday, and  I really don't know its meaning. We slept as always and on waking was still very dark....the watch said it was morning, but the sky was dark, and there were not many people outside.

I am scared of these dreams; anyone who can help me know their meaning, I'll be grateful. There are others, but I can't remember them all...basing on the ones I've shared, please, I need help.

DeQuanne: United States

Hi. I have a dream to share. It was short, and I don't remember everything, but a week or so ago, I had a dream. 

I was driving a truck or SUV with a lady whom I could not make out, then all of a sudden there was white smoke or clouds or something... it was not scary but happened really fast. It's like I knew it was The Most High... I was getting pulled to heaven; I want to say lots of other people were getting called up, but I can't remember, but I do know that the lady I was with got called up. Then I was in a room and looked out of a huge window and saw The Most High. Now the truth is felt great getting called up, but when I looked at The Most High I felt as if I did not belong.. did anyone else feel like they didn't belong or something?? I thank The Most High for feeling worthy, even though I know I'm not.

Shannon: New Zealand

I  had a dream a few months ago of a tidal wave, my family and I ran for higher ground.

While running a bright light, brighter than anything I had seen appeared in the sky, a few seconds after that, people began shooting up into the sky, as if being saved. I saw one person that I knew of being a Christian, and he was shot up into the sky.

I continued to run for higher ground as the tidal wave got closer, and then I woke up.

Savanna: United States

I’ve had a few. The first one I remember there being a ton of traffic and I was in the car with my family, we were trying to get to thus y’all building with stairs that led up to the sky. However, the weather was gloomy in this dream all around, EXCEPT for the building with stairs we were trying to drive towards. The sky was split open at that building, and it looked like the color of the northern lights, bright with a lot of pinks. And I mean it when I say there was so much traffic.

And then in another rapture dream I had, I was alone in my apartment, and it was gloomy outside again, and there were so many clouds in the sky, and they were passing by so fast. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been having dreams of the rapture, and every time they have to do with the weather, and it is gloomy. I also always see lots of clouds and tornadoes in them.

A.E: United States


I was in the car with most of the siblings gathered; I’m not very close to my cousins, so the Dream was already weird. 

This was in the middle of the crisis we are having today with the virus going around, but part of the world was empty, we were about to head home after getting some supplies my mom wanted to relax and listen to music.

It was a sunny day, but then the sky quickly changed to a dark/ blueish color, and one part of the sky opened up, a bright light promptly shined through. I saw a soul being carried to heaven. I knew the rapture was starting. I promptly shook my mom to show her the fantastic phenomenon. Still, she wouldn’t listen. I was so excited and nervous. I didn’t know what to do, but she was calm and collected like she already knew. After that, I woke up

Blessings from America

Brandon: United States

Today is March 12, and yesterday, I was dreaming that God was back, and he sounded the three trumpets. Then the air picked us up, and I started crying, asking my parents and siblings if they got picked up by the air too.

They all said yes, then the sky went black and then back to blue. It repeated like that for a while then I went to bed and started saying, thank you, God, thank you God, but when I woke up, everything was normal. I started crying once I woke up.

Wilkins: United States

Today March 9, I had a Dream that It was st Night. I can't remember where I was but heard a loud Noise that wasn't exactly a trumpet, but the Noise filled the Sky; everyone heard it, and I instantly knew that it was the rapture. 

I Grew up going to church. I stopped for many Years. Its been a year I felt the need to go back to church. I have Always Believed in God.

It felt So Real, and it was intense. I Knew what was Happening. I woke up, so don't know what happened or if I made it to heaven.

Angelo: United States

I had a dream of the Rapture last month in February 2020.

I was in my Living Room one cold night, there were 4-5 people in the room, but I couldn't recognize them. All of a sudden, their souls appeared in a very distinct white color. There bodies and souls were being lifted, and I saw and felt my soul surrounding my vision and being lifted up with my body. Then I woke up.

As I said, I couldn't recognize the people but probably friends or people I knew from high school or somewhere.

That was my Rapture Dream.

Saihier: United States

So the dream I guess was a rapture dream, but it was like flashes, but the main one lasted the longest I was walking in this mall with a girl and some person don’t know what they looked like said come outside, and I went, and I was outside and looked at the sky, and the clouds were spread, and there was light coming out and four angels came out of the clouds blowing into horns or something and then after that I said what’s that and a white lady said he’s coming back and then the earth exploded and I raised and I was in heaven I guess I was flying I think I had wings it was confusing someone help

Ashley: United States

My name is Ashley. I've had two dreams in succession with each other. The first dream I was on a train, but I somehow got on the train without a ticket. The conductor walked by asking for everyone's ticket to show proof they could be on board. I panicked because I didn't buy a ticket and was still somehow on this train. 

The conductor got to me, and I explained my situation, and he said, "no problem, you can get one now" I woke up and sensed a feeling of peace.

 The next dream I had was quite the opposite. I was on a trip with a cousin who I know is saved. We started talking about the rapture when suddenly the sky grew dark and foreboding, and I knew it was the end. My cousin turned bright and glowy and was raptured up. I felt a change as well, but I was falling instead of rising.

I then ended up at another family member's house (the sky was still black) and talking on the phone. The phone connection became severed as my ability to continue talking to them diminished. 

Suddenly 2-3 cars pulled up filled with people that had the intent to harm me...I drove away as fast as I could, but the people came at me in swarms with various weapons. The next thing I know, I was captured and was about to be tortured. 

The entire time I felt complete separation from God's love, and it was terrifying. I prayed that God would send me the meaning of this dream because it was very disturbing.

Mylene: Singapore

Rapture Dream

It was a very short dream flashback. While I was sleeping, I dream that I was with my parents walking on the street. When suddenly the rapture was taking place. I instinctively knew that it was the rapture; I did not look back at my parents as I ran forward to embrace the angel that was in charge of me. I heard the angel said,

'Be careful little one. You could have fallen if I was a little later.'

I smiled back, and the angel took me up. I did not look back at my parents because I knew that they would be shocked as they are strong believers in Buddhism/Taoism

Martin: South Africa

I was laying in my bed, feeling sleepy, and I heard a loud noise, BANG! It is the loudest noise I have ever heard in my life. I felt the terror of the Lord.

Suddenly it was dark everywhere. In my heart, I knew the rapture has occurred.

I start calling the Lord: Oh, Lord, my king, my everything, but he did not answer. I call Him at least four times, but He did not answer

I could feel my spirit moving inside of me when I was calling the Lord. But I could not move my body. I was without strength.

After that, I saw many stars in heaven. One particular star was brighter than others, and It was moving in the middle of the other actors.

That's the end of the dream. I received the interpretation when I was at work later,

I was going to buy something to eat when I hear the still small voice saying: The rapture occurred when I heard that big noise.

The way I was calling for the Lord is the way people will be calling him after the rapture, but he will not answer.

The stars are the true sons of Abraham who were raptured.  The star that is brighter in their midst is Jesus.

End of interpretation

Viivi: Finland

I saw a dream in 2018. To me, it was so real that after waking up, I couldn't believe it wasn't really happening.

In that dream it was evening. I was having a good time taking pictures of those around me; they sat on the wooden bench and chatted calmly together. But they weren't my friends. The sky was so calm and in beautiful, evening colors. I felt peace, and everything was almost weirdly peaceful. People were talking, and everybody around me was very relaxed.

Then suddenly the camera in my hand broke and fell on the ground, evening sky turned to day. Suddenly just in one second was daylight. Then everybody looked to the sky, and I knew we saw the "sign of the son of man" then, so amazing brightness came from the sky that it covered the whole world.

I knew those people weren't believers, and I yelled them: "Jesus is coming!" But the brightness was so powerful that it like swallowed my words, it pushed me to the ground; all my thoughts just melted in it. Then I woke up.

Immediately I repented. I was so happy it didn't happen because there was sin in my life — Thats why my thoughts melted in the holiness of Jesus.

I bless you from Finland.

Esmeralda: United States

In my dream, I had traveled to Mexico, and in my dream, I was going through a really rough time with my boyfriend for some reason, and I would pray to God to guide me and protect my family and me.I had just prayed the same thing before I had fallen asleep.

So In Mexico, it was a nice sunny morning and me and two other lady's that I did not know, we're sitting in a kitchen table outdoors when suddenly we heard a loud noise, and the sky started to turn dark blue and the clouds formed together. And it was a sense of fear until suddenly a loud like cracking noise opened the clouds.

A short distance away a bright light started to shine through, instantly we said, God is here, today is his day. And we see Jesus slowly appearing and coming down. He was surrounded by horses and angels that had wings, and we thought they were going to carry us to heaven. I

I woke up after that. And I remembered my dream and I couldn't believe what I had experienced.

Kerry-Ann: Jamaica

In my dream, I was at my yard front with my aunt, and when I looked up I saw the sky changing to a darker blue image then I saw the clouds forming a full image of Jesus it's as if he was flying then my aunt and I started praying and saying we knew you were coming.

Zake: Canada

January 30, 2020

I was inside my house when my mum mentioned that the clouds looked like ‘waves.’ I looked out the window to find that the clear sky was getting engulfed in dark clouds. The speed that the clouds were covering the sky was so fast that I felt like I was looking at a dragon moving around in the sky.

After the dark clouds had covered the sky, it was dark. Suddenly, a gap opened in the middle of clouds, and what can only be described as holy light pierced through the clouds. I lost my vision to the bright light for a second, and then I saw a man floating in the clouds. People started to mutter that it was Jesus Christ’s return. Fear flowed throughout my whole body, and I felt like I couldn’t stand.

From this point on, I forgot most of the dream, but I remember seeing a meteor shower pierce through the sky’s, and the moon looked like the new ring of fire eclipse.

When I woke up, I had forgotten about the dream, but Pieces started to come back throughout the day. I’m recording it so that I don’t forget it. I’d also like to add that I had been praying to god for visions. He answered my prayer; This can’t just be a coincidence

Jamie: United States


I was driving in my SUV to my friend Jessica's house for her birthday party. Once I got there, I realized I only had a $20 bill and left again to get her a better gift. While I was driving, I felt the rapture happen, and I shot into the sky with incredible force. I started laughing and spinning. I got too excited and went off into space away from the others. 

I flew into a part of space with a purple demon; it was huge and had big teeth; it wanted to eat me. I flew away in a hurry and went back to Earth. I walked along an outdoor market; the people were a little strange and got mad at me for not being dressed properly. I was confused, but then I felt a calming presence. Some other ladies appeared next to me and then Jesus. I looked up at him, and I was like a child to him. He had his hands at his hips, and I shrugged embarrassed.

Jesus took us to heaven, and he explained that we couldn't die in our new bodies, so there was no need to worry. I asked about the demon I met in space, but Jesus did not answer me. My gaze went to a beautiful strange-looking flower with some purple petals. Jesus was painting on a canvas while standing with his back to us. I smelled the flower and looked at him. A group of us was in this area, and there were flowers everywhere, a big garden. Jesus had some odd black pants on with plant designs on them, and I thought they were neat.

*If anyone could mess up being raptured, it's probably me lol.

Matthew: Australia

I had a dream I was in a house with people I did not know, watching the TV about the imminent threat of meteor showers. Before I know it, I'm outside and see a sky filled with falling meteors, so we take shelter in the house bracing for impact after each meteor shockwave.

After it stops, I go outside, someone I do not remember the face-off turns to me and says do you see the signs of the end times, I said, I do...right now.

The rest of my dream is, whereas if I was standing facing forward as I see a bright light from the heavens and feel my body getting pulled up.

It happens in the blink of an eye. I then see clouds and wake up.

Divine: Philippines

We were playing hide and seek with my friends when I decided to find them I saw a fire all around me, helicopters were crushing down from the sky, and everything was on fire , then I HEARD a trumpet blown by an angel, so I LOOKED UP and saw a man sitting on his thrown with an angel by his side.

Paige: United States

I had a dream where I was outside with people I didn't know, and all of a sudden, Jesus came from the sky with open arms, and I felt my soul being lifted up; it felt so real in my dream.

Jessica: United States

 I was outside my house, and I was feeling depressed, and I had seen a parrot?? Like just walking and where I live, parrots don’t just walk around. It was really random. While I was looking at it, a monkey comes running behind me, hits me in the head then runs. I didn’t understand. I turn around, and when I turned around before I get this part, you should that the sun has already set. It was during the summer. When I turn around, I hear a loud bell; I guess I can say it was a bell?? It was so loud. The sky went very bright that you couldn’t see what was happening. I remembered telling myself that this must be the rapture, and I started praying to God for forgiveness and that I want to be with him. And I was soon in the air flying up to God. That was the end of my dream. It was a quick and fast dream, but it left me in shock...

Blanca: United States

Many years ago, I saw a vision of Jesus Christ in my dream. I was somewhat sitting- kneeling and was holding a boy perhaps 10 yrs old or so on my lap, in my arms. I looked up unto the sky and pleaded Christ to come, now.

The area was like a war zone; the ground was dry, and there was smoke in the area; much of the Earth was destroyed and vacant.

I pleaded Jesus Christ to come now several times; the pain and suffering were unbearable, Earth was now in an intolerable state. I saw Jesus Christ coming down from the heavens wearing a simple plain white robe with his arms extended. I saw Jesus Christ as clearly as I see a person live in front of me. 

I don't recall any distress in my life at the time of this dream, and It was comforting to see Jesus Christ come down from the heavens after much unbearable pain and sorrow. 

Seeing what Earth had become and the pain and sadness from seeing the young boy in my arms suffering, was perhaps as Virgin Mary would have felt as she held Jesus, when Jesus was in pain in this physical world.

I'll never forget Christ's image; it's still vivid as well as the poor state of mother Earth, pictures of me, and the young boy, which I believe was my son (although I didn't have a son back then).

Fiona: United States

I was like in school, but it was on a big mountain, and we were all chilin, and then a big storm came, and no one noticed.

 Then I felt a gust of wind through not only in my dream, but like I don't know it felt real even though I was asleep in real life, and I heard Jesus say, "believers, my children, come with me to Hawaii." Hawaii, in this case, was essentially Heaven.

Afterward, all the Christians were saying like, "did you hear Jesus?" "He's here!!" "let's go!!" so we all had like 5 mins to pack, and I saw a lot of family and peers packing and saying "see you in Heaven!!" but as I was walking out of my house some peers weren't coming, which was heartbreaking to see because they didn't believe in Jesus. 

I went outside, and the big storm was still going, but in the sky, there were angels and light, and I went in the car with my family and drove off, and then I woke up.

Jamie: United States


I was waiting for the rapture; people were saying I would fall for a lie, but I was confident that I would not. I saw how people thought I would get in a UFO, but that was nonsense, I thought.

I was taken up into heaven, along with many others. We had new bodies that didn't tire or feel pain. Jesus was there floating and looking over us. 

He then started doing some athletic stuff like running, showing us what we could do. He ran very fast. I was in awe, so I started running around a course, and I could go so fast. Others were watching me in amazement.

 I remember that I wanted to see what I looked like, but we were all so busy trying out these bodies.

Susan: United States

I dreamed I was worshipping in a larger than my usual Church, and my Pastor, Steve, was preaching.I could feel a strong presence in that place, and suddenly, a large glassy, clear energy wave appeared in the middle of the room, and I remember glancing at Pastor Steve’s face for reassurance. ‘Was it truly happening?  Was Jesus truly coming?’ 

And suddenly he appeared on the flowing form and said, “ I am the Way, the Truth and the Light Go tell them...” there are forms of some kind, maybe angels flying all around Him.

I ran outside, and other people were trying to tell those outside what had just happened, and I remembered my adult children had gone on a trip on a bus somewhere, and I began to run to where they were supposed to be dropped off. None of my children have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement as I ran to find them, but unfortunately, I woke up before I had a chance to try to save them.

Angel: United States

I had this dream on December 12th, 2019, and in my dream, I was at school. While being at school, I was being lifted into the air. I couldn't stop myself because God was doing it. I was up really high and could see a few people. They were on their knees, crying for God to take them. Then I woke up from the dream

Jason: Canada

Last night I dream that the world was ending. Everything around me and family and friends was going dark. There were bangs and clashes surrounding us. 

All of a sudden, a bright light came in the middle of the darkest. There Jesus was hovering in the sky, and I could see wings behind him spread out. What does this mean? Thanks

Dylan: United States

December 12, 2019, ~ 20 yrs old

This dream that I am about to tell you about is very hard to explain, so I pray that the Holy Spirit guides me.

The scenery is what seemed to look like a war zone. It just looked terrible; everything was mangled. I feel like the war that is taking place is an upcoming "World War" that would be taking place as Jesus returns.

 So I'm walking around just dumbfounded of what is going on. And I look to my right and see a cave, and in the cave, I see Jesus descended to what I feel is down to defeat Satan, once and for all. 

Then I look forward and keep walking. I look to my right again, and Jesus has ascended back to the surface in his white robe and is walking to me. I look forward and i see a young man and you tells me, " Alright, it's time to go back to war." Then I wake up.


As I am typing this, my spirit tells me that we continue to fight our wars when Jesus himself his already taken out the enemy.

Go out blessed people of God, and I pray that you would get everything right before Jesus returns. And stop fighting a war that Jesus has already defeated.

Love you guys!

Gabby: United States

Rapture Dream/Occurrence? 11/25/19
My stepdad and I were having a conversation about Jesus’s return. I said, “ he is coming soon, not three years from now, five or ten. I mean soon, imminently soon. Like it can happen at any moment.” He then says, “oh, I know, I’m not saying you’re wrong, I believe it.” I said, “ we are talking now, and it can happen as we speak, right now.”

 BOOM! As soon as I said the word now, It sounded muffled, and I could hear my insides making sounds. My spirit was slowly starting to lift and began to depart. It was almost like my spirt was a piece of an electric force, and it was pulling towards Jesus (him being the magnetic force ) I felt what it’s going be like in the rapture. It was very physical, and it felt SO REAL. I truly thought it was time to be caught up with Jesus.

I was happy and felt safe, but for a second I was dwelling here in my Bedroom and thought about my daughter because I knew she was asleep in her room and then came out of what was happening. 

I don’t even know if I was fully asleep. I felt aware of my surroundings in a sense. Maybe I was in a light sleep? It felt so so real, and I came out of it as soon I set my mind on my daughter.

 We fly soon, brothers and sisters! Jesus is preparing us, and he is at the door!

Peter: Australia

Post Tribulation Rapture Article by Rick Joyner

"In this experience, I suddenly found myself standing in front of a radar screen on a warship, and the Lord Himself was standing right next to me. There was a blip on the screen that was straight ahead and coming closer very fast.

In this experience, I ordered the ship to turn 90 degrees to the right to avoid the impending collision, but after we turned, the blip on the screen remained dead ahead and kept coming straight at us. I then ordered the ship to turn to the left to avoid the collision, but with the same result—it kept coming straight at us.

I braced myself for the collision, but nothing happened. When I asked the Lord what that was, He simply said, "That was the great tribulation, the great time of trouble. You can't avoid it, but if you stay close to Me, you won't even feel it." Then the experience was over.

The great tribulation, or time of trouble, is but a tiny blip on the radar screen of all that is coming. It is coming, and it is unavoidable, but if we stay close to the Lord, we do not need to fear it."

Joyce: United States

I was driving on the highway headed west, and my 9yr old daughter was in the backseat, although I didn't see her. 

Then I saw what I thought was the sun looking red, but (now I know it's the moon). I said, "Do you see the sun!? It's red! " ... My daughter, " Yeah I see it, it IS red!",. I said, "Jesus is coming!" 

Then I saw a dark red thing twirl around the edge of the (moon) counterclockwise, and the top left part of the moon started to curl away and fade away.. and I felt MYSELF in bright light, and I was fading away. 

I heard the trumpets, and I was thinking, 'I'm being raptured!' and was screaming, " JESUS IS COMING!! Jesus is coming!! Hallelujah!! WOOOHOOO!!"

I continued to close my eyes and open again but would still see the same scene; I continued to fade away in the light while screaming in Joy!!

Then My joyful noise carried over into being only in my head as I slowly regained consciousness into my body lying in my bed. I was in my head but still breathing rapidly. "That wasn't REAL??!!? I'm still HERE??!!?"

Jon: United States

This rapture dream is tied to two other dreams I had the same week. The first and the last one, which was the rapture one, were short. The first one, I believe, is the most important. The middle dream was much longer, and I encountered Lucifer in it.

Dream #1: I was looking into my bathtub filled with dirty, murky brown water that was not draining. I was thinking, "Wow, I was pretty dirty." Then all of a sudden, I got a strong urge to repent of all my sins. After a sincere repentance, I saw the dirty brown water quickly drain.

Dream #2:  I was in a large three or four-story building built on poles deep in the ground. Many sincere Christians were reading the Bible, fellowshipping and singing Christian songs, and praying. Suddenly we heard something smashing against the side and top of the house, causing it to tilt a little, which made some of us slide to the lower side of the room. We went outside to see what it was. On our way out, I could see the foundation was damaged--one of the poles was cracked---but it was still strong and intact. Far up in the sky and what initially looked like a UFO, we could make out a dark dragon flying overhead, and we knew that it was the reason for the attack on our building. Then it descended and turned into a man with a dark suit standing right next to me. His eyes changed from yellow to red as though it was getting more and angrier. I think we communicated, but I don't remember what was said. I wasn't scared as I have been a believer a long time and encountered demons before, and even a few Principalities, both once in an exorcism. That was about the time I woke up.

Dream #3: I was driving in my car and must have heard a trumpet--I don't remember too much of it--but I knew the rapture was about to happen, so I stopped and then I was pulled up out through the car window or the top of the car and said something like "wow I made it in the rapture" 

Some notes:

First dream is the importance of repenting to get ready. Jesus washed our sins away, but they stay around like un-drained dirty stinking water until we repent. It seems like we might not make the rapture without lots of repenting and seeking holiness and returning to our first love and not tolerating Jezebel and learning other admonitions from the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.

2nd Dream is related to Satan, the dragon, knowing his time is short, and his anger at the true Church is burning more and more to the point of severely persecuting her before a rapture, which was the third dream in the same week. The foundation of the true Church globally is Jesus, so it will not be destroyed. I had another rapture more vivid, longer dream the same year that I will post later where I hopefully got to see my mansion in heaven

Nichole: United States

I am 22 years old. I have had dreams about God coming back since I was maybe 19. My last one was the night I miscarried my first child. Jesus & God, with two angels on horses, came out of the clouds; they were wearing white robes. All the people down on earth were praying & asking for forgiveness and praising their hands to the Lord. He came halfway down. They said once he hit the ground, it will be over, we are not there yet, but we are halfway there. It was like a sign.

It felt so real and so much happiness. I told my Dad about this dream; he told me he had the same exact dream 20 years ago. He is now 51 years old.

Horizon Grey: Canada

I Have two visions/dreams I'd like to share about my experience & encounter with God.

First Dream was probably 2-3 yrs ago: 

It's either night or day in my dream, I can't tell by how dark, and scary the sky looks with lightning bolts & explosions happening all over the clouds & earth, everything crashing & crumbling down.

 Many people, including my mother and I, were running down into this huge white bunker in the middle of the earth for safety and protection. As we rush down, I hear a panicked man's voice say, "IF WE DONT SEE THE SUN IN 3 DAYS, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" I hear many screams and people panting quickly, rushing down.

 I stopped & forced my way back upstairs. My mom grabs my hand & pulls me towards her & says, "NO, Let's go down. DONT GO DONT GO." The fear in her voice & worried look didn't stop me, I spoke "MOM, Please! I have to see it for myself. Please, I need to look at the sky. I HAVE TO SEE THE SKY!!"

I walked back out into the world that was ending and crashing down, and suddenly, I am standing higher than anything.

 I was above the chaos, looking directly up into the sky, there was a big black dark storm with lightning exploding the clouds. A small piece of the sky opens up & bright blue rays of the sun start shining down on me. Suddenly I hear  God's voice, "I will protect you, I love you!" Then I woke up.

Second Dream:

 I am standing in this beautiful silky cloud sky almost like watercolors of the sunset; how calming, peaceful & so comforting it was, I call it Heaven, the place your spirit is met before you go into the gates of Heaven. 

Anyhow, I just stayed in that area and took about two steps & then I heard God's voice, Sincere, Comforting, and Loving. It was almost as if his voice was coming from everywhere around me, "Have Trust In Me, I Will Protect You, I Love You, My Child!" I did not see him but felt his voice. 

After he spoke four bright, beautiful angels came gracefully floating towards me, singing so peacefully, "BLESSED HOPE OF RAPTURE." Everything then sprawled & bloomed SO brightly that I closed my eyes & had woken up, and was left with so many questions!

DORIS: United States

I dreamed we-I guess a part of the family was out in an open place, like an airport, a big place, with lots of pavement all around. A lot of it, I don't know who was with me, but I knew it was a part of the family. Also, there was a wind A-Blowing, not enough to cause alarm, but kind of strong.

I had a broom and was sweeping trash away from the pavement; I needed to make it clean because the rapture was here, and we were, I guess, waiting to be Raptured. 

I knew the first ones to be taken were the (Birds); Boy, what it felt like to watch them go! Then as I kept sweeping, the cornfields were going up to heaven, so I kept sweeping the trash up, so it would be clean for the Lord's return, a lot like our souls being clean.

Finally, I turned to a member of the family and asked, "where's Tammy, my daughter, "if she doesn't hurry she's going to miss it, I need to find her so she can be raptured; then I woke up.

I dreamed this 5/8/ daughter died 8/30/2019...that was why she missed the rapture.

I think I know some of the meaning now:

  • The family in a big place like the airport pavement was the church family that needed a prominent place for all the birds. 
  • First to go was the saints, the preachers, great leaders of God were the first to go, to lead us home.
  • The cornfields were the souls that were ready for the harvest.

That's as far as I can decipher...

Sam: United States

My name is Sam. My rapture dreams started with being amongst people, and there was really no plot to the dream. Suddenly I was raptured up violently.

The feeling was the opposite of a dream when falling. It's not easy to explain, but halfway up, I force myself to wake up. It was dark like space all around, but you could see a white visible smoke-like outline on both sides of the tunnel as I was  going up.

I remember smokey silhouettes of crystal, like white smoke, on both sides of a transparent tunnel I was in. 

I'm regretting waking up. Simple, but wish I had not woke up; perhaps I might have written more, or maybe JESUS CHRIST would have kept me.

Herma: Namibia

Hi everyone, my name is HERMAN. I m from NAMIBIA. MY journey with the LORD has been a patchy one, to say the least. I was born again in 2000. I get off the track after 9 months. Blessed be the name of the LORD, for having kept me alive till now. For the LORD has not given up on me. 

I kept on having dreams and visions about God's love until to date. THAT'S why I always stumble upon blessed content on the internet. I have started a prayerful live this after I went through relationship hardship. 

Since then, I feel closer to GOD. MANY things have changed in my life. I STILL got challenges with sin, though, but I believe the LORD WILL pull me through. I'm praying on how to hear GODS voice and how to listen to the HOLY spirit, two essential parts of following JESUS CHRIST. Garry, I was touch by your message of putting GOD first. GOD BLESS YOU. KEEP ME YOUR PRAYERS.

My dream about the rapture was as follows; I dreamed about my school friend and me being outside in an unknown location. We were just lazing around when the heavens became saturated with water; it was like an ocean forming a canopy above us in the sky, or a storm or something in that likeness. 

All of a sudden, I saw wave after wave of these objects ascending to heaven. Then I suddenly realized that these objects clothed in bright lights were actually human beings. Then it hit me; my friend and I were not going; we had been simply left behind. It was the ultimate feeling. Then I woke up.

I always dream about overwhelming love, indescribable love, which emanates from within feeling my whole chess starting from my heart. I don't usually understand these dreams, but it gives me peace.


Jennie: United States

My dreams came over many nights when I was in my early twenties. I must have had them for 2 years at least three or four times per month.

I am the eldest sister of two brothers. We are all 3 years apart. Both my parents worked fulltime, so I was in charge of watching them. As we all got to be young adults. I was constantly dreaming of looking for my baby brother to protect him from whatever was coming, earthquakes, tidal waves. 

The Rapture dream was exactly the same every single time. I was at my aunt's house when I was about 20. I ran outside in the front yard, and heard trumpets, saw the cloudy angels in white, saw the horses,  began seeing people being lifted. 

I started screaming. I knew what was happening all of a sudden, my dad shows up with a couple of my cousins. I'm crying and yelling for my baby brother, I can't leave him behind. He will be left to what's happens to those that miss the time. 

I couldn't find him, I'm panicking and crying. I couldn't just leave him. Then I'd wake up. Same exact dream 2 years about 2 to 3 times per month without fail.

Ava: United States


It looked like it was six in the afternoon, and the sky had red cracks in it. We heard what sounded like grumbling noises.

 I was waiting for when I would rise up (in the Rapture) or disappear, but I didn't, and neither did my family. My grandma, I believe, should have gone. 

I remember that my grandma had once told me that, after Jesus takes everyone, He will give us a 2nd chance, but it is going to be harder. 

After Jesus left, I remember my family getting back on their phones, including me. Please help me.

Fred: United States

May 2017 before shutting my eyes for sleep. I heard beautiful trumpet sounds. I knew it was the sound of an alarm followed by two shorter trumpet sounds to get my attention. A majestic, loving, but a confident voice said Fred, get ready for the rapture. I prayed about this with thanksgiving.Lord, how am I to be RAPTURE ready? Over three months, it was revealed to me to #1 Repent Acts 3:19 all unrepented sins. I asked the Lord to reveal those. #2 Read Ephesians 6:11-18 putting on the full armour of God.#3 Read all of PSALMS protect us these last days. I tell as many people as possible that God loves them, and He Loves me...Amen. Thank you, Fred.

 The Older Prophet.Ezekiel 33:7-11 Called to be a Watchman for the Lord. I heard His verbal voice calling me. To God Be All The Glory.

Lori: United States

I have had several reoccurring dreams about the rapture. 

Last night I dreamed the clouds were dark, and you could see a funnel cloud forming and heading my direction. Then suddenly, the darkness turned to light, and in the clouds, I could see the face of Jesus. 

Then I could see angels flying above the heavens, and people started ascending into heaven. 

I asked my friend if he could see it or if I was the only one who could see it to which he replied, if that is what your faith tells you is happening right now, then yes it's happening because I can see them too.

About a month ago, I had a dream about the rapture, and again I was watching people ascending into the heavens. I have had these dreams on and off for years, but I don't wake up terrified like I did in the past. 

I don't know the meaning behind my dreams. I believe in Jesus, and I pray. I have accepted him into my heart, but I don't know if that is enough to get me into heaven and if maybe, he is trying to give me a chance to get ready. Or if it's because I have family members who are terminal and he wants me to make sure they are ready. Any thoughts?

Sue: Canada

I had a dream that I was rushing into a highrise office tower. A lady followed me into the building, in a tizzy about something, and started giving me grief.

We both got on the elevator, and her crabbing at me caused me to miss my floor on two floors. I wanted to get off on the 9th but got off on the 11th. I tried to get back on the elevator, but it was too slow, and I got anxious, I was in a great hurry, so I headed for the stairs.

Then I woke up. It makes me think that I will miss the rapture because I never made it back to the 9th floor and the two floors could be 911 for emergency. That time is short and running out.

Nicole: United States

I drempt that I walked outside, and the sky was black and full of smoke, and there was garbage everywhere. The ground was opening, and people were screaming, and I was so calm I knew Jesus was coming, and I looked at the clouds above me open up, and I saw Jesus, and I was so overwhelmed with emotions.

Beth: United States


Here I lay in bed, awakened by a dream.

At 2:00 am, I was outside with my preacher's son, his wife, (whom I've never met), my sister, friends, and husband.

We were looking at their new home when all of a sudden, lights steaming lights came from the clouds and started lifting people to these rays of lights; each person had their own light. 

I didn't understand what was going on at first then someone from behind me says, god is home ... then I hear gospel music as people are being lifted to heaven ... the song was so beautiful it goes he he he god is home; the most beautiful song I've heard.

I started getting scared because I wasn't going up with all these people: then I lifted my hands and said, am I not going?? Suddenly I'm lifted off the ground in a ray of light, and the music is loud enough for everyone to hear.

I'm crying, and look down at my friends; some aren't coming up, and I feel sadness for them. But then I asked, where is Jered, (my husband) and heard someone say; he is here. 

The feeling is so unreal it's 2:30, and I'm still awake,  awaken with tears in my eyes.

Jackie: New Zealand

A Wake Up Call

I was awoken from a dream at 2am. I dreamt that my husband kept pointing out that the world was going to end really soon. All the signs were there, and I was in denial and kept telling him that he was wrong. Then all of a sudden, everything stopped. It got dead silent. Extremely dark. The world ended.

Jesus came back. And in real life, I started praying for God to forgive me because I thought that was the actual end of everything. (I’m a Christian, it’s just that I wanted to absolutely make sure I was 100% right with God).

So, rightfully so, I got up and was kind of freaking out. So first thing first, check the Bible to see if God is trying to tell me anything. Nothing particularly stands out on the YouVersion app, so I’m like few, okay, let’s go on Facebook to calm my mind down and snap back to reality. Except that the first post I came across was a post about the end times and us needing to be ready for Jesus’ return. 

It was posted by my missionary friend who lives in Israel, and the post was in recognition of Yom Turah/Rosh Hashana which is their celebration of the New Year (they count time from the very beginning of time and not at Christ’s death).

The post went on to say that if we want to do great things for God, NOW is the time! At this point, I started crying because the post 100% confirmed my dream, and I knew it was from God.

Back to the dream, I was terrified but not because I didn’t make it (I did). I was terrified because SO many other people didn’t make it, and I didn’t have a chance to fulfill my calling. I didn’t tell them, and now it was too late. 

We are in New Zealand because we were called here and I am here to reach people for Jesus. It was such a wakeup call that the time is now!

One final note, it almost felt like sleep paralysis the way it happened but instead of being paralyzed, I woke up enough to snap out of it and jump up.

Mary: United States

September 9, 2019
A short dream.

I was outside with my husband and two grown children, and I looked up and saw a disturbance in the clouds. I said, “It is the rapture!” 

The entire sky descended to earth, and we went up in the sky. Somehow I saw or knew about a husband and his wife with blonde hair and knew their two-year-old daughter came to meet Jesus, but they did not.

Damilola: Nigeria

September 2, 2019

I saw the heavens become troubled, and massive formations could be clearly seen in the sky. People were running from one portion of the earth to another.

I knew something was about to happen. I saw a big 'big' hand in the sky, as though ready to collect people or something.

Then, the rapture happened. People started flying - not by their choice - but by force so external and great that one could neither decide for it or against it at that point. 

Unfortunately, only a few people flew, I mean very few people compared to the throngs of souls I saw remaining.

By God's grace, as I joined the company of the redeemed and flew past, I saw that many were even unconcerned about what was happening.

More unfortunate was that I saw a lady and a young man, supposedly going to church with Bibles in their hands - but they didn't make it - they didn't fly. It was troubling that they didn't seem to care, maybe they didn't just know what happened. I looked on at them and felt pity for them.

As I moved on, so intense it was - surprisingly, that tears of praise and gratitude to God filled me.

The two folks (lady and young man) that didn't make it, yet were 'Christians, might represent those in the church today.

Please let's all get it right with God. Every other thing won't matter after the trumpet sounds. It could sound anytime - just anytime.

For those of us who are saved by grace, wouldn't it be nice to talk to our neighbors and friends about Jesus? The more, the merrier, you know? Tell them Jesus loves them and has lots of beautiful homes for them (in Him) if they would accept His free gift of salvation and hold on till the end. 

Who rejects sweet yet free gifts, anyway?

Kaseria: United States

I was at school, as I was leaving I couldn’t get myself to move (I was walking). I had to keep pulling on people around me to push myself further. 

I got to the sidewalk, and there I saw a big dark shadow across the street, then another one. Then a big spider came at me rapidly, and it was huge. 

I was scared, but then Jesus came to me, he was in my room with me hovering over my bed. He reached his hand out, and I reached both of mine, and he was pulling

Me up, I was sinking. 

Then I had a vision in my right eye, but every time I would focus on it, it would bring me back to my room. Jesus was already gone.

Ebonee: United States

I had dreamed of being in a hardware store shopping for patio furniture. All of a sudden, I heard a very loud trumpet blowing, and the building started to shake. Other people and I began to run towards the windows and the door to see what was happening, but no one would dare go outside.

I managed to get outside and saw a man ahead of me kneeling on the parking lot of the store. The man lifted his hands in the air and darted up into the sky. When I saw this, I fell to my knees, raised my hands, and yelled out "Thank you Jesus"!! then I felt a powerful suction which caused me to go up into the sky. 

It was so fast. I remember having my phone in my hand, and my headphones in my ear and I dropped them as I was going up. That was the second dream I had. In the first one, I was at work, sitting at my desk when I heard the trumpets blow. 

On my job, there is a highway exit ramp behind me, and I noticed the sound of the trumpet caused the highway ramp and the building where I work to crumble and fall. Before everything started to go down, my feet lifted off of the ground, and I was out of there.

Lauren: United States

I had another rapture dream last night, but this time was way different. 

There was a motorcycle group, and they had a bunker and my family, and I went in it with them. To protect me from Satans demons that he had unleashed on the earth. I kept going in, and out of it in the dream moments. 

I was in heaven with God and all my family members, and the next second, I was on earth scared. 

Then the end that really scared me I was forced to get the mark of the beast. I felt them brand my back, and I felt my flesh burn. I woke up and made my boyfriend look to see if anything was there. 

I feel like it was a warning. I am going to continue to pray and strengthen my relationship with God. I pray for you brothers and sisters. He is coming back and may he have mercy on the people who don't believe in him, souls.

Leslie: United States

August 19-4:30 pm, 2019: 

In just a couple minutes of coming out of my sleep, I dreamed of my sister and me at the old house we grew up in. All of a sudden my little sister made lunch and for us both to go to work but I was surprised because I asked her, "are these for me" and she gave me that dumb look like, "duh, no they're not for you." 

So I laughed and grabbed one, but in the living room while looking outside the window, there was a change in the sky color; something a little tropical but very faint.

 I saw a tidal wave of water come crashing into my living room three times, opening up the whole living room out its looked gutted out, so as my sister and I was all wet. My dad came into the living room like "what the heck happened." 

A lady came running in with three big old gold chains wearing all white and told us to put these on. The pendant looks very different, but I can assure you it was not earthly, so we threw them on and went outside. 

All you could hear was a loud trumpet noise, like me, my sister,  and my dad rose immediately into the sky like a light lift, but it felt like a rollercoaster because we met up with him and everyone was dressed in white. The sky turned Scarlett I guess to let us know to not look down the earth is being doomed.

David: United States

 I had this dream one year ago (2018). It was during a very difficult time in my life. In the dream, I was in my car. I was on top of a high hill on a rocky island, and it was a night out. All around the island was the ocean for miles on end, and nothing else seemed to be in sight.

In front of me was a long narrow road that went down at a steep incline and at the bottom, the ground was flat dirt. This was the only road on this small, steep island. I drove down quickly, and while I was doing this, I suddenly realized at the end of the road was a docked super aircraft carrier. Once I reached the bottom, I immediately drove onto the deck of this immense warship. 

As I moved along forward, I saw other cars like mine, ordinary Cars, parked in rows. I did not see any people, just their cars. However, there weren't many cars. Maybe about 40.

At the center of this ship were small, two-story, wooden structures. They were done in french-village architecture. I did not see any people in the village or the windows.

I then became aware of two things; (1) To the immediate adjacent-right of this super aircraft carrier was a continent and (2) The captain of this ship needed to only "make the decision" and the ship would now be parked next to the mainland.

Interpretation: God sees our suffering (me alone on an island). We as Christians

are all pilgrims in this world (driving in my car [1 Peter 2:11-12]). Earth is not our home; God wants us to dwell with Him (super

aircraft carrier/ the other cars on the ship). The endearing village was made of wood 

(the wood comes from trees, and we must all bear our crosses and fellowship with one another [Luke 14:27]). The time is at hand; the Rapture is about to begin. The ship that we were on; it is less than a second away from Heaven (the "continent." 

[Hebrews 11:16]).

David: United States

I had this dream six years ago. In it, I was standing inside of an Egyptian Temple. It was night out, so it was dark inside the temple. In front of me, in the distance, were 4 Roman columns which led to the outside. I walked over to them and saw that in front of the temple was the Taj Mahal reflecting pool.

Then I looked up. The moon was full, but beside it was a golden cross as tall and wide as the earth. The cross was covered entirely in polished gemstones.

Interpretation: Jesus is about to come to earth like a thief in the "night" (Revelation 16:15). The enormous golden cross = Jesus. The gemstones = the Rapturd children of God. He will gather His children to Himself and fulfill the Rapture.

Yamiles: United States

I had a dream last night, July 29th, 2019. It was the coming of JESUS Christ Are Saviour. I just looked up into the skies & I saw him glowing in all white with angels around him singing, and he was also dancing. As soon as I saw him, I started crying, because I knew I had faith in him all along. My body just started rising into the skies, and next thing you know I was sitting inside an invisible glass chair that turned into a hot air balloon and sitting next to me was my mom and twin sister. But, some people were going up in a Ferris wheel-like rides going up to heaven. Then out of nowhere, it went from a beautiful dream to now I was in a room with family members trying to stab me. What does this dream mean? 

Harley: United States

So I had a very intense dream last night, and I woke up hands shaking crying, and my heart was racing. It was so real I couldn't believe what I had dreamed about. God came back, and the rapture was happening. I had to go one way or the other, I was stuck under 2 highway bridges, and one way was my niece and Rubens kids. They were in a field, and for some reasons, there were cartoon statues. The other way there was a field, and there was a silver box on top of a really long concrete pole holding it up.......Amilia turned to me and said she wanted to talk to her dad in the field and me. But she also wanted to inside the silver box. I started walking to the box, and two men ran up to me and told me not to go that way.....they both looked dead....they said if I go that way something terrible was going to happen. So I grabbed amilia and squeezed her really tight and started crying. Another said the bridges were going to fall, and that was our fate for the rapture. So I stood there with my eyes closed squeezing Amilia not knowing what to do...and when I opened them, I was at home in our other room....with two outfits in front of me. 1 outfit wad to put on to be with my kids....the other for I grabbed my gear to be with my kids and ran into my bedroom and I saw a flashing shiny light in the corner of my eyes coming from my closet, so I covered my face and laid on the bed and started yelling.....then I woke up crying and shaking and just so scared. In my dream, I had a vibe of a very evil presence with me. And as I walk towards my room now that I'm chest gets heavy, and I start feeling heavy and anxious.....

Leah: Australia

I had a dream on 28th July 2019. I looked up to the sky and saw what looked like comets or huge fireworks flying through our atmosphere and heading toward earth. I somehow knew that the comets wouldn't hit me. 

Then the stars turned from white into beautiful colors and started moving around the sky like they were dancing or swirling. 

I was suddenly lifted from the ground and floated upwards. I remember looking down at my mum and husband who weren't floating with me and felt sad that they weren't being raptured. 

I asked if I could return to earth and help them, so I went back down and taught them how to pray, how to affirm that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, how to repent and cast away demons by saying, "in the name of Jesus I command you to leave." 

At this point, I remember looking up at the sky and could still see the colourful stars, so I knew Jesus hadn't left me on earth yet. I kept calling out to Jesus to lift me back up and take me with him, but I can't remember if it happened or not. 

I don't understand what the dream means. Do I need to get right with Jesus? Is this a warning that I need to make changes in my life? Or does it affirm that He will save me, but my job is to help my family be saved too? I wish I knew!! 

Susanne: United States

I had this rapture dream several years ago.

I was doing something in the house, nothing special. It was daytime. Then I heard a loud trumpet blast (Possibly a shofar) I knew the moment I heard it - that the whole world could hear it as well. I knew this was it, Jesus was coming. The moment, the instant the sound from the trumpet stopped, it was if gravity ceased to exist, and I shot up through the ceiling into the sky. 

It happened so fast, the trumpet blast (10-15 seconds) and then going into the sky. It happens in an instant. In a blink of an eye. You will not have time to get "Right with God." You have to "Get right with God - NOW." Be about your Father's business.

When he returns have him find you living and spreading the gospel message with boldness.

Penny: United States

I had a dream about the rapture last night, July 2019. 

I have had several, but this one is my favorite. I was driving in my car with, I believe my daughter, and we saw airplanes flying straight up in the sky then the most beautiful fireworks, but we knew they were from God. 

We pulled over as did everyone on the road got out of our cars and sat on the ground. We could hear music and  God talking to us all at the same time; he told me I was forgiven. I was crying and telling him I'm sorry for all I had done; he said he understood and then started asking me questions about my life, and I was answering him without excuses for my actions.

He then asked me what I had put in the back seat of my car; I was confused as I had no idea what he meant. 

He was loving and kind, and although scared, somehow I knew if we could hear him, he was taking us home.  I did not want to wake up

Carolyn: United States

In my dream, I was in my house and ran out into the yard to what I thought were fireworks. I suddenly and unexpectedly realized that it was not fireworks but that it was the end of time and that Jesus would be coming. 

I then turned my dogs loose and set out to get my mother. Somehow I was in a strange place and was lying on the ground covered in potato bugs I could literally feel them crawling all over me completely covered.

I then convinced myself that this was simply a ploy, Satan messing with my mind. The bugs disappeared, and the dream ended with my mother and myself sitting by a highway underpass waiting for Jesus.

Rickey: United States

First rapture dream only 123 seeds out of the entire USA  go to heaven.  

Second rapture dream very few from the entire world go to heaven.  As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.  See Linda Rika YouTube testimony.  Three preachers out of five million people were eligible for heaven on the day she saw the Lord.  The preacher must read the entire holy KJV bible, only, word for word, alone, just his word, only.  We must follow it the same way or not his people.  They preach for money, and all miss heaven.

Kim: United States

My Rapture Dream

I walked outside with a male acquaintance; we were laughing. (I don't know his face in real life.) I looked above him and saw the sky was a vivid blue with bright white clouds in geometric (snowflake-like) patterns that filled the entire sky. I turned to the left and saw angels and thought, "this is it." 

I felt the presence of hundreds of people around me, was very concerned for their souls and loudly said 'the sinner's prayer.' Oddly, they said it with me. The sky (or earth) spun extremely fast, and we all lifted slowly into the air. I felt Jesus up there in the sky but didn't see Him

Renee: United States

I dreamed of Jesus in the second coming.

I was in my old neighborhood doing something and looked up in the sky and noticed the clouds were turning dark grey. 

The clouds were rolling then they started forming a shape into humans. 

It looked scary,  and then I heard the sound of trumpets blowing very loud. I looked up and saw a man coming out of the clouds. 

People were yelling Jesus, Jesus, but I yelled to the crowd that's not the real Jesus.

Then I saw This second man riding on a horse in the clouds coming toward us. I yelled to the crowd that's the real Jesus. Everyone was so happy and crying. I said to Jesus; I'm so glad you're here. 

Somehow in the dream, He became seated and was talking to the people. Then I started singing a song, and at the end of the song I woke up.

Landon: United States

So I’ll try to make this as short as possible while still giving great detail. So I am 18 years old, and I am from the U.S. My family has always been believers in Christ and somewhat churchgoers; not every Sunday, but at least twice a month. 

Before this dream, which occurred on Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, I had never dreamt about Jesus before. I will now deliver the dream: 

So I was somewhere near a field under a tent or small building with just a roof and no walls. It was a beautiful sunny day,  and at this point, was just another dream, (none of my dreams have ever made sense). 

But anyway, there we were just sitting around talking and at this point I happen to look at my watch, which I never set in military time, my watch said “18:18.” I didn’t think anything of it, and I still don’t know if it was significant. 

After I looked at my watch, I happened to look up in the sky, and clouds started to form, first into a cross, slowly, and after that, a side view at what appeared to be Jesus’ face. 

After this, I left my dream, and (this is where I got scared/confused). I felt myself starting to awaken, and all of a sudden my body started to what felt like, physically lift up from my bed about 6 inches, and my ears began to ring harshly; I couldn’t really breathe, and my body was completely paralyzed. 

The only thing I could move was my right fingers, and I was trying to wake my girlfriend; I was physically aware of what was happening to my body, and at this point, was no longer in a dream. 

It finally stopped, and I gained control of my body.  I immediately tried to gather myself on what just happened. The only thing I could think of to make this somewhat reasonable was the second coming of Jesus Christ.Shanita: United States


My name is shanita, and I had a dream about there being a rapture. I was hanging with my old friends from middle school. We were driving, and as we were driving, we drove near a riot. 

We almost drove into the uprising, but I told them to turn around and drive the other way. When we were close to the riot, I witnessed a crowd aggressively attacking a truck, they all had angry faces as they were attacking the truck. 

So after we drove away from the riot, we decided to continue traveling on foot. As we were walking on foot, I either bumped into another person or almost bumped into another person and when that happened one of my friends said, with an Attitude and a face of annoyance, "don't you watch where you're going." I responded with something, don't remember what I exactly said. 

I was a little upset at how she made me feel for almost or actually bumping into the other person, so I decided to walk off. As I started walking away, someone was shouting out, "the rapture is here, and no one is taking it seriously, the rapture is here, and it is real." Then I woke up.

Lynne: United States

I am 60 years old, and I had my rapture dream when I was ten years old. It was so intense and vivid and real it has remained with me still today as clear as it was then.

I was a young child, and I was standing near a field where we lived. I could see the apple trees in the meadow and the tall golden grasses. Our neighbor's house was in the distance.

Suddenly, I heard a trumpet faintly at first building into a crescendo. I looked up into the sky and saw a huge cluster of fluffy white clouds.

Jesus himself was in the forefront of the clouds sitting on a brilliantly white horse, and angels who held gleaming golden trumpets surrounded him. I was so fascinated, in my childlike way, and gloriously happy.

Then, the vision started to fade, but I heard these words, "You will not die. You will see my return." And with that, the dream ended but the overwhelming reality of it has lingered with me all these years, and I think of it more often these days catching myself looking into the sky awaiting his return.

CLAUDIA: United States



Paris: New Zealand

So lately I look up into the sky and have been seeing figures and shapes of Jesus! But tonight I dreamed of Jesus returning. It started with him floating around the word then coming back with trumpets playing as he floated down to earth. 

People began disappearing into petals, and those petals floated up. One by one, my parents and brother were disappearing, but I was left down on earth. Now I just supposed I had to wait a bit, but no I was wrong... I was stuck on this earth as it slowly crumbled into pieces. 

Now I fear so strong that I will be left behind, and everyone in my life will go up to heaven

Heaven: United States

My scary rapture dream 

I was at a family gathering, and randomly, I started to float. I had a friend help to keep me from floating out of the house.

In the next part the ground was breaking around me and a couple of my friends who were there. We started falling down, and I caught myself on the edge to get up to my mom (a very holy woman.) I got up and ran to her, and she told me to pray.

I saw my boyfriend running with our baby, and I was crying as though they were going to hell, and I kept yelling to him to pray, please. He got up to us, and we were all being sent upstairs past a gate. My boyfriend, baby, and I weren’t stopped or anything, and everyone just threw out the stiff they had that was going to be useless in Heaven.

My boyfriend got out of line and hid behind something with a gun pointing at whoever passed. I knew I couldn’t stop him, so I walked past him mounting I love you to him and just carried on. I woke up crying at the thought of me going to hell. This dream was last night 6/10/2019 

Earlier this year, I had a similar dream, but we were all at the end of my street, and I was pregnant then so my baby wasn’t in the dream, but my boyfriend was. 

I am saved, and I don’t pray every night as I should, and I keep having the horrific realistic dreams. 

I had another of my pastor trying to hurt me in inappropriate ways when I was home alone. These dreams make me not want even to sleep anymore 

Savannah: United States

I was in the car with family and friends, and then all of a sudden a few of them were gone. Some people walking down the streets disappeared. Everyone knew it was the beginning of the end. It was the Rapture. Nobody was crying nor happy. It was confusing and bittersweet. I woke up before I saw anything else.

Robin: United States

Rapture Dream
A few weeks ago, I had a dream of the Rapture.  It was very vivid.  I remember I was in this very modern home, with lots of people I did not know; people surrounded me, but I don't recall ever seeing any of their faces. 

The front door of this home was more like a double door, and it was wide open.  I walked around a corner and was looking out these doors, and noticed how bright and beautiful the sky was. 

The people with me were pointing to the sky.  I knew this brilliant light was Christ Jesus.  I remember thinking to myself, "He's here!  I'm going home!" 

As I walked through the doors to the outside, I noticed that I was beside an older woman, and after looking at her more closely, realized she was my aunt who had died several years ago.  She looked younger. (My aunt was one of the most godly Christian women I have ever known.) 

I began to feel my body being pulled toward the light, lifting me off the ground. I looked back and saw my aunt still standing there.  I immediately said, "Wait!" and went back to her, wrapped my arms around her, and together we were lifted up off the earth. 

I can't accurately describe the sensation my body felt while this was going on, but it was as if my spirit was moving faster than my body, like I was being stretched, seeing both my spirit and body.  I remember passing the clouds, moving toward this beautiful bright light that I absolutely knew was Jesus. 

That was the last thing I remember from the dream, but I woke up feeling excited and blessed to have experienced that.  It's the only rapture dream I have had, and it was something I will never forget.

 Wade: United States

I had the cloud dream this morning. Saturday, May 11th, 2019. I had a dream the Lord came back for us. Only one cloud in the sky super bright light, not the sun. As soon as I saw the Lord, I knew I was so filled with joy, and you could hear everyone singing Lord of lords king of kings hallelujah. Then I floated up. I was super happy intense butterflies in my stomach while floating up.

Mary: Ghana

End Time Dream. 
It was around 2 am today when I went to bed. I didn't sleep early. Immediately I lied down and closed my eyes, and I saw in a vision an angel of God in the opened sky.

He was a giant with a white garment and very wide feathers. Everything on him was white, and then suddenly Jesus appeared in front of the angel, and he was so pure and shining in glory that I couldn't even see His face. In a flash, I saw Him holding a trumpet and then He raised it about to blow.

All I said when I saw it was, the world has finally come to an end. I was scared for my soul because I knew the time was not the right time for me.

Then suddenly Jesus was closer to me, and I could see His whole body clearly, but I couldn't look, and then I was awake all of a sudden. It felt so real (and not like a vision). 

Angel: United States

I have had many dreams of the end of the world for about seven years now. 

1: It was very dark out, and millions of frogs were everywhere. 

2: was about flooding. I was inside a building with glass all around even on the bottom, and water was rising quickly. I told my daughter, "okay baby, Jesus is coming back now and that water is going to cover us, and we're going to die;" she started crying and said what about Neveah which is my oldest daughter...I said we could call her. 

I looked everywhere for my phone, but every phone I could find belonged to someone else; Her number was on my phone and everyone, except her, was inside.

Then we saw alligators swimming; I was outside rubbing mud all over me so the alligators wouldn't eat me. 

I ended up inside a house, and went out the back door facing north and then someone drained the water into a ditch, 

3: we were all outside looking up. I pointed and said Jesus is coming and saw big white clouds.

4: I saw everyone looking up and people were floating into the sky, Jesus raptured other people but not me. I was waving and said what about me...I remember thinking, I'm going to hell!

I'll write more later; I have to go.

Mark: Canada

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I had a small rapture dream at least I think it was ... I'm a bit confused about it, but maybe it has a meaning .. a few months now I have tried to get closer to Jesus and have been given signs to repent my sins.

So I have been doing my best .. and for some reason have become very interested in rapture dream stories and videos .. also near death EXPERIENCES. 

So in my dream (2019/29/4) just before going to bed I was reading rapture stories, and in my dream, I'd say around midway, I remember this part of my dream very well. 

I was in a building perhaps an apartment, and I was looking out the window and noticed a very heavy white fog coming over the sky like an avalanche or something, and I look out another window and see black UFOs about 10 in a group hovering around. 

Then when I looked more to the right side of the window, I saw beautiful multiple colors, and a big shiny reddish angle form appeared. 

Once I saw this I looked down and saw people arguing like they had a choice to make to go up to heaven, but they were arguing, and I woke up.

I'm not sure what the meaning is or anything but thought I would share with you. God bless you all.

Kim: Philippines

Last night I dreamed about Jesus coming, I was playing in the living room, and suddenly I heard loud noise, not just a noise but a sound of trumpet and then I ran outside our house to see what's going on and I was shocked when I saw the angels with their trumpets walking down from heaven slowly.

My heart beats very fast, and I ran inside and shouted 'IT'S JUDGMENT DAY" and returned outside and see two of the angels face to face. I bowed to them, but one of the angels talked to me and said "You shouldn't bow, you will be put in the lake of fire" and I saw the lake of fire."

I was crying and asking for forgiveness.. and then my emotions are really intensive, so I woke up while crying. My heart beats very fast as I wake up in the middle of the night.

Megan: United States

Last night I had a dream that I was in my town a small town in the country where I was standing or the place I don't know, but I was alone and outside. All of a sudden the rapture started happening and I could hear people screaming all around me, and Jesus appeared from the sky. Everybody in a line started walking, and from nowhere the sky was black but in the distance the sky was like a sunset but fire red and orange. We followed Jesus onto a big golden bridge that went for miles into the beautiful sunset. While walking on this bridge, I looked back at the thousands of people behind me walking and the feeling of fear set in; this is real; this is my judgment day. I walked on this bridge then I somehow wound up from the bridge and sky overlooking the world into a very very bright white room with a table that was forever long you could not see an end to this table and one man sat at this table. I walked up to the man with great fear of not being accepted into heaven. I looked at him with his hands folded on the table and he looked at me. I said nothing he said nothing. I was way too ashamed of my life to even speak at this moment and so afraid..  then I woke up.

Trevo: United Kingdom

The coming of the Son of Man. 

I had a dream about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In my dream, I was outside a building surrounded by many people, and it was during summer. Suddenly I saw people pointing up in the sky, and the clouds seemed to be getting darker and moving very fast and then suddenly the middle of the sky opened up, and I began to pray to ask God for forgiveness. People who were around me started screaming and shouting that it's too late to repent, time has run out, and then suddenly a bright light with shiny eye blinding rays of magnificent colors sinned straight at me. I began to scream and shout with fear and my left hand up to my wrist began to burn like some kind of radiation, and I began to scream and ask God for forgiveness then suddenly I awoke from the dream.

The End is near.. Jesus is coming Soon!

Andrea: United States

I had a dream That my son, and I were sitting in a friend's car; When we turned around we saw that a line of cars was on fire,  and the fire continued to spread out of control heading towards us. 

As the fire was getting closer, we got out of the car and started to run, and when we started to run our bodies were rising; then a small section of the sky opened up while we were rising up in the air. 

Suddenly the sky started to close back up; then my friend put her head on my shoulder crying saying the Rapture. That's when I woke up.

Bunnie: United States

I dreamed I was at an outside restaurant with a fire pit and TV with about 100 or so people. I saw a former classmate of mine and went to talk to her. She had her grandchildren hiding under a chair.

I also saw a male celebrity. I was wearing an army green jacket and hat; my hair was longer than it is now, it had maybe eight months growth

I finished my conversation and got up to gather my belongings. I saw a bright flash of light at the same time I heard a shout. I walked from under the patio to see the sky and started to rise into the air.

Standing on a building across from me was an angel (I’m guessing). It/she was 10 feet tall, had dark brown hair and was wearing a very plain white robe with a silver cord as a belt and a very plain silver tiara. I saw other angels also standing guard over other buildings equidistant away from the angel assigned to my quadrant.

As I rose into the air all of a sudden I knew my husband had been called to his heavenly duty (he’s a watchman) and I started flying to the right to get my children.

What struck me is just how few people were in the air with me, only 3 or so out of a group of hundreds. And it was a plain, ordinary day with people going about their business.

Nalaisha: United States

I've had multiple dreams of the coming of Christ but only recently are they becoming more real. Last night I had an idea I was doing what I usually do, waiting for the bus at the bus stop. When suddenly I look up at the sky and I see the light coming through the clouds, and I thought wow that's a pretty sunset. But then when I looked higher, there were rays of red lights coming through the clouds, and I could see a figure descending saying "And all the world will see the glory of God," and It was loud. Immediately everyone knelt to the ground and put their faces on the concrete. In my dream, I thought it had to be real.

Anthony: United States

I dreamed I was ascending to heaven and fell back to the earth.

Tom: United States

Note:: I have never had a dream I could vividly remember as much as this one.

 I was standing in a room, and I believe now that it may have been my kitchen, in which I was standing between two windows that showed the outside. I began to hear the words whispered, ¨Jesus, Jesus is coming!¨ being repeated. Out of nowhere, a slow, but fast, bright white light brighter than any light I had seen before, totally encompassed my view. I can vividly remember just only being able to see the light for a moment or two. With the light came a ringing noise, that sounded almost like a note of music but was a lower pitch than the one that someone has with ringing ears. The light was approaching, and blinding my view. Right afterward, I was in Heaven, but I cannot remember, or may not have seen what it looked like in my dream. I have been wondering about it as my parents told me that the Rapture was talked about the other night in church, but I was unable to go, nor was I informed of the topic. Today my girlfriend said that a co-worker of hers was listening to the radio in the car (the same day as my dream) and the topic was the Rapture as well. Just thought this was very interesting, as I have never had a dream like this before.

Anthony: United States

I had a dream where I was caught up in the rapture. It was a few nights ago, but it was VIVID and FELT REAL.

In my dream, I heard a trumpet, and at that moment there was this bright flash, I felt myself being lifted up and there were all these bright, vivid, beautiful colors, clouds, and my hands were outstretched to the sky as I was being pulled up with a rather quick force. I felt nothing but happiness, peace, love, mercy, and just all around I felt God's presence.

BETSY: United States

I've had three rapture dreams, but the last one was recently and felt more vivid and real than the other two. I felt the Holy Spirit in me as never before. The feeling of those living waters flowing through me was so powerful. He lifted both my arms up, and I began to rise up through His power in me at full speed. I passed the clouds above. Then the universe than I was taken to a room where only a few people were. To this He let me know that only a few will make it to the rapture.

In my previous dreams when I was taken up at full speed, I saw beautiful colors as I was taken up and at the end, I could see God's throne.

Charlotte: United States

I had a dream last night that I saw two images of Jesus. One was a statue like and the other one was alive. As both of them coming down from the sky I pointed and said: "See Jesus is coming back." The next thing I knew I was running and jumping on top of the roofs of buildings because they were collapsing and then I woke up.

Dawn: United States

I felt paralyzed and tingling starting from head to toe as I began to ascend through a gray area with faceless "souls" all rising at different levels around me. I tried to turn around to see if there was anyone I knew, but couldn't turn. I kept rising until I arrived at a bright city street with a loud chorus of "the King is Coming." I kept kind of floating but started to descend, this time the tingling in my body was in reverse order. I woke up, and the tingling was slowly leaving. My heart was racing! I rolled over and touched the back of my fiance and prayed over him and for everyone I knew. I felt an energy that was not my own. My mind was racing, but I still fell asleep while I was praying. The next morning he asked what I touched him with during the night, he said it burned. I looked at him kind of dumbfounded, and he asked me again... he said it was scorching hot. I told him my dream/ experience, and he commented that it made sense. He didn't really want to talk about it, but I was on an adrenaline rush for months. I told many people what happened, but nobody really wanted to talk about it. What does it mean? Was it a dream or something that truly happened? 

Trinity: United States

Hey, so I had a dream last night .. & I woke up so scared and in tears. I knew this was the rapture once I woke up.. it started with me grabbing money out of my pocket and my mom randomly went crazy (no one else in my family was in the house btw.) And told me I had to give it to her..and was just going on making no sense spazzing AMD crying and I just felt this overwhelming need to leave, so I tried, and she wouldn't let me. And my boyfriend came to the door, and I ran out ..And told him we had to go.. And then a couple of. My neighbors came out of the house .. wandering aimlessly,  and so we're running, and we go to the cut towards his home, but we couldn't get through because the woods were on fire.  The whole time he was telling me,  "come on we're gonna make it, " and we were crawling through these knocked down trees trying to get through, and I woke up..terrified.

Scott: United States

I looked out my window and saw white, misty, foggy clouds running towards my house as though they had legs. I ran outside and realized I was at my old family home. An old man with bright white hair drove up in a pickup and pointed to the clouds.  I sensed that this was the Rapture and said, oh my God it's happening!  I raised my hands up and saw them begin to glitter and become transparent.  I woke up in tears of joy and realized it was a dream.

Georgina: United Kingdom

I was laying awake as I sometimes do and I fell asleep I woke up in the early hours in tears rolling down my face. The father had spoken to me because I asked the question why haven’t you returned we need you, he replied because nothing will change the people are not yet ready to receive me. The words continued if I returned I would be treated no different to how I was treated when I was crucified it would just be modern-day crucifixion this is why I have not returned, and I awoke in tears

James: South Africa

I saw a round cloud, and in it were Jesus  Christ and horses coming down to earth, the people in the cloud were of royalty. I shouted Jesus, the cloud was coming down on me, suddenly the cloud covered me, and a red horse stood on my right hand. This happened  on 31 December 2018

Gregory: Country

I had a dream that I was working in an office building, and the sky began to change and on the edge of the clouds was Our Lord Jesus, he was silhouetted in black, and I could clearly see there was a crown atop his head.  I was beyond excited because of His return, and I knew I had to get to the lower or ground floor to take part in the rapture. As I got to the lower level, I began to float up, but then I felt myself not going high, as I needed to rise all the way up.

This dream makes me nervous as I believe and I do have personal struggles maybe someone can help me with it.

Maggie: United States

I had a dream today around 1 pm 12/27/18. I don’t remember much of the first part honestly, but I do remember the sky being red with like purple clouds. I was with my mom in the living room of a house that I didn’t recognize, and everything was crazy outside, people were running around screaming, planes were falling out of the sky, and I started freaking out, and I could tell it was the rapture. My mom was perfectly calm and said to me that she wasn’t scared that she knew she was going to heaven. She sat down on the couch and told me to sit beside her, so I did, and I turned and looked out the window behind us and saw a plane heading straight for the house. My mom saw it too and didn’t even flinch, she just looked at me and held my hand, and I said I love you thinking we were about to die. The plane crashed into the house and took out the part of the couch we weren’t sitting on, half of the house caught on fire, and we were left unscathed. We went outside, and for some reason, the people going to Heaven were glowing green and then beaming up. My mom burned green and beamed up, and then I got scared wondering if I was going to get to go to Heaven or not and I had a phone like I was waiting for a phone call from God to let me know?? But then I instantly felt like my soul was about to leave my body, and I looked up, and then I woke up. It felt so real, and it took me about half an hour to snap back into reality. I don’t know exactly what it means but I really feel like the Lord is coming and it’s going to happen in my lifetime. I just want to be ready for him! I want to see His Glory and fall to my knees in praise and feel nothing but pure happiness and peace!

Raymond: United States

I had a dream last night about being left behind in the rapture. It’s not the first time though. It’s just that now I understand it. I’m not sure how the dream started off but I remember sitting in a room.. out of nowhere the sky turned a weird color and I just felt emptiness and heaviness. I had a feeling what it was but I wanted to make sure if I was just exaggerating. So  I went to look for my parents and my nieces. All gone.  I couldn’t find any one of them. And then I knew. I cried and prayed and repented, but I felt nothing. The Holy Spirit has risen and I was left behind. My only thoughts were what can I do next? I need to really live NOW for God. Even without the Holy Spirit. I need to praise Him and repent daily and share the gospel with others. I refuse to succumb to my temptations. I’m thinking it’s not too late, it’s just harder now because I have to bear my own cross. Still panicking, and crying, and looking for God... I found nothing but heaviness on my chest and can literally feel the doorway to God and the Holy Spirit gone. So I wonder, do we get a second chance after the rapture/during the tribulation? Or is this day right here right now our Only chance to glorify God and be allowed in his presence... I don’t wanna be the scared little boy in my recent dream. Gods calling

Realtoltek: Czech Republic

Holy Spirit gave me a real white stone. In last vision, Jesus told me, he will return in 2 years. I had a vision at 18.9.2017. That means he will return at 2018 or 2019. I believe 09/2019 and I will go to old Jerusalem wait for him.

I love GOD, and I want to be his angel. GOD show it to me and show me my future "body" of an angel.

Angelique: United States

My name is Angelique, and I am 16 years old. From a young age my parents and grandparents taught me the things of God, I feel like I have strayed away a little bit. Lately I have been feeling like I need to get closer to God. I just woke up from a dream about the rapture. I believe the dream was a warning telling me that I need to repent and go to the fire of Jesus Christ. Here is the dream.

I was in my house and my grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins were visiting. It started to storm outside and here in Texas, it starts to flood very quickly. it was a very heavy thunderstorm with lightning. I noticed a laser like thing reach a certain spot outside and then it created a small crater and I first assumed it was a meteor shower. more and more of those meteors were hitting and they were very hot. They started coming into my house! Everyone was calm, and I started to have an anxiety/panic attack. my family was trying to calm me down, but it was not working. The meteors and lasers kept coming into my house in random spots and I was terrified. Suddenly a wave of voices came over my house very loudly. It said, “evil will be forgotten” “evil will quiver before him, Jesus Christ is preaching and I knew the Rapture was here so I fell down on my knees and screamed I’m sorry God I am repenting for all of my sins, please accept me into the gates of Heaven” and then I woke up.

Alice: United States

I was looking up to a starry sky and saw a bright arrow that was pointed left. The arrow was a bright white thick and looked like the kind used on traffic signs.
Below the arrow in finer lines a beautiful lions head.
I called my only child over, my 37 year old daughter and she got excited too.
There was also strange writing that disappeared quickly.
I remember saying that Jesus must be coming.
I am widowed and my daughter had a stroke in January but recovered fast Praise God.
We have many financial issues and Sarah would love to still marry and have a baby.
Just giving this personal info in case it could help.

Hello Gary,

I had a dream of the rapture a couple of days ago. In the dream, I was driving on a road or highway as I looked up I seen a bright shining light and started seeing people being pulled up into the light. People were in trees holding on trying not to be pulled into the light. In the dream, I was feeling scared but before I awoke I felt I was ready to be pulled into the light.

Rose: United States

I had a dream I was in a car and going somewhere, and fires were breaking out, bombs going off and I heard the trumpet sounding and said Jesus is coming! And people said nope nothing is going on and I want to listen to my music, the sky lit up with angels, and they took people who were ready very fast! I woke up and thought it was happening! It will happen so very fast! 

Judi: United States

Last night I dreamed I was standing outside and looked to the sky and saw people in the sky and I immediately knew it was the rapture. In my dream, I raised my hands towards the sky waiting to be lifted up, and at that moment I felt myself being raised up into the air and then suddenly woke up.

Tamm: Country

10/9/18 @ 4:16: I woke up from a dream.   In my dream was several media personnel in CT witnessing the end of the world.   There were Angels in firms of clouds blowing trumpets.   There were amazing lights in the sky.  The oceans were turning with mega waves.   There were those who were frightened and those who felt at peace.   Christ is coming.

Anekwu: Nigeria 

It all happened on the 7th of October 2018. I was asleep and was having an amazing dream, with my friends at my house. I didn't realize it was a dream; everything just seemed real

My friends and I were talking about how we are going to lift a Barbell weight lift. Suddenly I looked at the cloud and saw something weird happening. It looks like someone was drawing a face on the cloud and to my surprise, I saw a giant face and the cloud changed, and a heavy, loud voice was spoken. At that moment I felt it was the rapture. I tried to hide and pray to God but I couldn't it seems like the judgment day spares no one and I shouted Jesus Jesus Jesus, and I woke up and thank my Father it was a dream. Now I have seen the revelation of Christ coming. I will be prepared, and I urge everyone to be prepared because when that day comes, you will be so afraid that it is too late for God to forgive you. I pray That God Helps us fight these sins.

Serina: United States

I have had many dreams about God and Jesus over the years. Many dreams about the end of the world as well, but it has always been by war or aliens, never rapture specifically. 

I was walking with 2 of my small sons, my other son was off somewhere with my husband. I was walking down a mountain road holding a hand on each side. I was with my mother in law and two of her friends that I did not know, a man and a woman. 

As we were walking, I noticed newly fallen snow on the ground, just enough that you could still see the dirt underneath. In the distance, we saw three mountain-like peaks, and they looked as if they were on fire, but not just a normal fire. The closer we came to this fire it looked like the surface of the sun, it was such a deep red and there was no smoke.  

One of the people with us said that it was not a fire, it was the end of the world, and it was finally beginning. At that moment, a beam of gorgeous light shot straight out of the middle of the peaks and went straight up to the sky.  I knew it was happening at that moment as well. 

A feeling of relief, excitement, shock, and some apprehension came over me. I began to have anxiety about where my husband and other son were, knowing I had to find them before I could focus on what was happening. 

I said that we should pray and not just assume we were going to heaven. I woke up before anything else happened, but this dream will be one I will be remembering forever.

Judy: United States

This dream was 30 years ago. I remember it vividly. It was a sunny day, and I was hanging out clothes. My former husband was there for some reason, along with children playing in the yard. I did not recognize the house. It was a two-story Old Farm House that needed paint. Out of nowhere came this roaring, rumbling thunder with dark clouds. My former husband was getting everyone in the house preparing for a storm. But I stayed at the clothesline staring at the dark clouds and rumbling thunder so loud it was ear piercing. 

As the sky fell there appeared two large Angels sounding Trumpets. I would not look away. As the sky began to scroll open,  one Angel on each side of what appeared to be the face of Jesus Christ so big and Beautiful that the entire universe could have seen him, but He did not say anything to me. The trumpets were still sounding when I woke up. 

Puzzled by this dream I went to a minister, and she told me that Jesus came to me in a vision through this dream and that I had described his Second Coming from Revelations. I had never read Revelations, and at the time was not living by the Word of God.  

Since then I have witnessed things no one could even imagine. I have had many encounters with Angels that have saved my life and others.  

Thank you, Father, for never giving up on me.  Thy will be done not mine, In Jesus name Amen.

Christi: United States

I live in Nashville, TN.  I had the most vivid dream of my life where I was in a beautiful condo with large windows with light coming in.  I had a magazine there with several of their employees to interview with me, and everyone was wearing white.  

My mom went to the door and told me "it's started."  I knew in my heart she meant the rapture and I got excited!  She said that Georgia was under a state of emergency and people were getting "pinged up." 

 I got so excited I turned and started walking to one of the large windows.  I was walking in slow motion looking at the magazine employees, and they acted like nothing was happening and had checks (money) in their hands and talking amongst each other.  I was thinking--guys, this is the rapture!! It's starting, and they just ignored it. 

 I went over to the window and saw a cloud swirling and was beautiful.  I was smiling and ready to go!! Then I woke up.  It was so vivid it moved me to tears, and I honestly thought it was a prophetic dream.  

A few months later I was drawn to some new condos in the area, and they were having an open house.  I went in, and one of the condos for sale was the condo in my dream!!!!  I knew then that God choose me to see that vision.  It was incredible!  Praise God!!!

Cynthia: Country

The rapture came I was in my backyard there were round white looking paper plates with some sort of writing or symbols flying everywhere along with loud crashes dogs barking alarms going off and planes falling from the sky, I’m most curious about the plates, what does it mean?

Jay: United States

I had two different dreams about the rapture first dream: I was with my dad in the mall we were just looking around then all of a sudden our body automatic started walking outside with this crowd of people I look up, and Jesus' face was in the sky looking down on us as we were walking to him. The next day I had a dream I was on my porch, and this big round alien spaceship sphere flew over my house the spaceship had all these different color of lights on it everyone looked in amazed soon as it touched the ground everything blew up.

Leanne: Australia

I dreamt that my husband and I were walking in a shopping mall and just as we were exiting through the big double glass doors to go out into the carpark, I looked up and there in the sky was Jesus. He was horizontal to the earth, huge, with a scroll across his forehead. But it was such an ordinary moment! That is what was so strange, and it was ordinary.  I looked up and said to my husband, "oh look, there's Jesus." as if I were mentioning that the next door neighbor was out there. I felt at that moment Jesus speak into me, "It will be a moment as ordinary as this. At any moment.

Julia: United States

Okay so, I forget what I was doing, but like halfway through the dream, like we (me and a friend from volleyball) we're outside. All of a sudden loud trumpet music started playing and a white thing. The only way I can describe it is as an angel, you know how like that one man in the Bible saw a bright lite and went temporarily blind? It was just like that minus the blind part) and I didn't say anything but then all of a sudden I started rising like up to the sky, and I remember I was really happy because I knew that like it was Jesus coming back. I woke up like before I got to heaven but I remember looking down and seeing the world. 

Joel: Mozambique

Hello my dears 
As well as me I had a dreams of rapture for two times but different month a same year. ..

Evangeline: United States

I was laying on my couch with my child. In the dream, I fell asleep the day turned to night very fast. As I was dosing off the winds began to blow getting stronger and stronger, and they swept through the house. I heard what sounded like an alarm but in the dream, I knew it was the rapture. I ran toward my mother's room holding my child I fell looking back then I popped up out my sleep.

Kassandra: United States

I just had a dream that I was at home and walked out the front door. Then an image of Jesus appeared as a gigantic cloud figure. As I stared at it, the brightness of a thousand sunrises began illuminating the figure, and the trumpets started playing, and the clouds began to part. My daughter and I were suddenly rising into the sky. Then I landed in the sky, on white clouds, and I knew it was judgment day. I woke up before I could see my God. It felt so real, and I was greatly disappointed to realize that it was a dream. I know the rapture will be upon us soon and we all need to prepare and reach out to any and everyone.

Amy: United States

I dreamed I along with other people were in a room with a big window. I said look! It’s Jesus coming in The sky.  But they couldn’t see him. I cried out can’t you see him it’s Jesus, but they couldn’t see him. Some were Christians. But they couldn’t see him.  But when I awakened I could hear the scriptures to those who are looking for me will I appear without sin unto salvation.

Keiairrah: United States

I had a dream Jesus Returned, yall. I was in the house, and I was looking out the storm door and all of a sudden it was Cloudy. Then I heard Trumpets, and the trumpets were loud, and it felt so real.  No one was outside, but me and my heart was racing !!!! So next thing you know I heard the angels singing He's coming, the Lord is coming, and it was like they were singing faster and faster and then the sky opened up like a portal from heaven. In the middle of the air there was a bright rainbow color I have never seen before; then to the left corner of my eyes, I saw Jesus walking in the sky. He was walking, but I could only see his shadow. As soon as he walked to the opening a big ball of light came and disappeared. I woke up in disbelief. Man. I never had a dream like that I honestly think it's getting closer and closer till Jesus returns. I just hope my family and I can get through those pearly gates

Mary: United States
I saw the second coming in my dream 

Allan: Uganda

Last night I dreamt about the end time. In my dream my brother and I were driving along a high way when suddenly I saw diff clouds forming, I saw different moons and saw another bigger brighter moon and some activity was taking place in it. So immediately we stopped the car and came out, but to my surprise, the earth had vanished. it's the third time dreaming of end times, so brethren let's not be caught unprepared n lacking we need to repent.

Lexi: United States

I had a dream where I was at my church walking down the steps to leave from church on a Sunday Morning, after going to Sunday School and Church service. So, I was walking down with this man, and I don’t remember who he was or anything about him. So we walked, and I heard thunder. I was like what? It’s not supposed to rain today... So, I looked up, and then... I saw it. I saw lightning and bright lights, and I saw Jesus Christ splitting the Eastern Sky. I thought in my mind in the dream, I don’t know if I should be afraid or joyful... and I couldn’t speak... my mouth opened, but no words came out. I was frozen, happy, terrified, sad, and just FULL of emotions. Then, the guy next to me said, “The Rapture.” And I woke up

Lita: Australia

I need to share this.

I had a dream last night 10/07/18 My vision was so vivid, I remember it so clearly.

At the beginning of my dream, I saw my sister coming home with a couple of friends from having a night out, and they were all drunk, but they went downstairs in the garage to drink more. 

I saw that they were getting more and more drunk as if they were aiming to get passed out.

In my dream I went outside to the balcony, but it was different, much bigger, dark and cloudy there were no stars in the sky, and there were so many people just talking and being friendly as if I just walked in on a bible study group. 

I have never seen anyone of these people and didn’t at all recognize any of them. 

All of a Sudden I stared up into the sky (it was night time) and I saw these two bright circle lights that were like magnetic about to touch together. As soon as they touched a ripple effect happened (like how you drop a stone in a river) and the clouds that covered the sky opened up, and there was a beautiful massive full moon. 

Every person that was on the balcony saw it, and we all knew in our heads it was Jesus Christ giving us a sign that he is here. 

Everyone on the balcony including myself just jumped up with excitement, we were all so happy and shouted so much praise to our Lord.

It was that moment, I turned around, and I saw the stairs leading down to the garage in my house. I Remembered my sister and her friends were drinking and getting drunk they didn’t see what had happened. 

I felt so overwhelmed with sadness for my sister, I cried. 

When I woke up from my dream, I was still crying so much. I knew what that meant.

Jane: United States

In my dream, I was outside with my husband. There was a blue sky and a rolling hill to my right. We noticed birds in the sky. They became very noisy. A great chatter. They were flying in small groups of five or six. The small groups of birds were flying in circular motions. I noticed a group of birds fly over the rolling hill to my right and then they came up and encircled a child and they flew upward. Then there were more birds, and they were coming close to us. A group of birds circled my husband, and they were taking him upward. I looked, and my husband was clothed in a long flowing white-silvery gown. Then I was encircled with birds, and when my feet left the earth everything was in slow motion, and I felt such relief and great joy. I started hooting and hollering and did a backflip as the birds flew around me as we went up into the sky. It was glorious! 

Adelino: Zimbabwe

Hi, I would like to add my testimony to those who have dreamt about the coming of the Jesus Christ. l have received the same vision of the coming of Jesus Christ twice in my lifetime. Ever since l was a child l have been blessed with the gift of accurately dreaming things and events. Having dreamt the same dream twice, l sometimes feel like the Savior will come during my lifetime.

My first dream of the Saviors coming was when l was young. It was during the night and there commence to be a huge commotion with big stones and lighting coming from heaven with people running everywhere trying to hide saying, Jesus is coming. During the confusion and having the courage to look up to heaven praying in my heart, and l beheld Jesus coming from the east accompanied by many angels.

It may sound just like an ordinary dream but in the dream, it won't be a pleasant situation; it's very very scary because of the earthquake and sounds of heavy lightning and thunderstorms coming from heaven.

It's a dream that always leaves me with my heart pounding very hard.

So repent guys because the end is near. Remember that Jesus will come like a thief. AMEN 

Leslie: United States

I don't know if this is the rapture or not, but my dream was...

I was in a white truck, and we were rushing because it was getting dark. So these ladies, who were my best friends family, left me in the corner of my neighborhood like a block away from my house.  I ran because I was scared, and I had my little brother and my other brother I was trying to get to my house like crazy.  so I ran with them, and suddenly I see this girl with papers and with her phone saying "it is coming to the wave it is coming" and I was like "what wave, what are you talking about?" So suddenly the wind blows stronger and I started running everything was gone, and the house has broken down. I ran trying not to pay attention, and I ran to the very last block not even noticing that I missed my home. The block and trumpets started to be heard, and I see people doing drugs so I go back and I finally found the street where I live. I still have my two brothers running with me in total fear...while running I hear, but suddenly a beaming sphere like a bright meteor comes down and impacts with the ground and a bright wave of light travels I screamed!! I was scared, so I made it to my house with my 2 brothers. When I got home my grandma, and my mom had a lot of dogs. She told me she gathered them because she didn't want them to get I turn to my truck and gather my stuff, my clothes and phone. As I was going inside, I wake up ... I don't know what that dream is, but I'm scared I don't know if I should be scared or not please let me know what it means

Lynetu: Philippines

Last year I dreamed about the coming of Jesus. I saw Jupiter and some planets appearing in our sky.  Then, when I look down outside because I'm at the 7th building, I saw all the people looking up at the sky. Then it started to become dark, then, I saw the air open, and the bright light appears and the angels holding trumpets. I'm so sad because I know that I'm a sinner and I'm not ready for it. I woke up at that point......then this year 2018 I dreamed again of the second coming of Jesus Christ.  He showed me the sky, the sign that he is nearly I decided to follow Jesus with wholeheartedly with faith....planning to have my baptismal if I will have my vacation. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME

Sumpi: India

I have a dream that I was thrown by 3 helicopters to where there was no home no people only Forrest and I was trying to find someone's house. At last, I found a small clean river with a different kind of fish. While looking at those fish, I heard the trumpet noise from above and when I looked up Jesus was coming with the angels. At the same time on another side of the river I saw a grave, and from there some of them were flying to the sky to lord savior Jesus Christ, and I was worrying, am I not going to be with them? At that moment I woke up from my dream. The first and second dreams were before going to India from my country, and the third was from please help me. I want to know. I believe my lord savior Jesus Christ want me to know something... Help me in Jesus name I pray.

Jasper: Philippines

I had a dream about the rapture and a dragon. 

Will: United States

So I had a dream one night, about a bright white light in the sky and a voice clearly saying we are waiting for the final trumpet to be sounded and I woke up. Can anybody help me figure out what this means?

Response: (The very short and incomplete version)
When speaking of the last trumpet to blow I believe is speaking of the seven trumpets in Revelations. 

Many of those who study Eschatology consider the first six trumpets to be calls to the sinners for repentance with each succeeding trumpet bringing a still worse disaster than the one before.

The seventh trumpet does not bring any disasters or plagues but glorifies God and announces His kingdom. 

Many believe the Rapture will come before the Tribulation  period which could possibly be said to be the first trumpet to sound. 

However, others believe the Rapture will come after the tribulation, and that the seventh trumpet to sound will be at the Rapture.


Lisa: United States

Shaking ground earthquake very straight road elderly all around rumbling dark swirl clouds lots fast stars coming straight for me, then I'm gone.

Sarah: United States

My dream is a bit scary honestly, but it felt insanely real.  The dream started with me standing by an old rustic vehicle it was dark outside, and I could feel a sense of panic around me.  I started walking towards a field when my mother immediately approached me from behind, walking hastily pass me.  I was completely thrown off by her urgency, however, mimicking her steps I began to ask her "what was going on?"  She turned around still focused on her destination she told me I wasn't going where I had thought I was going.  Based on the life I was living I was going to hell.  Being that I am a believer in God, I began to panic.  I then saw Jesus standing alone.  I ran to him and began crying.  I asked him if what my mother had told me was true.  He stood quietly.  With every second of silence, I started to slowly die inside.  I then realized at that very moment we were officially at the end of days! I turned around and noticed everyone was staring at the sky all of them on their knees, praying.  I began crying harder, and Jesus walked with me to a huge crowd of people standing in a field and stood by my side.  I cried to him and asked him where it was that I was going.  He looked over at me and told me you would see.  And I fell on my knees shut my eyes to begin praying and immediately my eyes shot open, and I had woken up.

Leroy: United States

I had a dream of the rapture once; I haven't had one in awhile, this was the only one. All I remember is that I woke up and I was looking outside my window, and I saw these amazing bright lights, and I could not believe my eyes, there were thousands and thousands of angels flying over my city, Gathering those who God had called their own. Now, this part has me still in awe to this day. All the angels were going around, and I watched how amazing this is, I didn't feel scared or worried, I felt happy. All of a sudden an angel flies towards my window and looks at me, moving closer and closer and closer, and I can see the face. The angel was beautiful, and it all turned to slow motion, and I woke up. I never had a dream like that before, and because I did, I want to live the rest of my life constantly chasing after Christ.

Luisa: Mexico

Long ago, I am not sure is the rapture, in my dreams, I was pull up to the sky my mind was awake elevating at high speed. I landed on a tall reflecting building, and I could see my reflection wearing a white robe.

Johnnie: United States

Ok, my dream was about a train.
The train was a passenger train, and I look up in the sky, and I could see a train traveling thru the sky in the clouds just like it was on an air track traveling thru the sky. My son Jimmy was in the dream also, and he was watching the train traveling thru the sky I said it was a passenger train traveling thru the sky and clouds...

Roma: Philippines

I dreamt that I was watching people dressed in white cotton outfits quietly going up using white never-ending staircase without the handle.I knew my brother was there too, but we never just watching at a distance.

: United States

My father passed recently from Alzheimer's complications and my mother is ailing. I had this dream on which my mother, my father, my sister & me were flying through brown, red clouds while I kept hearing the word "rapture" repeated over & over in my head. Never had that dream again but it shook me to the core because I knew in my dream dad was already gone but I was flying up with my mom and sister like were flying up to meet with God. 
I was born and raised in church but life has hit me so hard sometimes I feel my faith is nothing more than a whisper or a candle blowing at the mercy of the wind. What does my dream mean? 

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