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"Rapture Dreams Main Page"

More than twenty five pages of  Rapture dreams have been submitted to this site with more being added daily at an ever-increasing pace. 

Jesus said, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. (Mark 13:32-33, NKJV)

Although No one knows the exact day when Christ will return we are told to be ready, Matt 24:42), and to be watchful for the signs, (Luke 21:28).  It seems apparent that the Holy Spirit is prompting the Body of Christ that the time is drawing near.

For those unfamiliar with the meaning of the Rapture it is known as the time when Jesus returns to take the ones to Heaven who have been born again.  Being saved (born again) is when you ask Jesus into your life and a personal relationship is formed between you and Jesus that lasts for eternity.

The Bible teaches that it is the only way to be included in the Rapture and enter into Heaven, (John 13:6).
He is at the door of your heart waiting with a plan of salvation for you,  (Rev 3:20). 

Rapture Dreams

RaQuell: United States

In 2019, there was this terrible storm and a terrible flood. I was inside my church. Windows blew out, and water invaded. I have witnessed those who are pretty close to me lifeless.

 After that view, I went to search for my own three sons but only found two. By this time, the storm had settled down, and I could proceed back to the outside world. I  searched the sewers directly down the road away from the church, and I could not find my baby boy. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw what seemed to be thousands of shooting stars streaming from the heavens to the earth. I knew it was Angel's. 

Then, a man on a horse followed between them. I suddenly knew it was time to the point of the grief in my heart of losing a child turned into pure joy. As much as I wanted to turn around and tell the remaining at the church, it was time I realized I could not save anyone but myself. I continued to walk as almost transparent souls lifted from the earth. All the dead had risen and were walking to the cometh.

There was a beautiful harmony of the hymn Emmanuel sung by all voices. I mean, I never in my life felt or have heard anything so beautiful. "Come, come, let us adore him, kneel down before him, worship and adore him," we all sang. Tell me why this makes sense. I mean, the choice if song during the cometh of the lord. As I woke, I cried, oh! I've cried because the feeling was so pure, and I knew time was near. 

It's now 2020, and I have had two more dreams. The last one was last night, where we all were in a heavenly courtroom actually being judged.

Stephanie: United States

On the night of May 26th, I  had a dream of what I think was the end of the world. 

I was walking down my neighborhood street, my family was inside our house, and I looked up and saw a green glob ascending towards us. I pulled out my phone to record it, but it continued to ascend and grow into a massive shadow, so I put my phone down to watch it.

I turned around and saw two massive stars, the bigger one was from the north, and the smaller star was from the west. It was during the day, and they were shining brightly. The big one from the north grew and encapsulated me with light, and the ground started shaking. 

I knew it was the end, and Jesus was coming. I started to rise, but then the second star shook and exploded. I watched as huge rocks and meteors were thrown to the ground and crushed everything around my house. People were screaming and running around.

I floated back down to the floor and ran to my family to protect them. When I got to my back yard, it was as if nothing ever happened. They were completely at peace.

I woke up a bit disturbed but knew God was trying to show me something. Then I saw that others had seen two stars in their dreams, and I had to share.

Jamie: United States



I woke up outside; it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of trees around like on our property. 

There was a man with me, and I can't recall who he was. I noticed there was no one else around, not for a very long way; I sensed there was hardly anyone for miles.

I thought maybe I missed the rapture for a second, but quickly realized we were in heaven. There just wasn't that many people that were taken.

Victoria: Nigeria

Today is the second time I had the dream of Rapture,the first day I had this dream; it was as if you and my friends went to church, on our way back, the sky changed, I saw fire, and voices, wings, and all of a sudden, someone came and was trying to punish us, he punished my gf. She refused, and he writes something on her forehead, he came to me to do the same thing, I refused him to, saying what I don't remember, den it was realized it was a mark of 666, she asked me in the dream not to tell anyone about it, I woke up.

Today being 26/05/2020, I had the same rapture dream, this time around, I was strolling out with my friend, all of a sudden, the cloud changed, I looked up, telling my friend seems Rapture is now, I heard a voice,d sky changed, to fire, wings and it was as if something like a TV appeared on the sky, a face was there, we started confessing in the dream and laid on the floor, praying, then we woke up

Please what does the dream means

Tony: United States

I dreamt the rapture was happening, and a lot of us to be raptured were heading to an area where there was a hand reaching out of the clouds to take us. 

I ended up stopping by my mom's house real quick to tell her what was going on, but it was as if no one else could see me, and then I believe it was an angel said I needed to hurry time was running out.

So I left, and I ended up running into a long time friend, and we both took off running towards the cloud with the hand reaching out. Unfortunately, we were too late, and it's like immediately after we were all being attacked by possibly demons, then I woke up.

Collins: Kenya

Praise the Lord brethren. Today May 18th, at around 2 am a vision came to me about the rupture of the believers. It was unique with a strange heavenly colour. 

In it, I saw the dead resurrected in a very unique way, never seen before with unimaginable speed towards the sky. The world was confused about everything because it was the time for the Lord to Act. The resurrected bodies were very very unique. 

In conclusion, I believe that God had a purpose in this dream, and brethren should prepare to receive the Lord at any time. Shalom

Kathy: United States

In the dream, I was standing outside. The winds begin to blow very hard. I tried to go back to the house but couldn't because of the strong winds. It seemed like I was stuck in the middle of a hurricane (that's how strong the winds were). 

The winds were drawing in the clouds from the North, East, West, and South, drawing them upwards into one huge ball of clouds that filled the sky and soon flattened out in the middle where the face of Jesus appeared. He began to speak and announced who He is:

 "I Am the Great I Am, the Lord your God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!..." Then, the winds stopped, and one of my Sisters came outside. I asked her if she could see and hear Jesus speak, she said yes. 

Then, next to God-Jesus' face, a portal opened in the sky, showing a video of people being raptured (going up to Heaven). As my sister and I stood there watching this video, she asked, "why aren't  we being raptured?" I told her I didn't know. 

Then I looked down on the earth as far as I could see, and no one was coming from the earth to Heaven. So, I said, it's just a vision, it's not our time. 

After the visions went away, we found ourselves in the bedroom sitting on the edge of a bed, and suddenly my late daughter (who just passed away in Jan 2020) and her auntie (my other sister) walked in through the bedroom door. 

My daughter quickly comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek. I was so elated I said, "oh my goodness Baby, you're here!" She looked at Army with a little bit of a question in her eyes like "why would not I be." 

She was totally oblivious to her passing away, and I would not even mention it for fear it would ruin that glorious moment!

Odie: United States

Rapture: I dreamt that we were living at a friend's house, and when we went outside, there was like strong winds approaching and thunderstorms. 

As I looked up, I saw the whole sky full of waves of fire and some clouds that spelled Jesus is here, then I woke up. I don't know what that means.

Bri: United States

Rapture dream

I was sleeping and suddenly looked up at the sky to see a big jellyfish and turtle-like shadows fly across the sky. A few hours later, it was light out, and people were already beginning to stand outside. I knew it was the beginning of the rapture. More and more people came outside because they knew also. I tried to find my family. I found my dad and my stepmom and my real mom, but only my dad stayed by my side. I asked my dad if this was it if it was really happening, and he said yes. I tried to let go of my old life and accept that I shouldn’t be afraid and that I was going to heaven now. I also thought to myself that I wasn’t ready yet because I hadn’t been reading my bible enough. Then there were people looking upon a stage at someone speaking, but it wasn’t Jesus. Many police were in the streets trying to get people to go back home. Then my dad saw actual Jesus who came back as a black woman. I think she was able to fly too, and we started to follow her then woke up.

Jamie: United States



I saw a man and woman talking about their alien god from Mars coming to Earth to take people, but their voice was drowned out by the voice of a brother in Christ talking about the blessed hope, the rapture. That brother was Chad Thomas from YouTube. He was standing with a bible while talking.

I saw a huge gathering of people lined up in rows like in a stadium, they were dancing in place, and above them, I saw heaven opened, with angels. This whole scene was like an animated cartoon.

The ladies had white dresses on, and the men had suits. In front of the many many rows were the king and queen, symbolic of Jesus and his bride the Church, and they were dancing together.  The people dancing started rising up into the air towards heaven.  It was a huge celebration.

I saw even the demons dancing on the ground, rejoicing that the Church was leaving. One of the demons looked like Ursula, the sea witch.

Lily: United States

I had a dream that my siblings and I were in the car going on a road trip. 

The sky was a really dark grey like I've never seen before, my sister had called my dad, and he was telling us, 'stay together. I think tonight is our last. 

I hear trumpets,' and I shut my eyes, and I felt like I sunk into myself, then I woke up. 

I believe that God is trying to talk to me, but I don't know what he's saying.

Ashley: United States

My dream happened years ago. Too long to remember the exact date, but I remember every detail like it happened yesterday. 

My family and I were in our living room when we heard music, trumpets outside. I went to open the blinds only to see pure vivid lights, and our bodies rose, and my mind felt different. 

We floated up in the sky into a different neighborhood where everyone was happy, and the houses looked just like our homes. Only we were all at peace, and life was perfect.

Mboka: Tanzania

I had a rapture dream when I was at a young age between 7 to 8 years of age

In my dream it was night, and we went for a nap(me & my young siblings)we had a double-decker bed that we used to share. we were four children two of us sleeping at the top the other two at the bottom, in the middle of my sleep I opened my eyes and realised that I was just alone my fellows we're nowhere to be found, so I hurriedly dropped out of the bed trying to search for them

I remember going to the living room and started to call "Dady, mom!" but I received no response, Then all of a sudden things started to change, there were an earthquake, stars and moon fell down on Earth,it was full dark thunderstorms which were very frightening,it was very scary I had never seen such a thing before

I remember seeing our house breaking into Pieces, then I found myself in a multitude of people, and we just stood a half-circle our heads were up facing the sky.on the sky, there was a very big book I have never seen a big book like that before, and that book was very shiny. Suddenly the book opened by itself and in it were written the names, the man who read those names was not visible; we were just hearing his loud voice.

Then pages stared to open from one page to the other, and when one hears his or her name, he/she was taken by a strong force to the cloud and disappears from the crowd

I remember my beloved Dad, who's now deceased, stood next to me, and we were there waiting to hear our names. In the end, the book closed by itself, and it was terrible for us who were left behind, as we were cooked in big pots we cried a lot with no help. Then, I heard a powerful and Scarry voice say to me WOE TO YOu!!!

I woke up trembling with lots of fear.

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