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"Lorne's Dream of the  Rapture"

I dreamed that I was sitting at my grandma's house on the porch, with my brothers, and moms old boyfriend, John, talking about the early days when we were young, just little boys. 

John asked if I could ride a dirt bike for some odd reason, and I told him you know I could ride four wheelers, three wheelers and such in 36, and you don't know I can ride a bike? But my birthday is coming up on Jan 13; he said well yes I guess, but see right now this is 2018. 

Then I looked up in the sky to the west and saw a red dragon with a red ring around it. It was glowing like fire. And then I looked to the east and saw angels with bright wings coming down from the heavens. And the sky was utterly dark no moon no light anywhere, and stars were falling from the sky."

Jesus  in the Clouds

 All of a sudden in the middle of the angels I saw Jesus Christ sitting in a cloud coming down. Everything was just bright from the Lord himself. I started to feel weightless and be carried up to meet him in the sky, and as this started to happen, I woke up.

 I agree with what most have said on here where in the book of Matthew 24:5 he talks about the end times and the beginning of sorrows, and in the book of Mark 13:5, about the end times. But in Matthew, it states that there will be rumors of war and earthquakes in divers places. Then it tells about pestilences which are diseases, famine which is hunger, when all this is going on this is the beginning of sorrows. We are going thru this now in 2018. 

Those Who Endure to the End

Then it talks about the antichrist and false prophets, then it goes on and talks about AFTER the tribulation the angels will come down and sound the trumpet, and the elect will be taken up. Then the son of man will come down. But when I was reading about the tribulation, he said that during the tribulation there should be none saved. Going thru the tribulation can't be avoided that's why you have to get ready now. 

But he said those who endure to the end would also be saved, meaning we all will go thru the tribulation together. Even Christians... and those who repent and make it thru the seven yrs of tribulation shall all be taken up to meet him at the end. He says immediately after the tribulation he will come down and rapture the believers and the rest would be left. But it is going to be worse than the days of old. (A few days before this I dreamed about the end times war, but that is another topic).

I pray that you all look at the passages and read it thru time and time again and understand it how I did because that means it next yr may God bless and keep you all...

Dreams of the Rapture

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Lorne's Dream of the Rapture

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