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Angel's Dream of the Rapture Jesus Heaven and Angels

Hi, three years ago, as I was moving out of class from my college, I had a dream. And I was walking with my best friend along with my classmates, then suddenly I looked up, and the sky was blood red. Everyone around me could see it, and people began panicking and getting worried and running all over the place. We all stopped at a nearby Petro station and stood at the roadside. Each person asked their neighbor, what is going on, but in my heart, I knew it was the rapture.

The Rapture

 I suddenly began to panic and reached for my phone to see if my family was okay. I realized that my phone was not functioning and was showing white as was everybody else's phone. We were standing together so closely the cars could not move. There was a lot of traffic and people were getting out of their cars to ask what was happening. 

Then instantly I saw all the C.E.Os of the Telecom companies in my country arrange for an urgent meeting to get the phones back on the air. Suddenly, there was a very loud thunder in the sky, and people began being raptured. I saw my neighbors disappear one by one, and as I  watched, knew in my heart that I was getting left behind. 

At that point, I remembered all my sins from childhood and I began to weep and beg Jesus to forgive me; I was terrified.

To Heaven

Suddenly I saw myself also rise... becoming raptured into the sky. As I rose, I looked down at the people who were kneeling and moaning for Jesus to take them, and my heart fell because I could feel their pain. I knew that they were going to face the great tribulation. In a click of a second, I saw myself in heaven. 

I was walking with my Guardian Angel. His face was so beautiful in a way I can't describe, and he held my hand and told me he was taking me to "my" place in heaven first, then later, to visit my relatives who lived in heaven as well. 


I simply walked with him in silence, and we reached a house that looked like an ordinary bungalow. My Guardian Angel and I entered the house and then I saw Jesus.

Jesus was seated on a massive royal-type chair, and I could feel the warmth of His smile and He was happy to see me. I ran towards Him with joy and hugged Him. It was so real, and I felt the warmth of His comfort, but surprisingly, even when I was that close to Him, I couldn't see His face.

My Bungalow in Heaven

Then my Guardian Angel told me it was time to visit my relatives in heaven. As we walked away, our communication was almost telepathic, and he could sense the questions I had in my head. He knew I was asking myself why my heaven was a "bungalow house" and he told me that the good deeds we all perform while on Earth are what contribute to building "our house" in heaven. He spoke of paying tithe, giving back to the charity, forgiveness and as he told me these things it all made sense. A few seconds later I woke up.

Angel: Uganda

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Angel's Dream of the Rapture Jesus Heaven and Angels

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