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Becky: United States
The earth flooded then water turned to fire then horses with knights riding came out of the fire. Michael the archangel fell from heaven hurt from battling satan an his army. I helped him up and he was trying to talk to me and I was afraid and asked him to pray with me. He prayed with me then returned to battle outside. 

Amber: United States
Hello, my name is Amber Sarles, and I have had similar dreams to those on this website. I mainly have my religious dreams when at my grandparents house in FL, which is my home land. I am 23, and have resided in KY almost all of my life. I had this dream of the rapture when I was 17 or 18? Anyway, on my last night in FL when I dreamed of being in an library, and after a grand father clock had struck, it then sounded off, "Ding ding ding," 3 times. It was the most eery feeling. I looked up at the clock and saw that time had stopped! That's when I knew that it was time. Jesus was coming, I began to shout "Jesus is coming." 
I ran into the streets only to see terror. People where vanishing right before my eyes. I ran as fast as I could, still shouting, "Jesus is coming. this is the end!" 
As I passed more people on the street, I got snide looks. Some flashed their teeth at me, and I knew they where demons! Then I entered a house and saw people I new partying. I tried to stop the music, only to be stopped. Again some were showing their teeth, and others were disappearing. Then I awoken, startled at what I had just seen. 
I am not sure if it meant that I needed to be saved, however, I have always believed in God, even thru bad times in my life, and had accepted them as what he intended. Can u please tell me about my dream? 
I have have also dreamed about being a warrior and coming down to fight with other warriors and angels. Other then my religious dreams I have in FL, I have nightmares, mainly about being hurt by people, and always trying to escape. 
I just would like to know the interpretation of these dreams.


Sharlita: United States
I had a dream about the rapture in which I was left behind, I saw souls going up to heaven, I was praying so hard askn God to forgive me for my sins, and begging him to please take me and not to leave me behind, and in the dream I as telling people about the dream I had about the rapture, and the mother of a family friend as telling me the dream meant for me to get my life together, then I woke up from the dream and I dreamed a similar dream about the rapture happening again, there were loud thunders coming from the sky but it was very sunny out, so when I went outside to look in the sky a lot of people were already outside looking in the sky listening to the loud thunders then the rapture happened, the sky never opened, it was just sooooo beautiful, the Lord is coming back sooner than we think and we all must get our lives together!!! please pray for me as I will pray for the world.

Michelle: United States
I had a dream that I was in a privacy fenced in huge bone yard it smelled of death an I was walking on skeletons of people then I found my self in the midst on a wooden pig pen porch like thing and I was holding a pink baby pig an all the sudden Jesus came thru the gate of the yard and as he stepped thru all of the dead people started disappearing an I was hanging on to my pink pig sayi,g how much I loved it , I have never forgotten this dream it meant something to me but I just don't understand it

MILAN: India 
I slept at 4am today morning, n i had this dream *i saw ufo landing n some aliens coming out of it n i was scared n ran away to the top of a beautiful hill n while i was tired,i rested my body n sudden my eyes caught a satellite falling in the ground n while watching the satellite falling i heard a loud thunder sound its lightning was so high , it felt like a mid day...n all of a sudden my eyes saw a big meteor falling nearly a mile n it was end of the world... I felt my soul floating in sky n while i my soul was on a way to skies, i felt really hot,i felt im half way to hell but suddenly i woke up...n started to shiver for about 1 hour...* was this sign of end of world.or its my end

Lori: United States
I dreamt that I had a dream that my neighbor and myself were talking in my back yard then right behind the sky opened and people were ascending to heaven but my neighbor and myself weren't chosen

Brittany: United States
I've had three VERY VIVID dreams about the rapture. 
The first one: I was in a random building, I was "working". All of a sudden I see everybody in the office stand up and look out the huge glass windows at the sky. I went, and saw Jesus in cloud form. (We all just knew it was Him) He was raising his arms up and when he let them down, there was suddenly an Earthquake and the building was shaking... it went black. I woke up. 
My Second dream: I was in my house with my family and then all of a sudden my grandma was being raised to the sky.. I was too.. but then I was let back down. She was gone. She disappeared. I then woke up. 
My last dream: ...the best one.. I was being raised up to the sky.. it was very bright, and white, and cloudy. I then stopped and saw a HUGE gate... with angels around it. The gate and angels were VERY blurry. But I could still make everything out.. 
Then I saw Jesus.. He appeared in front of the gate also.. His face was a bit blurry, but again.. I knew it was Him. It was quiet for a second and then there was singing. I'm not sure if it was Jesus or the angels, or both. It was a manly deep voice singing "hello... hello... hello" (it sounded like hello.. could of been another word, all I know is that is was said three times). 
I then woke up, and was so WARM and felt so happy. It was a feeling I can't really describe. It was amazing.  

Tino: United States
I've been having rapture dreams or visions, 6 of them since 2013. In these dreams I see people glowing blue and rapidly being pulled up to heaven. I'm usually doubtful but as my turn comes, I am also taken, but with fear because I'm scared of heights, and because it happens suddenly with No warning. I am a Christian. 

Lori: United States
I had a dream about the rapture I had a dream that my neighbor and myself were talking then the sky opened up and god took his people went to heaven but we were not chosen what does it mean.

Marietji: South Africa
Dreamed about the rapture, war and i was protecting a young child

Leeana: United States
What does it mean when you have been shown, through dreams, heaven and hell (two of heaven and 5-7 of hell). Then starting having dreams of the rapture? Yes, dreams- like 5-10 of the rapture in which, two at most you are raptured, and the others you are left behind? It would take me DAYS to type what i have seen through these three types of dreams. That's why I am asking for help in just having the dreams themselves...

Austin: United States
I had a dream that I was with some friends and we were walking and I looking in the sky and I could see angels that were n a slim part of clouds. I told my friends and they started freaking out. Then after a while I looked back into the sky. It was the most beautiful eat thing I have ever seen. It was a light and dark orange color and I could see Angels in cloud figures and big horns coming from the sky. They looked like they were being used but I couldn't hear them. I think people started to disappear and I didn't know what to do. I got on my knees and started praying. I said " God please save me, I'm sorry for everything I've done. I need you and Jesus in my life and I feel like it's too late. "I started to cry as I thought I wasn't going to be saved. I don't know why I couldn't hear the horns. I said " God, I'm all yours lord. Please take me, take me, take me." I had no response. Then, it all went faded and I woke up.

Linn: Norway
In my there was kaos, and zombies, and it was the rapture. People were being taken up to the air.. I was first taken up and then cast back down, where i had to help others who suffered the hard times, and I sacrificed my self to help them. In the bible it stands about one left behind and one is taken .. Believe in Jesus do not lose faith. 
I also had a dream that you don't have to lose the faith, even if it includes death and terrible tings.. Have trust.. in YHWH, and Jesus as the Messiah.

Linda: United States 
I dreamed it was just before sunrise and I awoke because there was a sound combination of "shhhhhh" and "hummmmmm". The sound was vibrating healing. I looked up in my bedroom (ceiling disappeared) and I saw a huge creature floating past overhead the sound was coming from it.
I saw spirits of people being sucked upward. I started to cry "Holy Sprit am I being left behind" The Holy Spirit said "Be at rest beloved you are not being left behind. Then we both laughed. 
When I woke there was a break through in my home. The air seemed really clean. The smell and the atmosphere of my home changed. I feel stronger, bolder, braver. Peaceful.  

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