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"Worldwide Dreams
of the Rapture"

It is evident that more and more people worldwide are receiving dreams of the rapture; over the past three weeks, I have had several dreams about the rapture. The Holy Spirit is prompting the body of Christ, and the time is near. 

Though I do not want to elaborate on the different dreams, what is evident in a documentary that I saw of late 'Before the Wrath' that discusses the coming of Jesus as the groom to return for His bride, us. 

Based on research, 82% of Americans do not believe in the return of Jesus (rapture), meaning if that statistic is evidence of America, what is the statistic globally. I

t is our calling as children of God and the Body of Christ, and as Mathew put it, God's 'Hid' elect is to lead people to Jesus. With each passing year, fewer and fewer people are believing Jesus will return for us. 

As you know how terrifying the 'dreams' are to be left behind, it is a warning and clear sign to give Jesus to the world, by Prayer, intercession in Prayer on behalf of the world.

If people are sent to you, lead them gently to Jesus, as he does not force himself upon us through his Holy Spirit.

Only God knows the day and time of Jesus' return, but more and more believers are dreaming of the rapture. It is evident in biblical prophesies that the time is drawing closer and closer. 

If you can watch the documentary 'Before the Wrath,' share it with people. The only thing we can do as Jesus's Children is to stand in prayer and resist God's enemy, which is our enemy too.

Pray as God's Prayer Warriors for the world and people to return to Our Lord and accept Jesus as their savior, redeemer, who was born from the virgin Mary. 

Jesus was crucified as a man without sin and Holy for our sin and took our shame and sin upon him; he defeated death for us so that we may have Heaven with God; Jesus is our King and sits on the right hand of God.

When Jesus was resurrected after He was crucified, over 500 people witnessed Him before He ascended into Heaven. ("The Case for Christ," Lee Strobel's book and movie).

If it's all we can do, let's honor God in Trinity and intercede on behalf of the world as the body of Christ as God's Prayer Warriors.

The Bible states where two come together in Prayer, God will grant their request. Let's stand in Prayer together as the Body of Christ.

In Jesus' name, I pray, AMEN.

Germa: South Africa

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