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"Damian's Rapture Dream"

This is one of my .....I think it was a rapture dream.

It all started at my school it was like I’m pretty sure it was like the last day of school because our teach came up with a game. I’m not sure what type of game it was but it was where all the grades (1st-12th) gathered together and had to hide inside the cafeteria (lunchroom), and the teacher tried to find the people and us that they had already found lost. 

After that for some reason it got moved to my house it was all at my house. Later then I had to hang outside, and some third grades had lost with me, and we were having a conversation about the game, like how long this game took and everything like that. And they actually told me they said about three years. 

So after that the two third grades and I were outside just looking around my house then it happens the whole sky turned kind of pinkish and reddish. The sun that was there somehow turned into “shooting stars” that’s what I thought, and there was another “sun,” but I don’t know if it was a second sun but, well the sun that turned into shooting starts was going to hit the second sun. 

And well, I just thought it was one of those days that sometimes the sky would turn pink and I had got out my phone to take pictures. After that, the second sun that got hit by the “shooting stars” had hit that sun and exploded. I was all worried and scared, the two third graders that were with me, well they were calling out my dad that was inside the house. But they were calling him dad too I don’t know why and then my dad came outside and stood on the porch all mad because we kept calling his name out. 

Then I saw like an angel but had a body of a human it had three arms on each side so it made it six in total it was huge wings, and there was a huge red circle getting rid of the two arms, and they exploded and I was all scared. And I don’t know, but it kind of spelled out the president's name, everywhere was red and just scary to be around.

 Well, that’s all I have because I had woken up all scared and worried but if you have any idea what that was, please tell me I’m still a little worried about my dream.

Damian: United States

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Damian's Rapture Dream

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