"My Rapture Bus Ride 
Dream to Heaven"

 I had this dream about 15 years ago.
I was looking towards the semi remote mountains in the desert, close to where I lived. I could see the silhouette of the mountain in an amazing dark pastel color set against the horizon that matched the mountain colors but lighter in hue. The colors were like that of a sunset rainbow. (I tell you of the colors because they were so vivid and important in the dream & I can still see them well when I close my eyes).

The mood was very peaceful & the weather was calm. I realized I was hovering about the ground maybe 6 inches- as if I was in a holding pattern. My feet were ere lightly crossed, pointing softly toward the ground. My arms were joyfully outstretched to my sides (as if I were on a Cross, but without the negativity of it). My head was tilted, with my chin to the sky, my body perfectly shaped, (like the person on the front of a medical book).

I wasn't wearing clothes, but I didn't feel naked & you couldn't see any specific body part. I too was a pastel rainbow! I attempted to look around at what was going on. It was difficult because of the power of the ecstasy. 

Even though things were calm around me & the world seemed slow, I was so excited that it felt like the Atoms of my being were going extremely fast. When looked around I had to force myself to focus, & to slow down to a different "speed of time." 

As I began to calm myself I realized there we're uncountable numbers of people hovering the exact same way as I. We were in perfect rows, (Like rows of corn perfectly planted but hovering). Everyone looked the same too. 

However the ones physically close to me looked different through their spirit, and I knew who they were. I looked down my row and saw my Aunts & my Mom. Further down the row it was difficult to tell who was who, but it didn't matter because I knew it was my family. Then I got scared because I didn't see my grandmother... I had to focus to find her, but she was there. :) We were all waiting for the Rapture!!!! It was so awesome!  I wish everyone could have had that dream just to know the glory. 

I feel like people just don't understand how cool it's going to be! So I always tell the ones that I meet, especially if it's will be a short visit, "I'll see you on the bus ride back to Heaven.. a long time from now, (I say that part so people don't worry, especially if they're old)... It's going to be a party bus & we will pick you up wherever you are!" 

I'm hoping there is a "Rapture Bus ride to Heaven," because I want to see those folks again... Lol, plus it allows both of us to let the other one know we're Christian. 

So that's my “Rapture Bus ride to Heaven” dream. Hope to see you,  even if it’s a long time from now,  on the Bus Ride to Heaven!!! 

Sherry: United States

Response to Sherry's Dream: 

By Ash: New Zealand

Thanks for sharing your dream. I have been thinking about the rapture for the past few months, but have found it hard to get motivated to invest in a relationship with Jesus. But hearing that the rapture may be imminent, has given me fresh motivation. I think this may be the key to living right and getting on the bus. 
(That You live from minute to minute, always praying, always watching, always ready).
I've had two dreams about the rapture. Most recent one was last night, which made search 'rapture dreams'. I was in a gravel parking lot that I usually park in. Many people were there. The sun was headed towards the moon to make a solar eclipse. I was watching it, it was quarter over, then half over, then three quarters over... I knew something was about to happen, but I was frozen looking at it. Then at the point of solar eclipse, the sun expanded to a much bigger circle. I hit the ground, knowing it was the rapture, and I prayed as fervently as I could, quickly asking God to forgive my sins and take me.
I was left behind, and I walked around the parking lot to try and double check that this was true. I had a creeping feeling that you just can't fool God...
Ash, New Zealand

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Rapture Bus Ride to Heaven

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