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 "Pulled Up to Heaven"

Rapture...when my dream started I was on a beach like setting in a town I didn't even know..all of a sudden I felt like I was being pulled up into heaven. I had one of my son's hands on my left, and my youngest son was holding in my right arm. We were all getting pulled up..then I saw this bright rainbow colored light..that's all I could see. Then I felt like I was being pushed back down..when the light faded there I was..with my second oldest son and my youngest son back on the ground. I then fell asleep in my dream and dreamt about a record I had to find..like goes to a record player.. I woke up in my dream..still dreaming...and I had started running with my sons to this old music shop, still in a town that I don't know..I went in and told the guy at the counter what I was about to do. I had to bust out the back of his shop wall only to reveal a secret storage with the record. The record was, of course, black and blank, but the outside cover was tan with something written in red in a language I couldn't decipher. All I know is it looked like it said lost but it was not in English. Then I saw this woman coming at me trying to take the record from me. I then flashed forward to looking at my second oldest son asking him if he believes in God..his answer was strange no..and I know with all my heart he does, in fact, believe in God. I then got on my knees and prayed to God asking and begging him to take my children up there and watch them..don't make them suffer in a world that is about to end even if he left them for me until I got through with the mission God had placed for me. I then woke up..feeling scared about the dream and a little confused, but more scared about seeing two out of four of my sons not being drawn up to heaven with God. I'm still crying because I don't want my kids to suffer even if God does leave them there to be there to comfort me. I want to know if it was a sign from God or if evil was trying to get inside of my head.

Samantha: United States

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Pulled Up to Heaven

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