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"I Have Always Been a Christian"

I've always been a Christian, and yet, I never truly was one. I grew up in a Christian household with a mother and grandmother who were strong Christians. As such, from an early age, I was exposed to Christianity and its many lessons. 

And yet, despite being so lucky as to grow up in a very conducive environment to build my relationship with Christ, I failed spectacularly. I had quickly begun listening to the lessons and truths the bible imparted through my mom only halfheartedly. 

As I grew older, there were times when the Spirit convicted me, and I repented from my sins (e.g., lying, sexual sins) and asked for forgiveness. But within a few short days, I was back to my usual activities. 

But then one day (praise be to God), I repented for real. Like any other day, my mom switched on the TV and was loading a Christian video regarding the Rapture. 

I had expected this to sinply be another session of mandatory attendance where I ingested the info and forgot about it soon after, but something changed.

 God had stretched out his merciful hand, and the scales fell away from my eyes. My heart melted as I truly recognized how flawed I was. I realized that truly, the Rapture is now. 

It is upon us. It's like less than a minute till the stroke of midnight, and the Rapture would be here. After the video, I went to my room and began tearing up as I took stock of my life and realised how big of a sinner I was.

I knelt before the Lord and cried out to Him for forgiveness, salvation, and mercy. Praise God that I was shown mercy; he chose to open my eyes to my reality despite the multitude of sins and betrayals I committed against him. 

From then on and forevermore, my position of faith and loyalty to God alone was born. I shall praise him every day and read his word, for he is worthy of praise. He has shown so much love to us and done more for us than anyone else ever has. Praise God and glory to him forever. 

My life was transformed radically due to God's will and mercy. To all my brothers and sisters out there who are like I was (Christians in the name), I urge you all to repent. Please get that strong motivation and desire within you to change because the Rapture is here, and it will happen in the blink of an eye. 

To gain this, pour our your heart to God daily on what you desire, praise him, and do not forget, watch the testimonies - in particular, the ones about the Rapture. I love you all, and may God bless all of you with eternity.

Joshua: Singapore

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I Have Always Been a Christian

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