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"Are we in the
Process of the Rapture?"

09- 20-2020

I just had a dream of what I felt was the beginning process of the Rapture.

I've been watching a lot of end-times videos, sermons, bible study videos on YouTube, so I thought the dream was just because that's what I have been watching, but then thought to myself, what if it wasn't.

So I decided to search for rapture dreams and found this website. 

I have posted my dream below, as well as a divine encounter I had in 2018.

My Dream

I was lying on my back in bed in my dream, and a bright yellowish glowing peaceful light shined down on top of me. My arms raised up, and I felt a slight gentle pull, but I was still lying on my back. 

I could see my beloved pup, Lucy lying on her stomach next to me. I struggled to reach for her with my right hand but failed to grab hold of her. My arm raised back up towards the light. 

I then saw an image of what I thought was Satan floating above me and swatted him away with my left arm, saying, "get back Satan." He disappeared off out of my vision of sight.

Then I said, "Lord, if you want to take me, take me, but there are still many people lost." Next was a peaceful feeling, but no fear. Then I woke up.

I have been reading my Bible last two years.

  • "Bible before breakfast,
  • Read before feed."

But at that time, even though I called myself a "Christian" and would go to church with my wife, I never read my Bible.

Bible Reading

No wonder I fell back into the practice of sin.

Still drank alcohol. "Drunkard"

I started smoking pot when it legalized, in order to stop drinking alcohol.

Watching pornography. "Adultery in my heart."

Yes, for sure, "LUKEWARM."

  • Matthew 7:21: "get away from me. I never knew you, you who PRACTICE lawlessness."

 I began handing out bible tracts I bought on livingwaters.com in the last couple of years (Evangelist Ray Comfort) "Are you a good person?" to co-workers, supervisors, and managers. Customers I meet while at work, Drive-through's, ATMs, etc. 

All got one, and some more than one. I felt the strong desire to preach and teach SIN and REPENTANCE after I had an encounter with a man who was a stranger, about two years ago.

A Ministering Spirit

I had a Divine encounter with what I believe was a Ministering Spirit about two years ago. 2018. A stranger I had given a ride. 

He randomly gave me two bible scriptures as I was driving him "home." He offered me a beer as a thank you for the ride, and I began to witness to him.

I was sharing how he, too, could overcome his alcohol addiction and would no longer have to hide his drinking from his wife; (I had to do the same thing earlier that year).

I told him that he needed to:

  • "Feed His Spirit, and Starve His Flesh," Daily!

  • 1. Listen to Worship music. Demons hate it.
    (Demons that drive us to alcohol. Shame. Guilt. Anger. Lust. Etc. Etc)
  • 2. Pray without ceasing. Pray for cleansing of his mind and heart.
    (Pray to be filled fresh with His Holy Spirit daily.)

  • 3. Read scripture. (At least a Proverbs a day. 31 proverbs. 31 days).

  • 4. To attend a BIBLE teaching church when he could.

Once he REPENTS and asks to be filled with His Holy Spirit, he will hunger for His Word.

He will hunger to please Jesus Christ.

When his flesh gets the best of him, he will immediately feel bad and ask for forgiveness, and not practice that carnal behavior. (Sanctification process).

He tells me that some random man had walked by and told him to read Deuteronomy 8 and that He believed "The Lord was trying to tell him something."

I said yes, He is!

I ended up dropping him off at a parking lot. He got out of my car and told me to read Hebrews 13:2. I said I would, God Bless, and drove off.

  • Deuteronomy 8: "Don't forget the Lord."
  • Hebrews 13:2: "Show hospitality to strangers."

Did He Mean the Tribulation?

Here we are, 2020, and we see what's happening in this fallen world.

  • Israel peace treaties.
  • Wars, rumors of wars.
  • Earthquakes in various places.
  • Lawlessness. Etc etc.  In Matthew 24)

Jesus said it was "the beginning of sorrows."

Did he mean the tribulation period?

If so, the Rapture would come first.

Stay ready!

Remind your friends and families about God's promises, as well as His Warnings of disobedience.

The world will think we are crazy, but we know the Truth.

Repent and trust in Jesus Christ.

I love you all!

G: United States

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Process of the Rapture?

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