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Marquitta: United States 
As I was worshiping I seen I was being rowed on a cloud and as air was in the midst of the clouds I began to see a kingdom and I kept worshiping. And I seen two doves fly from me towards the kingdom

Reno: United States 
I too had a dream that I believe is the rapture. The strange thing is that I never knew what the rapture was before my dream. I had told my friend who at the time was a very educated on the bible. I then told my grandma who was a lot more literate. 
Like all my dreams, I do not know the beginning or the end. But I do remember the middle just enough to explain what the story was about. 
I was near this opened grass field and near it was this castle that later turned out to be my middle school. Setting always changed rapidly for me. 
As I left the school going home, I turned back, which is also a church that I forgot to mention and seen a huge mountain about several miles away. On top of that mountain was a huge dark cloud forming, leading that cloud was a man or God with I believe a cannon of some sort? 
I'm not sure if that was a resemblance to Gabriel's horn but nothing loud was in my dream other than hard gust of wind and rain. Somehow I begin running down a street that was cracking apart as the what seemed like the world was turning 90 degrees. I ran into what looked like a funeral home and that was pretty much all I remember. 
I understand everything you are saying and your relationship with God is what is something I want but can't feel. I need signs or a connection. I don't pray as much as I should and when I do, I sometimes feel safe. 
I wish I can dedicate most of my time with God but the world is getting in my way. I am 21, the decisions I make I know are sins. When I grow my own family I want them and my self to be connected with the lord just as much with each other. 
I guess what I am really asking is his guidance. I want to live life to the fullest, I want him to take me places and meet people that he created. And in return help others who need help. Better living, better lives , better community.
I feel something telling me that rapture will not be soon, because we still have empty seats in our flight to Heaven. Amen


Violet: United States 
I was awake and a vision of a tall figure dressed in white rob with a deep red like scarf I could not see a face or feet, than I saw a hand pushing out for me as if to say take my hand. 
As time went on I had a dream I was in a car and I looked up and it was this huge not small form of a man coming down in the clouds. I remember crying saying "look do you see it," over and over, pointing at the clouds, do you see it?  

Destiney: United States 
April 4th, 2015 the night before Easter Sunday I had a very vivid dream, but am unsure and confused on what or who came to me. The dream and our exact setting: 
Sleeping, my husband was up, eyes opened wide tapping me trying to awake me. Finally I was awake and he says, look its right there, look. Cover was over my head, body has chills, scared. 
I look beyond the cover and a woman in black was walking across the living room floor towards my 8 month old baby, and she grabs him. Now without fear I demand to know why she is taking my baby. She only replies, Jesus is coming. 
I knell before her asking if Jesus has forgiven me for my sin, she replied, that's up to you. I tell my son, son remember me and know that i love you, then I watched as my child walked away with this figure. That's the dream. 
I wake up with chills, near to tears. seconds after I wake up my baby wakes up crying. While trying to go back to sleep I feel as if someone is sitting my chest trying to choke me, and I wake up again, immediately. 
The next day I was explaining my dream to my sister, who we are staying with. I was in the middle of explaining the figure when my 3 year old explained it before I could get my words out.

Tiffany: United States
I was walking in a field and all of a sudden every pore on my skin began singing out "He is here! He is here!!" 
Next, I was face down on the ground. The dry grass was touching my nose and I could see Him above me although I was face down.. He was in the air above me with millions of souls with Him..
I cried out, "Please don't leave me here Lord," and instantly I was drawn in the air feeling the entire force in my thorax area..He took me with Him...
Thank You Jesus ...I had this dream about 15 years ago.

Victor: United States 
My friend and I ran up to a man in a white robe,we tried to look at his face but it was too bright. He held on to our shoulders as we flew up in the sky so fast. Then we arrived to Golden gates (I knew it was heaven) the golden gates opened and then BAMMM! I woke up, I wish my dream was longer.

Logan: South Africa
Dreaming of white flashy lights falling out of heaven, a big white horse and a human figure with big white wings sitting on the horse, telling me to fix things and then he will come and fetch me again.

Mark: United States 
Rapture: I certainly hope it's soon. It's unbelievable how evil people can be, how asleep the church is. My wife was woken up last year in the summer by a loud voice saying, I AM COMING BACK SOON!" Dee: 
It is reassuring to know that others are having the same types of dreams, confirming that Jesus is coming sooner than some of us may think. Over the last year or so I have had repeated dreams of the rapture and Jesus saying He is coming soon. I love the Lord with all my heart. 
This morning I had another one of those dreams that left me totally shaken. I was shaking and found it even hard to pray out loud as my heart was racing so fast. 
I dreamt that someone was saying that something had some years ago but cannot remember for sure but 19 seem to be in the year, then the voice was saying that the time had come and the next thing I know was that the rapture had taken place. 
A voice was telling me what was happening in my spirit and saying, "Congratulations" to those who were in the rapture as they were ready. 
I could sense people leaving this earth but could not see them, but was quite afraid as I felt I would also be going up, but did not experience the actual event. I woke up with my heart beating really fast and very afraid about being left behind, which is usually the case after these kinds of dreams. 
I could not even get up after the dream but prayed for myself and for all those who do not know Jesus, including the Muslims, some of who are so sincere, but sincerely wrong about Jesus. 
Thank you for this forum as it continues to encourage us all to be ready for leaving this world before the Anti-Christ takes center stage.

Sergio: United States 
As I was sleeping I was having a dream. The dream was about the rapture, at least I think it was. Well in my dream me and my friend and two brothers were playing outside in my back yard, and I was painting my bike. 
I got thirsty so I went inside my house, opened the fridge and got a soda, and offered my friend one. He didn't want any so I gave him a monster which he gladly took. 
As I walked outside the sky turned black and I saw a huge cross in the sky. There was red, white, blue, and yellow lightning in the background. We heard voices from the sky which I'm guessing was Jesus or god himself. 
We all went on our knees and started praying and repenting and I called my mom outside to see what's going on outside, and as soon as I did time started to go slow, as everything was in slow motion. We were all crying. Everything felt so real. I was scared cause I thought our time was up. T
Then I woke up sweating, a lot, and my heart beating really fast as If I were working out a lot. Then my heart started skipping for a few minutes. Don't know if it was a nightmare or a vision, but this was pretty weird.

Austin: Nigeria 
This is the fourth time I have had these dreams about rapture... funny enough I didn't make heaven 3 times, I only made it once... those 3 times is much more worse than a scary movie...I cried out my eyes and even when I woke up I could see tears on my cheek. 
I pray God helps me, may his Grace continue to lead us

Sara: Canada 
I had a dream of seeing a white horse glowing brightly in a bright light in the sky feeling that God sent the white horse for me to see in the sky Lakeisha: United States I saw Jesus in the bright light of the rapture. Both of my love ones were gone, and there was only me, I was left behind. Jesus turn ed his head away from me, and I'm afraid I'm going to go to hell. I want to go to heaven.

Kevin: United States
This is my second dream about the rapture, but I like this one much better than the first. 
I was in my house one afternoon and I saw my spirit just leave my body and rise up through the top of the house through the clouds and sky. I saw this gate on top of the clouds and went through it.
There were people there, some I knew and some I did not know; then I  saw Jesus in person, his clothes, his face, body, everything.  He touched me and then said something to me, but I have forgotten what He said.

Victoria: United States
I had a dream about two women in a car driving and they were taken quickly in the Rapture. 
Then flying from the sky came a large white pure dove that flew toward me, and it consumed my entire body. Please help me understand what The Lord is saying to me

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