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Elizabeth: United States
I had a dream that I was outside, I heard a thundering sound. I then saw a large bolt of lightning come down from the skies to the ground. Everyone around me was looking up. I then saw white balls, or I guess orbs were raising up to the sky. I immediately knew that this was the rapture and Jesus was taking his chosen. I yelled out to all and said: "Jesus is here." I fell to my knees and started praying asking Jesus to forgive me for my sins and to take me to heaven with him. I then felt my body start to lift up and it started to rise. I remember having such a happy, calm feeling. I then woke up and was so happy. My dream was so vivid. 

Ashley: United States
I went to the store with mom and little sis on a bright sunny somewhat cloudy day at a fresh market food to look for organic veggies. I grabbed some green beans and somehow cut the stems off and went to put it back because I didn't think I could afford it. The store was mostly empty with workers it was early in the morning.Then as I was walking to put back my green beans and stems, I didn't feel well, like I wanted to throw up, so I spit out saliva no food. And the employee was passing by me, and I looked down. The employee was young blond hair boy maybe 17 yrs old.My mom was in front of me to my left and sister was in the vicinity to my right at the store we were wrapping up our grocery shopping when I looked out the two front large windows of the store and saw there were strong winds picking up. I thought there was a tornado. But I didn't see a funnel in the sky.  Cars were being blown by the winds, and people began to panic.
A loud siren noise, horrifically loud,  started and kept growing as the chaos was brewing. I ran outside with my sister, and everyone is screaming and running in every direction. The noise gets more unbearably loud, and I try to plug my ears and look to the sky. 
The sky appeared as if it was cracking open with a bright circle in the middle growing larger and larger within the clouds. I was feeling afraid, and I knew at that moment the rapture was taking place. This was something. Everyone was witnessing. I looked to my sister I said something along the lines Jesus is Here; this is the rapture. She looked at me, and we both stood still in the chaos. 
The siren noise kept getting louder I felt conviction in my soul, so I lifted my hands and closed my eyes repenting and praying for the Lord Jesus Christ to receive me and as I was doing that I felt my body getting lighter and beginning to float. 
Then I woke up and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to warn His people and to prepare the way for the Him. He is right here coming anytime for His Holy Ones. 

Kaley: United States
Hi! When I have been praying to God that I want to go up with Him in the Rapture and I know I am- I had a dream this morning and woke up at 3:32 am- yesterday I woke up at 4 am.
I had a dream about the Rapture- There was this soldier with a a bunch of other soldiers I guess in a war and the soldier was different from others because he believed in God. I was over my Mimi’s house in the bed about to go somewhere and I was typing on my phone and all of a sudden we had like little things that did gold yellow showing you are approved or you’re going up in the Rapture and the soldier that believed disappeared in the sky. Mine showed the same color and I went up also.

Sandra: Uganda
Dream about the second coming 
Last night I dreamt about the second coming of Jesus Christ. I was at my house with my mum, sister, and sons and it was night. All of a sudden a golden light appeared in the clouds....it started spreading out thru the sky, and many people saw this, so they moved out of their houses n looked up. At first Elderly angels wearing golden robes descended n come to join the people outside. At this point, i was at my house balcony praying To God to forgive me for all my sins n receive me as I am. I turned to my mum n sister n hugged them n told them to forgive me too. The Sky was still bright n golden, with Angels all around. I was happy and all smiles, then I hit my head a bit just to make sure it wasn't a dream, at that particular point I didn't wake up...everything seemed so real! Then a Man approached my house...a normal man, one of us and announced that this process is going to take 40 days, Everything in the sky was still all bright n golden...it was a beautiful sight! Then I woke up. This is the 3rd time I dream of Jesus second coming, different detail but same message. We need to pray n ask for Gods mercy, guidance n forgiveness in our everyday lives. We need to purify our ways n be ready to receive him for this is an indication that he is coming back soon. 

Kaycie: United States
I had a dream about the rapture not like I thought it would be. A lot of it wasn't true most likely but it was still a scary dream I would hate to be in, in real life. I had woken up and I was calling for my sister and mother and no one was answering. I searched everywhere for them and called for them and I couldn't find them. So I went to see my dad, which he lives in hour from where I am, and I felt like I was on the road for days. People were getting into accidents and I ended up going off road. I finally reached his house and my aunt showed up. I looked at my hands and tried to see if I was dreaming. I kept closing my eyes and opening them to see if I would wake up. I was literally stuck in a dream. My brother and his wife came over with their child and his wife was really pale and started to eat  their child but I didn't actually see the child it could have just been his clothes. People kept stealing stuff in the neighborhood and my whole family was turning pale and I thought I would be the only one in my right mind and then I woke up literally shaking and I bursted into tears. It was scary even if it doesn't sound so bad.

Mypiscislife: United States
I had a dream about a solar Apocalypse on October 17th,2017. This particular dream also jolted me up out of my sleep. But I hear no voice. It was just a silent dream. I was in NYC walking down the street in the middle of a solar Apocalypse. I remember feeling a little frightened but nothing major. People were running, panicked and here I was just casually walking. Kind of at peace. Out of all people that I noticed, I saw my boyfriend who seemed to be going the other way and I was trying to tell him which way we should be going and just that quick that was it. I woke up. I was so upset with how the dream ended that it literally brought tears to my eyes and even though it was 5am i called his cell phone with tears in my eyes and my voice panicked to tell him. I still havent made out what that dream meant.

Misti: United States
On the night of 11/3/17, I dreamed that I was sitting on my back patio during the day. I looked in the sky and there was a very large moon that looked like it was coming closer. Then I started to hear a very loud “HMMMMM” coming from the sky, and more moons started to appear. They were not like a moon would be at night, but almost transparent and they were getting larger and larger. I realized what was happening and started calling out to my husband “Come here! He’s coming!” The whole time I knew that He was behind the moons but I never saw Him. I was trembling and could feel the ringing in my ears from the noise, even after I woke up.

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