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"Noma's 666 Dream
of the Rapture"

I thank GOD for opening my eyes. May His holy name be praised for ever.
There was an argument on Facebook about the rapture, and this lady said, "it can happen any time soon." I said, not before 666 is in operation. We argued, then eventually I said, I will ask GOD to reveal it to me. But I really didn't mean it because I was so sure I was right. That was in April 2016.

The Rapture is Here

On August 1st, 2016, I had this dream:
"We were in an open space, and I heard a woman say, "everyone be prepare, the rapture is here." I said, there are some other things that need to happen before the rapture. (I have always thought the rapture would happen after 666 had taken place.) The woman answered, "the time is now, the rapture is here." 

Suddenly I saw my self floating up, but after a while came back. I just stood there watching other people being taken away, high up in the sky. I cried and said: My daughter is late, and she thinks that I will be there. Oh! my children, I exclaimed. I didn't know that she had already been raptured with some others.  

Then I saw a boy about ten or eleven, and asked, why is this boy  still here? All the other children are gone, but there was no answer. Then I asked about a certain woman, and someone said that she and all her children had been taken away. Then I saw 3 teenage girls wearing short dresses that had been left behind. They were trying to squeeze themselves inside a drum/barrel that was lying there, and they .

The People were not in Their Homes

The people were not in their homes resting, they were all out walking around. Some half naked girls, and boys wearing black, had their faces covered with what looked like white masks. They were hiding, waiting for people to pass by so they could beat them up, for no reason at all. 

As the sun was going down, some guy asked, "whose gonna cook for us, and where." There was a tree up over my head that had only 2 fruits and they were about the size of an apricot, but looked like strawberries. They were the color of red (blood red), and I grabbed one.

Then I saw a helicopter in the air with a nearly naked female standing in the door.  When I said something about GOD one of the guys said, Hey, don't talk about God here.

The only Thing Left

I so wanted to die, and said to myself, "The Bible says it is going to take more than a week for that  to happen," (I don't know what I meant by that.)  Then I said, "666 is the only thing left for people to show allegiance to."

The dream was so real that when I woke up I asked around to see if anyone knew about the missing people.

Jesus is coming soon people, and I pray to GOD that everyone will be ready. GOD bless you all!

Nomsa: South Africa

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Noma's 666 Dream

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