"Rapture Dream by Candice"
I had been Left Behind

Candace: United States

 I was saved n baptized on July 19 2015. So I am not sure what this mean.     

I was in the country (more like hayfields) it was very dim outside (not too dark) under a tin roof building of some sort.  It was very long building with a bunch of people sitting around.  I was riding a four-wheeler with one person behind and another in front of me. We were leaving and when I turned around no one was around but the three of us.
Then I began to wonder, where has everyone gone?   Then, we were on a dirt road with a fence as long as the eye could see.  The person in back of me Began to go up in the sky, and then it dawned on me that Jesus was taking everyone; He was coming to get us. 

As the person behind me went up the person in front of me also went up, I was there by myself. I remember saying to the Lord, oh it’s you?   I was so happy and kept saying, I'm ready Lord, I'm ready Lord.  When the last person went up and his legs disappeared, I was continuing to say Lord, I’m right here, I’m right here, with my arms raised to the sky.  

Then everything was quiet as if the Earth had Stood Still. There wasn't a sound of wind or birds or anything.  I was then in a long wood house with screens on the doors and windows, but no glass or door.

I was walking through this house  looking for a phone to call my mom. The phone rung, but when I picked it up the guy on the recording was crying as he said, There is no more communication, this is it, you can no longer get through, God bless, and goodbye.  

I knew this had to be a dream so I woke up from the dream to the same place I had been dreaming, but this time there were very few people around me. In this house, there was a little boy about seven or eight with blond hair. There were others around that I could not see. 

We were trying to find out what happened and why we were left on earth; then as we looked outside,  a green military looking truck passed by.  We ran out the side Door to get their attention but they were gone, and bodies were falling out of the sky.

As we waited Outside to see if anyone else might drive by we saw something coming up the road. It was a group of people, and as they got close, they said, we can only take one person.  I didn't hesitate to give them a little boy that was with me.  I kissed his forehead and said, you will be safe, I love you.  

Then I was back in the house, and I kept thinking, this is a dream, I need to wake up, but it was like I was already awake, and I was hurting so bad. It was a terrible feeling to know that I wasn't up in heaven, and that He hadn’t chosen me, but why? 

Then I woke up and the feeling I had was not very good. It was a bad feeling. I had been left behind, and was all alone… 

Candice: United States

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Rapture dream by Candice

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