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David: United States
In the early morning of 10/19/2017, I had a dream, and it was very profound. Very rarely is a dream so real, amazing, exciting, and fearful that it will actually affect my entire day. The dream was sadly interrupted right as it happened. My wife was coming back to bed at about four in the morning due to being up all night in pain. Anyways, I was standing in the living room looking at the mountains across the water. It was a clear and beautiful day with the water smooth as glass, however, there were cracks in the ground and running, swimming, flying (not entirely sure), there were multiple monsters fleeing across the water into the ground. After a few moments past a shock wave came racing across the water and that is when I knew it was Jesus returning and all that is evil was fleeing his presence. I yelled out to my wife to look out the window and said “Honey look outside, it’s the rapture!” Just then the shock wave (which was clearly from a loud noise) hit me without destroying my house. The feeling was AMAZING!!! Everything felt real, almost too real. A tingling holy heat sensation filled my body from my heart outwards and consumed my entire being. Almost as if my body became light and began moving into another plane (leaving this world) upward – very difficult to explain. While this was happening I remember praying my wife would be saved and prayed my young children would be saved and not left behind. That is when my wife woke me up.

Gorgia: United States
I had a dream last night, that my dad who is (deceased) was alive, but in a foreign country.  I went to this country to pick him up. I was not sure where to go to get him.  I went into what looked like a Courthouse.  A man spoke to me, and I spoke back.  He told me where my dad was.  I got my dad and we stopped by my sisters house to pick her up.  She was going to go with us back to the United States.  We stopped at a motel for the night.  The next morning as we walked out to the car; we noticed thousands of white birds flying high in the sky.  We were trying to figure out what kind of birds they were, when I realized it was not birds, but angels.  Then we noticed people in the sky.  Right about that time I was lifted off the ground.  I was confused at first.  I was looking for my dad and sister, but did not see either of them.  I realized this was the rapture.  I was floating up slowly, then I realized this was the rapture.  I got excited because I knew I was fixing to see Jesus.  I thrust my arm up like wonder woman and was yelling "JESUS" I began soaring!

Boniswa: South Africa
I saw people floating in the air, mostly children. They were taken one by one at a time from the earth to the air.I realised or so I thought it's rupture. I started pleading not to be left behind, as I was about to feel like being floating up, all of a sudden everybody dropped down on the ground. I woke up.

Cory: United States
I prayed to God last night, asking what is to come of my life. I've been conflicted, with my temptations wanting to give in but I haven't. The dream I received last night, what I took from it was to give my my old life, give it to God and let it be past. Let God work on you now and pave your path for the future. In my dream I was with old friends that I knew for years before I moved. We used to do drugs and drink before I let God Chang me. I was with them and we were partying, celebrating a friend getting married. We was walking down the street and next thing we know a loud horn is being blown. It was soft and warm yet spine chilling, then I looked at the sky and there was a rainbow but it was in the shape of an orb. That rainbow then spread out thousands of orbs, like a kaleidoscope each one surrounded a person and lifted them up to the heavens. I remember closing my eyes and thinking this is it! I waited to be lifted up but nothing, my entire group of friends remained. I then woke up. It's not to late to give your life to Jesus Christ,  thrust in the Lord and let him rebuild you. 

Cynthia: United States
I had a dream on the morning of 9/26/2017 I had just woke up to find there was a complete power outage in my neighborhood. When I looked out the window it was pitch black. I got back in bed and started to repent and pray.. I thought the world was ending.  As I fell back to sleep I start dreaming I was in the town in Missouri and I was being chased by dogs.. I'm running and running..as I get free of the last dog I encounter I find myself driving in the rain.. I knew it was daytime but it was pitch black... I pulled the car over because it was raining very hard.. right as I got out of the car I heard a big boom sound .. boom..not like thunder it was a big boom ..when I looked up the sky was opening in this one section and these white objects were coming down...they were some type of white cubed objects  I became struck with fear and could not move.. I knew that this was Jesus was returning... I dont know why I was so fearful though.. woke up.. this has been on my mind all day. I love the Lord and I know it will be soon. I had a dream last year July 4,2016 He was coming.  I saw Him and Angels in the sky.

Margaret: South Africa
I had a dream about the rapture. It was a beautiful day and as i looked up in the sky i saw an image of a dove in the clouds and i started praying asking for forgiveness for all the wrong i've done but when i looked up again far in the distance i saw Jesus appearing in the clouds, he was in a ray of light and clouds looking at all the people going to him and that's when it hit me its the rapture. I could not hear anything not even the trumpet going off. I was terrified i felt heartsore i felt numb i knew i was left behind. Immediately after that everything turned black there was no sun and moon everyone were running around in chaos. It is the most terrifying feeling and i do not want to experience that. This was my dream now. 01 Sep 2017

Winlove: Philippines
I had a dream just the 1st week of August 2017, In my dream I didn't know it was the time to rapture. I only have seen that there was a light coming to me and that I fly through the clouds. That feeling was so true that I even cry in my dreams and said " Thank you God,Thank you so much for you did not forget me."  
I was also thinking at that time that I wanna look back at my kids but was thinking that I would  not do that because I`m afraid that God will gonna fall me down because Im looking back to earth. So what I did is to enjoy the  feeling of being lifted up to heaven and thanked God. I am so happy and didn't look towards my children for I believe God will gonna take care of them.
I thought it is true but its only just a dream ,but even if its just a dream I am so happy that God did not forget me and still thinks of me. I actually shared my dream to my sisters in Church and they said I am so blessed because though its just a dream God shows that He loves me and get me in this world.

Gregory: United Kingdom
I had a dream around 26th of July 2017 in the early hours of the morning. In the dream i was in a bus packed with people. one or two people went out of the bus to buy some snacks. i was wondering whether to go out and get some snacks because i was not sure whether the bus will leave me behind if i went to get some snacks. Eventually i  got out of the bus to get some snacks but before i got back to the bus the bus had left. i subsequently crossed over to the opposite side of the road  hoping that i will catch the bus on its way back but the bus never came. Subsequently after some time i realised that i was completely naked have a feeling that the rapture is very near.i have also had a dream few months ago when i saw a man in white clothes descending from the sky to the earth. i have also been having dreams in which so many people on earth were running about in a confused state as if fleeing from from something dangerous.i am concerned because all my dreams always come true. i think God is warning me to repent quickly because time is short .i am very weak and reoccupied with things of the world but at the same time i am very interested in the second coming of Jesus Christ and the origin of sin .i think that these dreams are a warning to me that the rapture and tribulation are near

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