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Olumide: Nigeria 
Hi, funny enough i have been living my life waywardly and never thought I could repent and submit my life to christ, until I had this very short rapture dream. I was watching a TV program, by a pastor i don't really know but it was all about Jesus, i was so deep in thought and seriously listening to the man of God. After a few minutes there was a black out, but before the black out i saw the man of God departed. As soon as this happened, I heard a loud sound of trumpets it sounded loud and unpleasant, i was bemused not until I found myself departing also it was dark that i could hardly see anything. It felt like reality and i had this strong omen in the dream that it reality and that i was departing to hell. Not until I struggled and realized that It was a dream. 
Please, right now I am so scared and really don't know what it means.

Emonie: United States 
My dream was about the beginning of the end me and my family were in my room and we werent older ot anything we all seemed the same age as now and me and my mom and aunt were on my bed my sister on hers and out of no where there was a silence then the sky turned bloodshot red and people were beginning to go up into the sky and my aunt was too busy on her phone and we were charging our phones but in my dream i was aware that no one in the room including me was taking up to heaven. 

Josh: United States 
Not sure what it meant, but last night i had a real startling dream. It was sunny outside and i was with my family. All of a sudden the Sky turned pitch black. i turned to my famil and asked why the sky got black all of a sudden and it was as if they didnt realise it did. but upon me stating the sky was dark they soon realised it to. then facing my family i heard a loud horn, the kind of horn that had weight to it and carried, something you would hear in a lord of the rings movie, it had alot of bass and depth. i turned around and comming out of the clouds were giant rocks of fire coming and hitting the earth. i turned to my grandmom and said we need to leave, she turned to me and said i have faith or something and im staying right here. now this would normally not phase me but i havent had a dream like this in a long while. i still see it in my head. the wird thing is i woke up for about 5 minutes and went back to sleep only for the dream to resume. im not really a major religious person and havent been to church in over a decade but it just struck me as something that i may never forget.

Carol : Canada 
I had several dreams I am taken away in the rapture and am so happi I am going and everything us awesume and have peace and then I am given a cup of water from Jesus. Trying to figure out why I am having these dreams. 

Barbara: United States
I have 2 dreams that have troubled me for many years.The first dream: I was standing in a field along with many other people. We were all working, the sun was shining and it was a bright clear sunny day. Suddenly, people began to scream and to run into the woods trying to hide. I stood there looking around trying to figure out why they were screaming and running, thats when I noticed that they were running and looking up into the sky. As I looked up into the sky, I saw a figure in a long white robe, i couldnt see the face because it was like sunlight. So I had to put my hand up to shield my eyes from the brightness of the face. Then I woke up. 
My second dream:  Someone spoke to me and told me to "go out and tell the people they need to get saved because i'm coming back soon." I was immediately placed out on a sidewalk, in the town in which I grew up in and everytime someone pass by, I would tell them they needed to repent/get saved because jesus said he's coming back soon. People would laugh ad keep walking. Finally, I was knocked down on the sidewalk and spit on by people that walked by. Then, I looked up towards heaven and yelled out " Lord no one will listen", within a split second, the sun turned black and the moon was blood red. It was so dark, I couldnt see my head before me. All I could hear was people screaming and running, there were noises as if they were being attacked by animals. If someone could please help me to interpret these 2 dreams, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Jamon: United States

This is not my first dream like this but in each one it happens all the same, in a blink of an eye. My dream is about the second coming. I'm going to share my most recent:
I was outside talking to a man when in a blink of an eye he starts to shake uncontrollably and before my eyes his spirit left his body, and not just him but nearly everybody who was around. 
I was so shocked, not by what was going on, but shocked because I knew in my heart exactly what was taking place, the RAPTURE! 
I instantly took off in fear because i was sure that I wasn't living according to Christ the best I could. But in an instant I was stopped and began to shake violently. My last words were, "Thank you Jesus." 
EVERYBODY, it's coming faster then you think, but it does not have to catch everyone complete surprise, be ready and pray.
My other dreams are more complex but with the same message, "Don't get comfortable." 

Annabelle: Australia 
I dreamt this dream like two months ago from today, (I'm in grade 11). Well it all started when i was at school and i was having fights with my friends, (right now my friends are not stable). I went to my church after school and someone was ill, I think it was my mum and she was in there. I prayed over her and then had this feeling in me that something strange was happening with the world.

I knew inside that it was the Rapture. After that we floated up,  and I had joy in me that I can't explain. I was happy that I was going to heaven, (in tears now) bcoz the joy brings tears, and when I looked down there were people that were still on earth, then I woke up.

Sooo I forgot all about the dream until last week when I went to church, and everything seemed similar. As we were singing praise my whole dream just came back to me, and I remembered it. Right now I'm having problems with my friends. 

I think the time is near because somewhere in the bible God said he would pour Holy Spirit on his kids in the end of time, where they will have visions.... God bless xx

Sarah: United States
I had a dream where i was at a party and all of a sudden i was with my boyfriend we all went up in the air i saw the stars it was beautiful all my friends went up but after couple mins in air my boyfriend and i came back to our bodies and most of our friends stay with god i think it was a rapture dream i am not sure 300 people went missing i just wanted to share thanks Sarah

Gene: United States
I had a dream I think it was about the rapture. One night I could not find my parents, I yelled and yelled and no answer, I then stumbled upon their clothes laying on the ground. Realizing what happened I looked up to the sky, the stars then began to fall and that's when I woke up. I am assuming I was left behind.

One night I had a rapture dream that seemed very real. Jesus was here and took those who believed in him, and had God in their heart.
Others, who had turned their back on him, were shouting, take me. It was just like in the Bible. 
I truly know that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in my heart, and hope the ones who don’t know Him, will. 
Even if scientists could make a human they could never create it so perfectly, nor give it a soul.
God is forever and ever

Tahbisa: Australia
I had a rapture dream last night where I heard the trumpet and saw angels with jesus coming down as people were going up, the sound of the trumpet was unlike anything I have heard.

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