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"Linnea's Dreams about
The End of Time"

I have had dreams about the end of time for a few years now. All have been what I feel is the Lord telling me to get ready. I can feel it in my spirit. My dreams occur about every three months, and all are different. Below are a few of my recent dreams.

First Dream

My first dream was of me lying in my bed, and it was pitch black outside, and there was a red moon. I remember saying, "The rapture is happening." 

I realized as I lay there that everything out of the house was in complete chaos.

Second Dream

After the second dream, I woke up in a cold sweat; my body was soaked, and I was on the side of a highway; people were screaming and running around. Cars were going perhaps 90 miles per hour running over the people who were crossing the road; I could hear their bones being crushed as they were hit. I was terrified, especially in the total darkness.

I needed to find a safe haven, so I found a mysterious house that looked like it had been ransacked, and I also knew I needed to find a group and stay with them. 

I was in the house and heard some terrible individuals with guns outside shooting people. They came into the house, and I was running around, trying to find a way out so I would not be shot, and that's when the dream ended.

Third Dream

My mom and I were at school, and I was helping her to substitute-teach a class. We left when we were done, and she drove me back to what appeared to look like an apartment complex where I was living (but had never seen). I was walking to my apartment and looking up at the most beautiful sky I had ever seen, and I could hear the sound of trumpets descending from the heavens. 

I was afraid to look up because I didn't know what I might see, but I could sense that other people and I were rising.

Fourth Dream

I was in a shallow lake and saw what looked like Angels of death and could hear the trumpets.

Making Sure I Am Ready

I have these dreams every few months that are so similar, and they scare me. At the beginning of the year, I was having a series of dreams, and a young lady I had just started working with came up to my car and said that God wanted her to let me know I needed to be ready because the end time of time is near. 

These dreams bother me, and that is why I have been looking for a forum because they have started again. It is like it is a never-ending cycle, and they never stop. 

So as of now, I am just going to make sure that I am ready, and I wanted to share with other people that I too am having these types of dreams. 

Linnea: United States

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Linnea's Dreams about The End of Time

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