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Christi: United States

I live in Nashville, TN.  I had the most vivid dream of my life where I was in a beautiful condo with large windows with light coming in.  I had a magazine there with several of their employees to interview with me, and everyone was wearing white.  

My mom went to the door and told me "it's started."  I knew in my heart she meant the rapture and I got excited!  She said that Georgia was under a state of emergency and people were getting "pinged up." 

 I got so excited I turned and started walking to one of the large windows.  I was walking in slow motion looking at the magazine employees, and they acted like nothing was happening and had checks (money) in their hands and talking amongst each other.  I was thinking--guys, this is the rapture!! It's starting, and they just ignored it. 

 I went over to the window and saw a cloud swirling and opening...it was beautiful.  I was smiling and ready to go!! Then I woke up.  It was so vivid it moved me to tears, and I honestly thought it was a prophetic dream.  

A few months later I was drawn to some new condos in the area, and they were having an open house.  I went in, and one of the condos for sale was the condo in my dream!!!!  I knew then that God choose me to see that vision.  It was incredible!  Praise God!!!

Cynthia: Country

The rapture came I was in my backyard there were round white looking paper plates with some sort of writing or symbols flying everywhere along with loud crashes dogs barking alarms going off and planes falling from the sky, I’m most curious about the plates, what does it mean?

Jay: United States

I had two different dreams about the rapture first dream: I was with my dad in the mall we were just looking around then all of a sudden our body automatic started walking outside with this crowd of people I look up, and Jesus' face was in the sky looking down on us as we were walking to him. The next day I had a dream I was on my porch, and this big round alien spaceship sphere flew over my house the spaceship had all these different color of lights on it everyone looked in amazed soon as it touched the ground everything blew up.

Leanne: Australia

I dreamt that my husband and I were walking in a shopping mall and just as we were exiting through the big double glass doors to go out into the carpark, I looked up and there in the sky was Jesus. He was horizontal to the earth, huge, with a scroll across his forehead. But it was such an ordinary moment! That is what was so strange, and it was ordinary.  I looked up and said to my husband, "oh look, there's Jesus." as if I were mentioning that the next door neighbor was out there. I felt at that moment Jesus speak into me, "It will be a moment as ordinary as this. At any moment.

Julia: United States

Okay so, I forget what I was doing, but like halfway through the dream, like we (me and a friend from volleyball) we're outside. All of a sudden loud trumpet music started playing and a white thing. The only way I can describe it is as an angel, you know how like that one man in the Bible saw a bright lite and went temporarily blind? It was just like that minus the blind part) and I didn't say anything but then all of a sudden I started rising like up to the sky, and I remember I was really happy because I knew that like it was Jesus coming back. I woke up like before I got to heaven but I remember looking down and seeing the world. 

Joel: Mozambique

Hello my dears 
As well as me I had a dreams of rapture for two times but different month a same year. ..

Evangeline: United States

I was laying on my couch with my child. In the dream, I fell asleep the day turned to night very fast. As I was dosing off the winds began to blow getting stronger and stronger, and they swept through the house. I heard what sounded like an alarm but in the dream, I knew it was the rapture. I ran toward my mother's room holding my child I fell looking back then I popped up out my sleep.

Leroy: United States

I had a dream of the rapture once; I haven't had one in awhile, this was the only one. All I remember is that I woke up and I was looking outside my window, and I saw these amazing bright lights, and I could not believe my eyes, there were thousands and thousands of angels flying over my city, Gathering those who God had called their own. Now, this part has me still in awe to this day. All the angels were going around, and I watched how amazing this is, I didn't feel scared or worried, I felt happy. All of a sudden an angel flies towards my window and looks at me, moving closer and closer and closer, and I can see the face. The angel was beautiful, and it all turned to slow motion, and I woke up. I never had a dream like that before, and because I did, I want to live the rest of my life constantly chasing after Christ.

Luisa: Mexico

Long ago, I am not sure is the rapture, in my dreams, I was pull up to the sky my mind was awake elevating at high speed. I landed on a tall reflecting building, and I could see my reflection wearing a white robe.

Johnnie: United States

Ok, my dream was about a train.
The train was a passenger train, and I look up in the sky, and I could see a train traveling thru the sky in the clouds just like it was on an air track traveling thru the sky. My son Jimmy was in the dream also, and he was watching the train traveling thru the sky ...like I said it was a passenger train traveling thru the sky and clouds...

Roma: Philippines

I dreamt that I was watching people dressed in white cotton outfits quietly going up using white never-ending staircase without the handle.I knew my brother was there too, but we never talk.im just watching at a distance.

: United States

My father passed recently from Alzheimer's complications and my mother is ailing. I had this dream on which my mother, my father, my sister & me were flying through brown, red clouds while I kept hearing the word "rapture" repeated over & over in my head. Never had that dream again but it shook me to the core because I knew in my dream dad was already gone but I was flying up with my mom and sister like were flying up to meet with God. 
I was born and raised in church but life has hit me so hard sometimes I feel my faith is nothing more than a whisper or a candle blowing at the mercy of the wind. What does my dream mean? 

Serina: United States

I have had many dreams about God and Jesus over the years. Many dreams about the end of the world as well, but it has always been by war or aliens, never rapture specifically. 

I was walking with 2 of my small sons, my other son was off somewhere with my husband. I was walking down a mountain road holding a hand on each side. I was with my mother in law and two of her friends that I did not know, a man and a woman. 

As we were walking, I noticed newly fallen snow on the ground, just enough that you could still see the dirt underneath. In the distance, we saw three mountain-like peaks, and they looked as if they were on fire, but not just a normal fire. The closer we came to this fire it looked like the surface of the sun, it was such a deep red and there was no smoke.  

One of the people with us said that it was not a fire, it was the end of the world, and it was finally beginning. At that moment, a beam of gorgeous light shot straight out of the middle of the peaks and went straight up to the sky.  I knew it was happening at that moment as well. 

A feeling of relief, excitement, shock, and some apprehension came over me. I began to have anxiety about where my husband and other son were, knowing I had to find them before I could focus on what was happening. 

I said that we should pray and not just assume we were going to heaven. I woke up before anything else happened, but this dream will be one I will be remembering forever.

Judy: United States

This dream was 30 years ago. I remember it vividly. It was a sunny day, and I was hanging out clothes. My former husband was there for some reason, along with children playing in the yard. I did not recognize the house. It was a two-story Old Farm House that needed paint. Out of nowhere came this roaring, rumbling thunder with dark clouds. My former husband was getting everyone in the house preparing for a storm. But I stayed at the clothesline staring at the dark clouds and rumbling thunder so loud it was ear piercing. 

As the sky fell there appeared two large Angels sounding Trumpets. I would not look away. As the sky began to scroll open,  one Angel on each side of what appeared to be the face of Jesus Christ so big and Beautiful that the entire universe could have seen him, but He did not say anything to me. The trumpets were still sounding when I woke up. 

Puzzled by this dream I went to a minister, and she told me that Jesus came to me in a vision through this dream and that I had described his Second Coming from Revelations. I had never read Revelations, and at the time was not living by the Word of God.  

Since then I have witnessed things no one could even imagine. I have had many encounters with Angels that have saved my life and others.  

Thank you, Father, for never giving up on me.  Thy will be done not mine, In Jesus name Amen.

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