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"Laura's Wake-up Call Came
in a Rapture Dream"

April 13, 2020

In my dream, I was in a car. My boyfriend's Mom was driving. I'm still close to her, although my boyfriend passed away in August of 2017. In the car, there was a little boy... I have no idea who that was, but he was definitely with us, and it didn't seem like we didn't know him. 

Anyways, we're driving on this freeway with ramps and lots of traffic, and it seemed as though driving through a major city with all the buildings and the way the highway turns and weaves to different exits. Everyone starts driving really fast, too fast, and there are many crashes behind us. 

The sky is so bright, like unearthly brightness and almost so bright that you feel like it's vibrating. The city around us is crumbling; it doesn't even look recognizable. Derek's Mom was driving very well under the circumstances and with us all freaking out and being terrified.

Like a Movie

We then get bumped by a truck and pushed over the median to a road that would be the oncoming traffic. I was thinking the whole time that "I just saw this in a movie." "The sky is like in the movie" (except my recollection of this movie, which isn't a thing was that the only thing missing was the Erie sound accompanying the light, like really loud-not sirens but something loud enough for everyone to hear. (I can't explain it). 

The car was shaking, and I was holding the little boy's hand as I started praying and thinking..." oh, it's really happening now" We finally made it to higher ground and the top of a parking ramp. The sky was still bright, but we were away from the crumbling city and seemed safe enough.

 We're now out of the car, and I'm talking to the little boy and telling him we'll be okay, and he sits on my lap, and then I had this understanding that this was Derek's brother (but he's an only child). 

A Wake-up Call

Michelle, Derek's Mom, says, "you know why we got through that?" And I tell her "it's because we were prepared" ...(which made no sense). Then I start to tell Derek's Mom that this is just like a dream I had. And then I say, "no, not a dream; I didn't mean to say that...it's like a movie!" 

And then I started explaining the sound I had heard and the brightness in the movie. There were other people around us now, and we're all trying to recover from what we all just saw. Someone spoke, and I just thought..."what is he talking about, as if anything else matters right now." Then I woke up.

I feel like it was so familiar, like I have seen this brightness before. In my dream, I felt as though it was a recent movie I'd seen, but I haven't seen any movies that make me feel the way it did. Dreams are strange, and I've had quite a few throughout my life that felt more than significant. This one feels like a wake-up call.

It's My Jesus

I started googling "dreams about loud brightness in the sky," and the first thing I saw was this site. (I have been a Christian my entire life, and so talk of the rapture is nothing new for my family or me.) 

I'm happy I came across this site. One of the first few dreams listed here I read where the woman pointed up and said: "it's my Jesus." After reading that, I was shaking and crying with this anxious longing to have this rapture be soon, and I want so badly to be in it!! And not only me, but my whole family and Derek's family.

I'll pray for all of you; please pray for my family and Derek's family and me. ❤️ 

Laura: United States

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Laura's Rapture Dream Wake-up Call

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