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Ashley: United States
I've had several dreams lately that I've prayed about and had no answer to yet. My first dreams I was taking a walk on a trail. And I heard something over my right shoulder. It was a voice saying my name. I looked over my shoulder, and Jesus was standing there, smiling at me. I'm a very nervous person with anxiety. When I saw him, I gasped and jumped. And it woke me up. The second dream, I was walking again. Same trail. Same mountain ranges. I saw someone drive by looking at something past me. About 100 yards or so away, I see Jesus again. He's waiving at me this time. Telling me to go over there. Again I got scared and woke up. The third dream was just 2 days ago. I was running with my 3 children in a war zone. People were shooting at us and other people in my town. We were hiding behind walls. Behind buildings. We his behind anything we could find. Everything was destroyed. I remember losing one child at a time. They weren't killed, but they just vanished. I was down to my eldest daughter who is 5. Then the sky went red and purple. With clouds filling the sky. Then everyone stopped shooting. And they all looked up. My daughter and I came out from behind a brick wall, and then we hear this loud horn sound. We looked up, and the sky was almost black like space. And there were angels everywhere. Then everything went white. And I felt SO good. Like I was in a deep sleep. Then I woke up.

Erin: United States
I was sound asleep and this dream was weird because I haven't dreamed in so long so this was a sign from god because days before I asked for a sign for the rapture and in the dream I was going to Hawaii and the plane stoped on the runway and then a blazing meteor passed me right next to my face and then everyone was screaming and scared! Thank u god for the sign!

Bill: United States
09/19/17 - Last night I didn’t sleep very well, and as I often do, I started to pray for people. At some point, I fell back asleep and had an unusual dream. I live in the northwest and the fall weather with clouds and rain are back. In my dream however, I was somewhere in southern California and I was asking some people out on the street what town I was in. It was a warm cloudy day and just then everyone looked up at the sky and I saw a bright light coming through the clouds. I instantly knew it was Jesus coming back, but others were starting to panic and run. A woman was by my side and I asked her if she believed in Jesus and she said yes. I told her not to worry, but she too started to run away. Just then I started to float up into the air toward the light. My dream ended there, but I’m giving praise to Jesus today as I anticipate his return

Lee: United States
I had a similar dream just last week (9/13/17).  I dreamed that I was in a room with some other people staring up at what seemed like a giant television screen. On the screen what seemed like a gold outlines of supernatural beings in deep discussion or conversation.  I was transfixed in awe as everyone else in the room. At that moment I became aware that everyone in the world was looking up at the same scene at the same time. Then in a flash, I saw a giant finger getting ready to press a red button.  The finger pulled back in hesitation. Just before it pressed the button, I saw my sister going up in a clear glass tube and I heard her sigh in relief as the capsule spun upward, "Thank you Lord for taking my name off the list".. At that moment, the giant finger pressed the button and I saw a spark then darkness.  I awoke in terror and confusion then a deep sense of sadness wondering why was I left behind!

Natali: United States
I've had a couple dreams of the rapture. There is one in specific that gets to me the most. (my dream)I was walking up the street and It was a beautiful day, the clouds were white and puffy the sun was shinning. Out of no where my ears could hear no more. I was shocked I went deaf out of no where. As I looked at my surroundings I saw everyone staring up at the clouds. When I looked up it all hit me at once. I knew that I couldn't hear the trumpet sound because I was not ready at the time of the lords coming. As I looked up I saw a great white beautiful horse and 2 beautiful angels and the lord was there looking down at me and he said to me " its too late" I began to cry and cry and I felt a great sadness fall on me....(the end of my dream)I woke myself up because I was crying and my heart was racing I immediately starting asking god to forgive me and thanked him it was all a dream......this was my dream.

Vincent: United States
Hi my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am 65 yrs old , so i guess i fall into the "your old men shall dream dreams" part of the scripture. I had the following dreams in March 2017 . To the point, 2 of them  was just about being raptured, flying up, dressed in white, to meet Jesus. I remember saying as i was rising, " I love you Lord".

A third dream was a phone # that i instinctively knew i had to add and subtract the numbers. For ex: the first 3 digits were 441 which i knew to add 4+4-1=7. I don't remember the rest but the entire phone # equaled 777, the current year in jewish calendar.  Then another dream in march, the word TIME followed by numbers 925. Again, i instinctively knew to add and subtract and again, equals 777 {9+2+5=16. 1+6=7}. {9-2=7} and {2+5=7}. 777 then, as if that were not confirmation enough, another dream at end of  march again the word TIME 5077, which i intuitely knew meant 1/4 of year finished { jan, feb, march = 1/4} which would indicate at the time, approx. 6 more months (777 being 3 quarters) this would indicate rapture arond September 2017.  Not to 'test the Lord' but because i wanted to be confident these messages were from the Lord, i asked for another dream. On June 26 th. In early morning hours, i dremed of st. John the baptist and he said" Make straight the path of the Lord". I believe Jesus is coming very soon, possibly in September. And i need to do what i can, to "make straight the path of the Lord" by sharing tese wit you.

Dylan: United States
Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ! 
While I was at work today, I began to remember a dream that I had a few months back that at the time really both intrigued me an concerned me, but that I also was not sure what it meant at the time. I still do not quite fully understand it, but I trust in the Lord that He will reveal the true meaning to me when the time is right.
As I remember it, I fell into an unusually deep sleep one night very quickly, and immediately felt myself in a dreamscape. I was in an unfamiliar home with about 2 or 3 other individuals whose identities I was not able to discern. However, I think we had all diverted out attention to a rather large window that seemed to be the only source of light into an extremely dimly-lit room. All I remember then was seeing what had to have been the largest, blackest, most intimidating and awe-inspiring mass of pitch-black clouds beginning to cover the entire sky, moving ever so quickly in our direction toward the house. We all fell to our knees in anguish and repentance and lamentation, saying things like "It's the Lord! He's coming!," and "Please take me, Lord!"
After this, I woke up suddenly, both slightly confused and frightened by what I had experienced. After I remembered about this dream today, I felt it necessary to share it and to research other accounts of people having a dream similar to mine. As I've seen on this forum, as well as elsewhere, dreams of darkened skies and clouds covering the sky surrounding what people acquaint to either the Rapture or the Second Coming of Christ are much more common than I initially thought. As a matter of fact, it is actually an extremely common theme. I don't like to interpret dreams for myself, as I feel that that is God's job and right to do so, but I feel that this was a warning of some sort - either to prepare for what is to come soon or to warn others. Hopefully sharing this with you all accomplishes one or both of those obligations.
May the most High God of the Universe, Yahweh, bless you all, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all in these times. Amen.

Fatima: Mexico
I am in shock. I have had the same type of dreams in the last few months. I have had 3 dreams so far. They all are of the coming of Jesus Christ. He tells me also to tell my fellow Christians that He is coming, to repent. Then the clouds open and many, including myself start to rise unto Heaven. I didn't know if it was a message or just a dream. 

Shawn: Canada
I was working and a huge, dark storm was rolling in. I saw lightening start to strike the city, then it did again and again. Fires started to burn in different buildings. I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures, but then it hit me, and I knew something was wrong. I suddenly woke up. Or at least I thought I did. I Felt my pulse, tried to calm my labored breathing. I thought I was awake and it was all just a dream. Relieved. I looked cautiously into the backyard and saw a bus just sitting there, still thinking I was awake I got knowing I was left behind. I checked my mom's room, but she wasn't there. I looked out front and saw neighbors coming out in sleepwear, confused and totally lost. I knew it was the rapture and I felt numb. I started to have a panic attack, and then I finally, truly woke up. Literally unsure if I was awake or asleep until this moment. Dream within a dream and both felt so real.

Regan: Canada
In the morning at 6am I was almost asleep until I had this dream or vision that I at this place where me and my mom always go for walks or runs.
Everything was black and grey, I was walking then as I was walking I saw this tractor.
As I saw it I felt something grab my hand then as I turned back I saw my mom.Im not sure if she was the one that grabbed my hand and then I was being lifted up into the sky.
Then that is when I woke up

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