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Divine: Philippines

We were playing hide and seek with my friends when I decided to find them I saw a fire all around me, helicopters were crushing down from the sky, and everything was on fire , then I HEARD a trumpet blown by an angel, so I LOOKED UP and saw a man sitting on his thrown with an angel by his side.

Paige: United States

I had a dream where I was outside with people I didn't know, and all of a sudden, Jesus came from the sky with open arms, and I felt my soul being lifted up; it felt so real in my dream.

Jessica: United States

 I was outside my house, and I was feeling depressed, and I had seen a parrot?? Like just walking and where I live, parrots don’t just walk around. It was really random. While I was looking at it, a monkey comes running behind me, hits me in the head then runs. I didn’t understand. I turn around, and when I turned around before I get this part, you should that the sun has already set. It was during the summer. When I turn around, I hear a loud bell; I guess I can say it was a bell?? It was so loud. The sky went very bright that you couldn’t see what was happening. I remembered telling myself that this must be the rapture, and I started praying to God for forgiveness and that I want to be with him. And I was soon in the air flying up to God. That was the end of my dream. It was a quick and fast dream, but it left me in shock...

Blanca: United States

Many years ago, I saw a vision of Jesus Christ in my dream. I was somewhat sitting- kneeling and was holding a boy perhaps 10 yrs old or so on my lap, in my arms. I looked up unto the sky and pleaded Christ to come, now.

The area was like a war zone; the ground was dry, and there was smoke in the area; much of the Earth was destroyed and vacant.

I pleaded Jesus Christ to come now several times; the pain and suffering were unbearable, Earth was now in an intolerable state. I saw Jesus Christ coming down from the heavens wearing a simple plain white robe with his arms extended. I saw Jesus Christ as clearly as I see a person live in front of me. 

I don't recall any distress in my life at the time of this dream, and It was comforting to see Jesus Christ come down from the heavens after much unbearable pain and sorrow. 

Seeing what Earth had become and the pain and sadness from seeing the young boy in my arms suffering, was perhaps as Virgin Mary would have felt as she held Jesus, when Jesus was in pain in this physical world.

I'll never forget Christ's image; it's still vivid as well as the poor state of mother Earth, pictures of me, and the young boy, which I believe was my son (although I didn't have a son back then).

Fiona: United States

I was like in school, but it was on a big mountain, and we were all chilin, and then a big storm came, and no one noticed.

 Then I felt a gust of wind through not only in my dream, but like I don't know it felt real even though I was asleep in real life, and I heard Jesus say, "believers, my children, come with me to Hawaii." Hawaii, in this case, was essentially Heaven.

Afterward, all the Christians were saying like, "did you hear Jesus?" "He's here!!" "let's go!!" so we all had like 5 mins to pack, and I saw a lot of family and peers packing and saying "see you in Heaven!!" but as I was walking out of my house some peers weren't coming, which was heartbreaking to see because they didn't believe in Jesus. 

I went outside, and the big storm was still going, but in the sky, there were angels and light, and I went in the car with my family and drove off, and then I woke up.

Jamie: United States


I was waiting for the rapture; people were saying I would fall for a lie, but I was confident that I would not. I saw how people thought I would get in a UFO, but that was nonsense, I thought.

I was taken up into heaven, along with many others. We had new bodies that didn't tire or feel pain. Jesus was there floating and looking over us. 

He then started doing some athletic stuff like running, showing us what we could do. He ran very fast. I was in awe, so I started running around a course, and I could go so fast. Others were watching me in amazement.

 I remember that I wanted to see what I looked like, but we were all so busy trying out these bodies.

Susan: United States

I dreamed I was worshipping in a larger than my usual Church, and my Pastor, Steve, was preaching.I could feel a strong presence in that place, and suddenly, a large glassy, clear energy wave appeared in the middle of the room, and I remember glancing at Pastor Steve’s face for reassurance. ‘Was it truly happening?  Was Jesus truly coming?’ 

And suddenly he appeared on the flowing form and said, “ I am the Way, the Truth and the Light Go tell them...” there are forms of some kind, maybe angels flying all around Him.

I ran outside, and other people were trying to tell those outside what had just happened, and I remembered my adult children had gone on a trip on a bus somewhere, and I began to run to where they were supposed to be dropped off. None of my children have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement as I ran to find them, but unfortunately, I woke up before I had a chance to try to save them.

Angel: United States

I had this dream on December 12th, 2019, and in my dream, I was at school. While being at school, I was being lifted into the air. I couldn't stop myself because God was doing it. I was up really high and could see a few people. They were on their knees, crying for God to take them. Then I woke up from the dream

Jason: Canada

Last night I dream that the world was ending. Everything around me and family and friends was going dark. There were bangs and clashes surrounding us. 

All of a sudden, a bright light came in the middle of the darkest. There Jesus was hovering in the sky, and I could see wings behind him spread out. What does this mean? Thanks

Viivi: Finland

I saw a dream in 2018. To me, it was so real that after waking up, I couldn't believe it wasn't really happening.

In that dream it was evening. I was having a good time taking pictures of those around me; they sat on the wooden bench and chatted calmly together. But they weren't my friends. The sky was so calm and in beautiful, evening colors. I felt peace, and everything was almost weirdly peaceful. People were talking, and everybody around me was very relaxed.

Then suddenly the camera in my hand broke and fell on the ground, evening sky turned to day. Suddenly just in one second was daylight. Then everybody looked to the sky, and I knew we saw the "sign of the son of man" then, so amazing brightness came from the sky that it covered the whole world.

I knew those people weren't believers, and I yelled them: "Jesus is coming!" But the brightness was so powerful that it like swallowed my words, it pushed me to the ground; all my thoughts just melted in it. Then I woke up.

Immediately I repented. I was so happy it didn't happen because there was sin in my life — Thats why my thoughts melted in the holiness of Jesus.

I bless you from Finland.

Esmeralda: United States

In my dream, I had traveled to Mexico, and in my dream, I was going through a really rough time with my boyfriend for some reason, and I would pray to God to guide me and protect my family and me.I had just prayed the same thing before I had fallen asleep.

So In Mexico, it was a nice sunny morning and me and two other lady's that I did not know, we're sitting in a kitchen table outdoors when suddenly we heard a loud noise, and the sky started to turn dark blue and the clouds formed together. And it was a sense of fear until suddenly a loud like cracking noise opened the clouds.

A short distance away a bright light started to shine through, instantly we said, God is here, today is his day. And we see Jesus slowly appearing and coming down. He was surrounded by horses and angels that had wings, and we thought they were going to carry us to heaven. I

I woke up after that. And I remembered my dream and I couldn't believe what I had experienced.

Kerry-Ann: Jamaica

In my dream, I was at my yard front with my aunt, and when I looked up I saw the sky changing to a darker blue image then I saw the clouds forming a full image of Jesus it's as if he was flying then my aunt and I started praying and saying we knew you were coming.

Zake: Canada

January 30, 2020

I was inside my house when my mum mentioned that the clouds looked like ‘waves.’ I looked out the window to find that the clear sky was getting engulfed in dark clouds. The speed that the clouds were covering the sky was so fast that I felt like I was looking at a dragon moving around in the sky.

After the dark clouds had covered the sky, it was dark. Suddenly, a gap opened in the middle of clouds, and what can only be described as holy light pierced through the clouds. I lost my vision to the bright light for a second, and then I saw a man floating in the clouds. People started to mutter that it was Jesus Christ’s return. Fear flowed throughout my whole body, and I felt like I couldn’t stand.

From this point on, I forgot most of the dream, but I remember seeing a meteor shower pierce through the sky’s, and the moon looked like the new ring of fire eclipse.

When I woke up, I had forgotten about the dream, but Pieces started to come back throughout the day. I’m recording it so that I don’t forget it. I’d also like to add that I had been praying to god for visions. He answered my prayer; This can’t just be a coincidence

Jamie: United States


I was driving in my SUV to my friend Jessica's house for her birthday party. Once I got there, I realized I only had a $20 bill and left again to get her a better gift. While I was driving, I felt the rapture happen, and I shot into the sky with incredible force. I started laughing and spinning. I got too excited and went off into space away from the others. 

I flew into a part of space with a purple demon; it was huge and had big teeth; it wanted to eat me. I flew away in a hurry and went back to Earth. I walked along an outdoor market; the people were a little strange and got mad at me for not being dressed properly. I was confused, but then I felt a calming presence. Some other ladies appeared next to me and then Jesus. I looked up at him, and I was like a child to him. He had his hands at his hips, and I shrugged embarrassed.

Jesus took us to heaven, and he explained that we couldn't die in our new bodies, so there was no need to worry. I asked about the demon I met in space, but Jesus did not answer me. My gaze went to a beautiful strange-looking flower with some purple petals. Jesus was painting on a canvas while standing with his back to us. I smelled the flower and looked at him. A group of us was in this area, and there were flowers everywhere, a big garden. Jesus had some odd black pants on with plant designs on them, and I thought they were neat.

*If anyone could mess up being raptured, it's probably me lol.

Matthew: Australia

I had a dream I was in a house with people I did not know, watching the TV about the imminent threat of meteor showers. Before I know it, I'm outside and see a sky filled with falling meteors, so we take shelter in the house bracing for impact after each meteor shockwave.

After it stops, I go outside, someone I do not remember the face-off turns to me and says do you see the signs of the end times, I said, I do...right now.

The rest of my dream is, whereas if I was standing facing forward as I see a bright light from the heavens and feel my body getting pulled up.

It happens in the blink of an eye. I then see clouds and wake up.

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