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Tshoni: United States
Well a few days ago I had a dream about a giant floating city landing on the ground I was standing in a glass window looking down at what was happening but when I looked at the earth it was covered in fire and lava no trees no grass just fire but the strange thing is that the city was pitch black like a siloute but I somehow already knew what it was and I was so excited when it landed

Rachel: Fiji
Gary. I need help with my dream interpretation.
I am 19 years old and just last night (Friday, February 10, 2017 (GMT+12), I had a terrifying dream. I am not sure if it is a sign or if its my phobia of thunders and phobia of getting left behind but my dream is pretty intense. 
My dream started like this:
I was at home with my family on a fine cloudy day and suddenly thunder boomed in a distance and it got louder and louder and kept thundering. I remember the feeling of fear and i kept closing my ears tightly. 
Then when I looked outside, something black was covering the sky like thick smoke and  covered in a clockwise direction and it was pretty dark. I didnt know what was happening but I was aware of people flickering to disappear. I couldnt see anything and I was so scared that I confessed my sins. 
Then I woke up.
I silently thanked God and fell asleep but this time it was a different dream about rapture.
I was been taken up but just when I reached close to heaven, I had an urge to look back. This was a mistake and I almost lost my grip. The person who held on to me said that its either I continue my journey ahead, or look back and fall into darkness. 
I couldnt remember the rest of the dream. TBH I didnt ask God for this dream and my mum brushed this dream off.
I am not really a strong Christian and believer.
To my understanding, I think that we should leave our sins for good and focus more on Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Maybe God has reminded me and warned me to be fully commmitted to God and leave my past evil self for good and leave the world as well. God has given me a second chance and I intend to take it and fully repent.
This is true and we need to repent for our ways and trust in the Lord to guide us. I know its easier said than done but we gotta take a first step of faith. Please pray for me. I am just a teenager who is new to these kinda stuff. 

Sarai: United States
What can I say but I remember a dream I had I was across the street from my home and I went to go to the store with someone. When I came out I was talking then I looked up to the dark night sky and saw the white and grey moon. I then began to see angels flying around in a circle by the moon. I then saw a trumpet sound 1 of them blew a trumpet. My body felt as the spirit was dance. I was dancing in the spirit and speaking in tongues then as I was pointing up in the sky I seen forms of tornados all around. Their was not a spot it did not hit. No body saw what I was seeing they looked at me like I was crazy but I knew what I saw. I knew God was so close to coming all I could think of was the rapture and the trumpets and seals opening.

Theo: New Zealand
Had the scariest dream ever. 
So I was in Auckland having a good time and I went down to a beach area and looked around in the water and chilled, the waves then started getting bigger and bigger and Tsunami sirens started. So obviously I ran back up the shore and started running towards a hill. But then everything got dark and the trees on the hill started dying and cracking and a booming voice said "there is a light for those whom repent, this light will dissolve in 30 minutes" 
I started to freak out as people started to float up in the air and turn white and become engulfed in lighting, then disappear. So obviously I started praying and suddenly I started floating, everything went white and I felt lighting around me then........BAM. I forcefully opened my eyes and woke up, I freaked out and checked everything to make sure that it wasn't real. I had a dream not only about the rapture, but me denying the rapture in the end and waking myself up. 
I'm still freaked out and I don't know if it's a sign or not.

Stephani: United States
I dreamt of a dark skies and a building with dark figures running back and forth frantically, but outside. they're human figures dressed in white gowns with a red mark in the front they were all different ages standing still looking towards the sky and as it opened. I woke up. I was born with a Vail on my face. What does it all mean.

Hello , i have so far had 3 dreams about this rapture. all 3 seem to be different parts of the same dream. 
Yesterday night as i slept, i had the 3rd dream which i will share with you. i was at home having lunch outside the main house with my friends and my parents were sitting inside but just near the door. suddenly i had something land with a bang on the rear side of the roof so i quickly ran around the house to see, when i reached there i saw an animal that looked like a small red fox that was walking on the wall perimeter so i wondered a lot coz the dog family does not climb according to my understanding, so i picked up s tone to shoot it, to my surprise the fox body looked wooden and when the stone hit it, it made that wooden sound, then shockingly this fox jumped and spread wings i had not noticed it had and flew right over my head, i was in shock but just as i was still wondering, there appeared a very heavy storm like cloud that seemed to just come out of nowhere on a scotching sunny afternoon, and it covered the whole sky then there was some mild darkness with a little sunlight ring like shape penetrating that kept on widening and almost instantly i could see the ring look like the sun had a black spot in the middle that made it look like an eclipse, suddenly and almost instantly i felt a strong wind start to gash out of every direction whistling sounds and every thing moving back n forth and looking back up the ring was getting bigger and brighter. i called my mom and she came running and asking me what is wrong, i told her its him, she said who, i said look up its jesus christ, then she said yes it is jesus. good thing we knew we were going with him so we were happy. then that's when i woke up.

Lorrielyn: Philippines
I dream about Jesus Christ is Coming together with His angels all they're wear is white while they are coming,the water in the sea was like gathering as a whole then the clouds above was opening and then i saw them  and then coming down through us but in the otherside i feel like the fear and excitement and then a while Jesus He wants to feeding us before the final rising above .

Odwine: United States
It is currently 4:29 am I really don't know how to ask for confirmation but I'll pray anyway. 
I had a dream that I was on this huge boat with friend and she was very drunk, and couldn't control herself she leaned over my shoulder for support when suddenly I hear this trumpet like sound I looked up in the sky and I could see the sun Ray...location where the sound was coming from and as soon as I realized what it was I felt my soul  rising. I didn't like the feeling very much then I saw millions of others rising with me.
Then I saw myself walking down stairs with a lot of people as I looked around I recognize some faces and they were my classmates back in school days. 
Then there were 2 elevators and people were just filling in and in a hurry too.  So I asked, well which one do I go in?, and someone directed me to the one on the right, and said, I heard if you go in this one you won't got to hell.
So I proceeded and went inside of that elevator and when I got inside there were probably 3 people or so in there with me. And I remember asking myself where did I go wrong. 
Please help, I'm very young and I don't want to wait like the rest of the world, I want to be sure of my spiritual life.

Jeanette: Germany
On the night of 29 October 2016, I dreamt the following:
I saw a blonde woman. I didn't recognize her. She spoke to me and said: "I am Jesus." Her appearance changed and I saw Jesus. White robe, brown hair and beard. I realised it was the Rapture and that He had come to fetch me. If I remember clearly he said: "I have come to fetch you." I could feel us rising in the air. I felt a bit affraid. But I heard a voice saying: "Do not be affraid. Everything will be ok." I was thankful that I will be joining my loved ones in Heaven. There was bright light around me. 
And then I woke up.
I couldn't understand why I woke up if it was the Rapture. 
I didn't understand why I didn't recognize Jesus immediately. I know that He can present Himself in many forms. I didn't know why I felt affraid at first.

But thinking back about the dream and discussing it with friends, the woman image could be symbolic for when Jesus returns He will come to fetch His bride (us/His people). And the voice I heard of telling me not to be affraid was not me saying it to myself, but was Jesus.

 Bj: Canada
 My kids dad n I were ascending up. He held my hand but he disappeared into the wall/ceiling. I could not go further - the walls/ ceiling were concrete. He reappeared - hugged me & disappeared again.
As I gazed across the sky - 3 dark clouds appeared - they meant something but IDK. ???

Michael: United States
I believe in God, but I in no means have been following the correct path.
I drank last night so I wanted a small nap this afternoon. I laid down and had a dream in my dream I was at my mothers, everything was perfectly normal. Then I went outside and saw a storm like I've never seen before. I go to let everyone know to get in the basement and I see my mother has already came outside she was standing in the door way and I'm yelling that she needs to get in the basement, but she just stood there staring at the storm. I turned back to look at the storm and people where running everywhere back and forth.
I woke up for a split second then fell back to sleep, and my dream continued, I saw all over these little like twisters, in fields miles away on mountains, literally everywhere. Then I saw one that was a little bit closer go over empty ground where no one was and suddenly I saw a man in the twister and when these twisters hit the ground the part that touched the ground exploded and I would see lights in the twister go just above the clouds and disappear. I realized what was happening I turned and my mother was still there staring I wondered why she wasn't taken. I turened my head back towards the storm and people where still running every which way, looked back at my mother and she was gone. 
I knew somehow what had happened and stopped running around scared but was calm, and I was sad but I knew that I didn't walk the right path that's why I was left behind. I looked around and out of so many people running around crying, screaming and they started to hurt each other. There was myself and only a couple others amongst everyone that where calm yet sad and new that it had just begun.
I've never read about the rapture or anything until after I had this dream.
One thing is for sure, none of us will know when this will happen but it'll happen quickly 

Marni: United States
I had the most amazing dream.  I have never had anything like this dream. The feeling in this dream I have never felt awake let Alone a sleep. I can't even begin to describe the feeling to give it justice. I can only thing close the completeness of Gods Love was being unveiled. I was out side the sky was full every where you looked the sky was full of color and swirling. The light shinning threw was bright. We were all standing looking up in awe and wonder. When we heard the trumpet sound. At first we looked around at each other to see if that was what we heard. By the time the second trumpet sounded everyone was either on their knees or hands were held high. But there was one young man concerned because he couldn't see the color in the sky or hear the trumpets. Then his wife said be need to except the fullness of you God is by the third trumpet. Then he dropped to his knees crying. Then looking up he said the words I believe I choose you. And the third trumpets sounded. This dream was so powerful and in my dream it was like I knew that every knee had bent and every heart was Gods. The feeling of this Dream and colors was not like anything I have ever  seen or heard. The music was playing. I woke up singing when we all get to Heaven. (Victory In Jesus) Waking up from this dream left me disappointed that it was just a dream. or was it something more?

Nwolisa: Nigeria
I was in a dream, we are all waiting for His coming suddenly a voice came to me to look up, low and behold I saw Jesus on the cloud with uncountable Angels but I was not able to see His legs and hands He was wearing sparkling linen white, He has a round face with brown curling hair not to long I saw His face very clear and I was calling Him but He did not answer me the next thing I saw from where i was standing the cloud opened people where ascending into heaven including people from far, and I kept on calling Jesus but he didn't answer me, I saw Angels blowing trumpet it was as big as anything you can thing of, then both the people and the Angels went in the Cloud and it was closed then I was so worried in that dream why wasn't I taken and a voice came to me WHAT about UNFORGIVENESS with the bitterness of being left out I saw a lot of people dancing and the told me to join them but i refuse they did not mind that the are left out. it is a message to me I don't know about u.

Thanh: United States
I had had a dream a few months ago like new years? In my dream i saw Mary in the clouds saying, Jesus is coming, and trumpets were in the clouds, then I woke up all of the sudden, what does it mean?

Nehemia: Zimbabwe
I had a dream of the rapture occurring yesterday ad it was real...i was having a conversation with my 2 friends at an occasion and it was just after midnight, in the midst i saw 2 flames of fire rising from the front and hitting the ground and there was chaos people came outside to witness.  From the other side came 2 flames again and accompanied by singing angels and i was pretty sure that it was the coming of Jesus as the last 2 flames came i started praying to God so as to spare me but i felt my prayers weren't going anyway as i had so much fear and didn't wholly mean what i said..Suddenly i saw souls rising and i made myself believe that i was going , i closed my eyes but as i opened them it was all calm and i knew i was left out.  I could hear people screaming and crying      Please help, what is the message from God

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