"My Dream of Missing
The Rapture"

LilNey: Suriname

 I had a dream of missing the rapture. It was late at night, almost 11pm, I had been hanging out with my friends and was returning home. As I drove I noticed that many stores where closed, and people where on the streets warning others not go in that direction.

However, I had to drive there because it was the route to my home, so I was feeling a bit scared and felt a strong urge to see my mom. Suddenly I was driving and noticed that it was morning, so I decided to stop because it all felt so strange. 

I saw a group of teenagers and decided to stop there to ask what was going on. A guy who seemed familiar appeared to be very scared and paranoid, and I trusted his feelings. I somehow knew that we all should have been feeling the way he did, but not everyone was. 

Most of the teens were joking around making fun, but not that one guy. He was very paranoid, saying that we will not be able to leave any more, becausew they are coming. There were also a few people who tried to leave but each time they were scared back, and then did not dare to go. 

I was becoming even more scared and was looking over at my scooter thinking that I should go home to see my mom. That is when I heard a gunshot and all the sounds of joy turned into screams. 

Everyone ran for their bike, but about then a minivan rushed over with a big black muscled up man inside looking quite scary, and sending chills down your spine (not the good type of chills). He ordered us all to get in the minivans and that if we didn’t we would go by force. 

All the children ran into the vans, scared for their lives. I was on my way to the van when I saw a guy on a Yamaha bike riding with something that looked like a fishing pole. He was taking all the bikes away from the children. I watched in shock, but did not panic.  I was maintaining my cool and actually planning to run away from the men, forcefully assisting the kids. 

Just as I was in front of the door and about to run for my life, a man snatched my t-shirt and yelled at me for trying to escape. The next thing I knew it was completely dark. 

I don’t know what happened but I woke up in my home, (in my room to be specific). I woke up feeling quite weird and did not remember driving home. I got up to look around and neither saw or heard anyone. It was fearfully quite, too quite, as if the whole neighborhood had left and I was the only one left behind. 

I walked all around the house yelling my mom, dad and little sisters name, but no one replied. I went in to my room hoping to find one of the Bibles that I always have lying around, but all my bibles were gone (even the pocket ones). 

I started to get even more scared, but then I heard someone in the kitchen, cooking. I ran up to the kitchen immediately and saw my dad standing behind the stove. I was so happy that I had found someone and that I was not alone. 

I ran up to my dad and hugged him, but he didn’t move. I took a step back and called him again. He looked at me with this disgusted looked on his face and I remember that it was like when I was researching the American government and their clones, how people can be muppets, brainwashing chemtrails, etc. It all came back to me at that moment and I looked my dad in the eye and said, “you're not my dad...you're a clone“! 

That thing which was supposed to represent my father widened it eyes and started running towards the dining room. I ran toward it in hopes of asking it where my family could be. We fought for a while before I lost a hold of him, and then he spit on me.  He laughed, which made me even more angry. He spit on me again and then started to shrink, looking like a dried out shrinking human with a weird voice. He laughed and said that I would never find my family, then jumped on the fence and left. 

I was all alone and started crying. , and praying to God. Then I heard footsteps in the house again and it was my little sister, with a baby in her arms. She was looking at me as if she was possessed, but I did not care, and ran towards her anyhow but she ran away from me. I called out to her, but she also had that disgusted look on her face. She found a spare helmet somewhere and poured something in it that looked like milk and coffee, or milk and tea. Then she jumped out of the window. 

It was very strange but I did not give up. I slammed the helmet into the window and somehow managed to squeeze through the window, and fell onto the balcony outside. I saw my sister running, and ran towards the edge of the balcony. As I was slamming the bars with my hands like a mad person, a box of stuff fell and I saw the house keys. I found it too cliché that I simply found them. It was almost as if someone wanted me to find them and was watching to see what I would do with it. 

I unlocked the balcony gates and was about to jump over the fence when I felt a force pull me back towards the house, like gravity, floating back into the house yelling and crying. That is when I woke up. In my heart I felt that I had missed the rapture, but it was not because I was not ready. 

My message to you is, to spread the Gospel as much as you can, because there will come a time when it will be illegal; and to repent, because you do not want to be on this earth after Jesus has come for His Bride. God bless you and Keep praying for others.

LilNey: Suriname

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My Dream of Missing the Rapture

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